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Aunt Cindy's Bizarre World

by Barbi Satin


My name was Jim Rogers Jr. at one time. I was born and raised in a small town in a rural county in Oklahoma. My father James had been the pastor of the local Pentecostal Assembly of Jesus. Dad was what was known an ultra conservative hell fire and brimstone preacher. My mother's name was Allison. She was born and raised in suburban Connecticut. Mother was also a very religious woman who had decided to attend Oral Roberts University in Tulsa after she had graduated High School. My mom felt that the liberal northeast was no place for a proper Christian and settled in Oklahoma after her Graduation from O.R.U. She met my father at a church fundraiser and was soon Mrs. James Rogers.

As I am sure you can imagine my upbringing was quite strict. I attended a religious school and at home my father started me in on Bible training by the time I was just 6 years old. There was no television or magazines that could influence me into Satan's world. I spent all my Sundays at my fathers church listening to his sermons about all the ways a person could get a one way ticket to eternal torment in Hades, "where the worm dieth not in the eternal flames of Gehenna."

At least at school I was able to make friends with a few kids who had far more liberal parents. When I would visit their homes I was able to watch television, read magazines and learn that there was a world where not everyone spent the day groveling before God begging for the forgiveness of wicked thoughts.

As I grew older I started to notice girls. Considering my home situation my being a bit sexually precocious was far from a good thing. I was just ten at the time when my dad saw me looking at a girl with what he would call thoughts of sin. That night he managed to purge my mind of all such thoughts for a while at least with a birch stick. As the Bible says, "Spare the rod and spoil the child." I certainly wasn't spoiled then by any means. Now when I look back on it I fully understand exactly what the term,"fundy nut" means.

My dad had been born to a single teenage mother who placed him in an orphanage run by a Pentecostal church. He had been raised since he had been just a baby to be a holy roller. My mothers' parents had both been killed in a car crash when they hit a patch of black ice one early morning in Connecticut when I was only seven. That left me with only one living blood relative other than my mother and father. My mothers' younger sister who lived in New York City and was named Cindy.

My parents never even mentioned her in front of me. I only knew she existed at all because our house had thin walls and when her name would come up my father would always raise his voice in anger. I would overhear words like, harlot; abomination, pervert, sick and every vile name he could think of for her and not use swear words. Whenever she was being discussed in the next room by my mother and father I would take a drinking glass and out it against the wall to listen in.

I would hear my father saying she was no more than a common prostitute leading men to damnation. Even viler than a normal lesbian because of the abomination to the lord she had taken as a lover. One evening I overheard him saying that she was not only a model for vile pornographic magazines but also that they were of the sickest and most anti God publications on earth. He said that when she would die there would be a special place of torment for her in Hell.

By the time I was just eleven years old I found myself taking ice cold showers several times a day. I was having almost constant erections and I had the urge to masturbate. I had been indoctrinated enough by my father to really believe it was a wretched sin in the eyes of the lord. More than that however I knew that if I was caught I would be skinned alive.

It was one week before my thirteenth birthday that my life would be forever changed. I awoke in the middle of the night to the acrid stench of smoke. I found myself choking and gagging on thick smoke and did the only thing I could to survive. I wrapped myself in a blanket and ran right through my bedroom window. My fear of the fire and burning to death was far greater than my fear of throwing myself out of a second story window. I have no memory of hitting the ground.

I woke up a day later in the local hospital. A nurse told me I had been very lucky. I was being treated for smoke inhalation and minor cuts and contusions. When I asked about my parents she gave me a sad look and informed me that they had been lost. My parents were both dead and all we had owned in the world destroyed.

I cried a long time for my mom and felt shame that I could not cry for my father. I was also in turmoil over what was to become of me. A social worker from the state came to visit me in the hospital on the third day after the fire. She was a very nice lady who took the time to explain to me that it was the law that my closest living relative would get guardianship. She told me that they had managed to track down an aunt named Cindy in New York City and that she had agreed to take custody of me.

The Pentecostal in me almost started to protest. I bit my tongue before saying anything that would stop the state from giving her custody. I was scared half out of my mind of her after hearing my father rant about her wicked ways. I was however also intrigued and saw that it was a way out of this dirt water, bible thumping town and a ticket to the real world. I had seen photos of Manhattan and knew it was going to be huge change in my life. I had never even seen a small city let alone one of the biggest, wildest cities on earth.

I asked the social worker about my situation with clothing. All I had in the entire world was the embarrassing hospital gown I was wearing. She assured me that the state would provide me with a few changes of clothing for travel and that my aunt had told her on the phone that a new wardrobe would be waiting for me. If I had only known at the time what that would mean I would have spoken up!



It was week later when I found myself boarding a plane in Oklahoma City. I had a seat in tourist class on a Boeing 707. I was lucky enough to have a window seat and watched in fascination at the landscape below. I watched, as the flat lands of the mid west became the mountains of the northeast. I was able to see the concrete canyons of Manhattan in the distance as the plane came in for a landing at JFK in Queens.

I walked down a long hall from the gate and saw a man holding a sign that read Jim Rogers. The man told me his name was also Jim and that my aunt had sent him to pick me up and drive me to her apartment on Park Avenue. He told me that for NYC she had a huge place with plenty of room and that it was right across the street from Central Park in a high rent district.

Jim seemed like a nice guy and it was a longer ride than I thought it would be. I had never even imagined traffic that congested! I asked him if he knew anything about where I would be going to school. I have to admit I was a bit worried that the city kids would eat a country boy like me alive. He told me he wasn't sure but thought my aunt had said that she had arranged for me to be home schooled. That took me aback a little. As much as I was worried about fitting in I was also eager to make the attempt and adapt to life in the city.

We didn't really talk all that much during the ride. I was so intent on seeing all I could of the city on our way to my aunts' place. He must have read my mind because he took a route past the Empire State Building and through Times Square. It was all just too cool to be real!

Before we got to her building I asked him what my aunt did for a living. Jim seemed to turn bright red and just mumbled that I should ask my aunt that question. We pulled up to a high-rise building and Jim told to go into the lobby and press buzzer 22P, P for penthouse! I took a deep breath and pushed the buzzer. It was time to meet the woman I had come to think of as, "Sinful Cindy."


Chapter 3

A few moments after I rang the buzzer a woman's voice asked who was there. I just said that it was Jim and she told me to take the elevator at the end of the hall and press P.

As I walked down the hall all I could think of was how impressive the building was. There were crystal chandeliers hanging in the lobby, plush carpeting and gold gilded walls. My father would have considered it all very vulgar but I thought it was cool. The elevator was all done in mirrors. I pressed P and my heart began to pound and I started to sweat. I stepped out into a small foyer and pressed the doorbell. As soon as she opened the door my heart stopped pounding and seemed to stop. My aunt wasn't just pretty. She was an absolute Goddess. Long honey blonde hair that fell long and straight all the way down to her buttocks. She had a face that reminded me of a Barbie doll except Barbie never looked so slutty. Not even in my friend's magazines had I ever seen a woman so made up. Ultra long false eyelashes, hot pink eye shadow with pink glitter; Her eyes were also heavily lined exotically in black. Hot pink glitter gloss on her full pouting lips completed the look. Her face was too perfect in many ways to be real as was her body. I was absolutely stunned at what she was wearing. It was not an outfit any sane woman would wear to meet her nephew for the first time. It was an outfit a very expensive harlot would wear for a date with a customer. It was an ultra tight, short mini flare dress in white satin. It was cut to barely conceal her massive breasts. She had on a pair of long, white satin gloves and pair of thigh high white leather boots with heels that looked like they must have been six inches long. She wore a matching white ribbon in her hair that made her look like a twisted version of a little girl. She was also dripping in diamond earrings and a diamond necklace and she had a white feather boa draped over one arm.

