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The Closet

by Jennifer White


When I turned 13, I had my first experience. I mean, my first time dressing up. You see, I had snuck into my sister Alyssa's room to steal some money from her piggy bank. She babysat sometimes, so she had cash, while I was broke.

She was out with her friends, so I had all the time I needed. Plus, with mom and dad both working, I had the whole house to myself. I went it, took out a few bucks, and put the piggy bank back.

As I stood there, on the floor was on of Alyssa's bras. Looking at it, I suddenly got really aroused. I mean, I was hard as a rock! I picked it up, looking at it, fascinated. I didn't think of my sister as a *girl*, if you know what I mean. She certainly didn't turn me on. But her bra sure did.

I took it back to my room, running my hands all over it, imagining how it went over a girl's boobs. Before I knew it, an idea popped into my head: wear it! I took off my shirt, put the bra on, then replaced my shirt. I was *so* turned on that I had to, um, relieve myself.

Now I felt all guilty, and I put it back. I left the room, and I forgot all about it.


* * *


But from that day on, chick's clothes turned me on! If I saw one of Alyssa's skirts hanging by the dryer on the clothes line, I felt like I wanted to wear it. I'd get aroused just looking at it, imagining how it feel on me.

When she was gone with her friends, and I was alone, I would sneak into her room, and try on some of her things. I was really worried about getting caught at first, but I was careful.

You see, when Alyssa had been a little younger, before she met her current friends, she used to be a very "girlie girl", dressing in pink and all that. But her friends all wore black clothes, died their hair black. They even painted their nails black. And since she had been hanging out with them so much, she was starting to dress like them and look like them.

That was a bonus for me. If she wasn't wearing her pink skirt anymore, there was much less of a chance that she would notice if I borrowed it for a few weeks to keep in my room, or if I didn't put it back in the right spot.

Alyssa spent a lot of time off with her gloomy friends, so I was starting to dress up almost every day. One time, I even tried on some of her makeup, but I suddenly panicked when I saw myself in the mirror, fully dressed up like a chick, wearing makeup.

It was like it wasn't just a turn-on to dress up anymore. I had gone so far that I didn't recognize myself. I looked almost like a real girl that day. I was wearing a skirt, a blouse, a stuffed bra, pantyhose, high heels shoes, and makeup. I thought about how I had shaved my legs and my chest that morning, and how I was about to go read Glamour, so I could learn more about how to do my nails.

It was like I was starting to *become* a chick, and I was losing myself. When I saw me in the mirror looking back that day, I felt lost. I felt like I somehow had a feminine side now, and she was trying to take over. I saw rings on my fingers which I didn't remember putting on. I was wearing a necklace too. Where had that come from?

I hurried to pull it all off of me, not even caring if I ripped something as I tore it all off. I put things back where they belonged, then took a very long hot shower, because I felt so unclean.

I went to my room, removed the panties and bras I had stashed (and which I had been sleeping in lately), and put them all back too. There. All the girlie stuff was gone from my room.

I swore that I would never dress up again.


* * *


In order to keep myself from being tempted to dress up, I tried to stay away from the house when I was the only one there. I even stopped sneaking into Alyssa's room to take money from her bank. I just didn't want to ever see myself like that again, and I wasn't going to let myself have the temptation to dress up again.

But one rainy day, there was no ball game to play outdoors with the guys. There was nothing to do. I was broke, so I couldn't go to the movies. So was stuck at home, watching TV. If only I had some money!

It was then that I remembered what Alyssa had said the night before to mom: she had babysat, and they had just given her a big bonus because she did such a good job.

Wow, this was the perfect time to strike. She had lots of money, so she would never notice if just a little of it was gone. I took a deep breath, and snuck into her room. I quickly made for the piggybank, and reached inside to pull out the cash. But it was empty.

Darn it! She must be onto me. She must have stashed it somewhere else. I knew from rummaging through her walk-in closet, that she had another piggybank up on the back shelf. She must have put everything in there. I walked into her closet to check that out.


When I walked into the closet, the strangest thing happened: the door slammed shut behind me! I turned to try and pull it open, but it would not budge. And to make matters worse, as I turned, my shirt snagged on a bar from the clothes rack, and my shirt tore wide open.

I reached for my shirt, but it was kind of just falling off of me. I reached down to pick it up off the floor (so that it wouldn't be laying there when I got out of the closet!), but when I did that, my pants tore! They too fell to the ground, and they pulled off my boxers with them. I was standing there completely naked.

