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StorySite Author Chat # 1        08-09-2000 8pm EDST

Chat Log with Guest Author : Janet L. Stickney

ChatMom : Rose2

Log Secretary : Debra

Thanks also to Samantha who recorded a log as back-up. The chat lasted for about one and a half hours. I have done minor editing on the log to correct some spelling errors, and remove some extraneous data. - Crystal


[ChatMom] And the first Author chat at StorySite is starting now

[JanetStickney] damned nails!

[JanetStickney] I'll wait

[ChatMom] Telzey goes first

[JanetStickney] ok

[Telzey] Janet .. when I read your work I see a very Hetro world, do you plan ever to explore other sexual modes?

[Telzey] such as Bi or lesbian TS PPL

[JanetStickney] no. I live in the hetro world, and although I have no biases towards other lifestyles, I simply cannot write what I do not know.

[Telzey] ty

[JanetStickney] I did live 24/7 as a female for a long time, but that is past now

[Princess_Britney] How do you get you inspiration?

[Princess_Britney] how much is fact?

[JanetStickney] I find inspiration all over the place. The news, sites such as femur’s and Jenny North's, and Your age, your willingness to explore this side of yourself, and of course, as Princess, I have so many options

[JanetStickney] about half is fact, maybe less

[Princess_Britney] ok

[josie-1] I know everyone has their personal favorites, but I was just wondering it you have one that stands out as one of your favorites?

[Princess_Britney] k

[Princess_Britney] ty

[JanetStickney] I have several Josie. My Anger, and the Job, plus boys to Girls were fun to write

[josie-1] I liked it too

[JanetStickney] maybe not fun in the case of my anger, but - interesting

[josie-1] Can I as if you could expound on that a little?

[josie-1] Or is that too personal?

[JanetStickney] anger plays an important part in who and what we are, and delving into it is intrinsic to many story lines. We, many of us, feel guilty when we dress, that causes anger at our compulsion, thus the story

[josie-1] ty

[ChatMom] With all the trouble recently where do you stand on sharing Characters with other writers

[JanetStickney] as long as they ask, and they are selective, then I will probably agree

[ChatMom] ok

[ladyangel] Your stories always touch me in a special place in my soul where do you get your idea and from who

[JanetStickney] As Lady knows well, I draw on my own - experiences. The pain, the anger, the joy and elation I feel when I get dressed. I let that permeate my work as deeply as I can. They are all facets of what and who we are.

[JanetStickney] I get my ideas all over the place, and for all of you out there, can you guess which roles Lady Angel played in one of my latest works?

[ladyangel] Who do you credit for a lot of your inspiration

[JanetStickney] My mother

[ladyangel] Prideful Blush

[josie-1] You’ve crafted an unrivalled collection of short stories. But I was just wondering why you haven’t as yet sat down to write that epic tale that we all know is within you?

[JanetStickney] I have. It is currently at Sandy Thomas books, and will be coming out soon they tell me. I also have a full length novel in the works, reviewed by lady so far

[JanetStickney] BTW, it is an ugly story

[cathy_t_] Janet, MY ANGER is so different from your other stories. What inspired it?

[JanetStickney] I truly do not know. I have what we call a little sister that I work with as she emerges into the world of TG and becomes the woman inside, Se had a bad week, maybe that seeped in

[ladyangel] From what I have seen of it so far it will be a classic

[JanetStickney] TY

[cathy_t_] I agree

[JanetStickney] Novels are HARD to write

[ladyangel] If your novel is anything like your short stories it will be hard to put down

[josie-1] agreed

[JanetStickney] I'm still here

[ChatMom] everyone click in so as not to be bummed out

[cathy_t_] checks quickly

[ladyangel] yes

[cathy_t_] yep, still here

[KimEM] still here J

[Debra002] grr

[JanetStickney] I hope my novel sells a LOT of copies so I can RETIRE

[ladyangel] Not from writing I hope

[cathy_t_] Janet, how do you feel about incomplete stories and why are there so many of them?

