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by Chiara


Hi. My name is Lee. Let me tell you the most amazing story about how I got into shape!

I had been in a depression for some time. I am 35. I had been overweight for the last 10 years. I used to be active until about 8 or 10 years ago. I really loved to play soccer or run in those days. I had a nice relationship with Janice back then. All was well. Then it seemed to fall apart.I came into a pretty good inheritance when my parents passed away. I found that I no longer had to work! In fact I didn't really have to do anything any more but eat. I got used to life the way it was and took Janice for granted. I rarely complimented her on her appearance. I got fat and lazy (and maybe a bit rude too).

One day I woke up and she had left. She had taken all of her stuff and disappeared. All she left was the clothes that were in the dirty laundry. I washed them and put them in a box in case she ever came back. I never saw Janice again.

I have been living down town near Chinatown during these 10 years and have become fond of the culture. I love the shops and restaurants and have made a few friends there.

I usually get a large chow-mein and 3 egg rolls and a side of pork for dinner from "Ming's" (That probably wasn't helping my weight problem I am sure). I had been exercising and taking vitamins but still felt very tired and unhealthy.

One night when I was waiting for my food my friend Mike came out and said I should loose some weight! Mike was about the closest thing I had to a best friend. We often ate together and usually went out a couple of times a week to a sporting event or a movie.

Mike was 26. He was lean and muscularly built. He was fairly athletic and healthy compared to me. He was quite conservative in the way he carried himself. He wore his hair long. Mike's dad was the restaurant owner Ming Wong. On this particular evening mike told me that I had been enjoying his dad's menu too long. He asked how much I weighed these days. I told him I was about 225 pounds(I knew that was about 40 to 50 pounds too much for my five foot, 10 inche hight). Mike was basically saying I was fat and unhealthy.

I agreed and said that I wished there was something I could do to lose some weight. He told me to see his Uncle: Dr. Ho.

Mike told me Dr. Ho was sort of like a Naturopathic Doctor. I went to meet Dr Ho a few days later. He was quite old. He had grey hair that was long like Mike's. He asked why I had come to see him. I told him that I felt overweight and was often tired. I expained to him how much I loved it in the past when I was fit and had energy. He told me there were solutions from Chinese medicines that would solve these problems but they were rarely shared outside their culture. I said I loved Chinese culture and would do anything to get my health and energy back. He explained that the process he would put me through would help me become slimmer and healthier if that is what I really wanted. I told him that was what I wanted more than anything. Dr. Ho gave me 2 types of "vitamins" and a type of tea plus a prescription which he said would help me regain my energy level.

He told me it would take about 4 weeks to complete the process from start to finish and to stay focused on what the end result was that I was hoping to achieve. He said not to be surprised if there were some unpleasant side effects the first week. Off I went thinking about being healthier and thinner!

The first 5 days taking these items were awful. All I was taking in was the tea and pills. I had bad cramps and violent diarrhea. I took several hot baths to sooth the discomfort. One day when I was draining the bath I noticed it was full of fine hairs. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I had no body hair any longer other than on my head, eye brows, and genitals. I guessed this was one of the unpleasant side effects. I lay awake one evening and laughed to myself that I had already lost some weight, body fluids and hair! Not exactly how I had expected to! My mind was racing and I could not sleep so I decided to go for a jog. I was surprised with myself as I had not had the energy to go for a run in almost 10 years. My shorts felt a bit loose due to my lost weight and poor health. I guessed I would have a poor run. I ran for about an hour and felt exhilarated!

When I was nearing home I saw Mike in his family's restaurant preparing for the day.

He smiled and waived me in. He told me I looked healthy and that the Chinese medicine must be working. We shared a pot of tea and some plain rice.

Over the next week many amazing things happened:

I did not need to shave as I had no facial hair.

I ran every day.

I ran further every day!

I lost lots of weight.

I noticed I was losing my belly and then my "love handles".

I was very pleased with my results.

My thinning hair was filling in and growing a bit longer!


