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Double In Trouble

by Jennifer White


Curtis was happy to be back home. He was exhausted after his long trip. He had just married the girl of his dreams, Anna. They had dated for two years before he proposed. After a yearlong engagement, they got married. The ceremony was beautiful, and Anna had never looked as perfect as she did in her bridal gown with its gleaming sequins on the corset-like top and flowing white skirt that was gathered up in bunches, held up by flower shaped decorations. She had worn a tiara as well, and Curtis thought she looked like a princess.

They had flown to Florida for a week, enjoying the beaches, the ocean, the theme parks, and of course each other. They made love as many as three times in one day, reaching the point of physical exhaustion. With all that they had done, they were going to need some time off to rest up from their vacation! But it was time for Curtis to go back to work, and resume his usual routine.

* * *

It was about a month since Curtis and Anna returned from their honeymoon. They had settled down into a routine at home. They were newlyweds, and very much in love, but as with all couples, their familiarity led them to sometimes let down their guard, and not always act on their best behavior. Curtis sometimes left the toilet seat up for example, even though he knew that girls hated when guys did that. Or he left all of the laundry chores for Anna, even though he knew how to do his own wash, after living on his own for years.

Anna shrugged these things off, knowing that men were like that. When they were wooing a girl, trying to get into her pants, they acted as the perfect gentleman. They would hold the door open, treat you to dinner, take care of you, and act like you're the most wonderful lady they've ever met. But as soon as you put out for them, things change, and they start taking you for granted. No longer are they willing to do all of the little things that made you fall in love with them in the first place. Oh yes, they still desire you, and they still want you to spread your legs for them, so they can come in your pussy. But they don't want to keep doing what it takes to make you happy.

And at first, your man will take his time, making sure that you get your orgasms too. He'll do what you ask of him, because he's so desperate to get you that he's willing to be sure to please you. But once you've let him have you, he changes. He wants you to do things like go down on him, so he can come quickly. But if you ask him to do the same for you, he's not very willing. You still want him of course, but you want for him to take care of you, and treat you like he did when you first met. But he's just a man, and you're the woman. You should have known what to expect from him, as Anna was now finding out with her new husband.

* * *

One day, she was busy ironing a shirt for Curtis, so he could wear it to work the next day.

"Honey, could you please turn off the oven and pull out the roast?" she said as the timer's bell rang. It was done, and she didn't want it to get over-cooked. But she was in the middle of doing his shirt, and didn't want to have to run across the house. She didn't like leaving a hot iron unattended either. So she made a simple request to Curtis, asking him if he'd take the roast out.

"Sure!" he yelled.

Anna smiled, and returned her attention to her husband's shirt. Then she ironed to other two, hanging them up carefully, before turning the iron off to let it cool. She went into the kitchen to see how the roast came out, but much to her disgust, the oven was still on, with dinner still inside! She hurried over, opened the door, and frowned as smoke vented out. The roast was way overdone now, and the veggies in the pan surrounding it were dried out. She had spent so much time peeling carrots and potatoes, dicing them, and getting everything ready. Now it was ruined, because Curtis was too lazy.

Her eyes flashed anger. She marched into the livingroom, where he was sitting in the recliner, reading the sports section of the newspaper. She stared at him, and he just sat there. Couldn't he feel her gaze? How could he just ignore her? She cleared her throat.

"Didn't I ask you to get dinner out of the oven?" she said.

"I will" replied Curtis, as if everything was fine. "Just let me finish reading this, then I'll come help you out."

Anna put her hands on her hips.

"Its too late for that now. Dinner is ruined."

She turned and fled, with tears in her eyes. How could her husband be so uncaring? He didn't even look concerned that he had ruined dinner. Didn't he have any emotions? Other than lust? She wiped the tears from her eyes, trying to control herself so that she didn't ruin her makeup. She opened a plastic bag of salad and dumped it into a bowl. That would be dinner now, thanks to Curtis.

She hated to do it, but she was going to have to punish him for what he had done. Her mother had taught her how to do it. She had hoped it would never come to this, and that Curtis would be perfect. But he was not. He was a typical man, and had just proved that he deserved what he was about to get.

* * *

That night, when they were getting ready for bed, Curtis could tell that Anna was still in an angry mood. She barely talked to him, snapping at him like an angry cat swatting and hissing. After brushing his teeth, he was ready to get into bed, not sure what she was going to do, or how he should handle it. He had never seen her so mad before. Perhaps she was having her period, and that was why she was so cranky.

When he was brushing his teeth, he hadn't noticed that Anna had been in the next room, her eyes closed, as she chanted a secret incantation, handed down to her from her mother. She had hoped not to use it, but now Curtis had forced her to do it.

When Curtis returned to the bedroom, he hadn't noticed the changes. Yet.

"I'm so horny" said Anna. "I want you now, baby."

Curtis was surprised to say the least. He had thought there wasn't any chance of "getting any" that night, not with her being so angry at him. But here she was, coming on to him! He was delighted, and he started to remove his boxers, while she took off her pink nightie, revealing her large, firm, perfect breasts. She was stunning, as always.

He kicked his boxers off, and walked over to her. But something was wrong. He should have been all hard by now, but he didn't feel the usual tingle down below, between his legs. Normally he could feel the blood flowing down there, as he felt his penis grow larger and larger. Normally, he'd feel the stiffness, and the wonderful warm impulses radiating out from it. But something didn't feel right. Curtis reached down and almost screamed when he felt *nothing*.

He turned and ran to the mirror, even as he heard Anna laughing. He stared in the mirror, and he was shocked. His penis was nowhere to be seen, nor his balls. Instead, there was just a soft mound there, with the pink lips of a labia running down the middle. He couldn't help but notice that his pubic hair was different now too. His own hair was dark blonde, but the hair he now had was jet black, like Anna's, and trimmed into a neat rectangle, as opposed to his own full, untrimmed bush.

There was only one possible conclusion: he now had her pussy! He looked up at her, and his stomach turned has he saw that her pink panties weren't laying flat in front of her anymore. There was a lump in them in the front, and even more disturbing, a "tent pole" started to rise up, pushing them away from her.

