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A Wonderful Day at the Beach
by Jeremy Shawn

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Comment by ss on 03/09/21

Comment by Emm on 06/21/20
Loved your story! Please. please write more in a similar vein.

Comment by Jen on 06/24/18
Has there been a sequel to this wonderful story?

Comment by tim on 11/30/14
It made me want to be a 13 year old boy again Thank you

Comment by Howie on 04/04/13
I actually like this story a lot because there is no forced feminization of someone who is unwilling or too young to resist like some of the other stories on this web site.  

Jamie seems like a lucky boy to have sweet friends who seem to have good motives.  Having someone to care for you and show that by mothering you is a nice feeling.  Jamie is stripped naked yet Mattie just wants to strip him of all pretensions and let him be her little baby.  He is a lucky boy.  I think many boys and men want that feeling of protective love from someone who cares.

The problem I see is with the thesis of the story.  She is not building her self esteem as she wants by striping Jamie naked and turning him into her little boy because as she said to her friend he is sweet and shy, easily embarrassed and certainly a nice respectful boy.  He is certainly not the average boy that she so wants to get over her feelings of intimidation.  Jamie would just grow up to always be a nice boy, first listening and loving his mother, then later as an adult, being a nice and handsome mate for his spouse.  

So its a great story and I like it because I wish I were Jamie, having a girl to care for me and make me feel special

Comment by Silvia. on 08/31/11
As bad as the first story.
Thank GOD! You don't wrote more stories!

Comment by mark on 10/16/09
quite entertaining,though I don't understand this urge to be dressed as the oppisate sex.

Comment by juliej on 07/19/09
good story well worth reading

Comment by Dawn on 08/11/07
I am back with a suggestion or two.  Your writing is superb, and only you can do a sequel in the right manner.  Jamie needs to be baby-sat.  He needs a bath, maybe a diaper, and to be put into girls' clothes.  He also needs to behave as a sissy, and given a spanking or two for not doing so.  He needs your help to tell his continuing story to all of your fans. Mattie should develop even more insight as how to handle young boys, or potential 'sissies.' Please help us from waiting any longer...please a sequel..!

Comment by Dawn on 06/09/07
Is it possible to enjoy your stories anymore than I do..?!  Yes, the update is superb...Thank You..!! May I add my request along with the others, please add to either of your stories !  They are the best on this web site...thank you again.

Comment by juliej on 06/09/07
this story is very slow gooing i can grsasp the storyline but it does not seem to go anywhere maybe this is more like an essay

Comment by Sissy Phyll on 03/23/07
Maddie  I just read the new ending and it was just so delicious.  I cant wait for the next story about babysittinf for Jamie and after his bath putting him in his first baby doll pjs that his mommy bought for himand you put them on him..   Hurry and write it,  I can hardly wait.                XOXODXO    Sissy Phyll.

Comment by Jessica on 02/08/07
Thanks for the update to your last story
How about a new story soon...please

Comment by justme on 01/28/07
Hi, fantastic story.
I really like how you did not go overboard on the 'mean girls' aspect... it was just enough to make it obvious that little boys like him should just listen to a girl.
It's really kewl how you make it seem like in this 'universe', boys are easily lead. Please, please keep it up!

Comment by Sissy Phyll on 11/22/06
What a lovely story this is, I was just thrilled with itand so was my little peenee,  He is such a lucky boy to have such a caring girl to be his baby sitter and to be there to teach him how to control himself and learn the respect and obedience he needs to show his sitter,mistress.  How I wish I had someone to teach and lead me.  Are yoy going to teach him to be the sissy he can and will want to be.  I  cant wait for some nore of this story, say there will be more.  I would love to heaar from you saying there will be more.   LOve and kisses.  Sissy Phyll xoxoxoxo

Comment by Darlene T. on 11/12/06
Almost as good as "The Boss". Develope it some more. Put him in a dress.

Comment by Kaaren on 10/05/06
I love this story. Please continue to write more. I check for anything from you on every update.

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