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StorySite Author Chat # 5        09-29-2000 10 pm EDST

Chat Log with Guest Author : Cathy_t

ChatMod : Dak, and later KimEM

Log Secretary : Sandra

The chat lasted for about one and a half hours. I have done minor editing on the log to correct some spelling errors, and remove some extraneous data. - Crystal



[Chatmod] Welcome to tonight's chat featuring cathy_t. I will be the Chatmom for the duration.

[Chatmod] If you have a question for cathy, give it to me or let me know, I will let you know when it's your turn. If you wish to ask a question annonymously, priv me with it and I will ask it for you.

[Chatmod] Cathy, would you like to introduce yourself for us?

[cathy_t_] ok. first of all Iwould like to thank everyone for showing up tonite This got put together on pretty short notice

[cathy_t_] a lot of my net friends are here

[cathy_t_] and more to come, i hope

[cathy_t_] so who has first question?

[RoyDelFrink] The short notice is probably why I'm here - no time to forget about the chat?

[cathy_t_] lol roy

[RoyDelFrink] Sorry, that's not a question, is it?

[cathy_t_] we'll let it slide

[cathy_t_] lol

[Chatmod] KimEM has a question. Go ahead Kim

[KimEM.] Cathy, What was the inspiration for Signed, Sealed, & Delivered? The body suits and the Aliens?

[cathy_t_] well, Kim, in truth, it was sorta inspired by PJ Wright's bodysuit stories

[cathy_t_] and partly as an experiment to see if I could REALLY write

[cathy_t_] as for the aliens

[cathy_t_] they were a last minute addition

[KimEM.] LOL

[cathy_t_] I hadda get out of the story SOMEHOW!

[Chatmod] Next question is from Roy

[cathy_t_] lol

[RoyDelFrink] What inspired you to read & write TG fiction?

[cathy_t_] wow

[cathy_t_] well, as far as reading

[cathy_t_] I think it was just good fortune that I stumbled on some sites

[cathy_t_] that catered to it

[cathy_t_] the writing

[cathy_t_] that's Prue and neri's fault

[Prue.] lol

[cathy_t_] they threatened to beat me about the head and shoulders

[cathy_t_] so I started in self defense

[RoyDelFrink] Ouch.

[cathy_t_] better than bruises

[Chatmod] Just a quick anyone logging this chat?

[Prue.] hi AJ and jan

.Sandra.> Yes, I do

[RoyDelFrink] You're not, Chatmod?

[Andrea_Jan] ....

[Chatmod] Thank you .Sandra.

[Chatmod] If you have a question for cathy, prive me to let me know, I will let you know when it's your turn. If you wish to ask a question annonymously, priv me with it and I will ask it for you.

[cathy_t_] I have always been interested in TG Fiction but never really had a good source to find it

[cathy_t_] next?

[RoyDelFrink] Burger and fries to go, please. :)

>> Crystal. has joined channel #XC.2179487

>> Samantha-1 has joined channel #XC.2179487

[cathy_t_] welcome Crystal

[cathy_t_] welcome Sam

[Crystal.] ty cathy

[Chatmod] Our next question is from Prue.

[Chatmod] Go ahead Prue

[cathy_t_] uh oh

[cathy_t_] lol

[Prue.] cathy i've know you quite some time and i've always had faith in your abilites when when you had doubts

[Prue.] even

[cathy_t_] ty Prue

[Prue.] and i'd like to thank you for your stories

[cathy_t_] well, I'd like to thank YOU for forcing me into it

[Prue.] and for being my friend

[cathy_t_] shucks

[Prue.] lol

[cathy_t_] <blushes>

[cathy_t_] nest?

[cathy_t_] next

[Chatmod] The next question will be from josie-1 .

[cathy_t_] doggone nails

[Chatmod] Go ahead josie

[josie-1] What other authors and/or stories have been an influence in your work thus far?

