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A Wonderful Trip
by Debra Lynn Messer

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Comment by Diane M on 05/29/08
Racy, explicit, and a joy to read how fast life can become.

Comment by Dancer on 08/25/06
A fine story..a bit different than the normal tg tale.

I would suggest using spell check as there are many errors.

I did enjoy the main story line..I know for some..Rt,fiction and fantasy kind of blur togeather at times. However there is a difference.

Comment by Kristi Fitzpatrick on 10/18/03
   Thank you Debra Lynn for an enjoyable story. It is always a departure for me to read anything XXX rated. The sex was not gratuitous but I was a little disappointed Debbie was so wanton.  I guess the reality of the test did not work for me. I have a psych background and no that no one would ever participate in such an experiment because of the CYA factor (since it was supposedly not voluntary, Debbie certainly did not respond to an add or an opportunity). I still am dubious about it and I did sense a connection between Laura and Carol.  I thought they had a relationship at first.  

   The tension of being a man or woman allowed your story to race along at an exceptionally fast pace. I wish there was more tension but as Debbie wanted so badly to be female that was never likely. Why would Carol allow this?  Was she that ignorant of the effects of such a long term experiment? Why not real heartbreak at losing Carol? That hit a false chord with me.  Yes, Debbie is doing great at work and more productive and more settled but if their love was real there should be consequences and sacrifice to continue it.  Or at least some serious discussions.  Carol was sloughed off as if she was no longer relevant.  Also as Pervy mentioned she really deserved the results and has no cause to complain.  Only a fool would assume they would have a husband after all was said and done.  The were quite a few typos but it did not detract much. Thank you for having a true friend for Debbie in Laura.

  By the way the quotes were not needed as the spoken parts are in bold type.  It took a little getting used to though. One of the very few XXX stories I have enjoyed and I did enjoy it very much. Thank you again Debra Lynn



Comment by Pervette on 08/27/03
(I'm surprised that nobody has commented yet about this
wonderful story.)
A sweet tale, but a sad one. How could Carol be so callous as to
use her own husband as an experimental subject, especially in an
experiment as dangerous as this one? There are well-established
guidelines for the ethical treatment of experimental subjects,
including prior explanation of all the risks associated with the
experiment. And they were both running risks, as we see, and the
outcome was a blighted marriage. Then, at the end, "Laura and I had
noticed that no matter how hard she tried Carol was hurt." Well,
tough sh1t! My heart bleeds for her; she brought it on herself.
I had two thoughts when they explained the experiment to Mike.
First, this was the denouement, & the story could very well have
ended right after Mike made his choice. Everything that followed
really didn't fit the theme of the story, which was the experiment
and how it turned out. The aftermath was only of secondary inter-
est, & including it blunted the point of the story.
Second, I was disappointed when he chose Debbie's clothing instead
of Mike's. Of course, in this kind of story that's what usually
does happen (& the opening words of the story promised this out-
come), but it would be nice if, just once, it went the other way.
(I've enjoyed those few murder mysteries in which the murderer gets
away with it, too. Anything to avoid the obvious.) Besides, as one
who's happily married, I always find it saddening to see a happy
marriage broken up.
Okay, so much for shortcomings & gripes. On the good side, the
story held my attention from beginning to end; it was well plotted,
I found the characters believable, & the sex scenes were delicous.
I missed quotation marks in the dialogue, or if they were there my
browser somehow lost them. But that's a minor technical detail; in
spite of my reservations it was a terrific tale, a real keeper.

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