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Ally's House (from a dream) 3-30-1988


Last night I slept in Ally's house,
I don't know who she is.
I spoke to a man outside.
He knew Ally much better than I.
I don't know who Ally is, but
Her house felt as though it was mine.

Last night I slept at Ally's house,
But Ally wasn't there.
I don't think she ever is, so
why do I care?
What the hell is Ally's house?
It both comforts and disquiets.

I spent last night at Ally's house,
I didn't sleep I waited.
Ally wasn't ever there,
I was there, I waited.
The man outside knew Ally, and
the man outside knew me.

I used to live at Ally's house.



The Rain Stopped


The rain stopped.
Today the rain stopped.
Darkness had reigned for days, but
Today no!

The rain stopped..
....It always does.



Those No Longer Here (by choice)


Worms meat.
Crossing the line.

Sometimes the magic works, and
Sometimes it doesn't.
Its no joke, so
who's laughing.?


by AllyEl



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