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Synopsis: A guy is hypnotized to prevent sexual arousal by women other than his wife. When he falls in love with another girl, trouble begins...


An Ounce of Prevention...

by Cleo Girlie


Chapter 3. Accidents.

Joyce was driving her blue Mazda, the memory of snuggling with Derek still fresh in her mind; it was delightful to have Derek hold her like that. Her mind amazed by how good it felt. 'He always gets so demanding when he is aroused, but this time... it was different' She pondered. 'I wonder what Derek is up to' was the last thought she had as all went black.

A group of spectators and bystanders wasted no time gathering around the steaming wrecked blue Mazda. Sirens sounded a few minutes later, as an ambulance and a police car appeared. The body of a young woman was taken out of the blue car, carefully placed on a gurney.

The medic's radio buzzed and shrieked a few times before the medic actually spoke into it. "Multiple traumas to the head, pupils unresponsive, no other injuries, we're bringing her in." The woman was wheeled into the waiting ambulance and the gathering was cleared by the police officer staying behind.


Derek followed Maddie. She was walking now, having taken her roller blades off and changed to regular black and red tennis shoes. Their pace was leisurely but not slow. He actually enjoyed staying back a step or two so he could see her body in motion. She was younger than Joyce, but not by much, maybe two or three years.

"This is where I work" Maddie turned and smiled at Derek.

Lifting his eyes, Derek squinted against the sun's glare and read the unlit neon sign.

"Leopard's Paw" Derek said it out loud and looked into Maddie's smiling face.

"Ok, well, it's a crappy joint, but it's a job, alright?" Her eyes glared just a bit, daring him.

"Y… yeah ok… Sure" Derek smiled soothingly.

"You work in a… strip-bar."

"Don't get any ideas, I don't dance, just pour drinks, ok?" Maddie was still smiling, but her eyes were narrower now, as if in defiance. It was clear to Derek she has had this – or a similar – discussion with other people already.

"No problems there… and umm… I should be going anyway so… have a good day at work and… maybe I'll see you sometime." Derek was ready to step back and start walking the other way when Maddie's hand softly touched his.

"Is one drink such a bad idea?" Her smile was like the sun coming through clouds. Her blonde ponytail swishing as her head moved, her eyes now in a straight line with his.

"I guess not, but… I must get back to…" Derek didn't know how to finish that sentence.

"…To walking down the streets helping damsels in distress?" Maddie finished it for him, and not in an unpleasurable manner at that.

"Ok, ok… I…" Derek was starting to blush now.

"Come on, I'll buy you a drink, least I can do to thank you, right?" Maddie's smile was a victorious one indeed; she knew how to win graciously.

Derek, unwilling to give up any edge in this struggle of the sexes, was quicker and pushed the heavy doors open, letting Maddie pass through first.

"Thanks!!" Her blonde hair danced in front of his face, freshly shampooed and smelling of flowers and sunshine.


"I won't lie to you Mrs' Drylure, your daughter is in a difficult condition." The doctor's face was contorted and lined with fatigue and stress.

"She is out of the critical stages, we operated, relieved some inside pressure. Now she has a fighting chance, but she still has a long way to go before she's completely out of danger."

Alexandra could not speak. Her eyes were steady, locked into the doctor's eyes, holding on to every little shred of hope he could offer. She knew her daughter was fighting for her life in the next room and this man and his colleagues have done whatever they could to help her.

The doctor turned to leave as two tall women approached Alexandra, one of them taking her hands in hers, the other bringing the older woman a paper cup with water in it.

Maya, longish raven bob, was helping Alexandra to a seat. Kara, a redhead with soft feather like bangs, collected Alexandra's coat and purse and moved them to where the three ladies could sit and talk in relative comfort.

"They called the house… I think she was still conscious perhaps because they must have gotten the number from her, she had nothing with the number written down, you know… they just got here…" Alexandra's voice broke off.

Maya held the older woman's frail body, and Alexandra limply let her. Kara stood up and walked to the nurse's station.

"Excuse me, Miss… Mrs Denton's belongings, didn't she have a cellular phone with her?"

The nurse picked up a little tray with a small beige purse, a pair of earrings and a small cellular phone with hearts on its face.

