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Headlights Girl

by Catherine Linda Michel


Hi, honey. You here for dinner or just drinks? Dinner? Great! Just follow me to a table and we'll get you set right up. We can talk between customers.

Glancing back at you as I lead you to your table, I can see where your eyes are focused. Right on my behind as it swings sexily back and forth. You might not look at it in quite the same way if you only knew……well, never mind. You'll never know who the REAL me is and it's probably just as well. My tips wouldn't be as big as they usually are and I'd probably get fired for letting the secret out.

"What secret?" you ask.

"Well, lover, you just sit down and have your dinner and a few drinks and IF I think you're in the right, receptive mood, I just MIGHT let you in on the best kept secret in the world of Beer/Steak places like this one. Oops! Another customer. 'Scuse me for just a little minute while I get him seated. I'll be right back, hon."

"Now, is this your first time at HEADLIGHTS?" I ask in a low sexy murmur. "It IS? Oh WONDERFUL", I squeal in that airheaded, bimbo way that all guys seem to fall all over themselves when they hear it. "THAT means that you get your first drink and your LAST drink of the evening FREE! Isn't that kewl?"

GOD I HATE talking like this but it sure makes for great tips and, after a few weeks, I sort of got used to acting like the blond ditz I appear to be. Actually, after the bodysuit, the hardest thing to get used to was the damn t-shirt all us "girls" have to wear. The antique automobile headlights that are printed on the shirt right where my boobs and nipples push it away from my chest are demeaning to say the least, and downright embarrassing at the most, but like I said, the whole outfit makes for great tips. Sometimes I take home over 400 dollars in a single NIGHT, just in tips!

I waited until you were in the middle of your first drink before I came back to the table for your food order, as we've been trained to do.

"Hi again, hon!" I chirp, sounding so damn perky I wanna puke. "You ready to order yet?" "Prime Rib? You bet, sweetie. Baked or fries with that? Uh-huh. Sour cream? You got it hon. Salad? No huh? I kinda had you figured for a no grazing kinda guy. O.K. darlin'. I'll have this back here in a couple of shakes. Would you like another drink while you wait? Blackjack and ginger, right? I'll; be right back with that, sweetie. You just sit tight and enjoy the view". And I walk back towards the bar, making sure to swing my behind for all it's worth. Actually I don't really have to TRY to do that, the way the suit is made, it just sorta comes naturally.

"Well, I got some time before this guy's order is ready so let me tell you the tale of how I became a HEADLIGHTS GIRL. Oops! Let me take his drink over to him."

"Ya know what? Maybe this would go better if I meet you after work. Can you be here at 2 AM when I get off? I'll explain everything then, k? Kewl!"


"Hey, thanks for stopping back, hon. Just follow me to my place out on the beach and you'll hear a story you just won't believe, but I swear it's true. I'm gonna make you an offer after I tell you the story and what you do about that offer will affect the rest of your life. Curious now? Good! Follow me, sweetie."


"Now are you ready for a story you won't believe? Well, it all started about three years ago, just after I graduated from High school. I know, I know, just let me finish, ok?"

I was just sort of bumming around, waiting to decide what college to attend. I had offers from two or three and I wanted to take a little time off to sample a bit of real life before I made my choice. I was living pretty much on my own thanks to a legacy from my Grandparents. My parents were separated and with Dad living in Washington D.C. and Mom in Oregon, I had gotten myself declared emancipated and, with the legacy, I was easily able to afford a small apartment and even a second hand Chevy, which ran pretty well. I had about $400.00 to spend on food and other stuff every month, after I paid rent and car insurance premiums so I wasn't TOO hard up for money. I also had a part time job at the local supermarket, collecting up carts from the parking lot and stocking shelves which netted me another 75-100 bucks a week.

Anyway, I got to know quite a few of the regular shoppers there at the store, what with helping them out to their cars and stuff and one of them was this GORGEOUS blonde named Tammy. She was probably 5 or 6 years older than I was and I was hopelessly in love with her. She had a body that wouldn't quit and a way of speaking that just drove my teenaged hormones right up the wall! She was about 5'6" in heels(which she seemingly wore ALL the time) and about 38-23-37 or so. Like I said, Just GORGEOUS!

I'd help her to her car, load her groceries, open and hold her car door for her, all just to hear her voice say "Thanks, sugar." I'll tell you, I would have walked ten miles in a blinding blizzard to stand naked in her garbage. I mean, I was in LOVE!!

Well, one day, after I had loaded her car, she looked at me and said, "Thanks sugar", and I moved to let her back her car out of the space, but she looked at me kinda funny, quizzical like, and then said,

"Sweetie, you've been so helpful all these times with my groceries and stuff, Would you like to have dinner with me sometime, kinda so I could pay you back?"