[cathy_t_] well, like I said, P. J. Wright

[cathy_t_] Elllen Hays

[cathy_t_] only two l's i think

[cathy_t_] Brandy

[cathy_t_] I know I can neverlive up to those high standards but it's fun trying

>> Jan_AJ has joined channel #XC.2179487

[cathy_t_] also

[josie-1] thanks

[cathy_t_] there is a new crop of amazing talents

[cathy_t_] headed by Kim

[Chatmod] If you have a question for cathy, prive me to let me know, I will let you know when it's your turn. If you wish to ask a question anonymously, priv me with it and I will ask for you.

[cathy_t_] and of course our goddess

[cathy_t_] Crystal

[KimEM.] um.

[josie-1] will second that

[Prue.] third it

[cathy_t_] next?

[cathy_t_] c'mon folks I know you're out there Ican hear ya breathing

[Chatmod] Cathy, can you describe the writing process that you go through for each story?

[RoyDelFrink] <inhales>

[RoyDelFrink] <exhales>

[cathy_t_] in with the good air

[cathy_t_] um

[cathy_t_] well, truthfully

[cathy_t_] I sit down at the keyboard

[cathy_t_] and start typing. hoping that my fingers can keep up with what my brain is sending

[cathy_t_] I try not to plot out anything in advance

[cathy_t_] because I thinjk that MYparticular style involves spontaneity

[Chatmod] The next question goes to Prue

[Chatmod] Thank you Cathy, by-the-by...

[Prue.] what other stories do you see yourself doing in the future

[cathy_t_] with my blazing typing speed of 45 mistakes a minute

[cathy_t_] wel. Prue

[cathy_t_] Lady is still in the works of course

[cathy_t_] but I have no real plans as yet for follow ups

[cathy_t_] that'll have to come from our resident muse

[cathy_t_] YOU

[Prue.] blushes

[Prue.] LOL

[Chatmod] Next up to the inverview mic, josie-1 with a question for you.

[Prue.] thought id given some ideas already

[josie-1] "First Kiss" was a delightfully different departure from your first offering, and I must say a pleasure to read. Will you be doing more of these kinds of tales in the future?

[cathy_t_] probably, Josie

[cathy_t_] that was as you know a true story

[cathy_t_] and there IS more to it

[josie-1] oh goodie!

[cathy_t_] and with Kim's able assistance as proofer

[cathy_t_] I hope to add to it in the near future

[josie-1] thanx

[cathy_t_] yw

[Chatmod] Now we turn to Roy, with another question for you.

[RoyDelFrink] Is there any kind of TG story you don't want to write?

[cathy_t_] yes, there is

[RoyDelFrink] Well, what kind would that be?

[cathy_t_] I don't care for the <30 paragraphs of descriptions of sexual acts/organs> type of stories

[cathy_t_] they have their place

[cathy_t_] but not in my library

[cathy_t_] I love Sci Fi

[cathy_t_] and Fantasy

[cathy_t_] and I don't care a great deal for Domme stories

[cathy_t_] although some are quite good

[RoyDelFrink] Good point.

[Chatmod] If you have a question for cathy, prive me to let me know, I will let you know when it's your turn. If  you wish to ask a question annonymously, priv me with it and I will ask it for you.

[cathy_t_] I try to cover that point by the way I style my hair

[RoyDelFrink] LOL!

[Crystal.] Everyone remember to click in

[Chatmod] Next up, Prue with another question for you.

[cathy_t_] yes that's right

[Prue.] sorry

[cathy_t_] everyone click in so you don't get bumped

[Chatmod] Go ahead Prue

[RoyDelFrink] How does one get "bumped"?

[cathy_t_] Crystal?

[Prue.] i know you were going to write a story in conjunction with rocketman is that still on ?
[cathy_t_] oh, yes, Prue. thanks for reminding me of that

[cathy_t_] I still have to get together with Rocket on that one

[cathy_t_] and also one with KIM

>> Jan.... has joined channel #XC.2179487

[cathy_t_] welcome Jan

[Chatmod] Speaking of Kim, she's next up with a question for you Cathy.

