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Diapered And Dressed

by Laurie Ann Brown

Part 3


I was being dragged out of the ice cream shop with my cone in hand after the humiliation of being felt up by Mr. Vickers. Carol and Emily were all giggles and laughs, as they knew very well the humiliation I had just suffered at the hands of Mr. Vickers. I on the other hand just wanted to enjoy the oversized cone provide me as a girl and then get back to the safety of our house.

The walk back was uneventful and I had almost forgotten I was wearing the Easter Dress with all it's pinning and ribbons in my hair. Beth's ice cream was melting more than she was eating as she continued her chatter about how nice it was to have a sister Laurie Ann and how much fun we were going to have as sisters. I was beyond arguing anymore with her, as she just didn't hear me when I told her I was her brother and would never wear dress and girls things again.

We found the safety of home as Mom had lunch set up for us. Dad had already left for his afternoon shift at the plant. As we entered the house Mom inspected the three of us and after a tsk, tsk shake of the head said, "Well you girls look as if you enjoyed your outing. Lunch will be ready in a little while. I think you had better go wipe your faces it would appear you have more ice cream on your faces than you do in your tummies.

"Mom, please stop calling me a girl. Can I get out of this dress and things now? Pleaseeeeeeeee," I whined.

Well, Bobbi, I didn't make you wear a dress today. If I recall correctly you were already dressed and planning on going out for ice cream with you sister and Emily. You do what you want honey. You can be a girl today or change if you want too," Mom responded as she wondered why he was putting up a fuss now about being dressed and made up as a pretty girl. She then added, " You do make a lovely looking girl but you should be a little more careful about going out dressed like that. Your liable to meet some of your class mates and they'll be expecting to see a girl in class with them not a boy."

"Mom, I didn't really want to be dressed like this. Carol and Emily made me, honest. I'm not ever going to wear a dress again, Mom."

"What ever you say dear. I'm sure your Father will be glad to hear that. Now if your going to change you better hurry before lunch is ready."

"Mom, why don't you make him say dressed so he can play dolls with Beth. He's the one who put the clothes on this morning. We just helped him a little," Carol added.

"Carol, if your sister… I mean brother is tired of the games he can do has he pleases. Now just go wash up and leave your brother alone," Mom ordered.

And so I rushed to my room and in nano seconds had the dress, slip, shoes, socks and panties in a pile and was back into my boy clothes of jeans and tee shirt. I kicked the pile of frillies into a pile not wanting to touch them with my hands. I left them in the pile including the fancy Easter dress knowing Mom would be following behind to retrieve them and dispose of them properly.

I ate a light lunch, as I was still full from the oversized ice cream cone Mr. Vickers had so kindly provided. Not much was said during lunch except for Beth attempting to cajole me into playing dolls with her, which in no uncertain terms I refused to do or ever consider doing again in my lifetime. Emily was there with Carol for lunch and they bothered me with their secretive giggles and whispers around the table. I ignored them.

It was late in the afternoon Mom called me from my television program to come up stairs to my room. There she was sorting through the pile of girl clothes I had kicked into a pile. The expression on her face was not one of pleasure. "Bobbi, did you make this mess? What were you thinking? This is not the way we treat our good clothes or any clothes for that matter. Now take these under clothes and put them in your laundry basket and then come back here and I'll show you how to properly hand your dress and slip," Mom said rather annoyed.

I took the under-things and took them to the laundry basket but had heard her refer to the dress and slip as mine. "Mom shouldn't these things be put in the girls laundry? And those aren't my dress and slip, those are Carol's, not mine."

"Laundry is laundry. They all go to the same place. Now come over here hand straighten this dress out. Turn it right side out and give it a shake by the shoulders to straighten it out while I find a hanger."

I did as told but not with any enthusiasm. Actually getting a little red in the cheeks as I had to hold the dress in front of me as I shook it out after having to handle it to turn it right-side out. It was a very pretty dress. Gosh, where did that come from, I hated dresses. I would never wear one again.

"OK, here's a hanger. Slip the dress on the hanger and then lay it on the bed and button the top button in back so it won't slide off. Now this is a special hanger for your slip. See it has little notches to hold the straps so it doesn't slip off the hanger."

I, rather embarrassed by all of this, accomplished the task and both items were laid on the bed.

"Now hang your dress and slip in your closet."

"Mom! These aren't my clothes. They don't belong in my closet. I'll put them back in Carol's closet where they belong. It's not my dress or slip. I'll never wear them again," I retorted almost in tears.

Mom just looked at me with her hands on her hips but in a most cajoling way, you know the ones they use when they think their kids are cute or special and said, "Well there isn't much room in her closet anymore so why don't you just do like I ask and put them in your closet. They won't bite you, you know. And it might help you to remember to not be lazy about your toilet habits. Besides you never know when you may want to play dress up with your sister's again." She smiled as she made her last remark.

"Mom, I told you it wouldn't ever happen again. I'm going to be real careful. And I'm not ever going to play dress up," I replied as I hung the dress and slip in my closet and pushed the as far back in the corner as possible.

Later that afternoon George, Emily And Carol were at the house. They were playing a board game as Beth was nearby playing with her dolls. I had been working on a model plane in my room and then came downstairs for a break and to get something to drink. It was George who started upon seeing me cross the room.

"My, my what pretty hair ribbons you have there little girl. They'd look much better if you were wearing your dress," he laughed as the girls turned to look and me and burst into fits of giggles and pointing. I had forgotten all about the blue and white ribbons holding my hair in ponytails when I had got undressed. I automatically reached up and grabbed the ponytails and ribbons. My face turned crimson.

"Oh you should have seen Bobbi earlier in his pretty dress and all at the ice cream shop. Old Mr. Vickers really liked him in all his pretties," Carol teased.

"Well maybe he just left his pretty ribbons in so he could play dollies with his little sister," George went on.

Emily added, "Well he's probably still wearing his pretty panties and camisole under his boy clothes. Are you Bobbi?"

I tugged frantically at the ribbons and ponytails suffering pain as they did not want to release. The ribbons were platted into the beginnings of the ponytails. I turned to retreat upstairs with a parting shot, "I don't wear dresses. Carol and Emily did this to my hair. I just forgot."

Beth had followed me up to my room as I sat on the bed trying to undo the ponytails and tears silently rolling down my cheeks from the humiliation suffered once again. I would cut my own hair off if I couldn't get a hair cut. I wouldn't care what it looked like. At least it wouldn't be long and I couldn't ever have it in ponytails again.

Beth said, "Here Bobbi, let me help you. I know those are hard to undo sometimes." She sat next to me as I resigned myself to expert help. She was quite gentle as she undid the hair plats And ribbons. She then picked up a brush and brushed the ponytails out but little did I realize that even with the ponytails gone she had managed to brush it into a girly style. The hair parted in the middle and front as bangs fell over my forehead and the hair hung round my shoulders.

We ate supper in mostly silence. Mom did ask me why I took my ponytails and ribbons out. I told her I had forgotten about them till this afternoon and then Beth helped me. She simply added that she thought my hair looked very nice even without the ponytails. Carol giggled. I knew then I would cut all my hair off.

I didn't cut my hair. I was afraid what punishment might loom ahead if I really botched it up. Life went on. Carol occasionally would tease me and ask if I'd like to try on some of her other dresses or skirts. Beth would sometimes hound me to play dolls or house with her. And occasionally I did play dolls with her but with my action figures and in my own clothes. The under clothes I had worn that day showed up in my bottom dresser drawer. The mary-jane style shoes to match the dress were in my closet on the floor. I thought about complaining but figured it wouldn't do any good anyway. Even the ruffled rumba panties I was forced to wear over the diaper that first day was in my bottom drawer.

Dad would occasional tease me about being one of his three daughters. I think he was really just trying to reassure himself that I was really his son, as I would object strenuously and vehemently to his teasing. Mom on the other had was as nice as pie to me but her teasing, if that's what it was, was more hidden. Every time she brought new clothes home for my sister she would always make sure I saw every item, from panties to shorts, tops, to dresses, socks and shoes. Always with the same dialog, don't you think these are really pretty, aren't these cute, don't you think this color will look so nice with Beth's hair color. I wish your clothes were so easy to buy as for girls. I would usually make some noncommittal remark like Oh yeah sure, If that's what they like, or yeah really nice girly stuff. She was always after me about my hair telling me how it would be long till I got it cut for school but how I had to keep it neat while it was long. I was subjected to shampoo and conditioners and if I didn't insist on a low bunched ponytail with a gum band to hold it, it was brushed much the same as Beth had done with it. On more than one occasion with my hair down strangers called me little girl.

Carol was in a growth spurt. It seemed Mom always had to buy her new clothes or shoes. I think she even got her first training bra that summer. That and the fact she didn't consider herself a little girl anymore like Beth, but mature and looking to style herself out of girly stuff to preteen hot stuff.

The summer had grown hot. I was now in shorts most of the time with a tank top or tee shirt. I even had sandals on most of the time. The girls were into shorts or sun dresses. It was a hot late July day I was playing outside flying my balsa wood airplane. I saw Carol and Emily come into the back yard and paid little attention to them. They approached me rather nonchalantly watching the plane I was flying do it's rolls and tumbles. It was too late for me when it happened. I was watching the planes flips as Carol reached out and grabbing the waistband of my denim shorts and pulled them forward with the other hand pressed against my stomach. Emily then produced a glass from behind her back and poured it's contents down in the front of my shorts. I screamed and pulled away as liquid soaked the front of my shorts, my under wear and ran down my legs into my sandals. "What are you two doing," I shouted. "Why did you do that? What did you pour on me? I'm telling Mom. Your really in for it now, both of you."

Emily had quickly exited through the backyard fence gate with the glass still in her hand. Carol then told me my fate. 'Well, go ahead and tell Mom. Go on go in and tell her how you peed you pants again. And Dad's still home lets wake him and tell him too."

"I'll tell them you and Emily poured water on me. Mom will know the truth."

"Emily? Emily here? I don't see her. I haven't seen her all day and neither has Mom. And that's not just water. Can't you smell it? It's pee water from the toilet. Come on sissy baby let's go tell Mom now," she said as she grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me towards the house.

