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Anthony / Antonia

by Georgina


I stood at the half open door to the room and gazed at the amazing sight that met my disbelieving eyes. The room was my own bedroom and my own son was indulging in what was, to any other eyes but mine, a terribly, unnatural, if not perverted. game. To others it would certainly seem so but I found it thoroughly fascinating and definitely exciting. He was dressing in my own clothes and very definitely getting an enornous sexual kick from the experience as his jutting hardness testified. At sixteen Tony was about a size less than me but of the same slim, coltish build. I was fortunate to have kept my figure since his birth, well raised a size barely, from ten to twelve, but my breasts were still firm and full with no hint of sag and my body smooth with no evidence of cellulite. he even had my features and with his fashionably long hair he looked very– beautiful, especially since he had styled it in a very pretty feminine style and had made himself up very expertly with my cosmetics. What interested me was that he had delved into my old wardrobe where I, a compulsive hoarder, had saved all the clothes from my early days as a society girl in the fifties.

We, my son and I, my husband had died several years before, lived in a large apartment in Chelsea and we had plenty of room. 'That built in wardrobe held an enormous quantity of dresses, gowns, lingerie and corsets', along with shoes from those heady days of luxury and fun. Watching my little boy child turning himself into a very beautiful girl of the fifties. and one that looked very similar to me. was a highly arousing spectacle to my avidly excited eyes. My own body was trembling and the secret place between my lily white thighs was weeping with desire and sheer carnal lust. I wanted to posses this androgynous child more than anything else in this world. I would have to have him, all to myself, in my satin and silk sheeted bed, carnally and totally, even though it was incest, that actually added an extra kick, I had to posses his body.

Much as I wanted to break into his world by walking into the room I waited, enjoying the view. My hands slid up my body to cup my full and sensitive breasts, caressing the soft yet firm and very sensitive flesh as they nestled, totally unsupported, in the soft cups of my black satin slip. I had slid off my own dress and was wearing just my lingerie, a gorgeous black satin ensemble of slip, suspender belt, French knickers, black seamed nylon stockings and black stiletto heeled court shoes. I watched as he slid off his shorts, leaving him standing only in the tight `T' shirts that he insisted on wearing and reach over to pick up a lovely white satin suspender belt . For a few seconds he stood there, holding it against his waist, admiring it in the mirror, then he put it on. The next thing he did was sit down on the bed and slowly, sensuously, slide on a lovely pair of seamed, dark tan, nylon stockings, smoothing them up his long, coltish limbs with smoothing, delicate movements of his hands. He attached the dark welts of the stockings to the long, dangly suspenders; then slid a pair of lovely court shoes on his feet. I was amazed to see how well he managed on the three inch stiletto heels, walking about the room gracefully, with his throbbing hardness upright with deep lust, resting almost against his flat belly. Dry mouthed I watched as he slowly picked up a lovely white satin long line strapless bra and held it against his `T" shirted torso and I ached to be the one to put it onto his slender body and then pad out the cups with a pair of silicone bra fillers I had recently acquired and then to embrace his body with mine so that our satined loveliness would meld together in a hot and passionate incestuous embrace.

He placed the lovely scrap of lingerie down on the bed and turning back to the mirror he slowly reached down and slid off the shirt in a smooth movement, and I gasped in shock and lily desire bounced to almost insane heights as I saw quite what lily lovely son had concealed from the world. He had a pair of the most delightful feminine breasts I had ever seen in my life. They were mouth watering gorgeous and they were capped with the most tender nipples that made me ache to nibble and suck. I was silent though as I watched him slide that lovely strapless bra about his torso and deftly do up the hooks and eyes at the back. He then reached across and picked up a small foil packet and expertly slid a latex sheath over his rampant body. he was panting and groaning in extreme lust and I thought he was going to have a massive climax. I certainly was, but he seamed to be an expert in controlling himself and after a few- moments he appeared to calm down and carried on with the dressing up games.

He elegantly slid on a lovely pair of white satin French knickers and then he turned To my wardrobe and took out a gorgeous satin gown. Once more I caught my breath as I saw what gown it was that attracted him so much It was my wedding dress, the very daring dress I had married in, the one that had, when I had removed the bolero jacket that concealed its breast hugging strapless bodice. turned my husband into a tornado of white hot lust and he had thrown me onto the bed and taken me there and then without removing the sensuously virginal heavy white glossy satin gown off my trembling willing body. That was also the moment when Anthony had been conceived. He, while I had been lost in my sexual dream, had slid on and done up that gorgeous gown and now he swayed and danced in front of the mirror. I also noticed that he had also put on a long and richly sexy pair of long, white satin evening gloves and he was now caressing his full and thrusting breasts at the same time as he writhed in front of the mirror. He had naturally long hair, this was the sixties and that was the norm. but his delicately beautiful features were achingly beautiful. He was, totally, a very beautiful girl.