I weighed myself and was shocked to see my weight had plumetted to 155 pounds! I wasn't going to complain about loosing to much weight though. My running was going so well I decided to enter a 10K fun-run for a local charity. None of my regular shorts fit any longer as I had lost so much weight so I decided to go and buy some that fit at a running store. I needed some new shoes too as mine were getting loose. I looked for something to wear shopping and could not find anything that fit me any more. I looked in the back of my closet to see if I had saved any clothes from when I was thinner but I had not. Then I found the box of clothes that belonged to Janice. I looked through it. There was a t-shirt that was from a fun run she had gone in. There was a pair of yellow bicycle styled shorts. There was a skirt and blouse that she had for work and a short skirt and small blouse that she had worn to look good when we went out to pubs or bars. I held up the shorts and t-shirt to my now slimmer body. They weren't what I would have chosen to wear but I decided they might fit me now. They were a bit stretchy as well so I tried them on. The clothes were a bit tight, but not too bad. I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt silly wearing women's clothes but I thought I looked pretty good. I looked at my bottom in the mirror and thought it looked better in these shorts than I remembered Janice's looking.! I was a bit troubled because I thought I looked pretty good in a ladies outfit! But then I thought: "Who cares. I look much better than I looked before!"

I headed off to the store. On the way I felt a bit warm. I sat down at a bench for a second then headed off again. I figured I might be having another side effect. Everything I saw appeared to be a bit larger than before. After a minute I felt good again so I continued on my way. As I walked I noticed that the shorts and T-shirt must have stretched. They did not feel nearly as tight as they had at first.

The lady at the store looked at me a bit confused. I guess it was because I was a guy wearing yellow ladies style shorts and a black capped sleeve t-shirt that said "Run for a Cure for Breast Cancer" in pink writing on it. I told her I had lost some weight and was unsure of my size but that I wanted a couple of outfits to run in and a new pair of shoes. She measured my waist and shoulders and butt and told me I was now a medium! I was pleased I had lost so much weight. I had been wearing large shorts and extra large shirts for sometime now.

She had me try on a t-shirt and loose running shorts. They felt just right. She showed me a pair of bicycle style shorts in steel blue and a matching tank top. I was a bit embarrassed to try on any other clothes as I felt like I was showing off my weight loss. I told her I liked the colour and would take them on her recommendation as well as the first outfit. I put the clothes that I had been wearing back on. The sales lady measured my feet and brought me a pair of size 8 runners. They were white with green stripes. They fit great. Even my feet were smaller now. I used to be a size 9. She threw in a ouple of pairs of socks as well.

On the day of the 10K I wore the shirt and shorts. I could not believe how much energy I had! During the run I felt great. I noticed a funny pull in my groin and realized I was going through a bit of what Seinfield calls "shrinkage". I was kind of pleased as my shorts were a bit skimpy and would have been very revealing otherwise. At about 4K I came across a girl named Sandi who was having problems with her pacing and I offered to run with her. She was in her early 30's I guessed. She was wearing shorts similar to mine and a Nike t-shirt. She had long straight blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. Sandi and I were a good match and we ended up finishing at about 0'49.00. We agreed to go running 2 days later.

When I got home I looked in the mirror and was amazed at how good I looked compared to a couple of weeks ago. My hair looked full and healthy(but a bit long). My waist was tight and firm. My leg muscles looked nice and strong from the back and my butt looked incredible even though I thought again that it was nicer than Janice's had been! I had expected my privates to recover from the shrinkage by nowbut they had not. I wasn't too concerned though as I had run a long race and was strengthening in so many other ways. My chest was a bit raw around my nipples as well. I figured this was from the rubbing of the material of my new shirt during the run.

I went and visited Dave for a half hour. I wore a track suit that was very much too big. He told me my weight loss was amazing and I would need some new clothes soon. I agreed. We had some rice and tea and I went home and fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke and my hair was a mess! It was way fuller than I remembered and it was longer again and almost black instead of its usual brown with grey bits.

I remembered that I had to meet Sandi for a run. I had to get ready quickly! I went to pee and decided to sit down as my shrinkage problem was even worse now. If I stood to pee I would make a mess. I washed my hands and face. My hair kept falling into my face. I quickly found an elastic and tied my hair back. I grabbed the second outfit I had bought and pulled on the shorts.

They were very tight but they did feel good. I pulled on the tank top and it wasn't going on like I expected. I remembered I had trusted the clerk's judgement on the size. I looked at the tag and it was a WOMAN's medium. I pulled off the shorts and looked at their tag. They were a woman's's medium too. I was confused so I looked in the laundry and sure enough the shorts and t-shirt I had been wearing in the race were a woman's medium too. They were still wet so I could not wear them. Just then there was a knock at the door. It was Sandi. From the bathroom I yelled for her to come in and please wait.I pulled on the shorts again. I pulled on the tank top. It was very tight and only came to just above by belly-button Ilooked down and with the effect of my shrinkage and weight loss I had what looked like a perfect woman's groin! I thought to myself that I had better go see Dr. Ho soon as I could as I was a bit distressed by the way my appearance was changing.

