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Boyfriend to Bride

by Ms Kathy


(Part One)


I met Bill now Billie a few years ago when he was 22 and I was 26. He is small, 5’5 and 125 pounds, and very good-looking with light blonde hair. I was a recruiter and sales person for a Temp agency. He was a temp that went out on receptionist type temp jobs. I placed him with a local company and would check in on him every now and then. He was very nice and respectful. I decided to ask him on a date. We got a long great. I made it very clear to him that I have a very dominant personality and that I would be the one in control in this relationship. He did not seem to mind. I have never had a long-term relationship before Billie, because this always turned into a problem.

Well, in our first year of dating I decided to leave my company and open up my own agency. I became quite a success. I have office space that I rent that includes a reception area and one smaller office that is mine and a larger office area that can hold about 5 or 6 desk for my employees. I have hired three other women as recruiters/sales people. I look for aggressive attractive women because they make the best sales people.

Billie on the other hand was not doing so well. He moved in with me because temp work is not steady work. I own a nice little ranch house with a small pool and a very private fenced in back yard that the neighbors can’t see into. Billie became quite comfortable in my home.

One day about a month after Billie moved in with me, I was not feeling well and decide to go home after lunch and get some rest. I tried to call Billie before I left, (he was out of work again) however, the phone was busy. This was not unusual, because Billie would be on the computer during the day sending out resumes and looking for a job. When I got home I found Billie on the computer stark naked surfing porn sites and masturbating. He was so involved he did not hear me come in. I was furious. I grabbed by the ear and drug him to the couch and sat him down. So this is what he does during the day when I am out busting my but. He tried to say he did not do this often, but I did not believe him. I made him stay on the couch while I went to the computer to see what sites he was going to. I clicked on the history button and saw that he had a nice variety of sites. Most were of naked girls, but he did a nice selection of fetish sites including chastity and female domination sites. He was also visiting them everyday and spending way too much time on the computer.

I looked at him, still naked and on the couch, and asked him to explain him self. He just looked at the ground and said that he was bored and he stumbled across these sites. I asked him about the female domination and the chastity sites. He said they were just a fantasies and nothing more. I stated that they were fantasies and now they were going to become reality. I marched over to him and sat on the couch, grabbed him by the ear and drug him over my lap. He was so shocked that he did not resist. I said that this was not going to go unpunished and preceded to give him a very harsh spanking. I also said that he was to start working for me at the office as a receptionist, we needed one anyway, and he would be paid minimum wage. I also told him that he would take over all household chores. And to make sure that he did not play with himself any more we would get a chastity belt for him. He was so humiliated all he could do was cry.

So I sat him in front of the computer and we researched chastity belts. I could not believe there were so many choices. I was so humiliating for him as we went through the process. I decided that the cb2000 was a good one to start out with. I also put a password on the computer so he could not use it with out my permission. Billie was in for some big changes.

Billie started at work the next day. My employees wanted to know what was up and why I made such a fast decision to bring Billie in. I had a meeting with them in my office and explained everything that happened the day before. The girls were laughing and giggling which I am sure Billie could here but did not know the topics we were discussing. I also said that he was a receptionist and to be treated accordingly. They knew this job was to be part of his punishment and that I wanted Billie to be supervised all the time.

Well, Billie settled in at work and at home in his new role. I would now spank him when need. The spankings were harsh, however the humiliation of the spankings was the real punishment. I took a few weeks for the cb2000 to arrive. When it did, I installed it immediately. Billie was not happy. The cb2000 did have some problems. Billie would slip himself out of it some times. I did some reading and a Prince Albert piercing was suggested to solve this problem. I located a Body Piercing shop that was owned by a woman. She was very nice. I first visited her by myself. I had lots of questions and did not want Billie to be there. She was a wealth of knowledge. I explained what had taken place and why I needed her services. She suggested the Prince Albert, but also suggested I get his crotch behind his scrotum pierced so I could chastise him with out the cb2000 by locking the rings together. She also said it would be fun to pierce his bellybutton so you can lock him in an up position. I agreed and since we were doing all that lets get his nipples and ears pierced to. This way you can feminize him if you want. This was going to be great fun for me. I made the appointment for the next day and Billie was now pierced and secure.

Over the next couple of months I did a lot of reading on the Internet about sissies and female domination. I decided that Billie really was not much of a man and feminization was the best way of total control. I used his chastity situation to ease and urge him towards becoming more feminine. After a few days of lock up he agreed to wear panties full time as a price for an orgasm. Whenever his penis was released he would be in some sort of bondage. (I now have a nice collection of leather cuffs, collars, paddles, crops and nipple clamps.) And that’s the way it went. For every orgasm he had, he would have to give me something in return. Soon around the house I had him wearing ladies sandals, Capri pants, and ladies T tops. Billie was well on his way to becoming a sissy. He just did not know it yet.

My sister, Martha, knew of everything that I was doing to Billie. She would come over for dinner or a visit and Billie would wait on us. Martha thought that he was acting just like a maid and suggested that we get him an outfit. I thought this was a great idea. Martha and I are very close and I wanted to include her in on this. It would be great fun for us and very humiliating for Billie. We decided that Saturday would be the day. We planned a full day of shopping that included an appointment at the salon for Billie.

Saturday morning I dressed Billie in a pair of pink bikini panties, a pair of tan Capri pants and a navy blue top with a scoped neck. He wore his leather strappy sandals and a nice pair of small hoop earrings. He looked like a sissy and he knew it. He did not want to leave the house. I smacked his bottom and said if he ever wanted to have an orgasm again he would do as he was told with no complaint the entire day. I drove over to Martha’s and picked her up. She looked at Billie and laughed and said "My don’t you look pretty today. You will just love the surprises we have for you today." Billie looked terrified.

Well the first stop was the salon. (Billie must of known he was a beaten man because the rest of the day he was very docile and went with the flow.) This was a small full service salon that with about seven employees that were all women. I had a long talk with the owner, Laura, and told her about the situation. She loved it and understood that I wanted this to be as humiliating as possible for Billie. She and all the employees would make sure that Billie was well humiliated. We had planned a total make over that included a full body wax (Billie had almost no body hair and what he did have was a very light color and very fine) and manicure and pedicure, a wavy perm with highlights and make up.

First was the body wax. Billie was taken back by the girls and stripped to his panties. Unfortunately the cb2000 makes quite a bulge in his panties. One of the girls said that it was to bad that he couldn’t have a smooth panty line. I stepped in said he could. I made Billie step out of his panties and unlocked the cb2000 and removed it. Then I pulled his penis back and locked it directly to the ring behind his scrotum. The women were laughing hysterically and Billie was more humiliated than ever. Then he was laid up on the table for his body waxing. He was left with a very small strip of pubic hair that looked quite feminine. From there he got all his nails, hair and makeup done. He remained naked with his penis locked in the back position the whole time and was paraded in front of all the customers and employees from station to station. Everyone really chipped in to make this a most memorable and humiliating experience for Billie. Martha filmed the whole thing for us to keep as a keepsake and to show our friends how this all started for Billie.

Billie was then dressed back into his outfit for a full day of shopping.

More about that later.




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