[cathy_t_] whatta coinkidink!

[KimEM.] Cathy, I see the connection mentioned between SSD and Lady... will the cast of SSD be returning?

[cathy_t_] in all likelihood, Kim

[cathy_t_] I want to tie the two stories together somehow

[Prue.] got some rope

[Prue.] oops

[cathy_t_] just not sure how, right now

[cathy_t_] hehe Prue

[KimEM.] thanks, Cathy

[cathy_t_] trust Prue to have rope!

[Prue.] rofl
[Chatmod] If you have a question for cathy, prive me to

- let me know, I will let you know when it's your turn. If

- you wish to ask a question annonymously, priv me with it

- and I will ask it for you.
>> Mrpheus has joined channel #XC.2179487

[cathy_t_] I think you can dispose of that warning now

[RoyDelFrink] Hi Morph

[josie-1] and handcuffs to, I'm told

[Mrpheus] Hello

[cathy_t_] welcome Morpheus

[Prue.] hi morph

[cathy_t_] next?

[Mrpheus] Hello all.

[cathy_t_] anyone?

[Chatmod] Okay Prue, you can put your hand down...go ahead.

[Chatmod] hehe

[RoyDelFrink] Wake up, Prue! :)

[Prue.] its probably my fault for threatening to drop a boulder om anyone who got out of line lol

[cathy_t_] Lady got it's start WHILE I was writingSS&D

[Prue.] that everyones so quiet

[cathy_t_] and then Prue dropped an idea on me

[cathy_t_] and they just kind of meshed

[Prue.] it came wrapped in a rock lol

[cathy_t_] while we have a moment

[Chatmod] Go ahead Prue.

[cathy_t_] I'd like to thank Crystal once again

[cathy_t_] for this GREAT site

[Prue.] well i hope you go on writing cathy

[cathy_t_] well, I sorta have to now!

[Prue.] lol

[cathy_t_] you'll come after me with that cattle prod

[Prue.] LOL

[Prue.] new battreies in it now

[Crystal.] You are most welcome Cathy. It's the authors like yourself that make it so great

[cathy_t_] anyone else?

[cathy_t_] thanks Crystal

[Chatmod] Well, next up is Kim. Go ahead Kim

[cathy_t_] and that's true about the witers

[KimEM.] Cathy, now that you have two "alien" stories, will it become a trilogy?

[cathy_t_] Hmmmm. I'm not sure, Kim

[cathy_t_] I would like to make the whole thing a continuing series

[cathy_t_] kind of like the old time cliff hangers

[cathy_t_] and there is a LOT still to come in LADY

[RoyDelFrink] Yeah, I thought "cliff hangers" was a wonderful serial about mountain climbers, too.

[Prue.] lol

[cathy_t_] hehe ROy

[KimEM.] LOL

[KimEM.] Thanks, Cathy

[cathy_t_] wasn't that a movie with Stallone?

[Prue.] like coat hangers only using cliffs

[RoyDelFrink] Yeah, but it was a dud.

[RoyDelFrink] Yeah, but it was a dud.

[cathy_t_] well, It's Stallone!

[cathy_t_] nuff said

[cathy_t_] next?

[Chatmod] Priv me to let me know you have a question. It's pretty much open season on cath, ASK AWAY!!!

[RoyDelFrink] Cathy, what color is YOUR parachute?

[cathy_t_] <ducks>

[cathy_t_] purple

[Prue.] lol

[RoyDelFrink] Mine is red on alternate Thursdays, and blue the rest of the time.

[cathy_t_] Mazzy? any questions?

[cathy_t_] you have been uncharacteristically quiet

[Prue.] lol

[RoyDelFrink] Technical problems, possibly?

