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AWU- Abused Women Unite

by Jennifer Allison


"Janet, you have to read this," said Holly.

"What?" replied Janet.

"This ad I received in the mail today."

The ad Holly handed Janet read:

Abused Women Unite or the AWU

The next line read:

If you do feel that you have been wronged please contact us we might be able to help.

All we ask is for you to be sincere and really need our help.

Area we want you to call us.
We can help if you are:

Physically Abused by husband

A child (male or female) abused by a parent.

A rape no one will do anything about.

Student harassment in school. Just because you are different.

And many more.


All cases will treated as confidential.

All cases will be investigated on their own merit, regardless of how small.

The AWO was set up to help people that the law can't help. And for those who can't get help any other way.


"Why do you think I need this Holly?" asked Janet.

"For what Dean did to you. When you refused to go bed with him. He then told everybody he did. Now everybody thinks you are the school slut."

"It isn't listed," replied Janet.

"It is under the many more. Or maybe under ‘Student harassment’. At least report it try these people and see what happens."

"Are you going to report anything?" asked Janet.

"Certainly, I am going to report that sleazy uncle of mine who has been trying to get into my pants since I was fourteen. My parents won't listen to me when I have tried to tell them."

Holly made her call to the AWU.

Janet decided to wait to long.

Janet only waited until midnight the next night. The reason Janet called at midnight. Was her date earlier that evening. When she refused to go all the way. Her date tried to rape her. When he couldn't rape her. He proceeded to split her lip and blacken her eye, and then leaving her along the side of the road.


Nothing happened for six weeks and by now Janet had forgotten all about the ad.

Until one day after school, when there was someone ringing the doorbell.

"Janet Moore, I am Loretta Higgins of the AWU. I have come to talk with you about what you reported to us."

"The ad. I have forgotten all about it. It has been so long since I made made the report."

"We have so many people complaining. It took us awhile to get around to your case, I am sorry to say. Like the ad said. All reports are looked into. That is the reason I am here. Please tell me in your own words. What is the problem is."

"It all started last October. You might say it started long before that, but the main thing happened last October. You see when I went on a date, of which I have had a few. I have never even let my date kiss me."

"So what happened last October?"

"The best looking guy in school asked me out for a date. He was the captain of the football team, his father is one of the richest men in town."

"Go on."

"The date went okay until he tried to get inside my panties. When I refused to let him. He threatened me with bodily harm. I still protected my honor. He then said he would spread a rumor I did go all the way. So I might as well do it. I still refused. Telling I would tell everybody he was a liar. He then said go ahead. Who do you think people will believe. You or me. He just laugh at me. He then tried again to get into my pants. I kicked him in the balls and left. By Monday morning I was known as the school slut.

"I found out later that he had made a very big bet with his friends that he would take my cherry. So to keep his reputation as a ladies man intact, he ruined mine. I have had three dates since that awful night. Everyone of them expected me to give them what Dean claimed to have received. What in the hell a girl suppose to?"

"Have you tried to fight it?"

"Yes, I tried to tell the truth. I have been punished for doing so. For in my ten years of school I have never spent anytime in detention. Since that night. I have spent four weeks solid. I 've spent so much time in detention. People have changed the name from detention room to Janet's room. At least three of my instructors have told me that my problems would go away when I stop telling lies about Dean. My parents have been even been threatened with a lawsuit to stop me from talking."

"How they handling it?"

"They believe me, but as you can tell. We can't even afford very much. How can we fight a lawsuit."

Janet and Loretta talked for another ten minutes.

"Janet, I promised only this. We will look into your case. If we decide to do something about it. I will come calling again. How you handle the situation till then is up to you."

"How long before the decision is made?"

"A month at the most."


"Please don't get angry. We need to look carefully into case. Then we have to decide on the punishment. Then complete the punishment. One of the biggest reasons why it takes so long is. Some of the things we do can't be reverse. So we need to be 100% sure of all the facts."

"Do you know anything about my friend Holly's case?"

"That case wasn't been assigned to me. All I can say. It will be looked into. One thing I don't want you tell anybody about my visit. Not even your parents or Holly."

"What am I supposed to about this them?"

"Continue doing what you are doing. Or just let it be. But we at the AWU will look into the matter."

