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Cowboy & Indians

by Jimrossi

Part 1


"Lets play cowboys and Indians" Suzy stated loudly for all to hear.

Mike stating the obvious added "But there's only one cowboy, ME" .

"Well lets play COWBOY and Indians" Suzy corrected herself in Mike's obvious direction.


A normal request you would think for girls and boys aged up to 10 years old. Let me introduce the principal characters in this so called innocent game.

Suzy 19 - College Black student studying art, 5'4 blonde haired buxomous slim beauty, hair in Pamela Anderson style.

Maria 21 - A more mature in age hairdressing student not in behaviour, 5'2 Black haired straight shoulder length, c cup breasted athletic model type.

Irene 18 - Younger sister of Maria, doing drama A levels. 5'5 tall, growing just like her sister but with fiery red curly hair. Works as apprentice during week at mothers beauty salon.

Penny 19 - College Asian student of Suzy's studying fashion, clone of Suzy in looks but crazier, 5'4, strawberry blonde with hair in pigtails.

Julia 18 - Fellow art student of Suzy and Penny, shy, 6'0, giant of the group in height, strong, bodybuilder type, brown short hair.

Lisa 32 - The so-called mature person of the group, owns a high class fancy dress boutique who the other women work Saturdays for, 5'6, trim due to yoga, auburn hair tied in ponytail.

Mike 21 - Friend of Lisa often called around for odd jobs. The only male of the gang, long blonde hair due to bleached surfing sun, tanned but slightly overweight around the waist due to junk food diet.


"Come one everybody lets get suited up" Suzy demanded

"We've no costumes" argued Penny staring directly at Suzy in conflicting manner.

"The shop does, come lets go" Maria added pleading with her eyes at Lisa.

"Come on Lisa, it'll be fun. They won't damaged I promise" pleaded Irene.

"And if they do we'll pay for them out of our wages" sneaked in Penny without the permission of the rest as their eyes rested on Crazy Penny.

For 10 minutes the girls gave every argument they could think of to the pondering Lisa who after having Penny kiss her stiletto heeled leather boots clean accepted but under the proviso that any damage would be docked from the wages. Still the girls wouldn't hurt financially, the boutique attracted several of their friends who could afford high class maid outfits for their orgy parties , and every costumes sold meant a large commission in the girls pocket.

Mike rested casually on the lounge chair, after work they went to Lisa's home for drinks, after the disaster of the shelving unit and Mike's repair work, he joined the gang of 6 beautiful women. He was on his 4th beer and was feeling it, he would have agreed to anything by the time the can hit the bin.

"Mike you're keen aren't you" Penny seductively uttered to a confused sexually excited Mike who's trousers now started to tent up.

Mike stuttered his reply "Sssure, cowboys and Indians just like when we were kids".

Mike's in, lets go girls, Julia watch he doesn't escape" Penny concluded to a silent Julia who nodded he acceptance.

Mike heard the mixed sound of the car starting up and the half drunken girls giggling in-between shouts of 'I'm Pammie Big Tittius' from Suzy, 'I'm fiery red' from Irene, 'I'm Pocahontastic' from Maria. "Well I'm sober and I'm driving" shouted Lisa over the chorus of corny Indian names mentioned loudly.

Back in the Lisa's lounge, an exceedingly drunken Mike now on his final beer from his six pack, stared lustfully at the muscled Amazon figure of Julia.

"Julia you know you're very…, no exceedingly beau…," Mike struggled up to the almost rigid Julia watching him with guard like focus, Mike tested this by moving up then down as her eyes followed him.

"Julia come here, you're eyes tell me that you want m…, come on baby, daddy got a surprise for you h…," to no reaction from the still rigid Julia.

Mike stood up and stumbled over to the rigid image of Julia, his hands fumbled to her arms, moving with subtly to her breasts, just then she took his hands removing them from her breasts, politely but definitely in purpose. "Come on baby, talk to me, you've got great boobs, inttrrodduce them to the world, come on baby, do it" Mike charmed to no effect, now feeling horny as his pants became more pronounced. "BABY SHOW YOUR TITS" shouted Mike angrily at this woman's silence and refusal at his crass advances to no reaction either physically or emotionally. Mike had enough now, he wanted action either mutual or forced, Julia's size made no difference now "NOW BITCH, STRIP FOR ME".

In one motion as he tore Julia's blouse exposing her white sports bra and muscled breasts so did Julia take him down via Judo hip toss onto his knees crashing to the tiled floor. With this done she tried to fix her blouse but was impossible so spread it enough was not evident.