[cathy_t_] more likely chasing the cat

[RoyDelFrink] Why must she chase the Cta? :)

[RoyDelFrink] Cat?

[Chatmod] So she can catch it?

[Mazzy..] just watching cathy, just watching

[cathy_t_] well, folks if ya don't ask questions this is gonna be one mighty DULL chat

[RoyDelFrink] <slapping his forehead for misstyping the joke>

[josie-1] Has writing just a fun thing for you to do, or has it yet become something more? i.e. a kind of emotional catharise, etc?

[cathy_t_] well it startd out as a catharsis

[josie-1] I'm trying to be serious here folks

[cathy_t_] and turned into fun

[cathy_t_] and I am SO glad that people LIKe what aI am doing

[josie-1] the best of both worlds

[cathy_t_] It was VERY scary, posting the first story

[cathy_t_] praying that I wouldn't get beat up TOO bad

[josie-1] lol

[cathy_t_] but Prue stuck with me

[RoyDelFrink] Good for you, Preu dear.

[cathy_t_] and a LOT of wonderful folks wrote to tell me that they liked it

[josie-1] Prue, da/muse

[cathy_t_] and da/angel

[Chatmod] Kim is next to the interviewers mic. Go ahead Kim.

[Chatmod] If you have a question for cathy, prive me to let me know, I will let you know when it's your turn. If you wish to ask a question annonymously, priv me with it and I will ask it for you.

[cathy_t_] for those who aren't aware of this

[KimEM.] Cathy, can you tell us anything about what you do when you're not writing?

[RoyDelFrink] No, she can't! :)

[cathy_t_] Prue and neri kept me from doing something VERY foolish one dark night on the internet

[cathy_t_] well, Kim

[cathy_t_] right now I am unemployed and volunteering at a Senior Citizen's Day care

[cathy_t_] thanks Dak

[Prue.] well i told you it was good when you first showed it to me didn't i say trust me

[cathy_t_] Dak has a family emergency to take care of

>> Kan... has joined channel #XC.2179487

[cathy_t_] Hi Kan

[cathy_t_] so Kim is gonna fill in as chatmom

[cathy_t_] thanks Kim

[Chatmod] I will be leaving now. Kim will now Moderate the remainder of this chat. Cath it was a pleasure. Thank you Crystal for letting me moderate for Cathy. I hope to do it again soon.

[Mazzy..] bye dak

[cathy_t_] I see Prue got caught in the revolving door

[RoyDelFrink] Farewell.

[Prue..] sorry someting went crazy

[josie-1] Mazzy spoke!!!!

[Mazzy..] I'll try not to do it again lol

[Prue..] bye dak

[Crystal.] yw Dak. Come back anytime

[RoyDelFrink] Lol

[Chatmod] Thanks folks. Have a great "rest of the night" as they say...well..thay may not say it but I will hehe. Nighters all.

[ChatMom] okay... same rules.. questions for Cathy?

[RoyDelFrink] Not from me.

[RoyDelFrink] I'm all asked out.

[Prue..] well cathy i told you when you first showed your story that it was good didn't i say trust me

[ChatMom] the next question is from Crystal

[Prue..] sorry didnt see the transition to chatmom

[RoyDelFrink] Crystal? I thought she knew everything?

[Crystal.] Cathy, how long did you spend rewriting your first story before posting it?

Prue..] cathy still here??

[Crystal.] bath room break?

[ChatMom] If you have questions for Cathy, let me know and I'll call on you when it's your turn. If you want the question to be anonymous, tell me and I'll ask it for you.

[RoyDelFrink] Must be... her name is still in my "User Info" box.

[RoyDelFrink] Yeah, yeah, yeah...

[Job-] Hi all, I'm a little lost in time. Is the author chat ower?

[ChatMom] She warned that she might bet booted, and if so, just hang loose for a few until she can get back

[ChatMom] no, Job

[Crystal.] Job, the author chat is still going...

