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NOTE: "Auntie's Panties," a classic of our genre, was the only posted story from Rebecca Goldstein. I've always wanted to contact Miss G to thank her for a rousing tale, but since she seems to have slipped out the backdoor, the best tribute I could imagine was to write a new version of the classic in my own style.

Except for the basic plot, some character names and a few purloined paragraphs to describe the clothes, this is an original work. The biggest differences from the original are that everyone is 18 or older and there is no incest.

You can read the original at The Gingerfred Man version follows.


Aunties New Panties

by Gingerfred Man


Chapter One - Good Scents

A Swiffer is a branded cleaning product.

A snifter is one of those big goblets you drink brandy from.

I was a sniffer. Also known as Jeremy.

Recently promoted to senior at West City High School and headed rapidly for nowhere. No college plans. No ambition. No prospects.

I didn't seem to be aiming very high in life. And that was obvious to everyone around me. Especially my parents. And my sisters.

They knew I was sort of a shiftless slacker. What they didn't know that the only thing I really enjoyed in life was sniffing panties. And rubbing my cock with panties. And cumming into panties. And even [gasp] wearing panties.

I had been fascinated by girls' panties since I was in grade school, watching my female classmates jump rope, exposing little wisps of their cotton panties. When I got into high school, I started "borrowing" panties from my sisters and even [blush] my mother.

I was always so jealous of my sisters! They got such pretty, pink ruffled undies to wear while I was stuck with boring white jockeys. It was so unfair, I thought!

Each of my three older sisters had different personalities, and it showed in their lovely undies. Lisa, my oldest sister, was a senior in college. She wore sexy string bikinis. Jennifer, a college junior, wore big silky briefs with lots of lace in the front. Doreen, a college sophomore, preferred hi-cut nylon hipsters. My Mom wore simple, silky bikinis, in a variety of delicious colors.

I couldn't help myself, you know. I loved the smell of their panties, freshly liberated from the laundry basket. That womanly musk. The women's sweet perfume.

And I adored the feel of panties on my thick, hard cock.

Mom and Dad should have suspected when I volunteered to do the laundry each day. I wasn't exactly a go-getter. But I heard Mom tell Dad that she was pleased that I was taking responsibility at last.

My responsibility was to my cock. Each morning when I collected the laundry I would take the soiled panties of whoever had been home that morning into the bathroom with me. I would smell the crotch of each thoroughly, putting my poor cock into mortal distress. I was soon able to tell whose was whose by the individual smells of their pussies.

Unable to contain myself for very long, I would drape one of the soiled panties over my head, then masturbate frantically with a second soiled pair. After a mere ten or so strokes, I would spasm and shoot my desperate load into the delicious dainties. Unsatisfied, I would repeat the process at least twice more, rotating each pair of panties onto my face, sniffing and stroking. Degrading myself as I helplessly pumped my miserable seed into my trusting relatives' intimate things.

Panicked about discovery, I would then clean up and thoroughly launder the cum-drenched lingerie.

But that was only the morning.

After school, I was the only one home. So I would spend at least an hour each day wearing my sisters' panties, sometimes even wearing their high heels. I would sissy back and forth in front of a full length mirror, arousing myself until I couldn't endure it. Then I would spunk four or five times in succession, drag myself together, clean up the mess and make dinner.

Pretty depraved, huh?

You haven't heard anything yet.

It wasn't my fault, of course. It was an addiction. So I wasn't responsible for any of my actions.

My cock was always red and achy when I was wearing panties. Or smelling panties. Or even thinking about panties.

It wasn't easy for me to wear panties, since nature had played a trick on me. Though I was an obsessive pantyist, I had quite a substantial Johnson. With big, hairy heavy balls.

Each evening when I was supposed to be doing my homework, I would rub my pecker with silky panties as I dreamed about what it would be like to make love to a girl. Sticking my big cock into her wet pussy. Listening to her squeal in orgasmic delight as I skewered her.

But in the dreams, I was always dressed a lot femmier than the girl was! I envisioned myself in stockings and big, sexy heels. I ached to wear pretty nighties and lingerie. Even dresses, walking around in public. Meeting girls, taking them home, then fucking them.

Yeah, right.

Where would I meet a girl who wanted cock from someone who was girlier than she was?

Instead, I had my fantasy life. And my stolen panties. Doreen, my youngest sister, was going to a local college, so she lived at home. With her daily discards (and [blush] Mom's) I had plenty of sniffies. When Lisa and Jennifer were home on school vacations, I had four nicely soiled panties each day to adore.

But what kind of story would this be if I had been content with things as they were?

I began to steal panties from people outside the house. Beginning with our 21-year-old neighbor Katy. And her mother. Right off their clothesline. I was clearly playing with hot flames. Risking discovery and utter humiliation at every term.

The prospect of ruination was far too feeble to deter me.

So I pantied on.

Until my first report card of my senior year.

Funny how, if you do no schoolwork, and omit studying from your agenda, your teachers find it difficult to reward you with good grades.

I got four F's and a charity D.

And Mom and Dad hit the roof.

I was grounded until the 22nd Century. Which didn't bother me in the least since my entire social life was in my room, sniffing and wanking. But Mom and Dad took an additional step that changed my life forever. They found me a tutor - Mom's ex-sister-in-law, Aunt Carmen.



Chapter Two - Auntie

Aunt Carmen was married to Mom's brother until he ran away with the pizza-delivery girl five years earlier. Most of my life, I had ignored her. In recent years, I was in awe of her.

Growing up, I remembered her as a dumpy, childless, frump who never seemed to get along with my Uncle Matt, a real jerk if there ever was one.

When Matt left her, it seemed to signal the true beginning of her life. Within a year, she had lost 30 pounds, metamorphed her wardrobe into a collection of feminine delights, and become the prettiest, sexiest, 40- year-old man-magnet in a 100-mile radius.

Counter-intuitively, instead of Mom rejecting Aunt Carmen after she and Uncle Matt divorced, they became best friends. Mom never really liked her brother. Neither did I. But I sure liked Aunt Carmen.

She was pure, raw sex.

She ALWAYS dressed as an actual woman - big, stiletto heels - stockings, usually seamed, with reinforced heels and toes - tight, short skirts - blouses that showed off her huge breasts - perfect, slutty make-up that highlighted her gorgeous face.

And she had volunteered to be my tutor.

Alone with her in her house. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Her soiled panties in the laundry hamper (but not for long, if I could help it).

After school that first Monday of November, I walked directly to her house. In my fantasy, she would be detained, but would leave me a note telling me to go inside and wait for her. I would find her laundry hamper and locate her panties. Soiled by her perspiration, feminine juices and [blush] perhaps even a small "brown" or "yellow spot." I would place them over my head, free my prick and stroke it manically until I sprayed cum all over her bathroom.

It amazes me now that that was as big as I could dream.

Unfortunately, I thought at the time, Aunt Carmen was home.

She greeted me warmly. "Hello, Jeremy. Right on time. That's a good start. Let's go right to my dining room table and get started. I have milk and cookies for you."

She was being nice, I know. But what I really wanted from her was unrelated to cookies. And only distantly related to milk.

"Let's see your assignments, Jeremy," she said. And she sat next to me at the table.

Close enough to smell her dazzling perfume. And the sweet odor of her long, straight thick hair.

My cock was hard. Which cut off all the other receptors in my brain. So it's not surprising that I received my first speech from Aunt Carmen.

"JEREMY! This is serious, mister. Your mother is my best friend and I am not going to fail and neither are you. The free ride is over. I don't care if you're 18 and one big, throbbing hormone. You're going to pay attention and your grades are going up. If you fail me, you will SEVERELY regret it!"


I looked into Aunt Carmen's steel-blue eyes. She was serious. I was afraid of her. And I wanted to fuck her until my cock got blisters.

With great effort, I set myself to the task of succeeding in school.

And so did Aunt Carmen. She was a remarkably good tutor. Smart and organized. Obviously well-educated. Which made me wonder about her. She didn't have a job, as far as Mom or I knew. And she lived well. How did she support herself?

After two pretty intense academic hours, Aunt Carmen made her second speech. "Well, Jeremy. It's clear to me that you are far more intelligent than your grades indicate. That tells me that you've been slacking badly. That's over. I want you to do all your homework and all your studying. I will supervise everything, including all your test and quiz results. I've spoken to your principal and he's promised to be completely cooperative in sharing complete information with me about you."

The principal was going to be Aunt Carmen's spy? That's illegal, isn't it? How did she get him to agree to that?


I see.

Which meant, my life was an open book to someone who had sworn to "improve" me.

Great. I was determined to keep my other activities in the "closed book," to Aunt Carmen and everyone else. Still, it was nice of her to try and "help" me.

Seized by impulses relatively unknown to teens - courtesy and some gratitude - I said, "Thank you, Aunt Carmen for helping me."

It was exactly the right thing to say. Aunt Carmen smiled widely leaned over and gave me a soft, slow kiss on the forehead. Giving me a spectacular view of her deep cleavage.

Oh. My wank session was going to be a doozy that night!

When the kiss ended, she said, "You're a good boy, Jeremy. And you're going to get better. Please call me 'Auntie.' It's fewer syllables and it's cuter. Here's a key to the house. You can use it if you arrive before I do one of these days. I have an active social life and I don't want you standing in the cold if I'm late. Now what are you going to do tonight, Jeremy?"

Wank until I faint, I thought. But I said, "Chapter 8 and the exercises in my trigonometry book.... [and so on]."

Auntie smiled. Boldly, I asked her, "What are you doing tonight, Auntie?"

She batted her eyes. Was that a flirt? "A friend is joining me for dinner, Jeremy. Now run along. I'll see you same time on Wednesday." And she kissed my forehead again.

A friend. Joining her for dinner. I'll bet. Some man was going to empty his balls in that pussy all night. Maybe my principal. The lucky duck. [Sigh].

