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Synopsis: A guy is hypnotized to prevent sexual arousal by women other than his wife. When he falls in love with another girl, trouble begins...


An Ounce of Prevention...

by Cleo Girlie

Chapter 2. Suggestions.


"Derek, are you comfortable dear?" Emilia said calmly and slowly as her hand was checking Derek's pulse.

"Uh.......huh" Came a mumbled response as Derek's eyes fluttered.

Emilia used her lockette on an unsuspecting Derek after he was asked by Joyce to come meet her dear Auntie Emmie.

All three women were sitting there, staring at Derek for a moment. Joyce was the first to actually whisper.

"Auntie, may I speak to him now and give him my... instructions?"

"In a moment dear, I have to condition him to your voice, since he will respond only to mine at the moment" Emilia was examining Derek's face for any signs of discomfort or stress.

"Derek, can you hear me?" Emilia's voice was calm, but had a slight variance in tone, almost going up and down now but monotonic. Joyce somehow felt ill at ease hearing her Aunt's voice, but she braced herself.

"Yes." Derek's response came, laconic and automatic.

"I will count down from three to one, when I reach one, you will open your eyes, you will only see Joyce and hear Joyce in the room. Is that clear Derek?" Emilia's voice kept droning.


"As Joyce speaks to you, she will give you instructions. You will feel compelled to listen to Joyce and after she is done, you will comply with her instructions and feel great satisfaction as you do so." Emilia nodded at Joyce as she started counting.

"Three... Two... One!"

Derek sat upright, his eyes open at once and looking steadily at Joyce!

Both Emilia and Alexandra got up and silently walked out of the room; neither of them wanted to know what Joyce had to say to Derek at this point.

"Derek dear, can you hear me?" Joyce's voice was quiet, but unsteady.

"Yes Joyce, I can hear you"

"Derek, wouldn't you want to help me solve a big problem I have?" Joyce decided to take a stealthy approach to the matter.

Inside the house, Alexandra and Emilia sat together at the dining room table.

"I do hope the child knows what she is doing Alex" Emilia's expression was very serious as she looked at her friend's face, trying to find answers there.

Alexandra smiled ruefully.

"I'm not so sure myself Emmie".

Their faces were grave with concern as Joyce finally came out to call her Aunt to bring Derek out of his hypnotic stupor.


Derek woke up the next morning with a song in his heart and cheerful thoughts filling his head. Everything was going to be just fine, Joyce's Dad would offer him a great job and all would be ok!

Twenty minutes later, his world was in shambles.

Like all disasters, it started inconspicuously, as Derek was watching TV after getting out of bed and waiting for his turn of the shower.

He was thinking of Joyce who was showering now. His imagination ran wild, thinking of Joyce under the hot steamy water, her body glistening with soft jets caressing every nook and cranny.

At first, he felt his member harden. Then something truely weird happened. The TV station cut to commercials, another one of those showing a woman washing her hair with zeal.

All of a sudden, his underwear filled with liquid warmness but in his mind, he was asking himself odd questions!

'Would it not be so wonderful to have such long lustrous hair to wash??'

'It sure would be great to feel all that soft luxurious hair running down my back, right??'

Joyce came out of the shower and was almost run-over by a blushing Derek as he ran past her and diving into the shower, shutting its door.

From the shower came muffled sighs and moans, whimpers and squeals. Joyce knew her plan was going to work.


When Derek finally came out of the shower all red with the heat, another terrible shock awaited him.

Joyce wasn't in the room, so he stood in front of the full length mirror, and let the towel wrapping his chest and waist fall down.

His eyes made a double-take to his head, where his hair was wrapped, turban-style, with another towel; a pink one, left by Joyce probably.

'I never do that... what the heck was I thinking??' Derek mentally scolded himself, yet deep down inside, there was some pleasure to be had from having your hair wrapped like he has seen Joyce and so many other women do.

Dressed up in his usual clothes and calm enough to appear in public, Derek made his way to the dining room table where the whole family was having breakfast already.

Joyce, sipping her tea, motioned him to take the seat next to hers, which Derek meekly did.

Alexandra's eyes, following his every movement confirmed his suspissions that today was going to be another tough day to get by.

"Had a good night sleep son?" Walton Drylure's hoarse voice did nothing to improve Derek's mood.

Joyce gently caressed Derek's forearm to bring him out of his meditation. Apparently, he has heard Walton's question because he nodded his head absentmindedly.

"Did you have anything planned for today Mom?"

"Not really dear, have you any ideas on how to spend a lovely snowy morning?" Alexandra's face lit up as she remembered how joyfull Joyce always was riding a little sleigh in the snow as a child.

"I was thinking of going to the mall, just to meet up with some old girlfriends." Joyce carefully examined Derek's face as she said that, knowing all too well that Derek should now be feeling mixed emotions about wanting to see her old time girlfriends.

When Derek met Joyce for the first time, she was virtually surrounded by a pack of beautiful girlfriends. The fact that Derek actually made his way, parting the group to get to her was in its own right a small miracle.

Derek heard Joyce. His face blushed now as his mind recalled her girlfriends and their beauty. The reason for his blush was not pure and simple manly lust for a beautiful woman. That emotion was easily handled by mature males; this however was something different. He found himself wondering about their bodies, their clothse, their scent. Why were they so magnificent and would it at all be possible for him to be the same?

His apparent discomfort made Joyce feel more secure in her new found hold over Derek. No more will he ogle her girlfriends, or any other woman but her in fact! She made sure of that with the help of her Aunt Emilia.