Anna laughed as she started to do a striptease. She gyrated her hips, and slowly revealed more and more of what she was hiding under her pink panties. She turned around so that Curtis could only see her perfectly shaped a$$, and she worked them all the way down, then kicked them off. She put her hands on her hips, and turned to face him. Curtis was staring at his wife, with a man's sex organs between her legs, with a full erection pointing right at him.

He swallowed hard as he felt a surge within Anna's pussy, as it started to get wt at the sight of the erect penis. As he gaped, he realized that it wasn't just any penis on her, it was his! It was his color of pubic hair, all full and bushy. He was looking at his own penis, but it was on his wife now! She smiled at him as he cowered in fear.

"What's the matter?" she said. "Haven't you ever seen your own penis before?"

"This can't be real" stammered Curtis. He could not believe this was true.

"Oh, it is very real. And very *permanent*, unless you atone for what you did to me. You are being punished, and I'm going to make sure that you learn your lesson. Now tell me dear, do you like having my pussy between your legs? Or do you want to be the man of the house again some day?"

"I want to be the man" he said, his voice still shaking.

"Very well. Listen carefully, and do exactly what I tell you. If you do not obey me completely, you'll be stuck with my pussy forever, and you will slowly morph into full female form. Unless that is what you want, you will do as I say."

"Anything!" said Curtis.

"Very well" replied Anna. "For starters, you will get down on your knees in front of me, and suck my cock. Make sure it is good and wt. Then you will lay on your back, spread your legs wide open for me, and beg for me to fuck you. If you do all that, then after 1 day, you'll be a man again. If you fail in the slightest, your change will become *permanent*."

Curtis felt like he had just been punched in the stomach. He felt weak and dizzy, as he contemplated what Anna had just told him. He was going to have put her penis into his mouth, which was completely disgusting (even if it *was* his own penis, really). He was a man! A real man didn't do that! It looked so sickening to see his wife, with all of her perfect feminine beauty by what she now had between her legs. If he gave in and did what she demanded, not only would he be back to normal, but it would restore her into something *desirable*, not some freak, a chick with a dick.

But he couldn't very well say no, and be stuck like that for the rest of his life, with a pussy! He had no choice, really. What kind of a freak was it that he had married? How was she able to do this? And why would she? He felt sick as he gave in to her, knelt down before her, and opened his mouth. He blushed bright red as she eased her erect member into his mouth.

Anna looked down, and saw her husband kneeling before her, his mouth now full of her penis. She felt a thrill of power! He had just submitted to her, giving up any claim as the one in the marriage with the power. From now on, he would be easy to manipulate. women always hoped to change their husbands after they were married. For her, it would be *much* easier now. He couldn't even imagine what he had just gotten himself into.

She had given him a chance. She had hoped that she would never have to use the power, to punish him. This was all his own fault, and now he was paying for it. She smiled as he moved his mouth back and forth, bobbing his head, sending chills up and down her spine as he brought her erection to a new level of hardness.

"Now get on the bed" she said, forcefully. "I'm want to come in your pussy, not in your mouth."

Anna watched as her husband got on the bed, and spread his legs wide open. It was interesting for her to see her pussy from this angle. She had looked at it in the mirror a million times, but this was the first time she could see it up close, as others saw it. She had always thought it was ugly, and she wondered how men could be so attracted to it. She noted that Curtis's cock was sure attractive, as it quivered as she stood over him. Perhaps men did do all their thinking with their dicks after all.

"Please fuck me" he said, as she had instructed him. "Please put your dick in my pussy!"

"As you wish, my darling" she replied. She pushed his legs wider open, and guided her penis up inside the lips of his labia, into his vagina. She hated it that he always come so quick once he got inside of her. Five minutes was a long time for him. She wouldn't make that mistake. She would last a long time. She wanted to keep fucking him for hours if she could, but she realized she'd probably only have the stamina to keep it up for half an hour or so. It wasn't as if she had a man's sexual parts every day!

As she began sliding it in and out, building up a rhythm, she told him about something else he had missed, with all the excitement.

"You are so focused on having a pussy, that you've completely ignored what's going on in your chest" she said.

Laying on his back, with his wife ramming her penis into his wet pussy, Curtis was already freaked out! Her face was so pretty, her boobs so large and so perfect, and they were right in his face. But he had a *pussy*. And she was filling it with her *penis*. He was well beyond scared and upset. He looked down at his chest to see what she was talking about now. He was shocked to see the changes there too.

First of all, he had far less hair on his chest than he had, since he was a child. But more alarmingly, his nipples had swollen up to be almost as wide across as his little finger. The dark ring of color around them was huge now, at least tripling in width from before.

"Your boobs are just starting to bud, like a little girl's" she said, as she thrust into him again. "Even if you're good, and you change back into a man again, your nipples will stay that way forever. If I ever have to punish you again, they will grow again, permanently. You also need to know something else. Your punishment this time is to have my pussy for a day. Next time it will double. Then it will double again the time after that. You will quickly learn to obey me in all things, or else you will end up all female, forever."

Curtis didn't want to feel the female orgasms that were now starting to well up inside of him. He didn't want it to feel good! His eyes were bugging out of his head as he watched his wife continue to pound him. She was turning him into a woman! If he didn't do what she wanted, he'd end up being female. No!

"Oh, by the way, if you ever tell *anyone* about how I punished you, you will become a woman right there on the spot. And if you ever try to leave me, you'll get the same. If you do become a woman, you'll crave men so much that all you'll want to do is get fucked all day, every day. Don't go against me, my love. Just be mine, and love me. I would hate to have to turn you into a bimbo slut."

With that, Anna gave up, and decided to let herself come in her husband's pussy. He clearly had enough, and she had crushed any fight that was left in him. She knew that she had done her job well, and that he would behave from then on. She went to bed with him, and she made him put his hands around her penis, until they both fell asleep....

* * *

The next day was the worst one for Curtis, in all his life. He woke up with a pussy between his legs. Anna insisted that he must wear panties over it, even though he was going in to work.

"Its my pussy, so I can decide what you will wear over it" she replied. "Just be glad I'm not sending you off to work in a skirt."

