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Elaine and Pauline

by Georgina


Her soft, satin-gloved hands shirred with a hissing, sexy sound over the slim, black satin skirts of her beautiful strapless evening gown. Elaine was in a wild and sensuous mood, sweet in its depth of desire and pure decadent and forbidden lust. Her stiletto heeled shoes tapped on the parquet flooring of the corridor as she glided towards her son's room.

In the quietness of his room Paul waited, fear gripping his heart as he waited for his mother. She had been informed of his misdemeanors at school and now, he knew, retribution was awaiting him in all its pain and torture. She had warned him that any more escapades and she would make sure that he would never again do anything like that in his life.

"What would she do to him?" He wondered.

Elaine reached the door to his room and placing her gloved hand on the door handle, she paused for a long moment. Inside, Paul heard the clicking of his beautiful mother's stop just outside the door to his room and a long silence gave him an added frisson of pure fear. Then the door opened, and she stalked imperiously into her son's bedroom, stopped and gazed speculatively at her son.

He gave the appearance of a beautiful hunted animal. His elfin, femininely pretty face, with its large, blue, long lashed eyes gazed fearfully back at his mother, yet aware in a very masochistic way, of her considerable beauty. His mother was a sensually gorgeous woman of thirty-four and his own fifteen-year-old body yearned in a forbidden way to touch and caress the maternal form. She was tall and slim, yet with a curvaceous line that was truly magnificent to behold. Sheathed and gloved as she now was, in elegantly opulent black, duchesse satin, the swell of her magnificent breasts enclosed in the sensuous fabric of the bodice, she exited him all the more so that the terror of his punishment was abated as his penis hardened in the first stirrings of wild, adolescent, incestuous lust.

Elaine stopped before her son who was sitting on the side of his bed. She was aware of the effect she was having on him, yet, although she was totally excited at the prospect of his training, she kept her face coldly rigid in a stern mask of dominance and power. Inwardly she was aware that he would, when she had finished with him, be a more than beautiful girl, and he would be stunning. As to how she would achieve it, that was already in his own hands as only lately, she had noticed his extraordinary interest in female clothes, even to the point of expropriating for himself, some of her satin and silk lingerie that she had no further use for and thrown out. She had found it hidden in a small corner of his wardrobe and kept the knowledge secret.

Paul was trembling now, but not with fear. He was in the throes of a wild erotic passion as he carried on gazing at his gorgeous mother. The severely black satin garments were an aphrodisiac to his young eyes and the sight sent him into a wild yearning to feel the slinky fabrics on his own skin. His body reacted to his thoughts and his penis reared hard and pulsing within the confines of his trousers, harder

Elaine reached down hands, the dim light of the opulent material.


"Come with me." She ordered imperiously. 'I'm going to deal with you now."

"What are you going to do?" He asked, the trembling of his body accentuated with a new attack of fear.

She looked coldly down at him.

"I'm going to teach you how to behave, you little hooligan."

"Mother." He gasped, tears now filling his eyes. "I promise I'll never do that again."

"That is what you promised before." She gave him a small, mirthless smile. "I will make very sure that you never will."

Her own body was now in a wild maelstrom of highly perverted lust, but she gave no outward sign of it to her beautiful son. She had planned this very carefully and very soon now she was going to have not a weedy little son, but a new and gorgeous daughter, subservient to her every whim and desire. Grabbing hold of his arm, she yanked her son unceremoniously to his feet and pulled him out of the bedroom and down the long corridor to the room that adjoined her own luxurious boudoir. She was aware of his fear but also, she could see that he was highly excited, his penis hard and throbbing in his trousers, bulging out the cloth and totally visible to her covert glance. Pushing him inside she slammed the door behind them. There in front of them, laid out on the large double bed of what had been until this moment, the guest bedroom, was a plethora of feminine garments, a profusion of satins silks and lace, in colours ranging from whit through pastels to deep and sinful black and wild sexy crimson. On the dressing table was arranged a phalanx of cosmetics. Creams and lipsticks arrayed alongside mascara and eye shadow.

Utterly bewildered, Paul looked around the room. "What's this, mother?" He whispered as he looked at the piles of lingerie and outerwear on the bed. "What are you going to do?"

"Do." She smiled a chilling smile at her son. "Do? I am going to make sure that you will always behave in future. I am going to make you into my own little girl."

"Mother!" Paul gasped, stunned at the enormity of her remark. "What do you mean?"

His heart sank at his mother's next words.

"Don't feign surprise with me you little pansy!" Elaine gave a harsh laugh that chilled her son's blood. "I know all about your little perversions, how you have hidden and worn my old lingerie. Well, as you like it so much then perhaps we can do it all the time."

Stunned, Paul sat down in a daze on the bedside stool and gazed, awestruck at his imperiously beautiful mother. Notwithstanding the fear he felt, there was a sudden heat running through his body that defied logic or reason. The desire he felt for his mother was changing to a fierce lust to be dominated and trained by her.

Elaine was ready now.

"Stand up!" She ordered quietly.

Trembling slightly with a delicious feeling of shock and delight, Paul stood up, aware of his excitement and uncaring of the visible effect.

