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A Very Difficult Test
by Young_Ovidius

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Comment by suba suba on 11/07/19
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Comment by Terri on 12/15/03
    I agree with Jezzi. Although this is (of course) a TG, TS, TV site rather than a theological one, the best answer is for them to refuse and hold fast to their faith. God doesn't sign contracts with the Devil to deliver people's souls- the whole point of the book of Job was to test Job's faith, not the selling of  his soul. Of course, in that case, I'm fully aware, there wouldn't be a story.

Comment by Ray96 on 12/11/03
hmm, remind's me of a bible story. Testing once faith. Given the nature of this site, I don't think, it'd be enough in this case, to just make your mind up and chose a sacrifice.

My vote goes to Option 1.

Tough Caitlin's Idea is really interesting, too.

Comment by Sissy Ruth on 12/11/03
Option 1!!!  It is the least demeaning to both.

Comment by Kevin on 12/10/03
Option 1, it will be much more interesting and they have a chance to beat it!

Comment by Caitlin B on 12/10/03
Pick by drawing lots.

Even if the "worst" is chosen by luck, it will be better than
enduring the "best" knowing that you chose it.

Comment by ////// on 12/10/03
body swap of course

Comment by Vince on 12/10/03
go for option # 3 .....
best twist in potential outcome ......

Comment by se on 12/10/03

Comment by Sharon on 12/10/03
I dunno if I can vote twice but here goes....I like both 1 AND 3....with a minor lean towards 3

Comment by gashe on 12/10/03
I choose Option One.Steve could satisfy his wife orally and with toys and keep their vows.There is a better chance to beat this one.

Comment by Satan on 12/10/03
I choose number 2.

It is by far the worst.

I also command you to finish your other story here.

Comment by Maggie Finson on 12/10/03
Ihave to go for door -- err -- option number three.

Comment by Lobo on 12/10/03
I vote 3

Comment by Jezzi Stewart on 12/10/03
Option 1 - explanation:

<< You will have to find three, just three, men who will treat you as their little drag queen and deflower you, as it were. One time each. >>  

Steve can hire three gay male prostitutes.  The rules just say he has to find them; there is nothing against paying them.

<< you will remain completely chaste for the 30 days. No man, not even Steve, can penetrate you even one time.  >>

By putting a condition on "chaste" - "no man" - The devil has defined chaste as not being penetrated by a man.  Erica could hire a lesbian to penetrate her with a dildo, and also use a chastity device (Steve having the key) some of the time.


There seems a hidden test here.  God would hardly alow a test where people passed and were rewarded by violating His own rules.  I suspect real passage of this test would be for Steve and Erica to have enough faith in the consistancy of God to refuse all three of Satan's options because to accept them would be beaking God's rules, for example, marriage vows.

Comment by Veronica on 12/09/03
I too vote for option 3.

Comment by DC on 12/09/03
Another Vote for 3

Comment by Nikki on 12/09/03
Choice 3 with all conditions as stated

Comment by Annie O'gee on 12/09/03
One vote for scene one. After all, he is getting it for, repeat for, his wife.

Comment by Paula Jutras on 12/09/03
Choice 3  have them switch bodies where Erica in Steve body only have to wear the diaper 16 hours a day and able to dress how she want otherwise and have to take the condition given him in her body and new arousal.

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