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Divine Seraph

by Austin Henshaw


Part Two


The Knight Trio

" So we have an attempted Seraph resurrection and the Darmoran Knight’s are released?" Merlin asked them. They all nodded. " This is very bad, luckily the one you fought was unarmed," Merlin said to Robert. Robert’s stomach still hurt from the day before. " Well right now we need to worry about the Knight’s, we have the book used to resurrect Seraph so they can’t use it," Merlin explained. They were in the Trio’s apartment. This was Robert’s, Anne’s, and Kevin’s apartment. " Well I believe an attack will come soon, unfortunately I have to go back to Felerco and fix a portal," Merlin said scratching his goatee. " We should be able to take care of ourselves," Kevin said. " These Knight’s are able to track you down anywhere you go, I’m sure you don’t want an attack in your apartment," Merlin said. Merlin snapped his fingers and the 3 of them saw darkness.

" Well Merlin seems pretty confident in our ability," Anne said to the others. They were in some chamber. The light in there seemed to have no source. " Well he knows I took on one unarmed and we are experience with fighting," Robert. It was really hot in the chamber and they seemed to be anxious for a knight to come. " Well this is bad if they are going to keep on coming," Kevin said observing his sword. " Well I’m sure there is some way to stop them," Anne said hopefully.

Half hour later 3 black lights shone on the other side of the room. Robert, Kevin, and Anne got up looking at the lights. 3 men all dressed in black with black cloaks appeared where the lights were. One was holding a sword with a black blade. Another was holding a staff. The last one was also sporting a black blade. " Anne, you take the one with the staff, Kevin, you take the one with the sword on the right, I’ll take the one on the left," Robert said.

Kevin slashed upward but the knight brought his sword up to defend himself. Kevin slashed relentlessly. He wasn’t concentrating on defense, which would have been an advantage to the knight, if he wasn’t being drawn back. The knight saw a good opening and slashed at Kevin. The blade cut Kevin’s arm but he didn’t care. He went forward and blood spilt from the wound. A minute later Kevin had another cut on his arm. Ignoring the pain he still slashed relentlessy and he managed to get a few cuts on his opponent also.

Meanwhile Anne was on the defensive. The staff fighter she was fighting with concentrating equally on defense and offense. Anne was just concentrating on defense mainly. They were attacking so quickly she had no time to use any magic or pull her daggers out. The knight swung downward with the staff. Anne jumped up and saw an opening. Her staff crashed against the knight’s chest. The knight cried in pain. Any normal man’s ribs would have been broken from the blow but the knight wasn’t normal. Neither was Robert who was fighting his opponent.

Robert did another backflip and landed on a stone block. He brought his sword up just in time to defend himself. Robert then swung as hard as he could. This shocked his opponent and his opponent’s sword went flying. His opponent started to run back. " You would think Knight’s from the Underworld wouldn’t be afraid to die," Robert said to himself notching an arrow onto a golden colored crossbow. He fired and the arrow found placement in the Knight’s back. The knight tumbled downward and Robert took the opportunity to grab his sword. Flipping it around so the sharp side of the blade was facing forward and ran toward his opponent. He slashed downward when he got to his opponent kneeling on the ground but he brought his legs up and the metal from his boot protected him from the blow. He jumped upward kicking Robert in the stomach. Surprisingly Robert noticed before he was kicked, the arrow had dissapeared. He went back a little and then Robert swung his sword at the man slashing the man across the chest. He kneeled and Robert finished him off by slashing once more.

Kevin was also doing the finishing touches on his opponent. He slashed upward and he put a final cut on the man’s chest. Anne had beaten her opponent to death with the staff. Well not entirely with the staff she had done some harming spells also.

" Well that was quite pleasant," Robert said sarcastically as Anne healed Kevin. " Why would Merlin send us here anyway and when are we coming out?" Kevin asked them. " Maybe he just thought it was good training for us," Anne suggested shrugging. Then a white light surrounded them and they found themselves in Lecrecia’s living room again.





They were sitting on the couch. Valurias, Max, Merlin, and Lecrecia were nearby. " I have done some research on this book," Valurias said holding the red book with gold lining in her hands. " It is a book of Necromancy, which is the darkest of magic’s, it is the main one there is holding all the dark spells," Valurias explained. " With this book they could bring anybody they wanted, which would be Seraph," Valurias continued. " So basically all we have to do is keep the book away from the vampires," Kevin said. " Or anybody else that comes after it," Lecrecia said folding her hands.

Lecrecia has also seen something, being the Seer that she is," Merlin said looking at Lecrecia. " The Tri-Amulet’s power has been restored, the vampires, necromancers, and warlocks have been after the Amulet’s," Lecrecia said eyeing them all individually. " These amulets were enchanted long ago if all 3 of them are used by good then the portal to underworld will be sealed forever, if there used by evil the underworld portal shall be forever opened releasing darkness which would destroy everything," Lecrecia explained her voice staying calm. " Why must it always be the end of the world?" Max asked wishing that for once the enemy wasn’t trying to end the world or take it over. " Does this have anything to do with Seraph’s resurrection?" Robert asked. " Yes, they want Seraph to lead the others in finding the amulets and also Serilla-" Lecrecia said but was cut off by Kevin. " My mother," he said looking shocked. " That is right, Serilla wants Seraph resurrected," Lecrecia finished still looking calm. They all wondered how she could stay calm when it was quite possibly the end of the world.

" Well anyway I have a solution for the knights," Valurias said opening the book up to a page about in the middle. She started muttering words quickly and Robert, Anne, Kevin, and Max were surrounded by a black light spinning around them. They weren’t shocked by any of it however. They had gotten use to this type of stuff. A moment later the black light was gone. " Well the knight’s will no longer come after you," anymore Valurias said smiling. " Lucky, I never even got attacked by one," Max said looking downward sounding disappointed. The truth of the matter was he was really happy. Then a page fell out of the book. Lecrecia picked it up and frowned.



Ancient Text


Anne looked at the page. It was in ancient Egyptian. " What is it?" Robert asked. " It is some journal entry," Anne replied and then she read the entry


The 3 Grand Sorcerer’s of Ra and Horus began enchanting the Tri-Amulets. 3 amulets forged by Horus. The Oracle predicts that these enchantments will be able to be used to seal the portal to the darker underworld no longer allowing passage for the dark god Seth to summon his demons. He has been bringing back the undead torturing their souls. We can only pray Seth doesn’t interfere this time.


There was another entry.