"YOU BITCH, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" screamed Mike shocked at the power she held over him, alas his male pride told him he could tame this bitch. With one movement he grabbed her blouse ripping off her body, then pulled down her skirt exposing white cotton panties. As Mike stood admiring this muscled amazon, he felt a pair of hands grab him dragging him down the steps into the garden grabbing several cord ties from the kitchen worktop.

"BITCH, WHAT ARE YOU D…, LET ME GO YOU B…" screamed at the top of his scared voice.

"Mmmmmm" now exited from his mouth as she tied the remainder of her tore blouse over his mouth.

What happened next to Mike taught him well never to infuriate an amazon such as Julia.


'BEEP, BEEP, BEEP' came from outside followed by screams of "Ow wow wow wow". "Julia where back, where's Mike" from the now costumed Irene in short, almost mini Indian dress, with her red hair covered by black haired double pony tailed braided at her sides wig with headband and feather flying high. Next came the remaining four members dressed equally as Irene. On their feet instead of moccasins were high heeled black shoes. Julia looked at them with a brief almost non existent smile then back to stone face.

"I know it doesn't go with the outfit but those moccasins were so dull, these are so much better" explained Suzy holding her fake axe in hand.

"Put this on Julia" as Lisa passed a black costume bag to her, "I couldn't find one your size but this will do, where's Mike, what happened to you?" Lisa asked a now bra and panties wearing Julia. Julia remained silent but pointing to the garden.


Suzy, Maria and Irene went to the garden window exclaiming in laughter and shock a simultaneously "OH MY GOD, YOU DID THAT TO HIM. GIRLS YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS".

The other two girls took the place of the returning three who tried to question the seemingly mute Julia

"What happened? What did he do? Did he try it on with you?". Julia nodded. "Well I guess he got what he deserved, I knew he fancied anything in a skirt especially when having a few. Good on you Julia" Suzy patted her on the back as she heard a loud scream of laughter from the window watching two girls.

"I have to see this up close, Julia you get dressed upstairs and join us in the garden" Penny ordered her, Julia nodded back. "Girls lets see this groper" Penny added opening the back door walking on the paving stones.

'Click, Click, Click, Click' was all Mike heard as he faced towards the shed away from the house, wondering what now was coming towards him.


"Mike is that you?" Lisa asked.

"Mmmmmph, Hmmmpm Mmmme" came a muffled reply.

"I guess it is?" said Penny "Lets go girls"

"What about these then?" Maria asked anybody who would hear.

"Pick them up I guess" Penny answered, "they're no good damp anyway, they can go in trash can't they Lisa?" forcing a panicked "Mmmmph" response from Mike.

"Fine, the bins by the door, make sure to lock it as we've had problems with foxes lately" Lisa explained.

"Okay" Maria replied.


'Click one way, Click Click Click Click the way towards him was all Mike heard.

"Well well well, what have we here? A bad boy no doubt. Tried to be nasty to one of our friends did you ? Not very clever are we or very big" Lisa questioned mischievously an unhappy Mike as laughter spread across the garden.

Mike next heard the sound of the bin being un locked then opened with something dropped inside and the bin padlocked again, as Marias heels joined them down the path.

"I thought he said he was big with the ladies" mocked Maria at Mike now angry at his treatment prompting more laughter.

"Julia, come join us, you look great" Suzy shouted as Julia walked with no sound joining the girls.

"You did this Julia" Lisa asked, Julia nodded "Well they are so tight however did you …?" interrupted by Mikes muffled cries.

"Silent white man or this axe will be used to scalp you, but not on head. Not that head anyway" Penny shouted face to face with Mike who started to become erect by this interaction.

"Still not very big with the ladies is he" Irene mocked his rising penis causing a new flood of mocking laughter.

"Come here in front of Mike Julia, let him see your outfit" Lisa ordered.

Mike saw the imposing figure of Julia now dressed in full male Indian costume, the moccasins, brown beaded trousers, beaded fringed top with matching head dress full of feathers holding a plastic bow and set of arrows.


"Aim your arrow at his little man there" Lisa ordered bringing more laughter.

As if under control Julia placed the plastic arrow in the bow and prepared to fire at Mikes now shrinking manhood.

"Fire" Lisa ordered.

The arrow was released and hit Mike squarely in his balls prompting "Aarrrghh" through her blouse gag Mike wore.

"Fire number two" Lisa repeated.

Julia prepared the arrow and fired hitting the base of Mikes penis which now shrank to nothing.

