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Eating Pussy

by Jennifer White


Bob had saved his money for months, anticipating this week. He was off to a very special resort for the next five days. Most guys went to a resort for golf, tennis, fitness, or something like that. Some guys went to baseball "fantasy camp", or hockey, or other sports.

This wasn't quite any of those. It was something far different. It was a fantasy camp of sorts, but not one for a typical "male" activity. It was a fantasy camp for men who wished they were women.

It was idea. He would get a woman to be his Personal Trainer, who would turn him into a woman, teach him how to be a girl, how to act like a girl. All he'd have to do is get over his fear of doing it in front of her, and he'd be all set. No crowd, secluded place, no fear of being found out.

He dressed up at home, he had wigs, breast forms, and other devices. But he was never able to make himself feel truly feminine. That was what they promised to do, there at the fantasy women's camp (FWC).


* * *


Bob excitedly got into the limo at the airport. It was a thirty minute drive from the airport to the camp itself. The limo was included in the package. The driver was a really hot woman in a uniform. She smiled as she loaded his luggage into the trunk. As they pulled away, she said that she worked for the resort itself, not a limo company, so he didn't have to worry about his secret with her.

"I think it's really cool, and really brave of you to do this" she said, smiling at him warmly. That made him feel better, and less anxious about things. They chatted as she drove out past the farms, and into the countryside.

The land become more wooded and hilly. At last, the limo pulled up through the impressive looking front gate, and onto the FWC facility. There was a main clubhouse, a pool, golf, tennis, and other sports. There were also a collection of small houses, where the guests stayed. She drive Bob up to one of these houses, with its finely manicured lawn, perfectly trimmed hedges, and gorgeous flower beds.

She helped him unload his luggage, and he got out his wallet to tip her.

"No Ma'am, no tips necessary. It's all inclusive."

"You called me Ma'am!" he said.

"Yes Ma'am. We are on the grounds now, and as long as you are here, you are a woman. All employees are on orders to treat you like a woman, at all times. You will be called Ma'am, Miss, She, Her, and so on, for the duration of your stay. Our founder decided that you would prefer that. It helps you get into the spirit of things."

"Wow" said Bob. "I've never been called that before."

"Feels good, doesn't it?" said the driver.

"Oh yes, you can't imagine" he replied.

She smiled at him, got in the limo, and drove off. Bob walked into the little house, and put his bags down. He looked around him and smiled. Everything was decorated with an extremely feminine touch. Nothing at all masculine about the place. No dark wood, straight lines, or anything. It was all sunshine, flowers, colors, aromas, softness and beauty. From the amazing antique tiffany lamps, to the lace curtains, to the bright colors of the murals painted right onto the walls, it was heaven.

The bedroom was exciting, with a lighted makeup mirror at the vanity, which was fully stocked with every sort of makeup imaginable. The closet and the dresser were stuffed with female clothes of all descriptions. The bathroom included a pedestal sink, and an oversized tub, the old-fashioned kind with legs. The towels were pink (coral, actually), and even the soap was a soft pink color. They hadn't forgotten anything.


"Hello there" said a woman, as she knocked on the door and entered. "I hope you find everything satisfactory so far?"

"Oh yes!" said Bob. "This is wonderful. Exactly as I imagined it."

"I'm glad you like it. My name is Mandy. I will be your guide for the week. We will be working *very* closely together. What is your name?"

"I'm Bo...." started Bob, automatically.

"No Ma'am, your *female* name" said Mandy, cutting him off. "You're a woman now, remember?."

"Sorry. I'm Luann" he replied, holding out his hand.

"Nice to meet you Luann" said Mandy. "Why don't we get you dressed up, then I'll take you for a quick tour of the grounds."

She took Bob into the bedroom, and showed him exactly where everything was. Then she told him to strip down naked.

He started to take off his clothes, and turned has back on her.

"Now Luann, we're all women here. I'll be working closely with you. I've seen lots of women naked before. You don't have to be such a shy girl. Let me see you."

Bob was ashamed as he turned around to reveal that he had a full erection going. But Mandy was very professional, and ignored it. Instead, she went to the hall, and returned with a box, which she opened.

"As you remember Luann, we told you that you don't need to bring any breast forms with you. We have something much better here. Put this on."