"Will the AWU be able to help me?"

"Yes I think we can. When we do Dean will wish his mother had stayed a virgin."


It was two weeks later that Janet saw Loretta again.

"I have good news Janet. The AWU has decided to help you with your case."

"Thank You," Janet said sobbing. "Thank You. So what are/can you. The AWU going do?"

"Legally there is nothing we can do. It is your word against his. From experience you should know whose word they would believe."

"So what is going to happen? Or is Dean just going to get away with what he did to me."

"Dean will pay for what he has done. The AWU works in ways that the law cannot."

"What does the AWU have in store for Dean?"

"In two weeks this is what we have in store for Dean." Loretta then went into all the details.

"There is no way you can make someone do something like that."

"Yes we can. We have done things like that to over a hundred people already. In two weeks ten more will join those one hundred. Your Dean and your friend Holly's uncle will be in the group."

"You mean you have accepted Holly's case too?"

"In our investigation of Holly's Uncle Joe we found. He doesn't just have the hots for the young girls in his own family. We have found hehas had many young girls and he is not very gentle with them."

"So what do I need to do?"

"Next week Dean will ask you for another date. You will accept. Dean will then bring you to a place that the AWU has set up for the occasion. Then the fun will begin."

"Why would he ask me for another date?"

"The AWU has arranged for him to do so."

"Won't Dean's parents cause trouble for the AWU, myself and my family?"

"No they won't. It has all been arranged."


"The AWU has already put their plans in motion. The Hypnotic suggestion already at work."


As she was told. Dean asked Janet for a date for the coming Friday night.

The date originally was just to the movies. But as soon as Janet got in Dean's car. She knew something else was planned. Instead of heading to the movie theater Dean drove off in the other direction. Finally stopping in front of a very large nice house in the richest part of town. From the noise coming from the house. Janet knew a party was in process.

Upon entering the house Janet saw Holly standing next to her uncle Joe. Janet did notice something else. Holly's uncle Joe and Dean were dressed almost exactly the same as well as eight other members of the party seven men and one woman. "Hypnotic suggestion again," Janet said to herself.

Loretta walked over and explained. "The ten people the AWU who are going to work their magic on. Are all dress pretty much the same."

"I see one woman in the group of ten."

"A child abuser."

One of the most beautiful women Janet had ever seen was wheel into the room in a wheelchair.

"Hello, I am your hostess Andrea Van Snowden. I would like to welcome all my guest to this very special party. I know most of you will enjoy it very much. But there are some of you will wish they had never come."

"So enjoy yourselves, soon the fun will begin."

Janet went over to Loretta and asked about Ms. Van Snowden.

"Andrea is the owner, president and financial backer for the AWU. If it hadn't for her the AWU wouldn't exist or have never came about."

"How did she end up in a wheelchair?"

"Her drunk and abusive husband. Took a baseball bat to her one night and broke her back. She has never walked since."

"What happened to her husband?"

"He had friends in very high places, so the beating got covered up."

"So he got away with it."

"Not exactly. He had an accident himself. He now lives in the State Hospital. The only thing that still works they think is his brain. He knows what is going on but is unable to says or move a muscle about it.

"Andrea then setup the AWU to help those who can't help themselves. If you look on the top 100 of the richest people in the US. Andrea Van Snowden is one of the top twenty. richest people in America "

Janet noticed one of special guest. When he started acting fidgeting. Like a child who needs to pee. "You see it is has started. Mr. Bones is trying to tell his body it is time to go to the bathroom and piss, but his body isn't listening."

All of sudden the fidgeting stopped a look of embarrassment came over Mr. Bones's face as a wet stain spread over his pants. Mrs. Bones then stuck a pacifier in her husband's mouth and lead him away to one of the rooms set up for her.

None of the special guests noticed anything, but everybody else did.

Dean then walked over to Janet.

"Janet why didn't you tell me. I could have come to this party as Deanna."

"I thought you'll would want to be Dean tonight."

"You should have told me. You know how much I love to dress up and be Deanna. Ms. Van Snowden told me she has some clothes I can borrow. Will you help me?"

Janet looked at Loretta and winked, "Yes I will."