"Oh my god, he looks like a girl now, its that small" Irene chipped in with her one liner.

"No not a girl an eunuch" Penny added.

"Not even that, girls have more than that" Suzy added trying to out do the other one liners.

"Fire at will Julia" Lisa ordered.

For twenty minutes Mike endured the humiliation of being hit dead on with twelve arrows in his most private and sensitive of areas whilst listening to the girls mocking laughter.

"Is that rain? Come girls lets have a drink. Leave the arrows Julia, they cant be damaged" Lisa added.


Twenty minutes later after three bottles of wine had been drunk, the girls looked out the window laughing at the rain hitting Mike soaking him. Ten more minutes of this laughter until all laughter was exhausted and back to the fourth bottle.

"Come on Julia, just one glass" a drunken Suzy pleaded. Julia Shook her head.

"Come on Julia, you never drink with us, join us this one time" Penny added. Julia again shook her head.

"Its no good girls, Julia is on Milk and that's it, leave her be, more for us anyway" Lisa calmed the pleading. "Oh Julia here are the car keys, go to the local store and get some more wine, no champagne for we have reason to celebrate" Lisa demanded in a nice way. Julia took the keys and left.

"So were agreed with the names then, from now on we will only talk in Indian English and to the names we have chosen" Lisa concluded the argument "I don't think Julia will argue with that" prompting more laughter.

Julia returned taking of her coat over her Indian outfit placing the case of 6 bottles of champagne on the table.

"Any problems Julia" Lisa asked. Julia shook her head. "Julia bring the prisoner in from outside once it has stopped raining will you" Julia nodded. "Right for champagne but not here, in the den down the cellar, Julia join us when you are ready with the prisoner" Lisa ordered. Julia nodded.

For thirty minutes the rain got heavier as Julia watched it do so. Downstairs the five girls drank up two bottles before coming upstairs for coffee to sober up a little bit before downing another bottle.

The rain stopped, Julia walked to the garden in full Indian clothes, holding a pair of scissors, the outside light lit her way. Mike struggled sniffing with the cold he was sure to get. Without warning she went behind him cutting the cord ties disconnecting him from the washing line pole. Mike tried to run but slipped on the grass dirtying himself. Julia just stared at this pathetic man naked with his arms and wrists bound behind his back, the more he struggled the more pain the cord ties caused. She then undid the leg ties and dragged him to his feet. He kicked out once then begged back as Julia held the scissors close to his wilted penis, it surely was cold tonight. Taking his arms in a headlock she marched him in the house down the stairs to the cellar where the 5 drunken girls cheered his every move.

"Leave him there in the metal bath Julia, clean up the dirt our prisoner caused and get yourself clean, then join us" Lisa demanded. Julia nodded.

For ten minutes Mike stood there, naked bar his blouse gag whilst the others finished off the fourth bottle, they were indeed drunk by now, a fifth bottle brought them beyond drunk and near sober but in control of their minds and bodies.

"Stand still prisoner, look you're dripping wet and making my bath all dirty. My you must be so cold there." Lisa obviously the leader stated.

"Mmmmph" Mike muffled through his gag.

"I see you agree, but you do smell bad, girls dry him then shower him. The shower is over there in the other room" Lisa commanded.

Irene, Suzy and Penny dried off his body, every touch to his penis caused him to rise making the girls comment on his lack of size and laugh. They took him to the other cellar room and showered him, placing a shower cap on his short cropped hair, Mike enjoyed the attention he was getting thinking his luck was getting better - no chance.

Scented soaps washed his skin, a mixture of strong peach, strawberry, apple, lemon washed over his body, on his face was banana soap wash.

"Smells like a fruit salad" Penny chided.

They dried him, and left him for a minute before returning walking him into the other room.


Facing Mike was the 5 Indian dressed beautiful women he dreamed of fucking staring at him intently.

"Now you are no longer Mike our friend but our prisoner with no name yet, we will decide your name. You are not allowed to speak or else you will remain gagged, not by the blouse you wear so beautifully but by our own gags we chose. As you can see we have our own totem pole here in the cellar which we will use if we deem you bad and need punishment. Now to introduce ourselves, after the introductions we are Indian squaws and thus mean ruthless against the white folk" Lisa declared.


Mike was confused not by the statement but by the fact that the girls were mostly white and yet were against white folk. He wondered what punishment they would perform since he was now suffering with flu after his rain exposure.

"Now We will introduce ourselves, I Head Squaw Bossus" Lisa spoke.