Before I could stammer out a word I found myself being drawn into an embrace by my aunt. She smelled like very expensive perfume and she felt softer than I ever imagined a woman could feel. My face was buried in her massive bosom and I could feel her satin dress on the skin of my arms. Her dress felt like nothing I had ever imagined, it was soft, slippery and erotic. She took my chin in her satin-gloved hand and gave me a kiss on the lips. "I know sweetheart, auntie knows". Was all she said before inviting me in. She had the sweetest voice I had ever heard. She twirled around like a ballerina in those impossible heels as her satin skirt twirled up to reveal her pert, heart shaped ass barley concealed in white satin panties. I let out a little gasp at the sight. She just tuned her head over her shoulder and gave me a seductive little smile.

I made a supreme effort to get a grip at that point. Aunt Cindy seemed to be everything my father had said she was and more. I made an effort to tear my eyes off her ass and took a look at the living room we were in. Once again it was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was beyond decadent in so many ways. One wall was nothing but a huge mirror and the other three walls were covered in hot pink satin curtains. The couch and chairs were all upholstered in quilted white satin

As I followed her into her decadent living room I noticed how she walked. No male could fail to notice it. With every step she would wiggle her butt so her skirt would twirl. She moved like a cat would move. Every move she made had an air of exaggerated femininity to it. When she arrived at the couch upholstered in white satin she picked up her little skirt and lowered herself gracefully before crossing her booted legs. Before inviting me to have seat next to her she picked up a pack of Cigarettes marked Eve 120's. My father had driven home the point countless times that only the most wicked women were smokers.

I couldn't put my finger on it but there something incredibly sexy about the way she lit that impossibly long cigarette and took a drag. She let the smoke just drift up slowly for her perfect lips and then told me she hoped I didn't mind her smoking but that I would have to get used to it. She let out what I could only describe as a demented little giggle as she said it was one of her little fetishes.

As I took a seat next to her I was trembling all over. "Don't be nervous sweetheart," she cooed in a voice dripping with honey. She told me that when child services in Oklahoma had called her she had to make a hard decision. "I don't lead at all what anyone would call a normal life sweetheart.," she explained. "Most of the people in this world and even here in a city like New York would consider me a pervert." This was not helping to settle my nerves!

She told me her "working name" was Sindy Satin spelled with an S as in sin and her job was fetish modeling and a specialized form of professional domination where she would turn men into girls. "Honey I do promise I will care for you and love you very much." "Despite what the world may think of me I do have a good heart and I am a very loving person." My aunt then asked me to tell her a bit about my life in a small town as the son of a "fundy" preacher.

I told her about my home life, the church, and bible study and how my dad would punish me for sin. She had a look on her beautiful face that I could only describe as disgust as I told her that I was never allowed to even watch television. "How are you dealing with the loss of your mom honey?" I couldn't help it then and began to cry. Aunt Sindy had a look or true compassion in her beautiful blue eyes and teared up herself as she drew me into a hug. She began stroking my face with those incredibly soft, slippery satin gloves and kissing my tears away. "Let me love you sweet baby, let auntie love you." She began to kiss me on the lips and soon I felt her licking my lips. To my shame I felt my cock grow hard and cause my pants to tent out. She broke off the embrace and began to stare at my crotch. I thought she would be angry but she just smiled when she noticed my aroused state. "When was the last time you masturbated?" She asked.

At that point I turned ten shades of red and began to actually stutter. As she batted her killer eyelashes at she smiled again and said, "Awe, how cute you are, all ashamed." "You can tell me anything darling and not feel shame." I did feel shame however. This was a subject no boy could discuss with his own aunt no matter how gorgeous and sexy she was. I once again felt those incredible gloves stroking my face as she told me it was OK, I could tell her and not be afraid. I took a deep breath and told her the truth. That I had never done "The wicked deed" in my entire life. That if I had no matter how much I felt the need I didn't dare in case my father would catch in such vile sin.

Aunt Sindy had a look of anger on her perfect features. "That bastard", she spat before she quickly apologized for calling my departed father a name like that. She then had what I would describe as a thoughtful look before speaking again.

"Well I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you my house rules." "I am also going to forbid you from masturbation in my home." My heart sank at that news. I had hoped that at long last in my new home in NYC with my aunt that I would finally have some privacy and freedom. Her next words left me feeling as if I were still in the Bible belt. "I can see you were raised with strict discipline." "It is obvious to me that you will at times require harsh discipline still but at least now it will be loving discipline." I just hung my head in shame at hearing a woman talk about masturbation and felt defeated.

"Do you think you can do that for me honey, not play with your wee, wee for auntie?" In a small defeated voice I managed to croak out the word yes. "Do you think auntie is pretty honey?" she practically purred. "Does the way I am dressed make your wittle pee pee all stiff and swollen?" All I could do was breath heavy as she handed me the pack of Eve cigarettes and told me in a stern voice to remove one from the pack, place it between her lips and light it for her. My hands were shaking as I did as she commanded. She took a deep drag and blew the smoke right into my face. "I asked you a question!" "Do you think I am pretty and do I make your cock hard?" Her face was inches from mine and I had to say something. "Yes auntie, you are so gorgeous and yes you do, uh" She was not going to let it go. "I do what?" I was almost in tears again as I said that yes she gave me an erection. I had never been so ashamed in my entire sheltered life.

"All men are the same honey." She began to explain. "All men need to be sexually controlled for their own good." As she continued to smoke seductively and blow streams of smoke into my face she asked me if I needed sexual release. "Always come to auntie and tell me when your wee wee is bothering you." Auntie will take care of it for you honey if you are willing to make a few changes so to speak." What was she implying? It couldn't be what it sounded like! Not my own mothers' sister!

I was too scared and confused to speak. "Get on your knees darling, kneel in front of auntie!" she commanded in a stern voice. I was so frightened I just did what she told me and knelt in front of her. I was in shock as she began to lewdly massage her satin covered breasts with her satin gloves. She started to flick her fingers over her nipples as she began to writhe and moan like a cat in heat. Despite the fear I was feeling I felt my poor tormented cock began to absolutely twitch in my pants at the sight of this Goddess playing with her own breasts.

She leaned forward and took my chin in her hand. "Are you willing to learn for auntie?" "Will you do as I command?" Oh God it was too much for me. I told her I would. I would do anything for her no matter what. Those were to be the last words I would ever say as a normal human being.


Chapter 4

I was what I could only describe as a puddle of mush kneeling in front of her when she commanded me to stand up. As soon as I was shakily on my feet she ordered me to remove all my "disgusting" cloths. I hesitated and she spat at me to hurry up and get undressed. As disoriented and frightened as I was I also knew I was alone with her and that I really had no choice. I was soon standing in front of my aunt naked with an erection. "My what a gorgeous big clit you have darling." She reached out with her satin clad hand and began to oh, so gently stroke my poor cock. I was trembling all over and felt like it was about to happen for the first time, an orgasm. Just as I was about to go over the edge she stopped. "No sweetie, you cum only when auntie says you can cum." "Obedience brings orgasms sweet heart and disobedience brings frustration."

She stood up then and took me into her arms again. This time I was able to feel her satin dress against my skin and that little skirt against my cock. She started rubbing herself on me and playing with my nipples with her gloves. It just felt so slippery and erotic I was close again to blowing my first ever load of cum when she suddenly stopped again. "Follow me honey." She purred. I followed her to a door hidden in the mirror on the wall. This time I became all too aware of the sound her dress made as the satin slipped and slid on itself. I was unaware as I passed through the door in the mirror that I was indeed walking through the looking glass. I was following my gorgeous satin clad aunt into a world I would not leave at all for over a year

The hallway was a good 50 yards long with many doorways on both sides. The doors were all of differing colors. We stopped in front of a pink door and she opened it beckoning me to come in with her. As if what had happened so far wasn't enough to make me disoriented the room we entered about knocked me off my feet. "Welcome to your new bedroom honey pie." All I could do was stammer that it was a girl's room. She just smiled at me and said that of course it was a girl's room and called me a silly goose.