She handed Bob a flesh colored sheath, that looked like it had two female nipples on the front. She had him hold his arms up, and lower it onto himself. It fit very tightly, and it took quite some work to get into it all the way.

"This covers up your chest hair, so it won't interfere with your appearance. And now for the fun par. Watch this."

She pushed a button on a remote control, and the breasts in the front started to expand out visibly. They kept growing in size.

"Say when" said Mandy.

Bob loved how the boobs looked on the front. They were so realistic! And they looked like they were a part of his chest! They kept swelling up larger, and larger. The bigger they got, the better the looked. Finally, he decided they were the size he liked, and he signaled for her to stop.

"Very good. D-cups. Much larger, and you'll find that they get in the way more than anything. Very sensible. Now the initial expansion we just did was for size. This is for weight."

She hooked up a pair of hoses to the nipples, then attached them to an out let in the wall, that had been hidden by a panel. She pushed a button. Bob didn't see any difference in his new boobs, but he could feel their weight increasing greatly. They kept getting heavier and heavier. Finally, she pressed the button to stop the process, and detached the hoses.

"Now move. You'll find that they jiggle, just like real boobs."

Bob moved from side to side. The boobs did jiggle. It made him get even harder yet. Wow, this was a dream come true. Realistic boobs, on his chest! It was already worth the money he had paid.


"Now we have a similar device for your groin. This will pad your hips and your butt, as well as giving you the correct look in front."

She gave Bob another device, but this one looked like a pair of very tight pants. In the front, they looked like a pussy. He stepped into them, and started to pull them up. But there was a problem: he was so hard, that he could not get them over his manhood. They were stuck there.

"Hmmm" said Mandy. "You're way too big down there Luann. But I know what we can do. Hang on."

She went outside, and returned a moment later with some sort of medical looking kit. She unwrapped a syringe, and put a small quantity of a clear liquid into it. Then she walked over to Bob.

"Your clit is way too big" she said, looking down at him. "This serum has a temporary effect to numb it, which will make it shrink back down. You'll just feel a little pinprick, then the pain will end. Okay?"

"Sure" said Bob, who closed is eyes.

She was right. There was just a prick, then no feeling at all down there. Mandy waited about a minute, then pulled the pants on up.

"I threaded your 'clit' into a tube, which is hooked up to here" she said, pointing to the slit at the front of Bob's groin now. "You'll need to sit down to pee. Don't forget to wipe when you're done!"

"I won't forget" said Bob.

"Good. Now lets get your curves done."

She had him stand before the mirror. When he looked in the mirror, it seemed for all the world that he had a pussy now. It was realistic looking! Instantly, he should have gotten as hard as a rock. But there was no bulge now. And he couldn't feel anything down there anyway, after the shot. Not getting a rise out of seeing himself with a pussy made him feel more feminine than he had ever felt before in his life.

Now Mandy took the remote, and went to work. The pants did a couple of things. The butt became rounder, it's shape forced to change to more of an adult female butt. The hips and thighs got wider, while there was a little pain from the waist being clinched in. It pulled his tummy flat, and forced in the area above the hips, making it look like he had curves.

Wow. A pussy, curves, cute butt, and boobs. He looked a *lot* more like a woman. But Mandy wasn't done with him yet. Now she pulled out a clear mask, which she told him to adjust over his face, while she hooked up the pants to the same tubes and pump. She did her work, and soon he felt extra weight in his butt and his thighs.

"We use a different liquid down here, so it jiggles correctly. Different from how your boobs jiggle."

He nodded. He had noticed that in women, but his muscular body didn't allow for jiggling. Now it would. He was so turned on!

"Okay, mask in place?"

It was, so she worked on the remote. There was a pressing feeling, as the mask pulled closer and closer to his face. It sealed vacuum tight. Mandy hooked up a different hose out of the wall to the mask, and pressed a button. Bob felt a warmth all over his face, and less of the pressing feeling now.

"Take the mask off Luann, and look in the mirror" said Mandy, as she removed the tubes from it.

Bob took off the mask and looked in the mirror. His face was *pretty*.

"How is this possible?" he said in a whisper.

"It is sort of like molded plastic, attached to your face. But it could pass for real skin. It isn't permanent however, so we will peel you off when it is time to go home. As an added bonus, it will cleanse your pours. And now you won't have to worry about shaving your face while you're here. You're just like us now Luann. You're a woman."

