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To my dedicated readers. You will find that this story is completely different from those I have written in the past.
I will be giving the point of views from almost all of characters involved.


A Better Solution Than Divorce

by Jennifer Allison

part 1


The main story revolves around a family of Four: The McLean's & two Marriage Counselors


Dr. Richard McLean: 38 year -old Pediatrician, father.

Helen McLean: 37 year old high school teacher, mother

Dean McLean: 15 year-old high school student, son

Jennifer McLean: 13 year old junior high student, daughter

Two Marriage Counselors

Dr. Hillery Knox

Dr. Adam Watson


Additional characters are:

The movers

Dr. Amanda Blaylock and family of five.




"Please Helen, I don't have time for complaints this morning. I don't care if Dean's burning down the house."

For the last eighteen months all that seems to come out of my wife of sixteen years every morning is another complaint about one of children.

"I'm not complaining, I just want to remind you of our appointment with Dr. Watson this afternoon," my wife reminded me.

"I don't think I will be able to make it. I have a busy schedule." I told her.

Then she told me. "That excuse won't work this time. I called and had the appointment put on your schedule."

"I guess I have no other choice, I will see you there." I then walked out the door trying to keep my frustration at being out-maneuvered.



As James left, I asked myself.

Why is it that every TWO WORDS time I try to talk to my husband he thinks I'm just complaining about something. He just seems not to want to listen to me anymore.

It seems both of our kids are following their dads example. I feel as if every time I tell them something it goes in one ear and out the other without stopping in between.

Just yesterday I was told that Dean was one step away from disciplinary action for his harassment of a girl in his class.

Jennifer just started puberty and it has hit her hard.

Then when they get together, well, I think I would rather be in a cat and dog fight than get between the two of them.

Does my husband listen. No! Does he try to help. No!

At least the kids are acting civil with each other this morning



I wonder what mom is thinking about.

As for me, I am planning my next step to pay back Allison Barker for refusing to do my homework.

Let me say something about Allison. She is the smartest person in the sophomore class with one very big problem. She is so flat chested you could eat supper off her chest.

Here is what I have planned for today. I swiped one of mom's bra. Right before school starts I will tape it to Allison's locker and then write on the locker with a magic marker above the bra. 'When will Allison need this?' Then below the bra I'll write in very big letters. "NEVER".

By the time I am done with Allison, she will want a transfer out of school.



What is Dean going to do with one of mom's bras?

Should I tell her about it?

No! The last time I tried to say something about Dean I was in more trouble than it was worth.

I just wish Dean would understand me. It isn't fun for a girl during this year of her life with all the changes that I'm going through.

I just wish he could find out what it is like.



At the hospital I knew I was in trouble as soon as I walked through the door of my office.

I found Nurse Waltrip standing there waiting for me. Nurse Waltrip was a nurse nobody wanted to work with but couldn't be gotten rid of because she had too much seniority. So the hospital used her as a replacement for a nurse on vacation or who had called in sick

"Why can't Carol work through her woman problems," I asked myself. After reading the note from my regular nurse Carol which said that her PMS problems were making her too sick to come in I asked myself, "Why can't Carol work through her woman problems?



Thirty minutes after my first class started the loud speaker announced, "Ms. McLean please come to the principal's office immediately."

I found my son sitting outside the office as I arrived. I knew before I entered the office there had been trouble. I overheard some of the gossip of my 1st period students talking of an incident with Allison Barker.

Mr. Brown didn't mince words. "As of right now Dean is suspended for the rest of the week for what he did today."

"What exactly did Dean do?" I asked. "I heard rumors but nothing solid."

"Dean taped one of your bras to Allison Barkers locker then in magic marker wrote above the bra WILL ALLISON EVER NEED THIS and below the bra in very big letters, NEVER."

"Is there anything that my husband or I can do to keep my son in school?"

"For your sake I have let Dean get away with a lot of things, but this incident broke the camel's back," Mr. Brown informed me. "Suspension will not be the only punishment. I will want a 15,000 word handwritten essay on my desk the day Dean returns on the subject of Student Harassment. Also I had to agree to a punishment set forth by the Barker's. This is so they won't sue the school district or your family."

"What punishment is that?" I asked.

"Dean will be required to wear this garment to school for the first week he is back in school." Mr. Brown handed me the bra that Dean had taped to Allison's locker.

