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A Change For The Better

by Amelia Allyrw



He blinked a moment, his eyes adjusting to the dim light of an obviously opulent office. He was seated in a deep easy chair facing a huge desk. Madam W in the same sort of chair beside him. Across the wide expanse of the polished mahagony desk, a dim figure was seated. She was deliberately in shadow, her face was nothing but an indistinguishable blur. "Are you serious about having plastic surgery? A complete alteration?" The voice though clear and understandable, was plainly disguised.

"I suppose so. There doesn't seem to be any alternative but jail."

"You are quite right. I have examined the evidence against you. In fact I reviewed all aspects of your position to determine if I could ethically help you. I am convinced of your innocence. However, I also discovered that the authorities have evidence that the car had been tampered with. If you are ever discovered, you could possibly face a murder charge.

"Tampered with?" Said John, stunned by the revelation. "I had no idea --." "Enough!" Said the disembodied voice. "If you agree to these operations, please sign the agreements."

John took the documents, idly looked them over and then said. "Before I sign anything, I would like a few facts. You seem to know quite a bit about me, my wife and the Reverend. How did you get access to all this information and why do you concern yourself with me? In other words, you seem to be going out on a limb for me. Maybe I'm just pessimistic, but I can't see all this altruism just because you people like my looks."

"I suppose you do deserve some explanation for our assistance." Said the disembodied voice.

"Long ago, I had a daughter who became interested in some sort of cult. At the time I wasn't concerned as it seemed to be quite innocent and was run by a minister with impeccable qualifications. The next thing I knew, she had become a 'special angel' of the cult. I later found out what the duties of a 'special angel' were. They were used to entice wealthy men to donate to the cult. They were to use any means necessary, including sex to get the donation. They were promised exemption from any sin to accomplish this purpose because their motives were to expand the infuence of the flock and spread the word of a higher being. To late, my daughter discovered that another word for 'special angel' was prostitute. I was also to late to rescue her, she disappeared."

"Soon this minister merged the cult and formed a T.V. ministery. You guessed it. The minister was a certain Mr. Niece. I watched his rise and noted that there were several inconsistencies between his actions and what he preached. Among these inconsistencies was a relation between him and a Helene Bates. your wife before you met her."

"I have a strong reason to believe that my daughter is still alive and information as to her whereabouts is held by Helene Bates, nee Crombie."

"I was not sorry about the demise of Mr. Niece. However, there seemed to be a serious inconsistency in the news report. Why would Mr. Niece be seated in the front seat with Mr. Crombie. Normally, I would have expected him to be seated next to Mrs. Crombie. It was out of character for him. His attraction to males is generally limited to those in the ten to fourteen year old age bracket." "At the time, I thought it odd, but dismissed it since I had no reason to be suspicious. However, when Madam W called and said she had a client who wanted to pass as a woman and he/she showed up in a black dress, hat and veil as if he/she was in mourning, my antenna went up."

"My process of elimination began and ended with one person, you. A little investigation, (I do have friends you know) and I discovered your loving wife was blckmailing you. I am also aware that she and Mr. Niece have had some kinky ideas. ERGO! It must be John Crombie trying to get by as Helene!"

"And you need all the help you can get. Now, I will help you."

"That's all very well and good and I appreciate your help. But why do you want to help me. What do you get from it?"

"Information. After you have been released you will find somewhere among Helene's personal possessions information regarding the whereabouts of my daugther, I want that knowledge."

"How will I get it to you, you seem to be making a big issue about keeping your identity secret." "You will be contacted through an ad in the classified section in the local paper as to how to transmit the data."

John thought about it. He had no idea as to the truth the doctor was telling him, but from his experience with his wife and the reverend, he had more trust in the doctor. "O.K. You got yourself a deal."

"Fine, I'm glad you agree, please sign these release statements."

John looked them over, they seemed more or less the standard operation releases. Basically it stated, with a lot of fine print, that there would be a series of operations that would facilitate his ability to be a female impersonator. There were several of them. After glancing at them he signed them and handed them back across the desk along with a sizeable check that he signed as Helene Crombie.

A long slender hand appeared onto the lighted desk. The nails were well trimmed and devoid of any polish. The fingers slim and facile but apparently with considerable strength and well trained. On one finger was a large ruby ring tht glinted in the light.

"Ah, I see you have been practicing signing Helene's name. Quite good I see. In fact well enough to pass except possibly a close examination by an expert." Apparently a signal was given as an attractive young lady in an immaculate nurse's uniform entered and said, "Mrs. Crombie, will you please come with me." As he followed the nurse from the room, Madam W called out, "Lot's of luck, Helene, I'm anxious to see what you will look like as we conclude your training."

Waving farewell to her, John left the room, following the nurse down the hall, her high heels again clacking on the hard floor. In spite of himself, he couldn't help but be a bit thrilled at the sound.

Finally the nurse led him into a severe, but well furnished hospital room. "Please remove all your clothes. You can hang your dress in that closet. Your underclothes can go in that drawer." She indicated a drawer in the little nightstand alongside the bed.

"All of them? Everything?"

"Yes, I wish to examine the results of the depilatory process you had been taking. We will have to remove any residue. It is extremely important that this be done prior to any other treatments."

John, red faced and embarrassed, removed his clothes, finally standing completely nude in front of the nurse. His embarrassment grew as he felt a tumenescent in is genital area. The nurse, trying to hide a smile at his semi-erection, began examining him. She went over him thoroughly, starting at the artfully shaped eyebrows, through the facial area, down his body, arms and legs, occasionally making a mark on his body. "Missed spots." She said succinctly. Completing her examination, she handed him short terry cloth thigh length robe, which he put on and followed her down the hall into another room. This had an electrolysis machine that was much larger and more elaborate than the one used by Madam W. "We could have waited and done the entire depilatory job here in about half the time it took you with the Madam. However, you needed practice in your behavior and mannerisms so we were in no hurry at the time. Now we're working on a schedule." She then went to work on the missed spots. After being used to the slow laborious process at the Madam's, this one seemed to go rather quickly. Actually it took the better part of the afternoon.

After the hair removal, she then took a device and began rubbing his jaw line. Upon his questioning glance, she said, "This is an abrasive device. The masculine face, especially the beard area is rougher, coarser than the average feminine face. This removes the excess coarse dermis overlay."

Finishing up the process, she led him back to his room, handing him a sheer, shortie nightgown, she said. "The doctor will be here in a moment to give you an examination and decide upon how the operational procedure will be conducted. you will be given your evening meal and that's all for the rest of the day. I imagine you will be quite busy starting tomorrow." She then left him alone.

It wasn't but a few moments later when the doctor came in. She was tall, wearing a shapeless gown and surgical mask that gave no hints of her identity. She was accompanied by a formidable looking nurse carrying a clipboard. She began examining John, giving instructions while the nurse began taking notes. John had no idea as to what she was instructing. It could be anything from decapitation to paring his toenails. He knew it was neither, but it sounded ominous and as if it would entail a lot of pain.

Completing her description of the procedures to be performed, she began prescribing a list of medicine that John was to take. Here again, he had no idea as to what the ingredients might be. As far as he could tell, it sounded like a list of chemical ingredients listed on a box of processed food, and about as appetizing.

Seemingly disappointed that she could no longer think of any more procedures or medicine, she completed the examination and left. The nurse who had accompanied her, closed the clipboard with a snap and said as they were leaving. "Goodnight Mrs. Crombie, we'll see you at eight in the morning."