I actually did study some that night. After I draped Doreen's Sunday panties over my head, as I wore Mom's Saturday panties and wanked my willie with the neighbor lady's pink pretties.

Thoughts of Auntie made me cum so much that my balls were sore and achy.

The rest of the week, I did pay attention in class and even passed a trigonometry quiz, which startled my teacher. And me.

Auntie was sweet but professional at the Wednesday and Friday tutoring sessions. And I was awake and aware. Of Auntie. And my schoolwork.

Friday was not all routine, however. As Auntie foreshadowed, I did arrive at her house before she did. Which delighted me! I had time - only moments, perhaps - but time - to search the house for Auntie's panties.

It was a lot easier than I thought.

I dashed to her bedroom. Feminine to the max. Huge bed. Lots of pink. Tons of cosmetics on a vanity table. On to her bathroom. A clothes hamper right there. I opened it and almost fainted with joy! Auntie must do laundry infrequently - or change her panties frequently. There were at least ten pairs of delicious, soiled panties for my perverted attention. I held three of them to my nose and breathed deeply. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

What to do? I NEEDED those panties! She would never miss one pair. Or two. Three maybe. I stuffed three random pairs in my backpack. Did I have time for an urgently-needed wank? No. Had to get back to the dining room and set up for my tutoring. But I paused at her dresser drawers. Opened the lower, middle drawer and saw Paradise, Part Two. Maybe 50 absolutely heavenly pairs of Aunties panties! I was trembling with lust and fear as I examined a few of the top pairs. Was that the garage door opening? It was! Auntie!

Not thinking, I grabbed two clean pairs of Aunties panties and stuffed them in with their three soiled companions.

What a night I was planning!

But I had to cover my tracks. I tore downstairs and into the dining room. Got my books out, pushing the panties further out of sight. Sat. Greeted Auntie. Who suspected nothing. Right?

That night I almost debilitated myself from excessive masturbation. Auntie was the sexiest woman on earth and I was in possession of her most intimate intimacies. I didn't sleep until, exhausted and dehydrated, I passed out at about 2 a.m. On Saturday morning, I claimed my right as a teenager to sleep until noon. Mom, Dad and Doreen were out in the world when I awoke, so I made myself a bowl of cereal and returned to my room for an afternoon that would resume the previous evening's activities.

I slipped on a fresh pair of Auntie's pink French-cut panties, then draped a pair of Auntie's soiled black, silk bikini panties across my face. Oh, it was going to be a wonderful afternoon. I teased my cock slowly by rubbing a pretty lavender pair of Auntie's panties across my enflamed cockhead. Oh, Auntie, I thought, you want me to fuck you, don't you, my proud beauty? With each stroke, the pink pretties I was wearing tormented my balls. Soon I was gasping, panting and spurting ten hours worth of teenage sperm all over my flat tummy. Ten minutes later, a second creamy load joined the first.

I was well on my way to my third orgasm when I heard someone moving around downstairs. I could have stopped, but I had reached that point, you know, when you wouldn't stop if your grandmother and her bridge club were coming in the door. Plus, no one in my family ever entered a teenager's room without permission. What you might see could scald your corneas. So I was gasping and cumming thick ropes when my bedroom door was flung open and I was faced with...Auntie!

A very angry Auntie!

Who looked truly disgusted at what she saw.

Three pairs of her panties being used as masturbatory aids by a young man she trusted.

I guess I should have screamed. Or run. Or felt guilty. But I was in the middle of an orgasm. A great orgasm. First things first. Plus, none of that was my fault, remember?

When Auntie screamed, that sort of alerted me that things were not good for me. Then when she slapped me across the face and said, "How dare you, you disgusting little wanker?" I was pretty sure that I was in big trouble.

"I did laundry this morning and realized immediately what had happened. None of my gentlemen friends would 'violate' me like that, so I knew it was you. But I didn't know that you were a disgusting little panty- wearing faggot too."

I was all that. Except for the faggot part. I liked girls.

OK, I was feeling shame. Maybe a part of it was my fault.

"Auntie, I.." was all I could say before she slapped my face again. Ouch!

"Quiet!" she screamed. "I have to sort out my feelings on this. I'm not telling your mother that she raised a panty-wearing, thieving, wanker- faggot. She's my best friend. You're going to change, Buster. And you're going to clean and return my ironed, sanitized panties on Monday. And...wait!"

She stomped over to my closet, flung it open, and in moments, had found my whole stash of panties!

"Disgusting - these are your sisters'! And your mother's!!!! And someone else's. You're despicable. Clean, press and return ALL of these by Monday. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Auntie," I said meekly. I didn't want any more slaps.

Then she stormed out. Leaving me to my shame and guilt.

Which wasn't really a strong emotion with me at age 18.

I felt something, but I wasn't sure what.

There were some positives about what had just happened to me. First, that day's orgasm number three had been a gusher! And it was the first time I had ever shot my goo with someone in the same room. So it was almost like having sex with Auntie, wasn't it? Second, I had never shown a woman my bare cock before. As I mentioned, it's a big one. With a thick, round, pink head. And a large, fat bag of testicles that produced small rivers of hot, thick cum. I thought Auntie had noticed my "package." Or maybe I was a lunatic.

The thought of showing Auntie my cock in a friendlier situation had me hard again. And drippy. And practically speaking, since the cat was out of the bag and I was going to have to give all the panties back on Monday, I decided that I may as well "finish the job" on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, tidying and returning panties on Sunday night. I knew by experience that I had about three more nice cums left in me before dinner time. And another ten or so over Saturday night and Sunday.

So I unashamedly experienced them.



Chapter Three - Reckoning

As Monday afternoon drew near, I became quite concerned about what would happen with Auntie. I didn't want any more slapping or yelling, so of course I complied with all her demands. Which made me pantiless for the first time in years.

I have to admit that the yelling and the domination from Auntie excited me a little too. Though I didn't want her wrath again. Just her "guidance," maybe. And a penile visit to her sweet pussy.

So it was with mixed feelings that I knocked on her door and entered at her bidding. She was all business with our tutoring, helping me with my studies in a reasonable, if not friendly manner. All during the session, though, Auntie seemed a little "squirmy." As if she were considering something.

One hour before I had to be home for dinner, Auntie asked if I had "followed her instructions."

I blushed. "Yes, Auntie," I said, then drew all the panties I had borrowed from her from my bag. They were all clean, pressed and stain- free.

She accepted them, then asked, "Did you return the other women's underthings as well, in similar condition?"

"Yes, ma'am. Anonymously, but they have them back."

Auntie smiled. She liked being obeyed. "That's good," she said. "And I hope this will end your shameful behavior. Will it?"

I squirmed in my chair. I didn't want to lie. And I couldn't promise her that I would never steal panties again. Or smell them. Or wear them. Or masturbate into them. What to do?

Auntie saw my discomfort. "All right, Jeremy. I see you're conflicted. But it's good that you've chosen not to lie to me. Perhaps there's another solution. Stand up, Jeremy. Follow me."

Oh no! Was there going to be more slapping? I didn't want that.

Auntie drew the curtains in the dining room. Then she stood in an open space and said, "Get on your knees, Jeremy. Right there where I'm pointing."

That couldn't be good, could it? I hesitated. But then I complied. I could always just leave if things got really bad. Go back to stealing and sniffing panties. Deny it all when she rats me out to Mom.

I was on my knees, trembling slightly, in anticipation of what came next.

It was a doozie.

Auntie lifted her skirts to expose her panties (white and lacy), her garter straps (black and ruffled), her stocking tops (black and thick) and her bare thighs (creamy and delicious).


My cock, which had wilted in fear, was standing proud yet again. I had never seen that much of a woman's intimate regions.

Even better, Auntie's panties were nearly transparent. I could almost count her black pubic hairs. And her panty crotch was quite moist. Had I done that to her?

Little old me?

What was going on?

Auntie stepped toward me so that her sopping panties were six inches from my face. Then she said, "Here you are, Jeremy. It's time you experienced a real woman so you don't do those childish, fetishistic, sick things any more. I won't remove my panties, but you can smell, kiss and lick anywhere you want. No hands above my knees. If you give me an orgasm, I'll return the favor."

Life had just taken a big turn for the better.

Just to be sure we understand each other, I imagine some of you were expecting that Auntie had something other than a wet pussy between her beautiful legs. Why would you think that? My Auntie is all woman. And I was as heterosexual as any normal, healthy, horny teenage boy. Maybe even heteroer.

I looked into my benefactress' eyes. A tear of gratitude welled up in each of my eyes. But no time for sentiment. I had a task.

A very pleasant task.

For the first time in my life, I was smelling a real vagina - not the secondhand smell from the panties.

It was scrumptious!

It was sniffer's paradise!

But there was more than sniffing to be done. I kissed Auntie's damp crotch, inhaling her feminine aromas. She sighed softly. Was I the object of HER desire too? Carefully, gently, lovingly, I began to lick vertically from the base of her mons veneris all the way up to her belly button. And again. And again.

Auntie liked that. I thought I was exciting her and I was right.

Auntie liked it so much that she abandoned Plan A. "Wait, Jeremy," she said. I stopped and at her request, rose to my feet. She led me into her living room, then, to my astounded delight, removed her panties, one sexy leg at a time. She flung the drenched confections over her shoulder against a wall - where they stuck most lewdly! Then she sat in an easy chair, spread her legs wantonly and said, "On your knees, boy and give your Auntie what she needs."


Full access to the most beautiful pussy on earth. Plump and hairy. With big, full lips and drooling juices. Yum!!!

I sank to my knees and dug into my task. I buried my tongue in her moist snatch and licked. Not very artfully, but with the kind of enthusiasm that ladies like. And ladies love to be eaten out.

Auntie actually squealed when I did that, which was a huge boost to my ego. It may have been my first time, but I had imagined what I would do in that situation many times before.

