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Fantasy in Curls

by Ashley eggers


Part Two


Lisa and I were driving home from a days shopping when I complained to her about the itching I was experiencing over my legs. It had been almost a week now since she ridded my legs of their hair; she laughed and told me that to stop the discomfort I would have to allow her to redo my legs and hair, plus a little something special. Well Lisa knew she had me and I told her to do whatever was necessary to keep myself from scratching my legs until they were raw. Her smile was ear to ear as she asked my to pull over at the next drug store, I did and when I stopped the car she ran out and was back in flash carrying a package. We continued on home and once parked Lisa told me to go in and strip down and meet her in the bedroom. Without hesitation I left her in the car and did as she requested, once upstairs I stripped off my clothing and waited for her to come up.

While I waited I was actually thinking about what had occurred the previous week, even though Lisa had tricked me it was a wonderful night, I could only pray that this night was as exciting. I was not to be disappointed as Lisa walked in and motioned for me to follow her into the washroom; inside she asked that I step into the tub. Doing as she asked I stood facing her while she opened the package which she had purchased, inside was a can of hair removing crème, she gave the can a shake and told me to hold perfectly still. Not wanting to have her spray a wrong area I did exactly as she requested and stood motionless while she covered my legs in this horrible smelling lotion. Lisa told me I would have to wait ten minutes while the crème worked its magic, but to pass the time she offered to trim my pubic area.

I was not one to let an opportunity for Lisa to fondle my manhood so I smiled and nodded for her to go ahead. She brought out a pair of scissors and began to trim and reshape the hair; once she was satisfied she applied a shave crème over me. Lisa picked up her razor and began to shave away at the ends until I was left with a heart shaped soft mound of hair. I laughed as I saw what she had done; Lisa stood up and gave me a kiss for being such a good boy as she worded it. Now a clock which she had set went off and it was now time to soak off the hair crème, Lisa ran the water until it was warm and with a shower head she began to rinse the foamy crème from my legs.

The relief was almost instantaneous as the itching I had felt earlier had gone; my legs as well almost looked silkier as they glistened from the light shining on them. Lisa looked on approvingly and took my hand, she motioned for me to lower myself, I did and once satisfied she proceeded to wash my hair and condition it. As this was completed she wrapped a towel around my head and pulled me back up, she helped me out of the tub. Once out her arms went around me and she pulled in close to her, her lips parted and met mine as we kissed deeply, our tongues playfully darted in and out of each others mouths. As our kissing ended Lisa sat me down and brought out her bag of curlers and other styling tools, she told me that tonight she had something a bit more daring in mind. Laughing at her words I told her I was hers as she removed the towel and began to section off my hair as she did the previous time. I was unable to watch and see what she was actually doing but from the pulling and combing I figured she was putting in more curlers then the last time.

As Lisa curled my hair she continually bent down to kiss my neck and shoulders, she was treating me gently and I was not complaining one bit. As the last curler was in place she opened a bottle of setting solution, with this she squirted a small amount over each rolled up section, a hairnet followed when she had done this and her dryer was brought over for me to sit under. Lisa turned on the dryer and the heat made me feel so comfortable, she then took out a blindfold and covered my eyes as she told me my surprise was not to be seen just yet. I figured whatever Lisa had in store for me would be worth the wait so I relaxed and let her go about her business.

While I sat there Lisa was busy, she took my hands first and I could sense she was clipping my nails and filing them, she also clipped and filed my toes as well. I could feel her spreading my toes apart, I did not know with what but they were definitely felt pulled apart. There was silence now as I felt her hands touching my feet; she blew on my toes every so often until the touching stopped. Lisa took my hands next and massaged a sweet smelling lotion over them; after the massaging stopped she held each finger for a moment or two and continued until all my fingers had been touched. I could feel a cool breeze flowing over my hands as Lisa told me to hold them in the position she held them in, I did until she seemed satisfied, my hands were placed back down and Lisa turned off the dryer to check my hair.

The blindfold was still in place as she removed a few curlers, my hair must have been dry enough as she then removed all the rollers, I could hear her tell me it turned out perfectly, even better then she imagined. I still could not see as she brushed and combed away at my hair, once her movements ceased she sprayed a large amount of hairspray to help hold the set as she now referred to it. Standing behind me she ran he long fingernails over my back first then over my chest, she leaned down and kissed my nipples, she gently bit on them and circled her tongue around there firmness. Then as quickly as she had begun she stopped and pulled me up, I followed her and I realized we were back in our bedroom. I sat on the bed as Lisa left me there to get herself ready, I was told to sit still and not move and to especially not remove the blindfold. As with how all had gone so far this evening I obeyed Lisa's words to the letter and sat there until she came back into the room.

Lisa's steps were more noticeable as I was guessing she had the heels on from the other evening, her steps stopped and her hand touched me. I could smell the aroma of what I thought was leather, Lisa was attaching something around my neck, my wrists and ankles also felt her touch. She asked me to stand, doing as she asked I rose, I could feel Lisa put something around my mid-section, then as I felt her pull my waist seemed to be drawing into itself. I gasped for air as Lisa tugged further, I complained to her, but she laughed and told to be silent, a moment later the pulling was over and Lisa was tying off something behind me. She told me that I looked so sweet, her mouth covered my left nipple and she sucked on it hard until I moaned with pleasure, she knew my weaknesses and was using them to her advantage.

Her lips found my other nipple and it was sucked until it hurt, her hands continually pulled at my ass and up and down my legs, she was causing me to lose control and I fell backwards into the bed. My blindfold was removed and my eyes finally focused on Lisa, she had her face made up to resemble something evil, her eyes were smoky black and heavy with mascara. Her lips were a darkened red shade and her cheeks heavy with blush, she looked so mean. My attention to Lisa was taken back quickly as she pounced onto my chest, her legs straddled me and she was raising up my arms. In an instant she had each arm secured to a bed post, a minute later each leg was tied off the end posts, I was now lying there completely under her control and I was beginning to wonder what she had in store for me.

Lisa was now standing back up; she produced a mirror and showed me my reflection, my god I thought, as I saw my hair. She had done it up into a feminine style which suited my facial features perfectly. Her hand grabbed my face and she turned it and I could see my fingernails were painted in crimson red, looking down my toes were also painted in the same colour. Lisa spoke to me and told me that she had been waiting for a while now to put her plan for me into operation, last weekend gave her the first chance, my whining tonight was her second opportunity. She told that tonight once she has completed her plans I would be hers forever…………

End of Part Two




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