I panicked. What was going on? How could my clothes just fall off me like this? It was impossible. This could not be real. But what happened to me next was even worse.


Yes, I know you'll think that I'm insane. But it is truly what happened. The first thing that I noticed was that something seemed to fly right by my head with a woosh. I turned to look, but I couldn't see what it was. I took a step back towards the door, and stepped on something.

I looked down, and saw that it was just the sexiest pair of pink panties I had ever seen. They were silky and lacy, and right under my feet. They hadn't been there before! What were they doing there, right under my feet?

I immediately got really hard, and had just the strongest urge to put them on. It was as if they were calling out to me, telling me to wear them. So I turned away. I had swore to myself that I would never wear girl's clothes again. I wasn't about to start again now.

But the panties wouldn't take 'no' for an answer it seemed. Somehow, they were aligned so that my feet were right over the holes. And before I knew what was going on, they started to pull *themselves* up my legs!

I yelled out loud. I reached down to stop them, but they were too strong. The continued to climb up my leg, inch by inch, until the reached my waist. I was wearing panties now. Sexy pink ones. I reached down to try and pull them off, but it was useless.

Discouraged, I gave up and let my arms drop to my side. That was a mistake, because as soon as my hands weren't clutching the panties, something flew right over them. I looked down in terror, to see that my hands had just gone through the loops of a bra. A pink bra, which matched the panties. And now, it was working its way up my arms.

I struggled against it, but the bra was too strong. I pulled itself up inch by inch, until the straps were almost up to my shoulders. It moved like an animal, with the wiry strength that an animal has. Like, have you ever tried to hold down a cat that wants to get away? It is amazing how strong a little animal can be. The bra was like that too. I couldn't stop it.

I had an idea in a flash, that if I could grab the ends of the bra, to keep them from fastening themselves in back, that I might be able to get it off of me. I grabbed the two flapping ends at my side, and tried to pull them to the front.

I was too busy wrestling with the bra to notice what was going on, down on the floor. That was why it was such a shock when I felt the soft touch of nylon on my feet. A pair of pantyhose down there was starting to pull itself onto me!

I let go the bra to reach down and stop the pantyhose, but that was a mistake, because I immediately felt the two ends of the strap wrap themselves around me, and fasten together in the back.

I screamed, and reached up to try and pull off the bra. But that was just the opening the pantyhose needed to keep snaking up my legs, encasing them in nylon. I tried to stop them, but I couldn't. And now I actually started to cry.

One of Alyssa's old green plaid skirts now flew off of the hanger it was on, and started to move on the floor towards me. It rippled like waves, as it moved towards me. I backed away towards the wall, but it had me cornered.

With my eyes on the skirt, I didn't see what was coming from behind. I felt something soft touching me on my back. I turned to look at what it was, and the skirt used that momentary opening to jump onto my feet.

I looked down, and the thing in my back, which turned out to be a white frilly blouse, grabbed me. I mean, it really did grab me! It held my hands behind me, as if a strong person was back there restraining me. I could see the lacy frilly cuffs holding onto me.

The skirt was now free to work its way up my legs. But when it got to my ankles, it stopped, and wrapped itself up very tight. That made me unable to walk at all.

As my mind raced, trying to comprehend what was going on, the next horror revealed itself. A smell. I smelled an odor that was quite distinctive: nail polish.

I felt a pressure on my hand. A light dabbing. I knew what was going on: nail polish was being applied to me! I used all my strength to try and pull my hands forward.

But in a flash, at the moment I did that, the blouse moved quicker than me. And when I moved my hands forward, all I did was move them up into the sleeves of the blouse! Now it was easy for the blouse to wrap itself around me, and start to button up as I looked down helplessly.

I was in the blouse now, and the skirt resumed moving up my legs. I reached down to try and stop it, but it was no use. I looked over to my slide, and I saw the bottle of nail polish and the brush floating in midair, moving towards my hands. I turned and took a step away from it....and right into shoes.

I heard a zipper noise, and I felt leather wrapping itself around me. I felt my heel way up in the air as compared to my toes. I had just stepped into high heel boots. They were almost knee high, and they had a very pointy toe. They were smaller than my feet, and at first it was very painful to be in them, but then somehow the pain subsided. I guessed that I was just getting used to them.

From head to toe, I was dressed like a girl now.


At that moment, the closet door flew open, as fast as I could move in the high heeled boots, I got out of there. But the door to Alyssa's room was locked, and I could not get it to budge! I was still trapped in her room.

