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by Susan Fraser


I lay back on the bed and waited for my husband to come to me. It was our wedding night and I was wearing only a white satin nightdress. I watched my husband undress with eager anticipation for what was to come and as he removed his boxer shorts I could see his penis was already erect.

He lent over me and his hands took hold of the hem of my nightdress and he slowly eased it up by body. As it rose above my waist he bent over and kissed me around my vagina. At the touch of his lips my body shook with pleasure. He continued until my breasts were revealed and as they were he kissed each nipple in turn. Very slowly he eased the nightdress over my head and tossed it to the floor.

"Darling, you will not need that again tonight" he said as he lay on top of me spreading my legs with one hand and caressing my breast with the other. I could feel the heat of his penis as it came ever closer to my vagina and then I felt the moist tip of his penis push against my clitoris as he thrust into me. Soon I would be whole. Soon I would have no more memories of my previous life. Soon I would just be Melissa and Stephen would be my husband!

Soon I would forget forever that I had once been a man!

Let me begin at the beginning. I was born Donald Roberts and was working as a journalist on a regional newspaper. I was 27 and even if I do say so myself, I was quite a regular guy, I'd had several relationships with girls which had all ended reasonably amicably, had my own place and was trying to establish myself in a job I had always dreamt of doing. I had never thought that anything like this could happen to me.

Like I said I was trying to make a name for myself in journalism and I was trying to specialize on crime stories.18 months ago I had heard rumors that quite a number of the city's young men had suddenly vanished over a 6 months period. Had they been girls I am sure that the police would have become suspicious long before I discovered the situation. But being young men, the police had probably just put it down to the men themselves just wanting to disappear for reasons of their own. Anyway no one was doing anything about trying to find the reasons behind the disappearances so I had been looking in to it was several months hoping to find a story.

Finally I had a breakthrough, or so I thought. I had learnt from all my investigations that most of the missing men had, at some time, applied for work with a firm called Genflex. The strange thing was that I could not find out what sort of firm that Genflex was, or even where they were located. They were not even listed in the phone book. My big break came when I finally got an address for them. It was some sort of country house come clinic on the outskirts of town. I decided to pay them a visit.

I needed someone to take photos and so spoke to Tim. He was a 23 year old photographer on the paper and just like me he was trying to make a name for himself. I had let him in on the situation and Tim had smiled and said whatever we found it would make a change for Garden Fetes and Church Bazaars, the sort of photographs he was used to taking.

We had decided to keep the clinic under observation when our other jobs would allow. We arranged to check the clinic out on the Saturday when we were both off. When we arrived at the address the clinic did indeed turn out to be more of a country house than a clinic. It was large, very large, and stood in its own grounds behind big iron gates. All around the house were high walls and it was going to very difficult to observe what was going on behind them.

After several days all we had been able to see where cars coming and going, no real sign of anything untoward at all. So Tim and I decided to try and get over the wall and get nearer to the clinic. Scouting around the walls we found a spot where we could climb over and not be seen by the CCTV cameras that were everywhere. We made our way over the wall and into the grounds.

Keeping low so as not be seen we made our way to the clinic. It did indeed appear to be just that, a clinic. Several women were walking in the gardens or just sitting around on the benches and tables. Nearby was what appeared to be the lounge area where more women were sitting around. They seemed to be having some sort of training session or lesson, as every now and then, one of them would get up and walked up and down the room before taking her seat again. The others would all applaud her.

The staff all appeared to be male, dressed in white uniforms. And they kept such a close eye on the women that I began to get the impression that perhaps they were more than just nursing attendants, more like guards. There certainly did not seem to be anything that would explain the disappearance of so many young men, But I wanted to find out what sort of clinic it was.

We edged around the back of the clinic and came across a large building. It was unusual in that there were no windows only a door. Suddenly we heard voices and two of the attendants approached the door, Between them was a young man. He appeared semi conscious, as the two attendants were half carrying him. The entered the building. We waited for a couple of hours before we saw the two men come back out pushing a wheelchair. In the wheelchair was a young woman who also looked to be semi-conscious. They pushed her into the main part of the clinic.