All day long, he was so afraid that somehow people would know. He felt humiliated that he had to sit down to use the rest room. And he was terrified that someone would know based on the smell. And with his enlarged nipples, even with a T-shirt on under his dress shirt, he was afraid that people could see them, so he kept his suit jacket on all day, even though it was quite warm. He was *so* relieved when the day was done, and he could go home. He arrived home, but now he had another kind of terror to face: Anna, with his penis on her body.

She treated him well enough, not giving him the cold shoulder. But he couldn't take his eyes off of her, and the bulge in her pants. She wore something to show it off to him, to remind him that in a way, *she* was the man of the house now. When it reached the 24 hour mark from when she had exchanged sex organs with him, he held his breath in anticipation. Suddenly, it felt like he was starting to get an erection, but starting from the *inside*. It kept pushing out, getting bigger and bigger, until he felt his penis and balls slide out from the slit between his legs, and fall into place. He was a man again. And Anna was again a woman.

She laid beside him in bed, gently stroking his nipples, which had not returned to their former size. They were still large like a woman's, with a two inch wide ring of dark coloring around them. As she had said, they would stay that way, permanently.

"Just as a reminder" she said as she tweaked them, which was a surprisingly delicious feeling, forcing Curtis's body to react by giving him a huge erection. "They will always be there so you remember what you did. Next time, your boobs will start to fill out too, and it will be *permanent*. Don't make me have to do this to you again."

* * *

Now something had changed in Curtis's life. He still got up, went to work, came home, and talked with his wife. He still did things with her on the weekends, going to shows, out to dinner, or out dancing. But things were not the same. Now he lived in constant fear of her. He could not leave her; she'd turn him into a woman. And he was terrified of getting into an argument, saying 'no' to any request of hers, or of having any delay from when she asked, until he did something. When she called, now he jumped.

For Anna, things had worked as designed. Now she had the perfect husband. There were no silly arguments anymore. He didn't go out drinking with his friends. She didn't have to plead with him is she needed a new pair of shoes to go with her new outfit. Curtis helped with the chores now, more than ever before. He was willing to go out with her and her girlfriends. He even agreed to let her mother visit for a week, around the holidays.

When her mother had first told her about their family's special power and how to use it, Anna had been skeptical. She swore that she would never use it (if it was even real... she didn't quite believe it!). But Curtis had driven her to the point of frustration, and in anger she had used the spell on him. And such wonderful results! She was surprised at how much a man measures himself by his penis. Take it away from him, just for a day, and look at how he changes!

While she had his penis on her body, she had of course made love to Curtis, but she also had masturbated herself once, just to see how it felt. It was nothing special, compared to the ability to have multiple female orgasms! Men didn't know what they were missing. She was very glad that she had been born as a woman, although she did have to admit that having the penis for a day had given her a newfound sense of power that she didn't have before! A power that let her still keep her husband from doing all the things which the other girls all complained about. He was the perfect husband now, and she was very glad that things had worked out so well.

* * *

After about a year, Anna thought that Curtis was slipping a bit. When she asked for help, he wasn't quite as quick to come running for example, and a few times lately when she talked, she didn't feel as if he was really listening. Even after his day with her private parts, that wasn't enough to keep his attention for long. She knew it was just a matter of time before she would have to reluctantly use her power again.

That moment came a few weeks later, much to Anna's chagrin. It was the anniversary of their first date, something they had celebrated every year since they started going out together. But this year, Curtis completely forgot it. And when she gave him the card she had purchased, he just shrugged as if everything was okay. Anna felt humiliated and upset. Didn't she mean anything to him? Didn't he want to still show her that she was special to him? How could he be so hurtful as to forget such an important day? Anna had no choice now. Curtis needed to be punished.

She called him up to the bedroom, where he found her dressed in a skimpy purple negligee. She reached down and unbuckled his belt. Then she undid his pants, and worked them off. As Curtis was taking off his socks, Anna intoned the words. She smiled as she felt the hard-on starting to form between her legs, as she watched Curtis's own penis retreat back within his own body, leaving her pussy in its place. She again had his dick, and he now had her pussy.

But that wasn't all. The last time, the nipples on Curtis's chest had swollen. This time it was the area underneath them that began to change, gently swelling until had had sweet little a-cup sized boobs on his chest. They were quite pointy, and slightly upturned, just as hers had been back when she had began to fill out her first bra.

Curtis stood there, his hands cupped over his enlarged boobs, as if hiding them from sight would make them go away. He looked down between his legs, and looked like he was going to cry. He looked back up at Anna, seeming completely helpless.

"This is your own fault" she said. "You know that, don't you? I didn't want to resort to this, but you forced me to. If you don't like having my pussy between your legs, you only have yourself to blame."

Curtis just stood there, mute. Unable to communicate, and express his emotions. Just like a man.

"Since this is the second time, you will have my pussy for two full days. One plus one makes two, so you're stuck with it for 48 hours this time. Come quickly to the bathroom. There is something I need to show you."

She led him by the hand. He was trembling out of fear. She smiled. This was just what he needed.

"You're in luck, in a way" she said. "I'm not going to be able to come in your pussy this time. You see, I'm on my period. And now that you have my pussy, that means *you* are having your very first period. That's right dear. You are, as they say, "on the rag". You are menstruating. You are having a period. That means you'll need to put in a tampon, so you don't stain up the silky panties you'll be wearing for the next two days."

She opened up the cupboard by the sink, reached into the box, and pulled out a tampon for Curtis. She had him sit on the toilet, so she could teach him how to put it in. It was very easy, with the plastic applicator. She pushed it up into his pussy, held the top with one hand, and pushed in the other part like a plunger. The tampon slid easily into the opening of his vagina. Once firmly in place, she pulled the applicator back out, leaving just a string hanging out, so he could later remove the tampon when it was time to change it.

"You also need to use panty liners, just in case" she said. "I have heavy periods, so you had better be prepared to change your tampon a couple of times a day."