Dean started undressing before they reached the room. As they entered Dean was dropping his pants to the floor.
He made a comment as he looked around. "I wish my room at home could look like this one."

As Janet looked around, she could see the room looked so very feminine. Most girls who was born a girl would say it looked too feminine.

Dean was now naked below the waist. Dean began talking softly to himself and said something else out of the ordinary. "Don't worry my little Deanna . I will soon have you in something nice and soft."

"Who is Little Deanna?' Asked Janet

Crabbing his penis Dean said. "My pussy what else. She gets upset when I have to wear men's underpants."

Taking out a garter belt and a pair of nylons, Dean proceeded to put them on as if he had been doing it all his life. When the last nylon was hooked Dean let out a moan. "OHhhh that feels so good."

As Dean moved his panties up his legs he asked Janet. "Do you think we will get lucky tonight?"

"What, lucky tonight?"

"Yeah, There are a few guys down stairs I wouldn't mind giving those box springs a work out on."

"You like having sex with men?"

"I certainly do. I love the taste of a cock right after it has fucked me in the ass."

Dean proceeded to put on a strapless half bra that had two falsies already attached. He put it on like he had been doing it all his life! without any trouble.

Dean then sat down at the vanity to apply his make-up. He also did this quite naturally, if a bit whorishly.

"Dean how long have you been crossdressing?" Asked Janet.

"Please call me Deanna. For three years now. I do it every chance I get."

"What about sex with men?"

"I have been doing that since I was fourteen. That is why I told that lie that I had sex with you. So no one would suspect that I prefer men over women."

As Deanna said this. She finished her make-up job. If she had been wearing a wig on there would have been no way of telling if this person was a boy dressed up like a girl. She would have made a convincing girl!

Then came the lilly white dress. It was one those low cut type of dress that showed off a girl's breast, and didn't reach all the way up to her shoulder.

The three inch heels matched his/her dress.
It was obvious that Deanna must had lots of practice in heels. She was walking on them like she had been walking on them all her life. She pranced around the room like hooker on payday.

"Lets get back to the party, Janet."

"Aren't you going to put on a wig?"

"I don't like wearing wigs. I want people to know I am a girl with something extra."


When the two girls returned to the party, they found things had changed completely. different from when they left.

Mr. and Mrs. Bones had returned. But now Mr. Bones, or should we say baby Bones, was now dressed up like a baby girl with plastic panties covering a diaper. She was crawling on the floor with Mrs. Bones holding a rope attached to a halter on her baby. When Mr. Bones tried to talk, all that came out of his mouth was baby talk.

Holly was standing by a grown girl dressed like she was six years-old.

"Hi Janet. I would like to introduce my niece Josephine."

"I would like to introduce my friend Deanna."

Within the next twenty minutes the other seven special guest returned. They were either in diapers or dressed in their feminine finery. When the woman special guest returned, everybody was stunned shocked by her appearance. She now looked like, walked like, dressed like and acted like an eighty year woman. When she talked she sounded like somone with no teeth. Toothless/ gummy even though she still had all of her teeth.

Janet asked Loretta, "why did Ms Van Snowden do this to her?"

"She enjoyed beating her daughter because the girl was more beautiful than she was. So every time she looks into the mirror that is what she will see. Everytime she wants to hit her daughter, ahe will transform herself into what you see here. This punishment was agreed upon by both her husband and daughter."

As Janet and Loretta were speaking. Six men entered the room. Enough to pair off with the six special guest who weren't in diapers.

Within ten minutes the new guests had paired off with the special guests and they left to be alone with each other.

Everybody adjourned to the monitoring room. Where 6 TV cameras had been set up in the six bedrooms so everybody could watch the action taking place. Janet was mostly interested in what was going on in Deanna's and Josephine's rooms.


Janet and Holly watched as Deanna and her friend entered the room. There was no preliminary action. Deanna pushed her quest down on the bed and got on her knees in between his legs. Within seconds Deanna had the zipper down and a seven inch dick outside the man's pants.

Janet could hear what was said in the room.

"You know how long I have waited for a dick to suck on. If I don't have one at least every other day I have withdrawal fits." Before another word was said. Deanna's head was bobbing up and down as she let this stranger face fuck her.

