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by Brian Houlihan

1999 All Rights Reserved


A knock on the door.

"It's open."

Heart attack time. I couldn't believe it. Did she just say, "It's open?"

I was laying naked on my back on a massage table in Antonia's living room. An enema tube was shoved up my ass and I had about a quart and a half of soapy water in me already. My stomach was distended and I looked pregnant. On top of that, I had a cast iron hard on that Antonia had been teasing and playing with throughout the enema. That's why I was there. I was totally in her thrall. She turned me on like no woman ever had. But there was always an element of danger and humiliation in her presence.

I felt like I was in some vivid wet dream that had suddenly taken a wrong turn.

A strange woman I'd never seen before entered the room. She was wearing street clothes and, naturally, was fascinated by me.

The woman was attractive in a pudgy sort of way. Big tits and a big ass. A real contrast to Antonia, who was tall and regal, with a model's figure. Both females were in their fifties. I'm forty-eight.

I just lay there, frozen in shock, that she would so casually let this strange woman walk in on us. Antonia was in a black bra and matching black tap pants. Talk about feeling vulnerable!

"Hey Tony, who's this?"

She came right over and stood next to me. Tony was smiling wickedly and holding my hard dick.

"Why this is Markie, my new friend. (She was giggling.) Honey this is my neighbor, Ava."

"Hi Mark. Heh. Heh. He's cute. Tiny dick."

"Um hm. Markie knows he has a tiny wee wee. Don't him? Huh?"

I have never been so embarrassed in my life. Antonia liked to talk to me in baby talk and I adored it. I adored everything about her. But I was truly speechless now. Laying there nude, with a huge belly, a hard on, and an enema tube running out of my asshole.


Pain shooting into my dick and balls. She was slapping me in the dick and balls. Hard. I doubled over into a crouch.

"Bad doggie! When I ask you a question you answer me Missy! Is that clear?"


My voice sounded small and far away. It was too real and too weird. I didn't want to be there. Humiliated in front of this stranger. Or did I?

My dick wilted. There was a dull ache in my in my prick and balls. Ava was smiling. She obviously enjoyed seeing me slapped in the dick and balls.

"Ha. Look. It went down."

"You just earned yourself a spanking, Markie. For embarrassing me. Tsk. And you were doing so well, too."

"Can I get a drink?" Ava asked.

"Sure hon. Help yourself. I've got my hands full. With a naughty girl."

Ava headed for the kitchen while Antonia casually clicked the enema tube and released more soapy water into my ass.

I was still spooked. The pain in my balls was dissipating. But it was hard to understand why she would just let this woman walk in on our intimate playtime without at least running it by me. Apparently I had no decision in these matters. But Antonia had never even broached the idea of another person joining us. What was going to happen now?

Antonia had a demonic look in her eyes and a happy smile. She was loving this.

I could hear a drink being made in the kitchen.

"Tony, you are the most fun neighbor I ever had. By far. My pussy is damp already."

In a moment Ava waltzed back into the room, drink in hand.

She stood next to me, looking down at me on the massage table, while Tony administered the enema.

"So how did you meet him?"

"I saw him at the library. I showed him some panty and he was like a moth to the flame."

"Heh. Heh. A hairy, wet, stinky flame," Ava said.

Both women whooped and laughed at this line.

"Oh look! He's coming back to life."

"Yes, Markie's a very randy girl. Her cute little prickie is always hard. Isn't him, Precious?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Here, Ava. Make yourself useful. Give Markie the rest of his enema. Markie loves to be fucked in his little tight poop chute.

Doesn't him, baby?"

(While saying this Tony demonstrated by slowly shoving the enema nozzle in and out of my ass, in a fucking movement. Then she placed Ava's hand on the water clicker.

My dick was rock hard again. I realized I didn't know where this was going but it was certainly turning me on. Had they planned this? I was a little scared too. What was Ava into? She was awfully relaxed around a strange man.

Smiling down at me, Ava released more water into the enema tube and up my ass. I was really, really full. Tony was teasing my dick again and lightly slapping my balls. Heightened weirdness.

"This is turning me on like I can't believe," Ava whispered hoarsely.

"Me too. And she eats pussy like a dream. You'll love her."

"I think I do already."

They were talking like I was in another room. But I was right in front of them. It sounded like I was going to be eating Ava too.