[JanetStickney] no

[JanetStickney] I hate them. It means the author gave up, or lost interest in her work and or her self esteem

[JanetStickney] I never post unfinished work

[ladyangel] An unfinished story drives me nuts - a very short drive

[JanetStickney] In fairness, many of the stories I posted were written long ago but never posted anywhere

[JanetStickney] Britney will most likely surpass me as she develops her highly tuned skills

[JanetStickney] I have but a few years left, while she has a lifetime

[cathy_t_] I am sure that we all hope that you have a LOT more years and stories still in you

[JanetStickney] <G>

[Sandra_Pal] Janet, there are some stories of you that touch my heart deep, they seem to be the life itself, are some autobiographical

[JanetStickney] As a note to all authors, give credit where it is due. If you are inspired by a graphic, tell the artist and ask permission, I have never been turned down

[ladyangel] Janet you may not depart this existence till you are given permission and I will not give it!

[JanetStickney] sorry. I'll answer that.

[JanetStickney] yes dear

[JanetStickney] Now, Sandra

[JanetStickney] Some are based on my life, yes. some of it is pure fiction

[Sandra_Pal] Shall I repeat my question?

JanetStickney] no

[Sandra_Pal] They make me cry and laugh the same time, it can’t be to much fiction , or?

[JanetStickney] some are VERY close to the heart Sandra, and if I make you cry AND laugh, I did okay

[Sandra_Pal] Thank you, Janet. The next lady please

[josie-1] "... Into the crucible, we toss that moment when we learn about ourselves..." Sound familiar? Into that cauldron we toss all our experiences to include what you have given us, then stir in about with our emotions and from that heady brew comes a little better understanding of who we are. It is an important thing that you do. My question: Do you give much weight to such matters??

[JanetStickney] Yes, since it is that very cauldron of life that defines us as individuals. We all see the same scene a bit differently, yet the brew that is stirred always makes the stew better

[josie-1] agreed!

[JanetStickney] <G>

[cathy_t_] Janet, what are your feelings about the current problems between Ellen, Tigger and Brandy? They are feuding big time. Do you agree that it detracts from the whole TG community?

[JanetStickney] I know nothing of their feud, and cannot comment on petty bickering over mundane details that do not effect me

[cathy_t_] ok thank you

[JanetStickney] Does Kim have a question?

[KimEM] Janet, you have the same protagonist in many of your stories> is this the fictional ‘you’?

[JanetStickney] I am in every story I write, but not always in the character you might imagine

[KimEM] oh?

[ladyangel] Janet I noticed your stories are getting more of an edge to them "Anger is a good example" to you plan to put more edge into future stories?

[JanetStickney] male or female, I am there Kim

[JanetStickney] Ok mom....go on

[JanetStickney] I am, but I will space them out. Maybe four - from now, you’ll see one based on Femurs work but NOT SRU - or AF

[cathy_t_] Janet, as a first time writer I know how thrilled I was at the reviews. Do you think we should write reviews on every story we read, even if it isn’t quit our cup of tea?

[cathy_t_] sorry

[JanetStickney] By all means! The authors deserve to get the feedback, even if it is critical. You be a critic without the flames

[cathy_t_] thank you. I jumped the gun there

[ChatMom] Are there any stories you won’t do

[JanetStickney] no problem

[JanetStickney] SRU, AF, Magic,or graphically sexual

[JanetStickney] You do not need sex to "sell" a story. Just good characters and a firm plot

[ChatMom] ty

[cathy_t_] well said and very true

JanetStickney] firm should have been compelling

[Telzey] I agree totally

[DiDi] If I may interject, I usually ignore the "magic" or "SF" stories, but I[ve saved virtually every story you’ve posted here, and love them all. If I have any criticism at all it’s that they seem to be a little "too good to be true".

[JanetStickney] Dreams always are DiDi

[Princess_Britney] anything in the works right now?

[JanetStickney] what is fiction if not a dream we all share?

[JanetStickney] I have four in the works right now, one - almost done

[DiDi] I agree totally. It’s just that once in a while a little "conflict" adds spice to life.

[JanetStickney] read My Anger again

[Princess_Britney] anything you can tell us about them

[DiDi] "Anger" definitely was a good one, I do have it saved

[JanetStickney] Ok. There is this boy that likes to design - and make jewellery, then designs dresses because he has a - flare for it. he needs a model....