"I Pambig Tittus" Suzy declared.

"I Poca" Maria added.

"I Fiery Red" Irene added.

"I Pigtail Blonde" Penny added.

Julia walked down the stairs and clean.


"This is Squaw With No Voice" Lisa added bring the news to Julia who meekly nodded.

"White man understand?" Head Squaw Bossus asked removing his gag.

"You're all nuts, crazy, Indian squaws, Indian nuts more like. Untie me now and apologise or else" Mike foolishly replied, the Squaws looked angry bar Head Squaw Bossus.

"White man foolish, white man need punish. Poca, Squaw With No Voice, tie white man to totem pole" Head Squaw Bossus commanded.

Poca, Squaw with no voice took his hands to the totem pole cut the cord ties and wrapped his hands around the pole with Japanese bondage rope securing him firm then wrapped a length of rope around his neck to the pole making his head secured also.

"You crazy bitches, you're making a big mistake, when I am loose you will pa… Mmmmph" Mike words cut short as the penis gag entered his mouth tied behind his head.

"White man foolish, white man need know Squaw strong. White man need know owned by Squaws" Head Squaw Bossus declared to her fellow squaws.

The six squaws headed by Head Squaw Bossus moved to the struggling Mike.

"Squaws, what wrong prisoner?" Head Squaw Bossus asked.

"White man hair Head Squaw." Pambig Tittus.

"Squaws fix white man hair" Head Squaw demanded.

Mike thought that they would only scalp him as in the movies but he was so very wrong.

Squaw With No Voice, undid the ropes, releasing him but before he could make a run for it, she placed a the rope around his neck bringing him to his knees, dragging him on the ground .

"Tie white man to ground" Head Squaw insisted.

Taking a leg and arm each, they tied him in an X shape front ways so he was unable to move or shout due to the gag.

Pambig Tittus held waxing strips in one hand and a cut throat razor in the other moving towards the bound man.

"White man move, white man cut" Pambig Tittus explained in no uncertain terms.

Pambig Tittus spread the wax on his front legs, placing the strip on top and ripping off his hair. Mike would have yelped in pain had it not been for the gag. Then after one leg she did the other down to both feet. As she performed this task the squaws sat around the table talking, talking bar Squaw with no voice.

Back on the ground, Pambig Tittus spread the wax to under his arms but he moved before she could finish. Taking the razor she showed it to him and lay unmoving. She without foam shaved the inside pit bare the did the other one but he moved and she drew blood. "White man move, White man cut" she repeated. He never moved again. She completed the underarm pits then went back to using the wax removing his chest hair, arm and face hair.

Mike utterly in shock just lay quiet no matter the pain, his body went blank, blank until she moved down to his groin, their with no hesitation she removed slowly all his pubic hair. Mike body bucked in pain until the razor came in sight.

Pambig Tittus then waxed the hair of his balls, he was now front hairless. She went over to the Head squaw Bossus who ordered the squaws to turn him over. In seconds he faced the concrete floor, his nose against the ground. Then Head Squaw left the table as the others bar Pambig Tittus returned. She removed his gag and asked "White man thirsty, White Man hungry?".

"Aarrrghh yes you Crazy Bit… Aarrrghh" Mike words were halted by a stinging crop shot to his buttocks then another by Pambig Tittus.

"White man Hungry, White man thirsty?" Head Squaw asked again.

Mike pondered this question knowing any further outbursts would result in pain but his mind spoke the abuse again "Yes you craz…" as the gag was put in place.

Mike lay in this situation for ten minutes as Pambig Tittus waxed every hair from his back, neck, buttocks and everywhere else held hair. He thought he had got one over on her when suddenly a large burning sensation hit his right buttock, burning for a second or two before repeated on the left buttock cheek.

"White man owned by Squaw, White man Branded" Head Squaw Bossus told him straight.

Mike knew he was broken, after all the marks which he could not see would stop him doing every day things like showering at his gym except when alone. Hell the no hair especially around the groin would leave an image with his fellow workout buddies. Think that was it he relaxed as much as the burning sensation of pain and humiliation allowed him to.

"White man on trunk" Head Squaw demanded.

Mike was released, held by his arms and taken to a barber style chair where he was secured. Pambig Tittus left as Poca entered holding an electric razor.

"White man move, Poca sad, Poca Punish" Poca advised him.

Mikes gag was removed as a glass of liquid in a champagne bottle was put in his mouth as he drank, the liquid tasted funny but it came down at such a rate that he swallowed quick.