Though dressed in blue jeans and a tight blouse, she obviously had a big ass and big tits. I would love eating her strange cunt for her.

"I really have to go..potty."

"You have to finish this bag Markie. Then I want you to hold it for a while. Are you going to be a good girl?"

She emphasized this last question by squeezing my dick.

"Yes Mommy."

She looked at Ava, who was releasing more water.

"I had planned on jacking her off to a nice climax since this is the first time she's taken two quarts. But she was naughty and now she has to be punished."

"Can I watch you spank him?"

"Of course Ava. That will be good for her. Maybe you'd like to help?"

"Would I ever!"

Ava laughed and smiled down at me. A chill ran through me. She looked strong. And a bit mean.

"It's empty. He's taken the whole bag."

"Mommy..I have to go..really, really bad."

"Shhh. I want you to hold it in for just a little while Precious."

Tony began softly stroking my big distended belly.

"Rub his legs for me Ava. Let's spread that water around."

Ava complied. Four hands were sensuously rubbing me all over. Both pairs would nudge my hard prick and balls now and then. Precum was leaking out of my piss slit.

"He's leaking."

Tony's hand quickly stroked my dick and spread the cream all over the head. I was so excited. My dick was buzzing. Felt like

I could cum at any moment. Tony bent her head down and teased the top of my hard on with her tongue.


"Mmm hm. Markie likes Mommy playing with his little pee pee."

"Ohmigod. Feel like I'm cumming now," Ava said as she rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Tony embraced her and now they were kissing.

I was on sensory overload. But a part of me was worried about the immediate future. I wondered what Tony and Ava's relationship was. They seemed very used to kissing each other.

"Mommy..I'm afraid I might go here."

"All right, Cupcake. Help me walk him to the toilet."

I felt like an invalid or a pregnant woman about to give birth. They helped me off the massage table and slowly walked me into the bathroom. I couldn't believe how huge my stomach was.

When we reached the toilet I sat down and immediately started to shit my brains out. Both women just stood there next to me and watched in awe. Both began rubbing their pussies.

"Good girl. Get it all out baby. Wanna get your pussy nice and clean. For all the big mens to go up in there. With their nasty things."

I kept shitting and shitting. I couldn't believe they were in there with me. It stunk to high heaven. But her image of big men fucking me in the ass with big nasty dicks turned me on even more. Would she like that?

I could hear grunting and moaning and then realized most of it was coming from me. So relieved to finally be evacuating all that water. The shit seemed to go on forever. My ass felt all wet from the water splashing up from the shit hitting the water.

Finally I kind of slumped there. It was over. I looked up and Tony stood in front of me and pulled her panties aside and forced my face into her wet cunt. She smelled divine. Wet and sexy and funky. Suddenly she pulled my hair hard and shoved my face into her gash. She was cumming.

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeaaaah!! Suck it faggot! Eat me! Eat mommy's cunt."

Slapping my face, and my neck. Hard.

I obediently glued my mouth to her pussy, riding it out with her. After a little while she released my hair. Everyone in the room was breathing deeply. But you could really smell the crap I just shit.

Tony's hand running through my hair. Now affectionate. "Clean yourself up and come back in the living room."

Both women slowly left the bathroom.

I felt like I had shit about ten pounds of crap out of my ass. But I hadn't cum yet and my balls felt weary and achey, like I had blue balls. How hard was she going to spank me? In front of her friend? Would she spank me harder than usual? To show off?

After I had cleaned myself off, I cleaned up the toilet and sprayed some floral room deodorizer around. Then I cautiously returned to the living room. I was scared but very turned on and excited. My dick was semi hard. Antonia was like finding a sexual gold mine.

When I entered the living room I noted them both sitting on the couch and making out. Ava was topless with just black panties on. She had very big tits that just hung in the air, with taut nipples standing up at attention. I longed to suck on them. Both women were moaning and stroking each other as they french kissed.

I stood in the middle of the room naked. Watching them. I was afraid to sit down since I did not want to give Tony any excuse to punish me. After a few minutes they broke the kiss and noticed me.

"Here's our naughty girl. Come here, Doggie," Tony said, smiling with anticipation. Ava lit up at the prospect of seeing some more wickedness.

Tony spread her legs wide and I knew to stand inbetween them and look at her eyes.

"Did you enjoy your big enema honey?"

She was rubbing the back of my leg as she talked to me.