Shortly afterward, an aide came in, bringing in the evening meal. Finishing it, he was given a pill and left alone. He tried to watch television a while, but his mind was so distracted by what would happen to him in the morning that he couldn't concentrate so he turned off the machine and tried to get some sleep. Between wild dreams and periods of wakefulness his sleep was not restful.



Since he was scheduled at eight in the morning, he finally fell into a sound sleep at seven thirty. At eight, he was awakened, laid on a gurney and was wheeled into the operating room and placed upon the operating table. He was given an injection and soon fell into a stupor. That was his last conscious awareness. Dimly, through a heavy haze, he vaguely saw the doctor approach and lean over him. Later, he became semi-conscious in his room, but soon passed out again. After that it became just a series of light and dark periods. There was always discomfort and pain. He could barely remember being cut, given shots, always pressure and bandaging, all of which eventually had to have an end.

He finally awoke. Became more or less aware would be a better term. He was lying in bed. He tried to open his eyes but couldn't. They seemed to be covered. He attempted to move his hands, but they seemed to be restrained. He could move his head but the movement was limited and accompanied with pain. He tried to say something, but no words formed and he could feel a painful rasp in his throat. All he could do was to lay there and wonder how long it would be before any one came by to help him.

After, what seemed to be a long time, he fell asleep again. Apparently the period of awakening was just a pause between operations because he again experienced periods of half consciousness where he realized that there he was again suffering through more operations, new injections, and pain in places that he didn't even know were part of his body. Each occurrence followed by blessed darkness and loss of consciousness.

Finally, after eons of suffering, he again became aware of his existence. This time, his hands were free. He could feel the cool sheets of his bed. He quickly felt for his face. It was still covered with bandages. He barely felt of it, when he jerked his hand away because of the pain of the touch.

He began feeling the rest of his body. He quickly realized that he was wearing a sheer fabric night gown. Feeling downward from his shoulders he felt the bulge of his breasts. His Breasts! His fumbling fingers quickly verified that they were real and tender to the touch. They were no longer the pads held in place by the bra as had been previously done. Perturbed he quickly felt downward and breathed a sigh of relief as his fingers encountered his familiar male genitals.

However that appeared to be the only indication left of his maleness. The skin on his body and limbs felt smooth and hairless. The electrolysis treatment he had been taking previously had supposedly removed all the hair. However it was a rush job and incomplete and traces of fuzz remained in many areas. Now the skin was entirely smooth and felt completely hairless. The flesh felt softly rounded. There was no trace of stringy masculine sinews or tendons that he was used to feeling on his body and limbs.

"Yes, Mrs. Crombie, all you have to do now is go through the healing process."

John interrupted his self exploratory process. "Wha-" he tried to talk but the pain was so intense, he halted.

"Do not talk. We have made some adjustment to your vocal chords. They will probably remain sore for another few days. I advise you not to strain them at this time. Afterward you will get instructions in your speech. We will also be able to remove the bandages on your face a few days later. Meanwhile I advise you to lay there and get your rest as you have experienced quite a bit of punishment in the last several days and your body needs to recuperate. Also I would advise you against fumbling about on your body or face with your hands. Some of the areas are still tender and delicate. You may do some damage. We don't want to have to go through another series of operations to restore you. Therefore I advise you against doing anything rash. Otherwise we will have to restrain your hands again."

John recognized the voice as that of the doctor. Apparently they had made some extensive changes to him. For the present, there wasn't much he could do about it. Suddenly he felt the chillness of a alcohol swab on his upper arm, the prick of a hypodermic needle and he again began to doze off.

When he next awoke, he could open his eyes. Looking up, he could see the ceiling. Turning his head, he could make out the familiar confines of his room. He tried to look down his body, but something interfered with his head movement. He began to reach up and feel his face but discovered his hands were again bound to the bed. Within reach of his fingers was a button, he pressed it.

A few moments later, the doctor appeared, accompanied by the nurse who was taking notes before the series of operations began. As usual, the doctor's face was covered by a surgical mask. "Ah Mrs. Crombie, I see that you are awake at last. We bound your hands to keep you from accidentally touching your face. If you promise to keep your hands away from your body and face, we will release them."

"I promise --" John stopped, amazed. The sound coming from him was not his voice! It was throaty, a bit higher pitched and not as strong. A woman's voice! "What have you done to my voice?"

"Why Mrs. Crombie. You wanted to appear as yourself. All we did is to follow your instructions. In fact you signed a series of agreements to that effect." Now that the doctor mentioned, he did hear a slight resemblance to Helene's voice. "Let me have a mirror. I want to see what I look like." As he talked, he noted this throat was still painful when he talked.

"You may look, but you will be disapponted. Your face is still bruised from the operations. It will take a few more days until the swelling goes down. We want you to take this time with the speech therapist. She will be here in the morning."

A mirror was produced and John was appalled. The bruises he suffered from the wreck appeared to be love taps as compared to the features that stared back to him. Both eyes were blackened. There were still bandages along his jaw line and the lower part of his face. His cheek bones looked raw and different. The face that looked back at him was definitely marred. In spite of the bruises and bandages, he quickly recognized that it was not his!

"what have you done to me?"

"Mrs. Crombie, may I call you Helene? " Without waiting for an answer, she said, "I don't think we succeeded exactly, but I believe we made a very close approximation. We really won't know for sure until we remove the bandages and those bruises heal. however we are quite optimistic."

John lay there digesting the statements the doctor had made. When he started the impersonation, he had really not thought it through. When the disguise was practically thrust upon him, his thought was to do what was necessary to pass for a few days until he could decide a course of action. However as time passed and he was sucked up by events, he got ever more deeply involved with the necessity to resemble Helene. Now it appears that the doctor and Madam W had gone to the Nth degree. For all practical purposes, except for his genitals, they were making him into Helene.

As he lay there pondering his fate, the sedative he had been given began doing its work and he soon fell asleep.

The next morning he was awakened and served breakfast. Before he even completed the meal, a woman entered. "Hi. My name is is Luella Terls. Just call me Lou. They told me I should start you exercising your new voice. At the same time, to alter your speech habits to resemble the person in this video."

She had excerpts from the video tapes John had given Madam W of Helene. They had been altered and showed enhanced views of her face, hands and lip movements. She began by having John pronounce his vowels, coaching him, then comparig his sound to the same sounds Helene would make under the same circumstances. She also showed portions of the tape and made John mimic these movements. At first it was discouragingly slow and John's throat was still sore. Still, by the end of the day there were signs of progress.

The next few days the training was intense. Lou indicated where Helene would gesticulate with her hands to occasionally emphasize her statement and made John practice them also. She explained that people also use their hands and even body motion when talking. This was part of their communication and John would have to learn to not only sound like Helene, but act like her when he talked.

At first John was discouraged, stating he could never succeed. Lou was not to be put off by excuses and persisted in the training. Eventually the results began to show. As the improvement began to be apparent, John grew encouraged and progress became rapid.

A few days later, the doctor entered and looked at his face. Nodding in satisfaction, she produced a pair of surgical scissors and began clipping away the bandages, eventually removing them completely. She then carefully examined the exposed face. Finally with a smile, she handed John a mirror. He quickly took it and stared; - at the face of a stranger!

The cheek bones were a bit more pronounced, the jaw line narrowed and the chin more rounded and not so pronounced. The nose was straighter and pert. The eyes appeared to be set wider with a permanent look of expectancy. The lips were fuller. "Helene!" He said in an awed whisper.

"No, not quite." Said the doctor. "But close enough so that most people would take you to be her sister. You can explain that you had to have a bit of plastic surgery as a result of the wreck. Would you like to see what the rest of you looks like?"

