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The Boss

by Jeremy Shawn


In the beginning it was the little things that gave my sister the upper hand. She was a year younger than me and several inches shorter but she didn't let that stand in her way. Rachel was going to be the boss. Rach' let that be known from the start. My sister was smart, an adults mind in an angels body. She could be dead serious one moment and a bouncing carefree little girl the next. Her laughter was like music, her anger, like a terrifying storm.

Mom was a great role model, 'for her'. She was a ball busting feminist. Dad took off for parts unknown leaving me and my two little brothers at the mercy of Rachel. I am not sure if it is true but Rachel delighted in telling me that dad crawled off after he sassed mom one night at a party so mom nailed him in the nuts then spanked his bare butt in front of all their friends until he cried like a baby. Rachel says stuff like that because she knows it makes me uncomfortable. She enjoys watching me squirm. It was the little things like that, nothing I could ever fight against. It wouldn't have mattered, she was much better at arguing than me. She always knew just what to say like she had planned it out in advance, another one of those little things that grows until it becomes a big thing that you can't walk around.

There were a lot of little things, things she wouldn't let me forget. One day when I was just eight years old, Rachel made me so mad with her bossy ways that I finally had enough and I shoved her. With all the cool confidence of someone much older, she calmly stepped close and kneed me so hard in the nuts that I dropped like a shattered glass doll. How does a little seven year old girl know to do that? Mom rushed in to find me curled on the floor holding myself, crying. Rachel had quietly gone back to coloring a picture. Without looking up she said in a matter of fact voice, "Joey was naughty so I punished him." Mom laughed and went on her way.

Whenever I would argue with Rachel she would remind me of that day and say something like, "Joey, you don't want me to punish you again do you?" I could feel a tingle in my balls as my face turned bright red, a beacon proclaiming my humiliation at the hands of my little sister." She would add, "Remember I am stronger than you." All I could ever say in reply was "Uh-uh". Then go stupid quiet.

She wasn't stronger than me, Rachel just had a stronger role model. I told her so once and she just hissed that I had one but couldn't see it. I didn't know what she meant.

Rachel delighted in putting me down. She acted like mothers special little helper and us boys were just, well boys meant to be controlled by a strong feminine hand. One time she was folding laundry in the living room while aunt Brenda was visiting mom. Our cousin Tiffany who is my age and already had perfect mouth watering boobs, was helping her when Rachel held up a pair of my old underwear with a brown stain in the back, and loudly proclaimed. We need to potty train Joey or put him back in diapers. Tiffany laughed out loud, I was never so embarrassed. Mom and aunt Brenda laughed too. I got mad and told Rachel to shut her scrawny face. Mom snapped at me, telling me not to be rude to my sister or she would let her potty train me. Tiffany laughed again. Then my aunt went off on how boys didn't mature as fast as girls and took longer to potty train so I was probable a little behind Rachel in development. Like that meant something.

Another little thing was riding in the car. Me and my two little brothers were always joking and shoving like boys do so we had to sit in the back seat while prim and proper Miss Rachel got to ride in the front like an adult. When I would try to get in the front seat, she would correct me. "Girls in the front, boys in the back." Once when I got into the front seat first, Rachel ordered me out. I looked to my mother hoping for support, but all she said was, "Joey you know Rachel is right, obey your sister." It was so humiliating being ordered into the back seat my little sister. Then while I was sitting there lost in a pout, she leaned between the seats and put my seatbelt on me while berating, "Honestly Joey, we should put you in a infant carrier until you are old enough to ride like a big boy."

Things got worse when I turned thirteen. It was a bad year. Rachel's chores were the dishes and the laundry. Mine were taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn. One day I accidentally mowed over some of my mothers favorite flowers when I wasn't paying attention. She was so mad. Rachel was right there to make the most of my discomfort. "Don't worry mom, Joey is just too immature for the job. I will mow from now on and I will teach him how to do the housework." And she would sit right beside me giving orders while I scrubbed dishes like a little kitchen bitch. She got louder and bossier when mom walked through the room, letting everyone know who was in charge. But I was thirteen and I was getting tired of it so I threw the towel on the floor and told her if she didn't like the way I did the work she could do it herself. She told me to pick up the towel. I said no and started to walk out. Rachel was just as cool as ever. She simply moved her arm away from her body and I walked my balls right into her hand as I tried to shove past her. Her little fingers closed tight as a mousetrap. I was so shocked I couldn't speak. She had never done anything like that before. Rachel looked at me and said. "Joey do you remember when I kneed you in the nuts? This will be much worse." She truly had me by the ball and she was going to make the most of it. "Do you remember?" I started trembling and muttered, "Yes." Tightening her fist, Rachel pulled me closer until her mouth was next to my ear. In a low whisper meant to scare the hell out of me, she uttered her threat. "I am going to tell you one more time to pick that towel up. You are going to do as you are told or you are going to join it on the floor." She gave my balls a final crush that caused me to suck in air then stepped away. "Pick up the towel little boy." I was so pissed. She had let go of balls just to show that she had control over me even without my nuts in her hand. It sucks being ordered around by your little sister and being too scared to fight back. I obediently pick up the towel then went back to drying dishes. I ducked my head so she couldn't see me fighting tears. After a moment of silence Rachel stepped up behind me and patted my bottom like I was a little kid being consoled. "Joey I am the boss, you remember that or the next time I put my hand on your bottom it will be a spanking."

Shit, she was twelve years old, and as cold as that.

That same year my grades at the private school we attended started to really fall. My teacher, Miss Barton, came by to talk with mom. I sat there quietly while they discussed what to do with me. They were really worried that I would fall even farther behind and not be able to catch up. As always Rachel had to open her big fat mouth. "Joey is in with a bad group of boys. That is why he is always cutting class and coming home late. None of those boys are going to amount to anything. If you hold Joey back a year then I could help him and keep an eye on him. I would walk him right home after school and while he's in class Joey would still have Miss Barton who is the best teacher in the whole school to give him guidance." My teacher smiled at the compliment. Rachel added, "I think you should give Miss Barton permission to spank Joey if he is naughty." Miss Barton smiled even bigger. I jumped out of the chair pleading, "No mom..." Mom always got mad when I whined and waved her hand. "I think it is a good idea. You are too far behind and you always do better when Rachel is looking after you." Miss Barton nodded and that was it. I was now in the same grade as my little sister. Everyone made fun of me and Miss Barton made the most of her newly acquired authority to paddle my butt. I don't recall of mom saying she could drop my pants. but it didn't stop her.