And that was when her jewelry attacked me. The ring flew at me and onto my finger so fast, that I didn't even see it coming. As I reached up to try and pull it off of me, two bracelets few onto my hands, and painfully worked their way across me, until they were on my wrists. I had tried them on before, and they had been too small to fit. But now they were on me, and I looked at my hands in amazement. They looked smaller now than they should be. Somehow, the bracelets had changed my hands!

But I didn't have time to contemplate this because the next moment, a pair of big loopy earrings flew through the air, and grabbed my ears. I hadn't put any on the other day, because unlike Alyssa, my ears were not pierced. And that was why it was so painful now, as the earrings pressed into my earlobes, driving themselves through my flesh. I yelled out in pain, but it was useless.


After that, I actually kind of laughed when a pair of those little rubber band thingies flew onto my hair. You know, the kind that chicks use to put their hair into ponytails. They grabbed my short hair, which was rather silly of them, and that was what made me laugh.

But then, I felt them pulling my hair, and it hurt. I turned to the mirror to see what was going on, since they were on my head, and I couldn't see them. That was when I noticed: as they pulled on my hair, it was getting longer and longer. I had one of them on each side, and from each side of my head, they were now wrapped around longer and longer strands of hair. They were making me have long hair!

Now was the first time I had seen myself all dressed up in her things, since the clothes attacked me. I looked like I was dressing up as a schoolgirl, and I felt really upset about that! With the long hair I had now, and the jewelry, I was really starting to look like a girl.

All of this was pretty horrific, but then it started. The worst thing yet.


It started as kind of a tingle, then a pinch. The bra on my chest was pinching my nipples, and I didn't like it one bit. But then in addition to the pinch, I felt a pulling sensation, like it was trying to pull my nipples away from my chest. In fact, it was like the whole cup of the bra was a suction cup, pulling on me now.

I gasped as I saw it in the mirror. It was *working*. Slowly but surely, my chest was starting to puff out. At first there were just two tiny bumps visible underneath my blouse. But the bumps raised up, becoming broader, until you would have to call them 'mounds'.

And the mounds kept growing and growing on me! Now they became more cone shaped as they continued to enlarge, and I could now feel the weight of something pulling filling out my bra, making the shoulder straps pull down into me. There was no denying it: I had boobs on my chest.


And that was when I first noticed the extreme tightness in my crotch. I wasn't hard anymore; I had lost my arousal long ago. But now, things in my crotch were quite tight, and it was getting worse and worse.

I felt an unbelievable pain between my legs, making me double over. But then bit by bit, the pain started to subside. I reached down to touch myself between my legs. Through the rough fabric of the green plaid skirt, and the soft material of the pink panties, I only felt a *flat* space down there. I pressed harder, but there was nothing there to press into, other than the soft mound of flesh that remained.

It was gone down there. All of it. I was a girl now.


I stood there stunned, and I didn't even try to struggle anymore as the various bottles, powders, brushes and tubes of makeup on the dresser took their turns on my face. I wanted to cry as the mascara brushed itself onto my eyelashes, but a part of me knew that it would ruin my makeup, so I held back the tears.

My face had changed now, and I looked very pretty. My skirt was pressing itself in at the waistband, and I saw my curves start to show, as my panties pulled on my butt, reshaping it as well, rounding it out.

I looked down as the nailpolish was putting itself onto my nails, which had grown out longer now. Lipgloss was putting itself onto my lips, making them look soft, sweet, and kissable.

I realized now that my feet weren't in pain anymore because the boots had made them grow smaller. I realized that I had been completely changed by each and every item of clothes that I was wearing. I looked in the mirror, and I didn't recognize myself. I was a girl now. A girl!

My face was soft, pretty, and delicate. I had curves. I had big boobs. I was dressed in a sexy outfit, looking like a naughty schoolgirl. I felt completely powerless and defeated. I had been turned into a girl.


* * *


I stood there in the middle of the room unable to move. Suddenly, I heard footsteps, and then the bedroom door opened. My heart started beating so hard I thought I was going to pass out, as Alyssa walked into the room.

"Hello Sarah" she said, with an evil smile on her face.

"Sarah?" I asked.

"Yes" she said. "That is your new name, now that you are a girl."


She knew! She knew that this as me! But how?

"Please Alyssa, you've got to help me!" I said. "Your clothes attached me, and turned me into a girl! I don't...."

"You don't have to tell *me*, sis" she said, cutting me off. "I understand. You see, I was the one who cast the spell to do all of this to you."

