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A Blushing Husband            by: A Happy Wife


Stand there dear while I fix your hair a little. Now don’t be that way, I expect you to look nice for my family. Yes I know you don’t think you look nice, but we both know you do. Are those shoes ok with that dress? Try the white ones sweetie. Are you having trouble with the little buckle? Oh I think the shinny black is best, don’t you? You do look sweet. I know men don’t look sweet, but you don’t look very manly too me. Oh don’t be that way. Surely you don’t think you are a man. Remember the last time you tried to be a man? What happened to you? Right, your little penis got locked up. For how long? That’s right six weeks. That was a long time. And you acted like a baby so you looked like a baby. Isn’t that right? I have pictures; do you need to see them? Shall I show them to our guests? I didn’t think you would want that. Oh you are adorable with that little pout. Well maybe other men aren’t adorable but you are. You have your little girl songs all rehearsed don’t you? Ok, I will answer the door and take them all out to the patio. When I give you the signal put in the tape and skip on out. Yes I said skip, and Missy I mean a nice little girly skip. Then you sing "I enjoy being a girl" and you tap dance while you do that number. Your dancing is very cute. The women in your adult tap and ballet class all think your adorable. Don’t be that way they do to like you they bought you that ballet practice skirt, and your velvet shorts for tapping. Well I guess your right they do tease but if you didn’t act that way, so sissy girl they wouldn’t. Anyway when you finish the first number you sing "I feel pretty". Then I want you to hurry your pretty self up stairs and put on your new maid’s dress. Oh you haven’t seen it oh my I know you will love it. Here let me show you. Look at this, it’s powder blue satin with white lace. Just look at the darling blue pumps I got for you to wear with it. You can wear the same petticoats you have on now. And best of all the apron and cap. Have you ever seen so much lace in your life? Well it is a little over the top feminine wise, but so are you sweetums. There’s the door, I’ll let them in.

After the entertainment the conversation continues.

Oh there you are all changed into your maid’s dress. Show it to our guests dear. Oh not like that step up here on this little table. There give us a little curtsy. Oh don’t be so sensitive they are laughing with you not at you. What do you mean you weren’t laughing? What mother? Yes he dose have nice legs and his feet are as pretty as any girls. Sit here Missy and slip off your shoes and show the girls how pretty you keep your feet. Aren’t they darling? I swear I am going to make him wear sandals to work. The girls down there would be so jealous of his feet. Yes Mom he keeps his toes painted all the time now. He can do it himself he does mine. Would you like him to do yours? Oh good, go get you pedicure kit for mom. Now sissy you be sure to give her a nice foot rub too. He is so good at foot rubs; Carl would you like a foot rub too. Oh good sissy why don’t you do Carl’s feet first? They won’t take as long as moms’ Carl won’t want his toes polished; men don’t do that sissy. Carl sissy will remove you shoes and socks. Sissy look at Carl’s big shoes, those are very manly feet aren’t they sissy? Remember when you wore shoes like that? Sissy put you little foot up by Carl’s now put one of your pumps next to one of his big wing tips. Yes see the difference? You are a better sissy than a man, aren’t you dear? I didn’t hear you!

Well don’t mumble I’ll put you over my knee. Would you like our guests to see you get a paddling? What’s that Carl? You would like to see it. Well OK. Would you like to do it? Good Sissy when you are through rubbing his feet Carl is going to spank you. Sissy don’t look that way, it’s out of my hands. Oh stop kissing my feet, you should be kissing Carl’s feet; he is the one who is going to spank you. Oh my look at the tough guy, what do you mean you wouldn’t kiss Carl’s big feet? Carl instruct the girl to begin foot worship. I know you have never served a man’s foot, but you have had plenty of practice with mine. Now get with it, and when Carl is finished get over his lap for the paddling. Put you feet flat on the ground Carl Sissy knows her stuff. Isn’t it nice Carl. It feels good, get that little tongue between each toe, and think of the toes as little penises. Oh Carl likes that. You can come over and get a nice foot job any time you want Carl. Or I can send her over to home. I am sure you can put that talented tongue to work in the privacy of your home. Keep working Sissy, no one said stop and look at me.

