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by Brian Houlihan

Copyright @2003 All Rights Reserved


She got off on embarrassing me. In fact it runs in her family. I found out the hard way.

We had been engaged for about three months. Martha and I were out having drinks at a local college bar when she ran into an old boyfriend.

Now let me just preface things here by telling you that Martha is extremely attractive. Tall, good looking All American Girl kind of look, sort of like Cindy Crawford but with bigger tits. She intimidated a lot of guys, including me. In fact, I was amazed to be going out with her.

Anyway, she was definitely In Charge in the relationship and that's the way I liked it. I love Dominant, Take Charge Women. I knew going into the relationship that she was very unconventional and I liked that. But I acknowledged that I did not have an equal vote. Whatever Martha wanted, I wanted.

Most of the time our situation was very conventional. Anything unconventional was done behind closed doors. That started to change the night we ran into Tony at the bar. He was a big, good looking jock type. Blonde hair, six foot three, muscular. I'm five seven, of slight build. Martha is athletic at five feet ten.

Now a lot of guys who had only been engaged for three months would have blown a gasket at the way she swooned over seeing this guy Tony. I mean, running up to him and hugging him, kissing him on the mouth right at the bar, rubbing his back all time. And I knew a lot of people in the bar at this time. Fellow classmates. Got some weird looks. Then Martha finally introduced me after about fifteen minutes of talking to Tony. As sort of an afterthought.

"Oh, and this is my fiancé, Patrick."



Northwestern is an expensive school. Apparently Tony's family kind of ran out of money and he had to transfer to a state school in Indiana. She hadn't seen him in about nine months. It was a bit awkward for me but I tried to be open-minded.

"Why don't you come back to our place for a drink?" Martha whispered in his ear.

"Sounds good to me."

Actually I was relieved to be leaving the bar and the humiliation of her pawing this guy in front of everybody.




So we get back to our apartment and we're smoking a joint and working on our second drink. I'm feeling much more comfortable and relaxed.

She is acting affectionate to Tony, the old boyfriend. They are sitting on the couch together. I am in an easy chair facing them.

"It is sooo good to see you!"

"You too Martha."


Running her fingers thru his blonde hair.

"One of the things that I really miss about you Tony is that big dick of yours."

Stunned. I could not believe my ears.

He smiled sheepishly and looked directly at me.

"Patrick has a very small little pricklet. You never really get used to it. Patty, Darling, show Tony what I'm talking about. Pull down your pants. And your panties."

"Panties?" Tony asked.

Never have I been so humiliated in my life.

"Martha! Don't.."

"Shut up. Don't look at me like that. Pull your pants down Faggot! Right now!"


The thought of disobeying her, defying her, crossed my mind. For about a millisecond. We were living together. The lease was in her name. Plus, I was totally besotted with her. The sex was spectacular.

She was staring at me angrily.

As if I had entered some strange dream world, I stood up in front of Martha and Tony. He had a bemused expression on his face.

With shaking hands, I unbuckled my belt, then undid my zipper and pulled down my pants. I was wearing powder blue panties. Full cut.

"Panties?" Tony asked again.

"He's a faggot. He always wears panties."

I pulled the panties down quickly to my knees. I have a small penis, about four inches in length, when hard. And right now I was rock hard! I wanted to disappear.

"Look! He's hard. This turns him on. Come here Honey."

I stepped over to her, sitting on the couch next to Tony, my pants and panties bunched at my ankles. She was smiling. My hard dick was level with her face.

"Thatta girl," she purred, as her slender hand wrapped around my hot poker.

"See? Your little dickie isn't embarrassed, is him? Huh? He feels good, in front of Martha and Tony. Doesn't him?"


She slapped me in the nuts. Hard. I doubled over.


"Answer me, Faggot!"

"Yes Mommy. My dickie feels wonderful. Thank you."

"You're welcome."


Tony's eyes were bulging out of his head, watching our little drama unfold.

We had never played our Mommy game in front of others.


"Uh oh! Someone's little dick is starting to leak," Martha said.

She was jacking me off and smiling. As if this was the most normal behavior in the world. Showing off her fiancé's small dick to her old, well-hung boyfriend.

"Actually, Tony, Patrick is a good lover. He's a pussy sucker. Really sucks cunt goooood. Don't you, Sweetness?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Something about tiny dicked sissies. They really eat pussy good. Like a lezzie. To compensate for the tiny pee pee, I guess. But his dick is so small that I really don't get that good deep-in-my-cunt fucking that I need. Tony, hon, show Pat what a man's prick looks like."

"Okay, babe," Tony said in a choked up voice.

He stood up to his full height of 6 feet and 3 inches.

"This is turning me on in a weird way."

"Good!" she exclaimed, still jacking my hard dick.

Tony picked up his half filled glass of Scotch and chugged it. Then I noticed a very large lump in his pants. Very, very large.

Looking directly into my eyes, he slowly undid his belt, then unzipped his pants. Martha and I were both captivated by the show he was putting on for us. Her hand kept up a steady beat on my leaking hard dick.

His pants fell to his knees. He was wearing very tight white Jockey underpants. It looked like there was a tire iron in there. There was a wet spot at the tip of it. Proudly, he pulled the underwear down his legs to his ankles. Well when that giant rigid prick popped up I thought my heart had stopped.