Upon John's eager assent, she shoo'd every one else out of the room. John unsteadedly got to his feet and assisted by the doctor, removed the shorty gown and stood naked in front of a full length mirror and gasped. The only familiar items were his genitals and the hair on his head.

The hair was still his, possibly an extra few weeks growth, but still masculinely styled. The genitals were still masculine appearing, however the pubic hair seemed softer and sparser. The rest of him was all female. The face was soft and delicate. The throat had no Adams apple bulge and was smooth. It tapered down to soft shoulders and femininely rounded arms with no trace of masculine tendons or sinews. There were breasts, erect and fully formed. The nipples were full size and of a rosy brown tint along with the aureoles. The chest tapered down to a narrow waist which in turned swelled out to a pair of well defined hips and finally tapered down to a pair of long and perfectly formed legs. As John stared in awed wonder, the doctor said, "We had to give you implants to augment your breasts. We also gave you a series of hormone treatments to clear your skin, soften your flesh and round out any signs of masculine sinews. The hormone treatments are a new development which gives your body a definite feminine aspect but has no effect on your sex organs or libido. The results are permanent."

She then looked at John and said in a serious tone. "We have altered your features and changed your voice. You have been trained in manners and actions. However there is one that is more important than any of these and in fact will overcome any of the physical changes. That is your mind. From now on, you are Helen Crombie.

John Crombie is dead. You went to his funeral. Your thoughts must be those of a woman, Helen Crombie's thoughts. No longer are you John Crombie imitating Helene Crombie. You are HER!"

"I have made your face and body over and believe I have done a pretty fair job. Lou and the Madam have worked on teaching you the outward signs, voice and actions. They have done creditably. However you, have the most important part. You must project the persona, the intangible personality of a feminine Helene Crombie. remember, your life and freedom depends on it."

Perhaps John heard part of what she was saying but very little penetrated. he was so mesmerized by his appearance that he was oblivious to the world. A flying saucer could have landed outside his window and seven little green men get out and play hopscotch and he would have been unaware of it.

The doctor noted her preoccupation . With a half smile, "Mrs. Crombie, Helene! Did you hear what I just said?"

Helene,came to with a start. "huh, Oh yes doctor. What did you say?" The doctor again repeated her statement to a more aware Helene. then added, "In just a couple of days you will be released. During that time, Lou, the Madam as well as a makeup expert and courtier will work with you practically around the clock to make sure that you have learned and absorbed your training." She abruptly left the room and the new Helene again stared in the mirror at her new body with mixed emotions. proud of her appearance as a lovely woman at the full blossom of femininity, yet at the same time aware that this was a definate end to a life style she had known in her previous life.

As the doctor promised, the next two days were nothing but an intensive coaching process, accenting and rehearsing all of the lessons she had been given in the past few weeks. These periods of coaching were interspersed with medical examinations and the interminable injections as well as visits by a make up expert and other personell concerned with enhancing her appearance. Finally, the doctor dropped by. "We have done everything we can. In the morning, Madam W will return you to the place where she picked you up. Your friends will be notified of your arrival."



Helene didn't sleep well that night, anticipating her introduction into general society again, this time as a full time woman. The little sleep she did get was filled with wild dreams. Finally after a forever of waiting and at the same time before she was aware of it, morning had arrived.

The nurse who had first escorted her to the room appeared carrying a dress, shoes and undergarments. The dress was a bright silken dress of floral print. Upon Helene's questioning look, she said. "The doctor said that you have been here almost four weeks. You can not remain in mourning forever. Its time you again began to dress normally."

She helped her dress, the make up expert came in and made up her face for the last time. A hair dresser came in with her wig, all cleaned and styled. She assisted her in placing it on her head and brushing it out.

After a brief breakfast, Madam W appeared. "Its time." Helene took a last look in the mirror, still amazed at her transformation. The brightly printed silk dress with the ruffled collar, self fabric belt and full flared skirt was a far cry from the bleak severe black dress she wore into this room.

She grabbed her purse and followed the Madam out into the hall, her high heels again clicking on the hard surface and somehow seemed to have a more joyous ring. Helene smiled to herself.

As they approached the door, the Madam handed Helene the opaque glasses which she put on, again blindfolding herself. She felt her arm being grabbed, being led out the door and into a car, being buckled in. Again the drive, with its twists and turns. Finally stopping. The driver got out, helped Helene from the car. An unidentified voice said. Wait here five minutes before you remove the glasses. Your friends will be by in a short while to pick you up. Remember, you owe the doctor some documents."

Helene waited for what she thought was five minutes, actually about two. She removed the glasses. She was alone in front of the house where she met Madame W. There was a 'For Rent' sign in front. She approached the door and rang the bell and could hear the sound of distant chimes but no one came to answer. She peeked in a window. The room was barren, no sign of furniture or occupation.

The doctor, Madam W and everyone else she had been associated with during her training and operations, were gone. She had no idea who they were or where they were and no hint that they had even existed except for her new appearance. Helene stood in front of the vacant house wondering what to do next. Anne was supposed to be there to pick her up, but she was led to believe that her friends would be there waiting for her, or there would be no more than a fifteen minute wait. However she had been standing around for well over thirty minutes and still nobody came. She was beginning to worry when she saw her car coming down the street. slowly and erratically.

"What's the matter with Anne?" She thought to herself as she saw the way the car was being driven. "If she drank, I'd say she was drunk. She must be sick or something.!" fortunately it was a residential street and no other cars were coming at the moment. Finally the car came in front of the house and stopped in the middle of the street.

Helene made her way to the car, expecting to greet Anne. Then she saw in astonishment that the driver was her daughter, Mandi! "What in the world are you doing? You're to young to be driving - !" She stopped when she saw Mandi's tear stained face. "Mandi, What's the matter? Where's Anne?"

Mandi, putting the car in park, leaped out and hugged Helene. "Oh daddy, Its Anne. She can't walk and when she talks, she doesn't make any sense. She couldn't drive to get you, so I - so I had to come myself!" She burst into tears. Under so much strain that she forgot for the moment the ban against calling Helene, 'Daddy'.

Helene tried calming her down and succeeded somewhat. They got in the car, Helene driving and headed back toward the house. Mandi immediately began her tale of woe. It seemed that for the first week or two after John left, things went along rather smoothly. Mandi had enrolled back in her old school and discovered that although she was a considerable amount behind her classmates, she was allowed to stay with them on the promise that she would put in extra study to catch up on what she missed. Anne had agreed to stay with her until John returned. She had received a leave of absence from her job and maintained the house while John was gone and Mandi attended school.

For the first few weeks, things went rather smoothly. Anne and Mandi got along rather well. However as time passed, Anne began to act rather moody and would occasionally burst out with and angry diatribe about being helpless and useless. At the same time her actions began getting rather erratic and her body movements were uncoordinated. The attacks began getting more frequent and intense. Mandi had suggested that she see a doctor but was soundly rebuffed and told to mind her own business. In spite of the attacks, Anne had been able to operate more or less normally most of the time until yesterday when they received the telephone message that Helene would be returned the next day.

This seemed to cause Anne to break down completely. She could hardly walk and her words were slurred eventually becoming indistinguishable mumbles. When the time came to pick Helene up, she was completely incapacitated. In desperation Mandi took the keys and came by herself. She had never driven before but had watched while other people drove so she knew how to do it. By sheer luck and perseverance, she managed to get the car here in one piece.

All this time, Mandi had been rattling on describing her experiences with Anne. Suddenly she stopped, looked Helene over, noting the perfect feminine appearance and bearing she displayed. "Auntie Helene! They fixed you up!. Why you're lovely!"