If there was ever a room meant for a girl this was it. The floor had a hot pink plush carpet. The walls were covered in hot pink satin curtains and a canopy bed also in hot pink satin was in the center of the room. There was a light up silver vanity with a variety of perfumes and cosmetics on it. There was a shelf in the room with wig heads on it and several long, blonde wigs. I looked all around to take in as much as possible despite my nervous state. There was also a raised table in the room. Satin curtains covered the sides. It was also covered in satin and had arms on it. It also had weird looking satin sleeves and legs sewn into it that seemed to have zippers on them. The arms went out at angles like the tables used for lethal injections and the purpose of the sleaves were obvious to me. Once a person was laid on that table and zipped in they would be helpless. In one corner there was what looked like an adult sized potty chair!

At the sight of that chair I realized that my bladder was bursting and I also needed to poop something awful. "Auntie I really need to use the bathroom badly" I said. "Why of course darling, it is right there in the corner." She just stood there in all her satin clad beauty pointing at the over sized child's potty. Before I could even open my mouth to protest she said that there to be no false modesty in her home. I could submit to the potty or she would bind me and diaper me. Once again she began to massage my nipples with her stain gloves as she told me to submit to her will. "Use the potty for auntie darling, auntie will show you so much love darling." "Make auntie happy sweet heart". With that she took me in her arms again and began the rubbing of her satin clad body against my skin as she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth. As she broke the kiss she reminded me that I would only have an orgasm if I were to obey.

I did as she commanded and sat on the damned thing. She gave me no privacy at all and stood right in front of me as a went to the toilet with tears of humiliation running down my cheeks. "Such pretty tears darling" she cooed to me. I watched in horror when I was done as she slipped of her shoulder length satin gloves and opened a drawer in the vanity. She snapped on a pair of latex exam gloves and told me to stand and bend over the potty chair. All I could do was sob like a baby as she wiped my cock head and then my ass clean.

Once she had cleaned me she told me to lie down on the bed. The shimmering pink satin sheets felt cool and smooth on my skin and against my will I felt my cock harden yet again. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as she opened a door into what must have been a closet that was hidden behind one of the satin curtains. When she returned she had had what looked like a pair of satin mittens with locks on them and a pink leather belt with hooks. A draw sting satin pouch and to my horror a big, pink satin baby bonnet.

She then ordered me to sit up as she slid the bizarre mittens onto my hands and locked them in place. Next came the belt as she snapped the mittens to the hooks. I started to protest when she put my head into the ridiculous bonnet but she simply snapped at me to obey if I ever wanted to have an orgasm in my entire life. With my hands bound in the mittens there wasn't a thing I could do about it anyway. I was soon wearing a pink satin baby bonnet that was tied under my chin with satin ribbons. I was once again sobbing in humiliation as she excused herself to get a few more things.

She went back into the closet and came back with a pair of pink ankle cuffs, more satin ribbon and a pink satin ball gown! She lay them all on the bed and then left the room for a moment. When she returned she had a glass of water and two pills. She was still wearing latex exam gloves as she put the pills into my mouth and gave me a drink. "Swallow them honey bun, they are just to help you rest." I had no choice and swallowed. She told me to lie back and began to fasten my ankles to the bedposts with the cuffs and then she pulled off her latex gloves and slowly and seductively put her long satin gloves on again. She ever so slowly began rubbing my cock with those shimmering, slippery satin gloves. I was getting close to cumming again but she suddenly said, "I am sorry sweetie but auntie has to do this for your own good." She took my balls in her gloved hand and began to squeeze them. She kept squeezing unto I was screaming and begging her to stop. As soon as my erection went down she pushed my cock and balls into the little satin drawstring bag and pulled its ribbon closures shut tightly around the base of my balls.

"Auntie is so sorry honey but that had to be done so that you won't have an accident and cum during the night." She covered my body with the satin gown and began to slip and slide it all over my body. I felt my cock trying to get hard but the sack was too small. I could only get a partial erection no matter how aroused I was. "Look at auntie darling, look how pretty auntie is." "Feel the satins darling, the soft, slippery ultra feminine satins". I was moaning at this point and writhing in my bondage. She told me than the no filthy male would ever be allowed to have an orgasm in her home. Men were filthy, awful beasts and deserved no pleasures in life. "Only girls have orgasms with auntie my darling. Sweet, submissive pretty sissy girls. 'You do want to be auntie Satins pretty sissy doll honey don't you?" The pills kicked in at that point and blessed darkness claimed me.


Chapter 5

Had it all been a dream? I felt myself starting to awaken and soon realized it had all been real. I felt the ribbons of the bonnet tickle my chin, the satin sheets covering my naked body and worst of all my morning erection struggling to rise in the satin sack. I tried to cal out for help but discovered I couldn't make a sound. There was some sort of gag in my mouth that tasted like rubber.

I must have lain there awake for half an hour before I heard the sound of stiletto heels in the hall. For a few moments I hoped in vain that it had all been some twisted joke on her part and life would be at least somewhat normal. As soon as I saw her one of my fathers favorite lines from Dante ran through my mind. "Abandon all hope ye who enter here."

Just as the first time I had seen her for the fist time ever just yesterday her beauty captivated me. Today however there was nothing pink and innocent about the way she was made up. Her lashes were even longer than when I first saw her and her eyes were done up in an exotic green eye shadow. Her black eyeliner was far heavier than the day before and gave her eyes a cat like look. Her lips were painted in blood red lipstick covered with red glitter. I let out a moan of terror from behind the gag when I saw how she was dressed. On top of her gorgeous head she was wearing a black latex nurses cap with a red latex cross on it. Her body was sheathed in a black latex nurses uniform with a black apron with the same Red Cross. She had on shoulder length black latex gloves, latex stockings and pair of crotch high latex boots with 7-inch heels on platforms.

Under her arm she was holding what looked like a hospital chart. She glanced at it and said in what I could swear was a German accent that her name was Nurse Sinthia and that my aunt had sent her to administer my first treatment in the clinic to prepare me for training. I screamed into my gag as I realized that the women whose total control I was under suffered from multiple personality disorder.

She quickly untied my legs and helped me to stand. I was till weak from the pills and had no chance to resist. I was still in the mittens as she led me down the hall to another room. This room was also covered in bizarre curtains but they were made from black latex. The first thing to hit me on entering was the overpowering odor of rubber. There was a rubber covered exam table in the center of the room with stirrups and heavy latex restraining straps. Above the table there was a light exactly as was used in operating rooms. I soon found myself securely strapped down to that table and my legs spread wide in the stirrups. Nurse Sinthia then removed my bonnet but kept the gag in my mouth. She began to rub her latex gloves over her latex dress causing it to make bizarre rustling sounds. She lewdly massaged her gigantic breasts that were almost popping out of the dress. I watched in a mixture of fascination and shock as she pulled up the dress and exposed her vagina. She began to moan as she inserted one finger into her self and then slowly worked her entire rubber gloved fist into herself. When she at last pulled it out it was covered in her juices. My poor cock was still encased in the satin pouch and was struggling in vain to harden. As frightened as I was the sight of the gorgeous rubber nurse masturbating was driving me crazy with lust.

My insane aunt then removed my gag and quickly thrust her pussy juice soaked glove into my mouth. "You vill lick it clean little one, lick my glove darling slave." I had no choice and licked. "You like the taste of rubber and pussy?"She asked as she pulled it out of my mouth.

Instead of answering her question I began to beg and plead for her to tell me what she was going to do to me. She merely looked at me with those lovely eyes as if an insect were questioning her. "I see I vill have no choice but to gag you again." She said in the coldest tone I had heard from her yet. She then bent over and exposed her ass to me. There was what looked like a rubber plug in her gorgeous ass. It had a tube running out to a squeeze bulb and a valve. I watched as she turned the valve and let what seemed to be air out of the plug. She pulled it out of her ass and shoved it right into my mouth before inflating it again. It tasted of latex and something foul. Something so foul I could make my mind name it. All I could do was lay there as tears poured down my face as she went to work on me with her so called treatments.

