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StorySite Author Chat # 4        09-19-2000 8pm EDST

Chat Log with Guest Author : Ellen Hayes

ChatMom : Kim EM

Log Secretaries : Debra and Jean Rea

The chat lasted for over two hours. I have done minor editing on the log to correct some spelling errors, and remove some extraneous data. - Crystal


[ChatMom] Before the questions start, I’ll ask Ellen if she has an opening statement. and I declare this chat in progress

[ChatMom] Ellen? Any opening statement?

[HayesEllen] I can’t think of a good opening statement. [weak grin]

[ChatMom] then let the grilling begin!

[HayesEllen] Diana, you are online and connected... speak!

[Diana] Is this private?

[cathy_t_] Ellen, thanks for all your hard work on Tuck. I love it as I am sure EVERYONE does

[HayesEllen] Chelli [hi Chelli! hugs] I haven’t seen it, and the previews don’t look similar

[HayesEllen] Diana: no. Check the box off to the right of the text input line for it to be private, and select the name to send the private line to.

[ChatMom] You can ask faster.. we don’t want Ellen to get bored

[cathy_t_] Ellen, what inspired you to begin Tuck?

[HayesEllen] Cathy: one, reading almost everything in the NIy TG archive, and realizing that I could do better, and The Reluctant Girlfriend stories by, er, Melissa?

[HayesEllen] And I wrote one, and then two, and then four, and....

[cathy_t_] thank you

[Anne-Mal] (Never finished!)

[tonto459] how did you choose the name Ellen hayes

[HayesEllen] Ellen was plain and not flashy, which I thought was a nice contrast to everything everyone else was choosing lately....

[JeanRea] Ellen Dear, your in the middle of transition and close to final GRS. Do you feel that T* disforic kids in there teens should have access to GRS at an early age?

[Gon] ...and then Ellen already had a HUGE fan base that bugged her for more and wouldn’t even turn away when she yelled at them s

[HayesEllen] Hayes is from Lisa Hayes out of Macross/Robotech.

[Chelli] (thinks of pots and kettles bickering)

[HayesEllen] Jean: GRS?

[Gon] gender reassignment surgery?

[HayesEllen] Gon: I had about fifteen episodes written before I published the first one. =)

[JeanRea] gender reassignment surgery

[bookie8715] Ellen, Are any of the people in the stories based on real people and who?

[HayesEllen] Sorry, I thought you already HAD the gender, and you were reassigning the phenotypical SEX.

[Gon] <lol> in spirit I was already there!

[HayesEllen] Bookie: no, I deliberately avoid taking people and putting them in... however, most of the characters I have seen physically

[Mogelijk] Tuck seems to becoming more and more female. Do you see him going female full time in the future (or is that giving too much away)?

[bookie8715] Ok, thanks

[Teddy_SP] Ellen, have u decided yet exactly what Tuck’s ailment is?

[HayesEllen] Mog: that’s giving too much away

[JeanRea] ummm I used the BSoC term, I don’t agree w/it BTW

[HayesEllen] Teddy: I’ve narrowed it down a lot... =)

[Mogelijk] k

[Rose2] Any chance of a Cast of Characters list for Tuck, you created too many great people

[HayesEllen] Rose: someone else said they were doing one, but I haven’t seen it. I suppose I could do it....

[Anne-Mal] What do you think of the Fanfics based on Tuck?

[Gon] Ellen: better reassign one of your lazier prereaders to it! *s*

[bookie8715] thats allright it might slow the story down :)

[HayesEllen] Bookie: a bit more.... they have been people I’ve seen on the street, though. Not people I know, with one exception - Kim is based on someone I knew in college, VERY LOOSELY

[HayesEllen] Anne: I like them a lot! I like reading Tucker at least as much as you all do, and it’s nice not to have to write it all. =)

[cathy_t_] Ellen, any plans for increasing Mike’s role in Tuck? His getting "dressed" has been hinted at but never thoroughly written about.

[JeanRea] k, Ellen we have 2 dweebs running for pres plus Ralph, worse comes to worse which one makes you run for the border?

[ChatMom] everyone remember to click in to avoid betting booted

[HayesEllen] Cathy: Mike is not Tuck..... and giving away more would reveal the Plot

[Anne-Mal] Is there anything you would want someone to stay away from when writing one?

[Deni] I think a lot of us do that; build our characters as composites of various people we’ve known at one time or another.

[tonto459] how do you click in? (I’m new to this)

[HayesEllen] Anne: just the stuff I mentioned in the rules, above the FanFic section on my page. I don’t need graphically nasty stuff to haunt me.

[HayesEllen] Deni: I think you have to, one way or another, for the characters to ring true

[ChatMom] for those new to this chatroom, you need to periodically transmit something to avoid being timed out by the software

[JeanRea] just hit the period key it lets the Java script know your alive

[HayesEllen] Anne: that’s about it....

[HayesEllen] [rubs eyes] Oh, a screen I can see! Cool!

[Mogelijk] Is writing Tuck a type of therapy for you?

[Anne-Mal] Anyone ever go over the line?

[HayesEllen] Mog: MMmmmmmm sorta. The fan mail is a BIG ego boost, and sometimes I need that... I think like most TS’s I have self-worth - problems, and the fanfic helps

[Teddy_SP] Ellen, since your story is about teens, do u interact with any to see how they have changed since u were a teen?

[HayesEllen] Mog: But other than that... not especially. Well, sort of - - Tuck gets back at his tormentors better than I ever imagined... but I never went through the abuse he did

[ChatMom] ANON QUESTION: How many proofreaders do you have? And how does someone go about becoming one?

[HayesEllen] Teddy: I’m trying to do that a little more, actually. You can never have enough source material

[Gon] Ellen: how much of the story to come do you already have preplanned?

[HayesEllen] Um.... steady proofreaders.... um... [counts on fingers] maybe six or so. The way to be one is to write email to me, a lot, and impress me with your wit, your evil imagination, and your spelling and grammar

[HayesEllen] Gon: the storyline is already plotted out to long after Tuck graduates high school... but things change.

[JeanRea] hides from that EVIL word ... spelling

[Teddy_SP] lol. which way do u pass

[cathy_t_] Ellen, Do you have a favorite author? If so, who? both in TG Fiction and other.

[ChatMom] spelling... heavens!

[HayesEllen] Teddy: I don’t understand the question?

HayesEllen] cathy: not so much in T fiction... I like The Professor, but it’s very sweet-and-light.... ‘RL’, there’s a bunch; check out the Reader page on my site

[Gon] Mom: hey, some people I know CAN spell, impossible as it seems eg

[cathy_t_] thank you

Anne-Mal] While the praise helps you, would you still have to write the story if no one read it?

[Teddy_SP] sorry bad term, to be a proofreader do u need to impress positively or negatively? lol

[JeanRea] Ellen rumor is that your David Eddings doing this as a busman's holiday, care to comment?

[HayesEllen] Gon: also, the kids do things that are unexpected, so who knows what’s actually going to happen?

[HayesEllen] Anne: Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think I would have written this much without the fans heaping praise on me

[HayesEllen] Teddy: positively, I’m afraid - I’m not mature enough to let someone I hate get into the proofing process. =)

>> Crystal has joined channel #XC.2179487

[HayesEllen] Jean: If I was David Eddings, do you think I’d have this lil’ laptop and go to work at night?

[HayesEllen] hi Crystal

[JeanRea] lol

[Crystal] Hi Ellen

[tonto459] do a lot of people try to figure out who you really are?

[ChatMom] ANON QUESTION: How long (in hours) does it take to write a chapter? How many revisions do you make?

[HayesEllen] [pants and rubs fingers]

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: About two weeks if that’s the only story I work on.... and I like to have a pipeline going where one is in proofing and I am writing at least one other one

[Mogelijk] How do you keep the saga so consistent, unlike the Bates - saga which you are so close to surpassing?

[HayesEllen] Revisions are almost daily occurrences, though sometimes I’ll put it away for a day or three and come back to it

[HayesEllen] Mog: I re-read Tuck more than any of you would ever dream possible

[Anne-Mal] Since the FM chat room is down, do you still have orgies? (And where do you have them???)

[HayesEllen] Mog: and one of the things I like the proofers to do is check for continuity errors

[Deni] I hope I’m not picking at a scab here, but are you’re feelings changing about how Tucky Season has been developing?

[HayesEllen] Anne: I am no longer online at work, and I really am not connected too much at home. I used to do them from work, if you remember....

[Anne-Mal] Shucks!

[HayesEllen] Deni: how it’s been developing? It hasn’t been developing at all since I stopped writing it... I think?

[Gon] Ellen: do you have any other story ideas in the works?

[ChatMom] ANON: the dreaded question: Will Tucky Seasons be finished?

[HayesEllen] Deni: I am slowly getting less angry/upset over the story itself, if that’s what you mean. And I didn’t think it was fair to translate my feelings into print with the characters as innocents dying in fireballs....

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: sometime, yes it will. When? Dunno

[HayesEllen] Gon: at least four. =)

[HayesEllen] hi Amy

[Mogelijk] In what ways do you identify with Tuck/Val?