Helene turned and faced Mandi, "Well thanks, Sugar. I'm, - I guess you can say, I'm a new woman." Mandi, with a quivering smile replied, "Oh Auntie Helene, I'm so glad. They'll never discover you now."

By this time they arrived at the house. Helene, followed by Mandi entered the house and went to Anne's room. Anne was laying on the bed, her arms and legs were quivering spasmodically. She was staring at the ceiling and muttering to herself.

"Anne!" Helene softly called out.

Anne turned her head and saw Helene. "You came back to take advantage of me again. You're going to steal my inheritance, aren't you?" Her speech was slurred, almost undeicipherable.

"Why Anne, don't you remember helping me when I was in a jam. You know I have no intention of stealing your inheritance. In fact, I'm going to help you get it back."

Anne tried to get up but her body was so disoriented that about all she could do was flop around.

"We've got to get you to a doctor. Come on Mandi, Help me." Helene went to the bed, put one of Anne's arms about her shoulders, raised her up. Mandi got on the other side and they finally got her into the car.

At the hospital, the doctor looked at her, checked her vital signs and noted her uncoordinated movements and slurred speech. after examining her, he said, "I think you had better check her into a hospital and have a Neurologist look her over. There seems to be a deep rooted problem. Has she ever had these attacks before?"

Helene agreed she should stay in the hospital for further examination and stated that she had suffered similar attacks several years ago. After a few more minutes of conversation where the doctor stated that they would run some more tests and check with the doctors who had treated her previously. With a bit more data, it was possible that they could make a better diagnosis and for Helene to check with them in the morning.

Leaving Anne, they returned to the house and began bringing each other up to date on the events that had happened since their separation. Mandi could not get over Helene's transformation. "Why you even sound like her!" She exclaimed in amazement.

During the conversation, Mandi interrupted herself. "That lawyer lady called two or three times while you were gone. She wants to talk to you. She wouldn't say what she wanted. She said for you to call her when you got back."

"I guess she wants to go over my accounts. The old lawyer who had been handling them retired and she just took them over. I'll call her after we find out about Anne."

The next day, Helene called the hospital. She finally got through to the doctor and the news was not good. Apparently Anne suffered from a type of paranoia that not only effected her mind, but also her body and rendered her almost helpless. The attacks are brought on by some sort of stress. In order for her to function normally, she needs an uneventful routine. They had checked with the doctors who had treated her previously and the symptoms were almost the same. At that time the stress was apparently brought on by the death of her father. This time it was the events that happened as a result of the accident.

The doctor concluded, "You know, Mrs. Crombie, its odd. She seems to have the delusion that you died in the wreck and then came back to life so that you could cheat her some more. Its foolish of course, but I would advise you to keep contact with her at a minimum. To much association may easily aggravate the effects of the attack." The good news is that she is treatable and will be able to function normally and return to her apartment in a few days."

Helene heard this news with a sinking heart. Unwittingly, by calling on Anne for assistance she had unconsciously triggered this new attack. Also Anne knew that the original Helene died in the wreck. However, her deranged mind saw Helene as being resurrected from the dead. Fortunately, no one accepted this wild statement.

All Helene could do was to advise the doctor to treat her as best as possible and in the future she would limit contact with Anne as little as possible. Other than contact with Helene, which triggered the recollections of her father which in turn caused the attacks, the doctor stated that Anne could live a normal life. She could probably even get married, bear childeren and raise a family with no problems.

Helene, with a sigh realized that in the future, her contact with Anne would be minimal. She had grown to love her like a - sister(?). But if contact with her would be disasterous, she had no other option.

The next thing John did was contact the lawyers and made sure that Anne’s share of the fortune be transferred to her name and made arrangements that she be supplied enough funds for her to live comfortably. John explained that it was her part of the fortune and she should hae access to it. At the same time John felt that he had no qualms about keeping Helene’s share of the fortune. She felt that since Helene had put her in this predicament, it would only fe fair to keep it. She also noted that a considerable funds were set aside for the Pat Niece church nd from what she had found out; well. NO WAY!

It was a few days later, Anne called and told John that she appreciated the transaction. She stated that she felt that this recovery was more complete. There was no room for vindictiveness and the feeling that she was being manipulated that she experienced in the past. She explained that a great part of the original problem was the way Helene had treated her and sent people from Reverend’s sect trying to brain wash her and giving her no relief. She felt she would have no trouble dealing with the new Helene.



Helene began her new life. The chapters on John Crombie and Anne Bates were closed for the foreseeable future, if not forever. By now wearing dresses, lingerie, hose and high heeled shoes felt natural and comfortable. Well, the high heeled shoes were not always comfortable. But they made her feel comfortable and she still got a thrill from hearing the click, click of the heels on a hard surface.

She was still wearing a wig since her own hair, although now long enough to be femininely styled was still quite a bit shorter than that always worn by the original Helene. The experts during her period of change, told her that once her identity was soundly established, she could begin varying from Helene's styling, little by little.

Mandi, once the shock was over, accepted her new femininity and had no trouble in calling her Auntie Helene. In fact she identified with her so much as a woman that she began to confide in her on subjects that she never would have considered discussing with her father.

They went shopping together, Helene had got nipped by the shopping bug when she and Anne went out to purchase her widow's weeds. Now that she was able to try on and model clothes of every description, the nip had developed into a voracious bite. She and Mandi would spend hours at the various stores, trying on clothes and occasionally making purchases. Actually, Helene had no dearth of clothes.

They had moved from Helene's country estate and were living in John's house in the city. They had hired a neighbor to look in on the country house occasionally. In any event the original Helene had a surfeit of clothes and the new Helene availed herself of those she liked. As time went on, she noted that her preference in clothing styles was a bit different. The old Helen preferred her clothes modest in many ways, almost to the point of prudishness. The influence of the ministry was apparent in her clothes, if not her behavior. The new Helene preferred styles that were a bit more modern. Not to the point of being down right daring, but at least showed a hint of sexuality. For the first couple of weeks things went quite admirably. In fact she even had lunch with a few of Helene's old acquaintances. They expressed their condolences about the loss of her husband. They also raved about her appearance, even to the point of stating that the plastic surgery she had to undergo actually improved her features. These engagements were quite successful and gave a big boost to her confidence.

The idyllic existence was not to last. One day she received a telephone call from Ms. Blake. "Helene, I'm so glad to catch you. I called several times while you were - ah - having plastic surgery. Its extremely important that I see you. Could you drop by the office tomorrow?"

Helene, who had been putting off the meeting for as long as she could, gave all sorts of excuses for not returning Ms. Blake's calls. Anne got suddenly ill and she had to make arrangements about that, then Mandi needed help in getting enrolled back in her old school. Also there was time taken to move back from the country to the city. Besides, at the moment, she had really nothing to discuss. Later on she did want to review her guardianship of Anne's estate and settle any legal problems dealing with John's death.

Actually, she was not interested in meeting Ms. Blake. Just the few moments contact with her during the inquest made her feel uncomfortable. there had been something in her attitude that gave Helene the impression she had some sort of secret information that she could use to Helene's detriment.

"Helene, May I call you Helene?" Ms. Blake replied in response to her excuses. "I have some information that is vital to your future. It's connected to the wreck where you're, - oh, husband(?) as well as the embezzling charges that you, -. It really was you, wasn't it? Had filed against a John Crombie. I really must take it to the police but I would prefer discussing it with you first. I would SO hate to see you get involved with a criminal investigation, John. Oh excuse me. I meant Helene. A slip of the tongue."

A chill went down Helene's back. This bitch of a lawyer was practically telling her that at the very least, she had a hint of the impersonation. Perhaps she better see her and find out what she knew. She then replied that if it was that urgent, she would be in to see Ms. Blake in the morning.

