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StorySite Author Chat # 2        09-01-2000 10pm EDST

Chat Log with Guest Author : Britney

ChatMom : Rose2

Log Secretary : Debra

I have done minor editing on the log to correct some spelling errors, and remove some extraneous data. - Crystal


[Chatmom] the second storysite author’s chat is started

>> Britney has joined channel #XC.2179487

[Sissy_Demi] YAY!!!!!

Debra002> shes here YAY

[britneyfan24] britney is here

[britneyfan24] yes

[Britney] sorry

[KimEM] Welcome, Britney!

[britneyfan24] its ok

[cathy_t_] APPLAUSE!!!!!!!

[josie-1] HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!

[jimmyinwhite] great


[britneyfan24] YEAH

[Chatmom] welcome to your Authors chat Britney

[Britney] PC trouble

[SallyDarlin] Yip Hip Hooray for Brit

Britney] hi everyone!

[Samantha] Hugs, Brit. :) Break a leg.

[britneyfan24] britney where did you get your idea for your story from

[Chatmom] remember Private chat me for your turn to ask questions

[Samantha] Children, behave!

[Rocket3287] hi brit

[Britney] hi

[Sissy_Demi] Is anyone chronicling this?

Debra002> I am

[trulyHER] What is a chatmom?

[cathy_t_] welcome Brit

[Sissy_Demi] ok, great! thanks Debra!

KimEM] Chatmom runs the room

[Samantha] Not this time, I want to be involved.

[josie-1] chatmom... why don’t you restate the rules of decorum

[cathy_t_] she did

[Prue.] i’d like to thank britney for her lastest story

[Chatmom] Please ask me in private chat to talk to Britney

[Prue.] oops

[SallyDarlin] Basically, I don’t have any questions, I just dropped by to thank Britney, for all her fine work and effort, to bring a little joy to many readers Thanks Britney

[cathy_t_] yes Brut. very nice

Britney] thanks

[jimmyinwhite] hi brit i love your stories has manga inspired any of your stories?

[Britney] not really though i do read a lot of it

]jimmyinwhite] thank you

[jimmyinwhite] can you give us a little hint about your next story?

[Britney] just a continuation - Alexis starts school

[jimmyinwhite] cool

[Prue.] i’d like to thank you britney for your latest story britney but - they are too soon read lol

[Britney] should be in the time frame of the whole month of sept.

[Britney] thank prue

[jimmyinwhite] ok

[cathy_t_] Brit, you include illustrations with your stories. Why did you decide to do this? They DO dress up a story, I must admit.

[Sissy_Demi] if we’ve started, I would like to ask Britney what she uses to draw her images.

[Sissy_Demi] grrr.. sorry

[Britney] i like KISS and tried to make a set before i started writing, i failed at that so i moved on to writing but still like the pictures

[Britney] to Demi - i use MSpaint

Britney] nb

[josie-1] If I might ask: Outside the tg community, where do you find - your literary inspirations?

Britney] i don’t really

[Britney] sorry

[Samantha] Brit, what is it that drives you to write?

[Britney] i just have need to get my thought on paper

[Sissy_Demi] I know you’ve discussed ideas with other in the non-scheduled chats, but do you use any of your personal experiences to help with story ideas?

[Job] If I may ask. Britney do you crossdress in real life?

[Britney] actualy about 50% is taken from real life

[Britney] yes i do

[Prue.] britney i think your illustrations are great and i love the cute outfits it really makes the story better

[Britney] thanks

Sissy_Demi] You’ve told some of us you are from Canada. What is the general attitude towards transgendered people there, in your experience?

Britney] well when i go out i’ve always just been seen as girl, so i don’t know

[Sissy_Demi] thank you

Chatmom] Brittney do you have plans for other stories

[Britney] not at the moment but i will do others in the future

Prue.] how much more of alexis will there be story wise, not ending soon i hope

[Prue.] oops

[Britney] i plan do have it go longer than Ellen’s Tuck

[Sissy_Demi] Wow! That’s ambitious... Do you have a website of your own? ;>

[Prue.] WOW!!