Curious now as there had been no suspicion that they were also linked to women disappearing, we made our way to the door hoping to find a way inside. The door was not locked and Tim and I pushed at it and entered the building. What we saw took some time to take in.

The inside of the building was huge. As I said there were no windows just subdued lighting from the ceiling. Everywhere there were what I can only describe as glass caskets and inside these caskets were naked men and women! A closer inspection revealed that some had had surgery done on them. Some of the mens' faces and groins were mutilated while nearly all of the women seemed fine.

All of the women were very beautiful. The bodies looked perfect in shape and form. Some had large breasts some not so large but all were well endowed, if you know what I mean. All were staring out from the caskets as if in a trance. The men ranged were less well off. Some had the marks of surgery on them and as I went down the line I discovered that some of the appeared to have breasts! I looked down at the casket I was nearest to and was shocked to find that he had been castrated! I looked at the next casket and discovered that his penis was missing too.

The next casket contained a man, or I thought it was man, who had a vagina between his legs and was developing breasts. Tim was so shocked by what he could see that he hardly took any photos.

Suddenly there was a loud siren sounding everywhere and attendants suddenly dashed out of a small side room. We were surrounded! We were grabbed and I felt a prick on the back of my neck and suddenly everything went black.

When I came around I found that I was in one of the caskets. Tim was also in one facing me. He appeared to be drugged like all the rest. He was also naked and I realized that I was too. I was held in the casket by tight straps around my ankles, arms and neck. A man in a gray suit stood in front of me smiling.

"Good Afternoon Mr Roberts, I see you finally found your way here. No do not try and speak, you can hear me but the casket is sound proofed, so I can't hear you nor can anyone else"

The man grinned to himself before he continued. "I suppose you want to know what we are doing? We have been aware of your interest in us for some time. We just waited for you to come to us. And you brought your colleague, Mr Harris, too. That was an unexpected bonus."

I felt a sharp prick in the back of my neck. The man grinned again and said,

"Do not worry yourself about that, we are just putting an IV tube in. It makes it so much easier. As you can see Mr Harris already has his in place."

I could feel something flood through my body and thought this is where I go like all the rest, drugged. I was scared and curious. What was this all about?

The man continued, "We are suppliers of people to people. Unfortunately we are nearly always asked to supply young women. We did start off by advertising for young women but when they realized what most of the clients were after, we had very few takers. We did think about taking what women our clients were demanding but as rightly guessed, that would have attracted too much attention from the Authorities. So we decided to take young men and change them into women. That way the Authorities do not bother us, the young men, mainly down and outs are not missed, and after we change them, they not only have regular employment but as part of the transformation we condition them to feel entirely happy and content with the new role whatever it is.

Obviously this is still illegal but who gets harmed? Not the young men who once transformed into beautiful women live perfectly happy with their new selfs. Not the client who gets exactly what he asks for. A beautiful women who is only too happy to obey his every whim and desire. Some of our girls go to be wives, some work in clubs. Admittley some become prostitutes, call girls, escorts, but all are perfectly happy.

That IV is pumping female hormones into you body as we speak. Soon you will begin your transformation and because you are a reporter we will let you be aware of what is going on. You will be conditioned to your new identity and we will make some event act as a trigger which when it occurs will leave you no memories of your old life. You will not be able to resist what we plan even though you will know what is happening. The conditioning will see to that."

The man wrote something over Tim's casket. It was a name, "Tania"

"We have a request from a Russian club owner, he wants a new girl for his club and it looks like Tim will fit the bill nicely. He has blonde hair and he is young, he will make a good lap dancer"

I wondered what they had in store for as the man began writing some over my casket. The man finished writing and grinned again. "You will become Melissa" he said and added "We have a special client who needs a wife and a mother to his two young daughters. He is very important and has no time to find his own wife so he came to us. By the time we finish with you, you will be everything he wants, beautiful, intelligent, a good mother and more important deeply in love with him. I think we will make the event that will trigger your conditioning to forget entirely your previous life and what has happened to you, the act of consummation on your wedding night. Now that will give you something to look forward to, wont it?"