'No, no, wait Carol. Please don't tell her. Don't wake Dad. Please I'll really get my bum beat if they find out." I was crying now anticipating the beating I would get. Put back in diapers and dressed like a baby girl. And Dad said he'd send me to school in diapers if I did it again. What was I going to do? Would Mom believe me? How could I make her believe that Carol and Emily did this that it wasn't me at all?

Carol stopped as we neared the porch and pushed me back against the wall of the house. "OK sissy, if you don't want Mom and Dad to find out you pissed in your pants again your going to do everything I tell you to do. And if Mom or Dad or anyone asks your going to tell them it was your idea that you like what it is your doing. Do you understand?"

"I… I.. I guess so. What do I have to do? I'll do the dishes for you or what ever. I promise just don't tell Mom or Dad," I sniffled. "I didn't pee my pants and you know it. Why are you doing this to me? Please let me sneak in and change my clothes and I won't ever tell what you did."

"Oh I know your not going to tell and yes I'm going to help you sneak in and change your clothes. Remember I'm going to keep your shorts and under ware in a bag just like they are now and if you don't do like I say I'll just give them to Mom and tell her you did it again. Now come on up to my room and be quiet so we can get your clothes changed."

Once, we were in Carol's room she closed the door and told me to get out of my wet shorts and underwear. I took off the shorts and was reluctant to take off my underwear in front of her she simply said, "OK don't, I'll just take these to Mom and tell her your waiting for her in my room."

I shucked out on my boxers and she held out a plastic bag to drop them in accompanied by my shorts. I t was then Mom called upstairs, "Carol, are you up there? Emily's here should I send her up?"

"Yeah Mom, tell her to come up," replied Carol. Then turning to me, she said, "Ok sissy get your shirt off and lay down on my bed while I get you some clothes."

This sounded bad. Why couldn't I get my own clothes? I knew in the back of my mind what she was up to and once again tears started seeping out and over my cheeks as I lay on her bed curled up in a fetal position trying to hide my embarrassment.

Emily came through the door and almost in a whisper, as she looked at me naked on the bed, "Wow, you mean he agreed to it? Man I don't believe it. I thought he'd be crying to his Mommy or his Mommy would be her diapering him again."

"Oh don't worry about the cry baby, he's going to do everything we tell him to do. And he's going to tell everyone it was his idea and he likes it. Aren't you little sissy? Well, I can't hear you, sissy?" Carol smirked.

"I finally had to murmur a sniffled, "y..e.sss"

"Here Emily you can clean our little girly baby up and powder her bottom while I find her, her diaper and pins. Come on sissy roll over here and spread those little legs so Aunt Emily can powder your bottom."

I rolled over and spread my legs as told to do. I placed my hands over my eyes as I did not want them to see me nor I them. Emily powdered me and even lifted my legs one at a time to powder my bum. She rubbed the powder on right over my penis.

"Look here Carol our little girl likes getting all powdered. Her little thingy is sticking out," Emily giggled. "It's a good thing he's so small down there, someone might think he was a boy."

"OK girly, lift that butt, so Mommy can get your diaper under you. That's it. Look at the pretty pins I got for your diaper with the pretty pink bunnies on the heads," Carol instructed.

I raised my butt as she slid the diaper under me, then she tightly brought the ends together and pinned them with the diaper pins. As humiliated as I was at the time the thick diapers did feel comforting and at last I wasn't completely naked before them. I was still sniffling as Carol pulled my hands away from my eyes. "Now see, Emily even brought you a new pair of plastic panties to cover your little diapers. Wasn't that nice of her?" Carol teased as she began sliding the panties over my feet and up my legs.

The panties were yellow and looked satiny with row after row of white and yellow lace wrapping around the entire panty. They squeezed around my legs and tightened around my waist as the two of them worked them up over my diapered bottom. "Carol, please. Don't do this. Let me go, please," I pleaded.

"Just shut-up your whining or I'll give Mom the bag and make sure Dad hears me too. Your going to do just what I want and like you promised. No quit whining and dry your tears. We wouldn't want you to wake Dad with your crying," Carol demanded.

"Here, Carol. Make him put this in his mouth to stop his whining," Emily said as she produced a binky on a yellow ribbon and handed it to Carol.

"Oh great, Emily! Where'd you get it? Come on baby girl, open up and take your binky," Carol replied as she pushed the binky between my lips and into my mouth. I attempted to spit it out as she pushed it back in with the threat, "Spit it out again baby and I'll tie it around your head or tape it in."

I was pulled up to a sitting position as Emily knelt before me to roll yellow lace top socks over my feet and rolled lace down on my ankles slipping white mary-jane style shoes on me and buckling the straps. "I got the binky at home. My aunt left it there the last time she visited. It's really my baby cousin's, Vickie's. I think our little girl likes sucking on her binky. And doesn't her little socks and shoes look so cute on her?"

Carol in the mean time was pulling a frilly petticoat slip over my arms and down over my chest as she straightened the lace straps over my shoulders saying, "Well, most little girls wouldn't wear such a frilly slip under a sun dress, but our little baby girl really like to be all frilly, don't you little girl? Answer me little girl or your going to be sorry. Tell us how much you like your frills."

"," I gurgled from behind the binky plugged in my mouth.

"Oh she even sounds like a baby with her binky in her mouth. Emily do you see how white his thumb is? That's cause he still sucks his thumb at night just like a little baby. Maybe she'll be able to stop thumb sucking now that she has a binky to suck on."

"I.. I. Don't… su..c..c ..k my th..mb no..m..o.r," I babbled.

"Oh isn't that sweet. I just love to hear her talk like that. I'll have to fix our baby a bottle so she can even suck her drinks," Emily teased.

At this point I was pulled to my feet and the yellow and white gingham sun-dress was pulled over my head. The slip barely came to mid thigh and the dress hem fought a losing battle with the bottom of the slip. The straps of the dress hid the straps of the slip and ended in bows on each of the shoulders. I was red with total embarrassment and humiliation. I was then sat in a chair in front of the vanity mirror and they both began working in my hair. One on either side of me, they started.

"Oh she's got such fine baby hair and the ribbons match the dress. She's going to be such a cute little baby girl for Beth to play with," Carol teased.

They worked quickly and platted the ribbons into the long ponytails on both sides of my head with sufficient ribbon to end the ponytails with bows. I didn't know how I would ever get them out myself. My bangs were combed to the front and Carol wrapped them in a hot curling iron and when the iron was removed they lay in one large curl across my forehead.

"There we are. Our little girl Laurie Ann is back," Carol announced. "Now stand up and turn all around for us Laurie Ann."

I meekly did as instructed as the soft petticoats brushed my legs and the diaper covered in the frilly panties kept my legs from closing in a normal fashion. I was humiliated and further embarrassed because the strange feel of the sissy clothes was not totally unpleasant.

"Gosh, Carol he really looks like a real little girl. Look, you'd never believe he was a boy, would you? Let go give him to Beth to play with then we can get going without her or your new little sister tagging along. This was a great idea," Emily said with excitement born of her triumph in turning a boy into a little girl.

"Yeah Laurie Ann, it's time. We promised Beth you'd be here today to play with her all day so we won't have to baby sit you two. Now come along sweetie and better be quiet unless you want Mom and Dad to see you all prettied up again," Carol again gave instructions. She thought, He does make a better-looking girl than a boy. I can't believe he's so gullible though. If had had cried to Mom she probably would have believed him and I'd have been in real trouble. Maybe he really does like playing at being a girl. I'm going to have to watch my little brother a little closer. Oh well, at least Beth will be happy weather he is or not.

Carol entered the hall way first and when she determined it was clear nodded to Emily who unceremoniously pulled me into the hall and down to Beth's room. Beth was sitting at her play table with the dolls and as we entered looked up with a huge smile and almost shouting said, "Oh you did it. You did it. You got Laurie Ann back to play with me. Oh Carol you're the best sister!" She got up from the table and ran straight to me throwing her arms around me and hugging me as tightly as her little arms could manage. Beth wore her own pink sundress less the frilly petticoats. "Oh Laurie Ann Carol said you would come and play with me and even be my real live baby! Oh we're going to have so much fun. I'm going to be the Mommy and you can be my baby girl."

I spit the binky out and it hung around my neck as Carol had secured the ribbon around my neck. "I.. I'm not Laurie Ann! I'm Bobby your brother. I.. I wouldn't be here if..", my sentence ended as I was poked sharply in the ribs by Carol.

"What Laurie Ann means is that this has to be a secret for just the two of you if you want Laurie Ann to ever come again and play with you. And Laurie Ann just couldn't wait to surprise you and get all dressed up like a baby girl for you, could you Laurie Annnnnnnn?" Carol so sweetly told Beth as Emily held her hand over her mouth to suppress the giggles.

"Yeah, whatever," I retorted in not so sweet a voice.

"Put your binky back in Laurie Ann so you sound like a baby," Emily said as she shoved the binky back in my mouth.

Carol turned and called Emily to follow as she issued final instructions to me, "Now be a good little baby for Beth and make sure she has fun so she doesn't have to have Mom looking for me. Oh and Beth we just change her diaper so you shouldn't have to worry about that till we get back. And here's her diaper bag with the toys Emily brought for you to play with too. Now you little girls play nice together." And they left me in care of my little sister.

They had no sooner left than Beth opened the bag and dumped the contents on the floor. There was, baby powder, diapers, a teething ring and a baby bottle filled with what appeared to be milk and yet another with apple juice. "Oh Laurie Ann look they even brought you bottles to drink," she exclaimed as she picked up the milk bottle and climbed up on her bed sitting with her legs spread out and her back up against the head board. "Come on Laurie Ann crawl up here on Mommy's bed on her lap so she can feed you before your nappy time."

I reluctantly got up on the bed and lay across her lap with no intention of ever drinking what ever was in the bottle. I said, "Come on Beth I don't want to drink that stuff. And it's probably warm. I hate warm milk it will make me sick at my stomach."

To which she replied, "Laurie Ann you be a good baby or Mommy will have to punish you. Now you need your baba so you can grow big and pretty just like your big sister Carol. You don't want Mommy to have to spank you now do you? Ahhh come on please Laurie Ann let me give you the bottle. Carol said you do what ever I wanted. If your not going to play nice then I'll just go find Carol and Emily and play with them."