I am hiding in the forge of Horus underneath the god’s statue. I am clutching in my hand one of the amulets. The demons interfered and the 3 sorcerers were killed. I was able to snatch one of the amulets before the remaining sorcerer teleported the other 2 amulets. The locations are unknown. I have reason to believe if any followers of the dark were to use the amulets it would open the portal to the underworld forever. All darkness would be released if that were to happen. The torchlight is starting to go out. I am praying that someday followers of light retrieve the amulets and the portal to the underworld sealed forever.


Anne finished translating the entry. " So at least one of the amulets is in this forge," Robert said thinking. " I believe Serilla has that one," Lecrecia said. " Well if evil is after it I think we should start looking for the other 2 pieces and get the one Serilla has," Kevin said his voice faltering when he mentioned Serilla. He had never really had parents. They kept him locked up hoping he would join there side but once he escaped he lived with Merlin for a couple years before he met Robert, Anne, and Max. Robert and Kevin had started to become good friends. He also knew Robert and Anne had feelings for each other.

" I believe so also, I think I will accompany you this time," Merlin said sitting down in one of Lecrecia’s chairs only to be blown across the room screaming. " Oops, I was messing with enchantments earlier," Lecrecia said childishly. Everybody looked at her including Merlin who was stomping up to her. " What? Just because I’ve lived forever doesn’t mean I don’t have to have a sense of humor," she said innocently. " Oh well, I’ll sit in this chair, If it doesn’t kill me," Merlin said sitting in a different chair. Luckily this one didn’t have any side effects. " I think we will pay a visit to the Forge of Horus tomorrow, we will have to get ready, I’m pretty sure I can teleport us there," Merlin said relaxing.


That night Anne was looking out the balcony. She was dressed in her nightgown and she was too worried to think. She wished she could be normal. Most people didn’t have to worry about saving the world or stopping evil. She sighed and turned around and gasped but it was only Robert. She turned around and started to open her mouth and Robert put his hands around her. " Anne," he whispered in her ear. He let go and she turned around. Robert was kneeling to her. Was he really going to say what she had wanted him to say? He reached into his pocket and revealed a golden ring with a diamond in the middle. Her heart swelled up. " I know we have been through a lot and if we don’t make it this time, I just wanted to ask you a question," he said his words coming from his heart. " Will you marry me?" he asked her. Time slowed down for Anne. She felt like this moment would be locked up in her heart forever and that someone swallowed the key. " Yes," she choked out. Then her body went out of control for the next moment. Only her heart was in control. She kneeled down and kissed Robert passionately. Robert put his hands around her and they stood up. He leaned against the wall as Anne passionately kissed him. A couple minutes later they both stood up. They talked for a couple more minutes then they walked away and went back into their bedrooms.





The next morning everybody ate breakfast at Lecrecia’s abode. Anne and Valurias had made pancakes for everybody. Anne had taught Valurias how to cook that past week and she had gotten good at it. While they were in the kitchen they had their own conversation. " So he proposed to you?" Valurias asked her. " Yes, I’m afraid he did, he was also worried we wouldn’t make it this time," she said. " You mean alive?" Valurias asked. " Yeah," Anne replied stirring the mix up. "Hmm, did you say yes?" Valurias asked her another question. " Not even a mind influence spell couldn’t keep me from saying no," Anne said to her stirring the mix up some more. 5 minutes later they both walked out of the kitchen with pancakes and syrup.

After everybody sat down to eat they started to talk about their objective. " Well we have to go to this forge and see if there is any information we can find out on the location of the other amulets," Merlin explained to them taking a bite. " Yes, but how exactly are we going to find the location of the forge?" Anne asked him. " Lecrecia knows the location of it," Merlin said. After everybody was done eating Lecrecia put 10 apples into Max’s backpack. " If you have to rest, here’s some food for you," she said filling Max’s backpack. After 5 minutes all the gear was gathered. " Huddle up to me," Merlin acknowledged them. Robert, Anne, Kevin, Max, and Valurias huddled up to Merlin. Merlin started to mutter something when Anne said, " Wait!" and abruptly ran upstairs.

Anne started to look through piles of books and then she found a dusty one with hieroglyphs on it. She was pretty good at translating Egyptian text but she wanted to be on the safe side for this. Then she also picked up a heavier one. It was an elemental spell book. She had been studying it for a while. It told her the right way to summon elementals, and it also taught her how to protect herself from elementals. It was just an old Forge she realized but from her experience she knew that the unreal to most people was the real to her. She wanted to be safer and then she rushed downstairs.


Serilla smiled as she looked at the book in her hand. The book Anne had taken was just a copy and the spells in it were basically worthless except for the one that would bring Christopher back to her. However since she had this book she had no need for the other one. She smiled again and then she opened the book up to a page. A particular page in fact. Then she started the incantation, which would bring back her beloved. Then halfway in the incantation she ran a knife across her wrist and then she walked around the platform spilling blood around the cloak that was spread out in it. Then she opened the book up again and started chanting more. A black form entered the room, slowly floating towards the cloak in the middle of the room. It got closer the more Serilla read. Then it lay it’s self on the cloak. The figure started to take a humanoid form. Black light surrounded the form and then the cloak strapped onto him. Some vampires draped a black robe over the body. Then the figure got up looking at Serilla. " Christopher," Serilla choked out. " Serilla," he said to her. Then they embraced.


Anne quickly ran down the stairs with the books in her hands. She stood next to Robert then. " Everybody ready?" Merlin asked them. They all said yes in unison. " Good," Merlin replied. They were surrounded by white light and they dissapeared into the Egyptian Desert.



The Forge of Horus


Sand blasted into their faces. Perfect, they had to come here in the middle of a sandstorm. " Look for some switch on this sand dune!" Merlin yelled coughing trying to keep the sand out of his mouth. Anne quickly dropped her books into Max’s backpack and kneeled onto the ground. Max’s eyes were shut and he was pawing at the ground. Robert was standing up looking down at the ground shielding his face. Kevin was kneeling feeling the ground also. Valurias dropped by Anne and yelled something to her, " Try elemental magic, you can control the elements around us!" she yelled sand hitting her face. Anne stood up and held out her hands. She concentrated on the air and the sandstorm slowly died down until there was no wind. This has helped them see but it made the heat intensify. " Why couldn’t you or Merlin do it?" Anne asked Valurias. Merlin replied however, " Remember when I said you would be more powerful then any sorcerer of our time?" Merlin asked her. " Yeah," Anne replied breathing heavily from the heat. " Well elemental control is magic not even Valurias and I have control of," Merlin said to her. " I think I found something," Kevin said. Robert was kneeling next to him. The others rushed to him and he wiped away some sand. There they saw a golden frame of an eagle. " The symbol of Horus," Anne said. She pushed the eagle frame down and then the sand beneath them started to give way. They tried to move away but some force sucked them under and they found themselves sliding down some tunnel. Anne started to scream. " I’m too old for this!" they heard Merlin yell. Max was howling for some reason as he slid. Everybody else was wondering when he or she was going to hit the bottom. 5 minutes they were still sliding down. " Does this thing ever end?" Robert asked no one in particular.

