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Synopsis: A guy is hypnotized to prevent sexual arousal by women other than his wife. When he falls in love with another girl, trouble begins...


An Ounce of Prevention...

by Cleo Girlie


Chapter 1. A plan is hatched.

Derek married rich and young. His wife of two years, Joyce, was a part of an influential family in town. All his friends were happy for him, of course, but there were some warnings issued. He didn't listen, and the price was indeed.. high.

Derek sat there with the whiskey bottle, staring at the golden glow.

"Are you ok honey?" Joyce looked at him with concern.

"I was just thinking.. what will I do when we get to Toronto?" Derek's lack of proper formal education was of real concern to him even though he was good with computers and had several programming jobs with nice bonuses as trophies in the past.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get there dear, besides, Daddy said he'd find something for you to do."

"Yeah, that also worries me." Derek tried to smile as he said this, but there truly was no amusement in his eyes.

Joyce, picking up on his mood, moved closer. His arm draped her now and she tried to make him feel better, the only way she knew would work instantly and without resistance.

"Wh... Joy..ce" Derek's eyes closed as her hand caressed him, knowing all the spots that should be paid attention to.

His mind stopped. No longer did he concern himself with these little things he worried about daily ever since they got married. No thoughts of jobs or a career. No thoughts at all but the pleasure that was passing through his body and the monotonous rhythm of the train on its tracks.

Joyce on the other hand, was thinking. She was planning. She carefully manipulated her husband's member with skill and knowledge, but her mind was on other issues. Elated at finally leaving Derek's hometown, she was willing to let him have his playtime, for the time being, of course.

'Two long years in that hole... unbelievable' Her failure to get Derek out of there sooner was like the cold sores you might get if you stayed out too much in those winds and snow blisters. It was bugging her like those aweful flies that were dominating the city around summer time. Derek's hometown was a terrible place for a modern woman to live indeed.


Getting off the train, Joyce and Derek made sure they forgot nothing and headed to the parking lot to be met by a driver sent by Joyce's father.

The car sped through the city and making its way out of the busy area. Finally it halted in front of large iron gates that opened promptly. Derek woke up, and carefully looked around, trying not to wake up Joyce before it was necessary; the train ride was a fatiguing business.

As the gates opened, the car made its way to a house, well, more like castle, that was encased within a very intricately arranged lawn giving the place a look of sophistication belied by the surroundings outside.

Derek now realized that all his fears about Joyce's family were substantiated. How could he hope to gain the trust and respect of people living in a place like this? Joyce's touch disrupted his thoughts and he smiled at her, unwilling to let his despair rain on her parade.

Joyce's mother was standing at the end of the driveway up to the house. Her dark hair shone as if having a life of its own. Derek remembered her as the nicest member of the Drylure family, other than Joyce herself.

"Mommie..." Joyce cried as she got out of the car, her perfect wrinkle free pencil skirt wrapping her shapely legs. Derek's eyes were on his wife's legs as he was out of the car before her and already busied himself with taking the luggage out of the trunk.

Alexandra Drylure surveyed the young man her daughter married as he wrestled a big square box out of the trunk and away from the prying hands of the driver offering his help with zealousness.


Settled in their room, Joyce and Derek both sat on the Queen-size bed.

"It was very nice of Mommie to renovate my old room and put in this bed, don't you think?" Joyce smiled innocently at Derek, while her hand was already up his pant leg.

"Joyce.. jeez, we just got here.. please..." Derek couldn't believe he was turning her down, but in all seriousness, what if someone came to check in on them, or invite them for dinner perhaps?

"Ok.. you're right, there's time enough for that.. later." Joyce pushed her hair away from her face with that carefree motion he grew to love over their two years of marriage.

Derek nodded his head, as if dazed. Joyce giggled.

"I suggest you rest a bit, then freshen up and get ready for dinner, while I have a little chat with Mommie.. You know I haven't had the chance lately."

"Ok honey, first thing after I check my computer's made it safely" Derek was already beside the big box containing his PC, tearing the tape.

Joyce let out a sigh of annoyance. "I swear, sometimes, its as if this computer is more important to you than I am."

Derek smiled at her and simply nodded, grinning widely. Joyce threw a pillow from the bed at him, giggled and got up.

"Ok.. have fun you two, I'm going to tell my Mommie what a lousy husband I have.. neglecting me like that, preferring a cold box of wires and plastic!" With that, Joyce stuck her tongue out, but did nothing in the way of exiting the room.

Derek took the hint, slowly and deliberately, walking towards Joyce, his hands lowered to his sides, his eyes glaring. Joyce squealed as Derek got to her and pounced her, both of them falling on the bed!

His lips were hot on hers. Hers were reciprocating, which made the kiss last a good couple of minutes. They were both still smiling as Joyce left the room and Derek was checking his precious beast of wires and plastic.


"I'm telling you Sweetie, your husband is crazy about you" Alexandra adamantly reiterated.

"Oh, I know he's crazy about me, now... but..." Joyce's face did convey real anguish.

"No buts dear. He truly loves you; I've seen you two together."

Joyce moved uneasily on her seat.

"Mommie.. its just... I've seen him look at other women." Joyce's eyes were full of a sense of betrayal.

"Joyce, listen to me." Alexandra's face tightened. She was not going to let this marriage end in disaster as her long time friend predicted. God knows her daughter could be a hothead.

"That man, loves and adores you. He worships the ground you walk on and the air you glide through. Men always have and always will look at other women. It is how they are built, it is not their fault. That's what nature intended for them!"