Elaine still gave an appearance of cold and calculating savagery, but inside, as she looked at the evident arousal of her son, her insides churned as the inferno of her incestuous lusts rose to a white heat. Paul too was in a wild and cataclysmic excitement as he stared back at his gorgeous mother, his eyes hotly caressing her voluptuous and sensual beauty.

"Now," she commanded sternly. "Take off all of your clothes!"

For a moment the young boy hesitated, but his mother did not. Her hand lashed out and the black satin-gloved palm smacked across his cheek in a hard slap. Paul stood there rigid, just a tiny trickle of tear gathering in the corner of his eyes.

"Now!" She said. "Do it now!"

Wordlessly, the young boy reached down and removed his shoes and socks, and then he slid off his jumper and trousers to leave him standing in just a tight tee shirt and his underpants. He seemed to hesitate for a moment, then, with a hurried motion and with a bright flush appearing on his cheeks, he pulled off his tight tee shirt.

Elaine was wordless with shock and amazement. He was unbelievably different. She had not seen his naked torso for several years and now she knew the reason why. He had grown a pair of exquisitely pretty, firm and feminine breasts. She almost forgot herself and gasped in amazement, stopping herself at the last moment. He was unbelievably pretty with a coltish grace that was perfectly matched to his delectable little titties.

"Take off your underpants." She merely said.

Trembling, yet not worried by the fact that his penis was still frighteningly hard and tremblingly erect, the young boy slid off his underpants. His erect body sprang out to rest against his stomach, its tip a vibrant rubicund colour and with a tiny, glistening droplet of` pre-orgasmic fluid oozing out of the tip. Elaine wordlessly looked down at the oozing glans, then turned back to the bed and picked up a flimsy little satin brassiere.

"Turn around," She ordered.

He did as she told and felt her slide a soft scrap of material around his chest. It was a brassiere and, looking down, he saw her fit a lovely, pink satin confection around his tender breasts. He had never before had such a perfectly fitting garment around his body and the very sensuousness of the slinky material as it caressed his skin, caused him to moan softly with desire. The sensations grew even more intense as her delightfully satin gloved hands fitted the cups around his tender little titties, exciting his nipples to a hard erection as intense as his throbbing penis. The very depravity of his beloved mother's actions adding to the masochistic, sexual fantasy.

Elaine was also in a wildly ecstatic frenzy. With a wild flash of intuition she knew that tonight she was going to satisfy all of her deeply hidden desires and, since the death of her husband, the father of her young and extremely pretty son, she would once more take a hard erect body deep into her yearning, already spasming body. She had dabbled in Sapphic love but, although the very idea of lesbian love turned her on totally, she missed the final feeling of a steel hard penis ploughing through her tender tissues. That it was her son's body that she wanted only heightened her desires. The forbidden aspects of the perverted, incestuous relationship turned her on even more than she realised.

The beautiful mother, aware that she was so excited, and knowing that her son could not see her gave herself up to her feelings and, pouting with her lust, she slid her hand down the smooth satin of her gown, the gloved palm sliding sensually over the rich, opulent material, to the juncture of her thighs where the tender and soft centre of her passions lay, waiting for the soft and gentle touch. Sliding her stiletto shoed feet apart a few inches, she slid her extended finger into the junction and caressed the sensitive spot of her creaming pussy. It was a tiny caress, but it was enough to send the super-excited mother into a silent orgasm of wild intensity. As the feelings washed over her, she gave a long, almost totally silent moan of lust.

Although Paul could not see his mother he could hear the gently soft, sussurating whisper of satin gliding over satin and when he heard his mother give out a long, almost inaudible breath of air, a silent moan, he knew that she had felt the same sensations that he had when he had spurted his seed into her cast off lingerie. He too was in ecstasy, but he knew what he wanted, and that was not to come into his lingerie until his mother told him to.

At last, after a few minutes, mother and son calmed down to the point where they were capable of carrying on with dressing up games. Elaine took a beautiful matching suspender belt and, placing it around her son's waist, she did up the hook and eye at the back. It was then that she pulled him round and sat him on the small, bedside pouffe and picked up a packet of gorgeous, dark tan, stockings. "Extend your legs." she ordered him. "Yes mother." He whispered and did so. She slid the fine sheer nylons up his slim legs, watching his face as he shivered and pouted as the fine nylon encased his legs in its sensuous grip. He was aware of his mother's face gazing up at him and he suddenly realised that her expression from one of severe censure to a soft sensual expression of maternal love, touched with more than a hint of naked, raw, and thoroughly perverted, incestuous lust.

She attached the stockings to the suspenders that dangled from the belt, and then she stood up, taking her son by the hands drawing him up with her. The tug of the suspenders and the feel of the gossamer fine nylon on his smooth skinned limbs awakened his semi-erect body back to full hardness. His mother was standing close to him, far too close and, as his body reared, hard, erect, throbbing with wild passion, it brushed against the heavy, soft, black, duchesse satin of her gown. He groaned as the smooth fabric brushed his sensitive glans, bringing him to a peak of urgent lust.