Martha wasn't kidding. It had to be at least 10 inches long and three inches thick. It looked more like a tire iron than ever. An angry, dangerous weapon.

"Ooh it is so beautiful, Tony. I've missed it. But I think you're scaring Patty, babe."

"My dick's all hot now Martha. It's gonna wanna get off."

"Of course, Tony. We'll take care of your friend. He is huge, isn't he Pat?"

"Yes, Mommy. Huge."

"Much, much bigger than your little pee pee."

I cringed.

"Yes Mommy. Much, much bigger."

"Hold it for Mommy. Tony's our friend. Make him feel at home, Patrick."

I wasn't sure how Tony felt about another man touching him. Tentatively I put my left hand around the huge tool.

"Oh yeah!! Feels good babe."

It felt so hot. Blood was pumping thru it. I loved him encouraging me. Talking to me like a woman. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

"Yer hand is nice and warm, Pat."

"Thank you Tony. You have a beautiful prick."

Then his hand was behind my neck. Then it was pulling me down to my knees. Forcing me down. I shot a brief, pleading glance at Martha. She smiled broadly. This was what she wanted. He was very strong. When I got down to my knees, I was eye level with his big canon. Then it was touching my lips. I was really scared of it.

"Suck it babe. Take it," he said, one hand on the dick and the other on the back of my head.

I slowly licked the bulbous head but his hand on my head was forcing my mouth on to it.

I opened my mouth and the huge pole rushed in.

"Ahhhh….yessss baby. At's good. Suck it faggot!"

My small mouth was chock full of dick. And I had only taken a little bit of him. A huge thick pole was hanging out of my mouth.

"Atta girl! Make Tony feel good, Sissy."

"He is.. His mouth feels wonderful..on my…dick."

Tony seemed to be in a trance. I was just praying that he wouldn't get violent because I was sure he could kick my ass very easily.

Martha was rubbing my back encouragingly.

Tony's prick had a funky, masculine odor. It was very sexy. I was loving it. He was grunting with pleasure. I was actually beginning to enjoy it. I felt very womanly.

"Well it looks like Tony has a new friend."

They were both chuckling.

"He is good Baby. Cocksuckin fag mouth. "

"Take your time, Sissy. Just let it soak and suck it in your pretty faggot mouth."

Time stopped. Something about her calling me a faggot that really turned me on. And she knew it.

I had to hold his massive dick with both hands, attempting to control it before it gagged me.

Movement above me. I glanced up as best I could. Martha and Tony were making out. He was mashing one of her big tits in his hand, his other hand was pulling my hair, very hard and then nothing, then very hard. That turned me on too.

Heavy breathing. Then quick grunting.

Was he close? He began to piston his big dick into my mouth, faster and faster. Fucking me in the mouth.

"I..I…gon…shoot, babe….Take it fag!"

Suddenly both of his hands held my face tightly while he quickly fucks me in the mouth. My small mouth can only accept a little of him. But he is pumping so much faster now.

"Take his load, Sissy. Swallow it all down!"

"God he sucks soo…gooo…HA…AHHHHH…awww fuuuuck…"

An explosion of thick creamy cum in my mouth. Pumping and pumping and pumping his man cream into me. I swallow as much as I possibly can.

"Good girl! Take it all Patty. That's good for you!"

A river of jizz is pouring down my chin, over my chest, over my dick and balls.

He was still cuming.

"Take it! Take it, Fag! Eat my cream. …Oh God!"

His thick meat stick kept spasming and jerking in my mouth and hands.


Suddenly he stopped pumping.

"Oh, Baby that was so good. Thank you Babe."

It took me a minute to realize he was referring to me as Baby, not Martha. I was Baby. I was the woman who got the job done. I felt good about myself.

Pride. I did it. I made the Big Man feel good. Very good. I immediately knew that I would want to do it again. To Tony, hopefully. If he would let me.

He just stood there. In a stupor. The hard prick still in my mouth. I was finally able to attempt to catch my breath, through my nose.

Feebly, Tony began slowly running his hand thru my hair, which was very wet from all the tension and excitement. He was petting me. Like a dog. A good dog.

Then Martha was kissing the side of my face.

"Such a good girl. Good cocksucker girl. You did good Sissy."

Tony disengaged from my mouth and collapsed on the couch. He looked like he had been shot.

When I looked down at the carpet I realized that I had shot my load.

"Mommy is so proud of you, Patrick."

"I shot my load, Mommy. I didn't even touch my dickie."

"See? I guess you like your new friend."

Now Martha was petting me.


It had been my baptism of fire. And I fucking loved it. It was the most thrilling moment of my life. Bar none.


Tony and I were both exhausted for a while. Martha made us some fresh drinks. I still couldn't believe what I had just done. My first blowjob.

After a while, Tony and Martha began to make out on the couch. She had stripped down to bra and panties. I just sat in a daze, watching them make out, Tony mauling her big tits. At one point she looked over at me and smiled.

"Come over here and smell his balls, faggot. Smell a man's sweaty balls. I wanna hear you sniffing them."

I quickly obeyed her. His prick was rock hard again. I made loud sniffing dog like sounds. Then they went into the bedroom and I watched Tony give her a "deep-in-her-cunt" fuck. It took him a while to cum. Then he extracted his thing with a loud "plop" sound.

"Clean him off, Patty. Then suck out my pussy for me."

"Yes Mommy."