It felt so good to be called a woman! Bob was so excited. It was wonderful to put on a bra, now that he had something to support. And to put on panties that laid flat against his crotch, instead of having that awful bulge down there. Then he got to wear a skirt, and see how exciting it was to wear one when you have curves. Lastly, the top he picked was really cute, showed off the tops of his boobs, and let you see the bra straps under the shoulder straps.

Mandy attached a wig to his head with a special glue, which would last for five days. He had picked out his hair color before traveling, so the brown hair with blonde highlights was all ready for him when he arrived.

After applying makeup and putting on a pair of heels which were made for someone with is men's size 10 feet, he looked in the mirror. He wanted to cry. He looked so pretty, and he felt so pretty. Adding jewelry was just icing on the cake.

"You're a woman Luann. You're a woman."

"I'm a woman" said Bob.


He followed Mandy out the door, and onto a golf cart she had there waiting for them. She gave him a twenty minute tour of the grounds, pointing out the features of the resort.

"You can stay in your room if you're uncomfortable going out" she said. "But I think that you'll agree that nobody would ever mistake you for anything but a woman, and it is quite safe to go out. You can lounge by the pool. Everything you put on just now is fully waterproof."

"Wow" said Bob. "That's cool. I've always wanted to wear a bikini by the pool."

"And this week, you can. We also have golf and tennis, if you want to see what it's like to swing a racquet or a club when you have realistic boobs. You get to wear cute short white skirts too, you know."

"I know!" said Bob ecstatic about all he could do now.

"There are boutiques and stores, so you can shop to your heart's content. Go in, try on women's clothes, go get fitted for a bra, buy yourself some skirts, get a pedicure and a manicure...anything you ever desired to do, you can do this week, with no fear. You are a woman now. And we haven't even really gotten started."


Mandy pulled the cart up to Bob's house again, and they got off. She went to the kitchen, and explained that she was going to cook dinner for the both of them.

"Go polish your nails, both fingernails and toenails. Try on some outfits. Get to know your wardrobe. Try on some sexy lingerie. Try the silk stockings. Try hot pants. Knock yourself out. Dinner will be ready in about forty minutes."

Bob returned in half an hour, wearing tight pink pants that came down to just below his knees, and tight a light blue sweater, with a low cut V-neck. It looked warm, soft and fuzzy.

"Cute!" said Mandy.

"Thanks" replied Bob.

"So many of the clients who come here are obsessed with skits and dresses. I'm glad to see that you're woman enough to wear pants."

Bob had found that with having curves, pants were sexy too And he didn't have to dress in an overly provocative manner to be sexy either. Just his feminine body could do that for him now, in almost any clothes.

He looked to survey the dinner. There was a salad set out on the table, along with a bottle of red wine and vinegar dressing. Two glasses of dark red wine were already poured, being allowed to breathe before they drank from them.

A red pasta sauce was boiling on the stove, while a pot of low carb pasta was boiling.

"Have a seat, I'll be done in a minute" said Mandy.

"Can I do something to help?" offered Bob.

"Just have a seat, and start on your salad. Try the dressing. I made it myself."

Bob had a seat, and looked at the salad. There was spinach, four kinds of lettuce, radishes, snow pea pods, red onions, and croutons. He poured on some dressing after shaking the decanter, and sprinkled some cheese on top.

Mandy sat down beside him, and raised her glass.

"To being women!" she said.

"To being women!" replied Bob, taking a deep sip of the wine.

The wine had a very complex flavor. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something about the wine tasted different. He was good with red wines, but he didn't think he had tried this variety before.

He took a bite of the salad. The veggies were great, but he didn't care for the dressing. But she said she made it herself, and he didn't want to hurt her feelings, so he ate most of it. By now, they were on their second glass of wine, as they continued to talk.

Mandy brought out the pasta and the red sauce. The pasta was shaped like a woman's pussy. The red sauce kind of made it look like a pussy at a certain time of the month. That wasn't a very exciting thought, even as Mandy joked about 'eating pussy' for dinner. Bob hated going down on women. That just didn't turn him on, and he hated the taste of that.

Bob took a bite of the pussy pasta, and wasn't very impressed with the flavor. He didn't want to hurt her feelings, but he just didn't care for Mandy's cooking. He put on some crushed red pepper, parmesan cheese, and extra garlic seasoning. Now it tasted okay. He was very hungry, so he ate two servings, as they polished off the wine.