I excavated and licked for quite a while until a breathless Auntie made a very good suggestion. "That's very nice, Jeremy. But by now, my little nubbin should be making an appearance. It's right above where you're licking. Covered by skin, but it should be visible now. Do you see it?"

Reluctantly, I drew back. What a sight I must have been - my face covered with Auntie's womanly juices and some of her loose public hairs. But she was right about her clitoris. It was present for duty. A good inch-and-a- half of it. Stiff, pink and swollen. Without awaiting instructions, I attacked it. First with a gentle lick. Which made Auntie gasp. Then with a slow, harder tonguing, which made Auntie moan.

Then I took Auntie's clitoris between my lips and began to suck and lick it in full earnest. Which made Auntie scream, spasm and orgasm about four times in a row. I was merciless - licking and sucking her "pretty button" through her cums until she finally begged me to stop, warning that her life was in danger if I didn't.

I took pity on her. Then sat back on my haunches to watch her shallow, post-orgasmic breathing. I was pretty darned proud of myself.

And well I should be. "No one has ever eaten my pussy that well, Jeremy," she said. "I was in heaven. I can see that we're going to be very good at 'licking my clam.' Did you enjoy that?"

I beamed at the praise. "Oh, yes Auntie! Your pussy is heaven on earth. And completely delicious. May I lick it some more?"

She giggled. "Goodness no, you randy little scamp. You would kill me. Which would greatly disappoint my tonight's date, Randy Youngman. And a few of my other studly friends. But as the athletes say, you've got game too, Sweetie. I think I'd like to learn more about you, but it will be under my rules and my conditions. The biggest one is that you MUST start succeeding in school. And you MUST find your true identity, with my help and supervision. Agreed?"

I eagerly agreed. No man ever disagreed with any statement that would result in more pussy. Though I had no idea what that "true identity" stuff meant.

Auntie was pleased. "Good. A promise is a promise. I said I would give you an orgasm - though you gave me several. So off with your trousers and underwear and come sit on my lap."

As the man, perhaps I should have had her on my lap. But Auntie was actually more substantial than I. I had a big cock in the middle of a somewhat scrawny body. Which made my cock look even bigger.

A fact that Auntie noted when she saw me naked from the waist down for the second time in three days.

"You have a very nice penis, Jeremy," she said as I sat on her stockinged lap. "It's big and hard. Very hard. And the head is pink and pretty. My goodness, look at all the ooze from your peelips when I rub it just so."

I was in sensory Disneyland! The sexiest woman I had ever met was rubbing my cock. The backs of my thighs and my pink bottom were on her thighs and stocking tops.

"I want to kiss you, Jeremy," my tormentress said, but you have all those pussy juices all over your face. Oh, the heck with it. Kiss me!"

I did.


A soulful, open-mouth kiss. Tongue.


Auntie held me in her left arm as we kissed. And stroked me with the skillful fingers of her right hand.

I felt the "pretty pain" in my stomach. I was going to explode, but I didn't want it to end. I was going to ask Auntie to stop a moment so I could catch my breath, but she was kissing me and all I could do was squeal softly as I experienced the first non-self-inflicted orgasm of my life. Big spurts of thick cream leaped from my peehole as my Auntie slid my foreskin up and down the head. I surrendered to Auntie completely at that moment. Whatever she had planned for me, I was in.

I thought I would be cleaning up and going home after drenching Auntie's hand and my shirt. But Auntie kept pumping. And kissing.

Her lipstick tasted fantastic. And her perfume was intoxicating.

Best of all, she seemed intent on giving me a second draining of my wrinkled sack.

"You gave me more than one, Jeremy. It's only fair," she mumbled through a kiss.

Auntie was a keeper. No wonder she had so many "friends."

That time I wasn't as conflicted. I would cum when I was ready. No holding back.

Just to make sure I got home in time for supper, however, Auntie opened her blouse and gave me a good look at her bra-enclosed titties - the 8th and 9th wonders of the world. I couldn't see the nipples, but there has to be some mystery in a relationship, right?

I began to imagine burying my face between those mounds. As Auntie eased the skin up and down over my restiffening rammer. I stopped kissing Auntie's mouth and began to kiss her milky neck. She moaned. That did it. Ten minutes and 43 seconds after my previous orgasm, I launched five more jets of jism. Auntie seemed delighted.

Not half as delighted as I was.

So the ice was broken with Auntie. Would she let me fuck her next?

Not yet.

Auntie became all business. "That was lovely, Jeremy. But you have some cleaning up to do. And you must get home. You have family dinner and studying. Lots of studying. I'll see you in two days and we'll begin some new instruction. Run along now. I must get ready for my date."

A flash of murderous jealousy seized me. Who would be fucking my woman that night? I would lie in wait and shoot him! Of course that meant that eventually I would have to shoot a good portion of the young male population in our town.

Maybe not.

Oh well. I would have to wait for Wednesday to find out what was next.



Chapter Four - Jeanette

That night I was so happy about things that at dinner I actually acknowledged my parents' existence. They were baffled. But it reinforced their belief that Aunt Carmen was "improving" me.

When I got to my room to study...and I really did study...I discovered a bag that Auntie had slipped into my backpack. The accompanying note said, "Here are three pairs of my frilliest panties. Wear one pair to bed tonight and the other two to school tomorrow and Wednesday. Study hard, but when you get hard the other 'item' may help you 'survive' until Wednesday."

The other item was the sopping panties Auntie had stuck to her wall right before I dove into her bare muffie.


Surprisingly, I didn't really feel much like wanking that Monday night. Now that I was getting the real thing, pretending had lost some of its attraction.

That changed, of course the next day. After six torturous hours of walking around school wearing pink, ruffled panties under my khakis. Were boys looking at me? And male teachers? And even the girls?

I imagined they were. And I wondered how they would react if they knew that I was a "pantyboy." What would they want to do if they found out? I knew there were men who were attracted to boys in panties. But I wasn't attracted to those men. They were sick.

Still, it was awfully exciting to think that I could be exposed and humiliated. And I must say that I adored the feeling of the panties. Not only the silky caress against my "pink parts." I loved the feminine feelings the panties gave me. I dreamed of being in bed with Auntie. Both of us wearing black bras, garters, stockings and heels. Both of us in full makeup, lips glossed a silky red. Kissing. Writhing. Fondling. Rubbing. Cumming.

It was a wonder that I got through the day without sopping my panties. When I got home from school I found Auntie's soiled panties, stripped down to "my" panties and sniffed, rubbed and fantasized myself into dehydration. Then I did my schoolwork.

On Wednesday, I wore ruffled blue panties and anticipated the afternoon. I practically ran to Auntie's house and knocked.

"Come in," she said.

I burst in and saw Auntie wearing a sheer, black peignoir, black stayup stockings, and four-inch-stiletto pumps. And nothing else.

It was going to be a good afternoon.

"Did you wear the panties as I asked?" she inquired.

"Yes, Auntie," I said, then stripped down to them without her instructions.

She giggled at that. A magical sound. Then she said, "I like an eager young man. I've spoken to your principal. He says you're doing far better in every subject. So perhaps you can do your homework on your own tonight. After we study 'other matters.'"

Other matters?!?! Like those two fantastic breasts, with two-inch, brown nipples I could see through the peignoir?

Apparently so.

"I have some things for us to accomplish today, but I think if I want your attention, we'll need to 'cool off' a bit before starting."

I was all for that.

Auntie placed a pillow on the floor. I was all set to kneel on it and lick her pussy until she was comatose. But instead, Auntie knelt on it.

"Drop your panties, Dear," she said. "And let me suck your pretty jewel."


My jewel was hard as a diamond on Viagra when I presented it for her amusement. And hot as a Baghdad bakery.

Auntie was extremely good at the craft of cocksucking. She licked my oh- so-sensitive, skinned, pink knob with skilled enthusiasm.

My first cocksucking was far better than I had ever imagined it. The best part was that Auntie was the one sucking my cock. In addition to all the tactile pleasures, I had the visual and ego-boosting pleasure of seeing a world-class babe subserviently performing a very nasty act just for me. Few things say "personal gift" like a long, slow, wet cocksucking.

I luxuriated in the sight of my beautiful Auntie's thick head of black hair bobbing up and down on my big pole. "You have a beautiful cock, Jeremy," she said at one point. "It's very big and thick and very hard. The head is pink and pretty and you're secreting lots of sweet goo. We girls love all that. And look at these balls."

I did. She gave them a nice cuddle and said, "They're so big and swollen. I saw you cumming on Saturday and Monday, but now I'm going to really experience your cum factory in action. I'm going to swallow the whole load!"

And she went back to work.

Be honest, girls. How long would you have lasted under those conditions? Three more deep, slow licks did me in. I was heaving and gasping and pumping my guts down Auntie's beautiful throat.

She didn't even gag. Didn't even appear to swallow. Just took it all in and down the throat as if it were another day at the blowjob factory. Which it probably was for her. I loved how she looked deeply into my tear-filled eyes as she swallowed my cream. Oh how I loved Auntie at that moment. And oh how I wanted to bury my face in those titties, then her pussy. Or vice versa.

Auntie smiled broadly as she stood up and took me into her arms. Kissing me wetly.

As I sucked her tongue I noticed a different taste. My cum. Oh my. I had never tasted cum before. Always thought it was gay.

I liked it. Wouldn't like it instead of food. But I liked it.

I liked pussy juices better. And I wanted to get a nice wet meal of hair pie. I began to sink to my knees to return Auntie's lovely treat, but she stopped me.

"No, Sweetheart," my angel said. "Not yet. I want to introduce you to what it is I know you really want before serious 'play time.'"

Huh? What I wanted was serious play time right then. And what was Auntie talking about?

She told me. "Jeremy, or should I call you by the name I think of you as, 'Jeanette?' I know you love panties. Don't you, Jeanette, Dear?"



Choices: 1) Tell her I didn't want to be called by a girl name or any other such girl stuff she was obviously planning. Demand pussy NOW! Thereby getting no pussy then or ever. 2) Play along. Get lots of pussy.