"Yes mommy. Very much. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Here she reached out and caressed my sensitive balls.

"You haven't cum yet so your little ballsies are still full. Huh?"

"Yes mommy."

My dick was hard already.

"Why are you going to be punished, Markie?"

"Because I was rude to your guest, Mommy."

"That's right. Now I want you to make me proud and take your spank like Mommy's good girl. Can you do that Sweetness?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Here we go."

She quickly stood up, pulled out one of the dining room straight backed chairs, sat down and pulled me over her lap.

"Tony I love you for letting me watch," Ava whispered excitedly. "Oh you're going to do more than watch. I want you to help.

Stand in front of her and put her head inbetween your legs. Then squeeze her naughty head in there. That'll keep her from moving around."

Ava stood up and quickly got into position. Her smooth thighs felt warm and powerful surrounding my head. Kind of muffled my ears too. It was exciting. I got a strong scent of Ava's cunt. She gave off a powerful, funky odor, much stronger than Tony's.


Tony's hand was exploding on my tender butt cheeks and it hurt! I was screaming with pain immediately. Ava quickly tightened her leg grip on my head, scissoring it between her legs like a wrestler. I could feel her pulling my hair very tightly also. But that sort of helped, distracting me a tiny bit from the monumental pain in my ass. Like acupuncture.


"When I introduce you to someone, you say, 'Nice to meet you.' Understand faggot girl?"

"Yes mommy."

"And stop sniveling. That's not going to help."

"Y..yes mommy."


"Who's in charge here, Sissy? You or me?"

"You are mommy."


She stopped. I was wailing with pain. Ava squeezing my head. Muffled screams that were mine. Trying to catch my breath.

"Oh God Tony! I'm juicing already. It's running down my leg."

"Good babe. This is good for you. Learning to punish a naughty girl. Markie knows this is what he needs. Doesn't him?"

"Y..y..yes mommy."


"Answer me when I talk to you faggot!"

"Yes mommy, I'm sorry."


Suddenly it seemed I was bawling my eyes out. And screaming with pain. I had no sense of time. My screaming and crying head being squeezed in the vise of Ava's powerful thighs, my hair almost being ripped out of my head. It seemed to go on and on. But it could have been just a few minutes. I seemed to have reverted to childhood and my mother giving me a licking for something that really upset her.

Screaming and bawling. Then I notice it's just me. There are no other sounds. She's stopped hitting me. I'm still crying, wailing.

Hiccuping. My ass is numb. Then I vaguely feel her soft hand stroking my burning ass cheeks.

Still crying. But finally managing to catch my breath. Attempting to calm down.

Ava petting my head like I'm a dog or something.

Deep breaths.

Tony calmly stroking my ass and upper legs with her hand.

"All over, Precious. Calm down. Relax babe. Mommy's here."

Finally I got my breath under control. Ava wasn't squeezing my head any more. I could hear again normally.

"Now what do you say?" Tony asked.

"Thank you for punishing me, Mommy."

"Oh God Tony! I came about twelve times. That was fucking hot!" Ava exclaimed.

"Me too. It's a lot of work, punishing a naughty girl. Monica, go stand with your nose in the corner. And don't you dare touch your ass. Do you hear me?"

"Yes Mommy."

On wobbly legs I got up off of Tony's lap and made my way to the corner of the room. Still having a hard time catching my breath. My ass felt like a nuclear reactor.

"Oh this is wonderful," Ava exclaimed with a loud sigh. I wished I could see them. But I needed to get back my strength.

"Ave, freshen our drinks wouldya?"

"Sure Babe."

The frig being opened and ice trays being popped. Ava making them drinks. Then silence.

"Here we are."

She's coming back with the drinks. My ass still burning.

Whispering. Giggling. Silences. Movement. I was dying to know what they were doing. But I could guess.

Then, Ava's voice.

"Oh! Oh yeah! Ton...Toneeeeeee!!! I'm cumming so hard. I'm cumming so hard," she's whimpering. "I'm cumming so fuckin hard Ton.."

This brought my dick back to life. The image of Tony eating out Ava.

More silence. Ice tinkling. More whispers. Then someone is standing next to me. I'm afraid to move my head. Must keep my nose in the corner. Someone is rubbing the back of my legs. Touching my balls, my dick.

"She's hard again, Tony."

"I told you. Monica is a very randy girl."