A couple minutes later they finally landed in some sand. " I think I’m going to throw up," Kevin said clutching onto his stomach. " If you do please do it in a cornor or something," Merlin said getting up testing his legs. They rested there for 10 minutes until Merlin said, " Well let’s find the location of these amulets, tombs have bad carma." Robert and Anne gave each other a look. A couple minutes later after everyone had gathered everything they started to go down a passageway. " That’s odd," Anne commented. " What?" Valurias asked her. " The torches flame is blue," Anne said examing a particular torch with blue flame. Merlin walked over to it. " Hmm, interesting, blue fire," he commented. He grabbed onto the wooden part of the torch and pulled down.

A golden door then opened. It was dusty but oddly it still shone good. " Something isn’t right," Max said as Merlin led them into the door. When they entered the room it had a blue tint about it. Merlin kept on walking then bent down. He picked up a bottle with white liquid in it. " This looks like a potion of some sort," Merlin said. " I could have figured out that much," Max mumbled wagging his tail. " It’s a healing potion, I wonder what it would be doing here?" Valurias asked. " Perhaps somebody has been here recently," Robert said looking around the room. Merlin picked it up and put it in Max’s backpack. At the end of the room was a golden statue of Horus. Anne had identified it. " There’s got to be more to the forge then just this," Kevin said looking at the ceiling.

He gasped when a skeleton jumped down with a crude sword in its hand. Kevin had no time to draw his own sword but Robert noticed and swung his sword at the skeleton’s head once it had landed. The skeleton quickly fell down. The others took notice to this. " This skeleton must have been summoned by Seth, he knows we are here," Merlin said trying to hide the hint of dread in his voice. " Oh great so now some evil..whatever is mad at us," Robert said. " An evil god, he is the proclaimed shadow across the sun and the bringer of plagues," Anne said drawing her daggers. The next moment 10 skeletons materialized in front of them. Anne threw one of her daggers and it cut through one of the skeleton’s skull. The remaining ones brought their swords up and started walking towards them. Merlin simply sighed and pointed his hands at them. They were all summoned by white light and fell dead again.

Anne walked over and picked her dagger up. " Well there has to be some secret switch somewhere," Max said feeling the walls. " I know, all of you look for the switch and I’ll read the hieroglyphs," Anne said looking at one of the golden walls. 5 minutes later they had no luck finding a switch and the hieroglyphs Anne read were worthless. " Hmm, perhaps we should have continued down the passageway we were going down before. They walked over to the door but were surprised to find it sealed. Merlin tried some spells to open it but none of them worked. " Why can’t you just teleport us to the other side?" Valurias asked him. Merlin tried to but they stayed there. "Damn, they have some kind of ancient enchantment on this door," Merlin said. " Maybe Seth is sealing us in," said Anne started to get scared. " What’s this panel right here for?" Robert asked. A small block was sticking out of the wall. Robert pushed it and the door slid open. " Good," Max commented as they walked out and continued down the passageway they were on before.

They kept on going down the passageway until they saw a stairway going up. They went up and they entered a room with 3 altars in the middle. " This must have been the room with the amulets," Anne said perceiving the room. Everything in here shined of gold. There were also 2 shut doors on the sides of the room. They started to walk towards the altars and then the door on the right side of the room opened. They glanced at it and a figure covered in gold and its head was like the figure on the Sphinx emerged from the room. Anne got her daggers ready. Robert and Kevin equipped their swords. Merlin and Valurias pulled back their hands at the same time and a white light surrounded the figure and then the light vanished and the figure still stood. Robert didn’t notice before but it was holding a golden staff with a white glowing crystal at the end. " One of the guard’s of Horus, it was probably suppose to protect the amulets," Anne said walking back a little. " Well it came out at the wrong time," Max said backing up.

The figure then pointed its staff at Robert and a blue energy beam went towards him. Robert dodged and ran behind a pillar. It then turned it’s staff at Merlin. Merlin jumped away quickly for a man as old as him and send another white energy beam at the guard. Anne threw a fireball at the same time. The figure only took one step back and then shot some beams at Max. Max flew up into the air and started barking at him from above. Apparently they weren’t doing any damage to the thing. " Attack his breastplate!" Robert yelled sounding sort of confused. The others did accordingly. Anne, Merlin, and Valurias sent white beams of holy power at the creature. The creature backed up some more. Robert took the time to run towards him. " Robert!" Anne yelled holding out her hand. Robert didn’t pay any attention to her and slashed at the guard’s breastplate. The guard went back a step and Robert relentlessly slashed at it. The others watched in awe. Kevin decided to join in and started slashing at the guard also. It kept on backing up. They had it backed up in the other room and the guard kneeled down. Robert and Kevin at the same time slashed at its back and then realized the guard was powering up somehow. A white light surrounded it and the door sealed. It got up and then Robert and Kevin slipped and they slid down another tunnel and the guard was following.

They hit the bottom and they were once again in a room with golden walls and there were a bunch of potions on the other side of the room on golden shelves. The guard was behind them and they quickly turned around. It started speaking to them in a language they didn’t understand. Egyptian, they guessed. After it was done speaking it raised its golden staff. Robert brought his sword up swinging at the staff and Kevin slashed at the guard’s breastplate again. Kevin missed and the guard sent a blue energy beam to the ground. Robert and Kevin were thrown back a couple feet by the shockwave from the blast. Robert flipped in midair and landed on 2 feet with one hand supporting him. Kevin wasn’t so lucky and hit the ground. The guard then relentlessly shot at them. Robert and Kevin barely dodged each time. " This is bad!" Kevin yelled to Robert dodging another beam. " We have to.." but Robert yelled in pain when the beam hit him and he was blown across the room. " Robert!" Kevin yelled but it was his turned to yell in pain when the beam hit him and he was blown landing a couple feet by Robert. Kevin went into instant unconsciousness. Robert was apparently had much more endurance then him in human form. Robert got up and dodged a beam again. He pulled his crossbow out and then an arrow appeared on it. He shot it at the guard and it hit it in the chest. The guard kneeled down and the arrow dissapeared. Robert dodged another energy beam but he couldn’t dodge the other one. It pinned him against the wall and he landed on his back. The guard swiftly walked up to him. Robert was still on his back but he cried in pain when the guard stepped on his stomach.. He slumped down again and yelled in pain when the guard slammed his foot against his stomach again. The guard then swiftly flew into the air and pointed his staff downward at Robert. A blue light surrounded Robert’s body and he screamed in pain for the next moment as the light engulfed him.