With that he left me. I could see no way out. I had no idea how long this process would take, perhaps I would get a chance to escape though it was hard to see how. I was locked inside a casket with no means of opening it from the inside. The straps around my ankles, arms and neck restricted my movements. I began to feel so desperate and alone.

I watched the casket opposite me with Tim in it. Suddenly a mask appeared from above him and covered his face and the casket began to fill with a liquid. The mask was to help him breathe as he was immersed completely up to his neck. When the liquid drained away after nearly half an hour Tim's body was completely devoid of hair. Then I heard a sound above me and a mask slid over my face. I could feel the liquid covering me. When the liquid had drained away I knew that my body was now as hairless as Tim's.

I then saw Tim's casket tilt back till it was horizontal. I could see Tim's legs move apart as the frame to which the straps around his ankles were attached began to move. My casket began to tilt back and as it did I lost consciousness. When I came around I was upright again and a glance at Tim's casket was enough to tell me that Tim had had his testicles removed. I knew that this meant that mine had also gone.

I could not feel anything though, I was just numb around my groin. Music was playing quietly in the casket and I was almost aware of a voice mixed in with it telling me everything was Ok and that I was Melissa and that I was a girl!

Time must have passed because Tim's hair was now getting longer and so I assumed was mine. Our bodies where still hairless though. I noticed that Tim's figure was beginning to change and that he was just showng the first signs of developing a bust. Again I knew that the same was probably happening to me! I must have been getting fed via the tubes that had been inserted into me because I did not feel hungry at all. And all the time the music played and the voice kept saying things to me.

After a while, I had no way of knowing if it was days or weeks, Tim's casket again moved backwards. This time it seemed to be gone for a long time and before it came back mine began to tilt and I again lost consciousness. When I finally came round I still had the mask on my face. My face, throat and groin area all very numb and I wondered what they had done to me. I could not see Tim because of the mask. I was like that for ages, though again how long I could not tell.

The mask started to rise and I could see Tim's casket. Except it did not look like Tim.. Inside the casket was a girl!. Very ample breasts, very narrow waist, wide hips and longs legs. I had to look at her groin to confirm that she had a very real vagina. Her face was utterly feminine, her eyes big, cheekbones high, jaw not at all angular. Her neck showed no signs of an Adams apple and was slim and smooth. Her hair was very long, blonde. But the casket had a name "Tania" scrawled on it and I knew that this girl was what Tim had become.

I could only guess at what I looked like. I supposed that I too looked exactly like a girl!. I should have been shocked but strangely I was not. I wanted to look as good as Tania. I realized that I had thought of him as Tania for the first time.! I tried to think my name but all I could think of was Melissa. It was strange I knew what had happened, was happening, to me, But I still could only think of myself as Melissa!

As I gazed at Tania I could see something come up between her legs and thrust its way into her vagina. It worked its way in and out for several minutes before slowly lowering itself to the base of the casket. Then it was my turn as I felt something press against the outer edges of what I supposed was my vagina. I could feel in enter and was startled to find that the experience was pleasurable. More than pleasurable!

As it worked its way in and out I found out just how pleasurable it was to have a dilator inside of you. What would Stephen's penis be like. Stephen? Who was Stephen? Why had I thought of him? Then I realized that Stephen was the man I was going to marry. Somehow I knew all about him, his desires, his needs and the fact that I was in love with him. God, I thought, this conditioning is really some thing!

I drifted into a semi conscious state and could see images in front of me. They were of a young girl dressed in a pretty pink frock and just learning to walk. Then I could see through her eyes!. The image changed to a little girl having a birthday party. She was dressed in a frilly yellow frock and her friends were all around wishing her happy birthday. The I was that little girl and my friends were wishing me happy birthday, my fifth birthday. And so it went on, and on and on!