Janet turned to Josephine's screen.

"Please don't make me do this Uncle Joe. I am a good girl."

"I know you are a good girl who wants to make her uncle very happy. You know you want this as much as I do."


Josephine was then forced to her knees and force to take Uncle Joe member in her mouth.

Turning back to the other monitor Janet found. Deanna's guest was now completely naked and Deanna was dressed only in her bra, hose and garters and was having her ass eaten. By the look on her face she was enjoying it very much, judging by her large member standing at a attention.

"Supper time over with. I want you now to fuck me and I mean fuck me like you have never done before."

Deanna got her wish. They must have set a record for a single fuck. By the time he had shot his load of baby cream Deanna had at least four shuddering orgasms.

For the next three hours it was fun and games for the special guests. Deanna and some of the others were allowed back into the clothes they had worn before the party and went home with suppressed memories of what had happened.

Mr. Bones went home is his soiled diapers. Since he did all of his work at home. Mr. Bones was now a 24/7 baby.

Josephine was not so lucky. She was about to find out what her final punishment was.


It all started with Uncle Joe sitting in front of a television still dressed as a six year-old.

The television was showing what taken place earlier that evening. The transformation and finally the fun and games later.

"That wasn't me!!!!" Uncle Joe keep repeating during the whole show.

"How did you like the show Uncle Joe?" asked Holly after the tape finished.

"That isn't me!"

"Oh yes it is.

"Wake up Josephine, Wake up Josephine."

A look of shock came over Joe’s face. As his memory returned, he realized what he had done was recorded on the tape. IT Did, in fact take place.

"Why did you do this to me? What did I ever do to deserve this?"

"Since I was twelve you have been trying to get into my panties. The rest of our family wouldn't believe me when I tried to say something about it."

"I didn't deserve what just happen."

"Yes you did. That not all of your punishment."

"What else can you do to me?"

"For one thing. The memories of what happened tonight will be suppressed. They will come when you even think about doing some molesting with a minor. The fun will be when you try to do something."


"You will get all dressed up like you are now. A nice little six year-old. Then call that nice man on the film and have him come over for some more fun and games."

"No not that."

"You can go home now."

"I need to get dressed, where are my clothes?"

"You are wearing them."

Uncle Joe was then helped to his car.

Holly didn't tell him that Holly's parents and some Uncle Joe's friends would be waiting for him when he got home.

Uncle Joe had quite a time trying to explain his childish outfit. Since the memories were suppressed he couldn't recall anything that had transpired earlier.


Dean's fun wouldn't start until Monday morning at school.

Dean thought something was going on. As he walked from his car to the front door of the school. He heard loud catcalls and wolf whistles follow him down the halls. You know the kind a whistle a guy uses when a pretty girl walks by.

The feeling of dread intensified as Dean walked to his locker. He had his butt patted at least twelve times. He didn't mind having his butt patted, but he did mind having it patted by guys instead of girls.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Dean shouted at sight that greeted him at his locker. A bra and pair of panties were taped suggestively to his locker.

Dean found a note from his girlfriend Ruthie.

"I think you would look better wearing these."

Still more confusing was Jeremy, one of the out-of the-closet gays attending the high school. "Anytime you need cock to suck to stop a withdrawal fit Deanna, give me a call. I also love butt fucking first so that my cock has a very special taste to it." Jeremy said slipping him a piece of paper.

Opening his locker dean found three photographs. One showed him as he sat at the vanity table putting on his make-up. Another with cum all over his face. The last was of Dean in one of his four orgasming as he was being fucked.

"I bet you five dollars his is."

"I'll bet ten he isn't."

"Your on."

Upon reaching Dean at his locker the three positioned themselves and with one motion they yanked Dean's pants down to his ankles revealing.

To almost everyone surprise they found Dean, wearing panties, garter belt and nylons underneath his clothes.

As Dean fumbled to pull up his pants, he spotted Janet in the crowd of laughing students.

"YOU DID THIS TO ME," Dean screamed

"Did what to you?"

"This! And all the other things that are going on."

"Why would I do something like this to you?"

"Because of that I lie I spread all over school. The one that said I scored a homerun instead of not making it even to first base with you."