He was swaying in front of the mirror, his face a mask of wild, beautiful passion, and his satin gloved hands slid over the opulent fabrics that sheathed his excited bosom, cupping his firm and full breasts, caressing the hard, pouting nipples through the heavy, glossy material. I couldn't stand it any longer and I slowly pushed the door open and slid into the room. he was so far gone in his dream that he didn't realise I had returned and I managed to get directly behind him as he stood sideways on to the mirror. The first thing he knew of my presence when I reached out with my hands, took him by the shoulders, spun him round to face me and drawing him into my hot body, kissed him hotly-, wetly, incestuously, on his astonished, parted lips. He fainted at my embrace and I caught him to my body and laid him down on tiny bed. Arranging his limbs on the bed, laying his beautiful head on the satin pillow, rearranging his lovely gown around his supine, unconscious body took barely a moment and then, after I had finished. I lay down beside my gorgeous, transvestite son and took him into my arms, laying my own hot, incest craving body against the gowned body of my little she-male son.

He slowly came awake and aware of what was happening. I was leaning over him, my slip sheathed breasts resting on his own tender titties and my face close to his, lips slightly parted. Slowly, ever so slowly I leaned down and my soft, lipsticked lips meshed with his in a slow, caressingly beautiful and highly illegal kiss. His full lips trembled under mine as my own body was wracked with a wild passion. an incestuous passion. As I deepened the kiss, sucking softly on the full lips my tongue flickered out to slide into the hot cavern of his delicious mouth, much the same way as I hoped that his hard and trembling body would slide into my own clasping, weeping, aching and wanting body. A son coming back to his own mother, an especial child who was both male and female, the very dream of my perverted sexuality. Deeper and deeper we kissed and my hands slid onto his unresisting body to feel. through the slick satin of the bolero jacket, his firm, tender breasts, capped by those delightful hard nipples I had espied. He was moaning under my tender caresses and his body was writhing, undulating on the satin canopied bed, the sussurating sounds of delicate and rich fabrics rustling and hissing together, exciting us both to greater heights of desire. he moaned hotly into my clasping, sucking, voracious mouth and his hands tentatively reached out to touch my own body in the first carnal caress this little shemale child had ever tried on his mother. I was achingly ready for this and, when his satin gloved fingers slid luxuriously over the soft slopes of my aching breasts. satin slip sliding over satin. I moaned back into his trembling mouth. My fingers slid to the buttons of the jacket and with trembling finger I undid the six little pearls that held the dainty little jacket together. With trembling hands I slid the jacket apart and gazed at the strapless bodice that encased the delectable titties I had ached for and desired from the moment I saw them. His own hands, gloved in that luxurious white satin, white against the scintillating blackness of my satin slip, found my hard and tender nipples. As he slid the delicate tips of his fingers over the nipples that had nourished him as a baby the sensations were the same as when I had first fed him. I had always become sexually excited during his feeds, and always, when I was able of course, fingered myself to a shattering orgasm, all the time dreaming of when this little boy child would become a man child and come back to the womb of his mother.

The time was now, and in such a way as to be doubly exciting. not only was I to have my baby back with me, but the perversion was to be doubled by the fact that my baby was a fully paid up transvestite. a true boy-girl. I had met some of them on the circuit, and had sampled a few. They had been, and I only went for the really convincing ones, extremely satisfying. My little baby was going to be far more than that. Both of us were going to have the greatest time of our lives. He never said a word as I pillaged his softly gowned and scented body. My incest craving body and mind were as one as I stripped his body slowly of the things that impeded my desires. I reached underneath the full skirts of the gown to slide off the satin knickers. I slid oft the bolero jacket and my teeth savaged his hard little nipples through the satin bodice of MY wedding gown. I knew now what my husband had felt that time when he had taken me on our bridal bed and I was detennined to do the same.

My hand slid and grasped the tremblingly hard pole of filial flesh. running up and down the rubber covered length, but I was not going to have that and I rolled onto my back and, still holding the trembling erect body in my hand, I pulled my delectable son onto my hot and waiting body. I felt the incredible hardness of his erection as it slid against my soft, fluttering belly and, with a swift movement I pulled off the latex sheath to leave him naked to the elements, the maternal elements that is. It was pressing against my satin sheathed belly and I arched my back feeling the tip moving down to the juncture of my thighs where the hot slit was weeping in anticipation of the incestuous, forbidden invasion.. As he raised his body up away from my own body so that his firm little titties broke contact with mine I slid my hand down to the slip and pulled it up to bare my satin body up pussy to his hard flesh. My other hand. still holding the trembling filial flesh drew it towards the weeping lips till the glans of his penis rubbed over the slick, passion dampened lips of the fluttering fleshy lips. It was time, time for a son to come back to his mother, time for a sexy little she - male to plunge his forbidden flesh into the clasping cavern that had been filled with his body all those years before, and time for a son's seed to gush back into the womb that had conceived and carried him.