The fist thing she did was to take electric clippers and shave all the hair off my head before getting even closer with a straight razor. My eyebrows were next. She used wax strips to completely remove them. I didn't have much body hair to begin with but soon had none as she spread a disgusting smelling depilatory cream all over my body.

The last thing she did in the clinic room was to insert a tube up my ass. She removed the satin pouch and began to stroke me back to full erection with her now lubricated long latex gloves. I felt a warm liquid filling my ass as she continued playing with my cock and balls. Despite the terror of it all I was soon moaning in ecstasy into my gag. I was just on the verge of cumming when she pulled the tube from my ass and held a bedpan under me. All I could do was cry in humiliation as I expelled the enema while she laughed at me.

Before she released me she gave me an injection. I have no idea what was in the syringe but it left me weak and compliant. She undid the straps and led me into a side room with a bathtub and proceeded to scrub my body clean. After the bath she led me back to the pink satin bedroom and used ankle and wrist cuffs to restrain me to the chair in front of the vanity mirror. "You vill wait here now for your leather Mistress little one". Was all she said as she left the room. All I could do was sit and stare at how freakish I looked with no hair and no eyebrows in the mirror. I sat, I stared and I cried. What madness was coming next?


Chapter 6

My best guess is that it was about half an hour before I heard the sound of her heels in the hallway again. I was about to meet Mistress Sindy. The ultimate black leather bitch Goddess in crotch high leather lace up boots!

I looked away from the mirror when she entered the room. Once again she took my breath away with her beauty and sheer sluttiness. She had on crotch high boots in shiny black leather, a leather under bust corset and shoulder length leather gloves. A diamond bracelet on one leather clad wrist, a diamond choker and long dangle earrings. That was all she was wearing. Her breasts and pussy were fully exposed. She held a riding crop in one hand and an even longer cigarette than she had been smoking the day before in the other. She stood so her pussy was only inches from my face. The lips were glistening and dripping and her vagina gave off a powerful odor of musk. I could also smell the leather she was wearing and even though I was far from an expert in such matters I knew it had to be expensive. I never had a chance to resist her. My poor tormented cock was absolutely pulsating at the sight of her. She knelt down in front of me and took a drag off her cigarette and then took my cock in her incredible leather glove and blew the smoke at the tip of my cock. "Do you want Mistress to let you cum baby, do you want your slutty Mistress to make that cock squirt?" All I could do was stutter, "Oh yes please Mistress, please let me cum." She laughed then and asked in a sarcastic voice," Does the sissy want Mistress to put that cock in her wet whore cunt?" She sat in my lap then with her legs straddling me. Took another deep drag and then sealed her mouth to mine as she exhaled. My eyes began to water and started to choke a little. She just kept doing it over and over, Exhaling into my mouth as she smoked in her glorious leather gloves. My cock was wet from her dripping pussy and rubbing against it. I was out of my mind with lust as she finished her cigarette. Mistress then put it out by spitting on it and shoved it into my mouth. Her cigarette butt tasted awful and she commanded me to chew it and swallow. I was so horny I did it in the vain hope it would earn a release for me.

She was a mind reader and told me that I had just passed the first of many tests and had a long way to go before she would let me cum. Mistress Sindy then released me from my bondage and told me to follow her into the closet in the room. The closet was huge and filled with satin party dresses, maids' uniforms, corsets and every kind of exotic satin lingerie imaginable.

It all became clear to me then. She was going to make me into a satin clad sissy. Despite the drugs and all I had been through there was no way this woman was going to make me into a girl. As bad as I wanted her to let me cum I was determined she was not going to make me wear a damn dress.

I watched in disgust as she picked out a dress. It was a baby pink satin party dress with pouf sleeves and pink satin ribbon sash in white on the waist. It had little pink ribbons on the skirt and shoulders. Even real little girl would have been embarrassed by it! I just screamed no and started to run. I made it as far as the end of the hall and found myself at the door where we had entered the hallway the day before. My plan was to try to make it out of the building and find a cop. The door had no doorknob however. There was a combination keypad on the wall. I made a few desperate stabs at the keys before I felt a leather glove grab my balls and start to drag me backwards down the hall. I was a prisoner with no way to escape the clutches of a beautiful and insane pervert. A part of my mind even wondered if I had died that night I the fire and if this was hell. My crazed aunt just kept dragging me backwards down the hall to yet another room. She pushed me into a dark chamber that like all the other rooms I had seen was covered in curtains. This room had leather curtains and a variety of leather covered bondage devices that were right out of the Spanish inquisition. She pushed me over a bondage horse and before I could even think to struggle she had my wrists and ankles restrained. She then took a wide leather strap and fastened it over my back so I couldn't move a muscle. I heard a whistling sound and felt my ass explode in pain and fire. She walked around in front of me so I could see what she held. It was a bamboo cane and she seemed to take pleasure in watching my reaction as she took a few practice swings. I was crying hard again and began to beg. "Please auntie no, please don't.' My pleas made her even more angry and in a voice as cold as ice asked me why I was calling her auntie? She spat out that my aunt was going to be very hurt at how ungrateful I was behaving. She was Mistress Sinthia and not my aunt Sindy Satin. She had a hurt look on her beautiful face as she took my chin in her hand. "You first time in satin could have been so beautiful and precious but you chose the hard way, the way of leather discipline and pain!" She stood behind me again and I heard the sound of the cane cutting air. I flinched and screamed but it was only a swing to terrify. "After each stroke you will repeat after me or I will repeat the stroke." I felt the wicked instrument cut into the tender flesh of my buttocks as she intoned, "My name is Missy Sissy Ribbons". I was not going to say it and gritted my teeth. The cane cut into my flesh three more times in rapid succession and I screamed that my name was Missy Sissy Ribbons. The cane cut into me again, "I love pretty pink satin frocks." I said it this time. Again the cane cut into me, over and over again as she made me tell her I loved wearing satin lingerie and I wanted to wear panties. The only other time I hesitated and paid the price was when she ordered me to scream out the words I loved sucking sissy cock! She walked around in front of me and kissed me on the lips then. "Oh honey doll, wait until your aunts shemale lover Tina Satin returns!" You are going to look adorable in your pink satin dress sucking that cock!"

I was a broken, sobbing wretch and all I could do was follow her back the pink satin room and submit to the ultimate humiliation. When we made it back to the satin room Mistress Sindy let me use the potty and then tied restrained me back into the chair at the vanity. As I sat waves of pain shot up from my ass reminding me of what could happen if I resisted. I wasn't sure who was going to come into the room next. How many personalities did she have? I didn't have to wait long. It was her leather Mistress personality that came back again. She was holding an oversized baby bottle and told me it was time for my din din. I was starved and in no position to even ask for real food. I submitted to the bottle and drank a foul tasting liquid. She told me it contained special protein, vitamins and special hormones to make me even hornier. It was really awful tasting but I drank it all feeling even more humiliated at being fed like a baby. Mistress smiled at me than and told me "When Tina the shemale returns next week you must remember to say thank you for making you that protein shake." She gave me an evil smile as she told me my aunt had spent an entire week jerking off the shemale into the bottle." "Yes sweet cheeks, that was a bottle full of cum right from the cock of a girl with a dick you just drank." I felt like puking but was far to weak to even do that. I was broken a defeated and wishing I had spoken up when I had that one last chance. I had fallen into the hands of an incredibly sexy demon from the underworld!

