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A Happy Sissy Cuckold


Tina Marie


Who would have though that being a sissy cuckold would be so perfect an arrangement. I have never been very masculine and have always dressed in panties, pantyhose, high heels and over the years had gotten really good with makeup and passing. When I was younger I would love to dress in a cute nurses uniform and drive all over stopping for gas along the way It's amazing how nice men are to cute nurses in uniform. I even had a man fix my car for me on a chilly evening. He was such a gentleman and very cute. It crossed my mind to seduce him as a way of thanking him, but I just couldn't do it. I could tell he was a really nice family guy so I just thanked him with a smile and went on my way.

Back to my story. When I was trying to fit in I meet a woman that must have known about my sissy desires but in the beginning we went through the motions where I was pretending to be a man and pursue a normal relationship. Well it didn't take long before I was raiding her panty draw as most sissies do. We just can't help ourselves.

It was on day in particular my then girlfriend, now my Mistress found me all dolled up when she came home unrepentantly one afternoon. She sat me down an explained she really didn't want to pursue a relationship with anyone other than a real man. She wasn't mean or nasty, she just laid it out as she saw it and explained that we could still live together for a short time but made it clear she would be actively seeking a new relationship and I could stay until the time we had to make a move. If I wanted to I could stay on dress up when I wanted but really needed to help out and pitch in as if we were girlfriends rather than a heterosexual couple. I agreed, as it was my best option at the time.

Well, it wasn't long before she meet Damon a very handsome extremely masculine Man. They started dating. Soon thereafter he began spending the evening. It was then that Carol, my now Mistress explained to Damon who I was and why I was still living there. I was immediately accepted. Now you would think from reading other cuckold stories that I would be forced and ridiculed into submission and trea6ted like dirt and second class person made to crawl on my knees, play the part as servant and otherwise constantly put into humiliating situations. It's not like that at all.

I am treated as a loved and cared for part of the family. Outside of playful spankings I have never been subjected to ridicule or pain in any shape or form. I do take care of the house, cooking laundry and such , not because I am forced or told to, because it needs to be done and I am the one best suited for it. They both work very hard, bring in enough money to run the house so the least I can do is keep it neat and tidy.

I love my Master and Mistress. If you could see us you would notice that as well. I know Master loves me. For instance out of the blue the other afternoon while in the middle of cleaning house Master comes home tells me he was thinking about me all morning he couldn't take it anymore and had to come home and have me. Now it is true I have been conditioned that the only way I can achieve an orgasm nowadays is through anal penetration. You see I have been chastised since the beginning, not because I was forced but because it's only right that Master Damon have the only functioning Penis in the house, after all he is the main breadwinner and only Man among us. Who would have thought that I would experience the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life just by Master fucking me in the ass. No erection, just a constant pounding of Master's Cock in and out of my sissyclit from behind. When it was all over he gentle kissed me and told me he loved it too, I was a good girl and he would bring me something special this evening. How great was that? He told Carol about it and she was happy that we were getting along so well. I just can't explain how happy that made me.

It also makes me very happy to know that they are both so in love. Most times it is true I am not allowed in the bedroom when they make love but I can here them in the throws of passion and all I can say is it's wonderful how much they enjoy each other.

I do have my own room now but Mistress said that they might move my crib into their room soon so we can all be closer. Not as a form of humiliation but because they love me. I sleep in a crib because it's the best way to ensure I don't disturb them wandering around the house and so there is no confusion on my part as to if they want or need me to make love with them. Mistress has figured it all out and I know all the signals. When it's time for bed she comes into my room places me into my crib, puts me in a diaper so I don't have to go wandering around in the night to go to the bathroom, Hands me my favorite doll, gives me a bottle in case I get thirsty, locks me in and wishes me a good night, shuts the light and locks the door. It's so comforting to know that she cares so much to go to so much trouble to make me comfortable. Sometimes even Master pats my head and kisses me good night. I love him so much too.

All this and more makes me such a happy sissy cuckold…




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