Easy choice.

I nodded shyly. "Yes, Auntie," I said.

"Yes, what, Jeanette?"

So she was going to be "that way."

"Yes, Auntie. I do love panties and I'll do anything you want."

Auntie loved that response. And I knew I had a lock on some great pussy.

The truth is, I wasn't lying just to get pussy. Though, like any self- respecting heterosexual man, I certainly would have lied my ass off to get pussy.

I loved panties. Not just sniffing them. Or rubbing them on my cock. I loved wearing them. And [blush] the girlish feelings that gave me.

I eagerly awaited Auntie's next move.

"Come with me, Jeanette," she said. And she led me upstairs and into the bathroom next to her bedroom. I liked seeing the bed. I was certain that it got quite a workout when I wasn't there. Auntie had men circling her house in packs.

For a fleeting instant I wondered what her interest was in me. I was a scrawny, five-foot-seven, penniless, immature twerp. She had sexy, handsome, buff, rich men stalking her. Then the thought of imminent pussy clogged my neurons and I lost that thought.

"We're going to shave your legs, Dear. Then we're going to dress you in some pretty things. Then we'll get in bed and you can make love to me until it's time for you to go home."

Now that was an agenda I could support. I wanted to rush through the dressing part so I would have more time for the fucking part. At first I did anyway.

Auntie had me strip naked, which was still kind of embarrassing. She said nice things about my body, but not the kinds of things I imagined she said to her other boyfriends.

"What smooth, creamy skin you have, Jeanette. And look at your sassy little tushie. It's so plump and pink. Your legs are long and shapely too. Oh, you're just a lovely girl."


That was kind of emasculating.

But you wouldn't know it from the condition of my prick. It was at full attention the whole time she was praising me and shaving my legs. I was hugely embarrassed when she had me spread my cheeks so she could shave the area around my bottomhole. Was that really necessary? Auntie said so and I wasn't about to piss her off.

When we had finished and she had dried me off, Auntie led me back to the bedroom. Reaching in a drawer, Auntie extracted a pair of white, nylon, stay-up stockings; white cotton panties; and a very plain, white, training bra. The kind of stuff a teenage girl might wear on a day she was wearing a skirt to school.

Still, I stood trembling at the thought of putting on my first "ensemble." I had only worn panties to that point. Though I had considered wearing stockings many times, I had dismissed it as too gay.

Then things seemed to hit a snag. "Oh dear," Auntie said. "This won't do."

I panicked. What wouldn't do? I could fix it! Don't stop.

Whew. "Your pretty peeny is too stiff to fit in these panties properly. I'll need to reduce its size a bit. Let me just skin it back and forth a bit. You can kiss me if you want as I'm skinning, Jeanette."

I wanted.

I kissed my darling Auntie with growing skill as her warm, soft hand brought me to another desperate, heaving orgasm. That time I did something most unmanly. I squealed softly as I erupted in her warm hand. Auntie seemed pleased at that.

When the pole had dipped, Auntie had me sit on the bed. First, while I was still temporarily limp, she had me put on the cotton panties. Nice, but not as thrilling as nylon or silk. My penis just made it into their brief prison.

She showed me how to roll each stocking into a donut, then slide each silken treasure up a leg. That was an eye opener. And a dick-stiffener. I was gasping and panting as I ran each delicious delight up a smooth, hairless leg.

How do women get dressed each day without cumming their guts out? Dressing in girlie things never fails to put me "on the brink" or sometimes "over the edge."

Whew! I was stiff and severely tenting my challenged panties when Auntie had me stand so she could show me how to put on my training bra. Since it was for someone who was basically flat-chested, the cup material caressed my nipples.


Never really thought about my nipples. Until that day. Now I think about them all the time.


Sensitive and erotic. Stiff and eager for caresses by fingers, palms, lips, tongues or [blush] other body parts.

Auntie pretended she was adjusting my bra, but what she was really doing was rubbing my nipples through the silky material. Making me moan softly. And drench the panties I had just put on.

Auntie giggled when I spurted that time. "You really must learn some self-control, Jeanette," she said amiably. "What will you do if we're out taking the air and you see a handsome boy admiring you? If you don't learn control, you'll be filling your panties and drooling sperm from your dress as we walk along. That would be so embarrassing."

Oh my. Did Auntie say we would be going out with me dressed as Jeanette? I couldn't. And what was that about boys admiring me? That wasn't going to happen either.


Auntie said, "Well, those panties will be off in short order anyway. Let's just get a little lipstick on you, then we'll take a look at you in the mirror."

"Yes, Auntie," I said.

Boys looking at me. That was not going to happen. Did I mention that?

Auntie had me sit on the side of the bed while she applied lipstick. Satisfied with the result, she said, "We'll do full makeup on Friday, but this makes a nice difference. Come along, Jeanette. Let's see how you look."

She led me to the mirror.

I looked.

Staring back at me was a most unusual person. It wasn't a boy exactly. It wasn't a girl either, since a large, bulbous cockhead was peeking above the waistband of a pair of obviously-cum-drenched-from-the-inside panties. But whatever it was, it looked pretty and feminine.

I had potential as a girl.

Auntie said so almost immediately, but she didn't need to. I knew it.

And at that moment, I knew that my dreams were possible. I could be a beautiful, feminine person. And I could fuck other beautiful, feminine persons. Well, at least one beautiful, feminine person.

The one who was lying on the bed, on her back. Peignoir unbuttoned and opened. Exposing her incredible body. Bare except for silky, black stockings.

Auntie's pussy glistened with her arousal.

Her nipples were swollen with need. And her boobs were firm and pointing forward, not to her sides.

"When you're through admiring yourself, Jeanette, I could use a bit of attention. You've cum three times, though you wouldn't know it by that mean stiffie you're sporting. I haven't cum in hours!"

Truth was, I wasn't quite through admiring myself yet. But that wasn't the right time to note that.

I slid out of my sopping panties, then ran over to leap into bed and cover Auntie's body with my own.

I had never fucked anyone, but I knew that foreplay was important. It said so on the Internet and everything you read there is true. So I rubbed my cock against Auntie's clit as I tongue-kissed her and praised her beauty. She liked both of those so much that she declared, "Let's save the foreplay for a day when we need it, Jeanette. I'm sopping wet and horny as the cape around South America. Or is it Africa? Never mind. Put it in me and let's fuck."

Not a lot of guile with Auntie. That could only enhance her popularity.

I was thankful that I had already cum so much. Maybe, I reasoned, I could hold back a bit before spurting and disappointing Auntie.

I held my thick splitter in place and eased it outside the gate to paradise. Then I pushed. The head went in and I home. As if this was where I should have been all my life. I wiggled my bottom and slid all seven, thick inches in. Auntie gasped. I cried out.

The sensation!

Fucking was not overrated.

It was incredible.

It was hot and wet and warm. No hand or mouth made a cock feel like Auntie's pussy made it feel. Her pussy was custom built for cock. My cock.

I thrust back and forth, finding a gentle rhythm with Auntie, who seemed to be enjoying herself immensely.

"That's very nice, Jeanette," she said. "Lovely. You're a natural. But could we pick up the pace a bit? And you can kiss me as you fuck me, if you're up to multi-tasking."

I was guessing that most women didn't use the word "multi-tasking" when their pussies were filled with cock. Another reason why my Auntie was special.

I took her advice. Oh my. Kissing while fucking was very nice.

We coupled and grunted and gasped and sighed for a good 20 minutes, during which Auntie orgasmed on two separate occasions.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

If I wanted, I had decided, I could just fuck Auntie like that, my cock hard, my orgasm in reserve, for a week or so.

But then Auntie changed the rules. She reached behind me and entered my anus with the lacquered nail of her right middle finger. I gasped loudly. Then she probed a bit more deeply until she found something I didn't know I had. She rubbed it. My eyes filled with sweet tears. My balls emptied. I cried out in a half-scream, half-squeal.

Oh my.

Call 9-1-1.

Jeremy and Jeanette were having a seizure.

The absolute best, most intense orgasm of my life.

What was she rubbing back there? And could she rub it some more?

Auntie eased my exhausted carcass onto my back, disengaging my cock from her pussy as we rolled.

The afternoon was going really well.

Auntie lay on her side and cuddled with me. "That was wonderful, Jeanette. We'll do that three days a week. As long as you do what I say and do well in school. That means you need to study nights, not wank your clittie. Got it?"


She could call it my whosis if she let it keep visiting her whatsis.

I gave her the best answer possible. "Yes, Auntie."

Then I engaged in some post-play. Feasting on her nipples. Which she adored.

I didn't know what to think when she feasted on my nipples. But my cock did. It got rock solid again. Auntie noticed.

"All right, Jeanette. We can go again. But then you have to go home, have dinner with the family and study."

Three formidable tasks. But I was willing to face them for a good fucking.

Which it certainly was. Auntie on top that time. Riding the pink pole as I whimpered with lust.

I went home and was a model teen until I rejoined Auntie on Friday afternoon.

I was ready for great things. Auntie was ready for greater things.

Auntie greeted me, then gestured me into the guest room while she went into the master bedroom. The room was done completely in frills and bows and doilies like my sisters' rooms. The closet was filled with dresses and shoes as if someone lived there, though I knew Aunt Carmen lived alone.

On the bed was a pink party dress, adorned with white ribbons and plenty of white lace. There was a pink bra, garter belt, slip and stockings, all adorned in the same white ruffles as.the panties I had worn that day! There was even a pair of pink, satin Mary Janes, with a saucy little two- inch heel.

Without hesitation I dressed. I tingled and the excitement mounted with each item of feminine attire I donned. Each delicately perfumed article fit me perfectly.

Finally, I walked to the room's full-length mirror. [Gasp] I had been transformed into the darling little girl I should have grown up being.

"You look adorable," Auntie said. "But you need a little makeup."