Curtis gulped. That would mean he'd need to bring tampons into the office, and change it there in the rest room. He shuddered. This was so terrible! He was stuck with a pussy for two days now! And his boobs had grown considerably. How would he hide them now? And to make it all worse, he was having a period. He winced, as the first cramps hit him, making him almost double over.

"Now as you remember from last time, if you don't make me cm, you're going to be stuck with my pussy for the rest of your life, as you gradually transform completely into a woman. Is that what you want?"

"No!!!" he replied adamantly.

"Good. Then you'll do as you're told. You're always wanting me to go down on you, and when I do, you always come in my mouth. It is time for you to learn how I feel. Get down here on your knees, and get to it. Don't stop until you've made me come."

With that, she put her hands on her erect penis, and waited for Curtis to obey. Having no choice, he got down on his knees before her. She felt such a rush of power as he looked as if he was going to gag, opening up his mouth to take in her penis. She put her hands on his head so he could not pull back, and she gently pushed her pelvis forward, forcing more and more of her erection into his mouth.

She looked down, seeing him with her penis engulfed by his mouth. He looked up feeling so weak and so powerless, utterly humiliated. That just made Anna smile. She was clearly in control now, and enjoying every moment of it.

"I know you don't like doing this to you" she said, "But don't worry. As you spend more and more time with a pussy between your legs, you'll find that you're starting to enjoy sucking on a dick. Given enough time, you'll start to *crave* it, and you'll even *beg* me to let you suck my dick. Of course, if you're good, you might never have to do this again. But if you're bad, you'll spend a lot of your time on your knees for me, from now on."

Curtis closed his eyes, trying to make it easier, but Anna quickly reprimanded him.

"If you're not watching what you're doing, it won't count, and we'll just have to do this all over again. Now put your hands on your nipples. I want you to feel your wonderful new boobs, as you're sucking on my dick. You need to understand that you've just taken another step towards becoming a woman. Next time, you'll be one for *four* days. I can't wait to see how your boobs will look next time, as they get even larger."

Curtis was completely crushed. This was too much for him. Anna didn't know yet how to keep herself from coming, and she lost control at that moment, exploding in his mouth. He tasted come for the first time, as her penis throbbed, pumping more and more of it into him.

"Doesn't it taste wonderful?" said Anna. "What, you don't like it? Well that's what you want me to taste when you come inside *my* mouth. I'd return the favor now, and suck on your pussy, but you're on your period. All that blood would taste awful! But don't worry, next time you've got a pussy, I'll be happy to go down on you, and lick your clit. That's right dear. You have a clitoris now. And a vagina. Isn't it wonderful?"

Curtis felt anything *but* wonderful. He went to bed next to her, wearing the purple panties she gave him. He cried himself to sleep that night, cursing himself for being so stupid. He hated having a pussy! He hated the larger boobs on his chest. And now he was going to have to go into work the next day. And the boobs were permanent. He cried even more, until he finally fell asleep.

* * *

The next day was terrible for Curtis. He had gone into the office with a pussy and wearing panties before. But now it was going to be for two days. And he was having a period. He wore the heaviest undershirt he could find, along with a thick dress shirt, attempting to hide his perky little boobs. But if he took off his jacket, they were quite plain to see. So he was forced to keep his jacket on all day again. He could feel what he had in the inside pocket of his jacket: a pair of tampons, ready to put in whenever he needed one.

Later in the day, he felt something, as if he was starting to ooze something out down there. So he went into the men's room, got into one of the stalls, took off his pants, and sat down. He tried to hide his silky panties down inside his pants, in case anyone looked under the wall. He didn't want someone to look in and see panties around his ankles!

Now he had to attend to his tampon. Sure enough, it was time to change it. He used the string to pull it out, and he almost gagged from how it smelled. He wrapped it up in a huge wad of toilet paper, and he was going to flush it down. But then he remembered that it could clog the toilet to flush things down. He needed to dispose of it. He looked around for somewhere to drop a tampon in, but there was nothing except the garbage can by the sink. Great. He had to set it down for now, on the floor. And he had better not forget it!

Now he ripped the paper off of a fresh new tampon, and got ready to insert it into his pussy. But first he used some toilet paper to wipe up some of the ooze that had come out. It smelled terrible, and he wasn't at all happy about it. He prayed that nobody would come in, and question what was going on in there!

Curtis put the new tampon in, as Anna had instructed. It wasn't hard to do, but it was just disgusting. He then pulled up his panties, his pants, and hurried to throw out the old tampon in the trash before he was discovered. He was blushing bright red as he washed his hands, thankful that he had not been spotted. He hoped that nobody would notice what he had tossed into the trash. There would certainly be a stir at the office if someone found *that* in the men's room!

That night, there was something else that was perhaps even worse. Anna had already come in his mouth. And last time she had come in his pussy. Now, she had one more place she wanted to try. She told him she was going to come in his a$$. Curtis was shaking as she made him bend over the bed. He felt the cold wetness of the gel she applied to his rear, and then he felt her erection start to penetrate him back there. She was putting her dick up into him from behind. It was as if he had a man making love to him. He couldn't get the image out of his head: him bent over, with a penis up inside him.

"Ooh, you really like this, don't you?" said Anna.

"Ugh..." was all he could manage to say.

She was puzzled. He had wanted to do this to her some times, but when she did it to him, he was so freaked out about it. He seemed even more frightened than when she had made him suck her penis the night before. Now this was something she would have to remember. He would remain much easier to control if she could remind him of this night, from time to time.

* * *

After Curtis got his penis back, and Anna's pussy was restored. he became even more docile than before. Any hint of rebelliousness was gone from him, as were any signs of disobedience. Anna was happy as they did everything together, spending so much quality time, and keeping their relationship tight.

One day she went out and bought herself something new: a harness, along with a large realistic dildo that attached to it. A strap-on. She decided that once a month or so she'd wear it to bed, so she could give her husband a reminder of what it was like when he had the pussy. She couldn't wait to see him on his knees, sucking on it. And she couldn't wait to see the fear in his eyes, when she made him spread his legs so she could put it into him. She decided that she'd wait a few weeks before trying it out though. He *was* being very good now, and she didn't want to punish him unnecessarily.