His whole body was in pain and then it stopped for a moment. Robert was breathing and sweating heavily. He looked up and where the guard was there was another figure. It was all golden but it has the head of an eagle and there was an ankh on his chest. It flew down and Robert noticed it had golden wings. " I know you don’t understand Egyptian so I have done an enchantment of understanding on you," it said. Robert had a feeling this…whatever, wasn’t going to try to kill him. " Sorry about my guard, I punished him for not guarding the amulets, so he had to take his anger out on you Chosen One," he said. Robert realized it was Horus. " Well I have come to tell you the location of the other amulets, unfortunately my powers don’t allow me to reach them myself, I am very rarely able to be in physical form," Horus said. " Now Serilla has one I am afraid but I know the location of the other 2. One is on an island to the north of Egypt. I’m sure Merlin knows about this particular island. The other one I have. He revealed a ruby red amulet. Robert grinned and thanked him. " Ok I must leave now, I will teleport you and your friend back to the others," Horus said waving his arm.



The 3rd Amulet


" So it’s to the island North of Egypt," Merlin said pacing the room. They were in Lecrecia’s living room again. This had become their new base sort of. " Yeah," Robert said adding that Horus said Merlin would probably know what he was talking about. " Yes, a long time ago a necromancer lived at the island and he cursed it to make an army to conquer the known world," Merlin explained. All the others had gotten use to Merlin’s explanations. He was the expert at everything that wasn’t real to them half a year ago.

" Why couldn’t it have been sent to a nice peaceful island instead of a cursed one?" Anne asked him. " Things do tend to be in the wrong place," Valurias said petting Max. Max had loved having Valurias with him. He had never asked however what it was like when she was dead. " I agree with Anne, everything has to be so complicated," Robert complained. " Well if it’s on the island it must be in the catacombs," Merlin said getting up. " Catacombs?" Kevin asked wanting catacombs defined to him. " An underground area, it usually has treasure stored in it and important information," Anne defined the word. " It also let’s spirits pass through," Merlin said wishing he could have some toast. " I’ll be right back," he said. He left the room and went into the kitchen. A couple minutes later he came out with some toast.

As soon as Merlin walked in Lecrecia rushed in alarmed. " Seraph, the prophecy is true there was another copy of the book of necromancy," Lecrecia said swiftly. Her eyes were bulging. " What?" Anne asked as if she heard wrong. " Seraph is at divine power," Lecrecia said surprisingly calm this time. " Oh great, and I suppose Serilla and him are looking for the 3rd amulet," Merlin said ripping his toast in half. How can he be eating toast at a time like this? Robert thought.

Max started jumping around, " Bad, bad, bad," Max howled at that moment then. " Um, Max?" Valurias wondered about Max. " Mind influence spell," Merlin said alarmed and pointed his hand at Max. There was a popping sound and Max stood still. " I’m not sure what happened I felt like something was taking me over and I started moving and jumping," Max said. His eyes were watering. " Serilla has mind influence spells, you must have had a strong mind to not have her take you over," Lecrecia said calmly looking upward. " Your lucky," Merlin said sitting next to Lecrecia. He laid her hand on her’s. Lecrecia looked at him. " You have an interest in me?" she asked him in her calm voice. " Ofcourse I do, remember that one night in Felerco?" he asked her. " You mean a couple hundred years ago?" she asked him. Max looked at Kevin and Valurias. " We are the only one’s still single now," he said jokingly sounding like he was sad.

"Anyway before Serilla gets mind influence on any more of us we shall leave," Merlin said getting up. " Robert, Anne, Kevin, and Max will go to the island the rest of us will go to Felerco and see if they have found out anything," Lecrecia said. " What do you mean?" Anne asked. " We are at war with the other side, we have been sending groups to infiltrate Meralosa," Valurias replied. " Meralosa?" Max asked. " It’s what the realm is called," Merlin answered.

Everybody gathered their things. After they were gone Merlin teleported Robert, Anne, Kevin, and Max to the island.


Necromancer’s Isle


Robert, Anne, Kevin, and Max found themselves on a sandy shore. It was dark and it looked ready to storm. " Sure, when we come here it’s going to storm," Max complained. Robert and Kevin pulled out their swords and they led the way. Everything seemed to be clear except for some dead trees they passed by every now and then. They had been walking for half-hour about and they still hadn’t found anything of interest.

" What exactly are we looking for?" Kevin asked the others. " The catacombs, we need to find away to go underground," Anne said clutching onto her staff. " What’s this?" they heard Max ask.

Max was looking at a round orb, which was glowing white. Anne kneeled down to get a look at it. She cautiously touched it and then Anne heard the clanging of blades. She quickly turned around and noticed Robert cutting into the ribs of a skeleton with a crude cutlass. The skeleton cried out and Robert slashed at its neck cutting off its skull. " Well that’s one skeleton, how many more are going to come?" Max asked.

Anne knelt down again and touched the orb again and then a skeleton materialized in front of her. She quickly got up dodging the blade the skeleton swung at her and brought her staff down crushing the skeleton’s foot. The skeleton took a step back and Anne swung her staff over her head slamming it into the skull. It fell to the ground dead again. " It seems whenever that object is touched it summons a skeleton," Robert said admiring Anne’s skill with the staff. " I believe that is it’s purpose," Anne replied looking to the west. She just saw dirt and dead trees. " Well, let’s keep on looking for the entrance to the catacombs," Max said sniffing the ground.

They walked forward for a couple more minutes when Anne froze. The others walked 10 feet in front of her before Robert ordered them to stop. " I can’t move any further," Anne said clearly trying to move. It looked like she was pushing against an invisible block. Robert walked by Anne and tried moving forward and he did so without any thing blocking him. " What’s happening?" Kevin asked. Anne walked over a couple feet and tried moving forward but to no avail. " There is some magical barrier preventing me and particularly me from advancing," Anne said swinging her staff in the area where she was being blocked. The staff hit against nothing and Anne tried moving again but something still blocked her. " Why would the barrier just block her?" Max asked confused. " I am able to use light magic and this is some kind of light magic entity blocker," Anne said throwing a light bolt forward. Amazingly it only went about a foot and vanished.