[Amy_tgirl] Hi

[HayesEllen] Mog: Tuck has things I wish I’d had.... especially his dad and his friends like Mike

[Deni] OK. I guess that was what I was really asking. I really liked the story, overall. I’m a bit of a Seasons Geek.

[Gon] Ellen: you’re not alone with that

[HayesEllen] Deni: I like it too.... it’s just painful to work on, now. Still.

[Mogelijk] Don’t we all wish we had friends like that =)

[cathy_t_] amen to that

[Deni] Yeah, a Dad like Tuck’s would have been a God-send.

[HayesEllen] Mog: actually, I couldn’t stand the excitement. =)

[Mogelijk] LOL

[HayesEllen] I really should have replaced my contact lenses today.... [rubs eyes]

[Mogelijk] But in what ways is Tuck/Val like you?

[Teddy_SP] Ellen , real life is usually rougher than what Tuck has gone through, any chance that Tuck will see more of the darker side of life

[HayesEllen] Mog: the technical leanings of his personality are like me... his social not-understanding is like me.... that’s about it

[HayesEllen] Teddy: bet on it

[josie-1] Have you written the tale about which you’d like best to be remembered?

[JeanRea] Ellen, do you have any plans to write something for a mainstream publisher?

[Anne-Mal] You can skip this if you wish, but how much of Ellen Hayes is your life?

[HayesEllen] josie: I dunno..... Tuck may be it, since so many people have said that Tuck helped/helps them out of their own bad times

[HayesEllen] Anne: I don’t understand the question?

[HayesEllen] Jean: I’ve got two novel ideas, nothing to do with Tuck, and a lesbian romance in mind... nothing written yet though

[Anne-Mal] Well you are now Ellen Hayes while off line you are the other.

[cathy_t_] Ellen, any comment on the upcoming TUCKER Television show? and is there ANY similarity?

[HayesEllen] Anne: are you saying that I’m using a pen name? Huh? Huh? [pushes Anne]

[ChatMom] hi, JRD

[Anne-Mal] How much of Ellen Hayes is you, rather than the "mundane" other.

[HayesEllen] cathy: none that I know of... when does it premiere?

[cathy_t_] end of this month I believe

[Anne-Mal] (Pushes back, but holds on too long)

[ChatMom] is anything about Ellen mundane??

[HayesEllen] Yaaaaah! [grabs Anne and flips her]

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: You want to hear about my ordinary bowel movements?

[JRD] hey

[josie-1] lol

[cathy_t_] hi JRD

[Rose2] Mike and Tuck what's the real connection

[ChatMom] no, just the extraordinary ones

[HayesEllen] Mike and Tuck are far closer than two human beings should be....

[Teddy_SP] LOL, i don’t thisnk anything is ordinary with u

[Anne-Mal] Eeep!

[ChatMom] ANON: Any good snot stories?

[HayesEllen] Anne: actually, in real life I am mostly like this, WHEN I am up for it. A lot of times, I hide in the house because I don’t want the strain.

[HayesEllen] Chatmom: want to try that question again?

[Anne-Mal] So you are always Ellen, but sometimes not in name?

[ChatMom] I think the intent was whether you had any good stories about your snot and the production thereof? If I’ve got it wrong, the original questioner can clarify :)

[HayesEllen] Anne: yeah, basically. I mean, you’ve all seen my insecurities and depressions described in my journals.... that’s me too.

[Gon] Tuck and Mike - two ants out of the same hive *g*

[HayesEllen] Chatmom: Er, no. No snot stories.

[HayesEllen] Gon: too true

[HayesEllen] hi Julie

[Mogelijk] Mike said that Tuck has a female brain... was this planned - or just fit when writing it? And I’m guessing because of how well Mike knows Tuck it’s true?

[HayesEllen] JRD: are you the author JRD?

[JULIE] Hello everyone

[Gon] Ellen: do you still RP (in RL)?

[HayesEllen] Mog: It really just fit when I was writing it, believe it or not.

[HayesEllen] Gon: not at the moment, no. Not for a year or so, actually.

[HayesEllen] Mog: one of the benefits from knowing the characters so intimately, I guess - they say things that I didn’t plan

[Mogelijk] I believe, I suppose why I asked. =) Is it true, though?

[Gon] <sigh

[HayesEllen] MOgel: I dunno. I’m not sure how much of brain sex is real, and how much applies in real life. Is Rosie Greer, who does needlepoint, is he a female brain?

[HayesEllen] What about Dennis Rodman?

[Teddy_SP] Ellen, do u think anything about your writing will change after SRS?

[Teddy_SP] what is a female brain??

[JeanRea] Ellen any idea on how many ppl have read Tuck or anything of yours?

[Anne-Mal] (Not to mention Ellen Hayes!)

[HayesEllen] Teddy: not especially, minus the slowdown whilst I am drugged and recovering

[HayesEllen] Jean: no idea, except it seems to be a lot.

[JeanRea] I’m lost, sorry

[Mogelijk] Ever notice if you score the sex brain quiz the same between M & F, there is a large overlap in scoring?

[HayesEllen] Teddy: what is a female brain? That’s the problem I run into....

HayesEllen] Mog: that only seems to make sense to me....

[Gon] and a lot do reread it too damn (according to their friends) often *lol*

[HayesEllen] Jean: how are you lost, dear?

[JeanRea] your chat log Sweetie

[HayesEllen] Jean: heheheheheh.

[cathy_t_] .

[ChatMom] everyone please remember to click in [Rose2] ..

[JeanRea] (Phibittttttttttttttttttttttttts) at mean old Ellen [Teddy_SP] .


[Anne-Mal] Where is Brandy?

HayesEllen] Anne: is that an ingenuous question?

[Gon] <pounces Jean>

[ChatMom] ANON: ellen, how long do you see Tucker continuing? Will you - follow him until he’s an old man - woman - whatever?

[Mogelijk] So, you have Tuck planned past HS... at current rate that - means we can expect Tuck through at least 2010? =)

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: I can’t see looking at Tucker past his age 50 or - so. =)

[Gon] <--- currently working on a EH-screensaver *g*

[JeanRea] teika has no complaints Dear *grin*

[josie-1] lol

[HayesEllen] Jean: kiss teika for me... =)

[ChatMom] c’mon people, let’s not let ellen’s fingers recover

[ChatMom] ask away!

[HayesEllen] [whines]

[Anne-Mal] Ellen "Fast Fingered" Hayes is a legend!

[HayesEllen] Legend in her own mind, perhaps... [laughs]

[JeanRea] she’s reading on the second monitor, She say’s she’ll take care of that later :))

[Gon] well, Ellen, is there any chance for cameos? weg

[Mogelijk] Any idea how much longer writing Tuck will keep your - interest? Can you imagine writing about him till he’s 50 (and however - old that would make you)?

[Rose2] you put your life out in the journal does this ever bother your - SO ?

[HayesEllen] se: she never reads it.

[JeanRea] re tomto

[HayesEllen] Rose: she never reads it

[cathy_t_] Ellen, I think TUCK would make a GREAT Television show. Have you considered trying to do anything like that with it? Or maybe a movie?

[HayesEllen] Mog: oh yeah

[HayesEllen] Cathy: I'd want absolute final control over any movie or TV show, and I wouldn't get it, and I won't license it otherwise.

[ChatMom] Cathy I've already asked to do the screenplay... and been turned down *sniff*

>> Chat-Secretary. has joined channel #XC.2179487

[Chat-Secretary.] grrr I got booted

[Mogelijk] If Tuck were a movie/TV show, what actor/actresses do you see playing the different characters?

[Amy_tgirl] Ellen: I know this has nothing to do with this chat but do you need another Proofreader?

[Anne-Mal] (Liar, couldn’t keep up!!)

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: yeah, well..... [shrugs] Go write more Fan fiction or Expo, Kim!

[HayesEllen] Mog: I don’t know enough of the actresses/actors to be able to answer that

[ChatMom] I’m working on it... um, both actually

HayesEllen] Mog: although, Wynona Ryder (sp?) was beaten up in sixth grade because some guys thought she was an effete boy

[Gon] <--- wants to play Kyle *lol*

[HayesEllen] Amy: No, thanks. *kiss*

[Deni] I haven’t read #46 yet, so maybe the answer is there ... Have - you yet worked out a situation when there might be an opportunity for Tuck and Debbie to reconcile. Right after I read about Tuck’s return from L.A., a scenario occurred to me. I’m anxious to see if I’m even close.

[HayesEllen] Deni You never know how these relationship things are - going to go... I was talking to someone in the office today who has - broken up with her current boyfriend six times already.

[HayesEllen] And she likes her ex-husband better. [shrug]

[Amy_tgirl] Ellen- Is there a limit to how short a fan fic has to be?

Deni] <g>

[Rose2] Sheala is the name of Tuck’s therapist and Jack’s friend at the convension my mistake or (shudders)

[HayesEllen] Amy: fanfics have to make sense.. beyond that, no, there is no lower bound.