The next morning, after getting Mandi off to school, she readied herself for her visit to the lawyer's office. After much debating with herself, she selected a business suit consisting of a skirt and blazer of soft virgin wool in dark blue. She selected a light blue satin blouse. The blouse was quite modest with long full sleeves, button front and a string bow tie at the collar. Navy blue panty hose and matching shoes with about a two inch heel completed the ensemble. she carefully made up her face and brushed out her hair. She affixed a pair of small pearl earrings in the pierced ears and put on a delicate lady's watch with a silver stretch band. Anointing herself with a musky perfume that had a faint flowery aroma, she grabbed her purse and left for her rendezvous with Kay Blake.

Ms. Blake was tall, taller even that Helene and quite lovely. She appeared to be in her early thirties, slightly younger than Helene. She was wearing a business suit similar to Helene's except it was a harder material, almost a type of sharkskin and was gray. She wore an ivory colored blouse with a 'V' neck. She wore a plain gold necklace about her neck, accenting the darkness of her creamy brown skin. She wore her hair in sort of a natural style, letting it fall in soft waves about her shoulders. Her eyes were slightly sloed, giving the impression that there was some Asiatic ancestry in her background.

When Helene entered her office, Ms. Blake arose from her desk and went around it to greet Helene. She smiled, "Helene, why you look lovely and your taste in clothes is exquisite. Why no one would ever believe that at one time you were a ma-."

She interrupted herself, "OOps, I'm sorry, a slip. You may call me Kay. Come over and sit down. Would you like some coffee?" While they seated themselves, Kay again asked, "Coffee?" On Helene's nod of acceptance, she pressed a button on her desk. In a few moments a secretary appeared at the door of the office.

"Richard, two cups of coffee please. Then looking at Helene, she asked, "Cream and sugar?" Upon Helene's answer, she repeated it to the secretary and added, "you know how I like mine. That's all Richard." "Yes Ms. Blake." In a few moments, he returned with two steaming cups of coffee which he placed in front of the women, who both nodded their thanks. He then left the room, leaving the women in privacy.

Sipping her coffee, Kay looked the other woman over, finally saying with a smile. "Yes, you do look lovely and very feminine. They did a good job on you.

"Thank you." Replied Helene, "It appeared that there would be some scarring from the accident and they recommmended the correction be done as quickly as possible. However, I don't believe you asked me here to discuss my operation."

"Of course, I was just commenting. No matter." She then produced a bulky manila envelope. "When I took over your account there were certain aspects that seemed quite curious to me. Especially after your marriage." She then went on to elaborate.

"Prior to your marriage, your spending habits were quite normal and straight forward. After you got married and authorized your husband to maintain your accounts, there were several anamolies. Then there was the session where Mr. Crombie supposedly signed a series of checks and deposited them in a so called secret account."

"The checks were made out to cash and signed by Mr. Crombie. When they were deposited, the bank required several of them be countersigned. That was normal procedure since some cash was withheld at the time of the deposit."

"Also Mr. Crombie's selection of the bank and the choice of setting up the account was very amaturish. I would presume that if Mr. Crombie was sincere about this embezzling scheme, he would use a bit more imagination and intelligence. These accounts were practically begging to be discovered."

"Then after the wreck, and the supposed death of your husband, you authorized an increase in payments to Miss Anne Blake and a discontinuance of payments to the T.V. Ministry."

"In any event the amateurishness of Mr. Crombie's so-called embezzlement, then your eagerness to submit charges to the District Attorney, but your reluctance to actually press charges, aroused my curiousity"

"Finally, when I met you at the inquest, you stated that you wished to take a few days and catch your breath, I understood. Later I discovered you left to have plastic surgery to correct scars from the wreck . When I analyzed the check you signed as the fee, something didn't match. If you had to have medical treatment to the extent of the fee, even allowing for a high priced specialist, the para-medics would have never released you without you spending some time in a hospital." "Even that fee was a bargain, based on what they did to you. What else did you pay or promise to do for the surgeon?"

Helene then told her about how the surgeon believed that her daughter was seduced into the T.V. Ministry and its effect on her. That as part of the payment, the surgeon wanted some information that Helene had. So far, she hadn't passed on the data. There was supposed to be an ad in the classified section of the newspaper stating where and when the information was to be transmitted.

Kay nodded and commented, "That figures." And went on with her story. "So, I started checking. I took the checks you signed and were deposited to your secret account, including several of those that were subsequently countersigned. Also The check that you wrote out for your plastic surgery and finally some checks that Helene Crombie signed before you got married and sent the whole bunch to a handwriting expert."

"Do you know what I discovered?"

"I have no idea and I refuse to listen to this stupid flight of fancy." Said Helene, her heart beating rapidly, trying to retain a poker face.

"Oh, but I think you should. Or would you rather I showed these results to the authorities?" Replied Ms. Blake, a wicked smile on her face.

"Well, I listened to this trash this long, I may as well hear the rest of your wild tale."

"The experts identified the checks made out to cash and the old checks made out to Helene Crombie before your marriage were O.K. However, the endorsements for withholding cash on those checks signed by John Crombie, were crude forgeries signed by Helene Crombie. Also, the check made out for the plastic surgeon was quite interesting. The experts, after mulling it over several times and reviewing it repeatedly, finally determined that it was a very clever forgery, made by - John Crombie!"

"You!!" She said dramatically, pointing an accusing finger at Helene, "Are John Crombie!



"I have never heard such balderdash in all my life! As of this moment I am going to get a new legal firm to represent my interests. Goodbye MISS Blake!" Helene rose from the chair and made for the door. "If you leave this office, I am going to turn this information over to the authorities. A simple physical examination or fingerprint match can prove your identity".

"If you wish to take the chance, goodbye. Otherwise, I would advise you to hear what I have to say. I really have no desire to turn you over to anyone. In fact I can help you and we both profit." Helene, her hand on the doorknob stopped, turned and said. What do you mean, "We both profit?"

"Come back and sit down. We'll talk about it. Why you haven't even finished your coffee yet and Richard is so proud of his coffee making ability." A smiling Kay said to the hesitant Helene. There was no sound of triumph. Just a tone of voice that expressed an agreement between two equal women. The tone and attitude taken by Kay somewhat calmed Helene down and she returned to her chair.

"Now, I would like to know what really happened at the wreck and how did you ever wind up replacing Helene Crombie?"

Helene then related the whole story about how Helene, (his wife) trapped him in the potential criminal charge for embezzlement and would have custody of his daughter if he was convicted and sentenced to jail. How by using this as a club, she blackmailed him into doing her bidding. Later how she announced the 'turnabout' party where each mate would adopt the other's identity. She told about that particular night Helene forced him into her clothes and put on a suit of his and decided to force him to go shopping in drag. Then the drinking, the wild ride and the wreck. Finally how he escaped with scratches and bruises wearing Helen's clothes and how the impersonation grew. When Helene had completed her story, Kay studied her for a long while, finally saying, "I believe you. Its wild, crazy and quite improbable. But after studying your ex-wife's tactics and how she gloated while she was demeaning or humiliating people, anything is possible."

"When I began getting curious about circumstances surrounding the wreck, I made a complete review of Helen Bates, nee Crombie. It covered several years.

To put it mildly, she was a bitch and had no qualms about cheating, lying or taking advantage of anyone to advance her own desires. But I don't believe that I am telling you anything that you don't know by now already."

Helene responded, "When we first got married, I thought I found a wonderful woman who could help me raise my daughter. A devoted member of an organized church. To late, I found out that I was sadly mistaken."