I knew I couldn't let her go crying to Mom and making Carol and Emily baby sit Beth. Carol would show Mom my wet clothes and I really be in for it. So I succumbed and said in my best baby girl voice, "Laurie Ann hungry Mommy, please give me my baba."

Beth's face lit up like the morning sun as she slid an arm under my shoulders cradling me next to her and fed the nipple into my mouth. I wasn't planning on sucking but the nipple leaked milk into my mouth and I automatically swallowed and sucked more. The warm milk wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Beth held me and began singing lullaby's as she rocked me and fed me my bottle. What! My Bottle. What was I doing? What ever was I thinking? Then I just let go and totally relaxed comforted in the arms of my little sister drinking milk from a baby bottle with my dress and petticoats pushed up exposing little-girl legs disappearing into a diapered and pantied bottom.

I was almost half sleeping when Beth switched hands holding the bottle and then reached right up under my, I mean, the dress and was pushing her fingers in the leg of the panties.

I spit the bottle out in shock and almost shouted, "Beth, what are you doing. Get your hand out of there." I was attempting to grab her arm and pull it out. Her fingers had already been under the panties and diaper and touching my privates. I was really embarrassed. I knew letting anyone touch your privates was a bad thing.

"Oh Laurie Ann, Mommy is just checking your panties to make sure you don't need your diaper changed before your nap time," Beth responded as if talking to a real baby.

Sensing another presence rather than seeing them I was startled when I heard my Mother's voice and looked up to see her somewhat mystified look as she surveyed the scene in front of her. "What's going on here, ah.. ah.. girls?," she kind of stumbled over.

"Oh Mommy, Laurie Ann came back to play with me today. She even dressed up in her diapers and everything to be my baby and let me be the Mommy. I was just checking her diaper to see if she needed changed before her nap," Beth said excitedly as she pulled the dress and petticoats up exposing my pantied and diapered bottom.

I was beyond embarrassment. Mom wasn't to know about this, Carol had promised. What was I to do now? If I told Mom the truth she probably never believe me having caught me in the arms of Beth with a bottle stuck in my mouth and Beth's hand up under the dress. "Mom.. I, I, I can explain," I stuttered while trying to sit up and push the dress back down over my legs. My mind raced. What could I explain, I had to tell her it was my idea or suffer the consequences of Carol's story and evidence. I could hear Carol telling her that yeah it wasn't my idea but since I had peed my pants again I agreed to do it. My goose was cooked.

Mom had regained her composure and began, "Well, Beth I think if Bob.., Laurie Ann needs her diaper changed you had better call me. I think you might need some help with that. Ah, Laurie Ann where'd you find the pretty sundress and panties? I think it's really nice of you to play with your sister this way but I think you both had better just play quietly in Beth's room until Dad goes to work. You make a very pretty little baby. Who did your hair so pretty with the braids and ribbons?"

I wanted to shout and scream, "I hate this. I don't want to be a baby or a girl. Carol and Emily did this to me. Please Mommy make them stop." But I didn't scream. I just let my head down and eyes down cast not wanting to look my Mother in the eye. I meekly responded, "Mom, I.. I.. Well, Carol and Emily did this to my hair and Emily brought the underwear over with her. Maybe I could just change my clothes now and Beth and I could play something else."

"No, Laurie Ann you promised. You promised to be Laurie Ann all day with me," Beth whined.

Mom just kind of smiled and said, "No, Laurie Ann I think if you promised you should keep that promise. Anyway it looks as if you two are having a lot of fun."

"Yeah, Mommy after lunch maybe you can find a new dress for Laurie Ann and we can both be Mommies and have a tea party?" Beth injected.

"I think that would be very nice, Beth. I'll see what I can find for Laurie Ann. Now you girls play quiet, OK?" Mom soothed.

As his Mother slipped back out the door closing it quietly behind her she had many questions racing through her mind. Did her son have a problem that needed professional help? Is this just a stage? Doesn't he know the teasing and torment he could be subject too if his playmates found out about him dressing like a girl or wanting to wear diapers? Did forcing him into a diaper and dress do this to him? She just found it hard to believe that he committed himself to being dressed complete with hairstyle and diapers to play with his little sister. Well she thought, I hope his Dad doesn't find out about this right now, anyway. I'll find him an outfit for this afternoon and when I help him dress maybe I can find out a little more about what's happening to her, I mean him. Shaking her head slowly back and forth she wondered, he does look really cute and could be Beth's twin sister when he's dressed like that and his hair done. I wonder if he's always going to have those features or will puberty finally push him into manhood? Oh well, that's a few years off yet. God, I'm getting old.

Back in Beth's room she was whining again, "Oh Laurie Ann it's alright if you pee in your diaper. You're supposed too. You're a baby remember? Emily even left clean diapers in the bag. Come on now and finish your baba and Mommy will let you take your nappy."

I started to reply as Beth pulled me back across her lap and pushed the nipple back into my mouth. Of course this just made my reply sound all the more like baby talk and Beth giggled. I tried to say, "I.. I not pee pants.. I'm not…"

"It's ok baby. Just drink your milk like a good little girl. Baby's getting all sleepy, isn't she?"

The trauma of the day was too much. I did drift off to sleep with the bottle in my mouth and sucking the contents into me as any baby might.

When I awoke sometime later I found myself curled up in a fetal position with my thumb stuck in my mouth. A pink baby blanket covered me. My shoes and socks had been removed and replaced with knitted yellow booties stretched over my feet. I heard them before my eyes could focus on them.

"See Mommy, my baby is waking up from her nappy and I better check to see if she needs her diaper changed. She even pit her binky out as is sucking on her thumb," Beth was whispering.

"Oh your baby girl is just darling there all curled up. But you better let me check her diaper. If she wet it you can help me change her. Come on sleepy head, wake up, it lunch time," Mom said as she bend over the bed and reaching up under the cuddly blanket and my dress pulled my panties out and stuck her hand inside to feel my dry diaper. "Oh your baby girl is growing up. I think she's ready to potty train. She's still dry after her nap."

"Mom," I sleepily wailed starting to realize my current predicament, "Don't do that. I don't pee my pants and I'm not going too." Struggling to get out from under the blanket and out of the bed I cajoled, "Please Mom I don't want to play baby anymore."

"That's alright sweetie pie. You and your sister come on down for lunch and we'll talk about it. Your Dad's left early for work so it will be just us girls. Now come over here and let me undo your diaper so you can use the potty like a big girl," Mom replied.

I stood immobile as Mom reached up under the short sundress and petticoats to pull the ruffled panties down my legs. She then unpinned the diaper on one side and let it slide down my legs. I stepped out of the panties and diaper pushing the dress and petticoats down to try and save some modesty. I headed straight for the bathroom to relieve myself as my bladder was about to explode.

Beth was following close behind and as I entered the bathroom she was right on my heels. I had to go so bad I didn't have time to argue even for modesty's sake. I wondered why she was doing so till I entered the bathroom and there in the middle of the floor sat her old potty chair.

"Oh Laurie Ann your such a big girl not peeing your diaper you can use the potty chair just like a big girl," Beth exclaimed.

I was in shock. Where did this come from? I was holding my dress and petticoats up around my waist looking to get on the regular toilet as Beth took hold of me and pushed me back towards the potty chair. I could feel the pee leaking from my thingy and rather than risk a disaster on the bathroom floor sat unceremoniously down squeezing onto the potty as I let it all go.

I was sitting there flushed with embarrassment but nothing like the humiliation I was about to feel. There in the doorway stood Carol, Emily and George. Laughter and giggling followed as Carol started, "Oh my you really get into being a baby girl. You look so natural on your little potty chair. Maybe Mommy will let her little girl keep it in her room right next to her crib."

Then Emily started, "Don't hold your dress and pretty slips so high. You wouldn't want George to see your privates now, would you?"

Tears of humiliation rolled down my cheeks. "Get out! Get out of here all of you. I'm going to tell Mom the truth. Now get out," I screamed.

They retreated but my yelling brought Mom to the scene. "What's going on here? You three get out of here. There are sandwiches and lemonade downstairs. Go eat your lunches."

"Mom they were teasing Laurie Ann and made her cry," Beth, almost in tears herself, whimpered to Mom.

"Go on downstairs Beth. I'll get Laurie Ann straightened up and be right down. Now be a good Mommy and make sure you have lunch ready for your little girl." Turning to me as Beth left she continued, "Well you know if your going to wear dresses and wear your hair in ponytails you're going to have to expect to get some teasing. I didn't anticipate you'd have an audience for your potty- chair experience. I only suggested it to Beth cause I thought maybe you'd like to get out of diapers and she'd understand her baby growing up."

"Mom," I sobbed, "I really didn't want to be a baby. Carol made me promise to play with Beth. Then she said I'd have to be a baby for her."

"I understand. It's all right. Are you finished now? Here wipe yourself and stand up so we can get you into some panties instead of diapers. Here's a pretty pair of yellow ones to match your dress and they even have cute little bows on them, see?"

"Mom, please can't I just wear my own underwear?"

"Oh don't be silly. With such a pretty dress and all you don't want your old boy underwear under it, now do you?"

I stood and stepped into the little satiny yellow panties with the flowers and bows on them as Mom slide then up my legs and around my bum. I really couldn't deny in my own mind that girl's underwear did feel nice, nicer than boys underwear ever felt on. But I hated the idea I had to be dressed like a girl. Why wouldn't Mom listen to me.

Mom continued as she took my hand and led me towards the stairs, "Oh Bobby, I mean Laurie Ann, I so happy your playing with your little sister today. She's usually under foot all the time and I can't seem to get anything done around the house. And you look so pretty all dressed up. Why no one who didn't know you would ever think you were anything but a pretty little girl. Do you like pretending to be a girl?" She stopped at the top of the stairs and knelt down to look me right in the eyes. "Did you ever really wish you were a real girl, Bobby?"

"Mom, I'm not a girl. I.. I..," thinking how I was going to impress on her I hated being a girl and being teased and all with out digging myself into real trouble from Carol, "was just doing it to play with Beth cause I promised Carol. I'm a boy remember."