[Amy_tgirl] ok...thanks

[ChatMom] They do? Do I need to pull mine back? :)

[HayesEllen] Rose: just a coincidence, really. Don’t you kw two different people with the same first name?

[Gon] Rose: Sheila ... and the name’s not THAT uncommon g

[JeanRea] it’s true that stable relationships are scarce in RL but it can be done Deni, my SO and I are together now 13 yrs

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: Ooooh! kisses Kim in frustration

[Rose2] ty [Mogelijk] Ellen: Who is your favorite Tuck character?

[HayesEllen] Mog: I like most of ‘em. Even Susan.

[Mogelijk] Nice dodge =)

[Rose2] how about Brian

[HayesEllen] Mog: if I didn’t like ‘em, or Tuck didn’t, then they wouldn’t be friends.... =)

[Gon] Ellen: say nothing against Susan! l

[Anne-Mal] Like asking a Mom which child she likes best!

[HayesEllen] Re: Brian is not a bad kid... just NOT Tucker.

[HayesEllen] [braces for flood]

[JeanRea] Brian is normal but quirky IMO

[JeanRea] Brian

[Mogelijk] My view is that Susan had more problems with Tuck than Tuck with Brian... =)

[cathy_t_] Ellen, if this makes you angry, I apologise but I LOVED LADY OF THE RINGS. Will you EVER continue it?

[Gon] not to forget his age! I still remember how I was back then g

[HayesEllen] Cathy: were you just not here for the beginning, or are - you really that foolish?

[cathy_t_] ok I had to ask

[HayesEllen] [sharpens tongue for possible immediate use]

[ChatMom] go ahead.. I warned her in advance not to ask *hands over ears*

[Anne-Mal] Ellen is insecure, she never thinks anyone reads her stories, so she need encouragement to finish and loves to be asked to finish her stories.

[JeanRea] watches the fireworks

[Deni] Jean: Mine has been with me 31+ (& four children)

[JeanRea] WTG Deni :))

[josie-1] congrads

[josie-1] Deni

[HayesEllen] I’ve only had 7 years with my SO....

[Gon] Anne: sounds like my cat! eyes the beast suspiciously

[ChatMom] hmm. waiting nervously for the eruption

[cathy_t_] just let it go. I can take it

[HayesEllen] You'll be getting a different kind of eruption, actually. I need a bladder break, folks. Back in five minutes.

[HayesEllen] back

[ChatMom] okay, and let’s resume the melee

[Mogelijk] Anything fans can do to help with Tuck, at least beyond fan mail?

[HayesEllen] And as for Brandy and Rings, we together hashed out the plotline, she did a lot of the writing and then gave it to me via email before she went on retreat, which was before the breakup.

[JeanRea] re Ellen

[Gon] <hides the battle-axe>

[ChatMom] Ellen, canyo clarify who did what on Lady?

[HayesEllen] Mog: nope! Although evil suggestions are always appreciated

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: No... it was a collaboration. I don’t remember who did what line....

[Deni] On retreat, or into retreat?

[HayesEllen] Deni: I don’t know. =)

[ChatMom] Whose original concept?

[Gon] Ellen: don’t we know... lol

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: I do not honestly remember.

[Mogelijk] Any possibility of a Tuck/Jill relationship? Especially with jill in the "male" role? =)

[HayesEllen] Mog: it’s possible...

[Gon] ... the bathing suit we had now - still waiting for the leotard weg

[josie-1] lol

[HayesEllen] Gon: have you ever worn a leotard? It’s hard to hide the bulge [Anne-Mal] What do you think the future will think of the Tuck saga?

[HayesEllen] Anne: I’ve no idea. I hope they like it...

[Chat-Secretary] Ellen it can be done ... I know

[Gon] <lol> I know

[JeanRea] Ellen, as a younger T* do you want kids be able to transition as a teen or younger?

[Teddy_SP] Ellen it can!

[ChatMom] ANON: What was the genesis of the decisionto open Mono-Mania - to other writers?

HayesEllen] Jean: they ARE starting as teens. If they can handle it, I don’t see why not. I haven’t changed my opinion since I was 17.

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: I couldn’t decide on ‘the perfect’ ending. So I decided to let everyone else in on it.

[Amy_tgirl] I’m a teen

[Mogelijk] Will you admit to your fav Mono endings?

[JeanRea] good for you Amy, fight hard Dear and don’t give up

[ChatMom] ANO: Which ending, to date, is your favorite?

[Gon] Ellen: speaking of mono-mania - will there be a continuation coming from you?

[HayesEllen] Mog: no. =) Actually, all of them are different, and I like the variety. When I go back and re-read it, I usually hit all the endings.

[HayesEllen] Amy: you go girl!

[HayesEllen] Gon; I’ve already written two endings... how many more do you want?

[Gon] Ellen: you know me! lol

[ChatMom] I’m still waiting for the Al Gore ending

[HayesEllen] Gon: why don’t YOU write one?

[bookie8715] Ha

[Anne-Mal] What do you think Tuck should be thought of? Pure entertainment? Thoughtful Commentary? What should a person get out of it?

HayesEllen] Anne: whatever they want, except money, unless they share the money with me. =)

[Gon] Ellen: problems in execution

[Anne-Mal] But you are sharing him with the world, so you must want to share something.

[HayesEllen] Anne: more seriously, it’s not up to me to decide what someone gets out of it. I just hope they think it was well-done writing.

[JeanRea] has Sandy Thomas approached you to publish Any of your Work?

[bookie8715] Have you ever gotten anything published?

[HayesEllen] Jean: no, she has not.

[HayesEllen] bookie: no. But I have gotten paid.... =)

[bookie8715] Or wanted to?

[Rose2] Is Tucker taking a stand in the coming presidential election

[josie-1] lol

[Gon] Ellen: share??? surprised that’s the first I hear of that! I always thought you would allow us to do it for free and send you 100% of the earnings wg

[HayesEllen] bookie: of COURSe I want to! I’m just too chicken to face a rejection slip at the moment. =)

[Teddy_SP] Ellen, since Tuck is now about 600 pages, if someone wanted to publish part of it at what point would u end it for the book

[HayesEllen] Gon: I’m not THAT greedy... =)

[ChatMom] ANON: Would you willing to share any plotlines that we WON’T be seeing? Things you’d planned for Tuck and then discarded?

[cathy_t_99] maybe some outtakes?

[HayesEllen] Teddy: ummmm... I’d have to re-read the series to answer that question, and I haven’t done it in a couple of weeks. =)

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: No, not really.

[HayesEllen] I might with Seasons, though.... show you all what the controversy was about.

[JULIE] Oh Ellen .... don’t ever let THAT hold you back the best authors get lots of rejections before they get published

[ChatMom] I’m sure pretty much everyone here would love to see the - original versions of the affected episodes

[HayesEllen] Julie: I do have a bit of a fragile ego at this point....

[JeanRea] Julie, except RA Heinlien

[Gon] Rose: in the Tucker timeline the actual election is still some years down the road...

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: based upon proofreader reactions, that is not necessarily the case. =)

[ChatMom] You might find people thinking that it’s better than the published versions

[JULIE] if you allow that to stand in your way you’ll never be published and you are too good a writer to let that happen [HayesEllen] ChatMom: or, I might not. [shrug] We’ll see what I decide.

[cathy_t_99] I agree with that

[Rose2] when is it in the Tuckerverse

[Anne-Mal] Fragile=Ellen, I don’t think so!

[bookie8715] Do you ever see tuck ending?

[HayesEllen] Julie: I have to be ready for it, and I am not ready for the rejection now.

[HayesEllen] bookie: Yes, but far far far in the future. Or I might die unexpectedly. =)

[Mogelijk] Ellen=glass hand in steel glove? =)

[HayesEllen] Rose: In Tucker, it is June 1997. =)

[Gon] Rose: if I remember correctly it’s Summer 97 in the Tuckerverse

[bookie8715] Don’t even joke about that please.

[HayesEllen] Mog: close... except I don’t think it’s that simple.

[Deni] .

[Mogelijk] it never is...

[HayesEllen] bookie: death is one of the funniest things of all....

[HayesEllen] Why not laugh at it? What are you going to do if you don’t? Weep?

[josie-1] Outside the world of Tuck, which of your other stories are you most proud of?

[ChatMom] well, it’s quite a liberating experience :)

[Teddy_SP] weep at the tax man!!

[JULIE] Well ... when you do think you are ready do not let the first few ..... thousand rejections get you down ...... I got piles of rejections before my work was accepted

[HayesEllen] You’re already sentenced to die, by living. It happens.

[Anne-Mal] (It’s going to happen sooner or later, so why worry!)

[Rose2] I think it was Socratese who said" I drank what ?"

[HayesEllen] josie: I like On The Beach a lot....that one got good reviews, and I really worked on it before I posted it to a.s.s.m

[cathy_t_99] We own nothing. Even life itself is but on loan

[HayesEllen] Julie: I do know that much.. thanks.

