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The First Seduction

by Georgina


Denise hummed softly to herself as she rubbed her slim yet curvaceous body down after her bath. Looking at her body in the full length mirror she admired herself. Not bad, she thought, not bad for an old woman of thirty five. The breasts were still high and firm, even though she had a young son of fifteen, and her whole appearance was sexy in the extreme, long, auburn hair cascaded down her back to below her shoulder blades, full, thick, silky and bouncy, it was her pride and joy. Although she was humming to herself she still wasn't very happy. Her son was starting to show a disturbing tendency to steal her clothes and lingerie. What he did with it she could hardly guess, still, it was returned clean and tidy, unstained. Surely he didn't wear it, she thought, surely he wasn't a homosexual. Still, she intended to find out, and soon.

Unknown to her, her son was in his room, already indulging in his fetishistic games of transvestitism and fantasy. He had managed to spirit away from his mother's extensive collection of lingerie a complete ensemble of sensuous satin, black satin at that. A gorgeous silk satin slip, smooth, heavy and scintillatingly sensuous was draping his slim body with its sexy folds. His surprisingly full and feminine breasts, he was so happy with them as they complemented his desires, fitted the cups of the slip surprisingly well and his nipples, prominent, hard with arousal, punched out the wonderful, shiny fabric. The other part of him that was aroused was his slim, yet long and incredibly hard penis and it reared to his belly, sensitive and trembling in its lusts. It was swathed in a matching pair of satin french knickers and the satin was cool on the fevered flesh. He was also wearing a lovely garter belt and long, silky, black, seamed nylons that caressed his long, lithe legs with their wispy touch of pure sex. On his feet were a pair of stiletto shoes and the medium heels of the patent courts threw his body forward, tightening his muscles and smoothing his already feminine line. He looked stunning as he acknowledged to himself in the mirror and his hair, silky like his mother's, was styled in a pretty urchin cut.

His mother never intruded on his privacy and she had got used to his siestas, so he had also made his face up with cosmetics and his eyes with eye shadow and mascara. Looking at himself in the mirror he knew that he looked very beautiful and in fact he could easily fancy himself as his image turned his maleness on, as did the garments he wore. The very fabrics were exciting but the wearing of the ultra-feminine lingerie was the greatest turn on in his life, apart from the deep desires that flashed through his mind when he fantasised about sex. He was, without a doubt, totally besotted with his mother's wild and sensual beauty. Ever since he had spied on her when she was taking a bath, or when she was dressing and undressing, he had become wildly excited and deeply aroused. When he had at last found out about sex, and what it was, then he had dreamed constantly of plunging his steel hard erection into the softly outlined maternal pussy in a madly passionate bout of incestuous mother-son, perverted love. He desired her, to the detriment of all others, and he dreamed constantly of her wondrous curves and thick, long, glossy hair. She adored fashion and was always walking about the house dressed like a fashion model, perfumed, made up and utterly sensual in her entire mien. Lately, she had even started to walk around the house dressed only in her dishabille of satin lingerie, unaware of the effect she was having on her impressionable, highly aroused son.

Denise was dressing to go out that evening and as she would be out till the early hours, her son knew that he would have even more time than usual to play. He was determined to utilise that to the full and have his own evening game. He had noticed that his mother had recently bought some new evening gowns and one in particular had attracted his attention. It was a magnificent gown of deep sinful black satin, strapless and sensuous, its bodice boned and its shiny skirt slim and figure hugging, he could team it up with a pair of sexy long evening gloves in black satin and a matching evening stole.

The very idea of wearing that gown was sending the hot transvestite into a paroxysmal orgasm and hurriedly, the sexily lingeried child reached across the dressing table and picked up a foil wrapped contraceptive. Taking the roiled up latex sheath out of the packet, the gorgeous transvestite slid it onto his steel hard erection, smoothing the latex down the turgid flesh. The action slowed him down and thankfully, he slid his body back underneath the satin of the french knickers and then allowed the skirt of the slip to fall back down. It was always much nicer to have an unhurried orgasm than a wild uncontrollable explosion. He slowly walked about his spacious bedroom, relishing the feel of the silk-satins as they brushed his nyloned limbs. The sumptuous fabric was scintillatingly smooth on his sensitive skin, exciting him with its sexy sensation. The silk whispered sussuratingly against silk and nylon, the sound loud in the quietness of the room. The tensions in him rose, but he was now capable of rising to the heights of total ecstasy before he actually came.