On a Friday, she hummed as she worked in the kitchen, making Curtis his favorite dinner. She poured a bottle of their best wine, lit two candles, and waited for him to come home so they could have a romantic dinner together. At 5:00pm, she was all set. At 6:00, he hadn't shown up, and she started to get nervous, pacing the room. but 6:30, she was having a glass of the wine "to get started". At 7:30 he still hadn't shown up, and now she was fuming. When he walked in the door fifteen minutes later, dinner was cold. Half the wine was gone. And Anna was in a foul mood.

"I spent all this time doing something special for you" she said, "And you don't even have the courtesy to call me and tell me that you're going to be late?"

"I'm sorry honey" he said, "But it was a work thing I had to get done."

"You could have called!" she said, her voice cracking.

"I worked a long day, and now I come home to this?" he said, getting upset.

"Oh, like I did nothing all day long" she said.

"No, it's not that, its..." he started to say, but it was too late. He had angered her, and she was slightly tipsy after drinking half of the bottle of wine. She had already intoned the words. Curtis could feel the changes occurring down there between his legs. No! He didn't want to have her pussy again! And this time it would be for *four* days. To make it worse, he could feel it, as his boobs started to swell again, growing rapidly in size, pushing his shirt out from his chest. There was no way he'd be able to hide his boobs anymore; they were too big now, b-cups for sure.

Immediately, Anna had an erection. She pointed to the floor in front of her. Curtis knew what she wanted. He had to make her come in his mouth. As disgusting as it was to think of himself sucking on a dick, there he was, doing it.

"Hold my balls in your hand" instructed Anna. "Then caress my butt with your left hand."

He did as he was told. He had to. He didn't want to be stuck with her pussy forever! He felt completely powerless, like the last vestige of his manhood was gone. Anna smiled as she saw her husband down there sucking on her. She regretted that she hadn't started using her new strap-on to make him do this regularly, to keep him in line. But it wasn't her fault that he'd deserved to be punished! She looked at his face, and noticed how it had softened just a little bit. He had spent enough time with a pussy that other subtle changes were starting to occur in his body. He hadn't noticed yet how his hips were just a bit wider than before, and his tummy just a bit narrower. He would learn in time.

He was spending enough time with a pussy and boobs, that Anna decided it was time to start training him further. This time, he would need to learn how to put on makeup. Of course, with his boobs being so large, he was going to need to wear a bra from now on, since they would remain even after he got his penis back. She couldn't wait to see how he looked in a skirt. As soon as he made her come, she'd make him shower, and shave his legs. By now, all of his chest hair was gone, as part of the magic. But just like any girl, he'd need to shave places like under his arms. This time, she'd make him dress up and act like a woman. She would show him where he was heading if he didn't change his ways.

* * *

Curtis stood there, his skirt brushing against his smooth hairless legs, encased in nylon pantyhose. He looked down at the pointy toes of his high-heel shoes as he shifted his weight. His feet were sore after wearing them all day! The gold necklace he wore was hanging down right between his boobs, drawing attention to them as the deep cut u-neck of his top showed them off. He looked in the mirror to check that his lipstick didn't need to be touched up. He brushed away a small piece of mascara that had flaked off, using his long, red-painted fingernail.

The last few days had been hell for him. As soon as Anna had come in his mouth, she had really taken charge. She had dressed him up as a woman, and she had been teaching him how to look and act like one! Here he was, wearing makeup that he had applied to his own face, looking pretty! How could this be him? How could he be living four full days as a woman? So far, she had come in his mouth twice, in his pussy three times, she had made him give her a hand job, and then of course she did him in back once.

But even worse than that, she had given him a vibrator, and she had insisted that he use it on himself twice a day. The female orgasms felt unbelievably good, and he could see that she was trying to addict him to them. She was trying to make him *want* to have a pussy again, so he could feel them. But that was the last thing in the world he wanted! He wanted to be a man. But what was he going to do about his new boobs? They were too large to hide anymore. How was he going to work, when everyone would see *them* under his shirt?

"Soon, if you're good, you'll get your penis back" taunted Anna. "I hope you've learned your lesson. Next time you'll have a pussy for eight days. That is long enough that the female hormones flowing in your bloodstream are going to start reshaping your brain, making you think like a girl. Is that what you want?"

"What about you?" asked Curtis. "Do you get male hormones?"

"Of course, silly" she replied. "They'll make me more aggressive. I'll start to get more muscular. As you become more and more passive, I'll take charge more and more. If you continue to insist on doing things to deserve punishment, soon you'll find yourself becoming so submissive that you'll rely on me for *everything*."

Curtis hung his head down low. This was terrible. What more could she do to him now to embarrass him? There was just an hour left before he'd get his penis back. He knew that something had to be coming. And sure enough, he was right. Anna handed him her cell phone.

"Call my mother" she said.

Curtis hated her mother. She was pushy, and demanding. At their wedding, she had tried to run everything. For the first time, Curtis realized that if Anna's powers came from her mother, then her mother must have done the same thing to Anna's dad. He had never met her dad, and he wondered if the poor guy had suffered as he was suffering now.

"Tell her that you've been thinking about her" continued Anna. "Tell her you would really love it if she would come for a visit, and stay with us for a few weeks. Oh, and when you speak to her, you are to call her 'mom'."

Curtis knew better than to argue, but he seethed in anger as he called. He called Anna's mother, and did just what she asked him to do. As he spoke, she was undressing him. By the time he hung up the phone, she had removed everything from the waist down, except for his heels. She undid her fly, showing him her impressive erection. Then she pushed his legs apart, and penetrated his pussy.

"I just had to fuck you one more time" she said. "You'll find that after having used the vibrator so much, you're getting more sensitive. You'll have orgasms easier now, and more of them. I'm going to make you come and come for the next hour, until you revert back."

Curtis couldn't help but to moan with pleasure. It was involuntary. True to her word, Anna knew her way around the female body, and she did all sorts of things to him to make him come and come, again and again, addicting him even more to the feeling of female orgasms. He was screaming "Yes!" now, as she pounded him more and more, making him hit yet another new high as the latest climax swept over him, taking away his ability to do anything but feel the glory of the female orgasm.