I don't know where it came from but he had certainly pumped a lot of cream into her cunt. It took me a while to suck it all out. I adored her playing with my hair while I ate her cream pie.

"Yeah Baby. That's what Mommy needs. Her little dicked cunt sucker. Doin' good, Sis."


I loved my job. This was fun.


That night I knew that we had crossed some kind of boundary. And I wanted more.




Let me back up just a bit here and tell you how we met. It was all very conventional. The only real weird surface thing was that I am just average looking and Martha is movie star attractive. So what did she see in me? She confessed much later that I had a femmy innocent quality that turned her on. No one had ever described me that way before.

Maybe she saw something in me that could be molded, dominated. I admit I was immediately very taken with her. We took an English literature class together and her beauty stood out like a beacon in the night. And Northwestern is a school known for attractive women. Ever hear of Ann Margaret? You get the idea.

Martha wore outfits that seemed to accentuate her big tits. And that was fine with me. But they were very distracting. I was sure that a pretty girl like that was used to being eye balled by guys. What threw me was that she was looking over at me a lot. Her looks made me nervous and intimidated. After two classes I noted her sit right next to me one day. I could barely look at her.

"Hey. You in the blue shirt."

That was me. I turned around and here was this gorgeous creature smiling at me.

"I'm Martha," she said, putting her pretty hand out.


"Nice to meet you."


I had never been pursued by a woman this attractive so it really threw me.

At the end of the class we stood up together.

"Oops!" she dropped a few of her books.

I bent down to retrieve them. She stepped on my hand.


I looked up at her. She was smiling.

Then she took her foot off of my hand. Had she done that on purpose?

"Forgive me, Patrick. I'm such a klutz. Can I buy you a cup of coffee?"


So we ended up having coffee at Scott Hall, the student lounge. I could not believe this pretty girl had sort of asked me out for coffee.

"So are you gonna ask me out?"

"Uh..sure. Wanna go out for dinner Martha?"

"Thank you Patrick. I would love to."


The first two dates were pretty chaste. I took her out for dinner and we would talk about classes we liked, hated, people we liked, hated.

"She is such an ugly cunt. I bet her pussy stinks."

This was said in a joking way but it still turned me on.

"Oops. Did I say that? How naughty of me."

Then she would look at me with those beguiling eyes. Then kick me.

"Oh Patrick, I hope you don't think I'm a bad girl who uses foul language?"

"Of course not."

"Because I hate dirty bitches with potty mouths."

Then we'd both laugh. Her little dirty talk turned me on.

I would kiss her goodnight at her door, a little bit of tongue, then the door would close.


Then home to jack off over how great it would be to fuck her, eat her pussy, suck on those yummy big tits, etc. Several times.




Then she invited me to dinner at her apartment. Things accelerated. I was in nice slacks and a dress shirt. She opened the door wearing heels, seamed nylons with garters, a short leather miniskirt and a tight lycra top with a plunging neckline. I sprang a rod immediately.

"Martha, you look even more beautiful than you usually do."

"Why thank you Patrick. I love you flattering me, Honey."

Then she embraced me and gave me a long, deep French kiss. My groin was grinding against hers. I'm sure she felt my hard.

She had a very nice ones bedroom apartment in a chic section of Evanston. She served Johnny Walker Black Scotch in classy tumblers on the couch. After a few sips, she took a joint out of somewhere and lit it up.

"Hope you don't mind. I smoke weed."

"Wonderful. I like weed."

"Then it's Kismet!"


We both laughed but she laughed harder. I wondered if she had already done one joint before I arrived.

She put her hand on my leg and began rubbing it. She was much more affectionate than usual. The weed was very good and I got noticeably high right away.

"I'm so glad you like this outfit. Look!"

Here she lifted up her short skirt to reveal her panties and garters.

"You like?"

"I love!"

"Ha. Ha. Ha. You are so funny. Maybe if you're a good boy you'll get to put your head down there."

"Then I want to be a very good boy."

Then her pretty hand reached out and squeezed my dick in my pants.

"What's this?"

I was in shock. Not used to having a woman grab my prick like that. She was still squeezing it.

"Cat got your tongue, Patty?"

Patty? A girl's name?

"It's my …dick."

"Thank you Doctor Patrick. I kinda had a feeling that was it. Take it out. I wanna see it."


Here she reached over and unzipped my pants. Then reached into my underwear and extracted my wet hard dick.

"Oooh he's a little guy, isn't he?"

By now I was almost catatonic.

"Patrick! You're getting me mad!"

"What? What's wrong?"

"When I ask you a question, you answer me. Got it?"

There was an authoritative edge in her voice.

"Yes Martha."

"Mommy. Call me Mommy. I like that."

"Yes Mommy."

"Good girl. Stand up."


Very nervous and shaking now, I stood up. There was something frightening about her. But at the same time extremely exciting. In a flash, she had removed my shoes, socks, pants and underpants.

"There's our little friend. See. He's not afraid of Martha, is him?"


She was jacking my dick and loving her power over me.

"Now don't you feel more relaxed without your pants and nerdy underwear?"

"Yes. Thank you Mommy."

"You're welcome Pattygirl. I like to see you hard around me. It's flattering, really."

I didn't know what to say to that. I knew that I didn't want to annoy her.

"Are you enjoying our date Patty?"

"Yes Mommy. Very much."

"You don't think I'm too weird for you?"


"You don't think your little pee pee is too small for me, do you?"

