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Halloween Forever


Jennifer Lynde


"But I don't want to be a girl", her husband whined.

"You are going to be a girl for the Halloween party tonight & that is final", she said firmly. "Besides it is way too late to change costumes, considering what I've done to you already & you know that."

"But why did I have to be a girl? Why couldn't I have been Superman or a baseball player or something like that? I wanted to go as a man." He was about to wipe a tear, but remembered his make-up.

"A man? Hahahahaha! Look at yourself! You're only 130 pounds. You two inches shorter than me. You're thin & almost frail-like. And your baby face & long hair are closer to a girls' then a Superman. Ha! - Superman indeed - not in your wildest dreams. Hahaha! You're a twenty year old without a muscle on your body. We've been over this a dozen times in the past month & you knew I was having you go as a girl. Besides, this is a party just for girls. All my girlfriends & some other girls will be there. No men allowed."

"But I'm a man." He tried to stand like a man, despite the high heels he was wearing.

"Right now the way you're dressed & altered - I don't think so. The girls are going to love seeing you tonight. They won't believe a wife could to this to her husband & get him to look like this."

He looked down at himself & the female clothes he was wearing. "But did you have to go this far for just a party?"

"What far? I didn't want you to be a caricature of a girl or look like a drag queen.. That would be mocking women. And I didn't want anyone laughing at you. I was doing it for you."

"But why did I have to start dressing like a girl all the time for the past month & making me shave all my body hair & letting my nails grow & things like that? You wouldn't even let me wear girl pants or flat shoes. All the time it was dresses & high heels & make-up. You even made me go on a diet."

"You don't appreciate what I do for you", she snapped back. "I wanted to make sure you could walk in heels like a girl & carry yourself like a girl & feel comfortable in your girl clothes. You said yourself that you didn't want to be self-conscious at the party. And when I told you that being a girl for a month was the best way to get around that, you just whined & certainly didn't fight me. Not that you ever would dare. So that's why I had Kathy & Susan teach you everything about being girly. Now you're telling me you don't appreciate all the time my best girlfriends put into helping you."

"I know they're your best friends & that makes it worse. I didn't want anyone to see me like this, especially people we know. They were always giggling & laughing at me, especially when they took me to Kathy's salon & colored my hair blonde & gave me this stupid girly hair style I have."

"Yes, she did a great job. You have beautiful long, curly hair now. A lot of girls would kill for your hair."

"But did they have to give me girls eyebrows? They're too thin & arched now. And they tricked me. I didn't know they were using electrolysis until after they did it. Now what am I going to do? They'll never grow back. I'm stuck with girls eyebrows."

"Poor baby", she snickered, "They were just having fun. So you'll just have to use eyebrow pencil to fill them out from now on".

"I guess them piercing my ears was okay. I mean the holes will close in time, although I'll still have the marks. What's worse are my nails. I can't stand having these long nails all the time. I can't pick up things anymore like I used to. And they did my nails in front of all the customers. It was embarrassing. And why the toe nails? No one's going to see them. I hate the nail salon & the facials & the make-overs & the hair styling. I don't know how women do it."

"The penalty of being a girl, dear. I thought you'd be use to it by now."

"No, never! I can't even stand the clothes. I can't stand the feeling of my legs encased in pantyhose all the time. Every time I move I feel them. And the heels - I hate walking in high heels, especially the 3" & 4" heels you make me wear all the time. I don't know what's worse - the heels or the bras & corsets you make me wear. Everything is so tight all the time around my chest & waist. Every time I breath or move I feel them".

"I told you. Girls wear bras, so you have to also. I wear bras & you don't hear me complaining. And the corsets have shaped your figure so you can be more girly looking at the party".

"Well, maybe I can accept that, but I still don't understand why you had to have my testicles pushed up inside me & my penis pulled all the way back & fastened. I haven't been able to have an orgasm in a month. What does that have to do with the party?"

She shook her head in disappointment. "You just don't get it. You have to be in girl mode for the party. You can't even begin to feel girly if you have a small bump between your legs. It would ruin the effect of your smooth, pantied crotch. You have to admit that you look just like a girl now between your legs. Besides, the way you are now forces you to sit when you pee. It helps with the girly effect. And I didn't want you to have those tacky male orgasms while you are in girl mode. No, it had to be done".

"I'm sorry I ever agreed to going as a girl".

"Oh no, you didn't agree. I told you what you were going as. You have always been my compliant, docile little hubby & you do everything I tell you to. That's what attracted me to you & that's why I married you. You know I make all the decisions around here. I make all the money in this house, so I make all the decisions. You, Missy, do the housework & your part time job & nothing else".

"That's another thing. Why have you been calling me Jessica for the past month? And now I have to be your part time secretary. I know you said you want me to experience being a girl out in public, so I can be more girly as you call it, but the other secretaries keep giggling when I pass them. You even make me go to lunch with them. They treat me as just another girl now."

"I call you Jessica because that's your name - at least your girl name. It sounds silly calling you Stephen when look you prettier than I do. Do you want me to call you Stephen when I take you to the beauty salon? And do you want me to call you Stephen when you're working in my office dressed as a girl? The women all know you're my husband & even though they think it's hysterical that you're my secretary, calling you Stephen would really set them off. But if you like Stephen..."

"No, of course not. That would be embarrassing. You humiliated me enough when you made me go clothes shopping with you that first time. Here I was dressed in my guy clothes & you made me try on high heels in the stores & then you kept holding up bras & panties to me & even dresses & saying how pretty they'd look on me. I saw the customers & clerks laughing at me. I heard them snickering & giggling. And then you even made me try things on in the women's dressing rooms. I was dying."