[ChatMom] If there’s something after, then why worry? and if there’s nothing, you won’t know the difference anyway

[josie-1] thanks.... I liked it too

[Mogelijk] If Tuck and Debbie could not get back together, do you think Debbie can ever trust another man?

[HayesEllen] Though, if I can manage it, I’ll try to delay my

Transcendence until I at least get the latest chapter out... =)

[HayesEllen] Can ghosts type?

[bookie8715] Who is your fav scifi/fantsay author?

[ChatMom] Isn’t that what ghost writers are for?

[cathy_t_99] sure you never heard of ghostwriters?

[HayesEllen] Mog: that is also possible. Remember, Tuck knows a lot about her.... she might not let the next guy that far in to her life.

[Gon] Ellen: don’t ask me, I never bought Wraith! g

[HayesEllen] bookie: I have a lot... go check out the reader’s page on my site.

HayesEllen] Gon: I did.... [shivers] And I shall never play it, either.

[JeanRea] Ellen what do you think of the TX court re T*ppl?

[HayesEllen] Jean: bread and circuses. Caused by stupidity on that insurance case a while back.

[Teddy_SP] jean they are worse then u think

[ChatMom] ANON: Do you see yourself and your SO taking advantage of that loophole to marry?

[Anne-Mal] Seriously, I think history will find that you are a great writer, any plans to preserve your work so that the future can have it?

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: nope... I don’t want to go that public in RL.

[HayesEllen] Anne: how better can I preserve it than by publishing it over the net?

[bookie8715] Anne I’m saving as fast as I can.

[josie-1] Would you consider posting a little something for us here on Crystals?

[JeanRea] me either, jeez in RL almost no one knows I’m post op

[HayesEllen] [answers own question] by submitting a copy (or two) to the Library of Congress, stupid!

[Gon] Anne: I think the rest of us can take care of that too s [

Mogelijk] Anne: I’ve actually printed my own copy...

[HayesEllen] josie: I’ve talked about it with Crystal, and I have to think of some synopses and then it’ll be here too. =)

[josie-1] awesome!!!!!!!!!!

[bookie8715] Ellen do you ever make revisions to the old chapters of tuck?

[HayesEllen] bookie: no, not after they are ‘sealed’ with PGP. I have thought about a ‘Millenium Edition’ Tuck with all the typos fixed, and a few continuity things ...

[Anne-Mal] But what about the poor Literary student who writes a paper on that famous web author Ellen Hayes, what would you like her to find?

[HayesEllen] Anne: a literary student? I’d like her to find a quick death. =)

[HayesEllen] <-- hated English Lit1

[Anne-Mal] Had the wrong teacher!

[HayesEllen] .

[Mogelijk] Okay Ellen, but how would you like people to remember you?

[HayesEllen] Anne: no, I read for escapism, not to think more.

[Gon] Anne: prob’ly lots of ancient grandparents waving around their - canes ... "I knew her ... she was the greatest..." g

[HayesEllen] Mog: what difference does it make how I want them to?

They will remember me as they DO remember me, whatever that is.

[josie-1] Anne.... was that you teaching my English Lit 102?

[Anne-Mal] But do you think that is all people read you for, escapism?

[HayesEllen] Anne: I’ve no idea why they read it.

[Deni] Rats, I’m out of time; have to fetch my sweetie from work (too - few working cars today). ‘Bye Ellen, ... and everyone. <wave>

[Gon] <-- can truthfully claim he never had ANY English Lit. class g

[Anne-Mal] (Besides liking it!)

[HayesEllen] Bye Deni... drive careful

[Mogelijk] Where does Tuck live?

[HayesEllen] Anne: I PRESUME they like it, if they keep reading it....

>> ChatMom. has joined channel #XC.2179487

[ChatMom.] sigh

[Rose2] Do you see yourself as a role model

[JeanRea] wb Mom

HayesEllen] Mog: Ummmm..... let me say, that I wish I’d picked a place - for Tucker to live before I even started writing the damn stories.

[HayesEllen] Rose: no, not really. But I hope I can act as a ‘wise - woman’ to those who are behind me on the paths I travel.

[HayesEllen] rehi Amy!

[JeanRea] I’ve always thought someplace in the midwest tornado ally Ellen

[Amy_tgirl] rehi Ellen

[JeanRea] wb Amy

[HayesEllen] Jean: you’re basically right....

[ChatMom] back, agin

[bookie8715] Ellen, are you going to write any other stories besides tuck?

[bookie8715] suburb of metropolis?

[HayesEllen] bookie: I HAVE written other stories besides Tuck! [laughs] you haven’t gone far enough down on the writings page...

[HayesEllen] bookie: I’d prefer Astro City, if I was going that route... =)

[Gon] <lol>

[JeanRea] laughs thinking of mike and tuck as Batman and Robin

[josie-1] For all those who have not read "On the Beach", I would encourage you to do so ASAP!

[HayesEllen] Jean: oooooohhh......

[Mogelijk] Jean: Batman and Batgirl?

[bookie8715] Ha I mean big storylines like tuck

[HayesEllen] More like Tick and Arthur, I think....

[Rose2] LOL

[HayesEllen] bookie: I don’t think I can live that long. =)

[bookie8715] SPOON!!!

[JeanRea] lol

[ChatMom] Cerebus and Jaka

[Mogelijk] Ren and Stimpy?

[Teddy_SP] Ben and Jerry

[HayesEllen] Phil and Dixie!

[Mogelijk] Pinky and the Brain?

[Amy_tgirl] Bert and Ernie

[bookie8715] skipper and gillagan?

[ChatMom] IF they are Phil and Dixie, is the dragon there too?

[HayesEllen] Growf?

[cathy_t_99] The green hornet and Kato

[Gon] Erma Felna and whoever can’t remember

[HayesEllen] [toasts ChatMom]

[JeanRea] Erma Felina?

[ChatMom] You’ve seen my "What’s New" page :)

[Rose2] Lone Ranger and Tonto

[Mogelijk] Rageddy Ann and Andy?

[Gon] Jean: Albedo Anthopomorphics?

[JeanRea] ummm sorry Dear never heard of it :(

[josie-1] ???

[HayesEllen] [chuckle] did anyone else think the ‘Raggedy Anne and - Randy’ scene in Seasons was funny?

[JeanRea] opps, my SO is clueing me in :)

[JeanRea] I did

[Rose2] need to reread

[ChatMom] it’s been a while since rereading seasons

[Gon] <sighs> didn’t get it... being too far off

[Chat-Secretary] I have to admit that I will need to read it first

[HayesEllen] =) I guess I remember it better than most of you... having written it....

[Chat-Secretary] to be able to answer that one

[JeanRea] Ellen was the posted dance scene rewritten many times, it seems, ummm paler than the rest of the Seasons story?

[HayesEllen] ChatS: yes, that WOULD help... =)

[Chat-Secretary] lol

[HayesEllen] Jean: er, what?

[ChatMom] In seasons, were there plans for everyone to find out the others true genders? such as Val finding out Charlie’s?

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: Ooooh yes... and it was going to be a most unpleasant experience for Tucker, too.

HayesEllen] hi Connie!

[JeanRea] heya Connie

[Anne-Mal] Have to leave, sorry! Have a good night Ellen!

[ChatMom] hi, Connie

[Mogelijk] Is Tuck ever going to find out what Jill and Kim thought about his kissing (if he kissed like a girl)?

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: er, rephrase not everyone finding out


[Crystal] NIte Anne

[Gon] nite Anne

[Anne-Mal] Iwish I could kick your muse and tell her to get to work!!!

[ChatMom] g’night, Anne

[HayesEllen] Mog: I dunno. I’ll have to mention it to Tucker again, so - he can ask them. =)

Chat-Secretary.> Night Anne

[JeanRea] Ellen to my eye it reads like the Tuck juice has been sqeezed - out, like it’s in someway a compromise

[bookie8715] Do you ever read stories off the net, latly that is?

[HayesEllen] Anne: sheesh! I’m putting out a Tucker every two weeks!

[HayesEllen] bookie: rare, and few between

[JeanRea] bye Anne, be well

[bookie8715] bye anne

[HayesEllen] Jean: it was a very very busy dance..... I suppose I could add some more ‘meat’ to it...

[ChatMom] Which genres of T* fiction are our favorites? And which do you despise?

[ChatMom] um.. YOUR favorites

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: I know why you are asking this question. I thought I’d let you know that first. =)

[ChatMom] um... snicker

[JeanRea] anything noncon and just for stroking For me

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: Well... I am sick sick sick and tired of abusive stories, wherein the ‘lead’ character puts up with stuff that a whipped dog wouldn’t put up with.

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: because a) they make me IMMENSELY ANGRY, and b) they completely blow away any sense of reality in the story. Vickie Tern is the best-of-the-worst in this category...

[josie-1] second that one

[JeanRea] jello has more spine than some of the lead ppl in lots of T*fiction

[HayesEllen] ... because she does proofread, etc. But I want to shoot each and every one of her characters straight through the brain and kill them irrevocably dead.