Standing once more in front of the long cheval mirror, he admired his image again. Hands on hips and posing with one leg slightly bent, he knew that he was a very sensual sight. Sexily pouting, he ran his hands up and down his hips, relishing the slip sliding of silk satin on silk satin, the smooth slide of the fabric exciting him more and more. Slowly, ever so slowly, his hands slid up his body till he cupped his tender breasts. They were just large enough to fill his hands and he felt the rigid nipples stabbing into the palms of his hands. They ached at the touch, wishing for more, but the touch his nipples really craved for, as did his whole body, was the touch of his mother's hands and the nibbling caresses of his mother's lips and teeth on the throbbing tips. The image of her beauty appeared in his mind and the emotion it brought to him was a torrent of sheer, incestuous lust. He wanted his mother, desperately, and would do anything to get her, even to the point of being rebuffed. It was almost the final straw for the young transvestite, and he felt his orgasm rise to a degree of uncontrollability he was powerless to stop. With a wild moan of sheer desire the elegantly dressed transvestite child fell onto his bed, writhing over the lush satin counterpane.

He was so close now and with a cry of lust the sexy little boy-girl felt the spurting orgasm flow out of his trembling body. One hand continued to caress his tender titties, nipping the turgid, sensitive nipples, while his other hand drifted down to grasp hold of the satin sheathed spasming, erect penis as it spat its load of milky, viscous seed into the clinging sheath of latex that encased it. The piercing sensations of the orgasm deafened him to all outside sounds and he was even unaware of the panting screams of ecstasy that issued from his own throat. He was just aware of the here and now, of the intense feelings of transvestite inspired, incest fuelled, bizarre and perverted lust.

Denise was just passing the door to her son's room, on the way to the spare room where she kept her evening dresses when she came to a dead stop. The sighing, panting moans that came from her son's room could be only one of two things. He was either in extreme agony or total ecstasy. As she had seen him only half an hour before, she knew it was not the former, it must be the latter. Totally intrigued, the beautiful mother bent down and looked in through the keyhole, directly into her son's bedroom. With total shock, she saw her son collapse onto the bed, but what a sight he was. If she hadn't known better, or recognised her own lingerie on the slim body, she would have assumed that the writhing, panting body on the bed was that of a gorgeously sexy, utterly desirable young girl, and the only give away was the pulsating, erect penis that throbbed visibly beneath the satin of the gorgeous slip that he/she wore. As well as shock, Denise felt an immense feeling of desire wash over her. She had always been an avid bisexual and the sight of this girl-boy was utterly exciting to her fevered mind and eyes.

Slowly, the beautiful mother took hold of the doorknob and twisted it open. The door swung back on silent hinges and the beautiful mother tiptoed into the room, to stand at the foot of the bed. Her son, dressed in his sensual finery, was totally unaware, till the last minute, of the entrance of his mother but, at the last moment, just as the spurting penis started to slacken off, he opened his eyes and beheld the lingerie sheathed form of his mother before him. With a cry of horror, that was not mirrored by his body, he stared at the elegantly curvaceous form of his mother. He drank in her own satin slipped beauty and the satin sheathed, latex covered penis shuddered and boomeranged back into another wild, spurting come as the object of his fantasies and desires stood before him. Denise was totally enchanted at the sight of her feminised son, and the fact that he had instantly been thrown into a second orgasm at the sight of his mother actually turned her on even more. The thoughts that flashed through her fevered mind were wild and dangerous indeed. As she quickly acknowledged to herself, the possibilities that became apparent to her were vast in scope and depth.

As she watched her son fall into an unconscious stupor following hid massive multiple orgasm, she slowly went across to the wash basin and picking up a wet flannel, she moved back to her transvestite son's bedside. Sitting down on the bed, the sexily dishabille mother slid back the front of her son's black satin slip and, reaching underneath the silk-satin knickers, she exposed his by now semi-flaccid penis. She was surprised to see he had used a contraceptive, but pleased as it did not stain the delicate fabrics, was the work of a few moments to slide off the latex sheath and then she tenderly, carefully, cleaned and dried the filial penis. As the gorgeous mother did so she realised that a new phase was starting in her life. She was entering a period of dark and deep desires in which she and her son would taste the fruits of deep perversion and incest. Denise knew that her lonely days were over and that she would never again have to seek out women and men to gratify her darkest and deepest desires. The very thought of sleeping with her androgynous son was so exciting that she almost came to an orgasm herself.