* * *

Curtis felt glum. He had to use a wrap around his larger boobs so that he could go to work. He had quit his ball team, since he couldn't let the guys see him with boobs! He couldn't shower in the locker room like that. He was terrified that any of his friends would notice his boobs, so he cut himself off, not seeing any of them. He just hung around with Anna and her friends. While he was scared that they would notice, none of them seemed to pay his chest any mind. But he would not go out without his wrap, or at least a sports bra to minimize them as much as he could.

Anna had thrown out all of his boxers, replacing them with panties "so he wouldn't forget". Wonderful. Now he was going about his daily life wearing panties and a bra every day. She insisted that he must always wear one.

"You don't want your boobs to get saggy when you're older, do you?" she had asked. "That is why you're always going to wear a bra from now on. It is for your sake, not mine. Its your own fault that you have boobs now, so you are responsible for taking care of them."

And then Anna's mother, Belinda, arrived. Curtis felt so humiliated. When they had first married, he had told Anna how she rubbed him the wrong way, being so bossy, and all. They had agreed that she would never visit them for more than a day or two. But here she was with three large suitcases, prepared for a *long* stay.

"Take my bags to my room" she demanded.

Anna had made Curtis spend hours cleaning the guest room for her. He had thought the room was clean, but she warned him that her mother was very picky, and she'd be upset if there was any dust or dirt at all. So he toiled away, like a maid, cleaning the room for hours and hours. To make matters worse Anna herself was getting more and more demanding, ordering him around all the time. And to top it all off, when they went to bed at night, she was now wearing a strap-on harness with a fake penis!

"I miss having a dick" she told him. "This makes me feel much better."

In order for him to be able to do anything in bed with her, she made him first pretend to pleasure her strap-on. If he wanted her to go down on him, he had to first suck on her strap-on. If he wanted to come in her pussy, he had to let her use it on him first, in the only opening he had. What total humiliation! Now he didn't even want to come at all, because it would mean having to deal with her strap-on. When he had gone two days without trying anything in bed, she warned him.

"A good husband doesn't ignore his wife's sexual needs" she said. "You want to be good, don't you? You don't want to be punished, do you?"

"No" he said sheepishly.

"Good. Then you know what to do."

There was no way out of it. Now he had to do something daily with her strap-on in his mouth or inside of him.

"You need to get used to the idea that *I* am the man of the house now" she had said, with her large fake dick in his mouth. "When my mother arrives here, there are going to be some rules. You will obey her as you obey me, or you will be punished. You will not badmouth her, or complain in any manner. If you do, you'll be punished."

Curtis knew what that meant. He would have told her he understood, but right then he had a mouth full of her strap-on. And so now as he carried Belinda's three large bags into her room, he didn't dare complain. He just kept a dumb grin on his face, pretending to be happy to see her. When all of her bags were in the guest room, he found her standing in the kitchen, talking with Anna.

"Come here, give your mother in law a hug" said Belinda.

Curtis came over, and hugged her briefly.

"Well, well, well" said Belinda. "Someone has boobs now! I could feel them. Nice and firm. What is your cup size, dear?"

Curtis blushed bright red. She *knew*.

"B" he replied, as she ran her hands over his shoulders.

"And I can see you're wearing a bra. That is good. You don't want your boobs to sag when you get older."

Curtis looked to Anna for help and support, but she just stood there, looking as if she was going to laugh.

"Make me some hot tea" she said to Curtis, suddenly. There she was, ordering him around already. Then she turned to Anna. "In my blue suitcase, there is a pink bag. Go and get it for me."

"Certainly, mother" said Anna, as she shot a glance to Curtis. He realized that he was supposed to respond that way to her requests as well. He tried to make up for it quickly.

"Do you want pekoe or oolong, mother?" he asked.

"Orange pekoe, if you have it" she replied.

Curtis prayed that her stay would be short. He wasn't going to be able to take it, being ordered around like that! He heated the cup of water in the microwave, opened the paper pouch for the tea bag, and placed it in the steaming water. He set the cup on a saucer, and handed it to Belinda. At that moment, Anna returned to the room holding a pink striped bag.

"I bought you something" she said. "Go ahead and open it."

Anna removed the tissue paper at the top, and pulled out a silky pink nightie, with white trim. It had teeny little straps to go over the shoulders, it was quite short. Very sexy. She reached in, and found that there was a second one as well.

"Two of them, mother?" she asked.

"You for you, and one for him" she replied. "Go try them on for me! I can't wait to see you in them."

"Certainly, mother!" said Anna. When Curtis didn't quickly respond, she elbowed him.

"Certainly, mother" he said, without as much enthusiasm as Anna had in her voice.

Anna led him by the hand to the bedroom. She stripped down to her panties, and told him to do the same. She even made him take off his bra, since you certainly wouldn't wear one with a nightie! Then she had him pull on his new nightie. He felt humiliated. You could clearly see the shape of his firm breasts through the silky material, as well as the bumps on their tops, due to his large nipples. And because his shoulders were bigger than Anna's, the nightie rode up higher on him, exposing his frilly red panties.

"Come on now. We mustn't keep mother waiting" said Anna.

"You want to let her see me like this?" said Curtis.

"Dear, she already knows. We talk about everything, you know. She knows all about you, including the fact that you've already been a woman three times. There is no need to try and hide something from her. She knows everything."

"But I don't want someone to see me like this!" he protested.

"If I go out there alone, you know that she is going to insist that I punish you. I can't go against my mother. So the choice is yours. Be good and come along to show off your new nightie, or you'll spend the next eight days as a woman. Mother was thoughtful enough to buy you a present. You should at least be kind enough to let her see you wear it."

Anna turned to go. Feeling utterly helpless, Curtis tagged along. They walked into the kitchen together, so Belinda could inspect.

"Took you long enough" she said.

"Sorry, mother" said Curtis, quickly. He did *not* want to be punished!

"Yes, that looks very nice on you. It really shows off your boobs" she said to Curtis. Anna nudged him.

"Why, thank you, mother" he said.

