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Best Served Cold

by Mistress Cindi


Chapter 2


It was two weeks later that Tom found himself in the new boutique. He spent the day helping his mother set up tables, display stands, shelves and signs. It was very hard work, but it had to be done. Ten hours of back breaking work was behind him now and he and his mother were on their way out to eat when his mother said, "Tom, we look a mess. We can't go out to eat looking like this, we will have to clean up. Go to the restroom and get washed and I will find you something to wear."

"But mom," said Tom, "the only clothes here are girl's clothes."

"You can wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, no one will know," said his mother.

Tom reasoned that his mother was probably right, so he got washed up and changed into the clothing that had been laid out for him as his mother washed and dressed in a similar out fit. The two of them went out to dinner and no one even seemed to notice that Tom was wearing girl's jeans. They had a very nice dinner and went home. Tom went to bed right away, and fell straight to sleep.

When Tom awoke, he was sore, and he was only consoled in the fact that the heavy work was done. Today would involve putting out the clothing and arranging them in displays. Although there were a lot of clothes to put out, they were light in weight and he did not have to do a lot of heavy lifting today, so his aching would soon end. Or so he thought. When Tom began, he found that even the light loads bothered his back. When he complained about the twinges, his mother said that she had just the solution. She walked over to one of the boxes and took out a high rise panty girdle and handed it to him.

"Go put this on, it will support your back and help to ease the pain. And I don't want to hear any complaining about the girdle, we have to get this done. Our family depends on this shop and you just have to help. The is no way around it."

Tom just hung his head and took the girdle and headed off to the rest room. It was two minutes later that he was calling for his mother to come help him. It seemed that he was having trouble getting the girdle on. Every time he tried to pull it on, it caught on his bulky boy's underwear. That caused them to bunch, and that was very uncomfortable.

"Well," said his mother, "there is only one solution to this problem, you will have to put on a pair of panties."

Tom was appalled, his mother wanted him to wear not one, but TWO items of girl's under things. He could not believe what he was hearing, but he did not have time to argue. His mother grabbed him by the wrist and took him out into the shop in just his shorts. Tom was mortified, what if someone should walk by the front of the store and look in the window? They would see him standing in the middle of a girl's clothing store wearing nothing but his underwear, as if he were about to try something on!

Mother pulled him to the panty wrack and got a pair of plain pink panties and handed them to him and headed back to the restroom.

"Put those on and then try the girdle, you will find that there will be no problem getting it on this time."

Tom changed into the pink, nylon briefs, then slid into the girdle. To his surprise, it went on with no trouble. Also to his amazement, it did help the pain in his back. There was another side effect that neither he nor his mother had anticipated. The girdle shrunk his waist, and now his pants would not stay up. As a matter of fact, they fell down twice as he was working and once just as someone had gone past the store's window. Tom's mother giggled at this, but Tom was not remotely amused.

"It's not funny", protested Tom. "You aren't the one showing their underwear to the world."

"Well, I have an idea, and I was going to talk to you about it tonight at dinner. You see, I will be needing your help in the shop after school, and I can't very well have a young man assisting my female customers, and I can't afford to hire anyone, so…………."

Tom's stomach turned a flip as he realized what his mother was about to suggest. He could not believe his ears! He knew he had to help out he knew that their survival depended on it, but this??????

"I see by the look on your face that you understand my inference so I am not going to spell it out for you. And since you can't seem to keep your pants on. There is no time like the present to begin getting you used to dresses and things"

Tom's mother led him to the dressing rooms this time. "If you are going to help me in the store, you will have to get used to coming in here to help people with the items they have chosen, so you may as well get used to being here." She said.

Tom's mother left for a moment and returned with several items in her hands. The first thing she did was have him remove everything except for the panties and panty girdle. Then she handed him a bra, and showed him how to reach back and fasten it "like a proper young lady". Next cane a pair of foam breasts. "Girls you age have begun to develop, and you will need these to be accepted as a girl."

Tom was about to melt away with embarrassment. He did not want to dress like this, but what choice did he have? He did not want his mother to lose their home, to be put out on the street. With a heroic resignation he put the falsies into the cups of the bra to discover that combined with the figure shaping of the girdle, he looked like he had the body of a young teen aged girl. Tom's mind was reeling. He could not believe that he was doing this. This was wrong. It was not natural for a boy to wear a bra and panties and ………….well, tits. He was not supposed to be dressed this way, especially when he would be seen in public, by girls his own age, girls he went to school with. Oh, God, he thought, not that, what if they recognized him, he would just die.

Tom was completely overwhelmed, and he fainted. When he came to, his mother asked if he was OK. "I just got a bit dizzy is all, I guess I just worked to hard earlier, I, I wi.. will be all right in a few minutes."

"I think we should get you dressed and go get something to eat, it will do you good, and you can rest for a few minutes."

With that, she handed him a lace trimmed full slip and followed that with a pretty yellow sundress. Mother then combed his shoulder length hair into bangs and trimmed them just above his eyebrows. The final touch was a pair of white girl's ankle socks and sneakers.

Now that he was dressed, his mother dragged him out the door and down to the local fast food burger joint. There she ordered for him, so that he would not have to speak and they headed for a table. When Tom sat down he could feel the cold plastic of the chair on the back of his thighs where the skirt of his dress did not cover. This was a strange feeling, and only reminded him further of his feminine attire. Tom could barely concentrate on eating, as his ego was being crushed by the total humiliation he was feeling. Even though no one seemed to notice him, he felt that every eye in the place was on him, the boy in a girl's dress and under things. To his mind everyone in the restaurant was laughing at him, calling him a sissy, a fag and worse.

Tom finally got his lunch down, and they went back to the shop to put the finishing touches on things before the grand opening the next day. When they left, Tom noticed that his mother had several packages with her and his heart began to palpitate and his breath got shallow and rapid. He told his mother he had to use the rest room a minute and he headed off. Once there, Tom took a few minutes to compose himself and reconcile himself to the fact that until the business could support hiring a girl to help, HE would be the girl, forced to dress in skirts and dresses, panties and bras in order that their little family could survive.

Once composed, he headed out to the car and he and his mother drove home. All the way there Tom thought about what had transpired to get him into this predicament, and a deep resentment began to well up in him towards his father. If he had not left them for another woman, he would not have to dress like this, he would not have to wear bras and tits. It was all his fault. It was his cheating, family abandoning fault. One day he would pay, he would be made to see what he had done to those that had loved and depended on him.




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