"Yes, I know you're a boy and sometimes boys like to pretend to be girls and dress up like girls. And sometimes it's ok for boys to do that. But those little boys have to be real good pretending to be girls or some people will tease them real bad if they know or find out they are really boys wearing girls things. Do you understand what I'm telling you?"

"I.. I guess so. You mean I have to fool people if I have to wear a dress?"

"Well Bobby yes that's kind of what I was saying. But even if you just want to wear a dress like today you have to be able to fool people. Now come on Laurie Ann and we'll get some lunch and then I have a big surprise for you and Beth this afternoon."

"A surprise? What is it? What's the surprise?" I ask excitedly.

"You'll just have to wait and see."

I was starting down the stairs ahead of Mom and as I looked down there was George leaning on the rail at the foot of the stairs looking up with a big grin on his face. It only took a second to recognize where his eyes were focused. He was looking up my dress!

I pushed the front down and held it against my legs in an attempt to block his view of my pantied bottom.

George spoke, "Well aren't you just the prettiest little thing and out of diapers and into big girl panties."

"George! That's enough out of you," Mom retorted.

"Oh, Misses Brown, I wasn't teasing. He really does look pretty. He could really be a girl, I think. He could hang around with us as a girl as long as he's not wearing diapers."

"OK George, we get it. Now I think it's time you went home," Mom replied as I just red faced preceded to the kitchen for lunch.

Lunch was only notable in the fact Carol, Emily and George were already gone and my little sister insisted on continuing to treat me like her little girl and wait on me hand and foot. That wasn't all bad I could almost get in the mood of this play-acting in dresses and frills. At one point I even spit food back out telling her Baby was full. This only resulted in me getting a face washing from her and a little pink and white bib tied around my neck.

When lunch was over I still hadn't forgotten the promise of a surprise. "OK Mom, what's the surprise you promised?"

"OK girls, you'll both find out real soon. Right after you both get cleaned up and dressed properly," Mom responded.

"Girls", "Dressed Properly" what did that mean I wondered? I guessed I'd finally be let out of these dresses and girls stuff and dressed like a proper boy should dress.

We followed Mom up the stairs to the bathroom where she stripped us both of our dresses socks, shoes, slips and underwear. A fragrant bath was awaiting with tons of bubbles at least a foot deep. Our ponytails were wrapped up on our heads and pinned to keep our hair dry. We played with the plastic glasses and made bubbles with our hands curled and I was a bit disappointed when it all came to an end as we were scrubbed and drawn out of the tub to be wrapped in soft fluffy pink towels. I hadn't realized it but lost in the sprit of play in the tub I had been acting as much a little girl as Beth, giggling and playing. This did not go unnoticed by Mom.

We wet directly to Beth's room where Mom had already laid out two piles of girls clothes. "Mom, Do I have to wear girls clothes? Please I just want to wear my boy clothes. I don't want to be a girl anymore," I cried.

"Oh Laurie.. I mean Bobby. You don't have to wear girls clothes if you don't want too. But don't be embarrassed if you do. It's just that your spoiling the big surprise I had in store for you two. But you don't have to wear anything you don't want to wear," Mon said with what seemed great disappointment in her voice.

Beth chimed in, "Oh Laurie Ann please be my sister some more, please. I had so much fun this morning with you and you don't have to be my little baby girl anymore. We'll just be sister's, OK? And tomorrow if you want I'll be your baby and you can be the Mommy."

So there it was. If I wouldn't let Mom dress me like a girl, then no surprise for Beth or me. It wasn't fair. I'm a boy. I shouldn't have to dress like a girl and pretend to be one. Emily and George would tease me and probably tell everyone I wore dresses and diapers. And what did Mom say? Oh yes, "if anyone found out I was really a boy in dresses that they would tease me bad."

"Mom, please I don't really want too. Can't we just have our surprise?" I pleaded.

Mrs. Brown looked at her forlorn son and thought; I wonder what's up with him. First I find him in dresses and diapers taking a bottle and sucking his thumb and now he doesn't seem to want to even wear a dress. Georges teasing must have gotten to him. I like to crown that kid. Well I think he just wants some encouragement so he can justify in his mind wearing dresses and pretending to be a girl. Well here goes nothing, I'll see how badly he reacts to some forcefulness. If he really balks then I'll have a son back. If he goes ahead maybe I'll be stuck with three daughters.

"Laurie Ann! That's about enough whining. You played in a dress all morning of your own desire. I told you if you were going to wear girl's clothes then you had better practice being and acting like a girl or you'd suffer the consequences. Now if you want to spoil the surprise for you and your sister then go get in your own clothes. Otherwise stop whining and start getting dressed. You can surely put on your own panties and camisole." Mom said in no uncertain terms even shocking Beth into silence with her raised voice.

I was in shock. Mom rarely yelled at us. With head hung down I walked over to the pile of clothes she had pointed out to me and picked the white lacy nylon panties off the top. With my back turned to her I stepped into the panties and pulled them up my hairless legs and up around my waist. They squeezed my thingies down there and I reach a hand down inside the panties and pushed them all back between my legs so they weren't squeezed so much. I then slipped the little white nylon lace camisole with little string straps over my head and down over my tummy. I turned to look for Beth.

Mom was helping her into they same style panties and camisole I had just put on. They were white lacy nylon too. She was jabbering to Mom trying to find out the promised surprise. I looked at the clothes on the bed more closely and recognized them. They were the sailor style dresses she bought for Carol and Beth last spring. I only ever saw them in them once. Carol's, that I was going to be wearing, was white with blue piping around the bib style collar, the short puffed sleeves, and the hem of the full skirt and the front that had the big bow tied at the neck line. Beth's was the mirror image but hers was blue where Carol's was white and white where Carol's was blue. Mom slipped a very full skirted slip over Beth and then had her step into her dress as she buttoned it up the back. She reached up under her dress and pulled the slip down and then told Beth, "Go ahead and put your shoes and socks on while I help Laurie Ann finish."

I was almost in tears as Mom came over and held the slip for me. "Lift your arms up sweety. These slips are so pretty it's almost a shame to hide them with a dress. I'm glad you decided to be Laurie Ann awhile longer. It means a lot to your sister and it's ok if you like pretending to be a girl."

I was soon in my slip and dress sitting on the edge of the bed as Mom slipped the white ankle socks on me with the turned down blue lace trim to match the dress. Beth's were blue with white lace tops. Beth was slipping on navy blue shiny patent leather Mary-Jane style shoes and buckling the strap as Mom was slipping white patent leather shoes of the same style on me. They felt a little big but I didn't say anything to Mom. As Mom knelt before me she whispered, "Laurie Ann you need to remember to keep your knees together wearing dresses. You'll be showing everyone your pretty panties if you don't."

I actually turned red as I slapped my knees together pinching folds of the lacy slip between my legs. Oh, I thought those feel really weird on my legs, kind of like the panties feel when I put them on. I'm sure I turned even redder at that thought but I didn't know why.

Once we were both outfitted Mom took the ponytails out and brushed our hair out. The hot iron was used to curl bangs over our foreheads and matching ribbons separated our hair from behind our ears and wrapped up over our heads to form a bow on the top. I was as yet forlorn at my predicament and my frown should have told anyone looking I was under duress. I should have just forgot the surprise and gone and been a boy. Beth on the other hand was all smiles and giggles. We both stood as told in front of Mom and the big mirror for inspection.

"Oh my goodness," she exclaimed, "You two are just adorable. Laurie Ann if your hair was longer, like your sister's, you'd be identical twins."

My sister's hair had never been cut, only trimmed on occasion. It reached clear down her back to her bum while mine was only at shoulder length. This hair difference was going to play a part in my discovery later.

Mom then handed us little purses to match our outfits. I had to admit seeing myself and Beth together in the mirrored reflection there wasn't any boy there. The sensation of the dress and slip hanging at mid thigh and brushing my legs with every movement was a nice sensation that would always remain my secret. Beth did a quick spin around and her dress and slips rode higher up her thighs. I had to smile at her impish act and then mimicked her twirl myself smiling as I did so. Oh the breeze under the dress and the swish of the soft nylon of the slip were really nice.

"Oh that's better Laurie Ann. Your so pretty when you smile like that you could light up the world," Mom praised and continued. "Now lets's go get that big surprise I promised my pretty little girls."

We were going out! I followed Mom to the door behind Beth leading our fashion prade. I grabbed Mom's hand to stop her and pleaded my case, "Mom, you didn't say we were going anywhere. People will see me. You even said they'd tease me. I don't want to go out dressed like this."

Mom stopped and bent down to look me in the eyes, "Honey I said you couldn't act like a boy or look like a boy in a dress or people would tease you. You can't possibly believe anybody who sees you would ever believe you weren't a pretty little girl, now would you? Come on now I'm sure your going to like the surprise." She stood taking my hand and leading me out towards the car. Beth and I were buckled into the back seat and we were off to an unknown destination.

As Mom started out Beth turned to me and said, "Oh Laurie Ann I'm so glad you're my sister today. When Carol and I wore these dresses she complained so much to Mom about looking like a little girl that we never got to wear them again together. I really like my dress and really like that we look so much alike, even more than Carol and me did. Are you excited? I really am. I could almost pee my panties. OH, Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I mean please don't get to excited and do anything in your panties, Mom might get mad and make you wear a diaper again."

"Beth be quiet. I'm not going to pee my panties. I mean my pants. I'm not real excited about being out where everyone can see me. I wouldn't have let Mom dress me like this if it weren't for the surprise. Can't you even remember I'm your brother not your sister and I don't like wearing dresses," I retorted.

"Well some girls don't like wearing dresses either, but I do. Maybe Mommy will buy you some girl's pants and tops if you don't want to wear dresses. I think you look so pretty in dresses though."

"Beth, I don't want to look pretty. I want to look like a boy."

At that Beth closed up and her smile was replaced by a frown as she folded her arms in front of her in a pouted manner. Mom swung into the parking area by the newly renovated downtown area of shops. The mid afternoon sun was bright and a slight breeze blew. Several blocks of little shops and eateries were contained in cobble stone streets blocked off to traffic. There was a substantial crowd already milling through the area and shops as we arrived. I couldn't believe this was the surprise. All these people would be watching me. They'd know. They'd know I was really a boy, I was sure of it. Frozen in fear I was almost trembling as Mom opened the doors and unbuckled us from our seats.