Poca after his drink shaved of all his hair, the first clumps caused him to scream out "My hair you crazy bitch". Mike was gagged again after his outburst but Pocas face went from serious to evil smile making Mike very worried.

He saw the last bits of hair shaved off by the cutthroat razor, he didn't move for he knew the sharpness of the blade.

When done he was dragged back to the totem pole with his new bald all over cut.

" Squaws what wrong prisoner?" Head Squaw asked.

"White man or white woman? Poca asked.

The squaws conferred around the table before facing Mike again. "Squaws What wrong White woman?" Head Squaw Bossus asked again removing his gag.

"White woman no hair" Poca answered with a smile before returning to serious face.

"Squaws fix White woman no hair" Head Squaw Bossus advised.

The squaws took him back to the trunk, secured him as all bar Poca left for the table with Head Squaw.

Poca took a collar wrapping around his neck with the loop at the back, she then chained his neck to the chair making unable to move. She then wore strong latex gloves and spread a liquid all over his head.

Mike stared up, after all he wasn't able to do anything else. Suddenly a blindfold halted his vision of the white artexed ceiling. Hands were placed around his head as several items were placed on his now bald head.

"That good" Head Squaw Bossus advised.

Suddenly his cold head was warm again, he could feel hair dropping down his back and blindfold. They then pulled the hair this way and that way until it remained still. He could feel two bunches of braided hair dropping around his ears.

Still blindfolded he was led back to the totem pole where he was tied again. Mike had no fight in him now, no words excited his mouth. Dumbfounded, blind, he knew not what would happen next but knew it would not be good. Even being referred as a White woman seemed okay, after all he could not change their thoughts or words in as much as he could loosen his bonds. How he regretted his grope at Julia.

"Squaws what wrong White woman?" Head Squaw Bossus asked.

"White woman no colour" replied Fiery Red.

"Fix White Woman colour" Head Squaw Bossus ordered.

Mike stood limp as they released his hands, shell-shocked by his position here he was literally carried by Squaw with no voice to the trunk. There he was strapped in, no release. After about a second of a hand placing something on his toenail, he knew his fate and fought against it.

"YOU WILL NOT GIVE ME A MAKEOVER YOU CRAZY BITCHES" shouted Mike, another mistake he would regret.

"White woman angry, Fiery Red Fix" Fiery Red answered holding his tongue out as far as possible.

"Nooo Aarrrghh" Mike stumbled out.

A metal prongs hooked on to the end of his tongue bringing it forward almost out of his head.

"Nnnnnggg" mumbled Mike.

"Me fix white woman, Fiery Red angry, White woman punish" Fiery red explained.

A second hand lowered a device over the metal prongs, placing it on the back of his tongue then snapped down hard bringing a yelp from Mike. Mike felt two longs pieces of steel above and under his tongue snapped together by two small pieces of elastic. Moving his tongue brought no joy for every movement bit deep.

"White woman no talk" Fiery Red answered to Mikes abusive comment.

Fiery Red then proceeded to give Mike his first manicure and pedicure before brushing several coats of nail polish on his toe nails.

"White woman hand still or punish" Fiery Red ordered.

Mike kept his hand still for his body stuck in frozen, false long fingernails double stuck to his fingernails and painted with several coats of polish and hardener. Mike felt flat, just accepting his fate.

He winced with every eye lash removed, then felt false eyelashes placed over eyes, hands tugged at his false eyelashes but they did not move.




Mike merely accepted the foundation, eye liner and layers of lipstick on his mouth. He knew he was going to look stupid but what could he do about. He heard Fiery Red whisper to another squaw who pointed at his chest, ears, and penis. The brief touch to his penis caused him to become erect until the pain in his branded buttocks returned.

Hands pressed against his chest fondling the nipples until the erection started again, sadly for Mike it stopped as dots were drawn on his nipples, followed by the rubbing a ghastly lotion on his chest making Mike nauseous. Mike expected fake breasts to be added, whilst working at the boutique he had seen men enter as men but leave as stunning women with realistic breasts. But no they were ignored as he felt something placed by his earlobes.

'Crunch, Crunch, Crunch crunch.' Four holes, two holes in each ear filled with large dangly earrings hitting his cheeks.

'CRUNCH'. This piercing straight through his tongue as a stud was placed through. His tongue now numb as a finger inspected his new body accessories.

Mike exhausted by the evenings slumped in the chair as best he could exposing the under belly of his testes sack, within seconds he felt rings sliding down his penis and a cock and balls strap tightly secured around his balls. Wince would be an understatement as his body shook from the new penis attachment.