Miss Barton held me after school one day to deliver an extra long spanking. When she finished, I looked up and Rachel had been standing in the doorway watching. She casually turned to my teacher with her sweet smile. I am here to walk Joey home if you are finished with his bottom. Miss Barton gave my butt a final pat and handed me my trousers. I quickly pulled them up and wiped my tears. When we got outside, I was so mad. "Did you have to watch?"

Rachel just smiled. "A girl has to learn these things."

Complaining to mom didn't work, she said I brought it on myself. Then matters got even worse. It wasn't more than a month later that Rachel was advanced a grade. She convinced the school that she needed to be challenged and had a 4.0 to prove it. Now it was really terrible. My little sister was a year ahead of me. No one seemed to remember that the reason I was held back was so she could take care of me.

Every night after I finished my choirs with Rachel supervising, she would sit me down on the living room floor and helped me with my homework. Rachel would roll her eyes back when I didn't know answers that were so obvious to her. There was no way I could be as smart as Rachel, I felt stupid. What was the use. "I want to go outside and play with my friends."

"You get mouthy around your friends. It would be better if you stayed home and tried to be a better boy."

Mom walked by and smiled at seeing her little drill sergeant keeping stupid brother in line. Rachel raised her head, "Mommy I am grounding Joey from watching TV. I don't think he is trying as hard as he could. Turning red, I squeeze my pencil and kept my head down. There was no point in arguing, mom would just agree with her.

When mom left I got mad. "Why do you always do things like that to me?"

She petted my hair. "Joey it is for your own good. Mothers is a single working mom and hasn't got the time to raise you proper so I'm doing it."

I almost hollered. "But you are my little sister!"

Taking my chin, she forced me to look into her eyes. "Maybe you can answer some questions that aren't in the books. Who is teaching who?"

Festering shame, I muttered reluctantly, "You're teaching me."

"Who is smarter?"

"You are."

And who are more mature, boy or girls?"


"One last question. Who are suppose to be in charge, the mommies or the daddies?"

That was something mom had made abundantly clear. I remember her sending daddy to his room or standing him in a corner when he was naughty. Even the sound of his late night spankings still echoed down the halls and through my mind.

"The mommies."

Rachel let go and smoothed my hair then let her hand slide gently down my back, patting my bottom. "Joey you are out of control and you need me to tell you what to do."

She gave me a firm swat. "You better start doing as you are told or remember what I said about that spanking."

I was so angry, I hissed. "Bitch, you and not my boss."

That did it. Rachel" eyes burst with fury, she slammed the book shut. "That's it child. Get upstairs and put your pajamas on you're going to bed."

My mouth dropped open. "You can't make me go to bed." Fearing she actually could, I added. "It only seven o'clock."

Rachel jumped up and stood over me with her arms folded across her chest and her legs spread wide like some powerful prison guard, only she was wearing a tiny denim mini skirt and when I looked up at her I could see her panties, so I quickly lowered my eyes fearing I would get in trouble for that too.

Stepping close, she slowly pushing my chin back with her knee, forcing me to look. she raised her leg until her bare foot slid up to the center of my chest. "Look at my panties if you like, because when I get through with your nuts, you are never going to want to look at another girls panties again."

Even with the threat, I couldn't help but stare. As I drooled, she quietly unfolded her arms and let her finger tips slide to the hem of her short skirt. After toying with the edge she slowly raised her skirt until her tiny blue panties were completely exposed. It was little more than a laced triangle held across her firm smooth hips with a thin string. My mouth gapped. All of a sudden Rachel kicked me over with her foot. As I rolled on to my back, she brought her bare heal down on my crotch with a well placed stomp. Before I could react to the pain she was kneeling, spreading my knees apart. I grabbed my balls, but she had other plans and quickly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. Grabbing my belt she stood up, pulling it through the loops. As I scooted out of harms way she reach down and jerked my pant cuffs, pulling my legs high into the air. My jeans slid down around my butt, but with my hands on my balls they didn't come off. Rachel released me and slapped the belt in her hands with a loud threatening smack. "Stand up!"

I whimpered. "You can't do this."

"I said stand up."

Meekly I got to my feet, hunching over holding my throbbing nuts. Rachel reached behind me and pulled my jeans down further taking my boxers with them. I could feel cold air on my crack. My pants were still hanging on but she had exposed my bare butt. Adding more punishment, she gave my ass a sharp pinch. "Now do you want that spanking right this instant young man or are you going to run up stair and get to bed?"

Sniffing back tears, I managed a high pitch squeak. "This isn't right."

Rachel's eyes flared and she raised the belt. Shrinking back, I whimpered. "I will go to bed."

I started to pull my pants back up, but Rachel's hand pushed them even further. "Leave them down you're getting undressed anyway and beside I might change my mind about the spanking." It was only my hand that now covered my dick since I dared not pull my jeans any higher. She pointed at the floor. "Now get down on your knees and pick up you papers and books."

Embarrassed, humiliated and shaking with fear, I dropped to the floor and gathered up my stuff with my bare butt hanging out. Rachel let the belt rest against my exposed bottom while I franticly fumbled with papers. I stood up clutching the books to my chest with one hand and holding my pants on with the other, Rachel was smiling from ear to ear. "I think you have learned something today. Now run upstairs. I will be up in a bit to tuck you in. If you are not in bed when I get there nothing is going to save your ass from a whipping. Is that understood?"

All I could do was nod and look stupid. She kissed my cheek. "And forget about your pajamas, you have already wasted enough time."

By the time she came up to tuck me in, I was already in bed. Rachel brought in an old children's nightlight that looked like a clown and plugged it in, then she sat next to me on the edge of the bed and smoothed my hair. "I know it is hard for a thirteen year old boy to be taking orders from his little sister but that is the way I want it and you are just going to have to accept it or it is only going to get worse on you." She cupped my face and offered a sweet encouraging smile. "Okay, now who's the boss?"

I pulled the blanket about my neck and faced the wall. Rachel sighed. "Alright if that is the way it's going to be, I will have to give you more obedience training."