This was embarrassing.


"Good. Neither do I. I like sissies with small wee wees."


Sissies? I wasn't going to touch that.

"Do you like being hard around me Pattygirl?"

"Oh yes Mommy!"

"Good girl. You've got Mommy all wet already. Get down on your knees baby and smell Mommy's pussy."


It just got better and better. Never in a million years did I think this date was going to go like this.

I knelt down in front of her. She petted my hair for a moment, then pulled my face into her cunt. There was a very strong excited pussy odor. Then she pulled the panties to the side.

"Eat it Faggot! Eat that pussy!"

Of course I dived in. Faggot? Hey that was a small price to pay to have my nose and mouth in his sacred area. Any guy at school would pay a year's tuition to be in my place. Her cunt smelled divine. The high priced spread. Thick bushy hair that was soaking wet. And very smelly. Then her long legs wrapped around me and she was cumming like a choo choo train. Gushing cum all over my nose and mouth. Squeezing my head in her vice grip.

"Eat it Sissy! Eat that good pussy!"

Then she was slapping the back of my head. Hard.

"Yeah!! Suck it! Suck my cunt you lezzie faggot! Making me cum Pattygirl. Cumming so hard. Cumming so fuckin hard!!!"

She must have cum at least fifteen times. It was a wild ride that lasted a while. With her athletic legs scissored around my head. Finally she released me. Cum all over my face. Drenched in cum.

She looked down at me on the carpet and smiled.

"Thank you Patty. I knew you would be a good pussy sucker. Felt good Honey. Love you in my cunt babe."

To me, this moment was like a new religion. Whatever it was that got me here, the weed, my pants off, the Scotch, I wanted to do this the rest of my life.


"Patricia? Would you do me a favor?"


"Leave that pussy cum on your face for a while? It makes me hot looking at it. Okay Precious?"

"Sure Mommy."

"Thanks Babe."

Here she kissed me on the mouth. Deep. With tongue. I was in love.

"Now go get us some drinks, Sexy."



There was something so classy and mysterious about Martha. I had never been so turned on around any woman. I had never been with any woman nearly as attractive and stunning as Martha Rumsavich. But she was so unpredictable that I was always walking on egg shells. My greatest fear was that she would become bored with me and dismiss me.

After we came down from our sex high, Martha brought up the subject of dinner. (I had not gotten off and Martha did not mention it. So I didn't bring it up.)

She had ordered some take-out food from a local Italian restaurant.

"Patty, I want you to serve it. Okay?"

"Sure, Martha."


I was nude and she dressed me in a very frilly, femmy white apron.

"You look very cute in that Baby. Especially with your little dickie standing up."

"Thank you, Martha."



"I want you to wear that whenever you serve dinner here. Okay, Patty?"

"Yes, Mommy. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Honey."


She slapped my prick affectionately and I went about getting the food out of the packages in the kitchen, putting it in the proper dishware and serving it at the table. I was also instructed to open and pour a bottle of Merlot that she directed me to. It was fun. I had never been bossed around by a gorgeous woman like this and I was loving it. My dick never went down.

Of course the entire time I was glowing from the rush of eating her divine pussy. I could not believe my luck.

During and after dinner she quizzed me about my sexual experience.

"What do you jack off to?"

"Martha, I have jacked off to you so many times you won't believe it."

"Ha. Ha. Oh yes I will! Tell me all! When was the first time?"

"First day I saw you in class."

"What did you think about?"

"How great it must be to kiss you. Fuck you. Eat your cunt. What your cunt smells like."

"Good girl! You're making me wet, Patricia. I remember checking you out that first day. You never even looked at me, that I saw."

"I was very, very intimidated by you. Still am!"

"Ha. Ha. You silly. Afraid I'm going to bite your liddle-biddy dick off?"
"Not sure..what of. You just seem…so unpredictable."

"Good Sissy. I like that."

She turned the lights down.

"Have you ever sucked a dick?"




"God am I surprised! I pegged you for a lifelong cocksucker."



"You just look so femmy. And gay and cock loving. Looking."

I didn't know how to react to that. I was attracted to certain types of men but had never had a homosexual experience.

"Would you suck a dick if I asked you to?"


"Good girl. In front of me?"


"In front of me and my girl friends?"



Being with her was just so liberating and unbelievable. Of course I had had fantasies about all this stuff but never dreamed anything would ever come of them. Not in this life time.

She kept stroking and touching my dick and balls all the time she talked with me on the couch. She explained that she was an only child and that her mother was a successful artist and encouraged her to be open about her sexuality.

She was bisexual and dominant and knew this from a very early age in elementary school. She had love affairs with both males and females all thru high school. Her parents encouraged it. She loved spanking boys and girls and making them cry.

"Crying makes me cum. Some day I want you to cry for me."

"Yes Mommy. I would be happy to."

"Good. I really love a slave that can take a hard whipping and have a good cry for me after."

Of course I was scared. But so turned on. And I told her that. She lit up.

Martha stood up and pulled out a straight backed chair.

"Get over my lap, Patty. I want to give you your first spanking."

I was terrified but my dick felt like it was going to explode.


It was just kind of a symbolic spanking. She didn't want to scare me off. I was nervous.


She was very strong. My ass stung.

"Are you gonna be a good girl, for Mommy?"

"Yes, Mommy! I'll be good!"


It hurt but she didn't make me cry that first time.