I was squirming with excitement as Auntie showed me the basics of foundation, rouge, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Though sex awaited me as a certainty that afternoon, I was drawn to my transformation to full femininity.

"That's perfect, Jeanette." Auntie said. "I'll just put these barrettes in your hair and you'll be ready for the cover of Sissy Beat magazine (the mag for teen sissies, part of the Panty Boy empire). Now stand by that mirror and admire yourself while I get undressed."

Auntie didn't have far to undress, since she was only wearing stockings, garters, heels and an overchallenged bra.

I looked at myself and tingled.

If I had seen myself on the street, I would have spurted. I was a doll. Dressed a bit inappropriately for my age, but that was a small matter.

I was in serious danger of spurtage as it was. Since I had promised myself that Auntie was going to get all million or so sperms I was going to expend that day, I tore myself away and joined her on the bed.

Oh. Auntie had removed her bra and shoes. She was looking at me in a lustful haze.

"Should I take my dress off, Auntie?" I asked.

"Goodness no, Darling," she said. "You're so pretty and girlish. I want to enjoy the entire feminine experience. You could remove those ruffled panties, however. They would impede our pleasure. Now straddle my shoulders and feed me your cock. We've got to burn off a little of the edge so you can fuck me properly. After you cum down my throat twice, would you eat my pussy for a while? You didn't lick my 'wet pie' the last time and it's been complaining to me since you left."

Auntie talks to her pussy? I wouldn't doubt that it has a lot to say. It certainly is a hungry beast.

We had another great afternoon.



Chapter Five - Loren

The next five weeks were spectacular.

I was a changed man. Or girl. Or sissy. Whatever I was.

In school, I had become a Rhodes Scholar.

Well, maybe not, but I passed all my subjects in the fall semester. After failing all but one earlier on.

Mom and Dad were delighted and gave all the credit to Auntie.

The real credit wasn't really hers. Or mine. It was Auntie's pussy. I decided I couldn't live without it, so I cleaned up my act.

Auntie and I fucked like condemned rabbits. I learned all about make-up and hair and walking in big heels. Though most of the clothes Auntie dressed me in were for little girls - with petticoats and crinolines. Odd, I know. But I was rocking no boats. I didn't want to drown Auntie's pussy.

Odd too was how Auntie had her "girl days" and her "boy days."

Each day I would rush to my room and see what Auntie had laid out for me. It was always exciting to see what girlish outfit she had selected, though it never indicated whether it would be a girl day or a boy day for her.

Most of the days were girl days for Auntie. I would wash, powder, perfume, apply my make-up and don my "gay apparel." Then Auntie would join me and describe the agenda.

I remember one day about three weeks after we began fucking - Auntie and I wore matching outfits. Black, fully-fashioned, reinforced-heel-and-toe, seamed stockings, ruffled garter belt, and five-inch-stiletto pumps (to which I became quite accustomed). No bra or panties. Auntie told me she wanted a good fucking from her "studly sissy" that day. Which told me she would be submissive as a lamb on court probation. Oh how I loved those girl days! Despite my utterly feminine appearance, I felt like the King Stud of the World. That day, Auntie lay on her back and submitted to my rampant masculinity. I ate her out until she was screaming my name. Then, just to show her who was boss, I rubbed baby oil all over her monstrous titties and ran my cock back and forth in her cleavage until I drenched her face in my cum. Then I mounted her and entered her pussy with my Everhard pole, dominating her body as we rubbed nylon to nylon, tongue against tongue, cock against pussy pit.

Then there were her boy days. Once a week or so, Auntie took on the notion that she wanted to dominate me. That usually meant I could expect her to be on top when we were fucking, which I didn't mind one bit. But it also meant that I could expect a lot of attention to what Auntie started calling my "pussy." You know. My "dirty place."

Well, it wasn't seemly for the King Stud of the World to lie on his back and have his aunt kiss his nipples as she entered his anus with three fingers and rubbed his prostate until he was screaming for his mama. Then have his aunt lick his "dirty" and stick her tongue in there until he was cumming again and again. But it sure felt good! I loved being submissive to Auntie as well as I did dominating her. Though there was that dicey day a week before Christmas when I began to wonder if Auntie had gone too far.

My outfit that day was a tiny pink babydoll and pink stay-up stockings. Auntie had that "boy look" she got in her eye, but it seemed more intense somehow that day.

I knew it was a boy day for Auntie, which was OK. I was OK with submissive and girlish. Until she strapped on Mr. Lucky.

Everything was fine until then. Auntie had eaten my "pussy" and made me cum very hard. She had me screaming and cumming again when she adored my nipples as she fingered my pooty with what seemed to be her whole lubed hand. Then she got out of bed and went to the bathroom. No big deal, I thought. Probably had to tinkle. Just wanted her to hurry back.

Her return was a big surprise. Auntie had strapped onto herself an erect, gel-like, pink cock. It was smaller than my cock, probably around five inches. And it appeared to have been very well lubed.

She couldn't be thinking of... The horror!

"I'm going to fuck you today, Jeanette," she said. "It's only fair. You've fucked me a few hundred times and now it's my turn."

I knew some people put their cocks into the bottoms of their lovers. But I didn't think Auntie liked that sort of thing. I had never even tried to play with her anus, though she seemed fascinated with mine.

I couldn't let her put that horrible thing in me! It was gay! It would hurt!

Reading my mind, Auntie said, "It's not gay and it won't hurt, Jeanette. Well, maybe a little the first few times. We girls must suffer. But you'll really enjoy it. And so will I. It'll scrape your special spot every time I thrust. And we know you love your special spot rubbed."

I blushed. But I was very afraid.

Still, mustn't anger the person who's giving you an unlimited supply of the best pussy on the planet. Good rule of thumb for life.

I grimaced inwardly, then said, "Yes, Auntie." I turned over to lie on my stomach, then rose on my knees, offering my virginity to my Aunt Carmen.

She was delighted with my docility.

Auntie got on her knees behind me and aimed her fake peeny at my real anus. "Bite the pillow if you must, Jeanette," she said. "I'm going in."

Thank goodness she eased in gently. But it still hurt. And felt wonderful. She was right about the prostate rub. But I also loved the full feeling. And the feeling of girlish submissiveness. Though I was sure that I could never submit to a man like that.

Auntie got a rhythm going, then reached around and skinned my big boy as she fucked me. She praised my femininity and sexiness. Then she said something odd. "If my boyfriends knew about you, they would never rest until they got to do what I'm doing to you now."

Oh. That was wrong! I didn't want a sweaty, hairy rough man to fuck me! I was a sissy lesbian. A man on top of me, dominating me - a helpless little girl! That was a terrible thought. It was only a coincidence that I blew my guts out right when the thought formed in my mind.

Boy days and girl days were all great days.

My only real regret was that Auntie didn't want to see me except on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. I had LOTS of free time - especially when fucking was the time filler. But no. Did she have that many boyfriends? Did she want to make sure I was getting enough study time?

I thought about spying on her to see who was "seeing" her on those other days. But the fear of getting caught and losing pussy rights kept me off that ruinous path.

My joy was boundless when Auntie announced on the Friday before Christmas that I could start coming over five afternoons a week, beginning after Christmas!

I didn't know what changed, but it was a wonderful Christmas present.

On December 26, while Mom, Dad and my sisters were hitting the stores for bargains, I was reporting for "tutoring" at Auntie's.

I let myself in and took the stairs two at a time to my room. I put on the pretty outfit Auntie left for me.

That afternoon Auntie had laid out my pink satin party dress. It was made of the loveliest, most expensive satin and trimmed with the most exquisite white lace. It was originally made to be a Prom gown, and cost a small fortune. But Aunt Carmen justified it by saying I'd get much more wear out of it than a "real" girl would.

With the dress were the lovely matching undies of the same exquisite satin and lace. A lacy camisole with matching tap panties; a frilly garter belt; a pink lace brassiere with pert little breast forms; sheer pink nylons with white seams and matching ruffled anklets; and matching pink heels.

I dressed and sat at the vanity to put on my make-up when Auntie appeared. She was wearing a tiny pink babydoll, no panties, pink stockings and pink stiletto sandals. She kissed me warmly, then said, I'll do your make-up today, Jeanette. I have a special surprise for you.

Oooh. A special surprise! What could it be?

Auntie made me a little sluttier than usual that day, especially around the eyes. Which usually meant she was in a very lustful mood.

As always, I took a good long time to admire myself in the mirror. Which always seemed to arouse Auntie as well.

When I was sure that I was sissygirl perfection, I moved toward Auntie to begin our lovemaking.

Not so fast.

"Your surprise is downstairs, Jeanette, you impetuous little thing. Keep your cream in your 'pink purse' a bit longer."

Oh. It must be big. And involve sex!


When we reached the living room, I saw my surprise.

"Jeanette, meet Loren," she said.



Sitting on a hard chair, looking rather shy, was a boy. At least I thought it was a boy. He was the sissiest looking boy I had ever seen. Very pretty, though without make-up. Dressed in a lilac, satin suit. His shirt was ruffled and he had a string tie. His pants were short and he was wearing high, lace-trimmed white socks that ran just below his bare knees. His shoes looked like lilac-colored Mary Janes, with short heels. And he was wearing a round, Little Lord Fauntleroy/Buster Brown hat.

He looked sort of ridiculous. Which made it easier for me, since Loren was the first boy who had ever seen Jeanette. The first person other than Auntie, actually.

I looked at Auntie wonderingly.

Auntie explained. "Loren is a sissyboy, Jeanette. Just as you are a sissygirl. Loren has been in my charge since last summer. His mother and I are old friends and she realized that someone had to teach him survival skills or those bad boys at your high school would hurt him. I helped him find his true nature. Loren joins me on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Say hello, Loren."

"Yes, Auntie," Loren said.

What a wimp!

Wait. Isn't that what I always said to Auntie? And wasn't I the one who was perfumed and powdered and dressed in a pink satin party dress?