"You mean? You have never slept with me."

"YEAH! You wouldn't even let me kiss you that night."


As the students were dispersed vice-principal Roth walked by.

"Dean or should I say Deanna. I want to see you in my office right now."


In Mr. Roth's office.

There was no small talk Mr. Roth got right to the point.

"Dean, your sexual preference secret is out. You know what that means?"

"No you are wrong, I am not gay. I am not gay."

"I watched the movie of you having sex with a man Saturday. If that is not gay. I don't know what is."

"That wasn't me on that movie."

"I thought you might say that so I brought a copy with me today to show you."

After five minutes of the show, Mr. Roth stopped the tape.

"Is that is you on the tape."

All Dean could do was nod. He remembered waking up Sunday morning with a strange taste in his mouth and the feeling someone had shoved a salami up his butt.

"You do know the rules. By law we can not discriminate against our gay students.

But the School Board has set down certain rules pertaining to them.

1) You will attend the special gym class setup for our gay students.

Dean had heard about what goes on in these classes. There were a lot of activities, but very little pertaining to sports.

2) It has come to my attention that you are wearing feminine undergarments. Under your clothes.

"You know the rules.

We can't have that.

Either it is all feminine or all masculine."

"My dad will something to say in this matter."

"He does. He supports my decision. When you go home this morning to change your clothes. He will explain it to you..

"You are excuse from school until after lunch. You will use this time to go home and change your clothes and talk to your dad."

Dean left school.


"DAD!!!!," Dean shouted as enter the house. "Are you here?"

"Yes I am, Dean. I am in my private room," a voice said over the intercom.

Dean's dad, Phillip, has a special room all to himself with its own entrance. No one was allowed to enter, not even Dean or his mother. When Dean's mom was out of town, Phillip would even sleep in his special room.

As he usually did, Dean began talking to his dad over the intercom.

"No Dean. I want to come to my room and talk to me."

What greeted Dean, as he opened the door to his dad's private room was the biggest surprise of his whole life.

What Dean found was a NURSERY!

Dean found an adult size changing table with a crib and stack of diapers.

These thing didn't bother Dean. But the sight of his dad sitting in the middle of an adult size playpen did.

Phillip was dressed in a baby dress and leotards. A closer look revealed a diaper underneath the leotards.

"Dad!" Dean exclaimed.

A look of contentment and relief came over Phillip face as he heard his son’s voice. Then came the unmistakable sound of a baby using their diaper.

"Dad what's happened to you? WHAT IS GOING ON?" screamed Dean.

"Little Phyllis just went wee wee in her diaper like a good little girl." explained Miss Bonnie Bogg, Phillip's 25 year-old private secretary

"What! What do you mean, Bonnie?"

"Its Mistress Bonnie to you Deanna. DON'T YOU EVER YELL AT ME OR ANY WOMAN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Bonnie.

In a more normal voice Dean asked. "Bonnie what is going on?"

"To you I am Mistress Bonnie. The next time you forget it I will punish you. So what did you ask?"

"What is going on?" slightly pausing, "Mistress Bonnie."

"That is somewhat better. But there had better not be any more pauses when you say Mistress Bonnie. To answer your question. Your dad is paying for the crimes he committed against me. As you have just started paying for the crimes you committed against Janet."

"What crimes Mistress Bonnie?" Dean asked without a pause this time, fearing the punishment.

"I'll let you father Phyllis explain it to you as we change her diaper."

Phyllis had finished using her diaper. She was now sitting down with her arms held outstretched as a baby would when they wanted to picked up. He was saying in Baby talk. "Dede, Dede, Dede." like she wanted Dean to pick her up.

"Take her hands and she will help herself to the changing table."

As Dean touched his father's hand, he stood and climbed out of the playpen, fell to the floor and crawled over to the changing table. He climbed up on the table, laid down and spread his legs just like a normal baby.

Mistress Bonnie saw the questioning look on Dean's face.

"Your dad is still there. But he is under the baby command at the moment. I will release him from those commands so he may explain to you what has happened to him and to you and what will happen in the future."

Mistress Bonnie whispered something in baby Phyllis's ear.

Phyllis's face suddenly changed and Phillip’s persona emerged.