Elaine too was highly excited again, the orgasm she had enjoyed those few minutes before, barely taking the edge off her lust. Now she was aware that her needs far outweighed her patience and that soon she would have to assuage both her and her son's desires.

"Soon, my little baby, soon." She crooned in a soft voice as she slid a pair of soft matching; french knickers up his nyloned limbs.

He almost screamed as the slinky material closed around his turgid body, caressing the superheated flesh with its soft embrace. With great difficulty, the young son stopped himself from giving in to his desires and spurting his hot seed into the confines of his shiny, satin knickers.

Elaine had other ideas. She knew that he had much to give her, this little transvestite son of hers and it would be better to let him spurt now and then enjoy the fruits of a long, slow, passionate bout of sheer carnal, incestuous, mother-love later. She had one final thing to do first, and that was to finish dressing her new 'daughter' in his/her new clothes. Lingerie would suffice for the moment.

So it was that several minutes later Paul, now Pauline was dressed in a wonderful satin slip, matching the rest of his lingerie, and wearing a pair of medium heeled stiletto court shoes, tottered into his mother's sensual boudoir and, standing in front of his mother's long cheval mirror, saw himself for the first time, and almost swooned as he beheld his image.

"Mother!" he gasped as he gazed at the beautiful girl that was in the mirror. "You have made me look gorgeous."

She had too, styling his long, blonde hair into a pretty pageboy style and applying a few cosmetics to his face. "Yes, my little baby." She crooned. "You are truly beautiful."

Reaching down to a drawer in her dressing table, she picked up a contraceptive sheath.

"Raise your slip. darling." She crooned and, when he did so, she unwrapped the latex sheath and slid it over the hard end of his throbbing penis she had freed from the confines of his satin knickers. The touch nearly destroyed the young she-male. His mother's satin-gloved hands excited him to distraction, but he bravely controlled himself and she slid his tumescent hardness back inside the confines of his lingerie.

"Now, my little baby, now is the time for you to come." With those words, the beautiful mother took her beautiful transvestite son in her arms and kissed him full on his parted, panting, lipsticked lips. The wild, incestuous embrace destroyed all of the young child's self-control and, screaming into his mother's rapacious mouth, he writhed his satin-sheathed loveliness against his mother's satined beauty, driving his hardness against his mother's yearning body. He gave another piercing scream, followed by a moan as the fluids burst from his hard and erect body in gouts of boiling, mother yearning passion. He could feel the darkness closing around him as the piercingly sweet sensations ripped his body apart. At the last moment as the spasms stared to abate, the hot mother tore her mouth away from her son's lips and leaning down, she savaged his nipples as they punched out the sexy satin. With a wild scream, Pauline fainted in his mother's arms. PART 2.

He awoke as the dim light of evening drew its shroud over the room. Beside him his mother still slept, resplendently sensual in her elegant, black satin evening gown. Paul looked down at his own body. He marvelled at the change his mother had wrought in him. The pale, luxurious, satin lingerie that encased him in its delicate embrace, smooth, scintillatingly sensuous in its aphrodisiac effect. He stretched his lithe body on the luxuriant satin sheets, enjoying the shirring, sliding sensation as satin and nylon glided over satin. His firm, tip-tilted breasts were cupped sexily in the soft, satin cups of the scrumptious brassiere and the suspender belt that held up his stockings was excitingly tight around his waist.

He realised that he was excited once more and his penis, hard and throbbing, was thrusting against the soft satin of the french knickers. and he gently ran his fingers over the tender, sensitive end. Slowly, ever so slowly, his hands drifted up his body, delicately caressing his sensitive skin, till they reached his thrustingly firm breasts, cupping them in his hands. Nipples hardened as his palms drifted, soft as thistledown, over the erectile tissues and the flashes of desire only kindled his sexual feelings to a soft blaze of lust.

With a soft moan, he excited himself just by touching his little titties, unaware that his mother awoke from her post-orgasmic snooze. Lazily, Elaine opened her eyes and looked across at her transvestite son. It gave her immense pleasure to watch him as he caressed himself to a blazing maelstrom of passion. At last, as her own lusts awakened, she turned to him.

"Wait, my little baby." She whispered huskily as her soft hands slid onto his satin-sheathed belly. "Mother will soon make you scream with pleasure and then you will know the true feelings of ecstasy."

With those words Elaine arose from the bed and, pulling her son with her, she moved across to the dressing table once more. She sat him down on the low, satin covered, pouffe and then went back to his bedroom where she picked up a couple of items and returned to her own room. Paul/Pauline turned as his mother walked into the room and gasped as he saw what she had in her arms. It was a beautiful satin gown and, as she held it up to his view he trembled with an aching need to slide into the slinky, sensuous confines of the wondrous confection of haut couture. It was a gorgeous, duchesse satin wedding gown, slim and figure hugging at the bodice, yet filling out to a long, mid calf, skirt that he knew would swirl gorgeously around his nyloned limbs.

"Yes, my little baby." Elaine murmured as she saw the naked hunger in her son's eyes. "This is for you."

The gorgeous mother, dressed in sinful black, held out the gorgeous gown so that her son could put it on.