That was different. I bet that Loren wasn't fucking Auntie. No way! Which made me superior!

Auntie said, "Loren and I have been making love since he turned 18 in September. He's an excellent lover, as you'll find out, Jeanette."

Well, that shattered that. And there was no way that sissyboy was touching me.

Even though he was sort of vaguely cute. In a sissyish way.

Loren smiled when Auntie said that. And he batted his eyes at me.

Those lashes of his must have been two inches long! No fair! I didn't mean to get an erection when he did that. It just happened.

Auntie noticed. So did Loren.

"Loren," Auntie said, "Jeanette needs attention. Would you help her, please?"

"Oh yes, Auntie," he said. And the little wimp was on his knees in front of me. He had my panties down to my knees in a microsecond and before I could protest, he had my skirts up and my cock in his mouth. He was sucking it as if he had the clap and it was a penicillin lollipop.

Loren was an excellent cocksucker!

"He's very good, isn't he, Jeanette?"

I could only grunt affirmatively. Wow. Better than Auntie.

"He's never sucked a real cock. I've been training him on dildos. Sharing my expertise. Telling him about you. He was half in love with you before he met you."

Oh my! I was going to... Yow! I pumped six thick globs of sissy cream down his eager young throat. He gagged slightly but soldiered on until I was drained... for the moment.

Loren stood and smiled shyly. He seemed proud of himself.

I had to be polite. "Thanks, Loren. That was..."

The little twit kissed me!

Auntie clapped her hands together and said, "How wonderful! I so want my two favorite people to get along. You will get along with Loren, won't you, Jeanette? I would be VERY disappointed if you didn't."

Ooooh. I didn't want that.

And he was an awfully good kisser. Though he was obviously gay. Which I was obviously not. I guessed I could pretend to get along with him. Until Auntie began to explain what that meant.

"Jeanette, I believe I've taught you some manners these past weeks, have I not?"

The answer was, as always, "Yes, Auntie." Where was she going with this?

"And manners involve the return of favors, do they not?"

"Yes, Auntie." Though the conversation was definitely headed in a wrong direction.

"Didn't Loren just do you a sweet, loving favor?"

Uh-oh. "Yes, Auntie. But, Auntie, I could never do that to a boy. I'm not gay!"

Auntie gave me her disappointed look. The one I got when I had only an 88 on a math test three weeks earlier. Thought I would miss pussy that day.

This was dangerous ground.

"You've disappointed me, Jeanette. Loren, you had better go home. You too, JEREMY. I'll see you when the family gathers for Easter. Loren, you can begin coming every day, Monday through Friday."

"No, wait! Please!" I begged. "I'm sorry. I just panicked. I would love to suck Loren's cock. Please. I'll be loving. I promise."

Auntie appeared to teeter on the decision. I was so upset and worried that I didn't even have an erection.

Then she said, "Thank you, Jeanette. I was confident that you would respond in a loving fashion, commensurate with the love I've given you."

Forget about the neutron bomb. Pussy is the most powerful weapon on earth and always will be.

So. I was to suck this sissy's cock. Maybe if I thought of him as a girl. But girls didn't have cocks. Except for me.

I sighed and knelt before the little pouffer. He was kind of cute in an androgynous way. I wondered if that was his outfit or Auntie bought it.

I should talk. Auntie bought all my pretty things. And I wore what she said to wear.

I took a deep breath and unzipped his satin shorts. They fluttered to the floor and I saw his underwear. For some reason, I thought he would be wearing panties. He wasn't. He had satin, lilac-colored (and scented), very-brief, jockey shorts. With a flap to pee and everything. Where did Auntie find those?

The interesting part was that they were tented by a very stiff, obviously respectable cock that was almost as big as my own! I eased Loren's briefs down to expose his cock and balls. They were beautiful! If "man things" can be girlish, Loren discovered the formula.

The little doll was in a dithering state of excitement. Making little sissy squeaks as I ran my fingers up and down his stiff pole. He may cum before I get it into my mouth, I thought.

I discovered that I didn't want that. I wanted to suck his sissy cock. Even swallow his cum - if he made any.

He was such a girl that it seemed hetero to be "doing things" with him.

So I did things.

I gave his balls a nice wet bath with my tongue, making him gasp and pant. Then I licked up his pole until I reached the bulbous head and dripping pee lips. Mmmm. My first cock was a tasty one. I applied Auntie's best technique to the glans. Tonguing, rather than consuming, with special attention to the peelips and the sensitive "arrowpoint" on the underside.

Feedback is a good thing - for authors and for cocksuckers. Loren's gasps, pants, squeals and groans told me that I was pretty darned good at licking his peeny. When he tensed up and warned me that he was cumming, I could have finished him off with my hand, but I didn't. I took the fat head of his sissy prick into my mouth and ran my tongue around it until I got the "girl's big reward."

I had never swallowed cum from a "gusher" before. And as you know, girls, there's a skill to it that comes from practice. I only got about half of it down my throat and the rest formed a beard on my chin.

Auntie knelt next to me and helped me by licking my "cum beard" clean.

So the ice was broken between Loren and me.

I liked him.

It turns out that we had been in the same math class our sophomore year, but we had both been so nondescript at that time that we didn't notice each other.

We had certainly become descript.

Of course I found all that out later.

We had balls to fill and empty and an Auntie to fuck.

Auntie suggested that we all strip naked, except for Auntie's and my stockings, and join her on her king-sized bed.

Loren and I eagerly complied.

I was on Auntie's left, Loren on her right.

"This won't do," Auntie said. "I want you boys to get to know each other better and then you can please your poor old Auntie. Jeanette, share this lube with Loren. Put it on your fingers, both of you. Now I want to see you kiss as you reach around behind each other and rub each other's prostates. Loren, climb over me to get next to Jeanette. That's it. Good boys!"

I had never touched a prostate before. That was Auntie's department. But it wasn't difficult to find in Loren's plump, hairless bottom. And he found mine quickly as well. We writhed and tongue-kissed as we explored each other's most intimate place. Rubbing stiff cocks along the way. After about ten delightful minutes of that heavenly embrace, Loren began spurting his sperm all over me. I joined him in paradise. After a few moments of post-conjugal bliss, we separated, lying on our backs, chests heaving.

Auntie said, "Marvelous! I knew you two would be best friends. Think of the fun you'll have together - and with me. I hope you have something left in you for some stiff fucking. Jeanette, let me get you ready first."

Auntie took me into her sweet mouth until I was rampant and ready. I loved the idea of fucking Auntie in front of Loren. I would show that sissyboy how a real man fucks!

But wait. Auntie was doing something odd. She was lubing up my cock. That was something she did to the dildo when she was emasculating my bottom. Did she want me to fuck her bottom?

Oh, joy!

Oh, no.

The conductor of our little ensemble was adding a bit more lube to Loren's pretty bottomhole.

Let's see...two plus two equals...?

"Jeanette, you've loved everything I've introduced you to and now's your chance for a new experience. Two new experiences actually, since it will be Loren's turn with you next. I want my pretty boys to be completely comfortable and loving with each other. Get up on your knees and plow Loren's 'back 40 acres.' Now!"

It was useless to protest with Auntie. Plus my cock had stiffened considerably at the thought of fucking Loren's sweet boypussy. And to have him "do" me as well.

This was turning out to be a very interesting day.

Loren was on his knees, wiggling his bottom in lewd invitation as Auntie said, "This is Loren's first time with a real cock and you have a big one, so be gentle and loving until he's opened up and ready. Then fuck his sissy brains out."

OK. That was exactly the plan I executed.

It was incredibly wonderful in Loren's "back there." It was hot and very tight and it was an entirely different "grip" on the cock than Auntie's pussy. Though Auntie's pussy was still my favorite place on earth.

I was amazed at how excited I was. And how much Loren loved being fucked. I didn't want to make him cum, since I wanted him stiff and ready to fuck me. But he came anyway, screaming "Jeanette, I love you!" Which made me drench his bowels as well.

When my cock deflated and eased out I realized that my moment had come.

I was about to be fucked by a real live cock. Attached to a real live sissyboy. Who was getting stiffening therapy from Auntie's mouth. Loren insisted on applying the lube to my pussy himself.

My eyes teared up a bit as I realized that I was crossing one of life's one-way bridges. If I let Loren fuck me, what was next? Would I be completely gay? Would I be hanging around Auntie's house, asking her to fix me up with the boyfriends she didn't want anymore? Would I go to Broadway shows like Dreamgirls and write Liza Minelli fan letters? Would Loren and I be getting a timeshare on Fire Island?

Probably not. It was best to take these things one at a time and at that moment, what I was ready for was a nice, stiff, enthusiastic fucking.

Loren knelt behind me and thanked me for being his friend. He pushed gently until he got the lubed head of his sissycock in. It was warm and alive - so different from Auntie's dildos. Thanks to Auntie's practice sessions, I pretty much took Loren with ease. When he was all the way in, I gasped. I was panicked that I would have to poop, which would have destroyed the erotic moment for sure. But the feeling passed.

Loren was an inexperienced bottomfucker, but a very gentle and good one. His in-and-out motions clipped my prostate and filled me in a way that made me feel more girlish than I had ever been. I adored being fucked. Auntie was right again.

I remember thinking that Auntie would probably discard the strapon, now that her reason for preparing us was over. Then I thought, oddly enough, about Mr. Seamen, the math teacher Loren and I had shared two years earlier and what it would been like with his cock in me instead of Loren's. And then I blew my thick load.

Funny how that happened.

My anal contractions during my orgasm made Loren lose his cargo as well.

We fell over into an exhausted heap. A nap sounded good.

Then Auntie said, "Who's taking care of me?"

Despite our exhaustion, we both volunteered.

Loren ate her pootie while I kissed her. The Loren fucked Auntie while I [blush] fucked Loren. Loren said that being the fucker and the fuckee was incredible! So, on the next round I discovered he was right.