"Are you a relative Ma'am?"

Kara, already expecting the question motioned for Maya to help Alexandra come to the nurse's station.

The cellular came to life in Kara's hand just as the three ladies were about to take their seats.

The small screen displayed: "DEREK."


"Hello… Joyce?" Derek's voice rose above the sounds of booming music.

"No, this is Kara, Joyce had an accident Derek. She's at the hospital, please come at once!"

"Accident? Yes, yes… of course, which hospital?" Derek's eyes darted to the bar where Maddie was engaged in a complex series of movements performed to achieve the perfect foam-free beer glass ever.

Her blonde hair – now untied, each strand left to fend for itself against the soft pink lights above the racks of bottles and glasses – was glowing like one of those halos only angels wore.

Derek was in shock; a state of mind that does not inspires clear and stable thoughts. He knew he was shocked since it made no sense thinking about Maddie as an angel while his wife was fighting for her life.

Maddie saw the change in his face as he spoke on his cellular. She finished pouring the beer and brought the glass to Derek who was holding on to the railing to steady himself.

Rising from his stool, Derek took the beer, downed it quicker than it had taken Maddie to carefully pour it, and handed it back along with a $5 bill.

Maddie shook her head slightly; her face smiling just enough to let Derek know payment wasn't necessary without eliciting any attention from the Bar Owner.

"I need a favour" Derek did his best to keep his voice from shaking. Maddie looked at him, nodding almost immediately, even before he came up with the next thing to say.

"What is it?" Maddie frowned. Derek couldn't help wondering whether her eyes were naturally so wide and mesmerizing, or was it also her make-up.

"My… wife had an accident, she's at the hospital, and I really could use a ride there?"

Derek knew he said something wrong when Maddie looked into his eyes, something flashed in hers, and was gone in an instant.

Maddie opened the back door behind the counter and disappeared inside. A moment later, she came out, the bar Owner following her.

"Uh… Hi, Robert, pleased to meet you… My sister tells me you need a ride?"

Derek smiled in absolute surprise; all he could do was nod his agreement, feeling very thankful to Maddie and her brother.


Robert parked his black jeep and Derek was out of it even before the engine was off.

Both men hurriedly zigzagged through lines of people waiting in the hospital ER. Finally finding the elevator to take them to the ICU ward.

"Did they give you any details at all" Robert looked at Derek, sincerely concerned it seemed.

All Derek could think was how lucky he was to have found Maddie and her brother and how kind it was of them both to lend immediate help. Derek shook his head. Robert nodded shortly.

Derek rushed out as soon as the elevator doors opened. Robert followed, and both men quickly made their way to the nurse station.

"Yes, may I help…"

"Joyce Denton?" Derek didn't even let the nurse finish, his eyes urging the woman to find the room number and send him on his way there.

"Room 411, its to the left"

"Thank you" said Robert, as Derek was already gone.

Maya and Kara found Derek with his hand on the doorknob. Before Derek could open the door, Maya shook her head and Kara took hold of Derek's arm, pulling him aside.

"Where were you?" Kara's hair shifted as her perfect lips parted as she spoke. Derek caught the expression of disdain on Kara's face right before it disappeared as Robert came to stand behind him.

Both women now looked at Robert, and it was as if Derek wasn't even there. Taking advantage of the situation, Derek slipped away, opening the door. Inside, Joyce lay on the hospital bed, her face calm and peaceful.

Monitors beeped regularly. Everything you'd expect from a hospital scene you could see in any soap during morning-TV, including a sobbing Alexandra.

Derek rushed in and hugged his mother-in-law.

"I don't know how… what… She was on her way to meet them when…"

"I know…" Derek gently led the woman to a chair and helped her sit down.

Looking at Joyce again, he suddenly felt a very odd emotion. He felt that everything would be ok. He felt Joyce's presence somehow. It was as if she was on the bed, in body, but standing beside him in spirit.

Derek felt – or imagined he felt – a breath of warm air on his neck when Joyce's voice whispered to him.

"Its ok, I'm not upset, she's after all a very nice girl and she helped you come see me, didn't she?"

Derek couldn't help but turn around to where the voice allegedly came from. "What…?" he whispered hoarsely.




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