In between spanks, she would rub my ass and thighs. Then a jar being opened. Cool liquid in my asshole. Then her finger in my asshole.

"Feel good babe?"


"Heh. Heh. Patty likes mommy in her little cunthole, huh?"

"Oh yes Mommy."

"You like Mommy dickin you, eh? Don't you faggot girl?"

"Yes Mommy."


She finger fucked my asshole for along time. Then started jackin me off. Got me very very hot.

"Ohhhh Mom…mmmy!!!"

"Yeah, Patty. Shoot your cream for Mommy. Shoot it all out Sissygirl!"

I had a magnificent cum with her finger jammed up my asshole. Out of this world. The best sexual feeling I ever had.


But the weird thing was I had cum from her finger in my asshole. 'fucking my boy pussy' as she called it.

After she let me come down emotionally and physically from my orgasm, she helped me off her lap and we sat on the couch.

"Oh, look! You got cum all over the rug Patty."

She smiled at me, scooped up some of my seamen from the carpet and fed it to me.

Her smile spread as she watched me swallow my own cum.

It was so kinky I loved it.


"Mommy likes to watch you eat your sissy cum. Okay?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Will you always eat up your cum after you shoot your sissy cream for Mommy?"

"Yes Mommy. My pleasure. I will be happy to eat it for you."

"Good girl."


That first night at Martha's apartment was like the beginning of boot camp, or sissy camp, or slave world, whatever. I was totally hooked. Martha was my Owner and Goddess and I never wanted her out of my sight.

She let me spend the night in her bed and in the middle of the night she allowed me to fuck her. I came again with her pretty finger jammed up my asshole, now referred to as my cunthole.

In the morning she explained that she really liked me and was going to allow me to wear her soiled panties. She dressed me in her panties that she had worn the night before.

"I want you in my dirty cummy panties from now on. And I will be checking you Sissy."

"Yes Mommy."

She was Totally In Charge and I was only to happy to follow Her Orders. We would see each other three or four nights a week. I was given a key to her apartment and was to be in her kitchen every morning by 8 AM. Sometimes she would already be at a class.

There would be instructions for me, written out in her feminine hand, on a yellow legal pad. Plus the dirty panties that she had worn the previous day. (Sometimes I would take them into the bathroom and put them to my nose, inhale her precious cunt scent and jack off quickly. Thanking my luck for having Her in my life.)

There would be other instructions, if I was to clean her apt. and when, wear my butt plug, cock ring, cock cage, perfume, whatever. I took to it like a duck to water.

I proposed to her about two weeks later. She accepted and celebrated by spanking me very hard. I cried very loud and long. Then she took my hard dick in her mouth and blew me, yanking on my balls harder and harder until I came.


What an exciting girlfriend she was. I also noted the envious looks from fellow classmates when I had her next to me on campus. It made me feel very successful and special.


However, I did note that Martha enjoyed embarrassing me in front of her sorority sisters sometimes. I would be talking to her in a hallway after a class. She would see a girl she knew coming down the hall and purposely squeeze my dick thru my pants. And she'd keep right on squeezing it right in front of them!

"Look, Marcy! He's hard and leaking. Right into his pants. Cum stains. He's going to have to dry clean these."


She loved to get me blushing in front of her girlfriends.




My sissy sub education was furthered the night that Martha invited a very close friend, a sorority sister, Maureen, over to her apartment for dinner with the two of us. Maureen is very attractive but not as spectacular looking as Martha. Long dark, shoulder length hair, thin build, about 5'8", with great legs and piercing blue eyes. Sort of a grown up, taller Kelly Bundy from the TV show, "Married With Children".

Again, as with Martha, she was the type of hot woman who would not look once at me. But since I was engaged to her girlfriend, I was a new friend, by proxy. Which was fine with me.

Anyway, long story short, we had a nice dinner, served by me in my apron, which I was allowed to wear over my regular clothes tonight. Maureen was pretty straight, as far as we both knew. But of course this apron did raise her eyebrows but she said nothing.

After dinner we had some Scotch and smoked a joint in the living room. Maureen liked talking about current events and somehow we got on the subject of how young women were being pressured to get breast implants. How men judged women by their breast size, etc.

"Poor Patrick. He's got SIDS," Martha noted in a serious tone.

I didn't know what she was talking about.

"SIDS? Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?" Maureen queried.

"No. Small Irish Dick Syndrome."

Shock waves. I could not believe she had just said that. Out loud. To her girlfriend. Right in front of me.

There was a brief moment of comprehension then Maureen started howling with laughter. Like this was the funniest thing she had ever heard in her life. Ever. She kept cackling like a hyena and looking directly at me.

Martha was sitting next to her and beaming proudly. Very pleased with her joke and making her friend laugh. At my expense.

"My God, he's blushing. It must be true."

I felt like running out of the room.


"Of course it's true, tell her Patty!"

"Patty? A girl's name?"

"His dick is so tiny. It just seems more appropriate."

More cackles.

"Uh..yes, Maureen. It's true. I have a small penis."

(still giggling) "How small is it? (sarcastic) Patty?"

"About four inches."

"Ha. Ha. Seriously? That's all?"

"Show it to her, Faggot!"


Not wanting a repeat of what happened with Tony, I quickly stood up and pulled my pants and panties down. Displaying myself to her.

A sudden hush fell over them. Maureen was fascinated by my genitals. Of course I was rock hard once again.