I heard her humming and singing to herself as she picked out the garments of my humiliation. She took off her long. Leather gloves and went to work. She took over an hour as she applied make up to my face first. Foundation, powder blush, eyelashes, pink eye shadow and hot pink lipstick with cherry flavored lip-gloss and then sprayed me with French perfume. She had covered the mirror with a satin sheet that I had no idea what I looked like. The next step was a long, golden blonde wig with platinum highlights that went all the way to my ass with bangs. She then put a pink satin ribbon in new hair. Then she slowly drew seamed pink silk stockings up my legs. Despite myself I let out a moan at how soft and silky they felt. She cinched my waist into a pink satin corset and hooked the garters to the stockings then. The corset felt like it was going to break my ribs as she pulled the laces tighter and tighter. "Don't worry sissy baby, Snookems will get used to it and even come to crave it in time." The dress was next. That ultra feminine pink satin party dress with the white satin sash. She told me that I was such a lucky sissy because all my pretty dresses and panties were made from ultra slippery soft double faced bridal satin. As she slipped the dress on to me I once again let out a soft moan. As the fabric rubbed up against my cock I could not repress a shudder of pure pleasure. I hated myself for liking the way it felt but I couldn't deny that it was turning me on. Next she slipped my arms into long, pink satin gloves made from the same double-faced pink bridal satin. Then came the satin panty bloomers. As the satin slid up my legs I let out a gasp of pleasure. It tickled my legs through the sheer stockings and felt like heaven. As Mistress pulled the bloomers into place my cock went insane. The finishing and most bizarre touch was the thigh high pink satin boots that laced up the front with ribbons. They had five-inch heels and felt delicious against my silk stocking clad legs. The leather bitch Mistress Sindy then tied me back to the seat with satin ribbons this time. She pulled back the satin sheet from the mirror and left me alone to stare in open mouthed astonishment at Missy Sissy Ribbons. "Gorgeous isn't she sweetems?" I was stunned into silence, as I looked at the adorable blonde girl in a pain satin party dress tied to a chair in front of me. I was a knock out! Mistress Sindy just smiled and said, "Your auntie gets first crack at fucking you silly, doll face." "I get you tomorrow." With that she strutted out of the room leaving me alone in front of the mirror with the cute little girl she had created out of me. I was disgusted at myself because my reflection was turning me on. I tried not too move or struggle against my satin bonds because every move made the satins caress and tickle me turning me on even more. All I could do as sit and wait for whatever and for that matter whoever was to come for me!


Chapter 7

I am guessing it was just over an hour until I heard the door open. It was her again, Miss Sindy Satin my auntie. This time she was wearing just an under bust white satin corset, long boots in satin exactly like mine but in white and her long, white bridal satin gloves and a the ribbon in her hair. Her make up was once again all done in shades of pinks. "Oh my sweetheart, Mistress Sindy was right!" "You are such a little doll baby." She was clapping her hands and jumping up and down like a little girl delighted with a new toy. I noticed that the inside of her thighs had become wet as her cunt became soaked. That same odor of musk was back again. She lit up one of her Eve cigarettes and straddled my lap and began giving me smoky kisses as she teased my nipples through my satin dress with her satin gloves. "Are you ready honey bunny?" "In aunties little satin dolly ready for her fist cum?" I was broken of all will at that point. I just wanted to cum at last so bad I would go along with anything she wanted.

Auntie untied me and helped me to my feet. I was unsteady on the heels but she took my hand and helped me to walk. With every step I took the satins I was now wearing would tickle and caress my body sending shivers of pleasure up my spine. Auntie helped me over to the strange table and then unzipped me dress and told me to lie on the table for my cum. She left me in the satin corset gloves and stockings but removed the boots and bloomers. She carefully arranged my now long blonde hair so that it framed my face as I lay my head back on the satin pillow. My poor cock was standing straight up and twitching in agony as auntie zipped the bondage sleeves closed on my arms and legs.

I found myself helpless and bound in satin and as horny as any human being had ever been in history. I should have known she wouldn't stop the teasing that fast and just make me cum. I had several hours of indoctrination into satin and cigarette fetishism before the final act of the night.

After I was securely zipped into my satin bondage she took my little satin party dress and began to use just the pouf sleeves on it to tickle my erection." Feel the pretty satin my little Missy." Look how pretty it is, how shiny, slippery, ticklish and soft it is my darling sissy." She began rubbing the little dress all over my body; she was tickling my nipples with it and rubbing pairs of satin bloomers over my body as she kept talking constantly about how pretty the satins were. How soft they were and what a lucky girl I was to have a satin auntie to love her. She kept smoking through out the ordeal as well. Look at my feminine, all white, long cigarette in the white satin gloves that give you pleasure Missy she intoned. Look at my wonderful pink lipstick on the pretty white ciggy baby doll. The entire time she would smoke a cigarette she would keep up the indoctrination. She became more and more careful to avoid giving my cock too much direct pleasure. At the end of the second hour she was just using the tip of a satin ribbon on it. Just when I couldn't take anymore she lit one last Cigarette and then climbed up onto the bondage table. All I could do was watch as she smoked sexily and lowered her steaming cunt onto my cock. It took me all of ten seconds to have my first ever orgasm as she rode me. I screamed when I felt myself starting to cum. I had never imagined that anything could feel so wonderful as my cock spurted a massive amount of cream into my aunts' pussy. My gorgeous aunt, my new lover and my sin leaned forward and kissed me deeply before she got up off my cock and then squatted over my face sealing her pussy to my lips to let my own cum drip into my mouth!

It was late at night by then and I was dead tired and I could tell she was also tired. Auntie helped me to clean up and then put me back into my satin covered bed. She once again used the ankle restraints and mittens to make sure I didn't "do anything naughty with my peepee overnight. Once I was restrained and snug she excused herself and returned with a bottle. Auntie fed me another mix of special formula and I was soon fast asleep. The last thing I remember was her kissing me on the forehead and telling me she loved me very much.


Chapter 8

I awoke the next morning once again with a raging hard on as if I hadn't even cum the night before. I was just coming around when I heard the sound of her heels. My stomach was tied in knots as I wondered which of her incarnations would greet me this morning. I had been lost and I must say brainwashed into such sexual bliss all-rational thought had left me. She was next to the bed once again. This time dressed all in rubber again but this time it was a pink latex maids uniform. She smiled at me and chirped in a French accent, "Good morning mademoiselle Missy, I am Miss FiFi and your aunties' ohh la la rubber French maid. "I will prepare you for today little love doll, no?" "FiFi" told me that my auntie was away on zee business trip today and I was to be prettied up oh so darling for Mistress Sindy to play with.

That made four distinct, perverse personalities and counting now. After what had happened in that torture chamber the day before I had decided it was best not to challenge her delusions. If I wanted to keep my skin whole I would just go along until I could devise some way to escape. I was sure that sooner or later the State of New York would want to know why I wasn't in school or at least check up on my so called home schooling. I had no idea at the time that the shemale her Mistress personality had talked about the day before had certain connections. Connections that were able to wipe me off the official map. What was worse was that I wasn't that sure at this point I wanted to ever escape. She may have been insane but a part of me was already falling in love with her. In love with her and her twisted perversions.

FiFi the latex French maid started my day by feeding me another bottle of, "zee special formula." As soon as I finished it I once again felt weak and compliant. It also seemed to have something in it that enhanced my already overcharged sex drive. My cock got instantly hard as a rock and started throbbing. Miss FiFi took it into her rubber-gloved hand through the double-faced satin sheet and began to stroke it. The pink latex glove sort of stuck to the satin making it slip and slip up and down over my cock in away that made me writhe in pleasure under the slippery satins. "No, no leetle one" she cooed to me. "You must not have a cum or zee Mistress Sindy will punish Miss FiFi." I felt like screaming that she was Mistress Sindy but kept my mouth shut!

FiFi supervised my morning "potty." Then she took me into another latex room. This room was all done in pink latex and had a huge bed covered in shimmering pink latex bed sheets. I followed her into yet another full bathroom and she gave me a morning bath careful to scrub off all the make up from the day before. After she had dried me off with a towel she told me my anus needed a special cleaning. She took me back into the pink latex room and told me to lie on the latex sheets face down. The latex sheets felt cool and smooth and my erection was soon throbbing again. My first thought was that FiFi was going to give me another enema. I was shocked when I felt her cool latex gloved hands part my ass cheeks before she thrust her tongue right into my asshole. She must have licked and suckled my anus for a good half and hour. I was moaning and writhing in ecstasy the entire time and soon needed to cum just as bad as the day before. After she was finished she told me to stand. I felt a mild twinge of disgust when she gave me an open mouthed kiss with the same mouth that had been sealed to my anus.