Paul moved up to his mother and as she held the gown out to him he stepped into it. Slowly, the beautiful mother drew the elegant wedding gown up her son's trembling body and slid the bouffant sleeves up his slender arms. Then, after he had fitted the bodice around his titties, she drew up the zip at the back of the gown. Pauline shivered as the heavy, smooth fabric encased his body with its satin loveliness. Gazing at his image in the mirror, he gasped anew as he saw how perfectly the gown fitted him and how utterly beautiful it made him look. It was obvious that his delectable mother had bought this fabulous creation especially for him and his lusts rose to a powerful blaze of utter passion and, with a wild mewl of pleasure, he turned to her and embraced her svelte, beautiful figure.

The mother too was in a fresh storm of highly perverted lust and with a wild feeling of incestuous need she embraced her sensually gowned transvestite son. How apt, she thought, to have her new little daughter dressed in virginal white just before she took away that virginity. It was with mounting incestuous lust that she leaned down and with parted, carmine lipsticked lips, she kissed her gorgeous little she-male on his own delicately lipsticked, yet just as parted, lips.

Pauline almost screamed as his mother's hot, blazingly hot mouth meshed with his and he almost fainted as the fire burst through his body at the highly illegal, thoroughly perverted, deeply incestuous kiss. Satin sheathed body melded to satin gowned body as, breast to hot nippled breast they writhed, exited erect nipples stabbing at hard and throbbing nipples. The heat of their embrace was approaching white heat as she brushed against her hot sons pulsating, highly erect body as it nestled under its covering of whit, virginal satin. Elaine's satin-gloved hands wandered up and down her gorgeous son's feminised body till at last she cupped his aching breasts. The feel of the sliding hands on his satin bodiced breasts made the hot transvestite moan into his mother's rapacious mouth and he knew that he would soon achieve his wildest dream, that of making passionate love to the only woman who had ever aroused him, his sensual, sexy, seductive and thoroughly desirable mother.

Elaine too was now wild to possess her lovely transvestite son and take his throbbingly hard body deep into hers, back to where he had come from those fifteen years before. Pulling back from the deeply erotic kiss she stared at him with hooded, calculating eyes.

"Are you ready, my lovely child?" She whispered as her hands continued to explore the pouting breasts of her lovely son. "Ready to make love to your mother?"

The very words sent the young sexy she-male into paroxysms of wild desire.

"Oh yes!" He cried out as he continued to writhe against her sensuous body. "Please mother, I have wanted to do this for years."

"You sexy little bitch." Elaine pushed her son down onto the bed and, as he arranged his voluminous skirts around him, she stood back and, gazing down into his hot, wide-open eyes, she sexily writhed a makeshift striptease as her hands reached around her back and slowly slid down the zip fastener.

Pauline was in a wild frenzy of voyeuristic desire as he gazed back at his voluptuously gowned mother. His hot and dewy eyes lashed her body with a blowtorch like intensity and his pants of wild, incestuous desire rose as he realised that he was going to see his mother's body nearly naked for the first time in his life. Openly that is. Although Elaine never realised it, her son had spied on her for a long time now, over two years and had reached many wild orgasms as she had shown him her body in various stages of undress. She had always walked around the house in her gorgeous lingerie and she had also been teasing him unmercifully. But what she definitely had not known was that he had also spied on her when she had been involved with some of her lovers, mostly lesbians, but there had been two quite effeminate men and these his mother had dressed and made up as girls. It had excited his desires to a fever pitch.

Now, as he gazed at her slow disrobing, his hands slid up the smooth white satin of the wedding gown and cupped the swelling orbs of his ever sensitive and ready breasts. That too had been a wonderful surprise, the gorgeous growth of a pair of delightful and sensuous breasts, capped with tiny and pointed nipples that were utterly sensitive to the touch. Even the delicate caress of satin or silk had excited them to the point of orgasm. This had been his trouble at school. His tiny and delicate body, so feminine with the firm tiptilted breasts and delicate, slim curves, balanced by his undeniably masculine, even overlarge penis had brought derision from the boys, whom he fought, successfully, and desire from his beautiful maths teacher, to whom he had almost succumbed. The last time had been the day before when she had taken him in her arms after a particularly vicious scrap and, bathing his face, she had kissed him deeply and passionately till he had reared, hard and proud, to pulse against her belly.

With difficulty, Paul had extricated himself from his teacher's embraces and now he was glad he had done so as he desired and wanted his mother much, much more. Pauline gasped as his mother unzipped the back of the gown and slowly the bodice fell away from her gorgeous breasts. She was naked underneath, or so he thought till the gown slid down in a shimmering pool at her feet and he saw the erotic attire she was wearing. Elaine had on a magnificent, black satin wasp waisted corset that ended just above the juncture of her thighs. Long suspenders held up a pair of ultra-fine black nylon stockings and on her feet were a magnificent pair of patent court, stiletto shoes. Her long, auburn hair fell down her back, almost to her waist and as she shook her head, the magnificent mane glistened in the wonderfully dim light.