"Anna, have you given *her* a proper name yet?" asked Belinda.

Curtis knew she meant him. He bristled at being called 'her'. Anna had never done that yet. And what did she mean by a "proper name" anyway? He could only stand there in his pink nightie, and wait to find out.

"No, mother. Do you think its time?"

"Yes dear. It is time. Now do you want to name her, or should I?"

"Why don't we ask her if she has something in mind?" asked Anna.

Now Curtis was quite disturbed. Anna was referring to him as 'she' and 'her'!

"Well?" demanded Belinda. "Do you have a feminine name picked out for yourself yet? Once you've become completely female, we can't go around calling you a silly name like 'Curtis'. That isn't fit for a girl at all. You need something pretty. Have you decided on a girl's name for yourself yet?"

"No, mother" said Curtis, as he looked to Anna, hoping to find support. He saw none there.

"Very well" said Belinda. "Since you don't have a preference, I'll help you. With those perky boobs of yours, you remind me of my cousin Sabrina. I think that once you've become completely female, you'll resemble her quite a bit. Yes. That's it. Your name is Sabrina now."

Curtis couldn't think of what to say. She was talking as if he was going to become a woman permanently! He wasn't going to let *that* happen! How dare she give him a girl's name! And why wasn't Anna coming to his rescue?

"Aren't you going to thank mother?" asked Anna, with some anger in her voice.

"I'm sorry" said Curtis quickly, hoping to escape punishment. "I was so happy that I forgot. Thank you mother. I love my new nightie, and I love my new name. I'm so glad you're here staying with us."

"You're quite welcome, Sabrina" she replied. "I hope you're now always so slow. You might need to be taught some proper manners."

"Sorry, mother, it won't happen again" he said.

"My feet are sore" she said. "Rub them, Sabrina."

She was sitting down at the kitchen table. She kicked off her shoes, and crossed her legs. Curtis had to get down on his knees to begin rubbing her feet. As he did it for twenty minutes, Belinda chatted with Anna, as if he wasn't even there. Then she crossed her legs the other way, so he could rub her left foot. Again, she made him do it for twenty minutes. His hands were aching when she finally allowed him to stop.

"That will be all, Sabrina" she said, dismissing him. No thanks. No gratitude. Curtis knew then that her stay was going to be one continuous hell for him. He had to figure out how to get her to leave, as soon as possible. She hadn't even been there for half a day, and already she was running everything, making him go around in a nightie, acting like he was her servant. And she had given him a girl's name. It was bad enough that *she* used it, but it really stung to hear Anna use it too.

"Sabrina" said Anna, "You look cold in just your nightie. Why don't you go put on the outfit I have laid out for you on the bed? Then you can join mother and I to watch a movie."

"Okay" said Curtis, as he scrambled to the bedroom. He was chilly. The cool air was making his nipples hard, which made him feel even worse. They were so sensitive, and their outline showed so clearly through his nightie's thin silky pink material. He would be relieved to put some clothes on, or so he thought. When he got to the room, he almost cried. There on the bed was an outfit for him that he couldn't believe. There was a white tank top, with a deep plunging neckline that would show off his boobs. It included a built-in bra, and it would be quite tight on him, which would make his boobs even more prominent.

Then there was the skirt. It was pink, with layers of ruffles, and it was quite short. On the floor was a pair of pink open toed shoes with six inch heels, the same color as the skirt. There was also a note that read: "Sabrina, don't forget your makeup". She wanted him to put on something ultra feminine, as well as makeup, then wear it in front of her mother? He was trembling as he dressed up in it, then started to apply the cosmetics to his face, as Anna had taught him.

He stepped into the shoes, and had to take small steps as he returned to the livingroom where Anna and her mother were watching a movie. It was a romantic comedy/musical. Not exactly what he wanted to watch! He sat down next to Anna.

"Sabrina, I'm disappointed that you don't know enough to cross your legs when you sit down. Didn't you learn anything from when you rubbed my feet? Didn't you look and see how you are supposed to sit?"

"I... I'm sorry, mother" he said, as he tried his best to cross his legs like she did.

"When you've picked out such a short skirt for yourself, you can't let anyone get a peek at what you've got in between your legs."

"Mother, she just hasn't spent enough time in a skirt yet" said Anna.

Curtis appreciated her trying to come to his rescue. But he didn't like her calling him 'she' again, and he didn't like the implication. Yet. She had said he hadn't spend enough time in a skirt *yet*. She was implying that in the future, he'd be spending a *lot* of time in a skirt. He didn't like that at all. He was on edge by now, feeling the primal urges that fear brings: fight or flight.

"I can't believe you let her go around without her toenails painted" scolded Belinda, talking to Anna as if Curtis wasn't even there. "Didn't I teach you better than that? How can you insult me by acting as if I didn't bring you up better?"

"Sorry mother, I'll make her start tomorrow" said Anna.

"And as for you, young lady" said Belinda, as she turned towards Curtis, "I expect you to take proper care of yourself. A girl of your age shouldn't go around with such short hair. You will grow it out long, so it can be pretty, like Anna's. And no more going around this house wearing clothes made for a man. You're a girl, and I expect for you to act like one. Tomorrow, I'm taking you the beauty salon, so we can get your ears pierced, your eyebrows waxed, and do something about that awful hair of yours. I will not tolerate you pretending you're a man. You are a woman, Sabrina, and I expect you to act like one."

"This is too much!" said Curtis, who could no longer contain his anger. "Get out of my house, right now! You can't come in here and try to take over everything. Get out. I'll send your bags to a hotel for you. You are no longer welcome."

Anna looked aghast. Nobody talked to her mother like that! Belinda for her part looked stunned. She turned to Anna.

"You know what you must do" she said.

Anna turned towards Curtis. Her mouth silently formed the words "I'm sorry". Then she began to intone her chant. Curtis turned to try and run away, but there was nothing he could do. Even as he moved, he could feel his tank top get tighter, as the boobs on his chest expanded out again. That could only mean one thing: he now had a pussy again. And this time for 8 full days. Now he *was* a woman.