My nyloned, stiletto shod limbs lifted up on either side of his sweet. feminised bodv and my hand slid aside the crotch of the satin knickers. brushing aside all barriers to my deepest desires. My other hand drew his body forward and with a slow. luxurious movement I guided the hard glans against the soft, sensitive tissues of my labia. Up and down I drew his organ through the clasping tissues and above me my delectable trannie son threw his elegantly made up, prettily coiffured head back in ecstasy as he felt the incredible heat of my arousal on his body. Centring the tip of his body I pulled him in, at the same time twirling my hips in a Lascivious invitation, drawing him into the the very core of mv being. He screamed as I sucked him in and he felt the slick, weeping walls clasp around the invading, filial shaft. My scream joined his as we both melded in a mad and frenetic loving. It was done. bar the orgasm. The very emotions ovenvhelmed him and he collapsed into my willing arms. I clasped him to me, breast to satin breast as we both thrust together. the friction making us pant in sheer. animalistic desire. My lips savaged his lips in a truly perverted kiss of deep incestuous passion. Tongue duelled with tongue as we sucked on each others lipsticked lips. He broke the kiss and lay his head against mine, cheek to cheek as his buttocks flashed, pumping madly. driving that incredible hardness deep into me, his own perverted mother. I started to pant into his ear, nibbling it at the same time.

'Yes, baby.' I moaned. `Love me, screw me, fuck your hot mother you dirty little girl. Fuck mother, come in mother, spurt your hot white, sticky incestuous seed into mother. Come for mother and make her scream. He was close, and so was I as the savage friction set up a wild feeling that flooded my entire body. I was shivering in a wild, pre-orgasmic spasm of an intensity I had never felt before. not even when tm- own father had made love to a very willing me.

He cried out even more as my satin gloved hands slid sensuously over the heavy satin that sheathed his tender breasts and as the palms glided over the opulent shiny material I could feel the super hardness of his aroused nipples stabbing at my own sensitive palms. He screamed, again and again and incredibly. I could feel his body, deeply buried within my_ own tissues, grow even harder and larger as my own tissues clamped around the tube of steel hard flesh.

'Yessssss!!!!" My own wild cry joined his as I felt the trembling start to change into a stillness that could only mean that shortly, very soon, my own little boy - girl child would spurt his/her hot and sticky seed deep into my own clasping pussy.

`Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, ' I was crying, now, tears of joy running down my cheeks as he leaned down and savagely nipped at my own hard and tender nipples. `Fuck mother, baby, fuck mother and give her a baby!'!!'

That last desire evinced by me had never entered my mind before but now, that thought served to make the explosion happen.

He screamed again, even as he chewed on my hot nipples, the very idea blasting through his mind and I felt him stiffen. All time seemed to stand still as the incipient cataclysm held off for a long, infinitely long moment and then, with a wild fire seeming to flash through our bodies. starting from our deeply con joined organs. the simultaneous orgasm ripped through our wildly writhing bodies. It was amazing as I felt every little thing around me, sounds, sensations, emotions, even the very air that I dragged into my tortured lungs seemed to be charged with a wildness that threatened to explode me.

'Mother!' My sexy little boyigirl cried out, a tortured, yet ecstatic tone in his high, almost girlish cry. `Mother, I'm coming, I'm coming deep in you" And I felt the dam break and every pulsation, every pumping spurt of his deeply embedded incestuous body. They say that the woman cannot feel the orgasm of a man in her body but believe me, I felt it, every single pump, every blessed spurt, every tremble, every slight shudder of the spurting erect body as it fought to expel its life seed around the tightly clasping, also shuddering, also trembling, orgasming sheath that was the mother pussy.

The sounds of our elegantly gowned and lingeried bodies rubbing together set up an exciting sussuration that sent our minds into orbit and the delicious constriction of our garments was a gentle touch of delicate bondage that held its own joys. Flashes of insane ecstasy exploded in my body and overwhelmed my mind as my own child, whom I had nurtured, birthed, loved and cherished through all these years at last, totally returned to plant his incestuous seed deep into my craving body. It was the final straw as, hearing our screams in my ears, the incredible sensations exploding through my body, I felt myself blacking out, in concert with my beloved girl, boy child who, his savage spurting abating, fell onto my own trembling body n a dead faint. As the blackness washed over me I could but reflect that when it came to fetishes, lusts and desires, we women are far more capable of exploiting the deepest emotions, and enjoying them. It is only the fact that the male of the species is the one who makes the laws, even today, that we women cannot, if we are so inclined, enjoy the deepest, darkest, most distant frontiers of our lusts, desires and sensuality.

We slept, my sexy little child and I, slept and dreamed, awakening only when the dawn was breaking, he still, fully dressed in that wonderful wedding gown, l clasped in my arms, his lips nuzzling my still tender. hard and throbbing nipples. I could feel his body, hard, insistent, throbbing, was pressed against my belly and my own deep cavern was wet with desire. I straddled his still sleeping body, having pushed him on his back, and slid down onto the arrogantly stiff erection. With a joyous cry. he awoke, and we made love once more, as we did, for the rest of our lives. Our daughter will join us soon, as will our baby son, one day.




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