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The End


The gun lay upon the table.
A gleaming object through which the whole world could end.
But what end could it bring.
Cold it end the pain?
Could it lesson the suffering?
Could it heal a broken heart so long broken?
Can it give what the heart truly desires?
Is fantasy reality or reality fantasy?
Can it bring love
It cant give love or be loved
Or is there such a thing as love
Or is it an illusion created by people on tv
Can it cure loneliness
Or is loneliness something that must be endured at all cost
No matter how much it hurts
Can it bring friends
Or will your friends be glad to see you go
Can it tell me who I am
Or end the suffering of never knowing
Can it bring money
Money to solve all my problems
Yet is money an illusion too
Can it bring the one person that would make you feel wanted
No, that person has never existed
And will they ever exist
Can it make people understand
Or even want to care
No, the only thing it can do is end it all
Maybe never
Is there hope at all


by Danielle



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