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Fantasy in Curls

by Ashley Eggers


Part One


After a long, stressful day at work, I came home. I just wanted to relax for a while, I headed upstairs to turn on the tub, running the water until it was warm I turned on some soft music and added some Lavender bubble bath to the steady stream of water flowing from the taps. I left for a moment and returned with a bottle of wine, I then noticed that the floor had been cluttered with another set of cloths, I pull back the curtain to find Lisa lying in the tub with a big grin over her face. I quickly removed my remaining clothes and slid into the tub to face her; I opened the wine and poured a glass. I smiled at Lisa and gave her the glass and leaned back as she slowly sipped it contents.

She asked if my day had been tough as she always seemed to know when the stress had gotten to me. I nodded to her yes and she put down the glass and leaned towards me, she kiss my chest at first, then her lips moved up to my mouth and her tongue found its way over and through my lips until we were kissing passionately. Her hands pressed down on my chest as our kiss lingered on; Lisa picked up a sponge and gently slid it over my shoulder until goosebumps appeared over my arms. Our kissing stopped as she fell back, her wicked smile broadened as she again sipped from the glass of wine.

Giggling softly she handed me the sponge and placed her one leg over my shoulder, her hand then reached outward, in it was a small pink razor. I took this from her and she asked that I shave her legs smooth, smiling I picked up her crème balm and covered her leg with the sweet smelling liquid. Carefully now I proceeded to remove her stubble, first her left leg, then her right. Once I had finished she took careful notice and commended me on such a fine job. I leaned forward to kiss her and out lips touched and our tongues danced inside one another's mouths. I could feel my pulse quicken as Lisa's low moans were telling me she was enjoying this attention.

Our kissing stopped and she gently pushed me back, her smile was wicked as she raised my leg up, she rested it on her tummy and without a warning to me she had spread the shave crème over my leg. I got myself comfortable as she tenderly began to run her razor over the length of my leg. I was in disbelief as she quickly had both of legs as smooth and hair free as hers. The coolness I felt over my legs was making me excited, Lisa laughed quietly once more as she poured out her shampoo and began to wash her hair. I was in awe as she did this; she moved her body from side to side making sure I was watching her the entire time. As she finished her hair she turned her attention towards mine and she was soon massaging her shampoo throughout hair and we rinsed together as she turn on the shower. We stood and kissed passionately once more as the lather was rinsed away by the water jet.

Once we were both free of the shampoo Lisa got out and wrapped a towel over her head, she did the same to me and as I stepped out she asked me to stand still as she spread a wonderful smelling crème over my legs, this she said would stop any burn my newly shaven legs would have. I sat down as she motioned for me to sit by her, I did this and she removed her towel and ran a comb through her lovely hair. A moment later she was handing me a bag filled with curlers and instructing me to give her one when she asked. I obeyed her and with each snap of her finger I handed her a roller, she took little time in winding these into her hair and as the last one was put in she took one final look at her head and nodded her approval of her job.

Lisa now looked at me with a grin I had not seen before, without a word she removed the towel from my head and ran her comb through it. She sectioned off my hair and told me sit still, I once more complied, then she combed up a section and without hesitation she quickly and neatly wrapped my hair over a curler and wound it tightly attaching a clip to hold it in place. I did not utter a word as Lisa gently pinched my nipples and kissed my neck, my mind drifted off as she knew this touching and kissing would have me in her control. Helpless now Lisa proceeded to wind my hair into the curlers until my entire head was covered in small multi-colored rollers. I looked into the mirror to see myself and I laughed and asked Lisa what else she had planned for me this evening.

Her smile should have told me that she had not finished as she pulled my arm to help me stand, her arms went over my neck and behind my neck, soon her lips once more found mine and we kissed each other lovingly. I was about to ask her the obvious question, but before I could speak she took my hand and led me out towards our bedroom. There she sat me down and let me watch as she put on a black satin bra and panty set. Black nylons with thick seams in back she rolled over her legs, around her waist she placed a black cincher and she tied it tightly. I sat there motionless as she sat down and began to put on her make-up, she did this in record time and when finished she looked incredible as her lips were the color of fire and her eyes so large and lined in black.

She slipped into a pair of four-inched heels and walked over to me, I was still naked and she could see from my erection that I was truly into watching what she was doing. I had not noticed though that Lisa carried a blindfold which she was now placing over my eyes, I could not see a thing now as Lisa was applying pressure to my shoulders. Lying down now I could feel the raking of her nails as she drew over my legs and chest, I shuddered as this sensation was new to me. Lisa continued to tease me this way for what seemed like an hour, I would try and touch her, but she would push my hands away and hold them down as her lips and tongue playfully explored my body. Her voice was soft when she spoke, her words where erotic as she told me how she loved her new toy and that playing with it would be much more fun for her.

My breathing was becoming rapid as Lisa sat me up, the blindfold was removed and she had a big smile over her face. She asked me if I was enjoying myself so far this evening, Lisa already knew the answer, but I nodded yes. Still smiling she patted my head, leaned forwards and kissed my lips, her warmth was delightful to me as I returned her kiss longingly. Lisa now stood up and left the room, only to return in a moment carrying a brush and comb, she sat back down and began to remove the rollers from her hair. Her hair was left in a short curly mass which she quickly combed and brushed into a sexy style. With that done her attention turned to me as the curlers I had forgotten about in my own hair were removed. Lisa ran her fingers through my newly formed curls, she smiled and nodded her approval of my new look. A moment later she had brushed my hair into a cute style.

Now Lisa reached over and turned on the stereo, the song which played was soft, she stood up and began to dance slowly and her clothing was removed piece by piece. I was sitting there in the bed watching my girlfriend do this sexy dance; my eyes did not leave her body as the last piece came off. Lisa walked over slowly and held out her hand, I took it in mine and rose to meet her waiting lips. My passion for her at that moment was unreal as I had never before felt these feelings I was experiencing. As we kissed we danced arm in arm, our hands wondered over each others bodies, and Lisa was whispering to me that from now on our lives would be so much different. I did not mind hearing this as the instant I heard her words we fell into bed and made love, it was incredible as Lisa and I pleased each other like we had never done before.

By nights end we had exhausted ourselves and in the morning when we woke we were holding onto each other. I kissed Lisa and she opened her eyes, her look was one of satisfaction, she said to me that our previous evening was only the beginning and in the following weeks, months, years, she would take me into a new and wonderful world. I should have questioned her as to what she was meaning, but at that particular time I was not thinking as clearly as I should have been. All I can remember is making love again that morning before getting myself prepared for another work day, and as the night before it was wonderful. I left that day after kissing Lisa goodbye, I felt great, but I should have seen into the future as our lives were about to change …………

End of Part One




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