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by Donna Williams

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Comment by Silvia on 07/10/15
This story is morbid.

Comment by juliej on 06/17/07
a fast paced story but intersting worth the read

Comment by juliej on 07/22/06
a reread of my previous comments the story was to fast but still interestin and worth a read

Comment by Sweet Susan on 04/14/05
I enjoyed this story.  I thought it was a worthy effort, and it wasn't too outlandish.  A few spelling problems!  Those need to be cleaned up.  If the author can't learn to spell, well, I have a paddle that could whip her into shape!  Really enjoyed it.  Found myself having a bit of fun before it was half over.  Wink, wink.

Comment by juliej on 06/04/04
what a great story i enjoyed this a lot well written and set out i feel laura must have has some suspicions of jimmy when she found the label on the floor and set a trap how devious women are sometimes

Comment by Randi on 03/20/04
Great believable story.  No negative critique here, I only wish the maid would be taken by women also, since I actually prefer a strapon to the real thing.  

Comment by SassySue on 01/03/04
A great little story; well written and entertaining.  I agree with Peg that Laura could have prepared Jenny better for her weekend with Jason.

I look forward to reading more of Donna's stories.


Comment by Peg Thebois on 12/31/03
A delightful little tale.  I especially like the ending, although that was rather cruel of Laura to let Jenny go into her experience with Jason completely unprepared.  She should have trained Jenny for what to expect herself.

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