" I am able to use light magic also but it let me through," Max said still confused. " What kind of light magic?" Anne asked. " Well you know when I’ve been surrounded by white light and run towards the opponent that I use holy power," Max told her. Anne remembered then. " Come back here then and try it on this area I can’t get through," Anne told him. Max went back as instructed and built up his energy. He was surrounded by a white light and went through the area Anne instructed him too. Anne ran through after him and she got past the area. " You must have broke through the barrier," Anne said to Max when he landed. He was panting heavily though. " How can you do that anyway?" Anne asked him. " I’m not a normal dog ofcourse, it should have something to do with the potion but I believe it is Valurias’s blessing," Max told them. He apparently cared for Valurias very much

They continued on when they saw a big mound in the distance. They walked up to it and on the other side there was an ancient doorway on the ground. " That’s odd," Anne commented pulling on the knob. She pulled for a couple seconds and decided to do it the abnormal way. She pointed her dagger down and the door blasted open. " Amazing," Robert commented. " You’re still getting use to this chosen ones stuff, aren’t you?" Anne asked him. " Well half a year ago if I saw you do what you just did I would be trying to wake up," Robert said grabbing onto Anne’s hand. " We don’t need a kissy time now," Max rudely said glaring at them. " He’s right, as much as I hate to say it we have to get those amulets in a hurry," Anne said putting her feet on top of an ancient ladder. Robert followed her down, followed by Kevin. Max simply flew down.




They saw 2 stone passageways lined with torches. " Anne and I will go on the one to the right, you 2 go onto the one to the left," Robert said to them. " Sure, he has to go with Anne," Max mumbled. They went their separate ways then.

Anne quickly followed behind Robert. He had his blade out in front of him and he was walking slowly. " Robert!" Anne cried out. Robert stopped and spikes jutted out inches in front of him. " An ancient trap, there must be something important up ahead," Anne said. The spikes retracted then. " That was pleasant," Robert said and they hastily carried on. Robert heard something from behind him and without looking he swung his sword over his head and he heard it go through bone. It cut through the skull of a skeleton and it fell down to the ground, lifeless again. " It appeared we talked loud enough to waken the dead," Robert said sarcastically, ready for another attack. " Robert!" Anne yelled. Some humanoid shaped hairy creature jumped from the wall down onto Robert.

Anne started to run to him but then a half lady half bird like creature swooped down in front of her. Anne recognized it as a harpy and Anne slammed her staff into the thing’s stomach. The harpy cried out in agony but recovered before Anne thought it would do so and swung a long nailed hand at Anne. Anne moved her face out of the way just in time. Anne swung her dagger at the harpy again and it hit in the bare back of the thing. The harpy shrieked in pain and opened up her wings and started flapping rapidly at Anne. Anne knelt down and barely avoided a nail the harpy slashed at her. Anne brought her feet up and tripped the harpy. The harpy fell down onto the ground and Anne flipped backwards off the ground drawing her dagger in midair. She brought it up and stabbed the harpy in the heart with it. The harpy spat blood but then quit moving. It was now lifeless.

The creature jumped onto Robert and his back hit the floor. It tried holding his hands down and growled and showed fierce looking teeth. Robert was able to trip it however and got up. He drew his sword but a long claw the creature extended blocked it. Robert swung more fiercely next time and the claw was cut off the creature. It roared in rage and Robert was surrounded by a red light and he cried out in pain. He recovered soon enough and swung his sword blindly and it cut into the creature’s arm. The creature cried in agony and Robert was surrounded by another red light and cried out in pain. The creature jumped at Robert but he ducked and it toppled over him. When it landed on the ground on it’s back Robert knelt down and embedded his sword in the creature’s stomach. It gave one last howl of agony and Robert was surrounded by a red light again and he cried out in more pain this time. Then the creature lay lifeless.

Anne and Robert looked down at their kills. " Well I suppose that was just a warm-up," Robert said pulling his sword out of the thing’s stomach. Blak blood oozed down the blue blade. " I’m afraid so," Anne answered indifferently.


Meanwhile in the forge of Horus there was a circle of vampires shrouded in black cloaks and robes. They were standing in a circle with their heads down. In the middle of the circle stood their 2 lords and a necromancer. The necromancer was holding the dreadful blade of Seraph. It was the blade that had brought so much chaos to the world. Surprisingly the necromancer hated Seraph. Even though he had to admit he was a follower of the dark, he didn’t believe in killing for no reason. Seraph had sometimes killed for pleasure. He had a strange leisure of doing this. The necromancer was black robed with a golden cloak. He was muttering an evil incantation from the book of necromancy. It was the same book that had brought the evil of Seraph into the world again. This time it was worse then the last time he was here. He then came to the last word of the incantation. He regretted saying it but he somehow found his mouth saying the word. The black blade the necromancer was holding glew a darker black for a second. Then it stopped and Seraph started laughing.

The incantation he had done was a very evil and powerful one he would regret forever doing. Anybody who was touched by the blade would suffer instant death. Seraph admired the blade. Serilla, her black eyes glowing now, flapped her ripped demonic wings. " Deadly," she whispered to him licking his neck. " How am I sure the incantation worked?" he asked in a calm voice looking at the necromancer. " Perhaps, I should test it out," he said circling him. The necromancer bowed down to him. " Please my lord, the blade has the stench of death upon it, there is no need for bloodshed of your disciples," the necromancer said. He had already had this planned. Seraph’s need for killing just had to be satisfied sometimes so he sometimes had his disciples be sacrificed for his pleasure. " You kneel down before me, a slave, how would you like to be more, the third in command necromancer?" he asked him calmly. " Certainly, my lord," he bluffed. Then you shall become a Lich he said tightening the grip on his blade. " Wait, my lord," he said kneeling down again. A person had a 10% percent chance of living when they talked with Seraph. " Oh well," Seraph said. He slashed the blade and the necromancer cried in pain when the blade slashed across his arm. He saw everything blackening then. His own spell used against him.