He was going to offer to clear the table after dinner, but he suddenly was overcome with a sleepiness. It was like he could barely keep his eyes open.

"Aw Luann, the wine made you sleepy. Why don't you go put on a nightie, lay back in bed, and go to sleep? I'll clean up, and we can pick up where we left off in the morning. Okay?"

It sounded like a good idea to Bob. He went back to the bedroom, and changed into a sexy silky red nightie. He climbed into the comfortable bed with the luxurious silk sheets, put his head on the ever so soft pillow, and closed his eyes. He looked up, and saw Mandy there.

"Good night Luann" she said, kissing him on the cheek. "You've had a big day, and tomorrow will be even bigger. I know you're just about asleep, but I'm going to put some earphones on your to play some soothing sounds that will help you get a good night's sleep."

Bob nodded weakly. He was out of it now, almost asleep all ready. Mandy put the earphone plug into his left ear, then the other into the right. She plugged the other end of the cable into the outlet on the wall by the bed, and she turned the dial. The soothing sound of waves crashing on the beach gently filled Bob's earphones, sending him off into a deep sleep.


Once Bob started snoring, Mandy went to the dial and changed the channel on the sound system. She smiled. He would be receiving a far different set of sounds all night. As she walked out the door and turned out the lights, the soft feminine voice from the earphones talked right into Bob's head.

"I am Luann now. I am a woman. I have always been a woman. I am Luann. I was born a girl. I expect to be called Miss by people who don't know me. I always wear a bra. My name is Luann, and I am a woman...."


* * *


Bob was having the most wonderful dreams in his life. In the dream, he really was Luann. Everyone was calling him by a *female* name all the time. After he walked by, he heard a woman say: isn't she pretty? It made him feel so good that everyone was referring to him as 'her' and 'she' now.

He dreamed of his large boobs, and he was overcome with a feeling like they had been part of him ever since he was little. Ever since he was a little girl. They were always there. It was a comforting feeling. He liked feeling feminine. This was the best dream he could ever remember having.


* * *


Bob woke up in the morning, with the soothing sounds of wind and waves in his ears. He looked at the clock. 10 am! Wow, had he slept! He must have been really tired. He pulled back the covers, and looked at his feminized body. It was just too good to be true. He had to see it, to be sure it was all as he remembered from the previous night. After his wonderful dreams, he was afraid when he woke up that he'd be back home, and be just himself again, instead of a *woman*.

Mandy was there waiting for him. She was wearing a flowing sundress, and she really looked cute.

"Rise and shine sleepy girl" she said.

Bob got up, stretched his arms, and yawned. He looked over to Mandy and smiled.

"Now Luann, I need to talk to you about something. I could tell that you didn't really like my dinner last night, and you were just pretending to like it."

"No, it was good" said Bob, obviously lying.

"You're just being nice. But that's what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, I wasn't quite honest with you about something."

"What's that?"

"Well, I didn't tell you about our special ingredients in the food. You see, when we looked at your file, and what you wanted, we noticed there was a problem with you. Even though you wanted to become a woman, you put down that you don't like going down on women. Now why is that?"

"Well, I don't like how it tastes" said Bob.

"Exactly" replied Mandy. "That's why we use our special ingredients. First, I collected a quantity of the juices that my pussy secretes when I'm sexually aroused. I squirt a bit when I come too, so I got a lot of it. I used that in the sauce and the dressing."

Bob gave her a blank stare. Gross!

"And then one thing men hate, is the taste of a woman when she is on her near her period. So I also gathered some of my secretions from my last period, which was added to the sauce."

"No!" said Bob. Now that was really gross!

"Along with that were several other secret ingredients. They take some time to kick in, about 8 hours. You've been asleep for a full 12 hours, so they have had time to work on you. Now let me demonstrate."

Bob didn't know what she was talking about. This sounded weird.

"Tell me if this turns you on" said Mandy. "Hey baby, I want you. I want to feel your manhood deep inside me. Come on babe, take me."

Bob just stared at her.

"Nothing?" she said.

"Nothing" he replied.

Now Mandy took off her skirt, showing that underneath she had no panties on.

"Eat me" she said.