[ChatMom] ANON: Tell Ellen AMEN to that

HayesEllen] Or rip their throats out with my teeth. I HATE her stuff.

[Gon] Amen, Ellen!

[cathy_t_99] .

[JeanRea] cheers Ellen on, you go Grrrrrlllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Rose2] don’t hold your feelings in let them out Ellen

[JeanRea] lol

[josie-1] lol

[Mogelijk] You realize now some of us will have to attempt to read Vickie’s stuff to understand this...

[HayesEllen] But anything that is semi-realistic, and consistent with - itself and humanity in general, is okay. Not that you find much of - that...

[Gon] do I get the video rights for that, Ellen? g

[cathy_t_99] yeah tell us what you REALLY feel!

[HayesEllen] Mog: Don’t.... take my word for it.

[HayesEllen] cathy: You just want to see me get wound up, don’t you?

[ChatMom] ANON: Humans should be treated as humans, and react as human beings

Mogelijk] As a general principle... I agree

[cathy_t_99] nah

[cathy_t_99] I wouldn’t do that!

[bookie8715] sort of like david eddings,I got about a third through his first book and had to stop because i was so mad!

[cathy_t_99] would I Kim?

[JeanRea] I cringe at Ms Terns work and at Tiggers D?S stuff too

[HayesEllen] bokkie: dunno, haven’t read his stuff. Yet.

[ChatMom] Cathy, of course you would wink

[Mogelijk] How do you make your characters real?

[ChatMom] Bookie, I think you’ve found a nest of Eddings fans

[HayesEllen] Jean: me too.... Since I found out that most of regulars eventually ended up on alt.sexual.abuse.recovery, I have been a little suspect about anyone who is so fascinated with BDSM ...

[Gon] Ellen: how important is romance in your writing? (meaning not the mushy paperback stuff but the RL idea of it)

[HayesEllen] Mog: I try to give them motivations that are consistent, and that match how people act. Though people, especially teens, are not that consistent over time...

[ChatMom] Lose your testosterone.. you’ll find most all the fascination with BDSM goes elsewhere

[bookie8715] I wouln’t the lead char is so p***wiped and smiles abuot it

[HayesEllen] Gon: A lot. =)

[Chelli] Eddings is the ONLY author I’ve thrown the first book at the wall and then trashed the other volumes

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: but not all of it, speaking from experience

[HayesEllen] Chelli: Oh dear.

[Gon] <S>

[HayesEllen] Chelli: IN that case, don’t read any of the Gor series....

[cathy_t_99] ty chelli. It’s nuice to know I am not alone in my feelings about Eddings

[JeanRea] lol, John Noman Rocks!!!................ NOT!!!!

[ChatMom] Bookie, it’s in the nature of the book.. the lead character starts out as a young and inexperienced boy, and then matures over time

[Chelli] Books are sacred to me but THAT author pushed my acceptance of those limits.

[bookie8715] gor is kind of like satire to me

[ChatMom] kind of like... um..

[Gon] <lol>

[HayesEllen] Though I have thought about putting Mike Tuck and the rest in the middle of a Vickie Tern novel... without the restraint I showed in Seasons. Heh.

[ChatMom] Ellen, PLEASE do it!

[Teddy_SP] lol

[cathy_t_99] YIKES!!!!

Teddy_SP] OUCH!!!

[bookie8715] I would love to see that!

[JeanRea] Ellen I feel the same way about the Robert Adams horsecalns world, I love the concept I hate the execution

[HayesEllen] Three words: Fuel Air Explosive.

[Gon] <cheers for Ellen> just say a date!

[Mogelijk] I suspect you would do wonderful satire, Ellen

[HayesEllen] Satire? I doubt I would be that subtle.... I can’t be subtle when I am that pissed off.

Mogelijk] Why should satire be subtle ::eg::

[JeanRea] ummm I still know how to do the sys intergration for a toss release very evil grin

[bookie8715] true mogelijk

[HayesEllen] And Vickie Tern has consistenly and continually enraged me to a degree that no one else has.

[JeanRea] wb Amy

[HayesEllen] Welcome back again, Amy... [grin] [Gon] Ellen: I have to admit I’m wanting to see this literary explosion - very much!

[HayesEllen] Of course, if I DID write it, I’d have to stop working on the regular series for a while.....

[Mogelijk] I can remember booting an IBM mini from cards...

[ChatMom] Vickie’s stories all have a peculiar attitude towards women... I consider one or two of her stories to be guilty pleasures, but as a whole, her body of work is... startling

[josie-1] .

[Gon] <sigh>

[Rose2] just don’t neglect Tuck to do it

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: I consider it evidence of a deep and abiding hatred of women....

[bookie8715] which story would you do?

[JeanRea] of humans IMO Ellen

[Mogelijk] Hmm... One Tuck every two weeks....100 chapters of Tuck in a year? Sounds good to me! =)

[HayesEllen] bookie: I’d have to read more of them to make a choice like that, and the thought nauseates me.

[Gon] Mog: and I bet you can remember typing in the bootstrap loader at the master console too g

[HayesEllen] Mog: Um... 26 chapters/year. You divided the wrong way.

[JeanRea] Mog. ummm 20 per yr will be a wonder

[Mogelijk] Yep, true... wishful thinking....

[HayesEllen] Oh, excuse me, I thought this was my author’s chat, not a discussion of prehistoric computing....

ChatMom] ANON: How long before you run out of punny titles?

[JeanRea] tuck off

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: too soon. I think I’ve only got thirty left, and my brain is not coming up with more. I may have to issue a call for readers to help out....

[josie-1] lol

[Gon] Ellen: what did you expect ... there are too may geeks in here! lol

[HayesEllen] DO NOT SUGGEST TITLES NOW. Send me email.

[JeanRea] tuck a rama

[HayesEllen] Jean!

[HayesEllen] [smacks Jean]

[JeanRea] lol

[ChatMom] Well, Lotsa Tuck

[ChatMom] couldn’t resist

[HayesEllen] [smacks ChatMom]

[bookie8715] I’m not a geek, I’m a nerd!!

[JeanRea] ohhh, teika says harder Dear

[HayesEllen] Neither could I.

[Rose2] MOM

[HayesEllen] [readies baseball bat]

[ChatMom] um.. slaps self silly

[HayesEllen] Teika would say that...

[Gon] same species at least g

[Chelli] difference is, a nerd makes money and a geek doesn’t?

[HayesEllen] Nerds bathe, geeks don’t.

HayesEllen] hi Dahl!

[JeanRea] hi Dahl

[Gon] Ellen: but I do! at least once a year! lol

[Dahlsiede] Good Evening, Ellen

[HayesEllen] How can people get drunk on beer? I had two Dews and I’m full!

[bookie8715] uh.. i’m a geek i guess yhet :)

[Dahlsiede] Hi all!

[JULIE] you pee a lot ..... lol

[Teddy_SP] lol julie

[bookie8715] try sundrop more caffine

[HayesEllen] Julie: yes I do, and that was with two Dews only!

[Gon] Ellen: um... you don’t call this american stuff "beer", do you?

[cathy_t_99] .

[Dahlsiede] Ellen ,you just visit the bathroom more. ;-)

Dahlsiede] Hi Samantha

[Teddy_SP] hihi Sam

[ChatMom] Hi, Samantha

[Samantha] Hi all!

[HayesEllen] Hi Samantha!

[josie-1] hi Sam

Chat-Secretary.> Drink European <G> then you get the real stuff

[HayesEllen] Gon: no, not really, but people claim they get drunk on it,,,, with a six-pack....

[cathy_t_99] you’re a peein?

[ChatMom] If Ellen needs another potty break, it might be a good time for everyone to click in and get all the side comments out of their system

[ConnieG] German or Dutch

[bookie8715] Ellen where abouts do you live, as close as you can tell us that is.

[HayesEllen] Sounds good to me and my whining bladder....

[Dahlsiede] <doesn’t make snide comments

[Gon] German or Czech! or Irish!...

[HayesEllen] bookie: in the continental United States. =)

[JeanRea] toasts the chat w/a glass of Cote’ Du Ventioux

[ChatMom] well, save the funny ones for when Elen is back



[HayesEllen] Back

Dahlsiede] Wb Ellen

HayesEllen] ChatMom: after this, everyone else will be easy. =)

[HayesEllen] Samantha: with me here, you don’t need another. =)

[ChatMom] Okay, Ellen, I’ve been asked to ask you the meaning of life :)

[Amy_tgirl] Ellen: When did you have your first thoughts about crossdressing?

[Samantha] Sorry. <blush>

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: it’s basically meaningless, but don’t let that stop you.

[JeanRea] wb ellen

HayesEllen] Amy: before I can remember. The earliest I can remember (3 or so) I knew I had done it before.

[HayesEllen] hi Katya

[Katya] Hello all.

[Katya] Hello Ellen.

[Gon] Ellen: any special plans for Amy and Susan?

[Teddy_SP] .

[Dahlsiede] Hi Katya

[Mogelijk] Hi Katya

[HayesEllen] Gon: they are characters therefore, things will happen to them.