Max walked by Kevin who was walking swiftly. He was sniffing the ground. He smelt blood. He informed Kevin of his scent and Kevin nodded drawing his sword. " I wonder how Robert and Anne are doing," Kevin said swinging his sword in the air sometimes. " It wouldn’t surprise me if they kissed since we left them," Max said grumbling. " The walls!" Kevin yelled gasping. Kevin looked at the wall and he also gasped when he saw blood coming from the cracks.

" No wonder I smelt blood," Max said sniffing the blood. It didn’t smell like regular blood. " Do you think it could be Robert and Anne’s?" Kevin asked obviously horrified. " No, it isn’t regular blood," Max said reassuring him. Then at that moment 2 walls raised along the passageway. They were stuck in between the walls and were trapped. " God," Max said angrily eyeing the stone walls. The walls started to get close then. " Oh no we are going to get squished," Kevin said turning in circles in fright. " Feel for a switch or something," Max said hastily scratching one of the walls Kevin ran to the approaching wall on the other side and ran his hands all over it. " Nothing on this side," Max said running to one of the walls with blood running out of it. Kevin searched his wall thoroughly also and decided there was nothing of interest. He ran to the other wall with blood coming out of it. The walls were only 10 feet away from them on both sides. They slowly inched forward. Max ran his paw against some blood and it soaked into his fur. He sprouted his wings and flew up sniffing the top of the wall. He then saw a piece of stone sticking out. He pressed his nose against it and then that wall stopped sliding. The other one didn’t however.

" The top!" Max yelled to Kevin. " Where on the top?" he asked hastily. " On the right side!" Max yelled to hi. Kevin quickly morphed to his dragon self. His skin turned red and then scales appeared. He took on a less humanoid appearance and then a tail appeared along with some red wings. He quickly flew to the top and saw the stone. He pushed it and the wall stopped. He landed hardly though since he couldn’t spread his wings out all the way. " We only have 5 feet to move," Max said looking at the ceiling. Kevin morphed back to his human self. His clothing reappeared on his body. " Now what?" Kevin asked no one in particular. " Now, we wait," Max simply said.


Anne and Robert got lost 3 times, went around in 2 circles, and nearly got killed 7 times but they stumbled upon the ruby red amulet on a platform. Anne had picked it up and put it around her neck. She wiped away blood from her eye. It wasn’t her own but they had run into a lot of Harpy’s on the way here. " Too bad we will have to use the amulet to seal the underworld, you look beautiful with it," he told her. " Don’t worry, if you insist on it I can get plenty of amulets from Valurias," she said leaning against the platform. She yelled when she started to fall but the platform quickly slid over and she slid down a passageway. Robert sighed and slid down also. The next moment Robert found himself on top of Kevin and Anne found herself on Max. " Can’t a dog, not get squished!" he said acting infuriated. Anne got up at the same time Kevin got up. " Well, we found the amulet," Anne said holding up the ruby red amulet. " What has happened here?" Robert asked looking at the walls. " It’s a terrorizing trap, they were able to seal this blood for centuries, they must of activated a magical sensor or something," Anne explained to them. " Let’s get out of here then," Robert said looking at the walls. " I can teleport us out of here," Anne said confident of her abilities. " Have you done it before, why couldn’t you of teleported us here?" Max asked. " Well I have a good mental image of Lecrecia’s living room since we have been there a lot," Anne answered him. The others gathered around her and a blue light surrounded them. Then they dissapeared.



Amulet’s Ritual


An hour later Anne had teleported them back to Lecrecia’s living room Merlin, Lecrecia, and Valurias orbed in. " Well I see you have learned teleportation," Merlin said to Anne sounding proud of her. He then saw the amulet around Anne’s neck. " So now we have 2 and Serilla has one," Merlin said sounding happy and depressed at the same time. " Aren’t we going to get the amulet from her?" Max asked. " We should somehow if we are going to seal the portal to the underworld," Merlin answered him.

Valurias changed the subject. " We have learned Seraph’s blade has been touched by the aura of death," she said bluntly. " Oh no," Anne said putting her hand on her forehead. " What does that mean?" Robert asked her. " Anything that comes in contact with the blade shall suffer instant death," Anne said frustrated. " That can be used as an advantage though, we can have him stabbed by his own blade," Kevin suggested. " How exactly are we going to do that? Are we going to walk up to him and go: Seraph, do you mind if you can stab yourself?" Max said sarcastically. " Seriously, that could work," Lecrecia said getting up flipping through the pages of the necromancer’s book. " Ah, here we go," she said reading from a page. " This is a spell that can be used to control the undead, it will however require multiple mages do use it since Seraph has a strong mind," Lecrecia said. " In other words, he’s stubborn," Max commented. " Exactly," Valurias said petting Max. " Well does he have to be in our presence or can we make him do it without him being here," Anne asked. " I am sorry but you must be in the presence of the undead for the spell to work," Lecrecia told her. " Perfect," Anne said sarcastically.

" Well I’m sure the ritual for the amulets will take place in the Forge of Horus," Anne said changing the subject. " No, it will take place in the tomb of Osiris," Lecrecia told her. " Oh yeah I messed up, sorry guys but Osiris and Isis are the parent’s of Horus, Seth, and Anubis," Anne said dismissively. " Seth and Anubis are evil though," Robert said. " Seth is but Anubis just leads people to the underworld, he isn’t really evil," Anne told him. " Well anyway once we go the tomb I bet Seraph and Serilla will go there also and that’s when we can kill Seraph and get the amulet from Serilla," Merlin told them. " Well what is our plan then?" Kevin asked them all. " Well we should all go to the Tomb of Osiris tomorrow morning, if I’m correct Seraph and Serilla will go there too to get our amulets, we will then have to do the spell on Seraph and get the amulet from Serilla," Merlin told them all. " Sound’s simple enough," Robert said. " Yes, but once Seraph and Serilla are out of the way then what should we do with the amulet’s?" Anne asked. " There should be 3 holy alters, 3 of us will stand on them with the amulets around our necks and then command the portal be sealed," Lecrecia told them all.


Seraph and Serilla walked down the golden steps to the altars. They knew the foolish Chosen One’s would come soon and they could kill them and get the amulets. Then once they released the underworld onto the Earth they would become the rulers. Serilla jumped up on one of the altars and started jumping up and down in joy. " Think of it, us 2 ruling the underworld," she said to him. " Yes," he told her. The truth was she didn’t really care about ruling the underworld. She also didn’t want to murder Kevin when they came. If she had too she would make sure he new the truth before he died she vowed to herself. " This shall be where our ascension takes place," he told her. She put her hands around him. " Yes, we shall start a new order of evil and rule the underworld," she said seductively.