Other subtle changes were occurring too. His nose was smaller. His shoulders less broad. He was less muscular now, but more flexible. His hips had widened again, with his tummy narrowing enough to make his skirt look much better on him. His face had softened, as had his skin. He had just taken another step towards looking completely like a woman.

"I hope you're sorry, or this will become *permanent*" said Belinda.

"I'm sorry" squeaked Curtis, who was just kicking himself for having lost control. His voice was higher in pitch now, just a bit. He was *talking* in a far more feminine voice now. He wondered what else had changed.

"I don't believe you" said Belinda, coldly. "You will need to do better than that to convince me."

Curtis looked down, and noticed that Anna had a "tentpole" effect in her panties. Seeing him be helpless like this was making her get an erection. He also noted that Belinda's skirt was pushed out away from her body too. They *both* had a penis now! And he had a pussy. What had he done?

"You need to ask her to move in with us. Permanently" whispered Anna.

Curtis was faced with such a terrible decision now! If he asked Belinda to move in with them, his life would be a living hell. But if he didn't then he'd be stuck with a pussy for the rest of his life, and he'd continue to morph into full femininity. There was no right answer. There was nothing he could do! He felt trapped, and even more helpless than before, if possible.

"Very well" said Belinda, upset with the delay. She began to make the same intonation as Anna had done before. Curtis looked down in horror as his breasts grew again, expanding in width as well as height. They were touching together now, as they overfilled his tank top. He now had d-cup sized breasts. He was too focused on them to notice how he was rapidly becoming curvy. The shape of his rear had changed to become rounder now, while his waist got smaller yet. His face looked younger now, and far more girlish. And he had just lost a full inch of height. He looked far more feminine than masculine now. And he had just added another 16 days to his punishment. That made 24 days in a row that he would have a pussy now.

"You are to quit your job" ordered Belinda. "You can't go in with boobs like those anyway. Tomorrow, you'll apply down the street at the diner, where you'll start working as a waitress. You'll get great tips with a rack like that. Just stick them in men's faces, and they'll throw a lot of money your way."

"You're crazy!" he said.

Belinda intoned her chant again.

"That's another 32 days. Now tell me that you *want* to start living full time as a woman."

"Never!" said Curtis. It didn't matter now.

With a few words, she added 64 more days to his punishment.

"You must really *like* having a pussy" she said. "Tell me you love having one."

"I hate you" replied Curtis.

He had just added 128 more days. His body morphed even more, now looking completely female.

"Tell me that your name is Sabrina" ordered Belinda. "Tell me you were never a man."

"No!" he said, defiantly.

He had just added 256 more days. His body was completely female now, so it was his *brain* that began to change.

"You're going to be a woman for so long that you're going to have several periods" said Belinda. "Anna has already trained you on how to use a tampon. Aren't you excited that you'll get to use one over and over again now?"

"You witch!" he said, out of spite.

"That's 512 more days" she said. "More than a year, Sabrina. I think I know why you're doing this. You really *liked* it when Anna had a penis. You must really *want* to suck on dicks and feel them in your pussy. Tell me that you want a man."

"No!" said Curtis defiantly.

"Oh, you will soon" said Belinda, as she added 1024 more days. "You see, now it is your brain that is changing. It too is becoming female, just as your body has. Look at my erection. Tell me that it doesn't make you get wet."

Curtis looked as she dropped her skirt down and pulled off her panties. He fell to his knees. He *wanted* to suck it. No! That was impossible! How could he *want* it so bad? She was making him become a woman on the *inside* now. No!

"Don't worry, it's not so bad" said Anna. "Soon, you'll be very happy as a woman."

"You don't understand" sobbed Curtis, no longer able to keep his emotions in check.

"But Sabrina, I *do* understand. You see, I wasn't always like this."

"That's right" said Belinda. "I didn't give birth to a daughter. I had a *son*."

Curtis looked up, stunned. Anna had been Belinda's son?

"I was very bad when I was young" she said. "Mother had to punish me."

"Just as I'm punishing you now."

"But I've been good. My years and years of punishment are almost over. Soon I'll be Andrew again."

"Her body will be male again" explained Belinda, "But her heart, mind and soul will continue to be female forever. It has been so long that she's forgotten how it felt to be male. That's why she was so happy to have you suck her dick. When she becomes a man again, she's going to want to fuck you all night long. You're such a pretty little thing, with those nice full boobs of yours. You're making me get all hard, just looking at you."

As Curtis looked on, Anna started to change. Her face got harder, she got taller, and more muscular. She pulled off her nightie, to show off her hard flat chest, muscular and hairy. She smiled as she spoke in a deep voice.

"Sabrina, come here. I want you."

Curtis was trembling as he stood up. He fell into Andrew's arms, and felt his erection poke him. Curtis could hardly admit it, but he *wanted* to be with this man. They were still married. It was still Anna's soul in the male body he held close. And now Curtis was the woman. He had become Sabrina. He was a woman now, in every way.

"Once you become pregnant, the changes become permanent" said Belinda. "Anna stayed on the pill, because she wanted to have the chance to become Andrew again. But you're not going to get that luxury. Both Andrew and I are going to take turns on you, until you get knocked up. You're going to have a baby soon. You're going to be a mother, yourself. And then you'll be female forever."

Sabrina couldn't help it. She wanted Andrew so bad! She led him by the hand to the bedroom.

"Make me your woman" she said, as she spread her legs wide open. Her female body was aching to feel Andrew up inside herself. She was flooded with female hormones, and she couldn't control herself. She *needed* Andrew so much.

* * *

"Congratulations Sabrina. It's a boy" said the doctor, as he handed the infant baby to the new mother. Sabrina was covered in sweat, exhausted from six hours of labor. Andrew squeezed her hand. She smiled as she looked up at her husband.

"I can't wait to show Belinda. She'll be so proud" she said.

"Yes" replied Andrew. "We don't want to keep mother waiting. She could be angry."

Sabrina made a vow to herself that she would never use her newfound powers on the baby. She wanted him to grow up male. She promised never to punish him. She would have to be careful to raise him so that Belinda never had reason to, though! On the other hand, having a daughter wouldn't be all bad either...




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