She sat there in silence watching me for a long time letting the tension grow. I could feel her eyes burning through the shadows and knew something bad was coming. "Did you take your clothes off like I told you?"

I had but I didn't answer. Rachel pulled the covers back. I had my boxers on and the room was darkened but I still didn't like her seeing me in my underwear so I jerked the sheet back over me. She let me get away with it, but scooted closer. "You need to learn to do exactly as I say. And when I say take your clothes off, I mean all your clothes." Her hand slid under the sheet and rested on my stomach. She could feel me trembling. "Poor frightened baby." My sister tucked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts and pulled down. The back of her fingers slid across my dick and I gasped, she giggled. "Poor frightened baby." Producing the boxers she held them up to the dim nightlight for inspection. "Maybe I should put you back in diapers." Tossing the boxers on the floor with a look of disgust, she slipped her hand under the blanket again and rubbed my belly in slow circles. She let her hand slid down along my bare hip, her thumb close to my groin. "I really should spank you, you know, or punish your balls."

"You already did that and I got in to bed like you said, so please go away."

Rachel smiled. "You did do as I said, mostly."

She returned to making circles on my belly. Her hand dipped lower and stopped. "What's this? My baby boy is starting to grow pubic hair."

I squirmed, but the palm of her hand pressed against my fledgling bush, cautioning me to lay still. She giggled and started pulling individual strands straightening them out. "Why some are almost half an inch long."

As she tugged her hand slipped closer to my privates. I couldn't help it but my dick slowly started to grow, pushing against the small of her wrist. She felt it. I was so embarrassed, but she just sat there letting it rub against her until it became fully erect. It was humiliating. "Please go."

Rachel continued tugging at the little hairs near the base of my dick. All the time letting the side of her hand rub against my erection making it harder. "You must have really enjoyed looking at my panties?"

The sheet raised like a pup tent, I was ready to burst. She slid her hand down the inside of my bare thigh, her pinky finger trailing the edge of my balls. "Do you remember that night in the kitchen when you were naughty and I had to grab you by your nuts? I liked that."

Her hand pushed between my legs. I breathed in deeply. "But you had clothes on, not like tonight, nothing but smooth bare baby soft skin." She drew out the words.

Turning her hand over, she lifted my sack on the tip of her fingers. My whole body went ridged. "You didn't think I could tell, but your were crying that night. It's okay for you to cry, in fact I like it when you cry. It shows you're being submissive." She slide her fingers deeper. "I learned that word from one of mothers books on feminism. I have read all her books on feminism." Her thumb raised and fell, capturing my left testicle. "In fact that is where I got the idea to dominate you. That's another big word."

She started rolling my testicle around between her thumb and forefinger, playing with it like it was a little squeeze toy meant for her amusement. "So fragile. Boys are so fragile. They think they aren't, but they are." Suddenly she pressed hard with her thumb and I tensed against the pain. "See just two fingers of my dainty little hand and I can have you crawling on the floor like a baby."

My outrage, escaped in a frightened squeak. I hated her because I knew what she said was true, but I wasn't going to admit it. "If dad was here he wouldn't let you do this."

Rachel's hand froze while holding my balls. Something I said finally got to her. I could feel it through the tension in her fingers. For just a second I got to her, but just for a second. Her voice grew cold. "Daddy isn't here is he?" She started rolling my testicle again, but softer. She was thinking, remembering, "You weren't the only one Daddy abandoned."

Her fingers stopped. She mouthed a tiny whisper not meant to be heard, "Nobodies little princess."

Her eyes flared and she took my whole sack in her fist angrily stroking it, forcing my ball to the bottom. "Daddy was weak, like you. Weaklings can't be trusted. They need to be told what to do." Her stroking became more forceful, the pain more intense, but fear kept me in check. All I could do was lay there listening to my sisters bitter words. "I should have been born with balls not you. You sissy little weakling." A ringing in my ears told me I wasn't breathing, my brain needed blood. She lowered her voice to a soothing tone. "While you have been growing your soft little hairs and these soft little balls, I have been growing something too. Can you feel my nails? Nothing soft about them." She drug her sharp claws along the back of my scrotum then curled them tightly around my nuts. "Boys are so fragile." Her voice became a whisper. "Soft and fragile." Rachel pulled harder, stretching my sack until I was sure it would burst. I could feel her nails digging in. I cried out in pain. "Please sis."

In the dim light, her eyes sparked at my frightened plea and she pulled even harder. "Boys are so fragile. With one quick jerk, I could castrate you. It would be that easy, like picking grapes from a vine. Only grapes don't cry." She added pressure slowly twisting her wrist. "Then you would be nothing, an it. No girl would want you. The only thing you could be is my neutered pet and you would never leave me. You would be my little…"

Her voice trail off. Without realizing it, I finished her sentence. "Your little princess."

Through clenched teeth she spit her words. "If mommy had castrated daddy, he wouldn't had sassed her." Her voice trailed away. "He wouldn't have left."

I could feel her hand strain, she had made her decision. The realization rushed through my head that my little sister was castrating me and I was helpless to stop her. Crying I screamed. "You're the boss. You're the boss. Please don't do it, you're the boss." I sobbed uncontrollably.

Rachel released her grip. "There that wasn't so hard was it. That is all I wanted to hear."

"Please go. You're the boss and I…I'm a little crybaby, or whatever you want me to be. Now please go."

Rachel leaned forward and kissed me. "First I will make you feel better. When You are a good boy, I can do that as well."

Her delicate finger gently caressed my aching balls, slow massaging them while she let me cry myself to sleep. "Your erection is gone, guess I am the boss of that too."


The next morning was Saturday and I awaken to bright sunlight and Rachel bursting into the room. She was wearing tiny little white shorts that could have been painted on they were so thin and dainty. An older more developed girl in such shorts might have been considered a cock tease, on cute little Rachel they were adorable.

For a top she had on a small matching bikini bra with tiny pink flowers and long strings tied behind. Her honey brown hair was pulled back in two large ponytails that hung down her back and swished as she moved. They were tied with large lavender bows that made her look sweet and innocent. Rachel was starting to develop. Her breast were tiny mounds, just enough to notice. The scant bra barely covered them allowing a tempting glimpse. No other curves yet but she had the thin lean body of a model and she sure looked pretty, especially those long killer legs.