Then Ava wiped a finger under my nose. The strong smell of cunt. "Smell. Smell my pussy Markie. See what you do to me?"

Finally Tony let me join them. Sitting on the rug in front of them on the couch. Then she had me eat their pussies. I took turns eating them for about an hour. Both cunts really stunk, overpowering odor. They were so excited. They smelled really rank. So many fantasies come to life.

When Tony finally decided to end the party, she jacked me off into a pair of her panties. I came in about four strokes. She folded it up and put it into a plastic baggie. "I want you to suck your cum out when you get home."

"Yes mommy."

I would have done anything for her.


So how did I get here? Finally living my fem dom fantasy after all these years of reading porn and jacking off.

Odd how things work out. As you become older you become more introspective. And grateful. I never thought it would ever happen.

Weird how one incident will lead to other incidents and then you realize you've met all these exciting people - the type of people you only dreamed about - all because of one person.

Antonia. Tony. She changed everything. It happened at my local library. The Sulzer Branch library of the Chicago Public

Library on Lincoln Avenue on the North Side.

I had recently started a new job and it was going well. But I hadn't had a real girlfriend in a long time. Too long. So I was quite lonely for female companionship. As a result, I used to spend a lot of time at my local library on Saturday's. Just to get out of my apartment. I like to read and sometimes the people watching was good there. Sometimes even the girl watching.

So this one morning I'm sitting there in the library in the periodical section on the first floor, reading "Entertainment Weekly" magazine. I happen to glance around the room. A very attractive woman is sitting at a table about 8 feet away. Facing me. She has on a black sweater, pleated skirt and medium heels. Then I see her legs are spread slightly and I can see her white panties.

Felt like I was getting away with something. Her pussy looked nice and plump. Of course my dick got hard immediately.

Did she realize what she was doing? I started to dream about having my face in that succulent looking pussy.

For the next hour I forgot about my magazine and kept my eyes glued to her panty covered crotch. At one point I saw her catch me looking at her. Embarrassed, I looked away. When I finally glanced over again I was surprised to see her staring right at me and smiling.

My dick was so hard in my pants. She knew what she was doing all right. She spread her legs further apart. Then she looked at me and rubbed her pussy crotch. I was transfixed. Could there actually be a remote chance of meeting this beautiful creature?

Suddenly she stood up and walked out, smiling at me on the way. Of course I jacked off over the memory of her teasing me the rest of the week.

The next Saturday morning I was at the library as soon as it opened. I took the same chair to read in. About an hour later she shows up. Answered prayers. She gave me a big, happy smile. Like we had a date or something. She seemed so sweet yet sexual.

Anyway this time she teased me for about an hour. Much bolder this time. At one point she actually put her hand inside her panties and it looked like she was fingering her cunt. I had to restrain myself from jacking off right there in the library.

She took her hand out and then smelled her finger and smiled at me. Then she sucked it slowly, like a dick. I just sat there, in a trance. Suddenly she got her overcoat and stood up. Don't leave! She walked over to me and handed me a card. I couldn't believe it! Then she walked out.

I looked at the card. On one side was printed, Antonia Sanchez. Then I turned it over. She had printed a short note, in her clear, feminine handwriting:

Meet me out in front.




My heart began pounding like a trip hammer. Living alone for so long I couldn't believe it.

Now I wished I had dressed a little better. I was in jeans and a sweater. Oh well. I certainly didn't want to keep this beautiful woman waiting.

Outside in front of the library I saw her standing just north of the entrance. She was smoking a cigarette and smiling at me as I came out. It seemed way too good to be true. I noted she wore a lot of make up. Had sort of a fifties movie star quality.

As I approached her smile widened and she stuck out her hand. Very gracious.

"Hello. I am Antonia."

"I'm Mark."

I took her soft hand and squeezed it.

"Nice meeting you Mark. I wonder if you would permit me to buy you a drink?"


She took me to Bransfields', a nice bar/restaurant a block away. Since it was early there were few people in there. We took a discreet table by a window.

This was such a great adventure. Any minute I expected a scam, a con game, something to break the balloon. But it kept going.

We made small talk about the books we liked, where we lived, etc. She had Old World manners that I loved. Like being in an Austrian movie from the 40s. Then, the topic,

"Did you like looking up my skirt?"

Her eyes burrowed holes into my eyes.

"Yes, Antonia. Very, very much."