Elaine was magnificent in her nudity and her transvestite son was in a wild fever of perverted desire, as she was herself for her son It had been at least a year since the last of her transvestite lovers had loved her, and none of them had been even remotely as beautiful as her own child. Elaine had picked her late husband well. The young son of a domineering and powerful woman, delicate and ethereal as well, both his mother and she, his wife had trained and transformed him into their gorgeous plaything. It had always excited Elaine to watch her husband as he was made love to by his own mother. It had been even more exciting to make love to him, while his mother sat astride his face and the two beautiful women had kissed passionately as they had pleasured themselves on the excited body of their plaything.

She still missed her husband, who had died in a car accident five years before, but her mother-in-law was still a very beautiful woman of fifty-two and she still loved her very much. As she stood gazing down at her son, admiring his svelte, white satin-sheathed beauty, she was already planning on how to bring in her gorgeous mother-in-law into the sexual ménage that was developing so completely and rapidly.

Elegantly and gracefully, the stunningly beautiful mother sat down on the satin-sheeted bed beside her writhing, panting boy-girl child. Extending a long, still satin-gloved hand she slid it onto his urgently aroused, trembling body.

"Ohhhhhh!" Pauline moaned as he gazed raptly at the sinfully black-gloved hand as it slid up his satin-sheathed belly and then onto the firm, tip-tilted titties that rose proudly, even as he lay back, supine, on his mother's satin-sheeted bed. "Mother, you are so good to me."

Elaine smiled softly.

"Do you like mother's punishment then, my baby?'' "Yes, mother, YESSSSSSS!!!" He screamed as she nipped his pronounced, highly erect nipples, arching his back with a wild, ecstatic movement. "Is that what you intended for me?"

"Only if you were amenable my sweet."

"Mother, Don't tease me anymore!" Pauline gasped as his mother slowly stood up. Drawing her hands away from his yearning body. "Please take me."

"Do you know what you want.?" She asked as she slowly slid her hands over her thighs.

With a wild moan of passion, Pauline pulled up the heavy voluminous skirts of his wedding gown, the shirring sound of satin gliding over satin and nylon loud in the room. Exposing his trembling, knicker sheathed erection to her gaze; he blatantly presented his lower body to her eyes. "I know what you want, mother. I want it too." he panted, "I have waited fifteen years for this. Please, please, LOVE ME, MOTHER, PLEASE LET ME FUCK YOU!!!!!"

Those last words, almost screamed out in desperation by her love struck child, drove the hot mother into a paroxysm of wild lust.

Getting back onto the bed, straddling her transvestite son's lower body, Elaine slowly prepared herself for the long awaited entry of his hard, incest yearning penis to enter her tender and waiting body. Her satin-gloved hands slid down to his knicker-encased tumescence and she slid the sensuous satin material away from the pulsating tube of hard flesh. Looking down, the hot and yearning mother marvelled anew at the incredibly potent sight of her beloved transvestite son's penis as, freed from the confines of the sensuous fabric, it reared high, searching for the warmth of the maternal pussy.

Mother and son gazed at each other's beauty and for long minutes time seemed to stand still as they drew out their respective desires to a spine tingling suspense. The gorgeous mother moaned with want as she looked deep into the eyes of her little boy-girl son, resplendently gowned in the virginal white satin of his wedding gown. This was what she desired. The forbidden embrace of a mother with her son. To her an even greater turn on than anything else she had ever done before. He was arching his back, trying desperately to slide the blood engorged tube of filial flesh deep into the maternal pussy, brushing the softly weeping lips desperately with the rubicund sensitive glans, crying with frustration as she raised herself away from the hardness and just allowing the faintest, fleeting contact against the tender flesh.

Even that was getting too much for them both. Elaine was aware that her son's penis was also weeping with want and she could feel the dampness against her own body. It was the last straw for her and, grasping the hardness between her satin-gloved fingers, the gorgeous mother threw her head back and, with an elegantly sinuous motion, screwed herself down onto the yearning, filial penis, feeling it spear into her incest craving body like a dagger into a watermelon. She almost screamed in her ecstasy as the incredible hardness ploughed deep into the forbidden body of its own mother. A gasping, panting moan was all that left her lips; she was unable to do any more.

Below her, her son gazed up at his beloved mother, relishing the incredible sensations that washed through his body as the tightly grasping walls of his mother's pussy clung to his tumescent erect body as it butted at the entrance to her cervix. It was the most wonderful feeling the young boy-girl son had ever experienced. He was moaning in his transvestite passions and, reaching up, he grasped hold of his mother's firm breasts as she rode him ecstatically, starting slowly, ever so slowly, to piston herself on his satin-sheathed loveliness. He fondled her breasts gently, running his fingers over the turgid maternal nipples, exciting them to hard points of sheer desire and perverted lust.

The beautiful mother had at last tasted the sensuous body of her own son and she knew that never again would she sleep with anyone else. Looking down, she once more, marvelled at the incredible beauty of the transvestite child and her heart almost broke with the sheer emotion that threatened to overwhelm her with a wild maelstrom of total desire.