"Well, I have other plans Mommie!" Joyce got up in a haste, her long hair trailing like a red storm.

"Just make sure you don't lose him, please. Don't scare him off whatever you do." Her mother's voice sounded tired.

Standing up, Joyce looked down at her mother. Her hands were fidgeting as she twisted her shining wedding ring.

"Will you help me Mother?" Joyce's eyes were very serious as she examined her mother's face for a response, as well as evaluated what her mother was about to say.

"You know I love you dearly, and will do anything in my power to secure your happiness. You need not ask."

"Then please invite Mrs Falconetti for dinner tonight?" Joyce's voice was a bit shaky as she said that, but her demeanor was serious.

"I will do that, if you wish it. I hope you remember she was the one to say your marriage would be a failure unless you open your heart to your husband and let him know all your fears and concerns."

"Yes Mother, I remember, she said that two years ago." Joyce turned to leave her mother's room.

"...And she could still be proven right." Her mother, silently, sadly, added in her mind.


Emilia Antoinette Falconetti sat with her white cat Mr. Frimples. She was old, but not old enough to show it, or at least that's what all who knew her said.

"You be a good little kitty Frimples, Momma has to go to dinner with friends."

The cat looked at her, his eyes very round and serious. His whiskers twitched once, twice. His eyes got wider. He meowed and jumped off her lap, thus formally informing his human slave that the interview was over!

"Tsk tsk tsk... silly cat."

Emilia wraps her scarf around her shoulders and gently puts the slender gold chain and locket in her hand into her purse.

She takes the elevator down to the street where a taxi is waiting for her. The driver tries to make small talk on the way to the Drylure residence, but Emilia pretends not to speak English which is ok with the driver who knows he'll get paid on arrival.

The taxi deposits its passenger at the gates and drives away. Emilia is escorted to the house by her old friend, Alexandra.

"We're almost ready to eat dear." Alexandra says as the doors are opened by a butler.

Emilia smiles to the elderly man, to which he nods and steps aside, letting both women pass through.

"Your daughter sent this invite?"

"Yes, she did. I am of course delighted to have your presence at dinner but I did not wish to intrude on your quality time with Mr. Frimples." Both women laugh at this and enter the dining room.

"Aunt Emmie!" Joyce rises from her chair. Her dress shimmering around her supple body.

Derek looks at the older woman who clearly seems to be older than Alexandra. He smiles with embarrassment as Joyce's hair, brushing against his face causes an indecent swelling.

"Awwww, Little Joy, my have you grown in beauty!" Emilia's smile is as big as her heart when she hugs Joyce.

"You must tell me all about married life, and how this man of yours treats you!"

"Of course! And you, must tell me all about Frimples antics!" Joyce manages to sound excited about the notion of listening to silly cat tales, all the while going over her plan for Derek in her mind.


Dinner was served and eaten. Mr Drylure and Derek enjoyed a fine glass of whiskey as the girls had some mint tea outside on the porch, letting the a warm night's breeze graze their cheeks, flushed from reminiscing stories about Joyce's childhood and ludicrous antics by Mr Frimples.

"Aunt Emilia..." Joyce's voice is deep now, her eyes conspiratorial.

"Yes dear..?" Emilia look at her and smiles, already anticipating the girl has something on her mind that only her aunt can resolve.

Joyce's eyelashes flutter, but she collects herself.

"I.. have a little problem with Derek."

Emilia's face becomes as smooth and calm as a glass surface. It is because of moments like this that people can never guess her right age. She listens intently now, letting Joyce explain her predicament.

"He looks at other women." As soon as Joyce says that, she feels she is doing the right thing by telling Emilia about it. Her mother may not be able to offer any direct help, but surely, Aunt Emilia can!

Emilia and Alexandra exchange knowledgeable looks.

"You told her about how men are I assume?"

Alexandra nods and smiles tiredly.

Joyce smiles wanly as Emilia now takes both her hands in hers.

"I won't give you the speech about how men are.." Emilia speaks now in a very soft voice, making Joyce have to concentrate on her words and assimilate them.

Joyce nods, listening intently.

"...and you remember what I said about your marriage and how they may end."

"Yes.. but.." Joyce's eyes are suddenly filled with tears as she remembers how Emilia warned her of how marriages end when communication does not take priority in a couple's life.

"Have you talked to him about it?" Emilia asks softly, her hand gently wiping a tear from Joyce's eye. Immediately, the memory of a crying 8 year old Joyce appears in her mind. The girl scraped her knee falling off a swing. Then, and now, the impulse to comfort and console is great.

Joyce shakes her head and her eyes look down at her fidgeting hands. The wedding ring slides around her finger with ease. Emilia looks at the girl's dainty fingers as they play with the elegantly engraved gold band, the embedded stone playfully glittering.

"What's on your mind dear?" Emilia sighs knowingly. There will be no changing of Joyce's mind once its set. The girl clearly isn't just asking for advice, she has a plan.

"Auntie.. remember how you let me play with your necklace?" Joyce's eyes sparkle now, remembering.

"Yes, and I told you never to look too deep if you let the locket dangle." Emilia's heart is fearful now, for it is clear to her where Joyce is going with this.

"Exactly. Please Auntie? I merely want to be secure in his love for me." Joyce's eyes are pleading, her hands squeezing Emilia's.

Emilia and Alexandra both sigh with resignation.

"You want me to hypnotize Derek." Emilia almost whispers now, to which Joyce replies with a nod, her dark blue eyes sparkle with tears.




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