Suddenly she looked serious.

"You're hard. Is this turning you on, Patty?"

"Yes it is, Maureen."

"It's kinda cute looking."


She looked over at Martha. For approval?

"Go ahead, touch it. He loves to be touched on his liddle hard dickie. Don't you, Sissy?"

"Yes, Mommy, I do."

Maureen wrapped her pretty warm hand around my hard dick. Electricity running through me. Then her other hand cupping and squeezing my balls.

"Like that, Patty?"

"Oh yes, Maureen. Thank you very much."

"See? I told you."

"His little dick is kinda cute. Oh look! It's starting to leak!"

"Yeah. Patty leaks a lot."

Hell. And now Heaven. Her hands felt marvelous on my dick and balls. Two gorgeous women fondling me and talking about my genitals. Exciting. Tingling.

"Just spread the cum over the head. Then jack it slowly. She loves that."

Maureen followed her instructions to the letter. Slowly jackin me off as I stand in front of them.

Being embarrassed had some benefits.

"Martha, this is turning me on."


"I am getting really wet."

"Good babe. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself."

"Oh am I ever!!"

"Patty is a divine cunt sucker. Divine. Try her out if you want."

"You Bitch! Now I am really getting wet. You're terrible."

"Yeah, I know. I'm wet too."


"You are?"

"Yeah. Whenever I see him hard I start getting' wet. No, really, Maureen, let her suck your cunt for a while. You'll love it. Patty, take your shoes, socks, pants and panties off. Then kneel down in front of Maureen."

I followed orders. Soon I was naked on all fours in front of Beautiful Maureen, who looked stoned, scared and VERY HOT.

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

"You will love it. He is really talented. His dick may be small but his tongue is major league."

Martha was rubbing Maureen's back thru her thin silk blouse.

"All set Babe?"


"Spread your legs, Maureen. Yeah. Like that."


Then Martha was petting me on the head.

"Honey, let's take it slow. Put your head under her skirt and just put your nose on her panties. That's all. Can you do that for Mommy?"

I nodded my head. In a trance.

"Then I want to hear you sniffing her cunt smell. Okay, Sissy?"

"Yes Mommy. Thank you, Mommy."

"You're welcome, Patty."

Martha lifted Maureen's skirt and I put my face in there, in between her long legs, and placed my nose right on her panties. They were soaking wet. Then I felt Martha drop the skirt back over my head. Darkness. A very powerful, excited cunt odor. Different from Martha's but oh so exciting!

"Oh my God!!! I can feel his nose on my cunt!"

Her legs suddenly closing around my head, squeezing tight.

Suddenly her hands grabbed my head, over the skirt, and held it there.

"I'm cumming!!! I'm cumming!! Martha! I'm..I'm cumming!"

And I hadn't even licked her pussy yet. It was wonderfully exciting. I got the strong impression Martha had not had much sex experience. Lucky me. I just stayed down there, with my nose on this woman's wet panty covered pussy.

"Oh God! Oh God! Thank you Martha! I love you!!!"

I found out later that Martha embraced her at this point and started kissing her passionately, which Maureen returned vigorously. They made out for several minutes while Maureen kept shoving my face into her panties and mashing my nose in there. Her legs kept squeezing my head as she jumped thru many many orgasms, her pelvis bouncing off of my nose.

After several minutes,

"Sorry 'bout that. Got distracted. Okay Faggot, pull her panties aside and eat her cunt. You lucky sissy."

I did just that. As soon as my tongue touched her slit Maureen grabbed my head in a vise grip and began cumming and jumping up and down on the couch. This went on for a long time. Cum gushing out of her lovely, beautiful hairy cunt.

"Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck that's good. Eat it Patty! You little dicked cunt sucker. Suck it so good. Suck it baby, eat my cunt. I love you patty!! Eat me so good. Oh my God I'm CUMMINNNGGGGG!!!!!"

What a heavenly night. I ate her delicious wet hypersensitive cunt for about 40 thrilling minutes. When I finally extracted myself and lay on the carpet I looked up at the two of them still kissing. Both had smeared lipstick and look very sated.


We took a break and smoked another joint.

"Wipe the cum off your face, faggot."

Martha enjoyed calling attention to things like that. As I returned from the bathroom, where I had wiped my face off, Martha was in the middle of her story about me being forced to blow Tony, her old boyfriend. Of course Maureen loved this story, and even played with her pussy as she listened to it.

Soon Maureen begged off, saying she was exhausted from all the great sex. I believed her. She kept thanking both of us profusely, as if we had performed vital surgery or something. It was really very sweet.


Maureen became my friend too and was a frequent visitor to the apartment for similar types of entertainment. The really cool part was when I would happen to run into her on campus and she would be with other girl friends of hers. She was always very warm and affectionate to me. Made me feel very important and loved.

And I could see my stock going up in the eyes of her attractive sorority sisters. Wondering about me. Why did this pretty, together co ed treat me so nice? I loved it. Martha was opening up so many worlds to me. Worlds full of funky, hairy pussy. Longing to be touched and sucked.

By this time Martha had begun dressing me in bra and panties sets, in front of Maureen, and spanking me hard in front of Maureen. It just added to my excitement and humiliation.