Sandi called out: "Are you ready to run Lee?"

I was confused and said I would be right there. I went in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I thought I looked like me but a bit smaller. My shorts looked like a ladies but I was wearing men's underwear so they were lumpy and very unflattering. I had on a tight lady's style top but I had nothing for it to cover.

I took off my underwear and put the shorts back on. They looked incredible on me! I couldn't stop staring at my beautiful rump in the mirror! I really wanted to go running and Sandi was already here so I figured I would go running now anyway, then go see Dr Ho. later. I went out to where Sandi was waiting for me. She was wearing a white track suit with violet trim. It looked really nice on her. She said she really liked my outfit! I thanked her for the compliment. She took off her track suit. She was dressed similarly to me but in a black outfit that was a bit larger than mine. She was obviously wearing panties and a bra as I could see their lines through her outfit. We headed out for our run. I set a pretty good pace and we ran about an hour and forty minutes. I felt like I could run further. I could not believe I was capable of running for this long but I wasn't going to complain about it. Sandi and I chatted a bit on the run and she told me about her last couple of relationships. I told her I had not been in one for some time. She seemed genuinely surprised.

When we got back to my place I invited Sandi up for a drink and a cool down.

Sandi approached me and asked if I would tell her something sort of personal. I answered that I probably wouldn't mind. She asked me: "What's it like to run wearing a thong?" I asked her what she meant. Sandi said that she jogged to keep her body tight and firm. She hated panty lines on women and had often thought about wearing a thong panty so that no panty lines would show through her shorts. She said she had noticed that I did not have any panty lines when we had been running and wanted to know if it was comfortable wearing a thong when I ran. In that moment it all made sense. The lady who sold me woman's clothes hadn't made an error. She thought I was a woman. That would have been because I was so small and I was wearing woman's clothing. My new friend Sandi thought I was a woman too. She was even asking for advice on ladies underwear! I had even noticed it myself looking at myself wearing this outfit. I thought to myself that I had better go see Dr. Ho as soon as possible. This was bizarre.

I snapped back to the reality of Sandi's question. I wasn't wearing underwear at all because mine didn't fit. I didn't think I should tell her that though so I lied. "It is very comfortable actually. You should try it."

She said she would and she asked if I wanted to run the day after tomorrow. I said I would love to. These runs were the only thing keeping me sane.

Sandi left and I went back to the mirror to take inventory again.

My head of hair was now very full and was down to my shoulders.

My face was smooth and hairless. It still looked like my face though.

My shoulders appeared a bit smaller.

My chest looked about the same but was a bit red and puffy and felt itchy.

My waist was tiny like a supermodel!

My hips flared out to a really feminine bottom and hips.

My penis was still there but was very short.

My legs were muscular but not big.

I stood on my toes and turned around.

I looked like I was about 10 years younger than I had before I started Dr.

Ho's treatment.

I weighed myself and was shocked to wee I was only 130 pounds now. I thought to myself: "I really do look like a woman now." I thought about Sandi's comment about a thong panty. I loved the way thong panties looked on women. I thought to myself that my bottom would look great in a thong! Then I stopped. I wondered how this could have happened and thought about what Dr. Ho had told me. He said something about being able to change me into the person I wanted to be. I never wanted to be a female before though. I decided to head out and had to find something to wear. I noticed Sandi had forgotten her track suit. I put it on and checked out how it fit me in the mirror. I thought it looked even better on me than it did on Sandi. I headed off to see Dr. Ho.

On my way to see Dr. Ho I had to walk through the shopping district and Chinatown. I went past a store that sold ladies underwear and it made me think again of Sandi's comment about the thong panties. I thought to myself:

"My bottom really would look spectacular in a thong!" I popped in and looked around. I had picked out 4 thong panties in a medium that I imagined would be very attractive on me. They were 4 different styles and materials. Then I went to pay and the lady commented that she had the matching bra's for each panty in just my size. I was confused as I had no need for a bra! She continued: "I'd say you are about a 32C. Is that right?"