She smiled and giggled. So feminine.

"Good. I like you Mark. But, I'm not that comfortable here. Would you mind terribly if we continued our conversation back at my apartment? I live about four blocks from here."

"That would be fine."

As we walked to her apartment I kept expecting it to end any second.

"Please know I would never harm you Mark. But you seem interesting. And nonviolent. And I'm a bit lonely."

I was so touched by that statement. How poignant. We were both lonely.

"I'm lonely too Antonia."



Things escalated quickly as soon as we were in her apartment, which was quite nice. Wall to wall carpeting and classy furniture.

She lived well.

"Can I fix you a drink?"

"I'd love it."

"Have a seat."

She soon returned to the couch with two gin and tonics. They were strong. Good. I needed one.

"I knew you'd be back today. To look at my panties. You looked enthralled last Saturday."

"I was."

"Good. I'm flattered. You're a good looking man."

"And you're gorgeous."

"Thank you Mark. So..I assume you masturbated? Thinking about me and my panties?"

"Oh, you're blushing! How sweet. Well? Did you?"

"Yes. I jacked off several times thinking about you."

"Ha. Ha. Great! Tell me all. I want to know everything. About you. And your friend."

Here she reached over and grabbed my hard dick in my jeans. Heaven. "Good babe. Nice and hard. I like you hard around me."

She leaned over and kissed me. My mouth opened and her hot tongue darted in. Her perfume smelled lovely. Expensive.

(Later I learned it was Contradiction.) We kissed for a long time and she was squeezing my dick the entire time.

Tony was ultra sexy and yet affectionate also. I was putty in her hands. She began to slowly quiz me about my sex life, my fantasies. What images did I like? What did I usually jack off to? What made me cum? I opened up to her.

Halfway through the second drink she upped the ante considerably. We had just broken off another long kiss. My pants were

wet with cum. She smiled and put her drink down on the side table by her elbow.

"Mark, I want you to kneel down. In front of me."

She said it as if she might be saying, I like to go to the movies. I put my drink down and knelt in front of her. Fully dressed with a hard on. She leaned forward on the couch and looked into my eyes. The she took my chin in her hand. Then she hauled back and walloped the side of my face. Very, very hard. It stung!

My head was ringing with pain. She had a mean smile on her face. Like she was really enjoying herself. Then she did it again! I stayed there. I didn't know what to do. I was almost crying, as it really hurt. My eyes began to water. That seemed to delight her.

"Good. You didn't move. You know where you belong."

I stayed kneeling there. Then she actually spit in my face! It landed right in one of my eyes.

"Don't touch it, Mark. Leave it there."

Thick spit from this sexy woman obscuring one of my eyes. I stayed there. I had to fight the urge to wipe it off. Time stopped.

I could hear her lighting a cigarette. Then blowing smoke in my face. "Look at the little faggot. I spit on him. And he's leaving it on."

Then I felt her hand on my dick. I was harder than I have ever been in my life.

"Yeah. That's my good girl. Yeah you like that, huh? Markie's got a big hard. I spit in your face. And you get hard."

I stayed on my knees through one cigarette. Cast iron dick.

Then she got up and left. Came back and wiped off my face.

"Stand up."

I stood up and she kissed me passionately. Like I had just passed some rigorous test. Which I probably had.


As soon as she had me stand up it was like I had entered some strange fun planet of sex and kink. And constant hard ons.

She undressed me and kissed me again. Then she sat on the couch while I stood in front of her. She carefully examined my dick, balls and ass.

"You have a nice body. Nice skin. Your dick is small, but cute. I'm going to shave you."

I stood there. Did I hear her right? Sure enough she returned with a razor, scissors and some shaving cream. Then she proceeded to methodically shave my dick, balls and my entire ass, including my ass crack, which she called "my pussy." It was weird but lots of fun. I loved the attention, like I was her little girl.

"Why did you shave me, Tony?"

"Because I like my little girls all smooth. Not lots of nasty hair. I want your ass and your nice dickie and ballsies all smooth when I spank you."

"Spank me?"


Then she pulled me over her lap and gave me a wonderful, slow, sensuous spanking. I'm sure she was easy on me because it was my first one. It went on for a long time and she fingered my asshole a lot, calling me Monica and telling me what a tramp I was and what a nice cunt I had. A nice, whorey tight cunt.

