My wife's French maid (Moi)

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Posted by Chantelle sissy maid on 11/10/10 - 16:02:43

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I am a very willing, obedient male French maid to my lovely wife. I have always had a love of frillies, stockings, suspenders bras, baby dolls etc. In fact all nice undies for as long as I can remember. But I had never told anyone, certainly not my wife of 15 years. I was like most men, I liked a drink with the lads, and sometimes I could be a bit nasty with a drink in me, and on other occasions, I tended to say things that I shouldn't. My wife had never liked me drinking too much. So about five years ago, when I had a little to much to drink, and when she had some really sexy red frillies and red baby doll on, I told her how jealous I was that women got to wear such lovely things and us guys had horrible boxers. She didn't say anything for a few seconds, but then said that she could easily sort that out. Before I really knew what I was doing, she had gotten a pair of purple frillies and a purple baby doll from her drawer, and told me to put them on. I did. she asked me how they felt, and I had to give her an honest answer, and say wonderful. Well you know most of the story after that. I have slowly been weaned into my wife's slave/maid. I wear frillies 24/7, except when I work away. And also when I am home, I have to dress as her French maid almost full time, and do all the housework, ironing, cooking etc. My wife was never a bossy lady, and was before I let my secret out, quite a quiet accepting woman. But now, on the days that I used to go out with my mates, I am serving her as her obedient French maid. My French maids outfits (I now have three, wine/white, red/white, and black/white) are all lockable, as are my 3" heeled shoes. At first, it was great fun being my wife's maid, and I used to tell her when to unlock the padlock, as I had to meet some of my freinds for a drink that night, and she would do so. When I got my first maids outfit, I was asked if I wanted to snap the padlock shut myself to show that I wanted to be her maid, I did. It was so nice wearing my maids outfit. Over the coming months, my wife took quite a lot of photographs of me in my maids outfit for her private album, to look at while I was away working. Things were going along ok for a year or so, but one weekend we had a big row, and we weren't talking for a couple of days. But of course, we made up, and that night in bed, we were both wearing sexy frillies and satin baby dolls, and had great sex all night. The next day, I was asked if I wanted to wear my maids outfit to do some light housework and I said of course I did. As usual I snapped the padlock shut. later, when I asked her to unlock it so I could go and meet some of the guys, I was told that I would have to go as I was, as the padlock would stay locked. She told me it was for my own good as she didn't like to see me getting into such a drunken state again. I was released at about eleven that night, and handed a red baby doll and matching frillies. When we were in bed, she then told me that any time that I would be going out would be with her from now on, and that I was never again to go out with my mates, as they were a bad influence on me. If I had a problem with that, I could leave. But then she said that if I left, some of the photographs of me in my maids outfit would find their way to all my freinds. Needless to say, I realise that my wife was right, and I am glad she has made me her slave maid. I did try and talk her out of the plans she had for me, but she said it was my choice to wear frillies , and once I had put my first pair on, there was no going back. A few days later, while I was doing the housework again, the doorbell rang. My wife said she would answer it as she said that she didn't want anybody seeing me as her maid. A few moments later, the living door opened, and my wife stood there with her mother, who had quite a grin on her face. I now have to do her house once a fortnight, and serve both of them during my chores. I now only go out with my wife, and put the maids outfit on at her command. I still snap the collar shut, without being told to do so. I have about four pairs of boxers still at home, but they are only to be worn when I am away at work, so they are locked up. I love my wife, love my sexy undies, love my maids outfits and would do anything to please her at all times. Chantelle. XXXX

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