[Gon] Hello Katya

Rose2] will Travis return

[Katya] Geez, you all want spoilers? sigh

[josie-1] good question

[bookie8715] in shDoes your SO read your work?

[Dahlsiede] Ellen, have you given any thought to how many more chapters - of Tuck that there will be?

[JeanRea] gop is the correct word BTW grin

[HayesEllen] Dahl: an unimaginable number of them.

[Gon] Katya: of course they do! they are a greedy bunch! lol

[Samantha] I don’t feel suicidal this evening. :)

[HayesEllen] Sam: CHICKEN!

[ChatMom] <-- still typing-impaired

[HayesEllen] <-- still a chat goddess

Chat-Secretary.> lol CM

[Samantha] If the feathers fit...

[Gon] <-- still a dino

[HayesEllen] [throws popcorn at Samantha]

[Katya] <giggles at Ellen>

[Amy_tgirl] popcorn? I want some!

[bookie8715] yum popcorn!

[bookie8715] extra butter

[Gon] no pork chops? g

[Dahlsiede] Who has napkins for the popcorn?

[Samantha] Well, I’ll see your popcoen and raise you an RPG.

Dahlsiede] <hates messy chatrooms

[JeanRea] throws a water Balloon at Ellen

[HayesEllen] [throws glue grenade at Samantha]

[JeanRea] lol

[Katya] Blah, I don’t need snack foods...I am spreading too much as it is. :(

[Dahlsiede] Oh NO!Popcorn and Glue!...<ducks>

[HayesEllen] [gets very wet] I guess that means I don’t have to shower - before work tonight....

[Gon] Sam: which one? Spawn of Fashan? g

[Samantha] Thermo nuclear devices are prohibited?

[HayesEllen] Katya: arent’ we all... [sigh]

[Amy_tgirl] Goodnight everyone

[Dahlsiede] Oh NO!Popcorn and Glue!...<ducks>

[HayesEllen] [gets very wet] I guess that means I don’t have to shower before work tonight....

[Gon] Sam: which one? Spawn of Fashan? g

[Samantha] Thermo nuclear devices are prohibited?

[HayesEllen] Katya: arent’ we all... [sigh]

[Amy_tgirl] Goodnight everyone

Dahlsiede] Sam MAD is bad form in a popcorn and glue food fight! :-)

[Samantha] Byeee, Amy

[HayesEllen] Connie: of course!

[Gon] Sam: yeah

[Teddy_SP] BBL

[HayesEllen] hi Joanne

[ChatMom] Samantha, I think Nuclear devices are within the allowable chat goidelines

[Amy_tgirl] No work....I have school

[HayesEllen] [powers up nuclear damper]

[Amy_tgirl] But I suppose school could be considered work...hmmmmm

[Samantha] Can it really be Kim? :)

[Joanne22] Hi Ellen

[Rose2] study hard Amy

[HayesEllen] Except you don’t get paid at school [Katya] Ellen, I just finished the latest chapter. Excellent.

[bookie8715] Ellen does your SO

[Gon] but who’ll clean up after them?

[Dahlsiede] {heads for bomb shelter} oh no!

[HayesEllen] bookie: sometimes

[ChatMom] look at the typing and you’ll know :)

[Amy_tgirl] Bye

[JeanRea] be well Amy, goddess bless

[HayesEllen] Katya: thank you!

[HayesEllen] They are going to talk about me in the bathroom, Amy and - Julie... =)

[bookie8715] does she like it/hate it or what?

[josie-1] lol

[ChatMom] SOP

[Dahlsiede] Room, really....everyone knows nuked popcorn is the best, but this is taking it a bit far. :-)

[HayesEllen] bookie: like/hate what?

[Katya] But then again, when isn’t any of your work excellent?

[JeanRea] Ellen have you thought of doing a chat on your site?

[HayesEllen] Katya: before I had it proofread? =)

[bookie8715] your stories/tuck

[Samantha] Conceited aren’t you Ellen! :)

[HayesEllen] Jean: I’d have to set up chat software first.

[Katya] Ellen: Well, I wouldn’t know that, as I am not a proofer. ;)

[Gon] Ellen: but then it is at least very good g

[ChatMom] The Hayes Channel: All Ellen. All The Time.

[Gon] ... with some juicy bits...

[HayesEllen] Samantha: sometimes.... =)

[ConnieG] Yetchhh

[Mogelijk] CM: that could be scary

[Samantha] Ellen, thank you =very= much for Tick.

[Gon] Mom: don’t talk about such a thing! the second season of

BigBrother just started over here

[JeanRea] wb cathy

[Katya] Hey, we need to allow Ellen to have a life...

[HayesEllen] I didn’t do the Tick... that’s some other nutcase. =)

[Mogelijk] Gon: where are you?

[Dahlsiede] LOL Ellen

[Gon] Ellen: but you SHOULD have done it! g

{Samantha] Ellen!!!

[cathy_t_] hmmmmmm TICK.....TUCK.....nah!

[bookie8715] ha ha

[HayesEllen] Samantha!

[ConnieG] I guess a 24 hour all Ellen chat would give the FBI something to do

[Gon] Mog: Germany

[JeanRea] I see the lawer who owns the right to orwells 1984 is suing over the use of big brother

[Gon] cathy: are you suggesting this as a title... tick tuck?

[ChatMom] somehow, that fits

[Katya] Blah, Blah, Blah...sue, sue, sue...

[Samantha] I could like you as a person , Ellen, if you weren’t so spooky. ;)

[Gon] Jean: I wish he would!

[Deni] Tick_ing Tuck

[HayesEllen] Samantha: But then where would the fun be?

[Katya] Hey, I loved the current title...but then, I am a hockey lovin’ chick.

[JeanRea] lol, Samantha But then she wouldn’t be so much fun

[Dahlsiede] It’s her public persona, Sam. Ellen likes to have fun

[ChatMom] People, remember to EMAIL the Tucktitles to Ellen

[bookie8715] I LIKE spooky!

[Samantha] I have too much fun with one unto your own being?

[HayesEllen] Dahl: it’s also my RL persona when I get going....

[Dahlsiede] I don’

[Dahlsiede] Don’t doubt it at all ellen

[HayesEllen] Like I said, after experimentation, I don’t change personality when drunk.... which means I am an obnoxious drunk all the time. =)

[HayesEllen] Or at least when I feel like going outside... I do have my introverted days.

[Rose2] is mike realy Asian or just pretends

[Dahlsiede] But Ellen, for all the bravado, we see the hert in your writing. Thanks for that. :-)

[Katya] Rose: He really is...

[Dahlsiede] oopa Heart

[HayesEllen] Rose: Mike is Chinese, but adopted as a baby and raised entirely in the United States.

[bookie8715] Ellen, are you ever going to put a pic of yourself on your site?

[HayesEllen] Dahl: [grin]

[Gon] <sigh> Ellen: I wish I would be ... am afraid to get drunk because of personality change

[Mogelijk] Ellen: So Mike’s parents are White?

[HayesEllen] bookie: you mean like of me personally? I doubt it.

[Dahlsiede] {Grin} back, Ellen

[HayesEllen] Mog: yep. White, and white-bread too.

[Katya] And his dad is a preacher.

[Dahlsiede] LOL Ellen

[Gon] Ellen: I always assumed his father was Chinese too... d'oh

[JeanRea] Ellen some 5 yr old females are doing diets, do you see this kind of dysfunction causing more teen suicide?

[ChatMom] How many people would admit to being fooled by "Here's a Picture"?

[HayesEllen] Whups... maybe I should put that into the story somewhere?

[Katya] Geez, don't you all read the stories? ;)

[HayesEllen] [and you people wonder where I get my ideas.... ]

[Samantha] Ellen, what about the pict you had on your site a while ago. Wasn't it you?

[Dahlsiede] Jean...5 yr olds should not be dieting at all...that's stupid!

[HayesEllen] Samantha: Nope. It's A picture. Not MY picture. =)

[JeanRea] tell me about Dahl

[Gon] Sam: the one with the gal in front of the comp?

[Samantha] Yes

[Dahlsiede] Tell you what JR?

>> Chat-Secretary has joined channel #XC.2179487

HayesEllen] Jean: possibly... there’s hardly any time to be a child any more, much less deal with the pressures of adolescence.

[JeanRea] it’s from wargames I think

[Samantha] I was sure that was Ellen.

ChatMom] I’d swear I’ve seen that pic in a compuware ad in computerworld

[Gon] hehe! knew where THAT was from on first sight lol

[HayesEllen] No, the picture on my site is Amanda Pays, from the movie and TV show "Max Headroom"

[JeanRea] ahh ty Dear Ellen

[bookie8715] never watched it

[HayesEllen] I really look like your worst nightmares. =)

[Samantha] Hmmm, another sci-fi nut case.

[cathy_t_] GREAT SHOW!

[JeanRea] lol, teika and I said "she’s a babe" at the same time :)

[Gon] <agrees>

[HayesEllen] Samantha: Am I supposed to be insulted or praised?