"Mom," I whined, " I can't go here. People will see me. They'll know. Please Mom, don't make me."

"Stop it right now!" Mom ordered in that raised voice, "No one is going to know unless you tell them. Now quit being such a baby and get out. We're going to have a wonderful time here today if you don't spoil it for everyone."

I was reluctantly dragged from the seat and with Beth on one of Mom's hands and me on the other we preceded into the courtyard. The warm summer breezes played with the hem of my dress and slip. It blew my hair across the back of my neck and tickled almost as much as the slip did on my legs. Several people passed and not one of them said "Oh look there's a boy in a dress." In fact they usually smiled at Mom and then turned their smiles downward on us. On lady said to Mom as we passed, "Oh my you've got such gorgeous daughters and I simply love their outfits." Mom simply thanked the lady and smiled as we continued our march.

Halfway down the block we were directed into one of the shops. It's name said "The Princess Shop". Once in the door we were accosted by a older woman about my Grandma's age. "Oh Mrs. Brown, so good to see you again. Oh My these two are absolutely beautiful in those outfits. I remember when you bought them this spring.

Oh are they identical twins or fraternal twins?"

I was cowering behind Mom's skirt trying to hide. Mom replied to the Lady, "Oh thank you Bea. I'm glad you think they do your clothes justice. No, there not even twins. Actually Laurie Ann is eleven months older than Beth."

"Well Laurie Ann and Beth you could have fooled me. Your both so pretty," Bea smiled down at us, and continued, "What can we do for such pretty princesses today?"

Mom spoke up shocking me, "Well the girls have been so good so far this summer I thought I'd get them both a new summer outfit for church and such."

"Oh your right on time as we just got a new shipment of some of the prettiest summer dresses we've ever handled here. Follow me, please. And we have all kinds of accessories for them too."

Bea led the charge as Beth followed on the ladies heels. I hang back pulling on Mom's hand to get her attention. "Mom," I said in a whisper, "Is this the surprise? I don't want no dresses."

""Oh this is just part of the surprise. Be patient little girl. And further more you can't just keep borrowing Carol's old clothes to dress in. You're going to have to have some of your own. Now I know you have to protest but we both know deep down you like it, now don't you?"

I considered an open argument with Mom right there in front of everyone. I didn't want to wear dresses. I was a boy. In my mind I could see the confrontation me telling Mom I was a boy and didn't want to wear panties and girls stuff. Other people would hear that and point and laugh at me. And then Mom would get mad and call me a big sissy and probably pull my dress up and spank me in front of everyone. It wasn't hard to decide to wait to fight another day.

Mom ushered me into a dressing room in the middle of the store. I thought that was ok since at least I wasn't out in the store area for everyone to see. Then she told Beth to help me get out of my dress and slip while she and the clerk found something suitable for me to wear.

Beth started unbuttoning my dress, I mean the dress, and then started again, " Oh Laurie Ann, I hope Mommy buys us dresses to match. I'm going to ask her for a new dress too."

"Beth, what ever she buys for me in here is going to be yours. I don't like wearing dresses and pretending to be a yucky girl. So you pick the dress you like cause it's going to be yours when we leave here."

I was standing in just the underwear and camisole when Mom pushed back into the small room with her arms loaded with dresses. "Oh Laurie Ann these new summer dresses are unbelievable. I'd buy the whole lot for you if I could afford it. Now I'll leave Beth to help you dress and when you have the dress on come out here so I can see it on you and you can see for yourself how it looks on you in the big mirror."

Beth interrupted, "Mommy can I please have a new dress too. Please Mommy. These are really nice."

Mom responded, "Yes, I think you should have one also. Let's get Laurie Ann fitted first and then you can try some on."

"Mom," I pleaded, "I don't want a dress. Just buy some for Beth, pleaseee."

"Don't be silly. You really need some of your own clothes now get busy while I look around out here," she responded.

I was in more dresses than I ever believed possible. Frilly sundresses, summery frocks with short hemlines and longer ones. Pink ones, blue ones, yellow ones, white ones all combinations of materials from cotton to satiny ones were thrust on my body. Each new outfit I was pushed out into the main store to the ew's and ah's of Mom and the shop keeper. I was sent back in several times to either put this or that slip on under the dress. Finally mom had narrowed her selection to four dresses and now I was to pick which of the four I would like best. They were all frilly. However, by this time I was kinda of numb and was resigned to pretending to be a girl. So I looked at the selections trying to remember each as I had worn them. "This one I guess."

I held out the white lace sundress with the lace straps and pink bows on them. The top was kind of like stretchy tight around my chest and with eyelet lace rows around it and a pink ribbon intertwined in the lace. The waist had a sown in pink ribbon kind of belt that the ends tied around in back in a big bow. In fact the bow was already tied all you had to do was hook it around you rather than tying it. The skirt was very full and again had matching lace and ribbons that ended in scalloped lace hem just above my knees. I guess if you had to wear a dress this one felt better on than some of the others. It did require a petty slip underneath it but at least it didn't require petticoats. I remembered wearing it in front of the mirror. I really looked girly and even felt girly. Oh Shit what was I thinking. I'd never wear this dress.

"Oh honey I was hoping you'd pick that one. It looked so beautiful on you and I've already got the accessories for with it picked out. Here kick your shoes off and try these sandals on with it," Mom excitedly said as she handed me a pair of white strap

sandals with a pink bow on the toe where the straps crossed. I slide them on without complaint and knew if I were a girl that this would be an awesome outfit, but I wasn't no darn girl!

About that time Beth came flying out of the dressing room in the same dress but it was white with yellow trim. "Look Mommy! Don't you just love it. It's just like Laurie Ann's except the color. Can I have it, please Mommy?" Beth cajoled.

"Of course you can dear. I did promise and you look as lovely in your dress as Laurie does in hers. I can't wait to see you two all dolled up in your dresses together." Mom replied.

Beth was ecstatic and threw her arms around me and hugged me right there. I had had enough. I ask Mom, "Can I please wait outside for you?"

I felt really trapped in the store and figured I could find a place of solitude outside to wait for Mom.

"Oh Sure Dear. Just help your sister get dressed and take her with you while I pay for these things."

"But Mom, I really don't need a dress. Why don't you just get one for Beth?"

"Nonsense! Now just go help your sister and wait for me outside."

I helped Beth back into her sailor dress and we exited the store in out sailor uniforms. I headed straight for an isolated bench back in an alcove between stores as Beth followed. They wind blew and I was busy holding my skirt down for fear of having my panties exposed. Beth thought it funny and was giggling about it. I had to admit in my mind it was rather funny struggling to hold down the hem in so many different areas. I giggled too. I sat on the bench remembering to fold my skirt under me and keeping my knees tightly together. Sitting pulled the skirt of the dress even higher up on my thighs than just standing or walking in it. The lacy white slip was exposed. Beth sat down beside me mimicking my prior actions.

It was then that I looked up across the mall area to see George and some other boys looking directly at us. George was pointing and smirking. The boys with him were just looking kind of dumb and then they all were laughing and pointing and talking among themselves. Beth or I could not hear the conversation but I could imagine what he was telling them. I felt the fiery glow begin at the top of my head and spread down over my body clear to the extremities of my fingers and toes. They promised they would ever tell anyone but I was sure George was telling them now.

George and three of his buddies from school had been biking around town most of the day. It was when they stopped in the downtown mall area for pop when George happened to look across the mall area to see Beth and yes, yes it had to be, Bobby in a dress coming out of the Princess shop. He was a keen observer as he watched Bobby struggle with his dress against the wind. Well he saw enough to see he wasn't wearing diapers but he was sure wearing everything else girly. Geeze, he wondered, why would a boy want to look like a girl? And man he couldn't believe it from the first time he saw him in a dress how much he looked like a girl. He was even better looking than his sister Carol. Well I promised Carol and Mrs. Brown I wouldn't tell anybody but I really wouldn't be telling anyone if they saw him in a dress themselves, now would I? With that justification he poked Jesse in the ribs and pointed towards Bobby and Beth now seated on the bench.

'Hey see those girls over there?" He ask his friends

"Ouch, yeah, I see them so what?," replied Jesse.

"Well what if I told you one of them wasn't even a girl."

"Yeah, like sure. What are you trying now? What kind of stupid do you think we are?

You want us to go over and ask which one is the girl and have them screaming and their Mother all over us?" Jesse responded to the supported, "Yeah's" of the others.

"No, No guys I really mean it. One of them is really a boy, the girl's brother. You know his other sister, Carol Brown."

"You're shitting me. That's a boy? Man what a fairy boat. Come on let's go have some fun with the fairy," Jesse laughing said.

"Shit no man. Just look for right now. If we go over there now I'll be in deep shit. I promised his Mom and Carol I wouldn't tell and I didn't. You guys seen him yourself, right? So I didn't tell you anything. You'll see him again and then you can have your fun."

"Well OK, this time. How old is he? Does he dress like a girl for school too?"

"Oh, he's like 5 or 6. He's just starting the first grade this fall. Probably St. Catharine's, that's where his sister goes."

"Well this could be a fun year at school. Come on let's go shoot some hoops." And they were off.

Bobby watched in stark terror as it appeared they were all coming towards them but then they turned and headed out of the mall. He knew George saw him and told them about him. He wondered why they hadn't come over to him and tormented him. He was sick in the stomach just thinking about what had transpired. The red embarrassment had faded to the white clamminess of pure fear. It was then that his Mother turn-up. She looked to her two girls sitting so prettily on the bench and then saw the white pallor of her son's face.

"Oh there you two are. What's the matter Bob.. Laurie Ann? Are you sick?" Mom inquired as she freed a hand from her package-laden arms to place it across his forehead. "Your skin is clammy. Your sick aren't you. Poor baby, let's get you home. Can you girls help me with these packages? Is your stomach upset, dear?"