That night, alone in my bed at home, I wondered if I would live until my 19th birthday. I was fucked out. What a way to go!

The next day, Auntie showed us how we could both fuck her at once. I lay on my back and, facing me, she lowered her pussy over my cock. Then Loren got behind her and entered her bottom - the first time either of us had done anal with Auntie. I could feel Loren's cock in her ass as I fucked her pussy, which added to the lustful excitement. After a shattering orgasm, we switched places and I experienced Auntie's bottomhole for the first time. It was spectacular! Hot and tight.

Though I must say, Loren's was better.

The next day, I met Lauren.

"Jeanette," Auntie said, "Loren and I have been 'friends' longer than you and I have been, so I've had sufficient time to work with him and give him...options. Most of the time he's sissyboy Loren, but I've also trained him to be sissygirl Lauren. And here she is."

Oh my.

Lauren was a stunning babe. And why would I be surprised? Loren is about three-quarters girl, so all Lauren did was add the last quarter.

I was in pink lingerie that day - teddy, garters, stockings, heels. Lauren was in the same outfit, as was Auntie. Lauren's wig was blonde and long. Her face looked GREAT with make-up, as did mine, of course.

When I fucked her that day, I didn't worry about being gay.

Not that that notion was crushing me as much as it once did.



Chapter Six—Randy

The rest of Christmas vacation was idyllic. Auntie and Lauren/Loren and I explored every facet of sissy sensuality that we could. And there were always surprises. Each day, all day, it was hot sex and hotter sex. But I never knew what I would be wearing and who would join me for cuddles. Would it be Loren or Lauren? Auntie had abandoned her boy days, but once or twice a week, she would stay in her room while Loren/Lauren and I "enjoyed each other." From the noises coming from Auntie's room, we knew she was making love with a man friend.

We could have been jealous, I guess. But we were enjoying our torrid little love affair too much.

Who knew I could enjoy sucking a boy's cock and having his cock in my bottom so much?

When we went back to school, we were limited to fucking only weekday afternoons. Plus I had to do my homework and study hard.

Still, Loren and I arranged to see each other during the school day whenever we could. There was a big, unused room on the fourth floor of school where we would meet at lunch, strip to our panties, and go at it like starving wildebeests.

On the first Saturday night in February, Auntie arranged for us to spend the night with her - the first time we had done that! Loren and I were thrilled!

As agreed, we arrived at 4 p.m. and went to our individual rooms to change.

I was given a pink party dress and Mary Janes, much like what a ten-year- old girl would wear to a birthday party. I looked adorable. When I was perfumed, powdered and made up, I went to see Loren. We weren't supposed to seek Auntie. The drill was that she would come to us.

Loren was wearing a pink version of the ultra-sissy outfit he had on the day I met him. It seemed obvious that Auntie had something special planned.

We didn't know how special.

Despite the "rules," Loren and I stood in front of Auntie's room. We were giggling at the sounds of Auntie screaming in orgasm as one of her man friends took her to heaven. It looked as if we would be on our own for a while that night, which was fine with us.

But just as we were turning away, Auntie's door opened and Auntie emerged. And so did a man!

A naked man!

A very handsome, well-built, naked man.

With a stiff cock and big leer. Both appeared to be for Loren and me.

Auntie looked the way she always did after we had fucked her for four hours or so. Make-up smeared. Cum stains on her face. Pussy drooling sperm. Belly caked with dried semen. In other words, she looked marvelous.

She spoke. "Oh, Darlings, I'm glad you're here. I want to introduce you to my dear friend Randy Youngman. Randy, these are the lovelies I've been telling you about - my niece Jeanette and my nephew Loren.

Loren and I stared dumbly at Randy Youngman. Then at each other.

"Hello, ladies," Randy said, which wasn't technically correct, but close enough.

Recovering a bit, we said, in unison, "Hello, Mr. Youngman."

His cock twitched when we said that. I think he liked us.

Auntie stepped in to explain things. "Darlings, your development needs to proceed and Randy has graciously consented to help you on your path to complete emasculation. I was going to ask him to spend the night with both of you, but I'm afraid I've 'taxed' him so much that he can really only accommodate one of you today and tonight. He's free to choose which. The other will spend the night in my sweet embrace."


I was terrified that he would choose me. I didn't want a man!!! I was going to protest that to Auntie, but I looked over at Loren and saw that he was batting his eyes at Randy!!!

Loren was flirting with a man so the man would fuck him. All night!

That little tramp!

Well, two could play at that.

I batted my eyes at the man too. But it seems I was too late.

"I'll take the boy," Randy said.

Loren blushed and whimpered, drawing back as if afraid. Which made Randy's already red cockhead turn purple. He had so much blood in that big thing that he must have been feeling light-headed.

I felt bitter disappointment. I certainly didn't want a man. But I didn't want to be rejected by a man either.

Auntie did the best she could to make things right for me, taking me by the hand to her room and promising me a night the Sodomites would have adored.

Still, my ego was severely bruised.

Auntie opened a cabinet at the foot of her bed and exposed a flat-panel, high-definition television. I didn't even know she owned a TV. Was that what we were going to do while my former friend Loren was taking hot meat into his love canal? Watch Love Boat reruns?


"I'm sorry Randy didn't pick you, Darling," Auntie said. "But I was pretty sure he would pick Loren. If it were a choice between you and Lauren, he would have picked you. But this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a man. He could fuck a pretty boy and not be arrested or outed as gay. They all want to, but never get to. There are far more opportunities for men to find pantyboys than pretty sissyboys. So he followed his cock's advice. Big surprise. Let's watch them and learn from it, shall we?"

Watch them? How? Oh.

Auntie flipped on the tube and Loren's bedroom was on channel four. "I've watched you and Loren for hours, Jeanette. It's quite delightful and I have it all on DVD. Maybe it'll go on Amazon some day."

She wouldn't. Would she?

Loren was standing in a corner of the whimpering as Randy sat on the bed, trying to coax Loren to join him. Randy said, "Don't be like that, Sweetheart. You know I picked you because you're the prettiest, sexiest boy I've ever seen. Jeanette is a doll, but you're an angel."

Loren moved a little closer to the bed. "Really?" he sniffled through what may have been real tears, but I doubt it.

"Of course," Randy said. "Now just let me give you a hug and you'll feel better."

Loren's reluctance was perfect. Not too much or too little. Slowly, hesitantly, he moved toward Randy, letting the man encircle him in his arms. Randy gave him a nice comforting hug. I could see that Randy was as near orgasm as any man had in history ever been.

"You're very pretty, Loren," Randy said. "Do all the boys and men tell you that? And your outfit is adorable. You're adorable."

Loren smiled weakly. Surrendering gradually. Letting the man think he was winning.

Randy removed Loren's pink, circular hat. "Could I have a little kiss," Randy asked. "I'm very taken with you. Remember, I chose you."

When he said that Loren looked at the "hidden" camera and smiled. That little tramp!!! How did he know about that camera? And why was he "dancing in the end zone?"

Loren sat on Randy's bare right thigh and submitted to a chaste kiss on the lips. Which became a tonguey kiss. Punctuated by Loren's "accidental," then deliberate stroking of Randy's enflamed cock. Which sent poor Randy over the top. Thick ropes of nut butter exploded from Randy's pee hole.

I was learning more about seduction from Loren than I could from a lifetime of watching old movies.

Loren took off his pink jacket and ruffled white short, since they "had spunk on them," as he told Randy. Loren resisted weakly when Randy slowly unbuttoned each pink, satin-covered button on both hips of Loren's pink sissy shorts. Randy gasped with pleasure when he saw Loren's pink silk Jockey briefs and the pretty pink cockhead that was sticking up above the waistband. Loren squealed softly when Randy kissed Loren's skinned knob.

Auntie was stroking my peeny with warm baby oil as this little dance played out. When Randy began to lovingly suck each of Loren's precious testicles, I helplessly drenched Auntie's soft, lovely hand.

In short order, Loren was naked and on his back on the bed. Randy was sucking Loren's cock with all his heart and soul and soon Loren was giving Randy what he needed most. A bellyful of girlish cream.

Who was emasculating whom here anyway?

Randy ate Loren's pussy, then mounted him for a long, slow boat to heaven. Loren was sneaking looks at the camera. Smiling at us. Gloating.

I was stunned at the power Loren had over a life-long, heterosexual man. Did I have that kind of power?

Regardless, that was it for Loren and us. We were through. Quits.

Auntie saw my petulance and jealousy and turned the TV off.

"How are you feeling, Jeanette?"

Good question. I thought before I answered, then said. "Rejected. And angry at that gay little tramp Loren."

"I see," she said. "I understand. Randy's my boyfriend and he could have said no to both of you and spent the night with me. So I was rejected too."

Good point that I hadn't considered. I guess I was being a little self- centered. "You're right, Auntie, as always. But why was Loren gloating?"

"You two are 18, but you still have some growing up to do. Loren was just teasing you. He loves you very much. And I know you love him. I think you love me too and I'll give you the rest of the night to prove it."

She grabbed my cock. It was nice and hard again for Auntie.

"One last question, Jeanette."

"Yes, Auntie?"

"Would you want to feel Randy's cock in your bottom right now?"

I didn't have to think to answer that. "Oh, yes, Auntie. I didn't think so, but I'm definitely an equal-opportunity fucker. Girls. Boys. Men. Women. Only humans though. I refuse to fuck outside my species."

Auntie giggled, then said. "Good girl. So, since I'm in your species..."

I gave Auntie a very good evening.

I resolved that I would be the one getting the salami in the pooper from now on. I could seduce any man I wanted to. Men would know who Jeanette was!



Chapter Seven - Brad

I wanted to be angry at Loren, but I wasn't. I was envious of his feminine wiles. And his courage to stand in there and let a man fuck his little ass off.

It's one thing to imagine something. Quite another to do it. I was imagining sex with a man. Loren had done it.