Everything she said turned me on. When my light spanking finally ended, she allowed me to eat her pussy for about an hour.

Heaven. For one hour. Her cunt smelled out of this world sexy.

Then, after she climaxed several times, so passionately, she had me sit on her lap. Talking to me like I was a baby and slowly jacking me off.

"To..Tony I..I'm awfully close."

"Good, honey. Have you got a present for me? Have you got a big present for your mommy?"

Suddenly overcome with a huge climax. Jizz flying out of my dick as she continued to jack me slowly.

"Thas right..thas right, that's my good girl. Shoot it! Shoot it out honey! She's got a big load for mommy. Huh? Huh Babe?

Monica's got a big, big load for mommy. Oww! Honey. You're shooting so much. That's my Jizzy Girl. Get it all out! Thas right! Thas right whorey Monica. Yeah. All over Sweetness. Oh Monica shot a big, big load for Mommy. Huh?"

"Lick it off Monica. Clean up all that nasty jizz. Off Mommy's hand.. Thas right. That's my good girl."

Post orgasmic euphoria. That seemed to go on for months. After I cleaned myself up, we had a final drink on the couch. I was totally in love.

It was as if she had opened up my brain and looked at all my fantasies. Before she sent me home she had me watch her rub the white panties I had been staring at for an hour, all over her cunt and deep into her asshole. Then she put them in my pocket.

We exchanged phone numbers.

"Mark, no more men's underwear. Panties. You're Monica now. Monica wears panties. And is a cocksucker. Understand?"

"Yes Tony."

Whatever you say.

"Mommy. Not Tony. Mommy."

"Yes Mommy."

"Good girl."

Here she swatted me in the dick. It stung. But I grew to love it. A love tap from Mommy.

Right before I left, she kissed me at her door. Then, "Mark, this is important. I really like you. But I'm a bit unusual. Obedient men turn me on. The more submissive and obedient you are, the more I will like you. And play with you. But I must warn you. I do spank hard.. I need a strong slave. The more I can beat you, the harder I can beat you, the more I will love you.

Understand honey?"

As she asked me this, she was squeezing my dick. Hard.

"Yes Mommy."

"Good girl."

She kissed me on the tip of my nose and sent me on my way. Like a wonderful dream. Suddenly my dick had a new best friend.

As the days went by she just took over my life. Oh I still went to work and did my job. But at lunch, in the morning, on the way to work, at home alone, all I did was think about her. Now and then she would call me up and quiz me.

"Are you wearing ps?"

"Yes Mommy?"

"What color? Where did you get them? Have you jacked off today?"

She would call me out of the blue and ask if I wanted to come over to her place and watch tv? Sure. But when I got there she would have me strip down to just panties. Then I would lay down lengthwise on the couch. Then she would literally sit on my face and watch tv. I watched her ass while she watched tv. She could do that for hours. Like it was perfectly normal. I lived for it. Just to be around her and her cunt and her power. Sometimes she would just send me home. Other times she would jack me off on her lap. Other times a hard spanking.

One night she had me strip naked and stand in the middle of her living room. Then she tightly tied up my dick and balls with a small rope. Then she put a raw hot dog in my mouth. "Because you're a cocksucker. You need practice Monica." Then she listened to music and read magazines for the next two hours. Now and then she would come over and slap my dick and balls.

"Ooh Monica's naughty. Her dickie bird is all hard. Such a naughty whore. We'll have to slap your cute little ballsies to calm you down."

Other nights she may have me wear a bra and panties, a butt plug and a cock ring. And then we'd watch tv together. Having drinks and snacks. Like a regular date. It would usually end with me eating her cunt for about an hour and then her jacking me off quickly into a tissue.

Here I was 48 and she loved treating me like a naughty, whorey little girl who sucked dick. I adored it. And her. I soon realized I was deliriously happy just being in her company. She gave off an aura of danger and excitement and affection. It was a drug and I was hooked.

She was so totally unpredictable. I loved it. One day I actually ran into her on the street, about eight blocks from my house, in the opposite direction of hers.

"Sissy!" I turned around and it was Tony. Laughing. I loved her so much.

"Are you wearing ps?"

"Yes mommy."

"Show me."

There was a young girl standing about 10 feet away. She was fascinated by us. I didn't care. I unbuckled my belt and opened my zipper and displayed my panties to my mommy.

"Good girl!"