Derek, not knowing why his mind suddenly was dysfunctional in mysterious, yet pleasurable ways, he excused himself from the table and rushed back to the room.

Joyce followed him and found him lying on the bed, face down.

"Honey, want to come with me to meet Maya and Kara?"

Immediate flashes of the two gorgeous women flew in Derek's mind, to which his body responded with pleasure as was evident from the subtle twitch in his crotch. His feeble mumbling was unintelligible.

"Are you ok sweetie? Do you have a fever or something?" Joyce sat on the side of the bed, gently caressing Derek's hair.

"I'm fine, just a little lagged because of the trip and going to sleep late last night" Derek turned to face her, his face calmer but still there was evidence of turmoil in it.

"Ok, what will you do if I go out to meet them?" Joyce smiled at him. Her heart went out to him and on a sudden impulse, she felt obliged to tell him everything, but she didn't. 'Better let this run its course and see things through' That's what her dad always tried to teach her.

"I.. I'll be ok, don't worry baby. I'm fine, really." Derek smiled at her and got up, regaining his self-confidence.

Joyce leaned to kiss Derek, his lips pressed on hers in return and he felt extermly happy to find out that this time, his mind was completely occupied by the kiss itself and not with thoughts about how wondrous it would be to have such pouty lips just like Joyce has!

He felt so happy about it that without thought, his hand gently caressed Joyce's left breast. She moaned softly at that and sucked on his lower lip. Suddenly, they were at each other's arms in an embrace which Joyce longed to have.

She was pleasently surprised as Derek hugged her tighter. Maybe the side-effects to her instructions for him was a gentler, more snuggleable Derek?

Joyce groaned as she pulled herself away from Derek's arms. His warmth was something she dearly missed as of late. She smiled at his sleeping form, how long was it since he last fell asleep actually holding her?


Derek slowly woke up, he moved, his arm tentatively searching for Joyce's warm body. By the time he realized she was gone, he was fully awake.

Pulling himself up from the bed was a distressing job. Joyce's scent was fresh in his mind, her softness and satisfying plumpness were now gone. He remembered fondly, their first meeting at the local gym.

Joyce was graceful, never fat, her muscles always toned; in perfect shape. He on the other hand was, well... having a job like his meant you got to sit around in your cubicle -- or office, if you were lucky enough -- and do nothing but push keys on the keyboard or write notes. So there he was, in the local gym, being instructed by this girl on a weight-lifting contraption.

She looked great, her name was Joyce. Seven months later, they were engaged! She had many plans, apparently none of them included staying in Derek's little hometown. Joyce always said her job at the gym was a temporary thing, and so was her stay in town; her origins were much more urban.

Derek couldn't help sliding his hand over his abdomen. Things sure changed since he went to that gym. Joyce kept him in shape in more ways than weight-lifting or aerobic exercises. He was happier that way, even he had to admit it to himself. His body was in better shape and his mind was properly stimulated by her playfully mysterious manner.

'So, she is meeting old friends' Derek thought. Maybe she had her day planned around that; she may not be back until tonight.

He decided to go out. The day is probably too beautiful to waste, even if it might be snowing and windy outside. Putting his coat on, he left the room and walked to the front door.

Joyce's mother was just coming down the stairs as he opened the front door.

"Derek, dear... going out?"

"Yes, I wanted to take a walk outside" Derek imagined his palms were sweaty; surprised to see they were dry as usual. 'She always scared me... I hope she would just let me go.'

"Have fun dear, and try to be back before lunch, ok?" Alexandra smiled. She did sound cheerful.

Derek nodded and left the house, closing the door behind him. Even if it was cold, windy and snowing outside, he'd still rather brave that than face his mother-in-law.


It wasn't snowing. There was no wind although it was cold. The sun was shining and the whole world looked bright and happy. Snow crunched under Derek's feet as he walked crossed the street.

He didn't get far before a young girl bumped into him from behind. Her arms rose in the air and draped over his shoulders, hugging his neck; her legs flailing for balance.

"Woah! Are you ok? Miss?" He was very glad his reflexes allowed him to stabilize them both instead of sprawling all over the pavement.

The girl nodded, her blonde ponytail bobbing slightly. Deep brown eyes looked into his. She clearly was happy to have been caught by him.

"I'm.. ok, really," Her smile was genuinely thankful.

"...just lost control there." Her hand pointed to the pavement were a large piece of concrete was broken off.

Derek looked at her feet. Rollerblades. Red, with pink and white pompoms at the backs. Derek gently untangled himself from her grasp.

"I'm sorry... thanks for breaking my fall." She smiled again, blushing this time.

"That's alright, no problem... I'm actually new here." He smiled back at her, noting she was pretty.

He found himself amused by her blushing. He could use a tour-guide, and a cute one to boot!

"Oh... umm.. I should go, really.." She looked up at him, her eyes were wide now, her mind possibly contemplating him being criminally insane, or simply a jerk who might harm her.

"Ugh, sorry... I'm Derek" His hand still had hers in it. Shaking her hand seemed to infuse some confidence in her and her eyes brightened again.

"Maddie." said the girl; the sun sparkling in her hair fascinating Derek.

She took a step backwards, collecting herself. Now she seemed to feel safer, knowing his name and standing a bit away.

Derek started to turn and took a step before she touched his arm.

"I was just going this way too." Her voice sounded inviting, so Derek turned.

"Actually... I don't know where I'm headed." Derek grinned.

She knelt, took off her rollerblades and replaced them with running shoes from her backpack.

"Well, maybe I'll show you around." She smiled, offered her hand; he nodded. Her hand felt warm and soft in his as they started walking.




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