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Whore's Client to Whore's Slave
by Scott Andrews

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Comment by ashley on 08/14/13
going onto part 3 so it must be good eh?

Comment by leelee on 07/13/09
I can so relate to this part 3    I for many years was submissive to a woman who worked for me and she enjoyed finding men for me to play with in front of her..I never thought much about any kind of change in me since I thought of myself as a bisexual  and alway ate and screwed my mistress after I had oral sex with a man  ( and later anal sex)  But slowly and surely as I sucked cocks and let my hands fondle balls and lick ass I became less and less interested in screwing my mistress and then one day it dawned on me  that I had indeed become a totaly submissive sissy  exactly what my mistress wanted me to be. When I revealed my feelings to her she responded with a deep kiss and said how proud she was of me   I did not care too much for the kiss but was looking forward to my next cock instead.  I am now and have been a total sissy for over two years now  so these things do happen  for real

Comment by Mistress Meredith on 02/09/09
Mistress certainly put the screws (pun intended) to sissy slave debbie. And it appears that after some time "what went around came around" and sissy debbie got his/her comeuppance from Danny, someone he/she tormented in school. Sounds like just desserts to me.

Comment by hannes on 04/13/08
thank you so much, you have writen a great addition to the first story!

Comment by Priscilla Ann on 02/07/08
debbi has little choice but to serve Danny and it serves him/her right. Tormenting someone for who they are always deserves the harshest punishment

Comment by bevivian on 11/17/07

great story!

I can't wait for part 3 :)


Is our heroein taken hormones at the moment?

Comment by Johnny on 06/22/07
By all means....send the slut to Danny's!  The ensuing humiliations will be priceless!!!!

BTW:EXCELLENT story and writing!!!!

Comment by hannes on 05/04/07
This story is a long lived fantasy of me. It is great to see someone else come up with the same thing. In debbies shoes, I would do anything to stay in the brothel or at least work for the Lady...

Comment by brianna on 05/02/07
I think debbie should stay with her Mistress and work as a prostitute. At least she'll still have contact with her that way.

Comment by sarah on 04/25/07
debby should go with Danny.  The humiliating adventures would be delicious.

Comment by sabrina sweete on 04/23/07
i think i would do anything possible to stay with Mistress. Great story, by the way.

Comment by Vonya Lee on 04/20/07
Definitely goes with Danny. Great story.

Comment by Amy Anne on 04/20/07
I think he should go with Dan.  It would be interesting to see what happens next.  I truly wish this has happened to me.....

Comment by ronni on 04/20/07
I think Debbie should go with Danny, hell, I think I should go too.

Comment by monica on 04/20/07
I think debbie should go with danny

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