"I was just having fun with you. Lighten up. I admit you were beet red all those times, but you don't have to worry about that anymore. Now you go as a girl when we shop. Just two girlfriends. So no more embarrassment."

"Well, it still seems like you bought way too many girl clothes for me. I mean, my closet is full of dresses & skirts & blouses & nightgowns & high heels. And my bureau is full of panties & stockings & bras & slips & teddies & camisoles. Even the top of the bureau is cluttered with all the make-up you bought me. I know you can afford to throw them all away after the party, but still, there's no room for my stuff. I don't even know where you put all my clothes or why you took them".

"I took all your male clothes because I didn't want you to be tempted to wear them. It would interrupt the girl effect I was trying to establish. And I know you would be tempted if they were around. Although, if I ever caught you in some of your male clothes you'd pay hell for it. So, out of sight, out of mind. As to where they are...well, let's just say that they are contributing to a good cause & leave it at that."

"But I don't like it. I wanted to hang out in my old jeans & shirts. Every day in girl clothes is alien to me. You keep saying I'll get used to it, but I haven't. I'm even starting to cry a lot about it. I have these moods swings that I can't control. And that's alien to me too. I always thought I had an even mood, but not lately. I don't

know what's going on anymore. You keep saying it's not the hormone shots & pills, but I'm starting to think it is. I don't even know why I have to take hormones. It doesn't make sense".

"Of course it makes sense, Jessica. When I put you on female hormones a month ago it was because I thought you'd develop temporary breasts. That way you'd fill out your bras more naturally. If I ever took you off the hormones, then your breasts would go away or at least I thought. With breasts you'd be even more in girl mode & you'd feel more girly for the party. I didn't realize it takes at least six months to develop a good bust line. You're only a 34A now. So that's why you have to wear the glue-on breast forms. The hormones just take too long on such short notice. But your face does seem a bit softer looking. So does your hair. Even your butt looks a tad more girlish now. So at least the hormones are doing something."

" I still think you went too far with this. I feel like I've been feminized."

She roared out laughing at this. "Hahahahahaha! You think you've been feminized?! Dear, look at yourself. You are totally made over as a girl. There is nothing, nada, zero, zip about you that looks anything like a male. You make me laugh, Jessica! Now it's about time for the party. Go get your purse."

He came back in a minute with his purse & stopped momentarily in front of a full length mirror. All he saw was a girl - a pretty, young woman. There was absolutely no sign of the male him. It was a different person.

His wife came up to him & put her hand on his shoulder. "Cheer up, Jessica. You'll like next years' party better. I've already picked out a costume for you that you'll like."

He looked at her, curious about next year, & said sarcastically, "Who do you want me to be next year, a princess?"

She had a devilish smile on her face. "No, Jessica. Next year you're going as a regularly dressed man."

He looked puzzled. "A man? What kind of costume is that? I'm already a man. I'd just be going as myself."

"No, silly. This is yourself, Jessica. This is your punishment. After I caught you cheating on me a second time I warned you that you'd live to regret it if you ever did it again. So what do you do? You do it again. Yes, Stephen, I found out." Her eyes became daggers as she walked up to him.

His eyes widened at her revelation.

"Now I'm going to fix it so that you can never cheat on me again. At least with women. I'm going to turn you into a real woman. You're going to be on female hormones for the rest of your life. And after your facial feminization & electrolysis & breast implants & dare I say it...your sex change operation that I'm going to schedule soon, this will be you forever & ever & ever. And it will happen, because you have no choice."

He felt the fear begin to overcome him. He remembered her warning & threats to hurt him badly if he cheated again & he knew she was capable of literally anything.

She had a smug look now. "You are going to walk meekly into that gender clinic knowing you don't want your sex changed, but knowing also that there will be nothing you can do to stop it. And every day for the rest of your life you are going to look down at your large breasts & the vagina between your legs & be reminded that your dear wife is the one who made you physically just like her. And every day you'll live with the humiliation of putting on women's clothes & make-up. Every day when a woman looks at you all she will see is another woman, never realizing that once you would have been capable of having intercourse with her, but which will be physically impossible for you now. So I really do hope you start to like being a girl soon because...well, because you're stuck this way now & you don't want to spend the rest of your life as a man trapped in a girls' body, do you?" She kissed her index finger & brought it to his smooth crotch, gently tapping it & saying softly, "Bye bye. Bye bye."

She giggled as she looked at the disbelief on his face. "Of course, by this time next year I don't think your costume as a man will be very believable. Even without make-up & with your hair tucked under a cap I think everyone will still know you're a girl, even if you are wearing men's clothes. But if it helps, I'll buy the manliest fake mustache I can, maybe even a scruffy fake beard. I'll even tape down the large breasts you're going to wind up with. And, as a bonus I'll get a fake penis & testicles at the adult store so you can have a bulge again between your legs. See, Jessica? Your finally going to get to wear men's clothes again!"

Her husband was in shock, the room starting to spin for him as she continued.

"You know, Jessica, you're little girlfriend is going to be at the party. Oh yes. She doesn't know you'll be there. In fact, I doubt she'll know that you're you, unless someone tells her. After all, you've been too feminized to be recognizable as a so-called man. But I will tell her. She's been wondering why you haven't contacted her in a month. But if she still wants the he-man lover that you are, then she's in for a surprise. The best you can be is her she-man lover now. And after I've had you made permanently & irreversibly female between your legs, well then I guess she can have you as her lesbian lover - if she's into that kind of thing. But I really think she prefers men. She & I would both rather make love to a penis then a vagina. Oh well, there goes that relationship." She started giggling.

Her giggling turned into loud laughter as he fell back onto the couch, tears streaming from his eyes - the horror of life forever in a woman's body & women's clothes flashing before him.




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