Then changing the subject slightly, she asked, "Does this mean that you are not going to make this information public?"

Kay looked at Helene with a knowing smile. "With the legal death of John Crombie, all charges against him were dropped. However, if knowledge that John Crombie was still alive and living as Helene Crombie, I think there would be a lot of people to who would like to ask him several questions."

"Let's just say that I can be persuaded to keep my little secrets if we can come to some sort of an understanding."

"What does that mean?" Asked Helene, "It sounds like blackmail to me."

"Oh don't be so crass. Naturally there are a few things I want for my secret, but I intend for it to be mutually profitable. Oh yes, just so that we fully understand each other, this information is in a safety deposit box at a bank. If something should happen to me, it would be turned over to the authorities. This envelope," She held it up, "Contains paper."

Helene looked shocked, "Are you insinuating that I would do - do something drastic to you?"

"Oh no, I just wanted it in a safe place. It wouldn't do to have some of the office help find it. -And, it would be to your advantage to make sure that nothing happens to me."

"All right!" Demanded Helene, "We've pussyfooted about this long enough. Just what do you want?"

"I thought you would never ask. First, I haven't been in town very long and the apartment I rented isn't in the best neighborhood. I understand your sister, Anne is no longer living with you. I thought I could move in with you and we could share expenses."

"Is that all?" "Well, I'm just an employee in this law firm and it appears that it may be years before I can be promoted to a more responsible position. I thought maybe you could make an investment in me so that I could open up my own office. We'd be partners and later on, when I get established you would get to share in the profits."

"See," Concluded Kay, "There's no blackmail. I'm going to pay my own living expenses and eventually pay you back for your investment. Then to seal our bargain, when this is over, I will give you all the incriminating data that could possibly effect you and your daughter's future. Of course, while I'm staying with you, I would expect you to treat me rather respectfully as befitting a person with superior knowledge and ability. Naturally you will make sure that I am pleased with your deportment."

"What if I refuse?"

"That would be stupid Helene, and you're not stupid. You do wish to stay free and live with your daughter, don't you?" Helene bowed her head and said, almost inaudibly, "Yes, I do."

"Fine, I'll make arrangements to move in this week-end., I'm sure that we'll become good friends. Then looking into Helene's eyes, added, "And maybe much more eventually."

That weekend, Kay Blake moved in with Helene and Mandi. The car she drove was not an expensive one but seemed to be of good quality and in excellent repair. As she brought in her clothes, Helene noted that she had an extensive, but not lavish wardrobe. The clothes appeared to be of excellent quality and it was apparent that business suits predominated.

Kay noted Helene watching her and commented that it was important to make a good impression while at work and she was determined to be successful. In this regard, she also brought a goodly amount of legal and reference books, although there were some light reading novels among them.

The first few days were rather stilted. Both women kind of sizing each other up. However Mandi quickly broke down the barriers. She and Kay seemed to hit it off almost immediately, much to Helene's chagrin. When Mandi discovered that Kay was an attorney, she bombarded her with questions about the legal profession which Kay answered with deliberate patience. The first few questions Mandi asked were circumspect queries regarding her father having to adopt the identity of a woman. Kay quickly let it be known to her that she was aware of the masquerade and approved it.

She then went on to explain that different states and even different communities in a state had conflicting rules and regulations regarding cross dressing in general. She also explained that of late, many of the laws were much more lenient than they were in previous years. Still, there were considerable misunderstandings and prejudices which had a strong effect on persons wishing to occasionally express themselves.

Kay then went on to explain to Mandi, that her father's case was peculiar because of the false fraud charges that had been initiated by his ex-wife. As far as legal problems were concerned, he had more to fear from this than from any cross dressing charges.

When Mandi discovered tht Kay was aware of the secret and had explained all the possible legal ramifications, Mandi, to a certain amount relaxed. At last someone had explained to her in words she could understand, the problems facing her father. Until then, she knew that it was important for him to maintain the disguise, but she did not quite understand the details.

The questions broadened into other aspects of law, then other subjects. At all times, Kay was patient with her and took pains to adequately answer her questions. It wasn't long before they became fast friends. All during this time, Helene kept her distance from Kay. Late one evening, about a week or so after Kay moved in, Helene was preparing herself for bed. She was wearing a long nylon gown with a low cut neckline that was lavishly decorated with a frothy lace that plainly showed the top of her breasts and the deep valley between them. The waist was rather nipped and the skirt portion had a long side slit that showed a tantalizing glimpse of leg and thigh whenever she moved. She was just ready to turn out the lights and slip into bed when she heard a soft knock on the door and a voice softly call out, "Helene, its Kay. I want to talk to you. It's important."

With an audible sigh, she slipped on a negligee and opened the door. Kay stood there, also in her night clothes, except she was wearing an abbreviated shortie gown and robe to match. The bust was erect and prominant, accented by a belt fastened about the waspish wist. Her rounded hips tapered down to perfetly shaped legs, finally ending in feet shod in backless slippers with at least a three inch heel. The creamy brown skin contrasted seductively with the pure white robe and gown.

"Wha. - What do you want?" Demanded Helene.

"Why, I just wanted us to be friends. Just because we have a business arrangement doesn't mean we can't be friends, if you know what I mean." She then added. "You know if I was in your position, I would be more friendly with me. A lot more!"

Kay approached her, loosened the belt and began slipping the negligee off her shoulders.

"Stop that!" Helene unsuccessfully made a grab to rescue the negligee.

Kay continued her movements, "Ever since you came into my office, I've been curious to see how they remodeled your body. If they did half as good on it as they did your face, you must be a knockout."


Kay dropped her hands, Her hard brown eyes stared down from her slightly surperior height into Helene's gray ones and said in a demanding voice. "I would advise you to cooperate. You wouldn't want your daughter to be a ward of the state, would you?" The battle of wills continued a few more minutes, but the threat against Mandi was sufficient.

Slowly her fingers began pulling up the gown until her long legs, almost a perfect match of Kay's except they were a luscious golden tan were revealed. Her fingers found the hem of the gown and she worked it over her head, letting it fall in a soft pile on the floor and stood defiantly naked in front of Kay.

Kay looked in awe. She gently reached out and fondled the firm erect breasts. She slowly ran her finger around one of the nipples, touching the rosy brown circle and watched as the nipple became stiff and erect.

Her eyes slowly dropped to stare at the tapered narrow waist before swelling out to full hips. The hairless male genitals incongrously hanging between the perfectly shaped legs.

Kay reached out, grabbed the soft penis which quickly became erect and hard. Producing a silky white hanky, she quickly began pumping and within seconds, Helene was ejaculating a full load which Kay daintily caught in the hanky.

"There, I imagined that you would be ready to explode. Just when was it the last time you had sex?"

"I don't know." Answered Helene dully, "I guess it was with Helene, before the wreck."

"I thought so. Now that we got rid of that long overdue emission, you're going to ENJOY some sex again." She quickly shucked her own robe and gown and stood facing Helene. With a quick, hard shove, she pushed her down on the bed. Kicking off her slippers, she leaped on top of her, kissing her, forcing her tongue between the almost clenched teeth. At first Helene resisted, but Kay was strong and persisted, finally getting her tongue inserted and began its little dance of erotic arousal. Helene could feel her resistance ebbing as little spasms of thrill started from her groin and breasts and spread throughout her body.

She finally relaxed and began responding, tongue answered tongue. In moments she felt Kay's lips move from her mouth to her chin, then the throat and soon the new breasts, which she felt stiffen under the manipulations and the nipples become firmly erect. For the first time in her short feminine life she felt an educated tongue nuzzling and sucking her new teats. The sensation was indescribable. There must have been as many nerve endings on the nipples as there were on the head of his prick. Each one of those nerve endings were titillated and sent its message to every cell in her body.