"White woman better" Fiery Red said as she played with his balls, stroking his penis. Up and Up it went until it came to a halt, the final metal anti erect ring halted his progress towards satisfaction. More and more she teased his halted penis until he could take no more.

"Nnnnnggg" Mike screamed breaking the teasing of his cock.

"Squaw happy white woman" Fiery Red mocking him.

"Squaw Fiery Red, White woman fixed" questioned Head Squaw Bossus.

"White Woman near fixed" Fiery Red replied.

Placing a further coating of the ghastly smelling lotion on his chest then placed the previously expected fake breasts, they were heavy possibly 36 c cup. She held up until the lotion set in place on top of the previous coating and when happy let them drop down.

Mike whole body dropped as the same time as did his new breasts, so heavy he thought. His drowsiness broken by the new attachment.

"White woman totem pole" hailed Head Squaw Bossus.

Tied to the totem pole, Mikes body slumped down due to the full weight of his breasts, every squaw inspected his new accessories exclaiming 'White woman colour fixed good'. The metal tongue lock was removed to Mike's relief but the pain still cut deep.

"Squaws what wrong white woman?" asked Head Squaw Bossus

"White woman no clothes" advised Pigtail Blonde.

"Fix White woman clothes" ordered Head Squaw Bossus.

Mike aware of the changing appearance knew this would be the hardest part, sure he had breasts, new hair, earrings, his penis effectively locked away, not to mention the branded buttocks. But now he would wear the visible signs of womanhood, the clothes including the feminine underwear.

"White woman obey or punish" whispered Pigtail Blonde into Mikes ear.

The squaws placed him onto a revolving platform his arms holding onto a balance beam.

"White woman lift right leg" Pigtail Blonde instructed. He did so to feel the silky material hit his ankle.

"White woman lift left leg" repeating her order.

He did so as she slid the panties up his hairless calves, thighs until hitting his encased locked penis, slowly she motioned behind him, teased his penis which attempted to rise but the last ring halted any satisfaction. Taking both sides she lifted the panties into place smoothing over any rough bits, the silky material excited him sexually but the more he thought like the higher the pain he would receive.

"White woman lift left foot" Pigtail Blonde ordered. He did so and found his painted toenails encased by a pair of silk stockings being rolled over the foot, up the calves to above the knee, the stocking was smoothed down then snapped into place. The elastic holding the stockings in place, Mike knew this was only the start but did not know the end.

"White woman lift right foot" repeating the order. Again the previous procedure until he now wore two stockings, the colour he did not know nor wish to know.

"White woman deep breath" Pigtail ordered him harshly. He took his breath but not enough as two ends of a very small material wrapped around his waist, this seemed okay because the material would never fit together, how wrong he was. Laces were wrapped in the material hook around his back area, then tightened, tightened again, then again until both material pieces touched barely. Mike could hardly breathe as every new pull brought the material in closer as did his waist thinner, another pull and Mike was out of breath.

"Nnnnnggg" Mike whistled out for all his energy was done.

"White woman breathe slow" she hushed to him. This was the best and most caring device he had received all evening or was it morning, in the cellar he knew not.

Finally after ten minutes of tightening the material she was done and tied the lace at the top in pretty neat bow. Mike seemed relieved as perhaps this part was over, alas no, a lotion was placed in the laces which became very stiff.

Pigtail Blonde grabbed his collar hook forcing him of the platform to the trunk.

"White woman sit trunk" she commanded as she placed a neck scarf around his neck tying over the collar at the back - cowboy style, I guess they are still playing cowboys and Indians Mike thought.

"White woman lift feet" she asked, he did so as he felt two pairs of mid calf boots up his legs, they felt comfy but strange to a broken Mike.

Grabbing the collar hook she took him to a new area, well when blindfoldedaill areas were new to Mike. He now realised the heels on the boots were at least 5 inches high making him walk on his tip toes a step at a time. "White woman arms air" Mike did as commanded placing his arms high up as a satin dress was dropped down his body stopping at his new fulsome breasts, a quick smoothing down and the dress was complete. Pigtail Blonde stepped behind him zipping up the dress , again the zip was covered in the lotion stiffening the zip. Pigtail smoothed the dress which barely covered his thighs, a breeze from a fan whisked up his dress hitting his encased cock.

"White woman Legs apart" she demanded, Mike obeyed. A gun holster was placed on his thigh, tightly secured, then a toy gun added.