Below her, Pauline was entranced. He could feel the build-up of his orgasm as his mother speeded up her movements. With a hoarse cry of want the transvestite boy pulled his mother down to his own, satin-gowned body and blindly kissed her lips. He was close now and, with a savage flick of his hips, he sheathed his penis deep into his mother's beloved body. It was the final straw for both of them and Elaine, writhing against the opulent fabrics, enjoying the sensational feelings that they engendered in her, allied with the utterly perverted fact that she was making mad, passionate love to a man, dressed and made up as a beautiful woman, who was also her natural born son.

Pauline too was in the same frame of mindless lust and she felt her orgasm break just as she felt the fierce contractions of her son's deeply buried erect penis. As the orgasm broke, she screamed as she reached the peak of her wild storm of passion.

The seed spurted wildly out of the son's trapped penis, gushing into the forbidden depths of his mother's body and the wild sensation tore him apart. He kissed his mother savagely on her panting screaming lips and the oedipal kiss sealed their perverted affair for all time. Writhing, crying, moaning, they undulated over the maternal bed, lost in their passionate storm of satin boosted, transvestite inspired and incest led lust. Nylon and satin, skin and silk, rubbed and caressed together, adding to their emotions and cataclysmic feelings. It was a savage mating of a mother with her son and they were totally unconscious of the world.

At last, the orgasm lessened and finally, except for tremors and quivers, stopped and the two lovers drifted into a deep sleep. Still joined together in their perverted coupling.


The next day was a revelation for Pauline. They had slept in each other's arms, He and his mother, waking up every few hours to make mad and passionate love to-gether. Sometime in the night, the gorgeous wedding gown had been ripped off his body by the rapacious actions of his mother, but he still retained the, by now crumpled, satin lingerie and nylon stockings. After they had untangled themselves from their perverted embrace, Pauline had been stripped of all his lingerie and taken a bath.

Elaine was now kneeling at the side of the bathtub soaping the delicate skin of her pretty little transvestite son. Cooing softly to him as he lay back in the bubble filled, perfumed bath, she ran her hands over his slim, yet sexily curved, body. Even though her hands were already very familiar with the soft skin and pert little breasts, capped with tiny, but prominent and hard, nipples, she still felt an immense excitement as her fingers slid over the tender flesh of her girlish son.

Pauline gasped as his beloved mother's hands cupped and caressed his tender and highly excited body. Arching his back he thrust his titties even more into the beloved hands of his mother, aware that his penis, unruly as ever, was hard and throbbing again, yearning to bury its way deep into the maternal body it had ploughed through the previous evening and night.

The beautiful mother sensed her son's deep arousal, excited and awed at his magnificent potency, yearning to have it pulsating within her always ready body, but also taking a vicarious thrill in waiting, with a masochistic frisson, denying to herself the ever needed pleasure. "Pretty girl." She cooed as her hands flirted with his little, turgidly aroused nipples. "Little sexy pretty girl is hotly excited for mummy."

"Yessss." Pauline writhed in the hot, perfumed and bubbly water. "Mummy's little girl loves his lovely mother." Elaine pouted at her feminine son and pulling on his arms, she helped him out of the bath. As the highly aroused child tried to wrap his wet body around his lingerie-clad mother, she laughed, pushing him away.

"Not yet, my little baby." She purred. "You don't want to get mother all wet, do you?"

Pauline shook his head and stood quietly as his mother tenderly wrapped a large towel around his slim form and led him back into what was now, their mutual little love nest. There, Elaine started to dress her delightfully pretty and devastatingly sexy transvestite son in the day clothes she had picked out for him.

Today was to be an all pastel, silk and satin day. First she slid a new confection on his body, a gorgeous little basque of satin and lace that fitted his lithe and sensuous curves like a second skin, cupping his throbbing titties in a satin boned delightful prison. From the base there dangled a pair of sexy suspenders, each side of his throbbingly aroused penis, hard and tender as it trembled against his flat and trim belly.

Sitting him down, Elaine knelt down in front of her little boy-girl lover and son. Unwrapping a new pair of shiny, sheer and sensuous, dark tan, nylon stockings, the sexy mother smoothed the gossamer fabric up his lithe, trembling limbs. When she attached the welts of the stockings to the dangly suspenders, Elaine gently caressed her son's hardness, enjoying the feeling of power and sheer sexuality this gave her. Pauline groaned as he felt the soft hands massaging his turgid body and he felt his excitement mounting. He threw his head back, tossing his long hair back and pouting in a most feminine way. Just at the last moment, as the panting, hotly aroused mother felt the rising orgasm in her son, she stopped. Pauline moaned his loss but accepted that he would have to wait until his mother let him spurt his seed into her body.

Elaine then stood her son up and putting a pair of very sexy, stiletto court shoes in pink satin, before him she eased his nyloned feet into the shoes. The heels were slightly higher than the ones the transvestite child had worn the night before. It threw his body even further up and forward, tightening his buttock and belly even more and raising his already highly set and pert breasts even higher. The very feeling was heavenly and it was added too by the scrunchy pair of silk satin french knickers that Elaine slid up his tightly taut limbs. He gasped as the sexy smooth fabric encased his body in its totally sensuous caress and he realised that he was very close to spilling his seed into the utterly sexational lingerie unless he managed to calm down.

