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By Dawn and Dusk


By dawn and dusk, I form this trust,
And weave it in a spell.
Of satin dreams and beauty queens,
Of Ears and tails and such..

Now leave the world of man and male,
As I blend "wo" and "fe" to thee.
To change thy form,
From now to morn,
And become a bunny at Hef's hutch.

Gone shall be thy manly wand.
Thy bosom shall increase.
And between your thighs so shapely,
Thee shall wear a woman's crease.

Now listen to these scented words,
That wield your life so much,
I command thee to thy other form,
As a bunny at the hutch.

Incased within a costume,
Of silver shine and light,
Thee shall learn of female passions,
And that shall bring delight.

Upon your feet you'll wear spiked heels,
And learn to love the nylons touch,
As a child of beauty,
As a bunny at the hutch.

by Deane Christopher



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