"White woman arms front" her command brought his arms out front, his balance had improved due to the recent walking. He could feel fishnet gloves being passed through the long false fingernails up to his left arm to his elbow with the elastic snapping it in place. The same repeated to the right arm, now gloved he seemed to accept the change of role, sure he had done wrong, surely he had taken the punishment - oh no no no.

"White woman head down" Pigtail Blonde asked nicely this time, things looked better for Mike. Placed on his head with a strap around his neck was a hat.

"White woman totem pole" Head Squaw Bossus ordered.

Taking tiny steps he was led to the totem pole, this time left untied.

"White woman blindfold off" Head Squaw Bossus told him. He did so.

The first sight Mike saw was himself for the first time in what seemed a few hours and his sight shocked him. Going from top to bottom: His new blonde hair braided in a ponytail down the side of his head, his face painted in pink, pink eye mascara, blusher and deep pink lipstick. The dangling earrings hitting his head on every movement, one seemed big but two impossible and they were heavy too. Heavy they were but not as heavy as the weight on his chest. His eyes saw the pink cowboy or should that be cowgirl hat with a bright pink star on the front. Covering his pink collar was a pink neck scarf looking exceedingly pretty.

The first of the breasts was seeing them peek over the black trim of the short pink checked dress that showed his legs clearly, should he bend over his panties would be seen. The pink fishnet gloves flashed in front of his face, shocked as the hairless beautiful feminine figure staring at him. If it hadn't been himself staring back , he would have fucked her for sure. This sight caused him to fantasise about his sexual acts on this beauty, fantasises cutting short as the penis lock caused him pain.

The black trim on the bottom of the dress made him bend his head, his hat nearly fell of but he caught it quickly , putting it back on his head as the squaws laughed. He did not hear them as his eyes fell to the pinks hold-up stockings and black cowgirl 5 inch heel boots. The look was complete, he looked stunning as a women.

"Squaws what wrong White woman?" Head squaw Bossus asked her fellow squaws.

"White woman mean" Spoke for the first time ever Squaw With No Voice.

"I guess we will have to change your name squaw, how's about Squaw With Three Word" Head Squaw Bossus enquired surprised at the few words spoken. The newly named Squaw With Three Word nodded. Bringing laughter from the squaws which halted after Head Squaw turned around.

"White woman lift dress" Head Squaw Bossus demanded. Mike did so seeing the silk panties and their effect on his caged penis was sexually desirable at every brush.

"White woman panties down" she repeated the command. Mike did this letting the dress hem drop as he lowered the silk pink panties to his knees then lifted the dress again without being told. He stared at his caged penis and started to cry, the first for the evening.

"White woman Panties up, dress down" she instructed, Mike did this returning to decency of you could call him that.

"Squaw With Three Word, fix White woman mean" she instructed her.

Squaw With Three Word lifted him to the carpeted mat, lowered his panties raised dress revealing the branding. She lifted the crop and swung it hard on his behind leaving a definite mark, tears waterfall from his face. He turned his face around but she swung it harder and harder again until he turned to the front when the blows became less fierce.

"Squaw With Three Word lower trousers" commanded Head Squaw. She did so revealing a thick 10 inch strap on dildo.

"Squaw With Three Word fix White woman mean" Head Squaw Bossus ordered flashing a smile with the command. With this she placed the dildo in Mikes mouth ramming it past the tongue stud to the back, slowly pushing in and out until she came. Mike feared for his life, the tongue stud sent a shiver of excitement through his body on every push causing to become sexually excited only to be hit by the pain of the penis cage. Thankfully she stopped after twenty minutes putting her trousers back up. Mike sighed with relief, to his mis fortune Squaw With Three Word saw this.

"White woman still mean?" Head Squaw Bossus asked her, she nodded back.

Well you can guess the rest but I'll tell it all the same. With no lubricant she rammed the dildo in his anus and fucked him for thirty minutes, all pain no pleasure for him that is.

Squaw With Three Word had many pleasure climaxing four times. During this torture of the ass, Head Squaw instructed the squaws to talk to him five words every ten seconds "White woman name Michelle, repeat". Again they continued "White woman name Michelle, repeat."

Finally on the fifteen minute mark Mike repeated "White woman name Michelle, White woman name Michelle, White woman name Michelle". These few words spoken for 15 minutes.

Squaw With Three Words lifted his panties over his sore, abused ass, pulled the dress down, carried him to the totem pole tying his hands to the back.

"What White woman name" Head Squaw asked.