Bob eagerly dropped to his knees, and put his mouth on her. He was more turned on the it was possible to believe! He just *had* to go down on her. He just *had* to suck her sweat pussy. Mmmmm, the flavor was so good. He could do this all day.

Mandy moved onto the bed, and spread her legs wide so that Bob could really go at her. She let him eat her for about fifteen minutes, before she became to sensitive, and had to push him back.

"Come on baby, let me have another taste" he said.

"You'll have to wait Luann, you little lesbian you."

Bob was kind of shocked by that. He looked up at her.

"That's what lesbians do to each other, you know. And now it's *your* turn. You want me to go down on you, don't you?"

"Yes!" said Bob enthusiastically. He got up on the bed, and spread his legs wide. Mandy got down at the end of the bed, pulled off his panties, and put her mouth on his pussy. It was amazing: somehow the fake pussy seemed to transmit sensations right thought him, making him feel more aroused than he ever thought possible. He had to close his eyes and gasp for air, he felt so good. He let out a low moan.


After some time, Mandy sat up.

"You're a lesbian now Luann" she said. "You don't want a man, do you? You only want a woman."

Bob nodded.

"You're a woman now, and you don't have a dick anymore. Even if you did, you wouldn't want to put it inside me. That doesn't turn you on anymore. Only eating my pussy turns you on. You ate it last night at dinner, and now you only want to eat it, at all times."

Bob nodded his head. It was true. What had she done to him? He wanted her now, but he wanted her as a lesbian. He wasn't a man anymore, he was her lesbian lover. He just sat there as Mandy put the ear phones back on him. The roar of the surf. Relaxing. Relaxing. Hard to stay focused....

Bob didn't realize it, but he was slipping into a hypnotic state. After the first time, it is easier to hypnotize someone a second time. After sessions all night, it didn't take much for him to be put under.


"You are no longer Bob" said Mandy. "You are Luann now."

"I am Luann" said Bob slowly and quietly.

"You are a *woman*. You have always been a woman. You will always be a woman. There is no other way for you. You were born a girl. You grew up female. You are a woman today, you will be a woman tomorrow."

"I am a woman" said Bob.

"Your name is Luann, and you are female. You cannot remember ever *not* being female. Any memories you have in which you were a male must be wrong. Because you were a little girl. You were a young lady. Now you are a woman."

"I am a woman" said Bob.

"The only thoughts in your head are female thoughts. You think like a woman at all times, because you *are* a woman. You act like a woman at all times, because you *are* a woman."

"I am a woman."
"You are Luann."

"I am Luann."

"You are my lesbian lover. You hate men, just as I do. That is why any male thoughts in your head must be wrong. You hate men, and you *have* to be a woman, in all ways."

"I hate men" said Bob.

"You are a woman."

"I am a woman."

"You are a lesbian."

"I am a lesbian."

"You are Luann."

"I am Luann."

"You have *always* been Luann."

"I have always been Luann."

"You are female."

"I am female."

"You are a girl."

"I am a girl."

"When I snap my fingers, you will awake to full consciousness. You will be Luann. You do not know who Bob is. You have never heard of him. You are Luann."

Mandy snapped her fingers. Luann looked around, wondering why she was still in bed at 11:30, wearing her nightie.

"I love you" she said to Mandy.

"And I love you" replied Mandy, with a giggle. "I love it when you tell me you're mine."

"I am yours. I think of your sweat pussy all the time" said Luann. "I want to suck you now."

"Later my sweat. Now, we have some activities to do. We can make love later today. You can suck my pussy all you want."

"Really? Can I?"

"Yes my pet" said Mandy.

Luann smiled. She could not wait.


* * *


Luann and Mandy put on cute outfits with little white skirts, and went to play 18 holes of golf. Somehow, it seemed natural for Luann to hit off of the red tees.

"I heard that a lot of professional golfers are lesbians" she said.

"Why do you think I love it so much?" replied Mandy.

Luann's past was completely forgotten. She saw herself as a woman now. A woman totally in love with Mandy. She could not stop thinking about Mandy's sweet slit between her legs. Oh how she wanted to feel it with her tongue, to taste it, to eat her. It was hard to concentrate on the golf, she was so wrapped up in her thoughts of eating pussy.