Elaine was aware of his struggle and she laughed at her son's discomfiture.

"Not yet, my little baby." She purred and smilingly added as her hands slid softly up and down his lithe, nyloned limbs. "Later, much later when we are dressed and have gone out."

"OUT!!!!" he gasped in shock.

"'Who will know?" his mother quietly said as she attempted `o calm him down. "Everybody will take you for a very beautiful woman. You know yourself how well you look when made-up. You are the one who will give yourself away, not your image or clothes."

"Mother, you don't mean it?"

Elaine smiled at him. "Shhhhhh, baby. Only when you are really ready. Now I was only teasing."

Pauline sagged with relief and then realised that the fright she had given him had reduced his passion to a manageable level.

Elaine now continued to dress her gorgeous son. She didn't bother with a bra, his breasts were firm and prominent enough not to need one, especially when he wore the high stiletto heels. Instead she slid a lovely silk slip on his body, a new one in pink, silk-satin, heavy and lustrous, with ecru lace at bust and hem, it fell about his slim body in a highly sensational draping of pure sensuality.

"Lovely," the little perverted transvestite breathed as he twirled in front of the mirror. "You have made me look very lovely indeed."

Elaine then drew her son back from his transvestite narcissism and taking out a lovely silk day dress, she slid that onto his body. This too was as beautiful as the lingerie she had slid onto his lithe body, in matching pink silk, it had a lovely boat neck and a slim sheath skirt that moulded itself to his sensuously curved, willowy body. "Oh yes," Elaine was also in a trill of delight. "You are truly gorgeous, my little child. Soon, when you are made up then we can carry on with our fun and games."

With that, Elaine sat her son down on the pouffe, watching approvingly as he sat in a very feminine way with his knees together and his sheath skirt elegantly pulled to his knee. The gorgeous mother then started to put on the feminine firstly she laid on a thin masking of cream base after which she highlighted his cheeks with a slightly darker colour. After that, while Pauline kept his eyes gently shut, she applied a selection of eyeshadows and mascara. Finally, when she was satisfied with the results of her artistic endeavours, Elaine applied a thick layer of pale pink lipstick.

The next thing on her agenda was the styling of his hair and with this she went to town She had washed her son's fine yet lustrous and thick hair and now she styled and cut it into a gorgeously feminine pageboy style that suited his elfin features. At last, the beautiful mother was finished and, with a grand flourish, she showed her son the result in the mirror Pa Pauline was totally stunned as he beheld his sveltely elegant image in the full-length mirror. He was stunningly beautiful and at that moment the exquisitely dressed and made up transvestite realised that he would easily and totally pass as a woman not only in the street, but also anywhere that his mother would take him. He was a total vision of loveliness and he knew that he, as a male, would certainly fancy the gorgeous creature that swayed and swung before him.

Elaine knew that she had totally won him over just by watching his reactions to the mirror image. Her beautiful and extremely sexy son started to flirt with his image. It was totally arousing as she saw him pout at the highly excited creature, as he started to caress his silk-satin sheathed hips in a totally sensual fashion. She saw as his body became hard and aroused, tenting out the slinky, slim sheath skirt of the fabulously sensuous dress.

Pauline was feeling the orgasm rising in him and he knew that he would have to release the tensions that were building up in his body, ready to explode in a torrent of seed. He was not worried about releasing his seed, as he knew that he could regain his potency very quickly. "Mother." He panted as he writhed in front of the mirror. "Mother, I have to come."

Elaine smiled, aware of the tensions that had built up in his body, as they had in hers, but she was much more capable of controlling her urges and desires.

"Come then." She whispered. "But don't stain your new clothes."

Pauline nodded his neatly coiffured head and waited while his mother reached into a drawer and took out a sheath. Wriggling sexily, he pulled up the tight skirt of the dress along with the silk-satin slip and as his silk-satin sheathed erection came into view his beloved mother knelt down before him and gently freed it from the fabric prison that encased it in its sensuous confinement.

She was just about to open the foil packet when a new idea came to her head. She was going to give her beloved son the thrill of his young life. Pursing her carmined lips in a sensuous cupid bow of a pout, the sensuous mother leant forward and planted a soft, gentle, yet highly arousing kiss on the dark purple head of his trembling tumescent body. Pauline almost screamed at the highly exciting, utterly perverted kiss, so unexpected in its appearance. Looking down, between the twin mounds of his thrusting, silk-satin covered breasts he clearly saw the auburn haired head of his mother as she bent forward once more. This time he did scream as he felt the incredibly wild heat and wetness that enclosed his trembling erection as his beloved, beautiful mother opened her carmine lipsticked mouth and drew the aroused filial penis deep into her avid mouth.