"White woman name Michelle, White woman name Michelle. White woman name Michelle White Woman name Miche…" he answered back halted by Head Squaw placing her fingers on his painted mouth.

The squaws left Mike or Michelle to his fate, the cellar door was locked as he drifted off to an exhausted sleep.



The next morning Head Squaw Bossus came down in black mini skirt, black heeled boots and white top, the girls dressed as they had before the Indian costumes.

"Now Michelle, you were bad yesterday, hurting our friend Julia so you have to learn a lesson. Your clothes are locked away in the bin which has been collected today by the dustman. Now you can go home as you are but will have to pay for them and you my clothes are expensive. What you are wearing is £1000, can you afford that Michelle?" she asked him.

"No Head Squaw Bossus" he replied automatically.

"That's a good answer, we have decided to give you a chance to redeem yourself in our eyes, last night you paid a heavy price for your meanness, Julia taught you well didn't she?" Lisa asked him no longer playing the Head Squaw role.

"Yes Head Squaw Bossus" he replied.

"What White woman name?" she asked him.

"White woman name Michelle" came his answer. His tried to answer 'I'm a man and my name is Mike. When I get free, you'd better watch out but the standard reply left his lips.

"Good Michelle, now the wig, breasts, makeup, virtually everything bar the dress, panties, stockings boots are either stuck to you temporarily. The effects will last a week, this week if you agree, you will serve us for a night each as we see fit, don't panic, you will stay here in this cellar. For one night one lucky girl will be able to spend a second night with you should they win the raffle. Your girlfriend will be told you are working away for me, she will believe that especially when I say you wish to give her your wages for the week in advance. She likes shopping doesn't she. As I said for one night we will store and prepare you here in the cellar. Dress you before allowing you to come upstairs like a good servant and assist us. For me personally you be my servant in the house and in the mistress bedroom, for the others they will use the spare room. Some time will be spent here in the cellar which is your new home. You will sleep on the carpeted floor chained to the floor hook, for as a servant you do not deserve trust. Do you accept?".

Mike/Michelle pondered this for a moment especially the raffle bit, he was no prize to be offered for their pleasure, "No got to hell you crazy bi…".



"Unfortunately girls he is still mean, he does not realise his meanness holds him back. Now Michelle I offer you again but now it is two nights each and two nights for the lucky girl who wins the raffle. DO YOU ACCEPT?" she demanded an answer, the right answer.

"Yes Head Squaw Bossus, White woman name Michelle" he replied.

"Good, good Michelle, now today whilst we work, you see us girls work on a Sunday, whilst we work you will be a cowgirl. You have your horsy (pointing to the chair), your bed (the carpeted floor), your totem pole to honour and your table to write your lines. You must write 1000 times I MUST NOT BE MEAN TO THE SQUAWS. Oh before I forget, the toilet is out of bounds unless you are supervised. In the corner is a potty, that is yours. Understand?" she asked as if he was a simpleton.

"Yes Head Squaw Bossus, White woman name Michelle" he replied.

"No Michelle you are a cowgirl now, try again" Lisa told him.

"Yes Head Squaw Bossus Cowgirl name Michelle" correcting himself.

"Good, good, on the floor you will see your dinner, the table has the paper and the pencil, be careful not to break it or else you will have to use your eyeliner pencil, or lipstick and that would mean more paper. More paper means you have been bad and bad means you are still mean. Understand?" she enquired.

"Yes Head Squaw Bossus, Cowgirl name Michelle" he replied.

"Now we must go now, when we come back we will wash you, that's me and another squaw who will look after you tonight. Have a lovely day" she insisted.

"Yes Head Squaw Bossus, Cowgirl name Michelle" automatically replying.

"HAVE A LOVELY DAY MICHELLE" the six squaws shouted as the cellar door was locked shut securely.

Michelle looked at his home for two weeks, the trunk/chair for him to sit, also to play horsy, the carpet with blanket for his bed, the table with the paper for his lines, the totem pole for god knows what and the mirror to allow him to look at his beautiful feminine figure. As he stared at his body, an sexual urge overcame him or did he need to pee. He rushed over to the potty lifted his dress hem, lowered the silk panties and peed in the potty, every shot brought his humiliation more to life. It was then looking up as the electric light showed the cameras filming his every move, had they filmed all night, he guessed they had and would continue to do so.

After taking his pee and cleaning himself like a woman does, his corseted stomach rumbled, looking down at the screwed down pet dishes, full of meaty chunks in some sauce and clear water, he thought which would win his pride or his stomach. That would be decided soon.




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