After golfing, the two went to the spa to get massages. Mandy put the earphones on Luann, as she relaxed to the sound of the ocean waves, and the strong hands of Sergio working on her tense back and neck muscles. Soon, she melted, and was almost in a stupor, as the noises on the tape changed from those of nature, to those of a woman speaking. In her relaxed state, the words went right into her brain, without her conscious there to intercept or interpret them.

Luann woke up sitting in the hot tub with Mandy. She didn't remember how she got there. Mandy was smiling.

"So? What did you think?" said Mandy.

"About what?" replied Luann, confused, not remembering what the question was.

"About Sergio, silly. Wasn't he hot?"

"I'll say" said Luann, licking her lips. "I mean, I'm a lesbian and all, but something about him stirred up my juices inside. I wouldn't mind taking him to bed."

"I know what you mean" said Mandy. "Did you check out his muscles?"

Luann excitedly discussed Sergio's body with Mandy. She didn't understand why she was so excited about a *man*. She was a lesbian. She only liked women. She had no desire at all for men. Yet, somehow, her interest was stirred up by him. She *wanted* him. She had never wanted a man before. The realization that she might like men too shook her to the bones.

"Can we go? I want you, and I can't stand waiting for you any longer."

"Then do me here" said Mandy.


"That's right. Come on girl. Do me, right here and now."

She sat up out of the hot tub, on the cement. She pulled off her bikini bottom, and spread her legs. Immediately, Luann was all over her. She put her tongue in, and went to work. There was a slight chlorine taste from the hot tub water, but she didn't care. This was what she lived for.

But as she was doing it, she had a strange fantasy pop into her head. She imagined that she wasn't sucking on Mandy; she imagined that she had Sergio in her mouth. That made her even more aroused, and she went at it harder. Mandy had to push her back a little, because she was going at it too hard.

"Slow down girl! Take it easy on me!"

Luann's heart was throbbing. She was thinking of Sergio now. When Mandy finally had enough, Luann felt that she had to tell her friend.

"I have to tell you" she said. "I imagined myself with *him*, even when I was doing you. I don't know why. I don't understand why. But he is on my mind now, and I can't seem to get him out of there."

"Then why don't you go ask him out?" said Mandy.

"Me? No. I couldn't."

"Yes you could. He's still working. March on in there, and tell him you want to go out with him. Do it! Come on, you're only here a few more days. What have you got to lose?"

Mandy had her convinced. She took a deep breath, got out of the hot tub, toweled off a bit, and went back to the massage area to find Sergio. He was sitting behind a desk, looking busy reading a magazine.

"Sergio?" said Luann.

"Yes?" he said, with his mysterious Mediterranean accent.

"I don't mean to be forward, but ever since my massage, I just can't stop thinking of you. I wanted to know you might, you know, some time, want to maybe go out with me. We could have dinner, or drinks or something."

He looked up at her, surprised.

"That is very flattering" he said. "But I'm afraid it is quite impossible. You see, I'm already married, and I would never cheat on my wife."

Luann turned bright red. Married? She should have known. Hunks like that don't go around single! She felt like kicking herself for being so stupid.

"I'm sorry" she muttered, as she turned to go. "I don't mean to bother you."

"No, don't feel bad!" he said, but she was already running down the hall, holding back the tears.


"He's married!" said Luann. "I should have known."

"Well, so much for that" said Mandy, disappointed. "At least you tried. Its better to have tried, then to have gone home, never knowing."

"I guess you're right" said Luann.

"Come on, lets go out dancing."

"No. I'm pooped. This was too emotional of a day for me. I just want to eat popcorn on the couch, read a magazine, or watch some TV."

"Suit yourself" said Mandy.

They departed for the room, leaving behind Sergio and the spa.


* * *


The next few days just whirred by for Luann. Mandy kept her very busy, as they did everything from shopping to horseback riding, to swimming, to tanning by the pool, to going to see a show. It was the last night at FWC. Luann would have to return home the next day.

"Listen to this" said Mandy, handing a pair of headphones over to Luann, who put them on. It was a relaxing tape of the ocean. She closed her eyes, and sighed as the soothing sounds washed over you.

"Luann, listen to me" said a voice on the tape. "When the waves stop, you will remember Bob again. You will remember who you were. You will return to your former mind...."

The sound suddenly stopped, and Bob looked up at Mandy. All that had gone on over the past few days suddenly dawned on him. It was sinking in all that they had done. She had turned him into a lesbian, and he had been eating pussy all weekend. But then his deeper female side had emerged, and he had made a move *at a man*. Now, here he was, about to go home, and he was confused.