Jumping on the bed she smiled and bounced with a little girl squeal. "Wake up Joey. Guess what. Mom has gone shopping for the day with aunt Brenda and she said I could earn fifteen dollars a head babysitting."

Still groggy I struggled to do the math. "Thirty dollars for babysitting Peter and Mike? That's a lot. Why didn't she ask me?"

She bounced again and laughed. "Because you are a boy silly. But it's not thirty, I get forty-five dollars."

She let the meaning sink into my sleepy brain, then added. "For… babysitting Peter, Mike and you baby boy."

I sat up in bed. "Mom said you could baby-sit me?" A wave of shock washed over me jolting me to my senses.

"Yes. She left me completely in charge. I talked her into it." She wiggled and giggled with delight.

"That's not right, she wouldn't do that." My eyes grew moist. Smiling, Rachel reach over and wiped away a thin tear. "You cry so easy now. Remember I said I like it when you cry. Each day you cry easier and easier. Pretty soon all I will have to do is scold you and you will burst into tears like my Baby Tears doll."

Anger surging, I wiped my face. "Mom shouldn't have left you in charge. I'm older."

Ignoring my protest, Rachel folded her creamy bronze legs beneath her and sat back thinking. "Peter and Mike are good babies. They already obey me."

Grinning she reached out her slender arms and took my face. "You are my problem child but I like challenges." She bounce and laughed again. "Remember when I said I might put you in a diaper until I got you potty trained?"

My mouth dropped open and I slid back against the headboard almost sliding out of the blanket. "No!"

She shook a delicate finger, scolding. "Who is the boss?"

I ducked my head in a pout remembering last nights lesson. "You are."

Her smile returned. "So there is the diaper and I still owe you a sound spanking."

With another bounce she threw the blankets back. "While you are naked it might be a good time to get it taken care of."

Jerking my knees up I clapped my hands over my balls trying to hid myself. "Please Rachel, no." I started crying. "I will do whatever you say. You can baby sit me and I will be a good little boy, just let me get dressed."

My sister laughed. "I just wanted to see you cry."

Pulling the sheet over me, I scowled. "You're mean."

"Get dressed, I need you to take out the garbage. I promised mom I would have the house spotless. Making mom happy is more important than spanking you, so get to it."

Rachel jumped off the bed and headed towards the door, talking over her shoulder as she went. "When I spank you I want to have plenty of time to enjoy it."

Rachel worked me real hard all morning while she just sat and watched giving orders and happily chattering away. If I complained she would ask, "Who's the boss?" and make me answer. "You are." I hated it. About noon there was a knock at the door. Rachel told me to keep scrubbing the floor, she would answer it. Through the screen I could see my friend Matt and he could see me on my hands and knees looking like the maid. Rachel stepped in front of him. "Hi Matt." She drew his name out long and soft. Rachel had a way of wiggling and sliding her legs against each other that drove Matt crazy, they were always in motion, you couldn't help but stare. Hell they drove me crazy. Licking his lips, Matt watched her for a moment then tore his eyes away. "Hi Rach, I come to see if Joe can play video games at my house." My bitch sister hung on to the door handle twisting her cute little body to look at me while drawing out her answer. "No Matt, Mom left me in charge. Joey has been naughty so I'm making him clean the house."

Matt looked surprised. "For reals?"

Rachel batted her eyes and offered a sweet teasing grin. "For reals Matt, I'm babysitting him."

Matt laughed out loud. "Hey J-o-e-y, your kid sister is a year ahead of you in school and now she's babysitting you. What next? Is she going to give you a baby bottle?"

I yelled back. "She in not babysitting me, I just have choirs to do so go away."

They both laughed. Rachel went outside and flirted with Matt for awhile. I could hear them as she pulled the door behind. "Rach, that is a cute top you have on."

"Thanks, but do you think its too small?"

"Heck no."

The door clicked shut.

I didn't like Matt looking at my sister that way and I hated it when Rachel flirted with my friends. Somehow it always wound up with a joke about me.

When the door finally pushed open Rachel came over and kneeled beside me. "Joey you told a lie about me not being your babysitter. Are you ready for that spanking?"

"Gee sis, why do you have to embarrass me?"

"When you get embarrassed you turn shy and submissive. I like that."

She no longer made any pretense about what she was doing, she was so arrogant.

Standing up she pointed a dainty toe at a spot I missed then went to check on Peter and Mike, warning me not to goof off while she was away. When I finished the floor, I went to find her and see what else the little warden had planned for me. I found her in the bathroom giving Peter and Mike a bath together. When they were younger it seemed okay but Mike was now seven and Peter was ten. I could tell Peter hated it but there was no way he was going to sass his big sister.

She had the boys stand while she hosed them off with the shower head. Rachel made them turn around slowly as she rinsed the suds from every inch of their bodies until their pink skin glistened. Peter tried to cover his privates but Rachel admonished him and he quickly dropped his hands.

Helping them out of the tub, she pushed little Mike to me. "Dry off your baby brother."

Mike didn't like being called a baby but he knew to keep quiet too.

Rachel sat on the edge of the tub toweling off Peter who had to stand between her legs. When she was almost done she took a thin washcloth and started drying his privates. "Peter do you think you are getting to big for me to bathe you?"

Peter blushed as she continued to rub his parts. He knew what she wanted him to say. "No sis, you're the boss."

She smiled and dropped the rag, then cupped his balls in her bare hand. "That's a good little brother. It's a girls right to take charge of boys. I will be washing your peepee for a long time to come. She gave it a tug. "Now you take Mike into the living room and watch TV. I will be in to powder you bottoms after I have taken care of Joey." I swallow hard. What did she mean, 'taken care of Joey'?

Giving both boys a pat on their bare butts she scooted them out the door and closed it behind them locking us inside. She turned to me. "Are your choirs done?"

Her voice was stern and it made me nervous. "Yes."

"Then its your turn."

"I fidgeted and back away. "What do you mean?"

"Its time for your bath. Take off your clothes."

Not wanting to believe what she was saying I repeated myself. "What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm babysitting and I'm going to bathe you. Now take off your clothes."

I almost came out of my skin. This was going too far. I protested as loud as I dared. "Sis, I let you be the boss, but I am your big brother and you are not going to bathe me."