[KimEM] !!!


[Sissy_Demi] thankyou

[Britney] ellen is my favorite author

[Samantha] Brit, the story( you wrote) is about your life?

[Britney] no, i never had breast forms stuck to my chest

[Breezyday] Do you do your own illustrations? They’re very good!

[Breezyday] Sorry

[Britney] yes i do but ask Demi they take awhile to do ;)

[cathy_t_] Brit, can you tell us a bit about yourself? As much as you - feel comfortable telling us in this forum.

Britney] my gf likes to dress me up after i dressed for a school function. its become part of our relationship. i’m Brit at least 35% of the week if not more [Britney] anything else?

[jimmyinwhite] alexis is so real is she based on a real person ?

[cathy_t_] whatever you feel comfortable with telling us, Brut

[Britney] she thinks like i do so basically myself

[Sissy_Demi] ^_^ Brit, you’ve feminized poor Ken(dra) in your story. Will we be hearing more about him and his thoughts and adventures?

[Britney] ken is going to be more tomboyish rather than except his feminization

[Sissy_Demi] thank you

[Britney] but he will be a main character

[Britney] he might get his own spin off in the future

[Britney] new story?

[Britney] i have 10 more minutes till i gotta log off any more - questions?

[Sissy_Demi] yes

[Britney] k

[Sissy_Demi] Where do you get the clothes from? Are they typical of - what you enjoy wearing?

[Chatmom] open chat

Prue.] great

[cathy_t_] thank you mom

[jimmyinwhite] cool

[Britney] yeah they tend to be the typical teeny bopper clothes but that's what i wear

[Sissy_Demi] thank you

[Prue.] britney havent seen you in here in a while

[Britney] thanks to everyone for coming

[Prue.] np

Samantha] Hugs

[Britney] i had a lot of trips of of town

[josie-1] my pleasure.... thank you for having us

[Sissy_Demi] Thank YOU, Britney

[Prue.] just keep those stories coming

[jimmyinwhite] looking forword to your next story

[Britney] i will

[Sissy_Demi] I can’t wait to hear more about Julie (Julian)

[Rocket3287] thank you, Britney.

[Britney] part 4’s estimates release - sept. 17

[Samantha] Thanks Brit.

[Sissy_Demi] woohoo!

[Britney] estimated

[Prue.] yippeee

[josie-1] thanks Brit

[jimmyinwhite] great

>> Chatmom has left channel #XC.2179487

[Breezyday] I really enjoy your work

>> Rose2 has joined channel #XC.2179487

[Britney] part five will continue the story as far as halloween

[Sissy_Demi] cool

[Samantha] Neet!

[jimmyinwhite] fantastic

[Britney] that will include thanks giving too (canadians have thanksgiving in october)

Prue.] just so long as he doesn’t get a boys costume on for a change - lolol [Samantha] yes we do! :)

[Prue.] will w see more of you here in the future britney

[Britney] part 7 - lonest part covers christmas and new years and the

- rest of january

[Britney] yup

[jimmyinwhite] cool

[Britney] i’m goint to have Crystal post a new pic i drew, its a self-portrait

[cathy_t_] well, great job so far Btir

[cathy_t_] Brit

[Britney] i do to, thanks again for coming and g’nite

jimmyinwhite] sweet dreams

[Britney] bye

[Prue.] byeeeeeeeee

[Prue.] huggles

Debra002> byeeeee

[cathy_t_] nite Brit and thanks

[Breezyday] nightie night

[Rocket3287] bye

[Rose2] Bye Britt

[Rocket3287] bye britt

[josie-1] bye Brit

[Sissy_Demi] bye Brit... and everyone else!

[Britney] bye

>> Britney has left channel #XC.2179487


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