[ChatMom] But we've lost our author for a few moments

[Crystal.] we just seem to have lost the author

[ChatMom] potty break, everyone

[Prue..] lol

[RoyDelFrink] So the chat IS over?

>> cathy_t_99 has joined channel #XC.2179487

[ChatMom] Or, if you have any character assassination, now is your chance :)

[ChatMom] WB, Cathy

[Prue..] might take a few minutes for her to get back

[cathy_t_99] oopsd

[RoyDelFrink] Guess not. Whew!

[ChatMom] okay, potty break is over.

[ChatMom] before you left, Crystal asked a question.   Crystal?

[cathy_t_99] ok let's get to the juicy stuff

[cathy_t_99] lol

[Prue..] lol gee and i was half way though it lol

[Crystal.] Cathy, how long did you spend rewriting your first story before posting it?

[RoyDelFrink] And please don't say "too long". :)

[cathy_t_99] in truth, I wrote it, spellchecked it (most of it) and sent it to Prue to read and then posted it

[cathy_t_99] I don't like to go back and rewrite

[cathy_t_99] I figure that if it was good enough to get from my brain to my fingers

[cathy_t_99] it is probably the best I can do

[cathy_t_99] lol

[ChatMom] Josie has the next question

[cathy_t_99] It sort of wrote itself, really

[cathy_t_99] go Josie

[RoyDelFrink] Maybe Josie took a potty break. :)

[cathy_t_99] someone nudge Josie

[josie-1] Cathy... What one story stands out in your memory as the first to seductively draw you into the sultry lair of tg fiction? The one that made a statement about the kinds of things you were feeling? (I'm trying to be serious folks!)

[ChatMom] everyone remember to click in

[cathy_t_99] the very first TG story of ANY kind that I read was called Man into Woman and it was in the late 50s

[cathy_t_99] I think even before Christine Jorgensen

[josie-1] and...?

[ChatMom] Cathy, you're dating yourself :)

[cathy_t_99] and it fascinated me enough

[cathy_t_99] that I started "dressing" to find out what the story might have been like
[cathy_t_99] then I found the ubiquitous Penny dreadfuls

[cathy_t_99] which mostly revolved around sex

[RoyDelFrink] "Ubiquitous"?
[cathy_t_99] nice word, ain't it?

[Prue..] lol

[cathy_t_99] wish I knew what it meant!

[cathy_t_99] lol

[cathy_t_99] anyhoo

[cathy_t_99] I never really got "into" TG Fiction til I found Fictionmania

[RoyDelFrink] Neither did many of us, I suspect.

[cathy_t_99] although I dressed for years

[ChatMom] if you haven't clicked in, this would be a good time, to avoid getting booted

>> Aude78 has joined channel #XC.2179487

[cathy_t_99] I ALWAYS wanted to be a writer

[cathy_t_99] but I never thought I had the talent for it

[cathy_t_99] hi Aude

[Aude78] Hi Cathy

[josie-1] Okay... thanx,

[RoyDelFrink] Aude dude!

[ChatMom] The next question will be from Roy

[ChatMom] If you have questions for Cathy, let me know and I'll call on you when it's your turn. If you want the question to be anonymous, tell me and I'll ask it for you

[cathy_t_99] I really DO owe any success I may have to Prue and neri

[Aude78] I love all stories, I read a lot

[RoyDelFrink] Cathy, what's the "t" in your handle stand for?

[josie-1] yo.... rightous question, roy

[cathy_t_99] actually it was just a random generation thing to get an email address

[cathy_t_99] in a femme name

[cathy_t_99] and a sort of dig at myself

[RoyDelFrink] I figured it would be "transvestite", "transsexual", or an initial.

[cathy_t_99] to finally realize what I was

[cathy_t_99] no I'm pretty simple when it comes to this stuff, Roy

[cathy_t_99] I am what I am

[RoyDelFrink] Just like Popeye.