Denise was, without a doubt, totally enchanted by the vision of her gorgeous son, as he lay on the bed in all of his borrowed finery. She gazed avidly at his very considerable beauty and realised that her life was soon to be totally changed by what he had seen barely a few minutes before. Her hands had finished their work and she tenderly slid her transvestite son's flaccid penis back underneath the silk-satin sheathing of the knickers and slip. Then she slid her fingers up the smoothly sensual satin of the slip, over his flat belly and up towards the delicate mounds of his thrusting, what she took to be, falsies. Seconds later the gorgeous mother gave a gasp of sheer surprise and shock as she realised that the breasts she slid her fingers over were real, capped with tiny, yet extremely hard, nipples. A slow, warm feeling of utter desire grew in her body as she fondled the fabric-covered globes, teasing the turgid nipples into an even greater arousal. The touch of his mother's hands on his sexily sheathed body awoke the transvestite son from his torpid state and as he opened his bleary eyes he saw that his deeply desired mother was actually caressing his sensitive breasts.

The very idea that the target of his lustful desires was actually touching him in a blatantly sexual fashion was a shock to the elegantly dishabilled transvestite son and the feelings of wild desire and sheer incestuous lust exploded inside his trembling, yearning body. It was, without a doubt, the greatest thrill the young child had ever experienced and with a mewl of sheer delight; the hot little boy-girl writhed on the satin. The hot and throbbingly aroused mother was now in a miasma of bizarre lust. Her insistent hands flirted with the forbidden body of her own son. She was ready to take both herself and her beloved offspring into a wild world of deeply forbidden, totally perverted lust. It was with this thought in her mind that she now smiled down at his gorgeous features. her flirting, satin gloved, hands slid hissingly over the firm and tender breasts that nestled so sensuously under the slinky satin of his gorgeously elegant slip, toying with the urgently aroused and stiffly erect nipples.

Her transvestite son mewled with pleasure as his beloved mother's hands drew the sensations of lust out of his body, building him up to a high peak of abject, enslaved desire. He writhed on the satin sheeted bed, throwing his head from side to side in his wild frenzied passions. His urgently aroused penis was throbbing wildly under the opulent sheathing of the satin slip and he screamed as his gorgeously beautiful mother slid one hand down to the hard tube of trembling and sensitive flesh, sliding the sumptuous fabric away from the filial flesh, leaving it free and upstanding, open to her view. He knew, as did his mother, that it was time, time to consummate his wildest and deepest desires, time to fulfil the darkest wish of any son, the wish to lie with and copulate with his own mother.

Denise had put on the pair of long, black satin, evening gloves after she had cleaned up his body and now she was gliding her satined fingers gently, caressingly, up and down the pulsating, hard erect body. She was totally in awe of the powers of recuperation that her transvestite son showed and she was totally

thrilled with the whole situation. The thought of committing incest with her darling son was as potently exciting to her as the ideas of him sleeping with his mother were to him. Her beautiful face was set in an utterly sensuous pout of pure and unadulterated, incestuous passion and the very fact of his obvious arousal due not only to his fetishistic desires for silk and satin, but also the fact that she, as a woman, aroused him as well. It would have been far to poignantly heartbreaking to have him as a homosexual.

"Mother," The young child panted as he writhed on the satin sheets. "Mother, I want to fuck you."

"Where did you learn such words.?" Denise gasped as she continued to caress her son's hot, silk-satin sheathed body. "Who taught you that?" he didn't answer his mother, just reached out and embraced her slim, satin lingeried body, pulling her down to him.

"I want to kiss you." He panted as he pulled her down so that she lay against his trembling, yearning curves.

"You do, frequently." His mother teased him as she gazed down at his passion filled features.

"No, properly, lips to lips."

"You know that it is not right, that it is forbidden, that it is incest."

Her young son nodded mutely, then whispered. "I don't care mother, I love you."

The tears started to flow from his eyes and Denise relented instantly. Slowly she leaned down and pursed her carmined lips as she gently touched her own beloved son's lipsticked, parted lips. He gasped as he tasted, for the very first time in his life, the soft lips of his own beautiful mother and moaning with oedipal heat, the sexy transvestite melted his panting mouth to his mother's. The hot kiss fired the perverted couple to heights of incestuous passion such as they had never dreamed before. Hands roamed over curvaceous bodies as they drew their lissom curves together to touch, breast-to-breast and belly-to-belly in a wild, almost cataclysmic maelstrom of lust. Silk-satin slid over sexy, sussurating silk-satin in a sensuously exciting caress of fetishistic desire and the heady feelings of illicit, incestuous, transvestite passion drove them both the very edge of insanity.