She swatted me in the dick and kissed me on the cheek. And off she went. I felt blessed to have her in my life.

Last week she called me up out of the blue. It was a Thursday night and I had to work the next day. It was about 9 pm. She was giggling on the phone and sounded like she had had a few drinks. I could hear other people laughing in the background.

"Markie can you come over and visit Mommy? And bring your little dickie? Playtime?"

"I would love to Mommy."

"Good girl. ('He's coming over!' she whispered to somebody. Murmuring.) I've got some friends of mine here that I want you to meet."

"Great. I'll be right over."

"Good hon. Oh, and Markie? A word of caution. I've bragged about what a good girl you are. Don't let me down honey.

Make me proud."

"Yes Mommy."

I wore panties and nice slacks and hurried over. On the way I was a bit apprehensive. She sounded drunker than I'd ever heard her. Would she get carried away whipping me? Or was I being too fearful? Maybe she'd just be normal in front of her friends. No. Not Tony. It sounded like she wanted to show me off. As a slave or something. I was turned on. But scared.

But how bad could it be? After the enema fiasco with Ava watching?

Into the Unknown. I rang her doorbell. She buzzed me in.

Her apartment reeked of marijuana. That was unusual. Her two guests were very attractive people. I was immediately turned on. Lucinda was a striking blonde of about 26. Very classy looking with model features. Dressed very expensively. Lloyd was a good looking black guy of about 40, also well dressed. Tony explained that they were friends of hers from Spain.

It started out fairly normal, but of course they were all drunk and quite stoned. I was stone sober. But anxious for something to happen.

Tony hugged me and proudly introduced me to her guests. They seemed fascinated by me. Odd. Like I was a tv personality or something. Tony fixed me a drink and we tried small talk with them all staring at me with big saucer eyes. Hungry cats and me the canary.

Lloyd offered me a hit of joint and I looked to Tony for her reaction.

"It's okay. Monica. You can smoke."

My dick started to harden up when she said 'Monica' and Lucinda giggled when she heard it. I had a few tokes and was trying to catch up to them. Then I looked over at the two end tables and both of them had several Polaroid pictures of me in bra and panties, and of my ass and back after hard spankings and whippings. My ass was really torn up in some of them. It felt weird to know they'd been looking at these intimate pictures and talking about me.

"Strip down to your ps, Precious."

Instant hard on. It was starting. Like a nightclub curtain opening, to look at the faces of Lloyd and Lucinda. I stripped off my clothes down to a pair of blue panties (an old pair of Tony's) that I was wearing. She quickly got a matching bra from her closet and put it on me.

"Oh you look adorable!" Lucinda whispered.

I noted her squeezing Lloyd's dick in his pants as she looked at me.

"Kneel down, Cupcake."

I kneeled down in front of Tony's wide spread legs. Lucinda and Lloyd were fascinated. Obviously they were expecting a performance.

Tony dramatically worked up a big lunger in her throat and spit it right in my face. Lucinda gasped and grabbed Lloyd's dick.

He squeezed her tits. "Leave it there, shitface."

I did. Then she slapped me in the face. Hard. Five times. My eyes were crying.

"Ohmigod. Tony you were right! This is so hot! He is so obedient."

"Markie, what is your name?"

"Monica the sissy cocksucker."

"Stand up, honey. Face the wall."

I followed Tony's instructions. Lucinda and Lloyd were on the edge of the couch. Fascinated.

Tony took a jar of Vaseline and began to apply it to her finger. Then she pulled down my panties and slowly began to finger my asshole with her lubed finger. My dick was rock hard. Lucinda and Lloyd both were gaping with open mouths.

"Yeah. Feels good, huh babe? Monica likes Mommy's finger in her pussy hole, huh?"

"Yes Mommy. I love it."

"Good girl. Markie, when I was showing them your pretty pictures they were commenting on what a tiny pee pee you have."

"Oh look! He's blushing!!" Lucinda exclaimed.

"Markie knows he has a tiny pee pee. Don't you Precious?"

"Yes Mommy."

"I'll bet Lloyd's is much, much bigger than yours. Maybe if you are a very, very good girl he will show you what a real man's prick looks like. Would you like that Cupcake?"

"Yes Mommy."

(Lucinda was squeezing Lloyd's dick in his pants. His dick was fully extended and looked huge. Wet cum leaking thru his pants.)