[ChatMom] da movie version was better

[Gon] and a great RP scenario too!

[Dahlsiede] Ellen, no i have that title sewn up.

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: no argument there.... =)

[Samantha] Ellen, a bit of both.

[HayesEllen] Dahl: what title?

[Samantha] I see you as the picy.

[Samantha] pict, NAILS.

[ChatMom] People, beware of the bleepvert hidden on Ellen’s site *heh - heh*

[Dahlsiede] Since my forehead is sewnup like something Dr. Frankenstien - knitted

[HayesEllen] Samantha: I type WITH my nails; what’s YOUR problem? =)

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: there are no blipverts. You are happy. The Computer is your friend.

[Dahlsiede] Ellen, ugliest on the planet

[cathy_t_] these aren’t the droids you are looking for

[Samantha] I try to use finger tips and it doesn’t work all the time. :)(

[HayesEllen] Dahl: I didn’t say I was ugly, I said I was a nightmare...

[HayesEllen] Dahl: think of me at your font door unexpectedly, with knives, and a biiiiiig grin....

[Katya] Ellen: :)

[josie-1] lol

[ChatMom] yes, but WHOSE nightmare?

Chat-Secretary> lolol

[Dahlsiede] I just smash keys together since Herr Dr. was drunk when he put in my eyes

[ChatMom] aside from Tucker

[cathy_t_] <locks door>

[Katya] Kinda like Tuck gone over the edge.

[Gon] The COMPUTER is my friend! I love the COMPUTER! Everyone saying anything else is a mutant commie traitor!!!

[HayesEllen] Katya: and MUCH taller.

[HayesEllen] Gon: Good boy. Have some Cold Fun!

[Joanne22] i am gone..bubye all...i will e-mail u ellen

[HayesEllen] Night Joanne!

[Dahlsiede] Bye Joanne

[HayesEllen] darn. Missed one.

Katya] Ellen: Ahhh...I am not much taller than Tuck is. But I have begun to feel short lately.

[Gon] Thank you, oh hig and mighty Great Programmer!

[HayesEllen] Katya: I AM taller than Tuck, and I have begun to feel short lately...

[ChatMom] so what’s with all the short people?

[HayesEllen] Until I stand in the middle of a group of women. Then I remember... =)

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: lack of protein while growing up?

[Dahlsiede] You are just tall for your age, Ellen.

[Gon] <lol> this one is six ft.+ and feeling short

[Mogelijk] How tall, Ellen?

[Katya] Well, I guess it depends on definitions of "much taller". I am about five inches taller now, but at 16, I was maybe an inch or two taller.

[HayesEllen] Dahl: [grin]

[JeanRea] ellen I was in Japan and Taiwan a few months ago, now that’s a weird experence

[ChatMom] So that’s my problem.. too nuitricious a diet. I knew I should have thrown that food in my mom’s face

[HayesEllen] I have no memories of my height during high school.

[HayesEllen] Jean: it’s worse in Mexico.

[JeanRea] poor diet

[HayesEllen] nq?

[bookie8715] i was allways setting in a corner somewhere tring to keep my head down [ChatMom] any more Tech Support Stories coming?

[Katya] My dad insisted on doing the growth chart thing. I was about 12 when my younger brother surpassed me.

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: possibly. I’m not sure what I want to do next....

[Gon] Ellen: any plan ever to do a Tuck-Xover with a non-T* story?

[Dahlsiede] Ellen, are you going to try and write "Tuck" exclusively for awhile?

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: in that story line, at least.

[HayesEllen] Dahl: yeah, sort of. I guess I’m in a Tuck mood lately. Jennifer’s story will have to wait for a while.... =)

[ChatMom] I loved the handcuff key down the drain

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: Tanya and Anna didn’t... =)

[JeanRea] you did get the email on continual dosage of the pill Ellen? the part that really enraged us was the male MDs saying "I don’t want to mess w/a working sys"

[HayesEllen] Jean: Unfortunately, messing with the body like that CAN have weird effects that are not apparent at first look.

[HayesEllen] Jeanthalidomide being a good example of something that looked good originally....

[Dahlsiede] LOL

[HayesEllen] Jean: as often happens, the best thing I can think of is ‘More data required’.

[bookie8715] what was wrong with it?

[HayesEllen] bookie: are you serious?

[bookie8715] no

[Dahlsiede] I think so, Ellen

[HayesEllen] Bookie: [whew]

[JeanRea] I know that Ellen, I was speaking of the arrogance, if it was a male prob things would be done different

[Deni] Like, major malformed babies

[Dahlsiede] i still think so

Katya] Ellen: I am going to try and get back to the fanfic and polish it up a bit here, as soon as I have a moment to myself. [HayesEllen] Jean: oh, maybe.... if you told guys that they should - ejaculate less to prolong their lives.... [snort]

[HayesEllen] Katya: great!

[JeanRea] lol, I can just imagine

[bookie8715] i would be dead tomorow :)

[Chelli] If there is MONEY in the problem it will be done differently, Jean.

[Dahlsiede] Ellen, that would plug their minds

[ChatMom] Imagine if men had periods, what doctors would say about the new pills

[josie-1] lol

HayesEllen] Any more questions burning in anyone’s minds?

[JeanRea] 60 million wonmen have probs w/ periods Chelli, lots of market there IMO

[ChatMom] Anything else?

[Mogelijk] Not that don’t involve spoilers. =)

Mogelijk] wb connie

[JeanRea] wb Connie

[HayesEllen] Fat chance on spoilers, folks... =)

[Dahlsiede] Just one, Ellen. If you could have one wish to grant to your readers, what might you say?

[Katya] I don’t really have anymore questions. I have a few comments that I will reserve for replying to your last email, though.

[Samantha] Ellen, does Tick mirror your emotions at the time of writing?

[bookie8715] new tuck(while ducking my head)

[Rose2] are you taking care of yourself Ellen ?

[HayesEllen] Dahl: One wish? That they figure out what they want, and find it possible to get it.

[bookie8715] good ? samantha

[Dahlsiede] That is a noble and kind wish, Ellen.

[HayesEllen] Samantha: not really.... though sometimes writing something (like the breakup) will influence my mood.... but it goes from what I’m writing to me, not the other way.

[Gon] <s>

[HayesEllen] Rose: as best I can!

[ChatMom] Any more questions?

[Samantha] Thanks, Ellen.

[Gon] Ellen: one wish we could grant you?

[cathy_t_] thank you Ellen

[ChatMom] I think it’s time to declare this chat officially over.....

[HayesEllen] [kisses Jean and Teika]

[Mogelijk] Thanks for tonight, and Tuck, Ellen. ::hug::

[Samantha] GET SOME!!!!

[ChatMom] although nobody has to leave

[bookie8715] thank you very much ellen

[Chat-Secretary] thanks for tonight Ellen

[Dahlsiede] We hope that for you too, Ellen

[josie-1] thanks Ellen

[Katya] Take care Ellen.

[Deni] Thanks from me too Ellen

[ChatMom] and many thanks to Ellen for putting herself on the hot seat tonight

[HayesEllen] Konnichi wa, children! [bows]

[Mogelijk] Tot ziens

[Gon] Ellen: doing all I can! hugz to you and the SO

[Dahlsiede] {{{Hugs}}} Ellen

[ChatMom] Thanks to Crystal, as well, for making the room available

[JeanRea] any one w/a idea of how many ppl came through chat tonight?

[Rose2] domo arigotu

[Samantha] Her on the hot seat or us? ;)

[ChatMom] both, I think

[HayesEllen] [ods] Kudos to Crystal... y’all thank her, please, for working so hard on this site.

[Mogelijk] Sam: very true

[ChatMom] and I’ll be right back

[Crystal] Great chat Ellen . Thanks for coming


11-12-00 Note by Crystal - I was recently contacted by Vickie Tern about some of the statements made during this chat. I agreed to post an attachment to the chat log wherein Vickie could express her responses since she was not able to be present at the chat.



Response by Vickie Tern

I stumbled onto Ellen Hayes's chat a few months after it took place, and as an admirer of Tuck read it through. It was startling about halfway through to find there that my stories in general were being pilloried, and me too. I can't deny that Ellen's ( and the ChatMom's) response to my stories are what they are. I can declare though that they're founded on interesting misperceptions and odd responses more revealing about the creator of the Tuck tales perhaps -- and some other readers too -- than they are of my stories or me. I wouldn't want her versions of either of us to prevail over the stories as they are and as others see them, and so possibly discourage some readers from finding whatever pleasures there are in them. So Crystal's given me this space to say a few things, with Ellen's consent, and I'm grateful for it.

Here are Ellen's (and ChatMom's) apparent beliefs and my replies:

1. That the stories and their author are are gynophobic:

[ChatMom] Vickie's stories all have a peculiar attitude towards women... I consider one or two of her stories to be guilty pleasures, but as a whole, her body of work is... startling


[HayesEllen] ChatMom: I consider it evidence of a deep and abiding hatred of women....