Lips, hot, wet, carmined touched eager hot lips, parting to allow tongues to flicker and duel in the eternal dance of love. Hot and panting breaths mingled as they trembled together in their highly erotic embrace. It was a wild and wonderful exhibition of untamed and perverted desires, mother and son, both sensually lingeried, locked together, belly to belly in their mad passion. Denise was in a high passion as she felt her beloved, transvestite child's hot and urgently aroused erection trembling frenetically as it pulsated against her soft, silk-satin covered belly, demanding to be allowed to thrust its way deep into the very depths of the body that had conceived and given birth to him. A son/lover, a lovely girl-boy child who wanted to perform like a man, yet was the very epitome, apart from that aroused body, of a gorgeously beautiful and excitingly sexy, girl.

"Mother." He panted into her hotly rapacious mouth. "I want you now."

Yes, yes, yes." Denise panted, as she pressed back onto the filial penis. "You want to fuck mother."

With those words, Denise rolled onto her back and, pulling up the satin slip, she bared her beautiful body to her transvestite son's avid gaze.

This first time, the sexy child had no time to admire his mother's depilated, secret beauty. He was too far gone to appreciate the maternal charms of his beautiful mother's body and with a wild scream of pure delight, he too bared his throbbing, totally aroused body to the coolness of the room and the gaze of his mother's gorgeous eyes, pulling the tense, trembling, hard erection from underneath the opulent fabrics that hid it from her gaze.

For a moment, all time froze as they gazed deeply into each others eyes, mother and son on the edge of a perverted precipice of sheer and illicit desire, then, with a hoarse growl of sheer want, the sexily lingeried transvestite son slid onto his beloved mother's willing and waiting body. It was time; they both knew that, it was time for this particular son to fuck his own mother into abjectly heavenly oblivion.

"Now baby, now." Denise cried out as she felt the bulbous head of his erect body butting at the tender lips of her weeping, wanting pussy. "Take your hot and throbbing mother now."

Lying on top of her, aware that he was to totally loose himself in a torrential orgy of fetishistic incest, The sexy child felt his beloved mother's pussy lips slide gently, weepingly wetly over his sensitive glans. Slowly, tenderly, aware of her whole sexually aroused body under his own feminised body, nipple to hard and tender nipple, he eased his buttocks forward and almost came as the hot and clamping walls closed over the tender yet hard glans of his throbbing prick. Denise almost fainted at the first intrusion of her son's hardness. She was amazed at the feelings that spread throughout her entire body at the very insertion of the incestuous rod of pulsating filial flesh. Never in her entire life had she felt such pleasure as this, her own flesh and blood coming back to make love to her, coming back to the womb that had borne it barely fifteen years before. Now at last she understood the strictures and taboos that had been erected around the idea of a mother loving, and lying with her son. It was brought about because of the intense feelings that mother and son had for each other. The same flesh and blood coming back together in a sexual way was a cataclysmic eruption of mad and potent dimensions. No wonder man had forbidden it. It was pure jealousy on man's part.

Above her, her gorgeously made up and sexily satin-sheathed girl-boy child raised himself on his arms as he slowly thrust into the long desired, elegant mother. Gazing down at her wild and sexy beauty he was taken by the pure passion that filled her beautiful features. Moving his haunches he slid another inch into the tight depths of his mother's weeping, ready body, aware and enjoying the tightness and clasping heat of the walls of her pussy. Tossing his head back, he moaned, aware also of the opulent fabrics that sheathed his superheated, lissom curves, encasing him in their sensuous world of slinky fetishistic desire. Looking down between their jointed bodies, he could see his tube of lusting flesh slowly sliding into the maternal depths and with a new moan of abject lust, unable now to control himself, he savagely thrust deep into her writhing body. Denise screamed as the final three inches of her son's hard and throbbing erection slammed into her grasping, clasping body, sending flashes of amazing heat through her overheated body and mind. Her satin-gloved hands came up and she grasped her son's delicately shaped, satin sheathed, firm little titties as she threw her whole body upwards in a wild spasm of orgiastic delight. Savagely, her fingers caught hold of his tiny, yet incredibly hard and prominent nipples, twisting and pulling on them in a frenzy of sheer, orgiastic lust. Her own breasts were aching for his teeth and she pulled down on his tender nipples, bringing his sexy face towards her own waiting nipples.

"Kiss my titties, you dirty little girl." The hot, writhing and sexually demented mother moaned as she thrust her breasts up towards her gorgeous son's mouth. "Bite them, ravish them, my baby, make mother scream with pleasure."