She moaned, she arched her back, she groaned, her hips moved and her body undulated in response to the sensations it was receiving. The lips after working its magic on her breasts, began working its way down her body, over the flat tummy, gently but insistently tickling the naval. Helene felt the male genitals come erect, stiffen to a rod like hardness in anticipation of the questing lips, - when suddenly Kay stopped, pulled away.

"Now its your turn to get me warmed up. I hope I got you in the mood."

By then Helene was in the mood. Discounting the purely mechanical manipulation Kay had just made previously, she now had more enjoyable sex than she had since before her marriage to Helene, and she hadn't even come yet!

She began duplicating Kay's actions, her lips and tongue began their erotic work on the warm brown of Kay's breasts. She was a better performer in this action than she had ever been. Kay’s tongue had taught her the intense erotic sensation that was aroused in lovingly manipulating the feminine breast. After working her tongue magic on the sensitive breasts, Helene began working her way down the almost black satin flesh, finally reaching the bristling burr of the love patch. Kay reached down and firmly grasped Helene's head and guided it between her legs, where the tongue went to work in earnest while the masculine genitals throbbed in anticipation of their coming reward.

Work the tongue did. Finding every nook and cranny of Kay's moist feminine cave while Kay responded with her own moans and undulations. Finally when both girls seemed like they reached their limit, Kay pulled away. She forced Helene on her back and engulfed the erect cock deep within her moist vagina. Both girls perspiring freely, began their final tempo to climax. It seemed to last forever, but came eons to soon.



Finally, gasping and panting, Kay relaxed and lay upon the equally exhausted Helene. Soon with a brief kiss, Kay rolled off and they lay side by side, mellowing in the afterglow. Eventually they regained enough energy to take a shower together. The contrast between the pale and dark skin was enhanced by the diamond drops of water glistening on their bodies.

When they were both again clean, refreshed and back in their nightclothes, Kay said, "That was fun, we'll have to do it again real soon." Helene stood there, her head bowed, making no answer.

Kay looked at her and smiled. "My goodness, you act like I raped you. Well, maybe I did. But don't tell me you didn't enjoy it as much as I did."

Helene blushed a bit, a half smile played on her lips for a moment, then she lashed out. "I may have enjoyed receiving sexual release, but that doesn't mean I enjoy having to submit to your whims."

For a moment, the veneer of politeness slipped from Kay's face. "I said in my office that while I was living with you, I would expect your 'cooperation'. I meant it! you may as well expect these sessions to continue and make sure that you please me in them as well as other activities I may require you to perform. Do you understand?"

Helene was visibly upset, but saw no other alternative to abject submission. "Yes, I understand."

"Yes you understand, what? And don't you know its polite to thank me for giving you a good time?"

"Yes, I understand, Ms. Blake and thank you for giving me the pleasure of your company."

"That's much better. However so we don't upset Mandi, you may call me Kay."

"yes, - Kay."

"Now, kiss me and tell me you enjoyed my visit and are looking forward to more."

"I enjoyed your visit and am looking forward to another visit." Parroted Helene, gently kissing Kay.

Kay returned to her room and laughed loudly in triumph.

It was more than just being vindictive by forcing Helene to submit to her submission. Helene now acknowledged Kay as her superior and de facto mistress. This was Kay's primary objective. Her interaction with people while performing legal functions taught her that once an admission of submission was made, it was much easier for the dominant partner to maintain her superiority. This was Kay's true intention. In this case it seemed to work. Helene would bow her head when Kay entered a room where she was and would defer to Kay's demands. Once Helene acknowledged hr vulnerability, Kay wasted no time in establishing and securing her position of dominance. Their sex trysts became more frequent and at each session, Kay acted a bit more forceful and initiated the activity.

Helene, even though she would not admit it, even to herself, came to look forward to these sessions. It had been quite a while since she had any sex life at all. Even before that, those unions with Helene could hardly be called satisfying.

Kay, although she was dominant, and at tims even arrogant, always made sure that Helene was sexually satisfied, at times even to the point of being satieted. For her part, Helene may have felt imposed upon, and at times even humiliated, could never say she was bored.

At the same time she was establishing control over Helene, she redoubled her efforts in winning Mandi's admiration and affection. She succeeded wildly. Mandi openly admiring her professional ability and averring that when she completed high school, she was going to major at law in college. This is not to say that she loved Helene less, but Kay was such a far cry from her stepmother that the rebound was almost automatic


* * * * *


Kay had quit her job and set up her own office. Since that time, her hours were long and arduous. She had already procured a few clients, but with no clerical help, had to perform all the detail work herself. This not only included the typing and filing but also the preparation of briefs and do her own research.

At the same time, Mandi was busy with her schoolwork. She had fallen behind on many of the basic subjects while being forced to attend the boarding school. Also she had missed quite a bit of school while Helene was getting her operations. Therefore, in addition to her regular school work, she had to work hard catching up.

This left the household chores to Helene. In reality, the chores were not onerous and actually she enjoyed doing it, feeling like she was contributing something to the household. She had some free time and soon became quite adept at sewing, starting with mending tears and rips in Mandi's clothes. She had gotten more involved and began making many of Mandi's skirts and blouses. She was now to the point of considering making a formal for one of Mandi's school functions.

She also did the shopping, cooking and served the meals. She enjoyed cooking and was quite adept at it. In fact she did the cooking for her and Mandi before she got married. It was this act that brought on further humiliation.

One evening while she was serving the evening meal, Kay winked at Mandi and said, "Mandi, your "Aunt" does a great job of preparing the food and serving us. But I think she should be more appropriately dressed when she serves us the evening meal, don't you?"

Mandi, believing tht Kay meant it only as a prank,agreed whole heartedly.

Kay then looked at Helene and said. "One of my clients have a catering service and they are changing uniforms. They asked me if I wanted one. I'll get one in your size. You can wear it while you are preparing and serving us the evening meal."

Helene started to object, but Kay shut her up with a look and privately hissed, "If you know what's good for you, you will cooperate." The costume that Kay brought home the next night was a typical French Maid's outfit. It had a low cut neck that showed a daring amount of cleavage. The short flared skirt showed the black hose, in fact, if she wasn't careful she exposed the hose tops and the lacy garters, or at times a glimpse of white laced panties while trying to balance herself on the black patent leather shoes with almost a five inch heel. A little starched organdy apron and headpiece completed the outfit.

In spite of her humiliation while having to wear the detested outfit, she couldn't help but admire herself in private at the delicate and almost erotic femininity she displayed while wearing it.

There after, it became a regular occurance for her to wear it while serving the evening meal. At first Mandi treated it as a joke and would make the most outrageous demands. Helene, as a result of Kay's private threats, would comply and it was only a matter of days before she took it for granted and treated Helene as a regular maid.

Kay, by forcing Helene to wear the skimpy outfit while serving the evening meal, more firmly cemented the dominant/submissive relationship. Once this relationship had been firmly established, she grew quite magnanimous and often took her and Mandi to various plays and other functions. Mandi, no longer thought of Helene as anything other than an aunt, and many times more like an older sister. By now, Helene was quite accustomed to her feminine role and accepted it quite happily. Given the choice, she would retain the feminine persona even if she had to remain under the domination of Kay Blake rather than return to her old life style.

Although having to bend to Kay's wishes, her sex life was quite satisfactory. No matter how obedient she had to be to Kay's demands in this regard, Kay always made sure that she was sexually satisfied. This satisfaction had been rather haphazard during her married life and for this Helene was grateful.