Ok Miss fluff it’s time for the punishment. That’s the way, stand in front of Carl and do your thing. Ask him to please punish you, then run and fetch the hairbrush. Oh your back so quickly you must really want Carl to pay attention to your cute backside. Lay over his knees dear. Carl lift her skirts and petties. Oh sissy they are all laughing at your darling panties. I know they are just about the frilliest thing I ever saw. I can’t imagine what it would like to wear such a girly thing as those. Pull her panties down Carl, around her knees would be about right. Yes she dose have a pretty little fanny. Carl I always rub it a little maybe a light pinch here and there. Mom can you see Ok? Sis you can move in and watch our brother spank what used to pass for a husband. Go ahead Carl. Oh Carl got her kicking her feet on the first spank. Look at her squirm just like a girl. Well that wasn’t bad was it? Thank Carl. I think you need corner time, keep those panties around you ankles and hold those skirts up, put your nose right in that corner over there where I can see you. In about a half hour you can finish your work here, Mom’s toes remember?

After Mom’s pedicure and the guests have gone.

Well I thought it was a nice day and I am glad Carl got to know you better. He had been a bit stand offish around you. But I think that’s normal for real men to be apprehensive around sissies like you. Well because you would make men nervous. It might be contagious and no man want’s to be, well like you. Oh don’t cry I know you think you didn’t want to be like this, but I know better. Before you put your nighty on come brush my hair for me.

Oh that was nice here get me ready for bed. Keep my shoes out I want you to polish them before you go to your room. Put my dress in the dry cleaning bag you can take it to the cleaners on your way to work Monday. Unhook my bra dear, oh it feels good to let them be free like that. Why are your hands shaking? Oh you like to see my breasts, that’s so sweet. I’ll bet you would like to have your little princes let out for a while. Well you have been a good girl maybe if you make me happy with your tongue I can let you free. Help me with my panties sweetie. I’ll just lay back here and get comfortable while you do what you do best.

You are good and you made me happy. Why are you dancing around like a puppy? Stand still I know you want out of your gaff. Hold up your skirts and slips while I remove your pretty panties. This is the second time today someone has helped you with your panties. . Would you like it if big manly Carl was going to do what I am going to do? Oh you say no but I think you would like it. Ok honey run and get some newspaper to go on, and keep holding those skirts, I want to see that pretty butt. Back already are we? Place them at my feet sweetie. Now stand here while I undo this little device. Oh my you go girl! Oh dear, is that as big as it gets? And it isn’t very hard is it? You poor thing I’ll bet Carl doesn’t have problems like that. Oh well. Turn sidewise I will hold my soiled panties with my thumb and middle finger around this little penis of yours. Now you move in and out. Well I must say that didn’t take long. You can stop pumping now I think it’s empty, it certainly couldn’t hold much. It’s a good thing you aren’t still trying to please a woman with equipment like that. You’re like a Bee small and quick. Use the panties to wipe up with, lick off the paper and pull up your panties we have to talk about your work. Mark, your boss at the office is coming over tomorrow to take me out to dinner, he may be staying the night. Oh don’t be that way you should have known from the beginning that you didn’t have what it takes to satisfy an experienced woman. I made the right decision when I told you it would be best if you learned to love women the way another woman can. And you do very well in that role. When mark gets here I want you to look nice; he wants to see how you look. Yes I told him about you. Some of the girls have commented on your choice of shoes and slacks they have also noticed your hose when you cross your legs. You always try to blame me for the way you dress, but you are the one in the blue dress and matching pumps aren’t you sugar? Now for tomorrow I want you to wear your cute denim jumper with a white tee. Keep your legs bare use some baby oil on then like the teen-age girls do to make them shine and wear you white Keds. That will be cute and feminine.

Mark has decided to move Cathy into your spot at work. Yes I know you are a manager but Mark and I both think she will be an excellent manager. She is not just a secretary she is a staff assistant and she is very good at it. Well we thought we could just move you to Cathy’s old spot. It is not a girls job, there are no girls jobs or boy jobs if Cathy can manage you can Assist Mark. Yes you will have to serve coffee and cookies at staff meetings, and call Mark MR. and Sir you will also call me Ms and Ma’am, Cathy will of course be treated with the same respect. Your old secretary will now work for Cathy and be senior to you; you will fit yourself into the coffee rotation and take your breaks in the break room with the other girls. Oh I did say other girls didn’t I. Well sissy that is one of the reasons I want you to look nice for Mark. It seems the girls are pretty upset because you get to wear pants at work. They feel that if you insist on wearing women’s clothes you should only get to wear pants on casual days. They don’t mind if I wear them, and now Cathy will be able to also. After all I own the company. Mark feels that it may be easier to just have you in skirts than to risk the office staff being pissed off. Oh stop kissing my feet, the decision has been made.

The day I put you in panties you started in this direction. You have lost your right to bed your own wife, lost access to your own penis, lost your male privilege and now you have lost your pants. And all you can do is stand there in your pretty dress and blush.


A Happy Wife


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