[DiDi] I’ll volunteer <G>

[Princess_Britney] can’t wait

[cathy_t_] I’ll second that

[JanetStickney] Britney is first, since she is Princess number 1

[Telzey] lol

[JanetStickney] As a note to all of you. If you would like to be on my email notification list, send me an email

[DiDi] Are all of your stories posted here?

[JanetStickney] yes

[DiDi] Goody, because this a DAILY stop for me.

[JanetStickney] the first 40 at FM, but don't go there unless you wear an armoured snatch cover

[JanetStickney] I reposted them all with Crystal

[DiDi] I used to enjoy FM, I don’t quite understand what all the brou-hahha was about that made them shut down

[JanetStickney] money- egos- fighting for control

[JanetStickney] k

[DiDi] Just like life I guess <G>

[ladyangel] with all due respect to Crystal do you ever think you will open your own web site

[JanetStickney] no chance No time with new job

[DiDi] Besides, then you wouldn’t have time to write more wonderful stories <G>

Debra002> Janet you mentioned a new job can I ask what - it is ?

[JanetStickney] I moved from a job that kept me working long - hours to one that only requires 12 hours a day

Debra002> <smile> that sounds good to me I know only to well what those jobs feel like

[JanetStickney] My own office, a cute secretary, ac...

[JanetStickney] his name is Robert

[cathy_t_] any openings?

[JanetStickney] no :(

Debra002> lol thanks Janet will he feature in a story ?

[DiDi] Robert soon to become Roberta (evil grin)

[JanetStickney] yes, very soon I think

Debra002> lolol

[JanetStickney] or Robin, or Rose

[cathy_t_] Rofl

ladyangel] Janet want to work in my office? lousy pay but great benefits LOL

[JanetStickney] Again, your EZ, and we wouldn't get much done, anyway

[josie-1] Personally, I’ve found Crystal’s a pretty comfortable place to spend my time. Makes life's rigors more enjoyable and gets my creative juices flowing. I was just wondering if your affiliation with Crystals has peeked your creative juices in ways that have make writing more enjoyable these days?

[JanetStickney] Oh yes. Writers like Amanda, britney, Daphne and others have had an effect on my work

[Princess_Britney] thanks

[JanetStickney] If Crystal agrees, I will post my picture with her for TWO days only

[josie-1] They’re all wonderful, but remember.... you’re the Queen!

[ladyangel] Who do you think you have affected as an author

[JanetStickney] No, I'm the Goddess

[josie-1] hehe

[RoyDelFrink] Hi, I’m here. Could someone please remind me who the guest of honor is?

[DiDi] Gee, I’m in the presence of Royalty AND Divinity! <G>F

[JanetStickney] certainly Amanda, and maybe others. I have seen a noted increase in the descriptive paragraphs that set the scene

[JanetStickney] me

[cathy_t_] Janet, would you ever consider co-writing a story and, If so, with whom would you like to work

[JanetStickney] I do not co author work, sorry

[Princess_Britney] you could write the story and I could add some pics?

[cathy_t_] well, there goes THAT idea. lol

[josie-1] lol

[JanetStickney] I would consider that, yes

[ladyangel] do you ever think about writing commercially

[JanetStickney] Jenny North and I are considering doing a cover/story to match

[DiDi] I’m going to ask the question that every writer has been asked a gazillion times, but as someone who has done a couple stories that did see some circulation on usenet and the old Fido style "Feminet", any tips for someone starting out?

[JanetStickney] As mentioned earlier, I have a book coming out with sandy Thomas soon

[JanetStickney] write what you know, stay away from biographical work, its usually a dream anyway, and more boring that usual

[RoyDelFrink] Why do you enjoy writing crossdressing stories so much?

[JanetStickney] I have been in the TG community, going out as Janet since I was 14. I write what I know

[RoyDelFrink] Makes sense.

[JanetStickney] maybe that's why it seems so ez for me

[josie-1] have you written the tale yet about which you’d like best to be remembered?