The sexy little child needed no further encouragement. His own mothers savage mauling of his femininely shaped breasts was as exciting to him as anything he had felt in his life. There was no pain, only a wild and hot excitement. He leaned down and caught the hard nubbins of his beloved mother's nipples between his nibbling teeth, at the same time sucking on the full aureole of her nipple with pursed lips through the slinky satin of her slip. His buttocks moved frenetically, rapidly as he pounded at her twisting, hot, throbbing body, driving his aching and wanting prick deep into her clasping, greedy, sopping wet, maternal pussy, setting up a friction so intense that it sent his mother to the far side of ecstasy.

Denise screamed aloud with the wildly beautiful and intensely erotic sensations that blasted through her body as her son ravished her madly. She was so close to exploding in orgasm, yet so far away, that she felt she was on the verge of total collapse. The very idea of mother-son incest was now totally dominating her life and her mind and she welcomed her new state of perverse depravity with open and willing arms. Releasing his titties from her nipping, grasping fingers, the sexually exploding mother reached up and, pulling his beloved face away from her aching breasts, she pulled him up so that her lips could savage his in a wild, oedipal kiss. When they were joined together in that searing, perverted kiss, she then rolled him over, still joined together by the loins, onto his back in a welter of perfumed fabrics and the sensuous touch of sheathed by nylon, limbs.

The young transvestite child felt as highly excited as his mother and he welcomed the reversed role as he now lay supine and submissive below her slim and dominant beauty. He knew now that soon he was going to spurt his seed deep into the body of his beloved, sensually exciting, gorgeously lingeried, mother and, panting now with total lust he lay back as she pistoned herself on his rearing prick, squeezing down as she did so It was a heady feeling as he gazed up at the one person he had always desired, yet never expected to sleep with, his own mother, and it was rising now, inexorably, to a final orgasm of such wild proportions as to be beyond his wildest dreams. Son and mother, locked together in the most prohibited of all sexual couplings, and ravishingly excited at the actions.

Denise was now at the very peak of her incestuous desires and, raising herself to a sitting position, her son's already twitching, spasming penis deeply clasped inside her own spasming, milkingly tight pussy, she let her orgasm blast open in a massive explosion of nervous and physical release. The waves of total ecstasy blew her mind and body apart as the sensations raced up and down her lissom curves. Her breasts, snugly encased in the satin of her slip, nipples prominent and aching with sheer desire, were spasming along with the fluttering twitches of her penis filled pussy as it milked the steel hard filial prick. Her sexily gloved hands slid hissingly up her satin sheathed curves to cup and caress the tender nubbins, drawing out the sensations till she screamed with total abandon.

Below her, her transvestite son was entranced at the sight of his gorgeously lingeried mother as she screwed herself on his poundingly aching, hard and throbbing prick, deeply buried in his mother's pussy. He writhed below her, mauling his own tender titties as he gazed up at her and screamed out with her as he came to the peak of his own passion. Totally aware of his own satin garments as they scintillatingly hissed over the satin sheets of the bed, and caressed his superheated skin with their wildly sensuous and silky beauty. He matched his mother in his own actions, thrusting up at her as she writhed down onto the invading erect body and it was a wildly exciting feeling as they both reached the very pinnacle of their lusts and desires.

Denise could feel every throb and tremble as her son's incestuously buried penis reached the very height of its passion and then spat out its glutinous seed in frantic jets of sheer incest craving lust to be greedily swallowed by her own tissues, taking him deep into her craving womb.

She felt every spurt as it splashed against the tight walls of her clasping pussy and she almost fainted at the wild sensations that threatened to tear her soul apart.

Below her, entranced by the sight of his beautiful mother in the throes of total passion, The sexy little transvestite boy mewled with intense lust as he felt his own orgasm rise, and break. His hard and urgently throbbing penis, buried deep in the clasping tight and meltingly hot cavern of his own mother's pussy. grew even impossibly larger, swelling its blood engorged shape and length an incredible extra inch all round. The tightness in his belly was beyond belief and he knew that he was very shortly to blow his mind as well. His deepest and most secret fantasies were combined together, unbelievably, in a torrent of transvestite and incestuous lust. He was the very epitome of a beautiful, highly desirable and sexy girl and at the same time, he had a very hard and erect penis that was ploughing its incestuous path into the one woman he adored above all others in the world, his own sensuous and highly desirable, elegantly lingeried and utterly excited, mother.

That thought, that he was deeply buried in the body of his dream woman, was the final straw and with a scream of utter fulfilment, the sensuous, transvestite boy, revelling in the embrace of the slinky, sumptuous, sexy silk-satin lingerie that embraced him in its sensuous embrace, felt his claspingly, pussy grasped penis shudder frenetically, then give up his seed in a series of wildly potent and extremely powerful jets that literally filled his own delicious mother. He screamed and fainted with the sensations of transvestite incest.





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