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Cased and Laced

by Devious Steve


There is not much to say about me, I'm an average kid with a timid kind of personality. Every day was the same: wake up, get dressed, and go to school. Grade 11 isn't bad; I mean the classes aren't too difficult, just fitting in is hard enough. Wake up, get dressed and go to school. Today was different though. As I rolled lazily from my warm bed and stood up to pull on some cloths I caught my reflection in the mirror. As I said; an average kid of 16, just. Dark brown hair and a semi muscular physique stared back at me. With a yell from my mom I was down stairs and struggling to eat toast while trying to prepare waffles for my older sister. She always somehow managed to talk me into doing stuff for her. The car ride to Guelph was as always, me in the back listening to stupid girly music without a say about the front seat, or the tunes.

After a 20 min ride of that I was stepping out of my mom's huge Ford Explorer and into the world of High School.

Brown bag lunch in hand I headed as confidently as I could into the school, down the stairs and into crowd. There. That was her. The biggest crush of my life. My heart skipped a beat and the world froze around us. She turned her head making her mid-neck long black hair swish to reveal a perfect face with a look to make any man kneel before her. I suppose her look worked all too well, my knees weakened and I fell the last step or so down the stairs. I looked up at her and she smiled smugly with a hint of interest in her beautiful grey eyes.

The world betrayed me there again, she walked away. Time was brought back to the halls and I was on the ground blushing. it's a good thing I had my brown bag because it was the only thing between my hard on and the crowd of eyes watching me on the floor. I stood slowly and realized my baggy shirt hid most of what I had and the other bit was avoided by eyes by my fast paced walk.

In math class I sat with my friends and in the corner of my eye I saw her again, was she always in my class? She turned around smoothly and looked at me with her cold stare, it seemed to take in everything. Math class consisted of me steeling glances at her every time I could. But the class still flew by. Out in the hall I was waiting for my friends, leaning on a wall. she walked towards me. She walked straight up to me and stood inches from my face, we were roughly the same height.

Those eyes… there was a secret to them, wait. Was she going to talk to me? "What a coincidence, it looks like I've been switched to your class". "…uh…umm..." was all I could make out. Suddenly she stepped closer and pressed her lips to mine, pressing on me until the wall was supporting me completely. After what seemed an eternity she let off and smiled as I slid down the wall to the floor. There seemed to be amusement in her eyes. " I like my men ant my feet" she said bending down and kissing me on the forehead. Then she walked away. The next period went bye as fast as the first with her on my mind, and the bell signaling lunch startled me. Needing some fresh air I headed outside. The mid morning air was fresh and the slight breeze felt cool on my face. I looked over across the road by chance and saw her and some of her friends. I didn't recognize them so I assumed they were from other schools. There was about 5 of them including my crush, Victoria. Each of them looked gorgeous. She and I locked eyes and she beckoned me over. I was cautious and because of my paranoid nature assumed that this was all a big joke at my expense, but I was wrong. Up close I realized that my previous title of gorgeous did not do justice. They were amazing, and each of them was wearing tight something or another. Being a guy and being surrounded by 5 beautiful women such as I was I couldn't help my self, and was soon aroused. They seemed amused by me and they were all staring at Victoria. She nodded and they smiled. "I wonder what's going on" I thought. "Ladies" she paused to look at me. "This is Steve". I got a couple reactions, but the best by far was a long kiss from Victoria. After a while of nervous small talk from me, and some discussions between the women; they all left and lunch was half over.




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