"You have to be kidding. How can I get Dean to wear a bra?" I asked.

"It is either wear the bra or I will have to transfer him to Demented High School," Mr. Brown answered me. "Those were the only options given to me by the Barkers, Dean takes one of those two or there will be a lawsuit."

"My son wouldn't last an hour at Demented High," I said.

"Then I better see him wearing this bra when he returns because I will not go to court over him in this matter."

"I will have to talk to my husband," I told Mr. Brown.

"Either Dean is wearing this bra Monday morning or just take him to Demented High."

"What if I decided to quit if my son has to go Demented High?" I asked.

"I would hate to lose you but my hands are tied in the matter. It is either the bra or Demented."

"May I have some time to take my son home?" I asked.

"I have no one to take your place. Have him take a taxi."

When I walked out the door I told Dean what I wanted him to do. "I want you to go home and wait for your father and me to get home. We have an appointment and won't be home until after six. I don't want you to leave the house until we get home." I left him there waiting for his taxi.


Adam Watson

I was just about to open the door to my office when I heard the arrival of Dr. McLean.

"I see you just made in time," I heard Helen say to her husband.

"At least I'm here," replied Richard.

I opened the door before anymore could be said. "Please come in." I asked.

As my usual habit I let the people I counsel to sit quietly for a few minutes. I use this to let the tension wind down.

Richard started. "I have enough problems to handle at work. I don't need to come home and listen to my wife as she complains about every little thing that has happened. I don't have the where withal to come home to face a bunch of little problems."

"Dean getting suspended for the rest of the week. Is that what you call a small problem?" asked Helen in obvious frustration. "Do even care that Dean will most likely be attending Demented High School Monday."

"No son of mine will go to Demented High," said Richard tersely.

"Then you had better find a way of telling Dean he will have to wear a bra to school for a week," answered Helen hotly. "That is the only way he will allowed back in his old school."

"What did Dean do to deserve wearing a bra to school?" asked Richard.

"What hasn't he done," replied Helen in exasperation. "What he did today broke the camel's back."

"Why didn't you tell me about these things?" asked Richard in an accusatory tone.

"I have tried to, but you wouldn't listen to me," answered Helen in a very chilling manner.

I finally pop into this conversation. "Enough! For the last five sessions all I have heard from the both of you is the same thing. It's quite obvious you don't listen to what the other is saying and consequently neither one of you know what is going on in the life of the other."

"So what do you suggest we do?" Richard sourly asked Dr. Watson.

"Unless you start working together, listening and helping one another. I would suggest a divorce lawyer." I said.

"I love my husband and can't bear the thought of leaving him!" Helen almost screamed.

"I don't want a divorce. The thought of losing my wife makes me sick," said Richard with honesty and a bit of contrition. Almost begging he ask. "What can we do to stop it from going that far?"

"I have a colleague who has a program that has a 95% success rate of saving marriages with most of the problems you are having." I answered.

"Who is he? Can you get us in to see him?" asked Richard.

"He is a she," I replied. "I'll call and see if she can see you."

"What is her program?" asked Helen.

"I don't know what it is, all I know it works 95% of the time." I replied.

I left the office to call Dr. Knox.

"Hillery, Adam Watson. I am glad I caught you."

"Hi Adam, it's been a long time since the last time we spoke," said Hillery

"Hillery do you still run that program to help couples learn about each other?" I asked.

"Yes I do. Do you have someone who needs my program?" Hillery asked.

"There is a couple in my office at this very moment one step away from a divorce who needs your help," I replied.

"What do they do for a living?" Hillery asked.

"She is a high school teacher and he is a Pediatrician," I answered.

"Any kids?" she asked.

"Two, a boy of fifteen who is more trouble than you can shake a stick at and a girl of thirteen. From what her mom has told me puberty has hit her hard." I explained.

"I don't think I would be too far off in assuming that most likely the brother and sister don't understand each other either." Then Hillery surprised me. "I have an opening tomorrow afternoon at 5."

"I'll check an see if they are available." I replied.

I stuck my head into my office and said. "Dr. Knox has an opening tomorrow at 5."

Without any hesitation Richard said. "We'll take it."

This ends part 1


So What is Dr. Knox's Program.




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