She stepped closer. "The harder you make this the worse it is going to be on you."

Having her grab me under the covers last night was bad enough, but standing before her butt naked under a bright light was more than I could bare. I started shaking. "Rach, if you say I have to take a bath then I will. You're the boss. But I am big enough to bathe myself so you go and I will do it." I point a weak finger instructing her to leave. It amused her.

Rachel leaned against the door and folded her arms resolutely across her chest. No one was going anywhere. I could see her annoyance grow. She bent her knee resting a bare foot behind her as she made up her mind on how to handle me. "I will make this easy on you Joey. We will take it one step at a time, but I am not going to take anymore sass."

I knew she meant it. Rachel nodded at my shoes. "One step at a time. Take off your socks and shoes."

Kicking out of my shoes I continued my defiant tirade. "Okay, I have to take them off anyway to take my bath, but you have to leave."

Leaning over, she gathered them up and tossed them into a corner. "Now your shirt."

Rachel's stare was as cold as ice. It sent a shiver up my spine. "Fine, boys take their shirts off in front of girls all the time, that's no big deal." I pulled my shirt over my head. Rachel took it from me and dropped it on my shoes. "Drop your pants."

"Sis, please. Please go, I will bathe but I can't take off my pants in front of you." My lip started to quiver so I bit it.

She reached over and unbuckled my belt then unzipped my fly while I just stood there like a helpless boob. Stepping away, she folded her arms again. Her voice grew hard as metal. "You slide them off and be quick." There was a finality in her tone. She had reached the end of her patience. I knew I had to obey. Without another word I slipped off my jeans and obediently handed them to her. They went into the pile.

There I stood in my flimsy boxers facing my little sister with my heart pounding in my throat. She was a rock and I was shaking like a skinny pink noodle. "Please sis, don't make me do this. I've been good." I knew my whiney plea wasn't enough. She wanted me to grovel. I would do anything not to stand naked before her. My voice squeaked like a frightened mouse, tears stung my eyes. "I have been a good little boy. Let me prove I can bathe myself. I will wash my butt, there won't be anymore brown stains, I promise."

"For the last time. Drop your shorts." My shoulders shook and tears streamed down my cheeks as my will completely collapsed. I sniveled. "All right mom put you in charge." With my head reeling, I closed my eyes against the humiliation and slid my boxers off. She held our her hand making me give them to her along with the last of my self-respect. I covered myself with my hands. Rachel folded my shorts and tossed them on the pile. She stood their staring at me for a moment watching me tremble, then all of a sudden she slapped me hard across the face, so hard my teeth ached. I cried out and shrunk away sobbing. "I got undress sis. I did what you told me."

Her voice thundered as she stamped a tiny foot. "Don't you ever argue with me like that again. The next time I tell you to strip, it will be one command instantly obeyed. Do You understand?"


"We will see. She took a step back to get a better look. "I want to see you naked. Move your hands."

If I hesitated I knew she would be on me in a second. Giving up my last shred of dignity, I let my arms fall by my side and cried openly.

"Stand straight and turn slowly around."

I obeyed. Rachel kept me under her stare letting nothing go unseen, leaving nothing left that was mine. My skin broke out in little goose bumps.

Having thoroughly cowed me, she walked past grabbing my dick in her hand like it was a leash and drug me over to the toilet, scolding as she went. "Naked little boy you have a lot to learn."

Rachel sat down on the toilet seat and pulled on my dick until I was standing between her outstretched legs. Grabbing my balls, she gave them a yank. "Do you really think god would have put your nuts on the outside if she didn't want women to control men?" She raked the back of my scrotum with her long nails. "Do you?"

"No sis."

"Then stand quietly while I examine you. I want to see why you boys make such a fuss over you silly little dicks."

She took her own sweet time, stretching, poking, twisting. Rachel was my little sister, but I was the one standing there obediently like a child while she held me in complete control. I felt small and weak, my body seemed fragile. She pointed her pinky finger and pressed her nail into the end of my peepee. I jumped. "Be still."

She was giving me a through examination and enjoying every minute of it. Pulling her nail out she gripped my dick firmly. What she did next scared the hell out of me. Reaching into a basket Rachel took a cotton swab and pushed the head of it into my dick. I cried out in pain. She smiled, but kept pushing it in deeper. "I may need to clean you smelly little dick with a cotton swab every time I bathe you, so you better learn to accept the pain."

With persistence, she managed to work it all the way in with just the head hanging out. Rachel beamed at her accomplishment, then quickly pulled it out with a jerk. I raised up on my toes. It fell like somebody had ripped my testicles out through my nose. My head became so numb I started to faint. Rachel saw me swoon and flicked my testicle with her thumb and finger. "Pay attention. I want you to know what I am doing to you."

By the time she finished her examination, she knew my privates better that I did. Sis stretched my dick out and let it fall. "It really is small you know. Peter's dick is bigger I think."

My flush skin turned bright red. I shot back. "His is not."

Rachel thrust both hands between my legs capturing each testicle between a thumb and forefinger. "Are you arguing with me?"

I raised up on my toes. "Noooo."

"Then who's dick is smaller than Peter's?"

"My dick is a lot smaller than Peter's if you say it is."

She flicked it and laughed "I do say so."

By now I couldn't control my shakes. The shame was so bad I couldn't even will myself to keep standing. "Rachel please let me get in the tub, before I fall over."

Grabbing my sack, she jerked me into her lap and then captured a single nut between her fingers and pinched until I cried out. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because you are still fighting me."

Tensing against the pain, I sucked in enough air to form words. "I'm doing everything you say."

"Yes, but I want you to do it happily. I want you to be eager to please me. That way we will always have fun being together."

I tried to force a smile. "Rachel please bathe me?"

Groveling saved my nut but it wasn't over. "Not yet baby. First I have to give you that spanking I've been promising you.

My body jerked involuntarily. The tears started again. Without a protest from me, Rachel turned me over one knee and wrapped her slender leg over mine, pinning me helplessly with my head on the floor and my pink ass wiggling in the air. She then slid her left hand around my waist and grabbed my balls from below. Forcing them to the bottom of my sack she held me firmly to her lap. "See how easy it is. You are completely helpless." She rubbed my bottom for awhile enjoying herself, then taking a wet washcloth from the sink she squeeze the water onto my butt. "First we got to make you cute bottom soft and tender so I don't hurt my little hand." Mopping the rag around she added. "The water will make it sting too. I learned that from one of mom's books. You will be bawling like a baby in no time."