[ladyangel] yes

[josie-1] Sorry... I thought it was my turn ladies! I’ll ask again: Have you written the tale yet about which you’d like to be remembered?

[JanetStickney] no

[JanetStickney] the next one is always the best

[josie-1] When will you know?

[JanetStickney] you and others tell me

[josie-1] honored

[josie-1] Can I give "The Crucible" honourable mention?

[RoyDelFrink] How do you write so much so fast?

[JanetStickney] As I said before, for all you doubters, I am a Goddess, and will post my picture with Crystal tomorrow. She'll take it down in two days

[JanetStickney] yes to the crucible

[JanetStickney] I travel, I write

>> Pantyruffle has joined channel #XC.2179487

[JanetStickney] can I have some ruffles on my panties too?

[Pantyruffle] love your stories!

[josie-1] hehe

[JanetStickney] thanks PR

[Princess_Britney] i think we all do

[DiDi] Well, gotta run, but I just want to say that it’s been a GREAT pleasure to >meet" you, and even if I don’t write, please remember that EVERY day I log on to Crystal’s and see a new Janet Stickney story is a red latter day on my calendar. Thanks for MANY enjoyable hours.

DiDi] You’re more than welcome

[Princess_Britney] bye

[RoyDelFrink] Do you have any advice for a first-time cross-dresser?

[JanetStickney] there are so many things to learn! Find a group in your area, and let them guide you to fulfilment

[JanetStickney] any more?

[JanetStickney] If not, I thank you all for being here tonite

[josie-1] I know writing is close to your heart, one of life's joys.... but can I ask what also you do for fun?

[RoyDelFrink] You think writing TV tales isn’t fun, Josie?

[JanetStickney] I write, build computers, write code

[josie-1] I assumed so.... was I mistaken?

[JanetStickney] no

[Sandra_Pal] Do you ever sleep Janet?

[ladyangel] Why didn’t you tell me that a month ago I just bought one

[RoyDelFrink] LOL!

[JanetStickney] no. I hibernate

[Sandra_Pal] LOL

[cathy_t_] Do you see a larger place in the future for TG fiction in the so-called "legitimate" fiction area?

[josie-1] great question!

[JanetStickney] oh yes, as writers develop themes that encompass them as well as ourselves

[JanetStickney] and, TG fiction is legitimate

[cathy_t_] oh we all know that

[JanetStickney] only the mind is a bit narrow right now

[cathy_t_] agreed

[JanetStickney] I have expounded on this theme for years, and Lady can attest to that. She also knows how stubborn I can be about our community and the rights we are entitled to

[ladyangel] On the subject of TG fiction what do you think is the best movie made on the subject of TG?

[JanetStickney] Tootsie

[cathy_t_] reason?

[JanetStickney] the dichotomy of a man that loves a woman but is seen as a woman, and it makes him a better man

[RoyDelFrink] And woman! :)

[JanetStickney] oh yes roy

[ChatMom] If there are no other questions a big hand for the Goddess of honor

[ladyangel] That not the answer I was expecting but it makes a lot of sense

[cathy_t_] <stands and aplauds>

[RoyDelFrink] I give her mine, it’s about 10 inches long.

[Sandra_Pal] TOO

[Crystal] CLAP CLAP CLAP Great chat Janet. Thank you.

[ladyangel] ENCORE

Debra002> <--stands and claps

[Crystal] And thank you too ChatMom

[KimEM] lots of applause

[JanetStickney] I thank you all for being here and allowing me to be a part of your evening

[josie-1] Mines not so big, but You have my thanks and love

[cathy_t_] AUTHOR..... oops

[JanetStickney] <<<<<<G>>>>>>>>>

[musa] thanks janet. <hugs>

[JanetStickney] somebody's dreaming again

[ladyangel] Dreaming about you

[JanetStickney] <<GGG>>>

[josie-1] I know we’ll all be waiting anxiously for the posting of your picture

[ChatMom] and thank you all for coming

[JanetStickney] bye all

>> JanetStickney has left channel #XC.2179487

[josie-1] the pleasure was all mine!

[ChatMom] please stay and enjoy yourselves

[cathy_t_] good night and thank you

>> ChatMom has left channel #XC.2179487


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