[cathy_t_99] and to heck with anyone who can't deal with it

[cathy_t_99] my friends and family all support me

[ChatMom] Yea, Cathy!

[RoyDelFrink] Good for them!

[cathy_t_99] and still love me

[Prue..] yes

[cathy_t_99] so what else is there, really?

[cathy_t_99] except, of course for writing

[cathy_t_99] lol

[ChatMom] Cathy, how daunting was it the first timre you sat down to a blank screen to write?

[cathy_t_99] yikes!

[RoyDelFrink] Hye, don't you have to buzz yourself in first, ChatMom? :)

[cathy_t_99] pretty scary, Kim

[ChatMom] Roy, I asked my permission :)

[cathy_t_99] It took a few days to find the words

[cathy_t_99] and a couple more to actually begin to write them down

[cathy_t_99] (my screen was covered with whiteout)

[RoyDelFrink] Heehee.

[cathy_t_99] then I found the DELETE button

[ChatMom] once you got going, I presume the rate picked up?

[cathy_t_99] yeah. It was slow going for the first part of the story

[cathy_t_99] but then it picked up speed and, like I said, it kinda wrote itself

[cathy_t_99] I just hung on and enjoyed the ride

[cathy_t_99] with NO idea where it was leading

[ChatMom] ty, Cathy

[RoyDelFrink] ?

[ChatMom] everyone, please remember to click in

[cathy_t_99] when I begin a story

[ChatMom] If you have questions for Cathy, let me know and I'll call on you when it's your turn. If you want the question to be anonymous, tell me and I'll ask it for you

[ChatMom] sorry, go, Cathy

[cathy_t_99] no prob

[cathy_t_99] when I begin a story

[cathy_t_99] I really have NO idea where it is gonna go

[cathy_t_99] I try to follow a chain of logic so it doesn't get TOO far out of hand

[cathy_t_99] I guess I am lucky in that respect

[cathy_t_99] except for First Kiss

[cathy_t_99] which was pretty much factual

[RoyDelFrink] No, you were lucky with First Kiss. I still haven't been kissed yet. :(

[cathy_t_99] YES, I did get kissed and NO I don't care for whiskery kisses

[josie-1] come over here Roy

[cathy_t_99] with beer breath, yet!

[ChatMom] the next question is from our Official Muse, Prue

>> Breezydaze has joined channel #XC.2179487

[Prue..] you put me into your story luck be a lady 2 do you intend to use any other friends as characters

[cathy_t_99] hi Breezy

[RoyDelFrink] Acutally, guys, I'm not drunk right now.

[RoyDelFrink] Hello windy buddy. :)

[cathy_t_99] yes, Prue

[Breezydaze] Hi everyone

[cathy_t_99] Dak will be in as well as neri

[RoyDelFrink] Hi Doctor Breexydaze.

[cathy_t_99] since I have their permission to do so

[Prue..] great looks at mazzy

[Breezydaze] ?

[cathy_t_99] I hjope they will like my characterizations of them

[Mazzy..] I bet any character based on me will be sleeping most of the story

[cathy_t_99] lol

[Mazzy..] lol

[josie-1] Mazzy does speak.... contrary to popular belief

[Mazzy..] terrible isn't it, I've got to stop doing that

[Prue..] lol

[cathy_t_99] nah

[cathy_t_99] go for it

[cathy_t_99] anyone else?

[Prue..] thought that question might break the silence

[ChatMom] If you have questions for Cathy, let me know and I'll call on you when it's your turn. If you want the question to be anonymous, tell me and I'll ask it for you

[cathy_t_99] I still have answers left over

[Prue..] lol

[Crystal.] tell us

[Prue..] yes

[RoyDelFrink] I have one: should we call it a night? It's almost 11:30PM EDST now.