I was already crying pretty good. How much more did she want?

Blood was filling my head when she dropped the wet cloth and delivered the first hard whack. I nearly came off her lap but she held tight on my sack and pulled me back down. "Be still or I will rip your nuts off. Your job is to just hang there, look silly and scream."

Rachel raised her hand and hit even harder. And scream I did. Then she started raining blows down on my bottom with loud hard smacks. It hurt real bad, but worse was I knew my brothers could hear her spanking me and hear my howling clear down the hall, but my embarrassment couldn't quiet my screams. Rachel had stripped me of all self-control.

By the time she finally stopped spanking, my bottom was stinging worse than I thought possible and my balls ached to the point of nausea. Sis raised her hand, shaking her fingers. "Spanking you is beginning to hurt."

She reached over and picked up a hairbrush, then rested it on my bottom for a moment, letting my fear build at the realization that instead of being over it was going to get a lot worse. "Joey you little pink ass is now bright red, but I think we can come up with a better shade. With that, she started in again. She was able to hit much harder with the brush. The pain was so great, I forgot about my aching balls. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Finally she stopped and dropped the brush giggling. "There, I really enjoyed that. We will have to do it often." Groaning, I went limp in her hands. I never knew I could hurt so bad.

Rachel turned me over and sat me in her lap. She adjusted my nuts so she could cradle them and then hugged me close and rocked me back and forth comforting me. "There my baby, it is all over… For now. Your first spanking, did you like it?"

Her fingers stopped massaging, waiting for my answer. I whimpered. "It hurt real bad, but if it makes you happy then I like it."

She kissed me. "That's my little boy, you are learning." She lovingly caressed my balls. "When I told Tiffany I was going to spank you today, she said you were to stupid, you would never learn."

I wailed. "You told Tiffany you were going to spank me?" The shame was bad enough but to have others know about it was unbearable.

"Of course. She wanted to watch but I told her the first time was something special just for you and me."

All I could do was sob. Rachel shift my weight and slid her hand beneath my balls. She probed for a moment then twisted the tip of her finger up my ass and continued rocking. I jumped. "What are you doing?"

Mom's books say it calms little boys. It lets them know who is in control. Do you like it?"

It did feel kind of good. "Yes it feels nice."

She pushed her finger all the way up my ass. My eyes bulged and she laughed. You are more fun than a sex toy. She gave a naughty giggle. "Mom has a box of them hidden in her closet."

We had a quiet moment while she continued rocking me. I'm not sure anyone had ever treated me so tenderly. Rachel would kiss my face and coo to me. She softly broke into a verse of "Hush little baby don't you cry."

When I calmed down, Rach' pulled her finger out of my butt then taking my dick, lifted me to my feet. "Come on its time for your bath little man but first we need to take a picture of your bottom before the red goes away."

Rachel pulled a camera from the top drawer and pushed me against the wall. "Hold steady."

The flash went off. She stepped next to me so I could see the LCD screen. "Look, your little bottom is a beautiful bright red. Joey you are so pretty you should be a girl."

The picture looked as painful as it felt, but it didn't show the humiliation. Rachel raised my hand above my head and twirled me once around. "You are so very pretty. Maybe I will feminize you."

I could feel my dick shrink. "Stand on your tippy-toes."

Trembling, I obeyed and she spun me around and around like a little ballerina. Letting go she dropped her hand and tugged at my balls. " You are beautiful but these really must go." Lifting my dick on a bent knuckle she frowned. "I will have to do some reading on dick bobbing."

Rachel slid her hand on up my belly, then pulled my nipple. "Maybe mom would pay for a boob job."

She laughed. "We could play with your breasts. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

I knew she was just trying to scare me, and it was working. Hiding my face, I burst into tears once more. My sister hugged me. "That's it little girl, have a nice cry. It's good for you."

Rachel held me close while gently rubbing my tender bottom. She could be gentle when she wanted to. I could tell that in her own way she did love me.

Stepping back, Rachel wiped my face and gave me a kiss, then took my dick again and directed me into the tub. It was the same water she washed my brothers in. I stepped in and pulled my foot right back out pleading. " Sis, It's too cold."

"You shouldn't have wasted so much time getting undressed. Next time you will know better."

With a stinging slap on my bruised backside, she ordered me to sit.

Rachel washed every part of me while I shivered uncontrollable. Sis was really enjoying herself. She would push me and turn me, letting me know who was in charge. While going about her task, she cooed to me in short little words like I was a baby. It was working. All I wanted to do was crawl back into her warm safe lap. After daddy left, I remember Rachel retreating into her own world, Bathing her little dolls and cooing to them like she was doing to me right now. She would hug them and kiss them and tell them she would never leave them.

The cotton swab she had used to clean my dick must have given her an idea. Rachel reached into a drawer and pulled out a long rubber tube with a bag on the end. She held it up. "It's a Douche bag." She smiled. "We girls use it to feel fresh. It's time you get use to it."

My eyes grew big. "No Rach'".

She hung the bag up on the shower rack and spread my legs apart placing my heels on the rim of the tub. Next she stuck her finger deep into my ass like she was trying to make my hole bigger. With my eyes wide with terror, Rachel took the hard end of the tube and shoved it clear up my ass in one long push. I gave a wailing scream but she silenced me by pounding my balls against the bottom of the bathtub with the side of her fist. "Joey you are going to have to sit patiently while I see how much fluid you can hold."

There was nothing else I could do with that sharp stick up my butt. Humming delightfully she mixed up some douche solution using cold water and poured it into the bag. She held the bag high. A terrible chill filled my body, but when the freezing liquid wouldn't go in fast enough to suit her, she grabbed the top of the bag and squeezed hard. My eyes bulged and I started panicking. "Please Rachel you will hurt me. I am not a girl. My body is too delicate." Rachel smiled. She liked that kind of talk. Reaching down she pulled the tube from my butt and let me drain.

When I was thoroughly bathed, Rachel had me stand outside the tub. Taking a squeeze bottle she started covering my whole body in a cream, paying special attention to my balls. With me thoroughly coated, she ordered me to stand quietly and wait. Stepping back she hopped on the sink counter and watched me while idly swinging her legs, a little girl again. She saw me staring and grinned. "You like my legs don't you?"