Taking some of the packages from her I tried to reply still feeling as if I had a ball of cotton stuffed down my throat, "I.. I.. I mean George was here, He saw me and he was with some other guys. He was pointing at me, I know he told them." Tears were forming in the corners of my eyes.

"George wouldn't do that, honey. He promised and I've never known George to lie. Besides he didn't come over here and bother you or your sister, did he?"

When we got home Mom sorted the packages and sent both Beth and I to our rooms laden with packages. This had to be more than a dress and shoes, I thought. I piled the packages on my bed and wondered what surprises were held in the bags. I wasn't going to look and have Mom think I had the slightest interest in what she had bought. I would see Beth got all the girly things contained herein just as soon as possible. The next step was to get out of this ridiculous outfit. I had to call Beth to help me unbutton the dress just as she had to do in the fitting room.

"Oh Laurie Ann are you going to be a boy again? I thought you'd be my sister the rest of the day," Beth whined as she helped me out of the dress.

"I am a boy. And I don't want to be a girl anymore. You can have all this stuff Mom bought today," I almost yelled at her.

"I'm sorry," she whined.

I was back in my jeans and a t-shirt when Mom came back into my room. She looked from me to the clothes I had stripped out of and the packages still on the bed. Disappointment shown in her eyes as she addressed me, "Bobbi, You took your pretty outfit off. I thought for sure you'd be trying on your new clothes."

"Mom," I whined, "I'm not a girl. I didn't want any dresses. I'm going to give all that stuff to Beth. Please Mom?"

Then a note of anger appeared in Mom's voice, "You ungrateful little snot. I take you shopping and buy you clothes of your very own and then you act like this. You're the one all dressed up like a girl this morning. I didn't hear you complaining then. You let me take you to the mall and buy you clothes and now you tell me your going to give them away? I don't think so missy. No, these will just go in your closet and drawers for the next time you want to pretend to be my daughter so you can leave your sister's stuff alone."

I was shocked at Mom's outburst. I had made her feel bad. She was more hurt than mad, I thought. "Ah.. ah I.. I'm sorry Mom. But.. I I am a boy remember."

"Well little boy pick up those clothes you threw all over. Hang your dress and slip on a hanger and put them in your closet. Then put your underwear in the hamper with your socks and put the shoes in your closet. I'll make room for the rest of your things in your drawers while you do that."

I did as told and then watched in abject horror as Mom took the rest of the items she purchased for me out of the bags and began handing them to me to put in the drawer she had rearranged. Girl's panties, pink, blue and white ones along with matching little undershirts with hardly any straps were neatly folded and placed in the drawers. This was followed by girly socks, lace top ones and even long ones like my sisters wore with there school uniforms. She even took out a shoebox and handed to me that contained a black shiny pair of girl's shoes with a little strap and gold buckle. I was afraid to say anything about the things as she handed them to me and told me where they were to be put. As much as I wanted to scream and throw them out I didn't want to hurt Mom's feeling anymore either. She said she wouldn't make me dress like a girl so I just would never ever wear those things.

"There now, everything in it's place. You can now wear your own clothes when you want to pretend again," Mom said as we finished.

"Yeah, thanks I guess," I muttered in reply.

The rest of the evening went pretty quiet. It was after I was in bed almost asleep when I heard raised voices. It was Mom and Dad. I listened as closely as possible without leaving the confines of my bed. I heard Dad first, "What the hell do you mean you bought a dress for our son? What's wrong with you? Are you forgetting that he's our son, a boy?"

Mom in reply, "Settle down and keep your voice down. You'll have the whole house awake. He's the one who showed up this morning in a dress complete with his sister's underwear and his hair done with ponytails and ribbons. We talked about this before. He may have a problem and it's something we are going to have to help him through and support him in. What are you going to do? Disown him and throw him in the street at six years old?"

"No, you know what I mean. He's a boy and I don't think treating him like a girl or helping him in this fantasy is going to help him any. Do you have any idea what's going to happen to him in school if the other kids find out he dresses in girls clothes?"

"That's not going to happen unless he lets them know. If he goes that far with this then we really need to get him professional help."

"Sounds to me like he's already getting professional help in turning into a pansy."

The voices quieted and if there was a resolution I didn't hear it. I lay awaye for a long time that night wondering just what Mom was thinking. I mean it was like OK once to pretend to be a girl but I didn't want to be a girl. Dad was right I was a boy. Sure girls clothes were soft and pretty but they were for girls not us boys.

Time raced by that summer. Everyday I opened my drawers or closet I was reminded of being a pretend girl. I was just as determined never to pretend again and never put on any of those things. Beth of course was always pestering me to be her sister and although I did play dolls and house with her out of shear boredom I refused to pretend to be her sister or wear girls clothes. Every now and then Mom would relent that she couldn't understand how after she bought all those nice clothes for me that I wouldn't wear them.

School was only a week away. New school uniforms were bought for Carol and Beth and I got my first real school uniform for the first grade. Gray dress pants, white shirt with the plaid school colored tie. A dark blue blazer with the school emblem on the pocket completed the uniform.. The girl's uniforms were white knee socks, gray pleated skirts, white blouses, the plaid ties, and a dark blue blazer like the boys but the fronts were cut with round lapels. They also had plaid hair ribbons and head bands to fix there hair. Their shoes were like the ones that sat in my closet. The shiny black ones with the little strap and buckle. Beth's kindergarten uniform was similar to Beth's but instead of a skirt and blouse she had a jumper and blouse.

I was taken along with my sister's to the hair place in the mall to get our hair cut and trimmed for school. Regulations for boys said the hair was to up off the collars. Girls of course could wear theirs any length. So instead of the usual crew cut Mom told the lady to only cut my hair regulation length, up off my collar. I wished I had worn a higher necked shirt. The girls got a trim and I had what appeared to me to be a page boy style with bangs.

As I looked in the mirror at the shop I ask Mom, "Mom please can I have some more cut off it? Can't I have a crew cut again?"

"Oh Bobby, quit complaining. Your hair looks really nice that way. Anyway they don't do crew cuts in this shop," was Mom's curt reply.

So we were already for the first big day at school. Scrubbed within an inch of our lives, hair perfectly groomed, shoes shined we were sent out the door to school. I was a first grader a real move up from those half day kids in kindergarten. Sure I had reservations about the big change but then I knew Carol would know all the ropes and had been instructed by Mom to make sure we got to the right classrooms and everything.

We dropped Beth in her room first then Carol took me to my homeroom. She said, Oh you got Sister Sara. Don't smart off to her she can really be mean. When she comes in be sure to stand up by your desk with your arms at your sides and don't even think about laughing."

So it was with great trepidation I eased into the room and found an empty desk. There was a lot of chit chat going on but I really didn't know hardly anyone so I was being quiet and to my self. All of a sudden a bell rang shrilly as I almost jumped out of my skin. I jumped to my feet beside the desk just as Sister Sara engulfed the room with her enormous presence. "Alright children, I will have silence. You will all stand at your desk as you will every morning upon my arrival. Each morning we will begin our day together with an inspection."

With a ruler in her hand she started moving up and down the asiles stopping at each student. Everyone had to hold out there hands as she inspected them as she ask everyone's name. "Melissa, is it? Well Melissa school regulations require your skirt length to be no more than one inch above your kneecap." She held the ruler to the skirt hem of the frightened girl and said, "Pleas inform your Mother that the hem is to be lowered one inch before you return to class tomorrow."

"Mr. Beatty, we do not tolerate scuffed and dirty shoes. If you can't appear here tomorrow in clean and polished shoes you may well find yourself attending classes in your bare feet."

Then she stood there in front of me as I trembled in y newly shined shoes. I held my hand out and turned them over for her inspection. She look at them and even took my hand and turned it back over inspecting my nails closely. The then turned her attention to my hair. She pulled my hair in the back straight as the natural curl had turned it under in the pageboy style. "Mr. Brown is it or is it Miss Brown? Regulation uniforms for girls are skirts not trousers." There were a series of giggles from the classroom quickly cut short by Sister Sara's look around the classroom. "Mr. or Miss Brown, a boys hair is to be off the collar not curled up in under. We may tolerate long fingernails well groomed on the girls but we expect our young men to have well groomed short nails. I would suggest you remedy this problem before tomorrow's class or wear the appropriate uniform one of which will be provided if you fail to make the necessary changes."

I was totally humiliated in front of the entire class. My face burned crimson and if there had been an ounce more liquid in my bladder I would have been soaking the floor. Tears were forming in the corner of my eyes as Sister Sara had set the stage for our relationship over the oncoming school year. She saw the tears forming and rather than backing off her humiliation of me continued as she went on to the next student, "Well it must be Miss Brown the cry baby." This time she made no attempt to stifle the laughter from my class mates.

The rest of the day was a blur for me. I never really recovered from the humiliation visited upon me those first few minutes in Sister Sara's classroom. At lunch in the cafeteria we were marched in and through the lines and sat at tables with our class. There was to be no talking during this time. That didn't stop a few clever remarks from some of the boys in the class sitting nearest me. "Hey are you really a girl? Are you going to wear a skirt tomorrow? I'll bet my sister would lend you a head band for your hair." I accepted it all in silence for fear of bringing more of Sister Sara's wrath down on me and hoping by not responding they would forget it and leave me alone.

As we left school Carol and I met up outside of school. Beth had finished her half day and was already home having been picked up by Mom. As we started home Carol began, "Hey I heard some boy in your class really got it from Sister Sara today. Who was it?"

I mumbled under my breath, "She really got on me."

"You! You're the one she threatened to make wear a girl's uniform? No kidding? What did you do to make her so mad?"

"I didn't do anything." Tears started. "She said my hair was to long like a girls and my fingernails were like a girls."

"Oh wow! So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to cut my fingernails down as short as I can and if I have to I'll cut all my hair off."

"Well you better tell Mom. Sister Sara probably would make you wear a skirt if I know her. I don't think she likes boys very well. I know when I had her she was always picking on the boys for something or other, but then most of them deserved what they got. Oh quit crying like a little girl. Mom will take care of it."

I sniffed a little and sucked it up at least till I got home. Then when I saw Mom and she ask how school went today I lost it all. I sobbed and told her how Sister Sara had humiliated me and how my hair and nails were too long and how I had to get all my hair cut off before tomorrow. Mom held me in her arms as we sat on the couch with my head snuggled in her cleavage as she ran her fingers through my hair and tried to comfort me.