"Case a spell?" I said, unsure I had heard her correctly.

"That's right sis. I am what you might call a witch. You've noticed some changes in me, since I've joined up with my friends in their coven. I have magic powers now, which is too bad for you."

"I don't understand!" I said.


"You see" said Alyssa, ignoring me, "at first my powers were weak. When I knew that you were stealing money from me, I put a spell on my bra, which I left on the floor, so that if you came in here to take my money again, you would feel compelled to wear it."

I nodded my head. It was strange to feel long hair when I moved!

"And once you put on the bra, it gave you desires to become a girl. Bit by bit, you started dressing yourself up, turning yourself into a girl. Isn't that right, Sarah?"

"Yes" I said, bowing my head in shame.

"But something went wrong. Somehow, you realized you were under a hex, and you figured out a way to overcome the power of the spell. But don't worry my pretty little sister, now I am so powerful that you will never break this spell. You are going to be a girl for the rest of your life."

"No!!!" I screamed. I noticed for the first time how high in pitch my voice had become, and this made me feel even more upset.

"You are completely female now" she said. "You are no longer my brother. Now you are Sarah, and you are my sister. How does it feel to be a girl?"

"Mom and dad will never let you get away with this!" I said angrily.

"Really?" she said. "Lets find out."

She took out her cell phone, with a black cover on it now, naturally. She dialed a number.

"Hi mom, how are you doing? Just checking in with you to see what's. Uh-huh. Yes, she's right here."

Alyssa turned to me, with that evil look on her face.

"Sarah, mom wants to talk to you."

I took the phone with a trembling hand.

"Sarah, how's mommy's sweet little girl today?"

"Okay" I said, barely managing a whisper. Mom thought I was a girl?

"That's nice dear. Don't forget that tonight we're going out to buy that new dress for next month when we go to Aunt Florence's wedding. And Saturday, you can get your hair done with me. All right sweetheart?"

"Yes mommy" I said.

How could she think I was a girl? I looked at Alyssa, who was grinning from ear to ear. She took the phone from me, and made another call.

"Hello daddy" she said. "I just spoke to mom, and she said that Sarah and I are supposed to cook dinner tonight. So I wanted to see what you would like to eat."

She nodded, and after a talking for a few more moments, she handed the phone over to me.

"Hello Sarah" said my father. "How's daddy's little girl today?"

"Okay" I managed to say. How could he think I was a girl? How could he be calling me 'Sarah'? We played ball together! We went hunting and fishing together! I was his boy. How could he do this to me?

"I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Marie, and she agreed that you could start this week."

"For what?" I asked.

"The dance lessons you've been bugging me about. My little girl is going to be a ballerina! I'm so proud of you sweetie. You'll be the prettiest girl in the whole dance class."

I felt like crying. I managed to say good-bye to him, and hand the phone over to Alyssa.

"You see?" she said. "As far as they remember, you've always been a girl. I've even fixed up things for you at school. They are ready for *Sarah* to arrive there tomorrow morning. From this day forward, and for the rest of your life, you are going to be female."

"No!" I said, but it wasn't like I could do anything about it.

"From now on, if you want money, you're going to have to earn it for yourself. Since I'm too busy with my coven now to deal with things like babysitting, I've promised Mrs. Green that *you* will take over the job for me. You will do her babysitting and her cleaning. And you will give me half of all the money you earn."

"And why would I do that?" I said.

"Because you owe me. You will do it, and you will not argue with me."

"Don't be too sure about that!" I said. "I *hate* being a girl! You did this to me! I'll never be nice to you again!"

Alyssa just laughed. I went to slap her face, but my arms were stuck. I tried to take a step, but my feet were stuck too. She was still smiling. She reached into her pocket, and she pulled out a necklace.

"Once you've worn this" she said, "I think that you'll gain a whole new perspective on things."


It was just a necklace. Nothing scary looking. A thin gold chain, with a dangling gold heart. I could see the letter 'S' inscribed in the heart, which I guessed was for 'Sarah'. Alyssa took the necklace, and placed it over my head.

For a moment, I felt cold from the chain on the back of my neck, and the coldness of the metal heart on my chest. But in moments, it came up to body temperature.

I looked at myself in the mirror wearing it, and there was just one thought going through my mind: I didn't like my hear at all. I shook my head, and reached out to let my hair down.

I took a brush, and worked on it, to straighten it out a bit. I pulled it back, and put in a barrette. There, that looked a lot better.