She led me back to the pink satin room and gave me a make over much like the day before. The memory of the came was fresh enough that this time I made no protests. This time my make up was a bit more severe. Longer lashes and shades of red instead of pink for the eye shadow and lipstick. Instead of a pink satin party dress FiFi put me into an even more humiliating outfit. A hot pink satin French maids uniform! Once again as much as I hated to admit I was in heaven from the touch of the satin and aroused at my own reflection. As she slipped the long satin gloves up my arm I had the strangest thought. I wondered how hot I would look smoking an Eve 120 in the gloves. I was laced into the same type of boots as the day before but these were also hot pink and had slightly lower heels. FiFi told me I would be doing more walking that day and I would learn ion time to be graceful in the highest of heels.

The latex maid then tied me up with ribbons again and told me the Mistress would be along shortly. I didn't know what personality I feared the most, the black latex enema nurse or the leather bitch? I sat and waited resigned at least for that day to my fate.


Chapter 9

I just sat and once again looked at the doll in the mirror as my cock throbbed in those satin bloomers. I heard her coming through the door then. This time in a kid leather halter mini dress, thigh boots and the long kid gloves. Before I could say a word she said," I told that bubble head FiFi to dress you for leather training, not satin training." Now I was really nervous! "It's OK doll baby, FiFi is a sweetheart but dumb as a rock." Mistress Sindy said she would just put me in something black and slinky when we got to her bedroom before telling me how hot she was for me. Mistress Sindy untied me from my ribbon bondage and told me to follow her to her private bedroom. We went all the way to the last black door at the far end of the hallway this time. With each step the satin skirt swirled over the satin bloomers making my cock go crazy Once again my senses were assaulted by the scent of expensive leathers as I entered her bedroom. Just like the room where she had caned me the walls were covered in black leather curtains. There was a canopy bed in this room also but this bed had a canopy in shimmering leather and a bed covered with leather bed sheets. There was a replica of the satin bondage table in my bedroom here as well but this one was covered in black leather with black leather zipper bondage sleeves.

She told me to strip naked as she went into a closet and picked out a few things. She came back with a leather corset, long black silk opera hose. A pair of long kid gloves likes hers and a pair of kid leather boots in my size. She cinched me into the leather corset even tighter than the satin corset the day before. I was light headed when she was done. The corset was lined in the same black leather, as were the gloves and boots. The gloves felt incredible as she pulled them all the way up to my shoulders. After she put me in the stockings and boots she had me look in a mirror. She pulled up a chair and told me to sit in front of the mirror and stood behind me and lit the longest cigarette I had seen yet. She told me they were custom made just for her and called the Sherman special 360's

I was shocked when she handed me one and said, "Light up bitch babe." The sight of myself lighting up the ridiculous cigarette in the mirror made my cock twitch lewdly. She began playing with my nipples with her soft, shiny and slippery leather gloves making me moan again in sheer pleasure as she asked me what my name was. "Missy Sissy Ribbons Mistress Sinthia." I said in my best girly voice this time. "Oh no slut, your name in Bad Betty Bitch!" " My leather clad submissive little whore slut." She asked me again what my name was. "Bad Betty Bitch Mistress Sinthia."

I realized at that moment the she not only had multiple personalities but planned on trying to fragment my mind into several distinct perverse personalities. "Does bad Betty bitch want to cum?" Oh God did I want to cum. "Yes Mistress Sinthia, Bad Betty Bitch wants to cum soooo bad." She told me then to get on my knees, kiss her leather boots and beg her to do nasty things with me. Dirty sinful things! I dropped to my knees and began to kiss her boots. "Smell the leather you filthy slut." "Lick those boots and beg me to pleasure you with smoke and leather." I started to beg her to do sinful nasty things to me. To let me cum! After awhile she told me to follow her to the table with the leather sleeves. She had me slip off the boots and lie on the table. I was soon secured in those sleeves wearing just the corset, gloves and stockings. At this point what scared me more than anything was that I was starting to relate to each of distinct personalities as different people. It was as if I was falling into her insanity.

As soon as I was secured on the table she lit up another 360 and began to smoke seductively with her leather glove. She began stroking my cock with her glove. She used just the tips of her fingers to caress and tease the sensitive glands under the head. At time she would stroke the length of the shaft with the same-gloved hand she held her cigarette with. When I would start to really moan loudly she would clamp the same leather gloved hand holding her cigarette over my nose and mouth with the butt against my nostril, as she would continue stroking my cock with the other. "Smell my leather and smoke slut." "Breathe it in deep and love it." "Mistress Sindy's fine kid leather and smoke." As it went on and on I was become insane with my desire to cum. The more I begged the more gentle her gloved touch became. She stopped working on my cock for a time and just manipulated my nipples making me groan and beg. "If Bad Betty Bitch wants to Cum Bad Betty Bitch has to be a good ashtray and ass licking piss slut for Mistress." She started flicking her ashes into my mouth then and made me beg her to grind out the butts on my tongue! After playing with my nipples for at least another hour she continued smoking one cigarette after another as she talked on and on about leather and smoking. "Mistress needs to pee Betty babe." she said as she squatted on the table and sealed her pussy to my mouth. "Let me give you something to wash down all those ashes whore." She sneered as she began to piss right into my mouth in spurts. To drink piss would have been inconceivable to me a few days before. I found myself loving it because it was her piss. She was just so gorgeous, my Goddess and I would do anything for her then. I drank every drop of her golden gift. She turned around and sat on my face again. This time her anus was sealed to my lips. "Kiss me you Bad Betty doll baby." "Kiss my sweet asshole you dirty whore." As I thrust my tongue deep inside her anus she played with my nipples with both of her glorious leather clad hands. After time she let out a shriek and I felt her cunt gush as she had a screaming orgasm. She was shaking when she stood up and then took a bottle of lubricant and put some on the tip of my swollen cock before she impaled her asshole on it. She rode my cock like a bitch in heat, She was moaning and calling me a filthy slut. She started slapping my face hard with her gloved hands and spitting in my face as she bobbed up and down on my tortured cock gripping it tighter and tighter in her anus. "You fucking whore, dirty, nasty fukin slut bitch." She screamed as she slapped me harder and harder across the face. When she grabbed my nipples and twisted my body went into a spasm as I squirted my cum deep into her asshole.

As soon as I was done cumming she jumped up off my cock and began to clean it with her mouth. She was sucking my cock like a possessed thing. I was hard again in seconds and soon shot a second load of cum into her mouth. A load of cum that she spit in my face.

After that she undid my bondage and took me back the satin room and told me to just relax and wait. I feel deep asleep for a few hours. I woke up when I heard someone in my room. It was she again.


Chapter 10

This time she was dressed in pink satin. It was a pink satin bustier trimmed in white, fluffy marabou. She had on long white opera hose and high-heeled marabou slippers, long pink satin gloves and her hair had changed. It was the same long glorious hair but styled so it was huge and puffed out like a rock star would wear it. She also wore a pair of satin and marabou bunny ears. She was as gorgeous and exotic as ever. She was also licking a big lollypop!

"Hi, dere, I'm Bunny and I'm a fuck bunny." She said it in a little girls voice and began to giggle and twirl her hair. "You is cute!" she proclaimed before asking me if I wanted to fuck. "Let's play dress up!" Bunny ran to my closet and came back with a little pink satin baby doll. I slipped it on for her and we began to cuddle and play on my satin sheets slipping and sliding on each other. Bunny it seems wasn't into long and drawn out games. We just had wet nasty sex in satin for hours before we fell asleep in each other's arms. As she was falling asleep she said "I wuv you bunches and bunches." Before she kissed me good night and snuggled close in my arms I told her. "I wuv you too Bunny." as I drifted off to sleep. What worried me was that it was true. I had fallen in love with all her twisted personalities and I was happy.

