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A Wild Satin Seduction
by Georgina

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Comment by Berta on 08/26/22
I've heard it said that "Insest is best!"

While I've never done it, your wonderfully erotic stories about it are mind blowing. Your focus on satin has me squirming in my chair.

Sure wish this site was still active so you might tell us about what happened after their initial orgasmic satin clad sexual evening!

Comment by Pauline Brendon & Erica Green on 04/27/05
Both Erica and I spent an exhausting evening reading your stories. Oh Georgina, they make me wish my mother was still living. However I have to make do with my very sexual partner and she-male, Erica. No complaints there!!!

I have not had so many orgasms in such a short while. Having read through most of the stories on Crystal's storysite we can very honestly say that yours are the most wonderful both Erica and I have read and we are desperately hoping that you will write more very soon.

Looking forward to many more wondrous erotic orgasms.

Love and kisses

Pauline and Erica

Comment by Genna on 09/04/03
All I can say is I await every story you write with great anticipation, they are so wonderful and entertaining.

Comment by Barbi Satin on 07/06/03
 I just wanted to say thank you to Georgina for yet another incredible story. Your work is very much appreciated and shows a deep understanding of satin fetish. I have to admit I would would love to read an autobiography to better understand the etiology of your fetish. I have a feeling it would be very much like mine.

Comment by Jackie on 06/20/03
Andrea stated my thoughts completely. Thank you for returning to this arena.


Comment by Andrea-Jayne on 04/26/03

By far the best authoress to contribute stories to the site. Although the themes are similar the eroticism and style in which you write are unsurpassed. Fantastically sensual descriptions of the clothing (which is what all of us girls like most about crossdressing!) and highy charged sex all add up to superb pieces of work. There was a spell when you seemed to have retired from adding further stories but now you are back with a vengeance - keep them coming! I only have one negative criticism, that being that it would be wonderful if you continued with some of your earlier stories - especially those that were serialised. You clearly have the ability and the desire - so come on girl how about more work from you for the Satin Love story or the My Mother Her Sin series?

Yours admiringly

Andrea-Jayne x

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