But I also didn't like how my outfit looked. The blouse was nice, but with that kind of skirt, I really needed a sweater. I went into the closet and picked out a nice one, which would be tight enough to help show off my boobs. I put it on, then went to the full length mirror to see how it looked.

"That's much better" I said out loud.


"See?" said Alyssa.

"See what?" I asked.

"See how everything is different, now that you're thinking like a girl?"

"I'm not thinking like a girl!" I said.

"Yes you are" replied Alyssa. "Look what you just did. You fixed your hair. You improved your outfit so that you'd look cuter. Are those things a boy does?"

"I, um, I mean...."

"Bit by bit, your mind is being converted now" she said. "But don't worry, I won't change you all the way. I will leave enough of you intact, so that from time to time you'll realize who you *used* to be, and feel the horror of it all. Maybe when you're kissing your boyfriend, you'll suddenly remember that you used to be a boy, and that you used to like girls. Or perhaps when you're having your period and putting in your tampon, you'll remember that you didn't always have a pussy."

"No! Stop it!" I said. "I can feel it! You're changing my mind! No!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Do you realize how horrible it feels to have your actual thoughts and feelings altered, even as you struggle to keep them as they are? For example, when she said 'boys', my heart suddenly jumped, and I realized that as a girl, I wanted to go out on dates with boys. Suddenly, they seemed attractive to me, and I wanted to have a boyfriend. Me! No!!! This could not be!!

"You are a girl now. You are Sarah. And you will never go back" said Alyssa. "You could take off the necklace now, if were to let you, and it would be too late. You have a girl's mind now, for the most part. What do you think about taking ballet lessons, Sarah?"

"That would be fun!" I blurted out. "I always wanted to be a ballerina, ever since I was a little girl."


What was really scary, was that I *meant* what I said. Inside, it really did sound fun. It really did feel like a lifelong dream come true. I really did want to be a ballerina.

Part of me was screaming 'no' of course, that I was a boy, and boys didn't like that sort of thing. But another part of me, the stronger part now, was thinking how cute I'd look in a pink tutu, and how graceful and wonderful I would be as I danced across the stage, and into the strong arms of the handsome man who was playing the male lead.

When I would lean back to let him kiss me, I wouldn't have to act; I would really melt in his arms. It would be so dreamy to....


"Ah!!!" I said. "Stop it!!!! You're making me think like a girl!!!"

"You are a girl" replied Alyssa. "And you had better get used to it. Now I am going to put one last spell on you. I have revealed my powers to you, but I can't have you going around telling anyone."

She raised her hands, and I felt a chill go right through me, as if the temperature in the room had just dropped twenty degrees.

"You will forget that *I* have the power" said Alyssa. "You will forget that *I* was the one who changed you. You will only remember being Sarah now, ever since you were a little girl."

I didn't know what she was talking about. I had always *been* Sarah. This was crazy talk! It was almost as if she thought I had once been someone else!


"You look up to me as your older sister. You always wanted to be me, and you are devoted to me as your role model. You want my approval so much, that you *want* to give me half of what you earn from your babysitting job, just to help win me over."

Again, she was talking crazy. Why was she saying all that? Of course I look up to my older sister as my role model! I always had, ever since I could remember. When I was a young girl, and she started to grow her boobs, I had wished that I had them too, so I could be like her. The same when she had her first period. I cried because she was becoming a woman, and I was just a baby girl. I had *always* been jealous of her. I had always wanted to be just like her.


Alyssa put her arms down.

"Mom is pulling up into the driveway" she said.

"I'll go see if she needs me to carry in the groceries" I said. "Why don't you sit down and watch TV. I'll bring you milk and cookies after I've put everything away."

"Thank you Sarah. You're the best sister a girl could ask for" she replied.

I smiled, grinning from ear to ear. It was wonderful to receive such high praise from my sister! I hurried out to help mom, and I smiled when I saw her. She was so pretty, and I was glad that she was my mom, because I looked so much like her. I had the same hips, the same boobs, and the same lovely hair.

"I love you mommy" I said.

"Why Sarah, how nice! You haven't talked to me like that in years."

"I know" I said, reaching over to give her a hug. "I guess I'm growing out of my 'rebellious teenage girl' phase, and becoming more mature. I realize now just how much I love you."

"Why Sarah, I think you're becoming a young lady" she said. "Some day, you'll be a beautiful woman, and you'll make some man a wonderful wife."

"I hope so" I said, as I took the bags from the trunk of her car, imaging how pretty I would be in a wedding dress. "I sure hope so."




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