I was about to ask her what she was talking about but then I looked down and saw what she was commenting on. I had breasts! Just the way I liked them on a woman. They they were spectacular! They were almost defying gravity and the nipples on them were sticking out at full salute. It was quite arousing looking at my firm breasts jiggling there! I was very puzzled. I had not had breasts a few minutes ago. I had gone through many changes but none had been so sudden. I could sure tell I had them now. I could feel their weight pulling nicely on my chest. I agreed to take the four panty / bra sets. She asked if I needed and swimwear or a pretty dress or shoes. I glanced around to see that this store specialized in sexy styles for women in general and not just underwear. I thanked her and said maybe another time. I asked to use her fitting room and put on one of the sets I had just bought. It was a seamless white cotton thong panty and the matching bra. The bra did up in the front. I read the box and it said it was a racerback bra with molded underwire cups. It was supporting and pushing my new breasts up beyond where they would normally rest. It was the first time in a while I had worn underwear as none of my old ones fit me any more.I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked great in my new outfit! I put my clothes back on over my new undergarments and headed towards Dr. Ho's with my other purchases in a bag.

I walked past Ming's. I was very hungry so I popped in for a quick bite. Mike came up and asked if he could help me. He hadn't even recognized me. Then he stopped in shock as he realized it was me. "Oh wow Lee! Is that you?"

I told him it was me and asked what he thought of my weight loss. He said:

"You look great but I thought you were a woman for a second!" I told him I had the same concern and was on my way to see his Uncle to discuss the changes to my appearance. He agreed I best see Dr Ho immediately. He asked why I had stopped in. I told him I was starving. He asked if I wanted my usual chow-mein but I did not. I had a plate of steamed vegetable and some rice. Mike sat and had a meal with me. I headed off when I was done.

I turned back to wave good bye and I notice Mike checking out my bottom. We made eye contact and he appeared embarrassed. I was a bit mad for a second then I remembered I had been quite amazed by my great ass too. "Boys will be boys", I giggled to myself.

I went straight to Dr. Ho's office and went in to see him. I asked him "What is happening to me"? He asked who I was. I explained who I was and his mouth fell open. He got mad and said: "You never told me you wanted to be a woman!" I asked him what he was talking about? I told him I had never wanted to be a woman. He said that was impossible. He said: "Look at you. You are wearing woman's clothing and you have breasts!" He explained that the medicines and magic he had used on me were to change my body into that which I had wished for. He reminded me of my only other instruction which was to keep in my mind the final result I wanted to obtain. He asked what I had wanted to be like when I was done. I reminded him that I had wanted to be thinner and healthier. He said he knew this but that he had told me to stay focused on the end result I had hoped for. I had wanted to be thin and healthy so bad I had not thought further than that. He still seemed puzzled. "If that is all you had wanted then that is all that should have happened? The only way that this could have happened to you is if you pictured what you would look like as a woman. You never pictured something like that did you? Or what you would look like in a woman's outfit?".

I was about to say no then I remembered wearing Janice's outfit to the store and admiring how I looked compared to her. I explained this to Dr. Ho and he was shocked. I told him the whole story up to how I was sitting there in a revealing woman's outfit covered by an attractive woman's track suit. My new breasts had grown so quickly because I had been actually picturing myself in the panties I had been buying. He explained that I had better decide what result I was hoping to achieve of I would be stuck this way! I asked him how far this magic could change me? He said that it could easily change me into a fully functioning woman if I did not start picturing myself as a man when this was done. I was truly shocked! That was the farthest thing from my intentions. He suggested I get a body building magazine and picture myself looking like the men in it as much as possible. He said there was still enough time to correct what had happened to me.He said that if I continued the way I was going for more than a couple of days I would become a woman forever! He told me that I should not picture or think what I might look like as a woman and that I should definitely not wear womans clothing. I agreed that that was a good idea.

On the way home I bought a "Muscle and Fit" magazine and a wrestling" magazine. There were lots of fit men's pictures in them. I went to get undressed for bed. I took off the track suit and put it on the bottom of my bed. I looked at myself in the mirror again. I checked out my butt first. Sandi was correct. You could not see the panty lines of the thong through my shorts, unless you really looked hard anyway. Through my tight tank top my new breasts stuck out firmly and proudly with beautiful pert nipples crowning them off! You could see the slight outlines of the bra supporting them. My hair was down to the bottom of my shoulders now. I took off my top and shorts and admired the person looking back at me in the mirror. I appeared to be an attractive woman wearing a thong panty and a bra! I admired my beautiful new cleavage. I had perfect breasts! Firm and beautiful but not too heavy for my jogging. I turned to the mirror to check out the thong on my ass and saw the prettiest little ladies bottom I could imagine! Muscular and firm but round and beautiful. I turned again to check out the front of my panty. It appeared to be the way a ladies panty should look! I panicked and thought I might have gone too far! I reached down into my panties to see what was there. I still had my penis. Sort of anyway. It was almost flat against my pelvis. I was relieved I hadn't lost it completely!