The sensations were wild in the extreme and they destroyed any vestige of self control in the panting, writhing, moaning, transvestite child and, with a wild scream of pure lust and passion, astounded by the enormous feelings that blasted his body apart, the young, sensually dressed transvestite son felt his body surrender its hot fluids to the oral ministrations of his rapaciously incestuous mother's hot mouth. Elaine felt the trembling of the filial penis and she sucked on the end, then she drew the entire length deep into her avidly sucking mouth. Then, as she heard him give a high, keening whimper of unashamed ecstasy, the beautiful mother had her mouth filled with the spurting filial seed. The salty, pungent taste was as an elixir to her and avidly she drank the glutinous seed, feeling it slide its hot path down to her stomach. She too felt the trembling flashes of forbidden orgasm flash through her body and, as the fire of her spontaneous, filially inspired climax blasted through her body, the young mother grasped her son even closer to her trembling body and, with a whisper of silk on silk, the two perverted lovers collapsed onto the carpeted floor to lie, panting in their incestuous stupor.

It was almost an hour later that the incestuously loving, transvestite inspired mother and son completed their dressing up games. By this time Pauline was once more excited again, but not to the same urgent degree as before and they had changed his undergarments. He was now wearing a lovely, high waisted satin corset and his throbbing penis was resting against his belly, confined by the boned satin prison of the new garment. Elaine approved the new look as she watched her new son/daughter/lover strutting elegantly on his high heels.

Pauline was enjoying himself immensely as he walked around the boudoir, delighting in the feelings that the fabrics drew out of him, listening to the whispering of satin as it brushed against satin and nylon, the sussurating sounds exciting his imagination as did his image in the mirror, at which he looked with the eyes of a man. New and strange thoughts were starting to formulate in his mind, dangerous and frightening, yet incredibly arousing in their piquancy and desire. He wondered what it would be like to be looked on as a woman, by a man. He knew himself that he was truly beautiful and suddenly, the idea of a man kissing and caressing him was not only suddenly welcome, but actually, quite arousing. Instinctively, as his anal muscles twitched at the thought, he realised that it was the perfect place to fit a man's hard and throbbing body. He moaned at the thought and Elaine looked up at his ecstatic features.

"What is it my baby?" She asked.

Pauline blushed and shook his head. "Nothing really mother."

A mother's intuition gave her the clue, having already seen how he had admired himself in the mirror, she suddenly realised that he had transposed that to how others would admire him, men as well as women. She knew that he shared her genes and as the thread of bisexuality was strong in her psyche, so was his and the idea of watching him being made love to by a man excited her almost as much as it did her transvestite son.

Pulling himself from his highly dangerous thoughts, the elegantly gowned transvestite turned away from the mirror and sat down on the bed, beside his beautiful mother. She too was now dressed fully and was elegantly superb in a lovely day dress in deep blue silk. Light and shirry, with a lovely deep vee neck that exposed the swell of her firm breasts, and with a below knee skirt that clung sleekly to her hips and thighs, she was a vision of pure, yet sensual beauty.

The two, elegantly dressed beauties came together and kissed. Carmine lipsticked lips touched, caressed, clung to full, coral pink, lipsticked lips as their hands flitted, ever so gently, over their respective, satin and silk sheathed bodies. Pauline opened his panting mouth allowing the hot, pointed tongue of his delectably sensual mother to flicker, like a cobra's tongue into the willing cavern of his own mouth. His hands slid up the smoothly exciting fabric of her close fitting bodice to cup her full, firm, pouting, hard nippled breasts, running delicately searching fingers over the hard nubbins, feeling the excitement growing in her as he roused the maternal passions with his insistent caresses.

Elaine's body was like putty in the hands of her beautiful transvestite son and she mewled softly into his parted, lipsticked lips.

"Stop It." She panted at last as she broke away from the incestuous caresses. "We have other things to do."

"Like what, mother?" He pouted as his hands became more insistent, daringly blatant as he tried to pull his mother down onto the bed with him. "What have you in mind. "Going out of course."

Pauline reared back in shock.

"But I thought you said that we wouldn't."

That was before I saw that no one would ever suspect that you were not a real lady." Elaine pouted sexily at her gorgeous transvestite son. "But just a little more training and you will be totally perfect."

Trembling with a wild mixture of fear and a weird excitement, Pauline jumped to his feet, tottering on his stiletto heels with the shock of his mother's statement. He swung round in confusion and once more he saw his image in the mirror, and stopped. His mother was right, he was perfect. Elaine was aware of the change in her son. She saw how he stopped trembling and stood, leg slightly bent in the classic feminine pose, one hand resting on silk-satin sheathed thigh, the other resting underneath his chin. With a wild thrill, the young child knew that a totally new world was opening up before him and that he was about to enter a new wonderful existence as that most wonderfully bizarre of all creatures, an androgynous human, full of the desires and lusts common to both woman and man, able to go with both and enjoy both.

Turning back to his mother, batting his long lashed eyes at her, the elegantly dressed, transvestite son nodded slowly and then smiled fondly at her.

"Yes mother." he whispered. "You are so right. It is time for me to become what I am."

The enigmatic words brought the elegant and beautiful mother to her feet and she slinked across to where her son stood by the mirror. Kissing him deeply on his lips, she husked against the parted mouth.

"Yes, my sweet baby. Now is the time. I have waited along time for this." Breast to breast and belly to belly, they clung, kissing deeply in their incestuous, transvestite, bizarre lusts.


The End




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