He had *been* Luann for the week. He had *been* a girl. His mind had been in complete control by his feminine side. His male mind was completely buried, and had no influence on him at all. He looked down at himself, wearing the fake boobs and the padding around the hips and butt. It would feel so awful, so empty to take it off and go home! How he wished this didn't have to end.

"It's time" said Mandy.

She held out a sharp cutting tool, so that she could remove the devices from Bob's body.

"I wish I really was a girl" said Bob. "I don't want to go back."

Mandy smiled. She went behind him, and carefully began cutting through the rubbery fabric from his neck on down. The tube was broken now, and could be peeled off. It had bonded with Bob's skin, so it had to be carefully and slowly peeled off. Bob frowned. It would feel terrible to no longer have the weight of the large breasts in the front.

When it was off his back and his sides, it was time for one more good pull, then it would be gone. But instead of taking off the front, Mandy started to make a slit in the fabric along his left hip, and then his right. She must have sensed how much he would miss having boobs, and she was letting him keep them just a little while longer.

Now she was peeling off the material around his waist and behind. As the fabric gathered up, he was surprised that it looked so thin and so skimpy. He would have expected to see all the thick gel that had been pumped in too, but his skin was dry.

"Okay, now lets remove it from your chest" said Mandy, when only the front of Bob's groin remained covered. Bob and her took the material in the front, and gave it a good pull to get it free. It peeled off of him, and he let it fall to the ground. Where was all the stuff she had pumped in? Why was the material they just removed paper thin?

Bob looked down at his chest. There he saw a magnificent sight: boobs. Real ones! He touched them, and could not believe them. They were smaller than the ones he had lived with all week, but they were large, firm, and perky. C-cups.

"How is this possible?" he said.

"Subcutaneous absorption and inversion" she said. "Simply put; the substance we pumped into you wasn't just a gel. It was a very concentrated form of estrogen, designed to seep through the skin, and into the target zones. It is absorbed by the body, which responds by very rapidly developing. You have real boobs now. You are stacked. They are very real, and very permanent."

Bob was so happy that he felt delirious. *Real* boobs, on *him*! He had boobs! Just like he had always dreamed of. And these were *his*, never to go away. He smiled, and looked down at the fabric hanging by his legs, with only a small section of his groin still covered.

"Go ahead" said Mandy.

Bob peeled off the fabric, and had to gasp for breath when he saw the results. A pussy! Between his legs! He looked down in awe.

"It's not..."

"Unfortunately, it is not a real one. You can't get pregnant or have a baby. But you *can* have sex. The substance I injected you with dramatically shrunk your penis down to the size of, well, a clit. When you make love, it will get stimulated, and you will feel the pleasure. Your testicles shrank down so small that they no longer function. You no longer produce testosterone. And you are awash with the estrogen absorbed through your hips and your butt. In other words, you are a woman now. You only lack ovaries and a uterus. Other than that, you are female now."

Bob cried a tear of joy. This was too good to be true.

"My brain...I still think male thoughts" he said.

"Yes. But we can fix that. If you want to rid yourself of those terrible *male* thoughts, and become a complete female in mind, body, and spirit, then all you have to do is to put these ear phones on. Your male self will become buried, and your feminine side will rule. Forever. You will be a woman from now on, with no hope of ever going back to thinking or feeling like a man."

She held out the earphones for Bob. He didn't even hesitate. He put them on and closed his eyes.


The wash of the ocean spray soothed his mind, and helped him ease into a deep trance. Soon, he was fed commands in his mind, which slowly and permanently erased his male personality. Now free to grow, Luann, the female personality in his mind, was able to take over. Permanently.

Luann smiled as she felt herself filling up Bob's mind, taking over function after function. Bob's past started to slip away, as Luann deleted all memories of him. She was in control now. She was a woman. She was Luann. Only *she* remained.


Luann got into the limo, to ride back to the airport. She checked out the cute guy doing the driving. Once she got home, she'd find a cute guy of her own, like Sergio. Or maybe a girlfriend. She had a taste for pussy now, and didn't want to give that up.

Maybe, what she thought, was that she needed to form a threesome, so she could satisfy both urges. Yes. That would do the trick for her....




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