"Now , now Bobby. Dry up those tears. I'll take care of this. I have a talk with Sister Sara and straighten everything out. We can't get you to the hair shop before Saturday but I'll see what I can do with your hair and we'll get those nails all shaped up," Mom soothed.

"No Mom I have to get my hair cut tonight. Just cut it all off. I don't care. Pleaseeeeeee, Mom," I cried. "Carol said she would make me wear a skirt if I didn't get my hair and nails cut."

"Oh no, she won't. Now just quit crying. I said, I'll take care of it."

And so after dinner that night I sat as Mom trimmed my nails, not nearly as short as I wanted them but at least they were a lot shorter. Then she put this clear stuff on them even over my protests. "Mom not that stuff. It makes them all shiny."

"It's just nail hardener. Now hold still. Sister Sara will approve because it will make your nails look clean and well groomed. Now don't you want to please Sister Sara so she's nice to you in school?"

"What about my hair? Are you going to cut it now?"

"I'll take care of your hair in the morning before school. I'll talk with the school tomorrow and set things right. Now you go let your nails dry and get ready for bed."

I slept fitfully that night and was awoken earlier than normal. Mom pulled me into the bathroom and soaked my head under the faucet and scrubbed my hair. When she finished she combed it out wet and trimmed the bangs and clipped the ends but didn't cut it off as I ask. As I looked in the mirror the long wet sides would certainly hang on my collar.

"Mom," I protested, "You got to cut more off. Please Mom."

"I said I'd take care of it. Now hold still and be quiet. Let me finish and I'll bet you'll agree it will be short enough for even Sister Sara's inspection."

Begrudgingly I sat in a huff as Mom then used a blow dryer and brush to dry my hair and make it look all fluffy.

"Mom," I once again protested, "That won't help it still is too long. Please just cut some more off it."

"Just be quiet. I'm not finished yet, Have a little patience," Mom responded as then pulled out a curling iron and started rolling my hair up in it and then spraying it real stinky stuff.

"Mom, that stuff stinks and it's making curls. Please Mom, just cut it off."

With that outburst I got a crack across the back of the head as Mom with frustration sounding in her voice said, "Just shut up! Your hair will be well off your collar and will look neat and well groomed. The spray will just make sure it stays that way till you get home from school. You don't want it down over your collar when Sister Sara can see you, now do you?"

I shut up and when Mom was done I had curls all over my head. It was true the curls held my hair well off my collar but I swear I looked like a Shirley Temple doll. I protested one more time, "Mom, please I can't go to school like this. I do look like a girl now."

"Look here young man, I'll straighten your hair back out if that's the way you want to present yourself to Sister Sara. But don't come home whining to me if you have to wear a girl's uniform at school. In fact if you want I'm sure your sister Carol has a uniform that will fit you and you can just wear it to school."

I shut up. I went to my room as Mom laid out my uniform, my boys uniform, and clean underwear. I picked up the underwear laid out and held it up not recognizing it as mine. They were shiny like white nylon. I turned them around and looked. There wasn't a peephole. "Mom, these aren't my underwear. They look like girl's underwear. I'm not going to wear girl's underwear to school."

"Bobby, those are your underwear. All the rest of yours are dirty. The're the ones I bought you this summer and it won't hurt you to wear them. They'll be under your uniform and no one is going to see them. Now do as your told or you can wear the pink ones," Mom retorted.

I slipped them on along with a t-shirt that had those narrow straps on them. I quickly put my uniform on and went to eat breakfast. I had hardly sat down when Carol started on me. "Well, well aren't we cute in all our curls?"

"Mom, make her shut up!" I whined.

Then Beth added, "Oh Bobby, your hair is so pretty like that. It looks like my dolly's hair."

"Mommmmmm!" I whined more.

"Ok, that's enough out of you two. I did the best I could to get him through school the rest of this week under Sister Sara's scrutiny," Mom said. "Now I don't need you two causing anymore problems. Now get finished and get your books and off to school with all of you."

And so with much trepidation I headed off to school with my two sisters. I was dreading the line up in front of Sister Sara and the rest of the class. I hoped Mom had talked to her and got things straightened out.

I saw George and Jesse across the street as I entered the school and headed to my home room. I couldn't hear their conversation and it was best I didn't.

Jesse was saying to George, "Look at that sissy. He's the one we saw wearing the dress with his sisters, isn't it?"

"Yeah, that's him. I heard old Sister Sara was going to make him wear a girl's uniform at school because his hair and fingernails were to long? Now he's got his hair all in curls like a real sissy," George replied.

Jesse laughed as he continued, "Well maybe he wants to be a girl. Maybe we should help him and Sister Sara out a little bit."

George questioned him, "What do you mean? What have you got in mind?"

"Oh, just meet me at recess this afternoon. You know him don't you?"

"Yeah, I know him. So what?"

"Well just get him over to the locker room during recess, you'll see."

They both then head to their homeroom classes.

Meanwhile I was at my desk awaiting the arrival of my doom sayer, Sister Sara. I heard some giggles and saw some of the girls pointing at me. I was sure it was my hair. I kept my hands hid in my pockets so no one would see the shiny hardener.

The bell rang and everyone jumped to his or her feet. Sister Sara made her grand entrance. She started on the far side of the room that just added to my anxiety. Finally she was there and I held out my hands as she seemingly ignored them as she studied my hair. She began, "Well, Mr. Brown do you think your pretty curls meets the regulations for our young men's hair length?" She reached out and pulled at one of the curls on the side of my head stretching it's length down and barely over the collar of my shirt. "I think Mr. Brown that unless you remedy this situation by tomorrow we're going to have to find you a new school uniform to wear."

I tried to defend myself, "But.. but my Mom called you, Didn't she? She explained, didn't she?"

"Mr. or Miss Brown, I believe I ask you a question which I do not expect to be answered with a question. The question was do you think curling your hair like a sissy meets the regulations for our young men?" Sister Angela said as she continued her inspection.

"I, I I guess not. But Mom said I could get it cut on Saturday even in a crew cut," I replied rather sheepishly.

"I see and so you believe wearing curls that are not natural until Saturday will be OK?" She ask as more snickering broke out. "And would you like to also wear one of the girl's uniforms to class until Saturday then also?"

"No, I mean yes but I thought my hair would be ok, my Mom said she'd ask you. And no," almost in a whisper I said, "I don't want to wear a girl's uniform."

She then took my hands and turned them over to look at my nails, "And what do we have here? Yes shorter nails and well groomed but it would appear you've also polished them. Is that correct Miss Brown?"

"Ah, ah my Mom did it. She said it would keep them from looking bad."

"Girls, what are the regulations in regard to using make-up and nail polish?" Sister Sara addressed the class. There was just some mumbling, as no one really wanted to become part of this redressing. "Come on now girls tell Miss Brown. All together now."

And they did, "Make-up is not to be worn in school or school activities until the seventh grade."

"Now Miss Brown, do you think that only applies to the girls? If you show up tomorrow wearing nail polish I can guarantee you you'll also be wearing lipstick, hair ribbons and a skirt. Do you understand me Missy Brown?"

Tears of humiliation were squeezed from the corners of my eyes as I replied, "Yes, Sister Sara."

"Good, then we understand one another and having your Mommy call me to tell me how to run my class for your benefit is not acceptable," She said as she finally completed my humiliation and started class.

I tried to remain invisible throughout the class. However, the more I receded into my shell the more often Sister Sara would single me out to answer a question and always addressing me by "Missy Brown." I was avoided like the plague during lunch but I could see different ones looking at me and whispering to their friends.

As the afternoon started we were released to the sports area for recess. I wasn't looking forward to it as several classes at a time were given the use of the area at one time. My Sister Carol was there with her girl friends and even she avoided me. I hadn't been there long when George, Carol's friend, the one who had seen me in a dress, cam over to me. He spoke directly to me. "Man I heard old Sister Sara really has it in for you. Man I pity you. Hey I know how you can get back in her good graces and get her to leave you alone."

"Yeah she really seems to have it in for me. I'm the only one she seems to pick on," I replied. I was shocked that George of all people would befriend me and offer help. "How can I get her to like me and leave me alone?"

"Come on with me. In the locker room and I'll tell you all about it. I don't want her seeing me with you and figuring out where you got the idea."

"Ok," I said. I followed George into the locker room and back behind the lockers near the shower. That's when Jesse and Brad and another guy I didn't know all showed up. I was really nervous now. "I, I better get back George. Maybe you can tell me later."

That's when Jesse grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me backwards off my feet yelling to the others, "De-pants him. Brad help me hold the little shit. George, you and will get his pants down."

I screamed, "Let me go! Help!" I struggled to no avail as my belt was loosened and my pants were pulled down and over my legs.

That resulted in Jesse twisting my arm up behind my back sending pain all through my arm as he said, "Shut up you little sissy. You get one of the Sister's of Brother's in here with your screaming and you'll regret it. You'll end up getting the shit kicked out of you everyday. Now be quiet."

I was beaten. I knew they were going to do what ever they wanted and I couldn't stop them. I really believed that all I'd succeed in doing was getting myself beat up everyday of my life.

That's when Brad shouted, "Look the fucking sissy is wearing girls panties." "No shit's" and "Holy shit" followed this revelation from my captors.

I tried to defend myself, "No they aren't. They're boys briefs, just not boxers" as tears flooded my eyes.

"Strip the sissy," Ordered Jesse. And they did just that. In a few seconds I was stripped to the girls undershirt and panties.

When they saw this and saw my complete collapse the taunts and teasing intensified. However, it appeared George was attempting to defend me or was getting cold feet, as he said to the others, "Hey guys maybe this is to much. Why don't we just leave him to get dressed? He's not going to say anything cause we know he's wearing his sister's underwear."

I retorted without thinking, "They're not my sister's they're mine. There boys underwear."

Jesse responded, "Well the tag says girls size six," as he pulled the waistband out and read the tag. "And don't worry he won't be telling anyone anything if he wants to live. Now give me that bag."

Brad handed Jesse the bag that he emptied on the floor in front of me. It was all there.