The Chosen Ones, a talking dog, 2 mages, a Seer, and a dragon morpher all sat around in a mansion’s living room. " So once we get this Seraph and underworld thing token care of then we should move to Felerco," Anne was telling them. " Not a bad idea, I could actually become a member of society, I’m tired of sleeping on the couch," Kevin said. Since he was never really a member of society he lived in their apartment without anybody knowing about it. " Yes, but think about it, we would be leaving our home world, when I was a kid I wanted to move away from my city but I never anticipated to a different realm," Robert said. " Well Merlin, Lecrecia, and I spend most of our time there so we might as well live there," Valurias said. " We don’t have anything here anyway," Anne said. She had moved from her town to here and she didn’t even know anybody here. " True," Robert said. " I don’t really care where we move, I would prefer Felerco since I would probably be accepted," Max said. It was true. Talking dogs and other animals were in Felerco. " It’s settled then, once this Seraph threat is over we unregister our apartment and move to Felerco," Robert said dismissively. He would feel sad about leaving his own world but there was nothing left for him. Felerco would be like starting a new life. " There’s a castle there that has been unoccupied for a couple years and it is in good shape," Valurias told them. " I’m sure they would let us all move in there since we are sort of important people there," Merlin said. " Ahem," said Max. " With a dog," Anne said then. " Well I suggest we get a good sleep," Merlin said getting up. " Merlin it’s 3 PM," Lecrecia said pointedly. " It’s also going to be a big day tomorrow," Merlin told her. " Do I have to go?" Max asked them. Yes everybody said in unison. " I always feel like I get dragged along," Max said. " Look all of the good you have done for us though," Anne said. " Huh, what?" Max asked with a tone. " Let’s see you and Lecrecia originally sent Seraph to the underground, you brought those knights in to kill the vampires in his castle, you got some of the ingredients for the potion all of you used to bring me back from the dead, you slowed Seraph down when we were in the underworld, you got me through the barrier at the necromancer’s island, you saved Kevin and yourself in the catacombs, and you are coming anyway," Anne told him. " Figures," Max said to himself but everybody heard.






Trident of Horus


The next day a dog, 3 mages, a Seer, a dragon morpher, and a sacred knight found themselves walking down a passageway. " If my knowledge on these tombs are correct, the ritual should take place in the middle of the tomb so we have to get to the center," Anne told them. " Ok Miss Know it All Anne," Max said sarcastically. " How exactly are we going to do this?" Anne asked the others. " Well Robert and Kevin should fend off Seraph and Serilla while the rest of us do the spell on Seraph," Lecrecia said. " I can’t do the spell though," Max told them. " You can use magic Max, remember?" Valurias asked him. " Well yeah but not magic like that," Max said. " Max, don’t be so dumb," Kevin said. " Respect your elders," Max said with a tone. " Elders?" Robert asked him. " I am centuries older then you," Max told him.

They went down a couple more passages and came to a sealed door. There was a circular hole on one side of the door. Anne held out her hand and the hole was filled with light and the door slowly opened revealing a big golden chamber with 3 platforms in the middle of the room. " I see you have come," they heard a voice they wished they would never here say. Seraph was standing next to Serilla with his death-wielding blade out. His eyes were pitch black and when he opened his mouth they could see 2 shiny fangs with fresh blood on them. " The amulet’s please?" Serilla said casually holding her hand out. Anne stepped up front with her daggers drawn. " You have come to kill us and retrieve the amulets, have you not?" Seraph asked them indifferently. " Seraph, you can’t win, we have overpowered you many time," Max said growling with contempt. " Oh have you, you sent me to the underground, sent me to the underworld, killed my physical form down there, and yet I am here," he said holding his hands out. Without warning Seraph jumped forward and Robert’s and Seraph’s blades clashed. " Oh quick, the book, the book," Anne said hastily grabbing the book from Valurias and flipping through its ancient pages.

Meanwhile Kevin had jumped forward to help Robert but Serilla who was wielding a spear met his blade. Kevin spun around and swung with his sword with ferocity at his mother. Serilla brought her golden spear up preventing the blade from slicing her and brought the spear over her head and swung it at Kevin. Kevin sidestepped the spear and swung his blade at Serilla’s stomach. She jumped back and swung the spear. She swung with such ferocity the spear and Kevin’s sword went flying. Kevin tried to scramble on his hands and knees to his blade but he was nearly stepped on by Robert and sparks hit his face. Kevin scrambled up and tried tripping Seraph who was swinging at Robert but Serilla had jumped on him pinning him on the ground. Kevin rolled over with her on top of him and they quickly switched positions. She cried in pain when her demon wings crushed when he rolled off of them. He reached his blade and before she could get to her spear he went to the offensive. Serilla had no weapon but she still had her mind influence. She looked him right in the eye and he was paralyzed. He couldn’t move a part of his body.

She circled him smiling at her work. Then she put a serious look on her face. " Kevin, you need to know the truth before you die," she said almost choking on her words. Kevin didn’t know his evil mother could show any emotion. " Seraph is not your father, I was in love with a dragon named Draken, he turned himself to look like Seraph and our souls embraced, I didn’t know what I was doing, but Seraph isn’t your father," she told him solemnly. Kevin was shocked but not shocked enough to come out of his paralysis.

" Now you die," she said twirling 2 daggers. Before she could use those daggers though Robert collided into her and Kevin was unparalyzed. " Thanks," Kevin quickly said. " No problem," Robert told him bringing his sword up to defend himself from the deadly blade of Seraph.

Meanwhile Anne, Merlin, Lecrecia, Valurias, and Max were quickly muttering the incantation from the book Anne had set on the ground. Seraph was jumping at Robert ready to do his final blow when it was his turn to get paralyzed. Robert, Kevin, and Serilla stopped to look at him. " Stab yourself in the heart!" Anne yelled at him in hatred. " No, this can’t be!" Seraph yelled full of rage as he slowly turned his blade around against his will until it was pointed at his heart. " No!" Serilla yelled this time running to her current love. It was too late however since the blade pierced his heart as blood went gushing out and other things none of them wanted to identify. Then he started laughing and pulled the bloody blade out of his chest and then to their amazement the wound sealed. " Fools, the blade inflicts instant death on a mortal, not one of divine power such as myself," he smiled at all them. "Stuck up idiot!" Anne thought to herself. At that moment Kevin and Serilla continued their quarrel and Seraph swung his blade at Robert again but he was ready this time and slashed Seraph’s shoulder but it regenerated. "Oh, I’m in trouble now," Robert thought to himself.