I stared longingly then hid my eyes. "Yes."

She slowly stretched her slender leg and tickled my balls with her toes, giggling when I jumped. "You can touch my leg. Go ahead. You want to."

Obediently I reach out my hand and took hold of her tiny ankle. No longer needing to be told what to do, I slid my hand up her leg. It was soft and smooth. She was right I had wanted to touch them, for a long time. She was my little sister. Feeling shame, I let go.

"Its okay Joey, its different now. We will be more like sisters."

I fidgeted uncomfortable. She had stripped me of any manhood a thirteen year old boy can have, maybe she wasn't too far from right.

Her impish gleam made me wonder if she could read my thoughts. "Joey did you know you have very pretty legs too?"

She looked at me waiting for an answer.


"Well you do. Joey could be a girls name too."

I cried out. "I don't want to be a girl. If I get a chance I will leave like daddy did."

Rachel flew off the counter, flames leaping from her eyes her hand raised to strike. I dropped instantly to the floor crouching against the edge of the tub trembling. She stayed her hand, holding it in the air. Slowly Rachel turned and leaned on the counter with both arms stiff, her head down. Her voice was solemn. "I see we have more work to do."

When she turned around her smile had returned. "Lets get to it."

Picking up her cell phone off the counter she punched in a number. "Hi Tiffany. I did it. I spanked him."

My heart sank. I could hear my cousin giggling. "Yes it was fun. I made him strip naked while I watched. He cried like a baby. I took a picture of his red bottom so you can see it."

I moaned. "Sis no. I'm sorry."

Rachel squeezed my left nut to silence me and continued listening to the excited chatter on the other end of the phone. Rachel laughed. "Okay." She looked at me. "Turn around Joey, she wants me to take a picture of your butt with my cell phone so she can see it now."

I started crying. "He's crying."

Rachel held the phone down by my ass. I could hear the soft 'sshhhh' of the shudder. A moment later both girls were laughing together. Calming herself, Rachel thrust the phone at me. "Tiffany wants to speak to you."

"No sis, please don't make me talk to her. Please, I will die."

Rachel gently smooched a firm bare knee against my soft naked balls giving me a reminder I didn't need. I took the phone and sobbed, "Hello."

I could hear the grin in Tiffany's voice. "So Joey how does it feel to get spanked by your little sister?"

She squealed with delight. "I bet you are so embarrassed, aren't you?"


"The picture looks great. Rach said I could watch next time. How would you like me seeing you all naked and crying with you little dick hanging out?"

"I don't know."

"You know, you would hate it. Maybe she will let me spank you too. Man I am so excited I'm going to pee myself. Rach will have to teach me to hold you by your balls." Tiffany laughed hysterically.

"I got to finish my bath. Bye Tiffany."

Handing the phone back to my sister, I hung my head mortified.

They talked and laughed for a minute more. "Okay Tiffany, I will send you pictures of is tiny dick later after his bath. Bye."

"You are so mean."

"I can be. Don't forget it."

Rachel guided me back into the tub by gently lifting my sack on the tip of her fingers like that would help. I sat down with a gasp. "Rach' the water is freezing."

She started washing the cream from my body. "Bet it will make you little dick shrink even smaller."

She washed me a bit, giving the icy water time to work, then she stuck her hand between my legs. Her large green eyes danced with delight. "My god Joey, It is smaller than my nipple." She had me stand so she could look at it. "Oh Joey it is so very perfectly tiny. After I chop your nuts off, it will shrivel to nothing."

Taking the shower head, Rachel turned the water on cold. I screamed as she hosed me down and closed my eyes against the freezing shower, my teeth chattered until I thought they would break. When she was done with the rest of me she held the shower head right to my balls for the longest time. The pain faded to numbness and I thought I was going to faint.

Rachel turned off the water and pushed me in front of the full length mirror. "Open your eyes little girl."

As I focused on the mirror I was shocked speechless. My body glistened, every hair was gone. Swallowing I turned to my sister. "I look like a baby, all my pubic hair…"

"Oh screw your pubes. You've developed as far as you are going too. I want you to look at your tiny dick. Isn't it hilarious?"

Rachel made me wait while she left the room. She told me I could not touch my dick without her permission. Dripping wet in the cold air, my tiny nub felt like it was shrinking even further if that was possible. Rachel returned dragging Peter by his pecker. "See your big brothers tiny dick?"

Peter nodded and burst out laughing. "It is smaller than mine."

I bit my lip and tried not to cry.

Rachel stood him next to me and rubbed his balls until his dick started to grow. "There my little brother. You look just like a big man. You'll make a good daddy some day."

Peter smiled up at me. Rachel grabbed the camera. "Sis, please don't. You were right my little brothers dick is bigger than mine. Pleased don't disgrace me any more. I can't take it."

Ignoring me as always, Rachel took several pictures of us together and some close-ups with her hand in the picture for size comparison."

She tickled Peters balls and sent him on his way. Then she snapped a picture of my dick with her phone and hit speed dial. "Hello Tiffany. Here it is."

With my head down sobbing, Rachel ushered me into the living room where I was ordered to sit on the floor with my little brothers and watch cartoons. Returning with the baby powder, Rachel raised our legs high in the air one at a time like little babies being diapered and sprinkled our bottoms.

Peter and I were laying on the floor next to each other with Rachel kneeling between us. When she was finished she took the head of our dicks between her fingers and stretched them up comparing them again. She let mine go and poked it inside me with her finger. "An Inny and an Outy." She laughed. Peter did too. Rachel gave Peter's balls a firm shake and spoke in a deep playful voice. "You are going to be one well hung man when you grow up. But you will always obey your sister won't you?"

Peter grinned proudly and nodded in agreement. Rachel leaned over and kissed me on the lips. "And you my pretty, will be one beautiful girl."

She pinched my nut and I curled my knees hiding my boy parts. With my soft smooth body I probable looking very feminine. Rachel looked at me thinking the same. "Maybe tonight I will curl your hair and put you in a little dress. That pleated pink one that Matt loves." She giggled "Maybe he will like you even better as a girl."

I turned bright red but knew better than to protest. I was learning.