Then I was conscious again and I could see that Tania had the dildo inside her again. I hoped that this meant it would soon be my turn and sure enough I could feel the dildo press against my vagina a second time. After again bringing to orgasm I reverted to my semi conscious state and again images of a young girl came to me. This time the girl was playing hockey and I was the girl dressed in my short red skirt and running with the stick.

This went time after time and I had no way of knowing how long I was semi conscious each time. The only passage of time that I could really feel was when the period of semi conscious was over and the dildo entered me bringing me to exquisite orgasm. Each time I would revert to semi consciousness and experience more images of that little girl that was me!

Slowly, or quickly, I had no way of knowing, I was building memories of being a little girl growing up. I could "remember" now my first day at school wearing a gymslip, my first bra, my first school formal wearing a ball gown of pink chiffon and of stating work as a secretary for a Bank and even my first kiss with a boy. I was conscious of knowing all sorts of things like what sort of clothes I should wear for work, for going out of an evening and for slopping about around the house. I knew all about pantyhose. Stockings, basques and suspenders. I knew what perfume I liked and what shades and make of makeup suited me.

Of course I still had all my other memories, my true memories of myself as a man, but it was if I was two people at the same time. I could remember my life as a man and at the same time "remember" my life as female. More importantly I was beginning the think of myself as female!

Time passed, how much time, I will never know. I just remember waking up in a nice soft bed.

As I woke up I could see that I was in a nice room furnished like many a hotel room. My hair was stretched over the pillow. The soft sheets were nice against the silk of my nightdress and I ran my hands over my body and could feel every bump and curve. I felt so content at being female that I just enjoyed the sensation of feeling feminine, like I always did, always did?

I pushed back the covers and got out of bed. I stood in front of mirror and admired my body. It was so shapely, every curve in just the right place, boobs not too big, waist narrow and hips wide. My long Auburn hair hung down to the middle of my back. I always admired myself in the mirror, enjoying every sensation as if it was the first time I had seen myself. It was not that I was vain it was just that I gave thanks for the fact that I looked good for Stephen! Stephen was the man I was going to marry in three days time and I loved him to bits!

I knew I was at a private health spa to relax before my wedding to Stephen. I also knew that my memories were false but what did that matter.

I showered and dressed for breakfast. I wanted to make a good impression on the other guests and wore a pink chiffon cocktail dress, off the shoulder, a silk basque, panties and stockings, and of course high heeled sandals. My makeup was quite light, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher and lipstick. My finger nails and toenails were already painted pink. I combed through my hair then brushed before putting it in a ponytail tied with a bight pink ribbon. I checked myself again in the mirror and left to go downstairs to breakfast.

I entered the dining room and found myself in the midst of young and beautiful women. I suppose just like myself. I was shown to a seat opposite a tall blonde girl who looked familiar. She introduced herself as Tania. She was here for a couple of days before starting work in a club in the city.

"Would you believe I am an exotic Dancer" she asked. I looked at her and said "Yes". She had long,long legs, very ample breasts which she did little to conceal and her hair was so long and blonde. She also had a very curvy figure.

We ate and chatted, I said that I was here for a few days before my wedding. Tania asked me about my Husband-to-be, and I found that I knew all about him. The fact that he was handsome, rich, a widower with 2 little girls. I could even tell her where we had first met and where he had proposed. I knew that all my memories were false but it did deem like I had met him!

After breakfast we walked in the gardens for an hour. The feeling of the breeze around my legs and blowing up my dress was quite thrilling. I found walking in high heels so natural. Tania wore a short leather skirt and her long legs looked even longer as she was wearing 5 inch heels.

After our walk we had a massage followed by a complete facial, pedicure, manicure and a visit to the hair salon. I had my hair trimmed and styled ready for my wedding. In the after noon I again walked in the gardens, sometimes with Tania, sometimes with some of the other women. It appeared that we were all there for just a few days prior to starting a new job or getting married.