"Ask him, faggot!"

"Lloyd, will you show me your dick if I'm a good girl?"

"Maybe. Depends. Tony says you suck dick. Are you any good?"

"Yes Lloyd. May I please suck your dick Lloyd? Please?"

"We'll see. See how you behave."

They were all giggling now.

"Tony, why don't you have the sissy undress Lloyd. His big dick needs some air."

"Good idea. Take off Lloyd's pants and underpants Monica. But first go in the bathroom and wipe that spit off your faggot face."

I followed orders. When I returned from the bathroom Lloyd seemed more nervous than me. But also extremely turned on. As soon as I pulled his boxer shorts down his huge dick popped into view. I could sniff how funky it smelled. I was on my knees looking at it. Lloyd took hold of the base of it and literally slapped me in the face with it. They all cracked up.

"If you don't behave you're gonna get a dick whippin'," Lloyd said and they all laughed again. It looked like fun. His dick was so big it towered over my head.

Lucinda stripped down to her bra and panties. She was one of those women with a slender figure and very big tits. She could have been the star in a very expensive porn film I couldn't believe I was in the same room with her.

"I can't wait to whip her!" Lucinda said, looking directly at me. I wondered how mean she was. She had a demonic look about her, taking everything in.

"Monica can take a good whipping. Can't you, sweetness?"

"Y..yes Mommy."

"She doesn't sound too sure," Lloyd cracked and they all laughed again. My dick was rock hard.

Tony had me lean over one of the dining room straight backed chairs. She stood opposite me and held my shoulders with her hands.


Lucinda was amazingly strong and very cruel. I was soon bawling and screaming. She went right on beating me. I could see Lloyd out of the corner of my eye jacking off on the couch.

Finally I couldn't take it any more and ran out of the room. Silence. I was sobbing and screaming against one of the thick drapes in another room.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looked over and saw it was Tony. Looking very concerned for me.

"Honey, I love you. But you are really embarrassing me. I bragged about what a good slave you were. And now you do this."

I was blubbering.

"But..mommy I can't take it. It hurts too much."

"I know, hon. Lucinda whips hard. But that's what sissies get, Honey. I've told her what a sissy you are. And in Spain, where they live, sissies get beat. Sissies like to get beat."

" really, really hurts. Bad."

"Oh I know. But really Mark she does like you and she's just giving you what she knows you need. Because you are a sissy.

Aren't you?"

She was holding my chin in her hands.

"Yes Mommy."

"And what else?"

"A cocksucker."

"That's right. Now go apologize to her."

My back was on fire. But I walked back into the living room. Lucinda was standing there in her panties and bra and had her hand in her panties fingering her clit. Her mouth was open as she looked at me.

"I'm sorry Lucinda. Could we try it again?"

"Sure faggot. Get back in position."

Thankfully she only beat me ten more times. To prove her point, I guess. I lay on the floor crying while they chatted and smoked another joint and looked at me. (Later, in a quiet moment, Lucinda said she had about twenty cums while she whipped me.)

Tony knelt down beside me.

"There, there honey. All over. Mommy's here."

I was slowly beginning to stop crying. Lucinda had been masturbating and looking at me ever since she stopped whipping me.

Lloyd was staring at me and jacking off.

"Now you've been such a good girl. Lloyd has a big present for you."

I crawled over in front of him on the couch and quickly took his huge dick down my throat. It tasted delicious. I stopped crying. Like a pacifier.. He grabbed my head.

"Oh. Oh. You fuckin faggot cocksucker!! Gonna..shooo itttttttt." Thick waves of cum jetted into my mouth. I felt wonderful,knowing I had gotten this hunky man off. He held my head in his hands and it took a long, long time for his big smelly prick to deflate.

Then we all took a break and had a drink. Tony looked so proud of me. I was very happy.

"That was so great babe. You really suck dick good Mark."

Lloyd was hugging me. How sweet.

Later on Lucinda blew me while I sat on the toilet seat. Easily the best looking woman I've ever had sex with. She swallowed too. Very affectionate. Already I wanted to "play" with them again. Or fly off to Spain tomorrow. In spite of the horrible marks, bruises and terrible pain on my back, ass and upper legs. I was addicted.

Lloyd pissed on my face while I lay on the bathtub floor. Everybody watched and frigged themselves.

And you know what? I loved it. I fucking loved it!




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