Randy had gone home around seven on Sunday morning, so an exhausted Loren slipped into bed with Auntie and me soon after. The horny little tart smelled like the restroom at a porn shop. But when he cuddled up to me, I kissed and hugged him.

Boys like us need each other.

"Are you angry with me, Jeanette?" the little sissy slut asked.

"How could I be? I love you, you little fuckmonkey."

Loren pelted me with kisses. "I love you too. And Auntie, of course. It was fun with Randy. But he said the strangest things. He told me he loved me and wanted me to go away with him. He said we would travel around the world, then settle in Massachusetts or Gingerfredonia, where we could get married. I turned him down, of course. My place is here with you in my bottom and my pricklet in Auntie."

Auntie awoke to see me fucking Loren's pretty bottom. She was delighted that there were no hard feelings. Other than the ones in my panties when Auntie and Loren were around.

We had a nice week, with fantastic afternoons. Auntie even arranged for another sleepover that Saturday night. I didn't trust Auntie to make it just a routine night. And it certainly wasn't.

When Loren and I arrived at four, Auntie greeted us, which was unusual in itself.

"Look what I have for you to wear tonight, my darlings," she said.

It was spectacular indeed.

Auntie gave us matching pink satin gloves and panties, pink lace stockings, pink spiked heels, as well as crinkly, pink crinoline petticoats and realistic, weighted breast forms to place in our strapless corsets. The neckline was such that I had a very realistic- looking cleavage peeking out from underneath like a pert little pair of breasts.

And then... the crowning glory! Auntie had bought Lauren and me the most exquisite, lovely, expensive, luxurious... well, words just fail me and all superlatives pale in comparison to the loveliness of the pink, satin gowns.

As we gratefully put them on, Lauren and I wondered aloud what strange plan Auntie had.

"Your dates will be here any minute."


"Don't look so startled," she said. "You're going to the Central High Valentine's Day dance across town tonight with sons of my good friends. Two very nice boys - Brad and Chip. I told them you were my nieces from Cleveland, visiting this weekend. You'll have a wonderful time at the dance and then you can bring your dates back here for whatever you want. But please don't bother me. I'm entertaining tonight."

I was scared poopless. "But Auntie," I said (as if she would change her plans because of our anxieties). "We've never been out in public as girls and we've never, I mean I've know."

Auntie smiled. "Well, the time to change both of those is now. You're both ready...especially you, Jeanette. Here are your purses. Everything you need is in there. Makeup. Pepper spray. Tissues. Lipstick. Cab fare home. A cell phone to call 9-1-1. Oh. I think I see them pulling up. Yes. There they are."

I was trembling with fear. "But, Auntie. What if they find out that we're not really girls?"

"I would imagine that, if they're like most men, they will be delighted. There's the doorbell. I'll get it. I'll call you for your entrance."

And she left.

I looked at Lauren.

She seemed happy about things. No fear. No dread. "Don't worry, Jeanette." she said. "They're only boys. They'll do whatever we want."

I was glad she was confident. I sure wasn't.

Auntie called. "Jeanette. Lauren. Your dates are here."

The death march down the stairs began.

I was almost afraid to look at them. And then I did.

They were our age. Blond and very handsome. Dressed in dinner jackets and carrying white corsages.

Oh my. The looks on their faces.


Barely-disguised lust.

Lauren was right.

They would do anything we said.

Brad, who was slightly taller, was my date. Chip was Lauren's.

Was that a bulge I saw in Brad's pants?

Was it for me?

The boys tried to be suave, but they failed miserably. Lauren and I looked at each other and giggled.

We kissed Auntie goodbye. As we left, I heard Brad say to Auntie, "Thanks so much, Mrs. Hanstead. You told our moms that the girls were cute, but Jeanette and Lauren, especially Jeanette, are knockouts!"

Well, that was a boost to my sore ego. At least one male preferred me to Lauren.

In the car, Brad drove and I sat next to him in the front seat.

The boys asked us about Cleveland and we made up some pretty good lies. But mostly, like all boys, they liked talking about themselves. They were football players, both going to really good colleges the next year.

I wondered what it would be like to kiss Brad. To be encircled by his arms. If Lauren could flirt, so could I. Just before we got to the dance, I touched Brad's leg and let my hand rest there. He noticed. And seemed to be quite nervous. I wondered what that little tramp Lauren was doing in the back seat. Probably giving Chip a handjob. But I didn't hear or smell anything that suggested that.

We arrived at the dance and the boys treated us like princesses. Opening doors. Taking our wraps. Getting us punch.

Everyone there thought we were girls. In fact, we got a lot, and I mean a lot, of lustful stares from the boys there. And lots of dirty looks from their dates.

Brad was a charming escort. And a good dancer. I had to kind of hold myself away from him during the slow dances, to hide my erection. He rubbed his stiff meat against my hip a couple of times and I didn't pull away. I was such a little slut [giggle].

During the last dance, Brad tried to kiss me and I let him. It was delicious! He also rubbed his cock against mine. Which made me think that the game was up.

But it wasn't. When the dance was over, he said, "That was a great kiss. And I'm happy to feel that you're a 'special girl.' I've always wanted to meet a 'special girl.' And you're the prettiest girl here tonight, special or otherwise."

Wow. He knew I was a boy and he was OK with it. Delighted, in fact.

Before we left, Lauren and I went to the ladies room to powder our noses and confer.

"Brad knows about us," I said to Lauren.

"So does Chip, Lauren said.

"Brad's cock rubbed against mine when we were dancing, That's how he knows."

"I told Chip when I was swallowing his load out in Brad's car in the parking lot around 9 o'clock. He's cool with it."

I looked at Lauren with new eyes. I had a long way to go before I was in her league.

"Back to Auntie's?" I asked.

"Let's roll," she said.

We giggled.

The boys looked as if they wanted to tear our clothes off there in the emptying gym.

Lauren told them the rules. "Mind your manners until we get to our aunt's. We each have a bedroom and you're welcome there as long as you like."

We set a new land speed record driving to Auntie's.

It appeared that my first non-sissy man was about to have his way with me. I was going to be his sperm receptacle. Satisfying all his disgusting needs.


We walked up the stairs quietly, then took our dates to our respective rooms.

Brad and I were alone at last.

He kissed me deeply, cupping my bottomcheeks with his hands.

I melted into his manly arms.

Maybe I wasn't a sissy lesbian after all.

I was...diverse.

I turned around and asked Brad to unzip me. Then, as I stripped to my panties, stockings and garters, Brad stripped naked.

He had a lovely body. And a fine cock. Slightly smaller than mine, but very hard and straight. I gave it a nice kiss and enjoyed the way it throbbed and "leaked." Then I licked the blue vein that ran up the right side of his hot rammer. It was so much fun meeting a new cock!

I blushed to think that I had never been naked in front of a boy before. And there I was kissing and licking his cock.

Brad saw the tent in my panties and did what every man I would ever meet did - he pulled my panties down to expose my cock. Then he played with my "little person" awhile as he kissed my open mouth. He would be sucking my peeny soon if I didn't intervene, and I wanted a good stiff fucking. So I said, "Brad, could you please lube up my pussy? I can't take your big cock in it if it's dry. The lube's in that drawer. Thank you."

Men don't turn down requests like that.

I lay on my back and he kissed my nipples as he ran his lubed fingers in and out of my pussy. He found my prostate and tortured it until I squealed and blew a big load all over my tummy.

Then I had an inspiration. I dipped my fingers into the lake of cum on my tummy, transferred a nice portion of it to my lips and pouted for a kiss.

Brad kissed me. A big, cummy kiss. With lots of tongue. Good boy!

Then came the moment of truth. I was still on my back. Brad threw my pink-stockinged calves over his shoulders, then applied lube to his painfully erect cock.

I whimpered for cock as he lifted my bottom and placed a pillow under it. He then held the head of his cock to the opening of my pussy and pushed.

Loren and Lauren had fucked me many times, so it didn't hurt. But I wanted Brad to know that he was all man, so I cried out when he filled me with his cock.

It didn't hurt, but I felt every pore of his cock skin on my pussy. And I adored every picosecond of it.

I was being fucked by my first real man.

I highly recommend it, girls.

And he was really enjoying himself.

He did all the work, holding back his orgasm until he made me spew a big load. Then he made a merciful release up my bowels.

I liked Brad.

Maybe I would visit Auntie from Cleveland a lot.

Brad and I had a great night until he and Chip had to go home for their 2 a.m. curfews.

Lauren and I gave them farewell blowjobs on our knees, at the front door. They left, as contented as two lads could be.

I was tired and was going to sleep. In Lauren's bed. But just for sleep.

We almost made it.

Auntie was waiting for us when we reached the top of the stairs.

"So, I see you had a nice night. Especially that finish. Nice touch."

We giggled.

"All right girls. I see Saturday night will be date night from now on. I can arrange some nice older men for you at the beginning - men who will treat you right and give you nice things. I have to believe that it won't be long before you'll be arranging your own dates. After graduation, I'm guessing that you'll find your own apartment - and the men to pay for it. Oh the fun you'll have! And the fun the men will have!

"You'll probably forget about your poor, aged Auntie. Thank goodness I have so many other hunky friends."

We protested, of course. Hugging and kissing Auntie. Promising eternal devotion.

Auntie hugged us and said, "I know, my Darlings. I'm only teasing. But the future I'm most concerned about is the rest of this wonderful night. My friend went home to his wife. And I don't like to sleep alone. I know you're tired, and you'll be sleeping with Auntie. But first, Lauren, I want you eat my pussy while Jeanette tells her side of thing about tonight. Then we'll switch. Then you can give me a double dose of cock - in both my pussies - and then we'll sleep."

She was right. That did sound better than sleep.

"And girls."

"Yes, Auntie?"

"Was your Auntie right about things AGAIN?"

"Yes, Auntie," we said in unison.

Then we giggled some more.


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