She enjoyed seeing her face in the mirror each morning. The skin clear, bright and smooth. The eyes bright and shaded by long lashed and the eyebrows in a permanent lift of surprise. She got a kick out of appyling make up, adding a bit of color to her face.

She even enjoyed rolling up her hair and brushing it out in the morning. By now it had grown out long enough to reach almost to her shoulders, falling in soft waves so she could dispense with the wig. It was still a novelty to flick her head so the hair would spin out giving a glimpse of the shiny ear studs in her pierced ears.

She was also quite proud of her new breasts. The way they felt, held in soft confinement by the bra. She had periodically wondered how it feel to go braless, but the doctor had advised against it, stating that there was a possibility they could begin to sag unless supported. She was no longer twenty one and time takes its toll. She gloried in their sensitivity, especially in her sex encounters with Kay.

The clothing was also an improvement over the old masculine clothing. The colors were brighter and there was an almost infinite number of styles and materials to select from. She felt sexy in the way the skirt hems felt about her knees, an occasional breeze blowing up under it. On more glamorous occasions, how the long skirt hugged her ankles, or even more daringly a long side slit permitting freer movement while at the same time giving seductive glances at the long nylon clad legs.



Since her release, she had been watching the classified ads, waiting for the message from doctor W regarding sending her the promised data. It was almost six weeks after Kay moved in before it appeared, terse and succinct

* * * * *

Helen C. Send information to Dr.W Post office box XXX, City

* * * * *

The 'e' in Helene being deliberately omitted.

She went to her strong box where the data was kept, but it was no longer there! Frantically she searched through the papers once more, even to the point of looking at them sheet by sheet, hoping against hope that she had merely overlooked it. Still no documents. While she was searching sheet by sheet, Kay passed by, "Looking for something?" "Yes, do you remember me telling you that I was supposed to send some papers to the plastic surgeon who operated on me?"

"Sure. I have them."

"You? What in the world are you doing with them? Give them back, I promised them to the doctor."

"No way! But don't worry, I saw the ad and sent the doc a note stating that I had the papers and she could have them for a price."

"But Kay, I promised them to her."

"Well, I didn't. If she wants the papers she'll have to deal with me and pay for them."

Kay walked off, a triumphant look on her face. Helene watched her leave in frustrated anger.

A few days later, Kay did not show up for the evening meal. Helene and Mandi held up the meal, waiting for her. Helene called but no answer. Helene even went to the office but it was locked and there was no trace of her. A day or so later, they received a note in the mail that stated that Kay was alive and well and would be home in a few days.

It was several days later that Kay showed up one evening, quite the worse for wear. There was nothing obviously wrong. Her clothes were neat, clean and pressed. From all appearances, her face and body was clear and smooth of marks or bruises. The make up was carefully applied and the hair neatly arranged. But it was her expression, her attitude that gave one the impression that she had gone through a rude awakening. She came in and had no comment about her absence. She refused to answer questions and quickly disappeared into her room, coming down only to join in the evening meal, returning to her room immediately after eating.

Later when the dishes were cleaned up and everything put away, Mandi went up to her room to do her homework. Helene went into the den and curled up in front of the fireplace. In a little while, Kay came down and sat down next to her.

She handed Helene a bulky envelope. "Here is all the evidence I had regarding the purported criminal activity, the wreck, the whole mess. I'm sorry I put you to so much trouble. I'll be leaving you in the morning."

"Why Kay, what happened, where have you been?" While she waited for Kay to answer, she leafed through the papers in the envelope, noting cancelled checks, notes from hand writing experts and other documentation.

It seemed she waited a long time for Kay to answer. Actually it was probably only a few moments. Finally Kay responded. "I told you I wrote to your doctor, offering to sell the papers she wanted."

"Yes, I remember. I was and still am quite upset about it. after all, I promised them to her."

"Don't worry, she has them. I guess it was a few days later when two women came into the office. They were big, husky looking gals. They didn't smile. They didn't say a word. One got on each side of me and walked me out to a car. They took the keys from my purse and locked the office. They blindfolded me and off we went."

Kay went on to describe how she met Doctor W, apparently in the same office that Helene had gone. After a few moments of conversation, the doctor handed her over to three women. These women were apparently specialists in psychology, psychiatry and human behavior. They gave her a concentrated session in analysis. For at least three days they turned her mind inside out. They made her see herself as the greedy, avaricious and overly ambitious woman she had became.

After she related her adventures she turned to Helene and said, "They made me see what I had turned myself into. You see when I was young, I was beat up pretty regular both by my mother and father. They said it was discipline, but now that I think of it, it must have been sadism. They would continually quote 'Spare the rod and spoil the child" then beat the hell out of me. They didn't spare any rods, switches, belts or any other device they could beat me with whenever they thought I needed discipline. Which was all the time."

"Anyway, I grew up determined that no one would ever get the better of me again. I worked my way through law school. I don't think I took time for one date during that whole time. I grew up thinking that if I didn't take advantage of every one I was associated with, I'd lose. That's why when I came across your situation, my only idea was how to take advantage of it.

"Those people in that analysis made me realize I was chasing an illusion. That I'd never be satisfied or happy or even have a friend, a lover or confederate. All I'd ever have would be competition."

"I'm sorry I took advantage of you. I'll leave in the morning. Eventually, I'll make enough money to repay you for the advances you gave me to set up my office."

Helene listened quietly to Kay's confession. When Kay was finished, she still said nothing. She tossed the envelope with its incriminating evidence into the fireplace and both women watched, half hypnotized as the flames danced, consuming the flimsy paper, leaving nothing but black curled ashes which flaked into tiny pieces of black snow.

"Where will you go?" Helene finally asked.

"I don't know, maybe the West coast, or maybe South. Just anywhere to start over, and this time do it right."

"What about your office? Your clients? All those cases you have pending?"

"I'll close the office. My clients can get new lawyers and continuances."

"You know running away will not do you any good. You can improve yourself just as well here. Besides if you stay here you'll have friends to help you."

"What friends? I've spent my whole time in this town taking advantage of every one and every opportunity. I don't know of anyone who would be sorry to see me go."

"Mandi would." responded Helene, "And if you gave me a chance, so would I."

"You!" exclaimed Kay. "After the way I took advantage of you and made your life miserable. Why in the world would you want to be my friend?"

"Because anyone who took the time and patience to encourage a young girl like Mandi can't be all bad. Besides, I think I saw cracks of tenderness in your shell during our love making sessions that reflected a bit of vulnerability to tenderness and fairness.

"If you would stay on," Continued Helene, "I'm willing to take a chance if you are. In fact I can type somewhat and if you need part time assistance in your office, I'd be willing to help." "You mean you really want me to stay?" Asked Kay increduously.

"Yes I do, but there's two things."

"What's that?" Demanded Kay suspiciously.

"Well, one of them is, I have a skimpy maid's costume that I think would fit you perfectly. I've been wearing it while serving the evening meal for these last few weeks. I think its about time we had a new maid to even things out."

Kay looked at Helene and smiled in relief, "Agreed. And I'll be the best maid you ever saw. Now, what's the other?"

"There you go. Wanting to compete again." Laughed Helene. "And the other is, don't change an iota in the way we have sex."

"I'll agree to that. Now let's go up to your room and we'll have a competition to see who can use their tongue best. That way the winner will be the loser."

"You're on." Agreed Helene. Arm in arm the two women made for the bedroom. Leaving nothing but a few charred pieces of black ashes in the fireplace that promised Helene a future feminine lifestyle that would be safe, secure and enjoyable





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