[cathy_t_99] well, let's see

[cathy_t_99] there's53

[ChatMom] We're going to switch over to open chat. This is still part of the official chat, but you may talk directly with Cathy.

[Crystal.] The number of stories that you will write this year?

[ChatMom] Please limit crosstalk and sie conversations

[cathy_t_99] nope, my age

[RoyDelFrink] "Sie"?

[josie-1] Cathy. Have you a story you'd like to write?

[ChatMom] um, side conversations... unless you're in gremany, and then it would be female conversations

[cathy_t_99] now THAT's a toughie!

[cathy_t_99] In truth, I would like to carry this writing thing to a "get paid for it" level

[cathy_t_99] but

[ChatMom] Wouldn't we al, Cathy :)

[RoyDelFrink] Isn't there always a "but", Cathy?

[cathy_t_99] I think I'd like to write a story that would be remembered as a "GREAT" piece of fiction, in ANY genre

[cathy_t_99] yes there is Roy

[josie-1] thanx

[cathy_t_99] as far as subject matter goes

[cathy_t_99] I love Sci Fi so there willprobably ALWAYS be a tough of that in all my stories

[Prue..] caty i think neri would agree that you have come a long way since we met and we hope you continue to improve although personally i dont see you need to just keep up the good work
[cathy_t_99] well, I have to take amomenthere to formally thank EVERYONE who made me do this writing thing

[cathy_t_99] It came at a time when I was about as down on myself as I have ever been

[ChatMom] We know Prue had the cattle prod, but who stood over you with a whip?

[cathy_t_99] and opened my eyes to a group of people who really DO care

[josie-1] lol[cathy_t_99] and that's all of YOU

[RoyDelFrink] Thnaks, Cathy. Now can those of us on the East Coast get some sleep? :)

[cathy_t_99] no writer can be successful unless there is an audience

[cathy_t_99] go ahead, Roy and Thanks for coming

[cathy_t_99] It was an honor to have you here

[RoyDelFrink] So long, lamp. :)

[Crystal.] Nite Roy

[Breezydaze] Night Roy

[Mazzy..] bye roy

[RoyDelFrink] Nighty-Night.

[josie-1] sweet dreams, Roy

.Sandra.> sleep well, Roy

[ChatMom] bye, Roy

[Prue..] bye roy

[ChatMom] are there more questions for Cathy?

[josie-1] Ya! Did you have fun, Cathy?

[cathy_t_99] if not, I declare this chat over and the bar open!

[cathy_t_99] yes i did

>> JeanRea has joined channel #XC.2179487

[Prue..] yippee

JeanRea] hello Ladies :)

[Prue..] guzzles a glass of wine

[josie-1] Mama Squaw

[Crystal.] Pink Ladies for everyone

[cathy_t_99] hi Jean

.Sandra.> Stanting ovations for Cathy,

[Breezydaze] Hello Jean

[josie-1] three cheers

[Breezydaze] Cheers

[cathy_t_99] <curtsies>

[Crystal.] Good job, Cathy. Thank You.

[Prue..] hip hip horah

[cathy_t_99] you might wanna take it outta priv, Kim

[JeanRea] sorry I'm late I was a company function :(

[Mazzy..] hurrah you silly gallah

[cathy_t_99] thank YOU crystal

[Prue..] so

[Prue..] lol

[ChatMom] Cathy, thank you for chatting with us this evening

[cathy_t_99] no probs, Jean, thanks for coming

[ChatMom] And thanks to DAK, who isn't here to see this, for his efforts as moderator

[cathy_t_99] got any questions?

[ChatMom] Of course, also to Crystal for making this space available

[cathy_t_99] and thanks to Sandra for logging this chat

[cathy_t_99] and to Kim for taking over from Dak

[josie-1] thanx Crystal

[ChatMom] And with that, I'm retiring as ChatMom for the evening

[Crystal.] my pleasure, and I do mean that .

[Crystal.] Thank you, Kim

[Prue..] yes thanks


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