The next morning when I woke she was gone and I was back I the bondage mittens. I had the routine down and just relaxed and waited for whatever part of her was going to show up. I had it figured out or so I thought that al I had to do was go along with whatever she wanted and it would lead to incredible pleasure and sex. I had time to think a little that morning. I went over the facts, as I knew them so far. It seemed that she had to this point five personalities. Aunt Sindy Satin, the white satin glamour Goddess. The cruel German latex nurse, the leather mistress Sindy in shiny kid leathers. There was also Bunny the little girl in a bunny outfit and FiFi the latex maid. Her dominant personalities in leather and satin were smokers with a strong fetish for it. Her submissive personalities didn't smoke. Her dominant latex nurse personality was also a non-smoker. All her personalities were nymphomaniacs with extreme fetish drives. I wondered exactly how many total personalities she had. I was about to meet yet another.


Chapter 11

I looked over to her again. The latex nurse was back and this time she was not alone. There was a beautiful young woman with her in a black latex maid uniform. Nurse Sinthia said good morning to me again in her heavy accent and introduced me to Miss Rubberella.

I was in shock to see another person with her. Rubberella had hair just as long as my aunts' but hers was jet black. Her face was also model perfect with big brown eyes, small upturned nose and body built for sin. She wasn't as tall as my aunt but her breasts were even bigger. They were massive and must have been a double E cup. They looked as if they were about to burst of the latex covering them. Her waist was so tiny it made her breasts look even bigger than they were. She had a latex corset also in black on over the uniform. It was cinched so tight that I could not understand how the maid could even breathe. Her waist was so small it was freakish.

Her Nurse personality informed me that she had an appointment that morning with a client in the other wing of the penthouse. She didn't explain what that meant though. I was told that Miss Rubberella was going to prepare me for my day and that I was to obey her in all things.

With that Nurse Sinthia left me alone with the raven-haired little rubber maid. As soon as I was alone with Rubberella I asked her to please tell me the truth. I had to know what was going on in this madhouse.

She just smiled at me and began rubbing the satin sheets over my body with her rubber gloves and started to stroke my cock to erection again. She didn't speak at all until I was horny half out of my mind. "This is a place where shemales are created little one." "Disgusting males are transformed into beautiful and perverse women under our loving care and guidance." She told me that I was very lucky that the most beautiful woman in the world had taken me in. She did tell me that in time all my questions would be answered.

She fed me my bottle for the morning as soon I was back in the latex clinic room strapped to rubber gynecological table. I had become used to my aunts various personalities seeing me naked and in humiliating positions. The little rubber maid shaved my head again and pretty much did the same procedures that had been performed in the room two days before. After the horrible enema she began measuring me and writing things on a chart. She used calipers to measure my nose, width of my mouth, protrusion of my chin and the distance between my eyes. She snapped off several digital photos of my face as well. She just laughed as she told me that the measurements and photos were taken so that "The surgeons" could make a map of my face for alterations.

I felt an ice-cold panic then and began to cry and beg. The maid just picked up a syringe and gave me an injection that made me feel calm and seemed to take away all of my will. I was soon back in my satin bedroom being fully transformed back into Missy Sissy Ribbons the pink satin maid.

Instead of the usual time in front of the mirror Rubberella put my legs in ankle cuffs and hooked a short chain to them so I would have to take very short steps. I was soon out in the hallway being led from room to room with a feather duster as the maid forced me to play cleaning maid. I spent that entire day wandering about dusting things. With each step the satin would drive insane with lust. I never was allowed an orgasm that day and by the time the maid had me restrained back in my bed that night she had to squeeze my balls to make it subside and use the satin pouch again. I was fed my nightly bottle and left in peace at last.

The next three days went exactly the same. There was no sign of my aunt at all. Rubberella would give me a bath, transform me into Missy Sissy Ribbons and drill me in femininity. I was taught how to walk, how to sit and even how to talk like a girly girl. With each passing hour my poor cock just seemed to get harder and harder. The satins I was wearing were driving me into a state on insane lust but the latex maid offered no relief and found my begging amusing.

On the third day I asked where my aunt was. She did tell me that my auntie was away for a few days making a video and doing a few photo shoots for men's magazines and her website. The maid also told me my aunt had a few bookings at Scores. I had no idea what Scores was and asked her. She told me it was a strip club where my aunt would earn $10,000 for an appearance as Miss Bubble's Boobs


Chapter 12

The fourth day my aunt was away started the same way. Rubberella gave me my bottle of formula. I was in constant hunger pains by then and felt myself growing weaker and thinner. She took me back to the clinic for shaving and the enema and then back to my bedroom for satin feminization. My waist had shrunk and I looked like I was corseted even when I wasn't by then.

She made up my face al in shades of pink again and out me into the long blonde wig. Next came seamed silk opera hose and instead of the pink corset she put me into a baby pink satin garter belt with dainty little satin rosettes and ribbons on it. She slipped my arms into the long pink satin gloves and then led me over to the satin bondage table and zipped me in. I had not had an orgasm in three days and my tortured cock was throbbing. I was so horny from the denial and the drugs they were feeding me that my cock was twitching and lewdly pulsating.

Rubberella told me to lie there and relax. She told me the Miss Tickles and her satin made Tina would be coming to see me. Before she left she took a pair of bridal satin bloomers and just draped the over my throbbing erection. I must have been on the table in misery for about half an hour when I heard the door open. I heard the sound of heels and the sound of satin slipping and sliding on satin.

She was back and with a new personality. She was wearing a long satin gown in hot pink with a giant bow in the back. Long hot pink satin gloves and more diamonds than I had ever imagined any woman could own. I recognized that gown from an old movie poster I had seen in one of my friends' Hollywood magazines. It was an exact replica of a gown worn by Marilyn Monroe. "Good morning you hot little doll." She purred. "My name is Miss Tickles, Miss Satin Tickles." I heard the door open again and Satin Tickles was soon joined by another satin clad beauty. Tickles introduced her as Miss Tina Satin. Tina Satin was attired in a baby pink satin maids uniform, the exotic lace up satin boots and a pair of the long bridal satin gloves. Tina was also a blonde. Her long blonde hair was as long as my aunts but hers was platinum blonde. Her face was also a Barbie doll caricature of the feminine.

I felt a satin double-faced satin sheet be pulled sensuously over my body and then they went to work. The little maid began to tickle my feet through my silk stockings with her satin-gloved hands and "Tickles" attacked my sensitive belly with satin gloves through the satin sheet. I don't know how long it lasted but it must have been hours. I screamed and laughed and begged then for mercy. They used their satin gloves and pink feathers on every ticklish part of my body as they giggled and laughed and kept saying tickle, tickle, tickle, satin tickles for sissy. Sissy satin tickles. Sissy, sissy satin tickles.

After what seemed an eternity Tina stopped tickling my feet and began to stroke my poor tortured cock with the satin and Tickles continued her tickle torment of my tummy and armpits. After about a half an hour of that torture Tickles started to flick her fingers over my nipples as I writhed in ecstasy and began to beg for orgasm. "Missy the tickle sissy has to earn that honey doll." "If Missy Sissy Ribbons is a good girl and sucks Miss Tina's clitty so that she can cum Missy can cum." The gorgeous pink satin maid climbed up onto the bondage table and pulled up her little satin skirt to reveal the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. It was at least ten inches long and throbbing hard. I opened my mouth to scream no and she impaled me with her dick and began fucking my mouth. I was crying and choking as Tickles began to jerk me off through the satin with her gloved hands. Just when I could hold back no longer and felt myself start to cum the little shemale maid exploded into my mouth. Stream after stream of sticky white goo shot down my throat. If there was any small mercy left in the universe it was that I passed out as soon as I had finished cumming. I woke up later restrained in my bed to find Bunny cuddled up next to me. Bunny fucked me over and over again that night until she passed out on top of me. Despite the horror of having been tickle tortured and forced to suck a cock earlier that day I found comfort in my aunts Bunny personality.


