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My Friend Jenny


My friend's name is Jenny
And she has a wide enchanting smile
Laugh's she has many
While we chat awhile!

Jenny has such beautiful long hair
To frame her pretty face
But like all women she has to share
Her tuff problems with innocent grace!

She really is a wonderful girl
So generous, caring and sweet
On a carousel she likes to whirl
And she's never been known to cheat!

When you see her relaxed in her jeans
She's happiest of all
Because then she's full of beans
Instead of being belle of the ball.

Jenny has two secrets though
The first is that she has a dear sister
Not many people know
That her name is Elaine and this is no mister.

The other is the crazy part
You would think it's all a decoy
But this really a blast
Because Jenny doesn’t forget she was born a boy!


Dedicated to you



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