But the weirdest twist here, of many twists, was meeting her parents. As I mentioned before, her mother was a successful artist. A sculptor, actually. That's how Martha could afford that great apartment, her convertible, and sexy wardrobe. They had a large house over looking the Pacific ocean in Laguna Niguel, California. They invited us down over Spring Break.

Of course by this time I was walking on air, sexually. This was just one more perk, since her parents were rich and were paying for the trip.

We got stoned before the flight and had lots of drinks on it. Martha enjoyed groping me right in front of the stewardess. And she didn't take her hand away as the stew took our orders.

One time we were getting drinks from this cute Latin babe with jet-black hair. She stopped right in the middle of serving as and looked at Martha groping me. I had a wet spot on my pants from all the manipulating.

"Look, he's leaking again. Honey, go change your panties and come back."

The stew's mouth dropped open. I got up and followed her orders, changing my panties in the men's room. Of course we got weird looks the rest of the trip from all of the stewardesses. Martha smiled a lot and loved it. She told me later it made her cum.

Meeting her folks was a real trip. First off, they appeared to be very straight and conservative. Her mom looked like Marion Ross of the old "Happy Days" sitcom. Very big and matronly. Her dad looked like the actor, Richard Crenna, but was pretty quiet.

They had a gorgeous estate and I did note that much of her mom's sculpture had a sexy nature, lots of big women with big tits and ass, muscular men with large sex organs. Odd.

After we had unpacked in our room and cleaned up a bit, we met them for cocktails in the den, which was a large room with bookcases, two big couches, and a picture window overlooking the water. I did note that mom wore the pants in this family, as her father scurried around quickly whenever mom mentioned she wanted something.

The drinks were very strong and I felt light headed right away. They seemed to be real boozers.

I tell her mom that I am enrolled in dental school.

"Well, everyone needs a dentist. They make good providers. But, whatever you do, don't decide to drug and fuck one of your patients."


"Well, I'm just being frank. You always see these cases on tv. The dentist gives some hot woman a drug, thinking she won't remember a thing. But they always do. And then they catch the guy. Then prison. Smelly convicts making you their girlfriend."

Her husband was giggling.

For some odd reason, I got hard at this image.

In a bunk bed with a big smelly convict, him making me suck his big smelly prick.

"I wouldn't do that, Mrs. Rumsavich."

"See that you don't. If worse comes to worse, and you need it bad, go to a hooker. It's safer."

"Good to know."

Martha and her dad just smiled.

"I hope I'm not embarrassing you," she said.

"Actually she's hoping she is embarrassing you. It turns her on!"

"Look, he's blushing."

"Mom, please. I love Patty. Don't scare him off."

"Okay, relax. Who needs another round? Edgar get the drinks."

Edgar picked up our empties and hurried out. He returned with fresh drinks on a tray and served us like a waiter.

"You know Patty she's right. Embarrassing a man does turn me on. I'm not sure why. Maybe it is the vulnerability or something."

"Looks like it runs in the family."

'Ha . Ha. Yes it does. So…are you hard now?"

Shock waves.


"Don't 'what?' me. You heard me. I asked if you were hard now. As in hard-on. Stand up."

Now I really was blushing. I hoped for laughter from her husband and daughter. Silence. I looked over at Martha.

"Do it honey."

Shaking and very nervous, I stood up.

"Come here."


She was sitting across from me, on the couch with her husband. I stood in front of her. As soon as I got in front of her, Mrs. Rumsavich reached out and felt my dick.

"He is hard! See! I was right."

My heart seemed to stop. Her hand stayed on my hard dick.

Squeezing it. She looked up at me smiling.

"Don't be scared honey. I like you. You can sit down. I like you hard around me."

Like mother like daughter. I walked back to my seat in a daze. Martha looked proud of me. When I got back to the other couch, Martha rubbed my leg and then cupped my dick in her hand.

When I looked over at her mother, she was lighting up a joint. She inhaled and smiled at me.

"You are soo cute Pattygirl. We're going to have lots of fun."

She passed the j to her husband, who inhaled and then passed it to Martha.

"Are you having fun Pat??"


"Good. We're going to watch some home movies. You'll love them."

Here Martha and her dad laughed. I was very nervous but very excited.

"I loved touching your little hard. It got me wet."

She was staring at me for my reaction.

I really felt like I was under a microscope.

Then she rucked up her skirt and was rubbing her cunt area, thru her panties.

"You don't mind me talking like this, do you?"

"No. Not at all."

"I know that this is a bit uncomfortable for you honey, but that just turns me on more. Can you understand that?"

"Oh yes."

"And I did mean what I said. I am flattered that you get hard around me. This is exciting to you, isn't it?"

"Yes Mrs. Rumsavich."

"Mommy. Call me Mommy. You're one of the family."


"Good girl. I mean you know that Martha is an only child and that we share quite a bit."


"So I already know that you have a small pee pee. And that you're a sissy faggot who also sucks dick. Look he's blushing again. He's going to make me cum."

Here Martha leaned over and sqeezed my prick in my pants. I was leaking already. It was so weird. They all seemed so happy and excited that I was both embarrassed and hard.


"Actually I'm very attracted to men like you. Ed is a cocksucker too. Aren't you honey?"

"Yes Dear."

"Darling, go change. So that our guest will be more comfortable."

This was getting surreal. Ed left the room. We passed another joint around. When Ed returned he was wearing a baby doll lingerie set, without the panties. He had a good build with a decent sized prick of about six inches. It was rock hard.