I panicked a bit about the way I had just been admiring myself and I remembered the warnings Dr. Ho had given me. I decided to keep my underwear on for coverage and go to bed looking at the pictures in the magazines I had bought. That should get me focused back on an end result I would be pleased with from Dr. Ho's treatment. I looked at the pictures of the bodybuilders and wrestlers. They were so big. They had large muscles and I imagined them being not very flexible. I loved the flexibility of my body now. I put the magazines down and tried to think of the kind of man's body I liked. I thought of Mike's body. He was small and lean but very muscular. He had strong arms and shoulders and a tight "six pack". That was more my style I thought and I headed off to sleep thinking of a male body like Mike's.

The next morning I awoke still thinking of a man's body like Mike's. I was still half dreaming.

In my thoughts the man was laying on his back naked. He was very well hung too. I figured I was on my way! Then I pictured my ass in the mirror last night. I could picture my new female body straddled across Mike's naked body. I could see my beautiful naked back and ass. I could see the edges of my breasts just a bit looking from behind. I was raising up and down on my knees above Mike. I could see the shaft of Mike's penis as I went up each time. It was hard and wide. In my thoughts I was bucking like a stallion with Mike's penis inside me. I was moaning in shock at how it felt.

I sat up in shock as I fully awoke and realized what I had been fantasizing about. I was soaked in sweat and my bra and panty was soaked as well. I pulled them off and jumped in the shower. I shampooed my hair. It took much more shampoo than it ever had before. While I was washing myself I couldn't help but felt my breasts. They were very sensitive to touch and my nipples hardened as I was exploring. The warm shower felt great. I washed my waist and bottom. Then I went to wash my penis and balls. I screamed in shock. They were not there any more. I looked down to see what appeared to be a perfect little muff of hair on a woman's vagina. I felt around to explore and took inventory. I had not felt a vagina in many years but there was no mistaking that that was what I had. I explored it gently with my finger and quickly found out what it felt like to have my own vagina. It was very moist and welcoming to my exploration. I rubbed my clitoris and just about fainted. I regained my composure and continued to play with myself. I could feel what I knew was a climax coming. My entire body shuddered in ecstasy as I had my first female orgasm. It was amazing. I continued to rub my clit then thought I had better stop and get dressed and think about what I had been doing.

I got out I dried myself off and combed out my hair. It was very difficult to comb now as it was even longer now. I put on one of my old t-shirts and sat at a table looking through the two magazines I had bought the night before. I liked the way the men looked. Some of them were very attractive. But I didn't want to be like them. I tried thinking of men that looked like Mike again. I really thought that they were attractive but I didn't want to look like that either! I loved the way I felt healthy and I really enjoyed my new abilities in running. I even like the way I looked now. I went over to the packages I had bought and picked out a panty and thong set. They were a pretty delicate pink coloured set made of a silky satin. The bra was a seamless demi bra that did up in the back. I hesitated for a second trying to figure how to put it on. Then wrapped it around myself backwards.

I did up the clasp.

Turned it around to the front.

I slipped my arms through the straps. I put the matching panty on and walked to the mirror and looked at myself once again. The evening before I had thought I looked like a fairly attractive woman. Now looking at myself I actually was a woman! I pulled my hair back to look at my face. It looked much like it had the night before but my lips were a bit fuller. My cheek bones were a bit higher and my nose was a bit smaller and prettier. I looked into my eyes. The were blue like always but were incredibly beautiful.They appeared to look right through to my soul.My long dark hair was beautiful as well. It was down to the middle of my back. I flipped some of it forward on one side and it rested gently on my right breast. I looked incredibly beautiful! I really liked the way I looked now! I felt great and looked great.

Right then and there I decided I was going to stop beating myself up and stay this way for the rest of my life! I felt an incredible sense of relief from my decision.

I was now who I wanted to be!

I decided to get dressed for the day. All I had were the 2 running outfits and the track suit that belonged to Sandi. I decided I needed to start my new life by getting some new clothes. The running outfits were both dirty and damp so I just put the track suit on over my underwear and pulled on my runners and headed off for a shopping trip for my new life.

The End


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