A girl's uniform complete with the knee socks, t-bar shoes, pleated plaid skirt, white blouse, blazer and headband.

"Guys you can't do this. Please," I cried. "George help me," I pleaded.

"Here I thought we'd have to let him wear his boy underwear under his uniform, but this is even better," Jesse said. "Now let's help the sissy get dressed."

They were all over me. Knee socks were rolled up my legs. The t-bar shoes barely fit as they squeezed my feet in them. The white nylon slip was draped over my head as the blouse was fitted over my arms and buttoned up the back. The tie was placed in a bow under the collar and the skirt was pulled up over and zipped and buttoned in the back. The Headband was used to separate my bangs from the curls as the girl's blazer was placed on me. My clothes were being placed in the bag from which the uniform had been taken.

Standing there with tears rolling down my cheeks and deep sobs they completed their task. Jesse they said to George, "Give me the tag."

George somewhat reluctantly handed him a nametag that all the first graders had to wear. I paid no attention as it was pinned to the blazer. I just thought they had taken it off my uniform.

As they released me I sat down on the bench crying. "Ok guys… pleaseeee give me my clothes. My Mom will kill me if I don't have my uniform."

Jesse holding the bag and the others just turned and headed for the door as Jesse said, "Oh I'm sure your Mommy will appreciate your new uniform. And after all we're just helping Sister Sara out."

They left me alone in the locker room. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a girl. I looked like a little crying girl. What was I going to do? I searched the entire locker room for any boy's clothes. I found none. I wasn't going to go back to class dressed like this. In fact as I looked at myself in the mirror I realized the skirt length would not meet the regulations enforced by Sister Sara. I decided I would just sneak home and get changed. That presented a problem. There was no direct way out of the school from the locker rooms without scaling a six-foot fence. I'd just have to hide in here until school let out and then sneak out.

I heard the bell signaling the end of recess. What would Sister Sara do when I didn't return? Maybe she'd just think I was sick and went home without telling her. That would be another infraction of the regulations but I'd deal with that later. I watched the clock on the wall it said two o'clock. If I could just hide for another hour and a half I could sneak home.

Meanwhile in Sister Sara's class room there was a small panic. Sister Sara addressed the class, "It would seem Mr. Brown has chosen not to return to our class room. Have any of you seen him at recess or thereafter?" There was no immediate reply. "Now class a person does not just disappear into thin air. Did he tell any of you that he was sick or where he might be going?"

Then Melissa spoke up, "Ah, well I saw him at recess a little bit. But he went into the boy's locker room with some older boys and I didn't see him after that."

"Ok Class I want you all to get out your readers and start on page six. Read quietly until I get back and then I'll be asking you questions about what you read," Sister Sara Said as she exited the class room to investigate the locker room.

I had calmed down after a bit as no one had discovered me. I figured my plan would work. I stood up on one of the benches to look at myself in the mirror. Yes I did look like a girl. The curls only accentuated the look. I lifted my skirt and slip and tried to look more closely at the panties. I knew Mom had bought me girl's panties that day last summer. I just never thought she'd make me wear them.

I was so engrossed in my self-inspection I didn't hear the door open. And Sister Sara never announced herself. As I turned to see if I could see the back of the outfit in the mirror the reflection I saw was that of Sister Sara with her mouth hanging open.

"Just what do you think your doing, Mr. Brown?" She yelled as she regained her composure. I lost my balance and fell from the bench recovering before I landed on my bum.

"I, I.." was all I could muster as tears flooded my eyes once more.

"Well sissy you shouldn't be hiding in here. Come on your late for class. I'm sure all your class mates want to see you in your uniform."

"But, but please Sister Sara. No, don't. These guys, they did it."

"What guys? It appeared to me you were just admiring your sissy self when I arrived. I don't see anyone else here."

What guys? How would I answer that? If I told they would beat me up everyday. If I didn't tell how would I ever explain this. "Some guys stole my clothes and they must have left these cause it was all I could find. I put them on so I could sneak home."

Sister Sara approached me and reaching for the hem of the skirt lifted both it and the slip revealing the white nylon panties. "And just what were you doing completely disrobed in the locker room that they could even steal your underwear?"

"I, I wasn't all undressed. I'm wearing my own underwear."

"And am I to understand your Mother buys you girl's underwear to wear?"

"Ah, well not really, it, it's just that she bought these by mistake and that's all I had to wear today, honest."

With that said she looked me up and down and at the nametag. "Laurie Ann, and who chose your sissy name your wearing on your uniform? You come with me back to class. If you want to be a sissy girl then you shall be. And you will stay after school until your parents can come over and we get to the bottom of this."

"No, please Sister Sara. Let me stay here till school is out. Call my Mom she'll come and get me."

"She'll come and get you after you finish your lessons for today." With that she grabbed me by the collar and arched me through the deserted halls back to my home room.

As she pushed me through the door she announced to the uh's and ah's followed by the giggling, "Class, Laurie Ann Brown will be with us the rest of today. We have made an exception for her in regard to her nail polish the length of her hemline. It would seem that Mr. Brown would rather be a girl and so we will honor his wishes at least for today."

During the last hour of class I was called upon at least four times to stand before the class and answer questions on our lessons. Every time I was greeted by giggles and laughter. My face burned red for the entire hour. It was always something like Sister Sara starting, "Laurie Ann, would you please stand and read Sally's part from your reader. Mr. Liken, Please stand with Laurie Ann and read John's part." And so it went until the bell finally signaled the end of my humiliation in front of my class.

"Alright class, you all have your assignments for tomorrow. I have something to attend too so I want you all to sit like ladies and gentlemen, quietly until the dismissal bell rings. You will then exit the class room quietly with the exception of Laurie Ann, who is to remain in her seat until I return," Sister Sara instructed.

Of course she had barely exited the room when they all started on me. "Oh do you think Laurie Ann is really a girl pretending to be a boy or a boy who wants to be a girl?"

"Oh Laurie Ann are you wearing the regulation slip and panties too?"

"Hey sissy boy do you want me to see if my sister has any pretty dresses she could lend you?"

"I'll bet your going to be a real star on the girl's soccer team. You'll look so cute in your little pink skirt and top out there with the other girls."

Finally the bell rang and the class exited but nearly everyone routed himself or herself past my desk for a final insult. Frankie even reached down and pulled the front of my skirt up and shouted, "Your right he has the regulation slip and panties too."

It seemed like hours but finally Sister Sara returned with my Mother right on her heels. She was talking to my Mother as she entered the room and behind her was Father Edward the principal of the school. "So you see Mrs. Brown although we threaten punishment to embarrass students into compliance with the regulations the school had no part in dressing your son in the uniform he is now wearing. I have no idea where he got the uniform and in regard to his underwear he told us that you had bought them for him."

Then Mom started, "Stand up young man. Is that your sister's uniform? And where did you get the nametag?"

I remained silent as Mom continued to Father Edward and Sister Sara, "I am so sorry. I can't believe he did this. I guess I should have suspected something more from the things that happened this summer. You see he did dress up on occasion as a girl to play with his sister Beth. I just thought it was cute and a stage he'd soon outgrow. And yes I did buy him some girl's underwear and a dress or two just so he wouldn't be borrowing his sister's things when they played dress-up. Don't worry when his Dad and I finish with him he'll be the best behaved boy in school and dressed like a boy."

Father Edward finally entered the conversation, "Now, now Mrs. Brown, let's not get too far off base here. Bobby, or would you rather I call you Laurie Ann?"

"No, Bobby," I muttered.

"Well Bobby can you tell us why you wanted to wear a girl's uniform to school? Do you like wearing girl's clothes?" Father Edward asks.

"I, I don't know," I mumbled.

"Well now Bobby you must have some idea. I mean for a boy to sneak out of class to go get dressed like a girl and then hide his own clothes. What were you thinking when you did that? And we did find your uniform in the girl's locker room. Were you in the girl's locker room? Is that where you found the uniform your wearing?"

"No, I was never in the Girl's locker room, honest I wasn't."

"Well Bobby do like to pretend to be a girl sometimes like when you played with your little sister?"

"I, well I just did that so, well cause it made her real happy."

"Oh, I see. And you like to make people happy, don't you Bobby?"

"Yeah I guess so."

"And if you can make people happy by pretending to be a girl then you like to do that?"

"I, I guess so. But I'm a boy."

"Do you think going to school as a pretend girl you'll make people happy?"

"No I don't think so. I didn't want to do this."

"Yes, I understand from Sister Sara that someone stole your clothes. But Bobby, you know we shouldn't lie that that's a mortal sin. Even sometimes when we really believe what we say it still sometimes lying to ourselves. Wait here a few minutes while I talk to your Mother, the you can all go home."

I sat there as if awaiting an execution. I didn't know what they were planning for me, probably stoning me to death in front of the school in a girl's dress.

In the hallway Father Edward addressed my Mother and Sister Sara, "It would seem apparent that your son is suffering some sort of gender disorder. He is young and this needs to be addressed by professionals. He may just like wearing clothes of the opposite sex or he could be a rare form of intersexed person. In any case we are not capable of handling this within our school. I would strongly suggest that you seek independent professional help for Bobby and we here at the school will work with yourself, Mr. Brown and the professionals. You may wish to continue to send him to school as a girl for the rest of this week or until you can get some professional advice. We will attempt to work with this to minimize any embarrassment to him or his sister's here at school."

Mom responded, " Oh Thank you Father. I'm not sure what to do but I would appreciate your talking to my husband about this. He is not being very opened minded about this whole thing. I'll talk with Bobby tonight and if he wants to return as a girl or himself I'll see that he does so. At least until I can get some professional advice."

Sister Sara added, "Yes I wasn't very fair to Bobby but then I had no idea he had this obsession with being a girl. I hope I didn't do any harm and I will see he is treated just like any other girl in the class if that's what's decided.

We rode in silence home with the exception of a tear squeezed out of the corner of my Mom's eye. I guess I had really hurt her, but it really wasn't my fault. Why could everyone just let me be the boy I am. Yeah the boy I am, sitting in the front seat of the car pulling at the hem of my skirt with a head full of curls and wearing girls underwear. You know they don't feel all that bad.




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