He was also wearing stockings and low heeled women's shoes. And now seemed ten times more femmy. And happier!

"See Pat, Eddie is excited too. He'd love to suck your little dick for you. Would you like that babe?"

"Yes Mrs. Rumsa..Mommy, I would."

"Good. Get undressed now honey. Mommy wants to see that little hard wee wee of yours.

I was so turned on. A bit drunk and stoned too. All eyes on me. I took off all of my clothes. My panties were soaking wet with pre cum.

"Bring your panties over here, Honey."

Naked now, with a hard little stiffie sticking out, I picked up my wet, cummy panties and handed them to her.

"They're all wet. With cum. You must be really excited, huh Patricia?"

"Yes Mommy. I am."

Here she grabbed my dick with her very pretty, soft hand. Blood red fingernails.

"Oohhhh it's so tiny!!! And hard! Cute little ballsies. Martha you are sooo lucky."

"I know. He's always hard around me."

"You lucky girl."


Mrs. Rumsavitch patted the seat next to her on the sofa.

"Here Baby. I want you right next to me."

Another joint. Home movies on VCR.

Still being totally clueless, I am expecting to see movies of Martha as a little girl and road trips to Washington, girl scouts, etc.

Instead the tape opens with a middle aged white couple. The woman has a nice figure but the man looks like an overweight truck driver. Trailer Trash types. Both are in their underwear. Then Edgar in bra and panties. Hard on in panties. Sucking off the male of the couple.

Then Mrs. Rumsavich is spanking Edgar. His ass gets very very red. Off her lap. Hard dick.

The other woman sucks off Ed. It doesn't take her long, apparently the spanking turns him on.

Then the truck driver guy fucks Ed in the ass!! I could not believe it. All this time Mrs. R is fondling my dick and balls. All three of them are looking at me. Then Mrs. Rumsavich is kissing me. Deep tongue. Pinching my nipples. Sucking them

Then her husband is kneeling in front of me and sucking my dick. Heavenly cocksucker. Strong suction on my hard dick.

Seemed to be in love with my little dick.

Mrs. R rubbing my leg. "Having fun, babe?"

"Oh yes."

"I'm going to spank you in a little bit. That really gets me going."

I said nothing. I was hoping she wouldn't be as hard on me as she was on Edgar.

Martha in bra and panties. "Honey I am loving this. Smell my pussy." I did. A very strong cunt odor.

I am naked, sitting on a couch with my fiance's parents. Smelling her pussy while her dad, in lingerie, sucks my dick and her Mom pinches my nipples. What nice people.

Mrs. R stopped the movie. Lights up.

"I can't wait any longer baby. Get over my lap. Momma has to spank her little dicked baby. "

Eddie reluctantly let my dick go.

Mrs. Rumsavich removed her skirt and panties. Very hairy pussy bush.

"I am sooo wet. You are a very bad girl."

Was I scared? Damn right. But also very turned on.

Ed had brought out a straight backed kitchen chair. Mrs. R sat down and immediately pulled me over her ample lap.

Then, in very well rehearsed moves, Martha put my head between her legs and and her hands in my hair. Ed held my legs tightly.

Mrs. R. put my hands behind my back. She held them with one of her hands.

"Here we go sissy." She was stroking my ass and thighs. I was leaking into her legs.


She unleashed a series of extremely powerful, rapid fire spanks. Incredible strength in her hand.

I was bawling and screaming in no time.

"Ahhh!! No! No! Sstop!! It hurts!!"


It went on for a very long time. My screams seemed to egg her on. I attempted to flee but Ed and Martha held me down.

"Nnnno Mommy. Stop please. Please mommy! It hurts. Please! You're killing me!!!"


Shaking and screaming. And screaming some more. Then I could hear myself screaming and moaning. She had stopped. I was still bawling and coming down.

Then, tentatively, her soft, feminine hands on my beat up legs and burning ass.

"All over babygirl. You were a good baby. Mommy's proud of you. Mommy likes to hear baby cry."

I was still heaving and crying. Then her hand reached under me and was touching my shribbled up dick and balls.

"Aw baby's dickie got all scared. It's all over baby. You can get hard again." Pulling on it. Yanking on my balls. Still sobbing but coming down from the very scary ordeal.

"Mom, that was soo hot. I came about fifteen times."

"Me too honey. He's a good sissy girl. Isn't him? Huh?"

"yyyy..yes Mommy. Thank you."

"You're welcome babe."


I lay on her lap and she jacked my dick. Then her finger in my pussy.

"Ooh Martha you were right. His cunny is so tight. We'll have to work on that."

The whole thing was so unreal. But so fucking exciting. Her fingerfucking me now.

"Stand up, Precious."

Still sniffling, on wobbly legs, I stood up in front of her. Ed and Martha looked at me thru glazed eyes. As if they had both cum many many times.

Mrs. Rumsavich smiled at me.

"You were such a good girl. Took her first mommy spank so well."

Then her mouth swallowed up my burning dick. Yanking on my balls. Hard. I shot a huge load which she gobbled up hungrily.

"Mmmmmmm glluuuubbbbbbbmmmmmmmjhmmmmm.."

With a religious zeal, she kept moaning as if my cum were some sort of youthful, divine nectar. I was very touched and flattered. I felt very loved.

Welcome to the family. The embarrassing family. I was so happy. Like I had married Miss America.


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