OK. I can deal with me quickly. Readers of my bio and chat on Fictionmania know I've shared a life with a professional woman with her own distinguished career for many decades, and we love each other. Seeing and feeling the prejudice she had to put up with in her early years, I've made it a special concern all my life to advance the careers of many women like her, especially when I reached a position where I could. I'm especially proud that I was able to help three internationally eminent feminist writers' careers in particular, though many others too, and that they all trusted me to try. I'm comfortable with smart, tough-minded women. I like them. I don't feel threatened by them. In fact I admire and respect anyone of any gender who can do difficult things well. And they know it. And that may be one of Ellen's and some other readers' problem. I write adult tales. My women don't resolve into the traditionally male-safe loving princesses or else bitch-witches, and they are never passively dependent on their men. More often the reverse. My heroines are almost all clever, personally independent of mind and sexually liberated, though liberated in many other ways too. In a culture where women are constrained to certain roles and expectations they seem to be dutifully conforming, and that is their camouflage. But underneath, they all have their own minds, desires, and agendas, and they seek their own satisfactions. And achieve them. Within their marriages if they can (if married), by changing their men. By persuasion usually -- I love their casuistry, and the fact that their men, who believe in their own superior reasoning power, believe them. But by trickery if no other way is available, so these men will be willing to provide them with greater gratification.

In most of my stories the women know better than their men, but the men have the power. Initially. Like good martial arts experts, my women know how to use that power to their own advantage. In the end the men find they're better off or can make do, though not as what they had thought they were. And my stories end as often as not with the woman making passionate declarations of love and devotion and gratitude to their man -- their new companion, their best girlfriend formerly a man. They are TG *femdom* stories. They say so up front, every one of them. Around three dozen by now, each as carefully crafted as I can make it.

It's astonishing that Ellen finds this kind of woman hatefully conceived. Yet these dominating women usually end up femme-partners of the former men. Because most of my wives and girlfriends love their men and remain loving, in their fashion, even while using them. Most of them have their men's best interests at heart, though their own best interests are always uppermost. I admire even the mean, vindictive ones, in a way. And from my first story ("Jack and Jill") onward, so do their husbands when these wretches finally find out what's really been going on. As, finally stripped of the grandeur of their delusions, their "patriarchal power" if you will, they always finally do.

In retrospect, maybe, these strong, cunning women may later transform into nightmarish viragos in some readers' minds. That's another matter. The male ego is fragile. Each reader copes with his own. Or hers.

2. That the main male characters are wimps:

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: Well... I am sick sick sick and tired of abusive stories, wherein the 'lead' character puts up with stuff that a whipped dog wouldn't put up with.

[HayesEllen] ChatMom: because a) they make me IMMENSELY ANGRY, and b) they completely blow away any sense of reality in the story. Vickie Tern is the best-of-the-worst in this category...


[HayesEllen] ... because she does proofread, etc. But I want to shoot each and every one of her characters straight through the brain and kill them irrevocably dead.

[ChatMom] ANON: Tell Ellen AMEN to that

[HayesEllen] Or rip their throats out with my teeth. I HATE her stuff.

Whip? Shoot dead? Rip out throats? I can't speculate on Ellen's and ChatMom's rage here -- it does seem excessive. But we all have hotspots.

Mine are blackmail, extortion, violence, or the deliberate inflicting of pain of any kind on anyone (I can't write S/M Dom/sub even when the character loves it and the story requires it). And intimidation of the relatively helpless drives me up the wall -- my one tale of a mother feminizing an innocent young boy is something of a horror story, I think, fascinating and awful. I can't write these things, and I can't deal with my helplessness when I encounter them in a well-written story. I get up and pace angrily.

So none of my characters are ever physically violent. But unlike Ellen's Aunt Jane, my characters never need to choose violence. They're quick-witted and shrewd enough to find other ways. To the subject. Wimps. I write stories depicting the conversion of men into women, never by magic or sci-fi, always with their own complicitous wills so they're always partially responsible (if unaware where they're being led). They choose step by step to go along, and I love tracing each step, each decision. When they're finally women and their identities and social stability is re-established, the story ends. The men begin as one thing and end quite different.

The process, the credible transformation of a character into something else under the reader's nose is difficult to conceive and write, and I wish I did it better. I made it easier for me early on. Yes, the men especially in my earlier stuff begin modestly cooperative. That is to say, they are loving and trusting, maybe uncommonly so. Not fools, but overconfident of their male superiority sometimes. Sometimes unscrupulous themselves, though less competent at it. But they're willing to go along, and they end up thoroughly outwitted, though in many of the stories if you read the last paragraphs closely, you will see that they finally understand the plot in time to make their own accommodations, often to launch their own counter-plot. They don't in the end resent what's been done to them. They are -- like many men who can never confess it -- as dependent on their wives as they were dependent on their mommies when they were children. Maybe they're wimps, but I conceive them rather as dupes.

In the end they DO see themselves as better off anyhow, certainly living a less boring, more lively and gratifying life style. When my men finally become women they are never dutifully submissive (woman's supposed state in other TG stories, though somehow that's never the state of the woman who is feminizing them!). To become a woman is to take on a woman's power. And most readers -- ordinary gender-exploring, genderbending TVs, or TG'd males -- understand this and enjoy imagining it. For 800 years courtship and romance has encouraged men to serve, even worship supposedly superior women, to be chivalrous with them -- to be "gentlemen," not merely to open doors and help the frail creatures on with their coats, but to devote their lives to them. I think that's the cultural origin of the more deeply satisfying extreme forms of femdom -- dungeons and whipping and so on. I don't write them but I can understand them. I know that such total submission can be deeply gratifying for many men, and the gift of it deeply gratifying to their women. My men, in accommodating their wives and girlfriends, discover the gratifications too, when it's too late to back out anyhow.

I'm not like that at all, in my actual life, incidentally. I am committred to the dignity of every individual. I resent anyone who isn't open and honest with me up front, and I can't be any other way myself. I can't bluff -- I'm a joke when I try to play poker. But my imagination makes up for that deficiency. I enjoy writing about people who can deceive cunningly, cheerfully, and without conscience.

3. That the stories lack reality.

[Mogelijk] You realize now some of us will have to attempt to read Vickie's stuff to understand this...

[HayesEllen] But anything that is semi-realistic, and consistent with itself and humanity in general, is okay. Not that you find much of that...

I don't attempt to depict probabilities or social realities at all, as some writers do. I'm satisfied to be *plausible,* because I write psychological fantasies, TG fairy tales for TG'd grownups and others. I hold the distorting mirror up to inner realities. I write compensation fantasies for the wishful or the wannabes or the gender-curious. My aim is not to create recognition of outer realities but to elicit and explore supposedly "perverse" and suppressed desires, fears of humiliation, of disruption of emotional security, of the loss of love.

Each character in most stories and plays and movies of all kinds represents some moral or psychological trait personified, whatever else they may also represent. Mine are psychodramas. Any reader who feels compelled to try on a pair of panties, or feels curious about it, can recognize in one of my wives a form of his own femininizing impulse writ large, of the delicious danger and wickedness of it. In my husbands or boyfriends they can recognize their own helplessness before their own impulses, even their own erotic desires enlisted to assist the emasculation of their masculinity, delightfully and painlessly.

In the way it happens, in the end result, they can see that these desires, these events, aren't unthinkable and devastating trespasses into the forbidden, dangerously sinful violations of social codes, penetrations into unspeakable mysteries. They find the experience can be survived and enjoyed and found deeply satisfying. In imagination, that is -- in reality, complex consequences and divided desires always make their own claims. The satisfying fulfillments in TG stories can only be achieved by the imagination. And that's I think the source of our pleasure in ALL TG stories, and of our gratitude toward Crystal and Fictionmania and their authors. It was mine once, and my stories are my payback.

4. And finally, a challenge, mano a mano:

HayesEllen] Though I have thought about putting Mike Tuck and the rest in the middle of a Vickie Tern novel... without the restraint I showed in Seasons.


[ChatMom] Ellen, PLEASE do it!

[Teddy_SP] lol

[cathy_t_99] YIKES!!!!

Teddy_SP] OUCH!!!

[bookie8715] I would love to see that!

I'd love it too! Though it would have to be written interactively, with neither of us commandeering the other's character. And we're both busy with other projects, so it's most improbable. And I don't know that we could get on long enough to get it done right.

Tuck is clever and resourceful, and mischievous, and all the rest of it. I admire the wit that goes into his mercurial disposition. But my "JayCee" in the story named for her, roughly Tuck's age, is precocious in the extreme -- an instinctual domme when she isn't even yet a teen. She's a lot more sensible and sympathetic than Tuck when she sees people in trouble -- she's a girl after all. But I can't help thinking that if Tuck should presume to enter her world like those two boys who enter JayCee's back yard as her story begins, she'd eat him for breakfast.

Thanks Crystal for letting me say these things. I now return control of your website to your readers.



The above work is copyrighted material. Anyone wishing to copy, archive, or re-post this must contact the webmistress for permission.