All the attendants were either older men or women. The food was very good but not fattening. Later on we had a lecture on Dieting and calorie control. In the afternoon there was a lecture on using cosmetics and we were given some makeup beauty tips. The following day was pretty much the same, walks in the gardens, a lecture on fashion and fashion magazines. Of an evening we were encouraged to go to bed early, so as to get our beauty sleep. I did not mind as it meant that I could were my pretty nightdresses that it seems I had brought with me.

On my last night there I lay in bed and suddenly realized that my wedding was the following day! It would appear that whilst I was asleep I was still being "fed" memories and information. I knew that I was to leave the Clinic and go straight to the Registry Office and that a Mr Robbins, who I also suddenly knew as a friend was to give me away to Stephen. I also knew that my wedding dress was hanging up in the wardrobe and that I had some very sexy lingerie in the drawers of the wardrobe to go with it!

I could not resist the sudden urge I felt to see my wedding dress! I slid out of bed and looked in the wardrobe. The dress was beautiful, just as I had "remembered" it. It was a short cocktail style dress in white chiffon and lace. A low cut neckline a matching with lace shawl. Beside it were my sandals, 3 inch heels also in white. I looked into the drawers and found that I had a matching white lace basque, white panties and white silk stockings. I just knew that everything would fit perfectly, I could "remember" trying everything on although I also knew that this was the first time I had seen everything. It did not matter, I was, felt thrilled, to be marrying Stephen in the morning.

I woke very early the next morning feeling wonderful. I showered and then still just wearing a dressing gown I did my makeup. I wanted everything to be just right. There was a knock on the door and when I opened it I found that someone had come to do my hair. It was brushed and combed till it shone and when they were finished it did indeed look perfect. I suddenly "knew" that I was to be given away by a Mr Hoskins and that he would be calling for me in about half and hour. I had long since given up wondering how I suddenly knew things, I supposed it was the programming given to me whilst I slept.

Despite, or rather because of all that had happened and was to happen to me, it felt wonderful to be a girl!

I dressed and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I gasped, I looked beautiful, very beautiful. There was a knock on the door and a man entered, Mr Hoskins! I knew him the way I knew so many things! I knew he was to "give me away" to Stephen and basically that was all that mattered to me.

Mr Hoskins looked me up and down and then smiled at me, "Melissa" he said, "You look very nice, My Dear, very nice indeed" He came over to me and kissed me on the forehead as if he was a relative! Then he handed me a bouquet of flowers. "Every bride to be needs a wedding bouquet. Take my arm, Dear, and I will take you to your Stephen"

I took his arm feeling excited at the thought of marrying Stephen, even though I really knew that I had never even met him! I "knew" that my new life was beginning and could do nothing about it even if I had wished to, which I did not. Thanks to the brainwashing I had undergone I was the most willing and docile of brides as I walked to the car with Mr Hoskins. I even felt wonderful to be the woman that they had made me become.

Mr Hoskins led me to a big limousine and opened the door for me, As I slid on to the back seat one of the attendants was placing a suitcase in the trunk which I "knew" would contain everything that I would need for my honeymoon, clothing, nightwear, makeup etc. I also "knew" that everything else I owned would be at Stephen's house when we returned from our honeymoon.

As the car drove away from the Clinic I felt so full of excitement that my hands were shaking. Mr Hoskins smiled at me and said "Relax, Melissa, we will soon be there and you will soon become Mrs Melissa Rodgers". I smiled back at him and he added, "And I am sure that Stephen will love you and give you everything that you desire"

We soon arrived at the Registry Office and my heart was pounding as I got out of the car. Mr Hoskins followed and told me to stay outside while he went in to check that the others had arrived. I could hardly contain my excitement until he returned. Smiling he said that every thing was ready and taking my arm he walked me into the building. Music was playing in the background as I walked up the central aisle. Stephen was standing there looking very handsome. To his right was another man whom I did not know and besides him were two children who I knew were Amy and Christine, Stephens two little girls. They were aged 8 and 10 years old and were giggling like mad. I smiled at them as I got nearer and they both smiled back.