Anne held out her hand and a ball of light appeared in it and he threw it at Seraph. It hit him but it didn’t have any effect on him. " Foolish girl, watch me kill your love," Seraph said. Anne knew it wouldn’t be easy for him though since Robert had managed to cut him several times even though he regenerated. Still, there had to be a way to defeat a dog. Then she had an idea. " Merlin, you know how I’m the most powerful sorcerer ever since the gods created me?" she asked him urgently. " Yes, I believe so," he quickly told her. " Well then should that mean I have a bond with the gods and gods can kill other gods?" she asked him. " Holy, I believe your right," Merlin said excitedly. " Well then maybe if I get one of the god’s weapons or summon a god, that we can kill him?"Anne asked once more. " Yes, that’s the perfect answer," Merlin told her once again. " Well whatever the plan is we need to hurry," Max said. He had noticed Robert had fell down and was fending off Seraph’s blows from the ground. " Shut up!" Lecrecia snapped at him. Max wanted to object to Lecrecia’s rudeness but knew she had good reason. Anne closed her eyes and started concentrating. At that moment then a white light appeared in front of Anne and there was a golden figure with the head of an eagle in front of them. " I knew why you have summoned me, Chosen One," the god Horus said to Anne bowing down to her. "Wow," Anne thought. A god was bowing down to her. " I am not permitted to help you physically but I shall give you my trident," he said and then a golden trident with Egyptian symbols appeared in his hand. He then dissapeared and the trident fell to the floor. Anne bent down to grab it but she couldn’t lift it. Neither could anybody else. " This is worthless, if we can’t pick it up to kill him," Max said urgently. Anne looked at the trident and it floated up in the air. " Maybe it can only be controlled by magic," Lecrecia said backing up. Anne then looked at Seraph and the trident went flying towards him. " Christopher, the trident!" Serilla yelled ignoring Kevin but Kevin swung at her cutting through her already torn up wing.

Seraph looked up and jumped back dodging the trident but Robert caught it and he wielded with no difficulty. In fact it seemed to be surprisingly light to him. " His power to use divine weapons," Merlin said sounding impressed. There was hope after all. Seraph held his blade out and Robert, who had dropped his sword on the ground to use the trident 2 handed, was ready to attack. Robert immediately went to the offensive and Seraph defended himself from the trident. Robert then thrusted it at Seraph’s stomach and it cut through his robes but unluckily it didn’t find placement in his skin. Seraph’s blade then went up and Robert ducked doing a backflip. It hit Seraph in the chin and he fell back. Robert raised his trident and brought it down. It made placement in Seraph’s stomach and he cried in pain and rage. Serilla screamed but Kevin took this distraction as an advantage and his sword went into his mother’s heart. Serilla looked at him for a second then she quickly turned to dust.

Seraph looked at Robert with hatred in his eyes. " You have not won the ultimate battle" he barely said choking blood and then with all his effort he held his hand out and the amulet that was in the pile of dust that Serilla had turned into exploded and it hit the ceiling. " No!" Lecrecia screamed but it was too late. They could no longer do the ritual to seal the underworld. Then Seraph yelled in agony and a white light surrounded his body and he started burning. Robert backed up with the trident in his hand. The next moment they saw a sight none of them wanted to see. Seraph’s body exploded sending blood everywhere. It mainly hit Robert but it also hit the others also. " Well that was pleasant," Max said while Merlin did a spell on them that cleaned them off.

The next moment a skeleton appeared where Seraph was. " He’s back!" Kevin yelled pulling out his sword. " I’ll take care of it," Robert said approaching the skeleton. Anne, Merlin, Valurias, and Lecrecia held out their hands and balls of light appeared in them and they all hit Seraph. The skeleton cried in agony and Robert’s trident cut through one of his ribs. Robert then brought the trident up and it went through the skeleton’s skull and fire appeared behind the skeleton. The skeleton seemed to be sucked into it and then the entire place shook. Everybody dropped to their knees and heard Seraph screaming until the fire dissapeared. " Well, mission accomplished but we can’t do the ritual anymore," Max said disappointed. " These amulets are worthless then," Anne said removing the 2 amulets from her neck. " Oh well, hey it’s your first payday, 2 amulets," Merlin said trying to be funny. Everybody else just shook their heads and headed out.




A couple weeks after the Seraph incident everybody paid a visit to Felerco. Only Anne, Robert, and Max hadn’t been there before. It was the best place they had ever saw. They’re teleporters all over the place to different places since Felerco covered a big range. People of all ages lived there. However Felerco was way different from your normal town. Sorcerers and knights walked all over the streets. The place always seemed to be crowded. The means of transportation here were only by walking, flying, teleporting, or magical motorcycles, which floated 10 feet in the air. There were many shops selling weapons, armor, magical trinkets, spellbooks, potions, and cloaks. " This place seems to be big," Max commented. " I think we have noticed that," Robert told him.

They walked through the place for about a half-hour and then Merlin spoke up. " Wait until you see our old home," he told them excitedly. " New home?" Anne asked. " Yes, you’re the Chosen One’s, you need to live here to reach your full ability," Merlin told her. " How about unregistering our apartment and moving everything," Anne told him. " Took care of it," Robert told her. " You did?" Anne asked. " Yeah, I had it arranged and some sorcerers and knights came to our apartment and they moved everything," Robert said. " Then I unregistered us," Kevin completed. " Oh thank you," Anne said running up to Robert kissing him on the lips and then to Kevin kissing him on the cheek. They then came up to a brand new looking castle with 2 floors. " Our new home," Lecrecia said walking up the steps and opening the golden door. " Our new home," Max asked emphasizing the word our. " Yes, all of us are going to be living in here, don’t worry there is plenty of living space," Valurias said.

The castle had a magical lighting and there was a library, a young butler by the name of Ferdith, a main hall, a dining room, a potion room, an armory, and a storage room. " There’s also more," Valurias said moving a picture with a gold frame. Behind it there was a switch and she pushed it. A secret door opened and everybody but Valurias gasped. " Here’s your first payday," she said smiling. The room was completely full of gold. " The currency here is gold, the council members know of the service you have paid to the universe, and.. might I say they have added to your account," Valurias smiled at them. Anne then looked at a clump of thousands of gold pieces and the gold dissapeared. She took Robert by the hand. He nearly fell but followed her. " Where are we going?" he asked. " Shopping," Anne simply said and dragged him out the door.




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