Chapter 13

As was becoming the custom Rubberella prepared me again the next morning. Anther bottle of formula followed by the clinic and a bath. She made me up into Bad Betty Bitch in leather that morning. My aunts Mistress Sindy personality came to my room and told me to follow her. She once again took me to her private bedroom and I hoped it was to be another day of leather sex with her. When we entered her room I was terrified to see we were not alone. There were three tall raven-haired beauties in shimmering tight leather gloves, thigh boots and under bust corsets holding whips and smoking the ultra long 360's. All three were gorgeous and all three had raging erections!

Mistress Sindy pushed me down onto the bed with the leather sheets and before I could even start to protest I felt my arms being shackled to the bedposts. The put me in ankle cuffs and spread my legs wide and hooked them to ropes that hung down from the ceiling. A leather pillow was pushed up under my ass and an odd gag into my mouth. The gag was a large O ring with a leather strap and the steel of the ring was wrapped in leather. Mistress Cindy took a seat next to the bed in a leather-upholstered easy chair as the three shemales went to work. They were plating with my nipples and stroking my cock with their buttery soft leather gloves driving me into an insane lust as they smoked.

Then it started. One of the leather-clad shemale bitches straddled my face and pushed her cock through the O ring as another pushed her massive organ into my asshole. The third just kept smoking and playing with my cock and nipples. Mistress Sindy was laughing then. "Look at Bad Betty Bitch. Look at you, you fucking cock slut." "Take it up that filthy whore hole of an ass you slut, I know you love it bitch." My poor ass felt like it was being torn apart by the shemales huge organ and I was choking on the other shemales cock. To make it even worse I was also writing in ecstasy from the leather-gloved touch of the third shemale. The one fucking my mouth let out a groan and filled my mouth with her cum as I felt the one fucking my ass shoot her load deep into my bowels. The one who had been fucking me in the ass switched places with the one who had been playing with my cock and nipples and she impaled me with her cock. In a matter of seconds the one who had cum in my mouth was once again erect and fucking my mouth harder than ever. As it continued Mistress Sindy kept calling me a fucking slut, a dirty cocksucker, filthy dick whore and more. I heard the sound of a door opening and Mistress Sindy saying "Come in girls, this slut needs a lot more cum in that pretty mouth and ass." There were five more of them in the room. Gorgeous leather clad bitches with raging hard ons. Blondes, brunettes and redheaded shemales all waiting their turns to stroke my cock and fuck me in the mouth and ass. It went on hour after hour as what may have been as many as twenty-five shemales shot loads of cum into me. I lost count and lost sanity. It ended when a blonde shemale impaled herself on my cock. I shot a massive load of cum in the leather clad shemales ass before I passed out cold.

I woke up later to find myself in the clinic room strapped down on the exam table. Her black latex nurse personality was doing something to my ass. When she noticed I was awake she spoke in the thick, German accent and told me I was to undergo a small surgery. I screamed into my latex gag as she emptied a two-quart enema into my bowels. I was cramping terribly by the time she put the bedpan under my ass and allowed me to evacuate the enema. She repeated the enema two more time with clear water and then put what looked like a scope up my ass. I felt two sharp twinges of pain before she pulled it out. All I could do was cry and sob as she began to then inject a solution into my scrotum. I felt my balls become numb as she pulled up a rubber drape to block my vision. There was a steel table with surgical instruments on it and as she picked up one after another I could tell that she was actually performing some kind of surgery on my testicles. I was screaming into my gag when she told me to be quiet. "I am not removing them silly little pig, only fixing you so you will not have an orgasm ever again unless you become more obedient and girlish for us." She put an IV in my arm and I felt myself slipping into darkness again.


Chapter 14

The next morning all seemed back to what I had come to think of as normal. Rubberella prepared me as she had for Tickles and put me back on the satin bondage table. It was my aunt who came in that morning. Sindy Satin was back. She was wearing a long white satin gown and gloves smoking her Eve 120's. She immediately began the satin indoctrination again. Stroking my cock and nipples as I lay there with a gag in my mouth. She droned on and on about the pretty satin and cigarettes as she stroked and stroked my cock with satin. It went on hour after hour and I was horny out of my mind. The way she was masturbating me should have caused to me cum a dozen times and for hours I felt right on the edge of shooting a load. I was straining, moaning and writhing in my satin bondage. After hours went by I was allowed to use the potty and have a bottle of formula before I was put back on the satin bondage table. Tins Satin came in then in her pink maids uniform and took over from my aunt. The satin masturbation continued late into the night before I passed out again.

It went on like that for three more days. Feminized, tied and masturbated all day long by one satin clad beauty after another. On the fifth day I was taken to a leather room and placed on a leather bondage table as one leather gloved, smoking bitch after another would masturbate me with soft leather gloves and smoke using my mouth as an ashtray. No matter what they did I couldn't cum! With each passing hour I felt a terrible pressure building in my balls. It went on like that for seven days.

On the eight day the pattern broke. Rubberella transformed me back into the sissy maid Missy Sissy Ribbons. I was taken into a room full of shemales in satin and bound in a kneeling position. My cock was throbbing and hard as a rock in my dainty bridal satin bloomers as they used me as a sex toy. I found myself sucking their cocks all day long and swallowing load after load of their sticky cum. For another entire week I did nothing but suck off shemales all daylong. Shemales in satin, leather and latex and no matter what I could get no relief from the terrible pressure in my balls. I cried all the time and they just laughed at me calling me worthless cocksucker. By the end of the week my mind was as numb as my balls. My waist was now a corseted 20 inches and my stomach was in constant pain.

My aunt came to me after the end of my week as a cocksucker. I was bound in my bed of satin with my cock lewdly making the satin sheets rise and fall on its own as it twitched. It was torture as the satin sheets tickled and teased it with pleasure.

As she began stroking my tortured organ with her white satin glove she told me she was very sorry but I just was not what she was looking for in a sissy lover. She lit up an Eve 120 and I moaned. I was now conditioned into smoking fetish so much that just the sight of a fetish girl smoking would drive me mad with lust. As she let the smoke drift up from her perfect, pink lips she told me that she was sorry but all I was good for was to be a cock sucker for the shemales and would never cum again or be her lover.

"It is ashamed you are not a shemale darling." "If you were to have the surgeries and become an ultra feminine gorgeous shemale with breasts and surgically created face I could fix it so you could cum and be your lover again." She removed my gag and I began to beg her to let me be a shemale. "Please auntie, please let me cum again." I will do anything you want, anything." I was sobbing uncontrollably, I was broken and defeated and all hope was gone. She gave me a deep smoky kiss and told me my dreams were about to come true. A few moments later Rubberella came in and for the first time pulled up her dress and exposed her shemale cock to me. She fucked my mouth and shot a load of cum that this time I drank greedily. She then gave me an injection and I was soon asleep.


Chapter 15

I don't know how long I was under. There were times when I felt myself struggling towards consciousness. At those times I could feel that my face was bandaged and felt an off pressure on my chest and my buttocks felt strange. There was pain in my upper ribs and I was aware that I was corseted. Every time I would start to come around I would feel a needle and be sleeping deeply again.

When at long last I awoke I was disoriented. She was sitting in front of me painted to perfection in her white satin mini dress that she had worn the day I arrived. My aunt looked as gorgeous as ever and I found myself lusting for her. I moved a little and she moved. I raised up a satin-gloved arm and she raised up a satin gloved arm. I stuck out my tongue and she stuck out her tongue. I was sitting in front of a mirror and she was I! She had the surgeons alter me into an exact shemale replica of herself. I realized then that she was standing next to me. Dressed and made up in the exact same outfit I was wearing. She handed me an Eve 120 and I lit up admiring my reflection in the mirror, Becoming aroused by own feminine perfection as I smoked in satin. She took me into her white satin bedroom and we made love. I shot load after load of shemale cum into my auntie, my twin, my fetish lover. I loved her and she loved me. The real adventure began as my personalities fragmented to match all of hers.

Call me Mistress Sindy Slut and Suck my shemale cock you whore!


The End




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