And then I was level with Stephen. Although I really knew that I had never even met the man before, the brainwashing made me feel as if I had known him for several months. I was in love with a man whom I had never seen before and could not wait to be his wife!

Stephen smiled at me and whispered "Melissa, you look wonderful, really wonderful. They have done a very good job" We turned to face the Official and the ceremony began.

When it came my turn to recite my vows I promised to "Love, Honour and Obey" and I knew that I meant every word. When Stephen promised to "With my body, I thee worship", I knew that he meant this too. The Official finally pronounced us "Man and Wife" and invited Stephen to kiss me. He did so and I felt a tremendous tingle run down my spine. My head still reeling from his kiss he led me towards his two children,

"Amy, Christine, I would like you to meet your new mother, Melissa" he said. Both the girls kissed me and I suddenly felt so maternal towards them. Amy said that I looked very pretty and I thanked her and said that they both very pretty too.

Christine wanted to know all about me and Stephen said that it would wait until after the honeymoon. "Melissa and you will get to know each other later, Dear, when we come back from our honeymoon. She will be taking care of you from now on when I am away on business"

There was a little reception, just a few drinks, before Stephen said that he had to speak to Mr Hoskins. I had was drinking a glass of champagne as I saw Stephen speak to Mr Hoskins. He handed him a large envelope then shook his hand. I knew that this was the payoff but at the same time I did not care.

Stephen then came back and took me by the hand. "We have to be off, Dear" he said as he whisked me out and away to his car. He opened the door and I slid in, still clutching my flowers. He got in beside me and started the engine. Before pulling away he turned to me and said "You will soon forget how we came to be together and I promise you, you will be very happy as my wife just as long as you remember your vow to obey!" The he kissed me and drove off.

We drove to a Hotel where we were shown up to the bridal suite. Stephen carried me across the threshold which was very romantic! Once inside he kissed me again and then said that he was ready for bed. Without a word I began to undress and soon I was lying in the big king sized bed wearing only my nightdress. Stephen changed in the en-suite and when he came back in he was wearing only his boxer shorts. He removed them as I watched, his penis now erect.

He lent over me and his hands took hold of the hem of my nightdress and he slowly eased it up by body. As it rose above my waist he bent over and kissed me around my vagina. At the touch of his lips my body shook with pleasure. He continued until my breasts were revealed and as they were he kissed each nipple in turn. Very slowly he eased the nightdress over my head and tossed it to the floor.

"Darling, you will not need that again tonight" he said as he lay on top of me spreading my legs with one hand and caressing my breast with the other. I could feel the heat of his penis as it came ever closer to my vagina and then I felt the moist tip of his penis push against my clitoris as he thrust into me.

I was Melissa Rodgers!


Epilogue-6 months later

Hi! I am Melissa Rodgers and have been married to Stephen for 6 months now, I used to be a Bank Secretary till I met Stephen. Now I am a full time housewife looking after his two children from his first marriage. Their mother died and we get on so well that I sometimes feel like I am their mother now. Stephen is away a lot on business but whenever he returns the first thing he does is take me to bed and give a really good servicing! He is so impulsive like that. When I know he will be back I never wear any panties under my dress so that he can thrust into me as soon as he wants me, which he always does!

When ever he is away on business I live in real luxury. The two girls and I often to shopping for pretty things and when they are at school I am free to meet up with my old friend Tania. She is actually an exotic dancer in a club! I am so happy now that I hardly remember life before Stephen.

PS I was reading the other day about those two reporters, well one reporter and a photographer who went missing nearly 18 months ago. The police have just given up looking for them. I wondered what happened to them? Still I must get on. Stephen will be home this weekend and I have to go to the hairdressers and beauty salon, and shopping for some new lingerie!




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