"I am sorry Dean," were the first words out of Phillip's mouth. "I wish I could have told you about the AWU before you started that trouble for Janet."

"What happened dad? Why are you dressed and acting like a baby? Why do I have to call your secretary Mistress Bonnie? What is the AWU? And the biggest question of all. What happened to me?"

"Deanna why don't you take off your clothes and show your dad your new undergarments. I should also tell you, those are the only masculine clothes you have left in the house. Everything else fits your new feminine nature."

As Dean finished stripping Mistress Bonnie picked up the discarded clothes and dumped them in with the dirty diapers.

"Why did you do that?" remembering very quickly. "Mistress Bonnie."

"I forgot to tell you. As of now you hate to wear anything that is even close to be considered manly. You don't even like the idea of wearing pants."

"I think my mom will have something to say about this."

"I do and I love it," said Dean's mom Meredith walking into the room. "I found out about your dad or should I say, your baby sister's little secret a couple months ago. Now that your true nature has come out, we can make the changes I have always wanted to make."

Turning toward his babified dad Dean cried, "Why did you let this happen?"

"Eighteen months ago I had an affair with Mommie Bonnie."

"Stop calling her that."

"I can't. I will explain to you later. Three months after the affair started Mommie Bonnie found out she was pregnant. Instead of taking responsibility for my child, I forced Mommie Bonnie to have an abortion against her will and belief.


*I don't think abortion is right. But I do believe in a woman's right to choose. JA.


"A year ago I escorted Mommie Bonnie to a party. The next morning I awoke wearing diapers and have worn them ever since, every chance I get.

"Before Mommie Merideth found out, I would leave the house dressed like any normal businessman. When I arrived at work Mommie Bonnie would take me into my changing room and put me into a diaper. I couldn't go to the bathroom like a normal person. I had to use my diaper. At lunch Mommie Bonnie would set me in a high chair and feed me babyfood and a bottle of milk.

"Coming home didn't change a thing. I had to spend at least two nights a week in the nursery. When Mommie Meredith was gone I spend almost all the time in here."

"You could have done something."

"How could I? I can't even control my bodily functions." As Phillip said this. A look of pleasure came over his face a stream of piss shot from his dick. "I can't stop what just happened. Only when I am told by mommie's I can."

"Because of the abortion I understand why they did this to you dad, but what did I do to deserve what has happened to me? How it happen?"

"The lie about sleeping with Janet. You should have kept your mouth shut. By spreading that lie all over school. You ruined her reputation. Then having me try to put pressure on Janet's folks to have her stop calling you a liar. So with the help of the AWU she started you on your new life."

"What is the AWU?"

"Abused Women Unite. It’s an association that helps people who have been abused or might be. Each complaint is investigated. Then a decision is made what to do about it. They had one case in your group where an adult family member has been trying to have sex with his seventeen year-old niece for the last four years. They fixed that problem." explained Mistress Bonnie.

"Hypnosis and the person's subconsious. In your case they found down deep inside you the desire to be gay and have gay sex. And you love the idea of a being a boy forced into being a girl. So with deep hypnotic suggestion they brought these feelings forward and moved your overt heterosexual feelings to the background."

"In your dad's case, they found the thought of being babified gave him sexual pleasure."

"Is there anyway we can change the hypnotic command."

"Yes, But only if I want too. You are out of luck there. I have always wanted a daughter. Since I can't have a real one. You'll do."

"Please change me back!"

"Sorry, no way. Now go to your room and get dressed. You have just enough time to get dressed and put on your make-up and be back in school for your fourth period class.

"Also I want you home right after school. Bonnie and I want to go out for some shopping, dinner and a movie. So we need you to babysit Phyllis.

"Oh, I forgot. I want your driver's license and the keys to your car."

"How will I get back and forth to school?"

"This afternoon I will take you. I need to go sign the required paperwork To change your registration from a boy to a sissy/boy named Deanna. After that you can ride the school bus."


On the way to school, Meredith explained to Deanna her final punishment.

"There is one more punishment I haven't told you about."

"What else can you do to me. You and Janet have turned me into a sissy/boy."

"With your new nature, you most likely will consider this a reward instead of a punishment."

"What is it?"

"You are now the school slut."




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