When she left the room Peter laughed. "Dude I don't feel so bad about Rachel seeing me naked. My dick is bigger than yours."

He was right. My dick hand not yet returned to its regular size, maybe it never would. All I could do was squirm. Peter poked me in the nuts. "Girl."

Just then I heard moms car in the driveway. I jump up to run to my room but Rachel came back and ordered me to stay put. Listening to the Garage door open and close I realized with horror that my sister wanted mom to see us boys naked. "Oh please no, Rachel."

Pushing her face into mine, she grabbed my nuts and hissed. "You behave you little bitch and sit there with your legs spread apart or I will do things to you that will make you think today was a party."

Shrinking to the floor, I sat obediently, my legs spread wide fearing her more than the dreaded moment to come.

As the kitchen door opened, Rachel rubbed her palms on her shorts. I realized she was nervous. She knew she may have overstepped her bounds. Her mind was racing in high gear, I could see it. Whatever she was planning hinged on moms approval and she knew it.

Mom walked into the room with a look of utter surprise. Her purse dropped to the floor. I started to cover my balls, but a twist of my ear from my sister cautioned me to let them remain in plain sight. Peter quickly spread his legs too.

Rachel eagerly tried to explain. "Mommy, I did as you said. The house is spotless and I babysat the boys."

Mom nodded her head towards us with large eyes waiting for a further explanation. Rachel gave a naughty smile and continued. "I bathed them." A proud smile spread across her angelic face. "I even bathed Joey, just like I do my dollies." She petted my hair. "The boys behave much better when they are naked. See."

Mom stared at us considering Rachel's explanation. My sister knew she was winning and beamed. "Joey is absolutely a doll when he is naked and he is much more submissive."

Submissive. That was a word my mother would like. Mom smiled. Rachel rushed forward and hugged her. "Besides they don't need clothes in the house and we won't have so much laundry."

Suddenly I realized that she meant to keep us naked all the time."

I couldn't help myself and whined. "Mom, what if my friends come over…"

Rachel stopped me. "Your friends are a bad influence. They are why you are always sneaking off. You just need to stay home and do as you are told." She raised her face to moms with a sweet smile. "He is upset because I had to spank him."

Mom swallowed a snicker. "You spanked him?"

Peter broke in. "Mommy I have a bigger peepee than Joey."

Mom laughed out loud. "So you do. So you do."

Using her bossy voice, Rachel snapped. "Joey don't be rude. Come hug mommy."

Slowly I stood mothers eyes were on me. Seeing me half grown and naked was a new experience for her. There was only a few feet between us but it seemed like a mile. Her eyes were glued to my balls all the way. Pressing myself against her to hid my embarrassment, I gave her a hug. It was so awkward because my privates were smooched against her bare leg. "Hi mom."

Rachel corrected me. "Mommy."

"Joey were you good for your sister?"

"I tried to be."

"Did Rachel do a good job babysitting you?"

"Yes mommy."

Returning my hug, she reached behind me and patted my bottom. I winced.

Rachel reminded her. "I spanked him."

Mom knelt and placing both hands firmly on my hips, turned me around. She touched her palm gently to my bare bottom. I could hear the surprise in her voice. "Oh Boy did you ever spank him."

Rachel took it as a compliment and proclaimed proudly proclaimed. "I read how to do it in one of the books in you office."

Mom patted me and turned me back around. My little dick was right there next to her face. I turned beet red. Mothers eyes were drawn to it. Rachel feeling bold, reached over an petted it. "It's okay to touch it. Your books say it lets him know who is in control. Boys want to know a girl is in control. It makes them fill safe."

Smiling up at her wise daughter with new respect, mom let her fingers tips slide across my smooth bare skin, coming to rest on my dick. "It is so precious and tiny. There is not a trace of hair."

Rachel causally tugged on my balls. "Maybe they don't work."

I glared at her.

Raising my nuts on her fingers she chirped. "He is still your little baby. Maybe he will stay that way. Feel how smooth his sack is."

I stood there in utter disbelief as my mom petted my sack. Rachel raised my dick so mom could have a better look. "He likes it, see how good he is behaving."

After all the problem I had been, mother was delightfully surprised. I had no doubt she liked the submissive little boy standing naked before her.

Ever so slowly Rachel's thumb pressed my little dick back inside me until I look more like a girl. "Maybe his balls work just enough to get him in trouble and need to come off."

Rachel gave me a wink. It was in that moment that I understood she had been planning this day for a long time. Rachel knew exactly what she was doing, she always did.

Mom gave my balls a loving squeeze and smiled. "Your little sister is pretty smart."

Extending two fingers mother joined Rachel and push my nuts up out of sight, smiling at my new feminine look. "He is obedient, and very pretty. Joey is also a girls name."

Mom let my nuts fall catching them in the palm of her hand. I took my first breath.

She returned to petting my sack. "Joey do you think you behave better for your sister when you are naked?"

Rachel's thumb pressed harder on my dick, she didn't need to. The answer was obvious. What boy wouldn't behave better for his sister with his balls exposed for punishment and the possibility of loosing them. I answered honestly. "Yes mommy. I do."

Mother stood up pulling my sack with her to keep my attention. "Then it is settled. Since you agree, your little sister will be your babysitter from now on and you boys will go naked in the house and around the back yard. It will make it easier for Rachel to spank you when you are naughty and we will be able to watch your little balls to decide if they need to go."

She turned to Rachel and patted her head. Mother was glowing with pride. "You actually spanked him all on your own. I am so proud of you my little darling." She gave her another hug. "You know what sweetheart? I'm going to have to show you how to spank his balls like I did his fathers, so you don't wear out his little bottom. It's very effective."

My sister went sickly sweet. "Oh would you mommy? Could you teach me tonight?"

She followed mommy into the kitchen still talking, still planning. "I want to get Joey a pacifier for when he whines and I think we should replace his violent video games with educational toys or maybe a doll. He will stay home and we will have a real family."

I watched her go. She was so happy. Her big day that she had planned so long and hard for had gone off perfectly. You couldn't help but respect her and she looked so pretty with those cute bouncy ponytails and her long slender legs. Sure I was in for some painful spankings and a lot of embarrassment until I learned to behave but from now on I would try to get good grades and be the best little boy or girl I could, because Rachel was the boss.




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