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather and I know I hemmed and hawed, trying to find my voice for several seconds before I managed to collect enough of my wits to say, "S ss ss sure!"

She actually bounced up and down in place, kinda like those women do on those quiz shows when they win and then she gave me this little kiss on the cheek and said,

"WONDERFUL, honey! I'll pick you up at 7 tonight, dress casual. Oh! Where do you live?" and she giggled.

I managed to remember my address, amazingly enough, and I walked back to the store, after she left the parking lot, somewhere above cloud nine. I even forgot all the carts outside the store!

I managed to finish out my shift and, at 5PM when I punched out, I jumped into my little Chevy and made it home in record time. I showered and jumped into fresh clothing and waited, as nervous as the proverbial long tailed cat in the room full of rocking chairs. I must've looked outside my window at least a hundred times, not wanting to appear TOO anxious or eager. When her car appeared in the street outside my apartment, I darn near pulled my door off it's hinges, hurrying out there.

She looked incredible in a pair of leather hot pants and a shiny, silky looking top, with high heels and perfect makeup. Her hair was loose and swirled around her head, and she wore simple but expensive looking jewelry. I was wearing my best pair of slacks with a light blue dress shirt and my best pair of loafers but I felt like a real bum, looking at her. She smiled, though and chirped,

"Get in, sweetie! I'm gonna show you the time of your life tonight."

I climbed in the passenger side of that Mustang and almost before I could get settled in the seat, she blasted off down the street, with a throaty, sexy sounding laugh.

"I'm gonna change your life tonight, honey, if you've got the nerve!"

I had no idea what she was up to, but I was in a fast car with my dream girl and I wasn't about to argue with her or question what she said. I figured, with a little luck, I'd be sharing her bed tonight and I was flying high, lemme tell ya!

We cruised outside of town to a place that had opened about two or three years earlier, called HEADLIGHTS. I knew what kind of place it was, but I'd never actually been there before. You had to be 21 and I was only 19 so I couldn't get in, legally and they were TOUGH on I.Ds there. They served meals and drinks there, and also there was some exotic dancing that went on, or so I had heard.

Well, she tooled on into that parking lot like she owned it and parked that Mustang right next to the back door. She jumped out and squealed at me,

"Come ON, honey! We haven't even STARTED on this night yet! Believe me, when this night is over, you're gonna know SO much more than you ever dreamed you would, you might not EVER want to go back to that dreary little store!"

I followed her right up to that back door and she inserted a little keycard that opened it right up. We went in, but were met by this guy who looked about as big as a house! I mean he was HUGE! He kinda growled a greeting at her, saying

"Hey Holly. Who's yer friend? Is he legal?" and he gave me this look that just about froze the blood in my veins.

"Oh, don't worry, Tank. He's with me and he's legal, aren't ya, honey?" and she looked at me.

"Oh, um, SURE." I sputtered, trying to look like I belonged there.

"Besides, Tankie", she continued, "I owe him. This is the guy who's been SO nice to me all summer at the store. Remember? I told you all about him."

"Oh yeah." Tank rumbled. I remember now. "Hey, kid. Put 'er there." And he held up a hand about the size of a catcher's mitt.

"Any pal 'o Holly's is O.K. in MY book. You just mind your P's and Q's inside and do like Holly tells ya and you won't have no grief from me, and welcome to HEADLIGHTS!"

I gulped and put out my hand, waiting for it to be crushed by this man mountain, but he took it in a surprisingly gentle grip and shook it.

I was gonna say more, but Holly grabbed my hand and practically dragged me away from him into a short hallway and then out into the club itself.

Wow! Like I said before, I'd never been in there before and, although I had HEARD things about it, what I'd heard didn't do it justice. The place was really nicely decorated in muted wood tones, kinda like a western saloon, and there were literally dozens of tables, with a long fancy looking bar all along one wall. There were several scantily clad waitresses flitting all over the place delivering drinks and food. They were all wearing the same thing. Short shorts, heels, and this kinda shorty t-shirt that said "HEADLIGHTS" with the word right across their breasts.

Holly was still kind of dragging me along in her wake and all the waitresses were saying hi to her as we passed them. It didn't take a genius to figure out that she must work here and she was bringing me there for dinner as a reward for being so nice to her all summer. Heh, heh. "Boy, have _I_ got it made tonight!" I was thinking to myself. Dinner there, some dancing and then…….well, I'm sure you know what I was thinking about "after".

I sort of lost track of things about then, what with looking at the place and thinking about "after", but I was brought back to my senses when Holly led us to a table and told me to have a seat. She then wiggled off to the bar and, in a few minutes, she came back with a couple of glasses of, well, I'm still not sure WHAT was in them, but they sure tasted good. Not at all what I expected alcohol to taste like, I can tell you that!

The next thing I knew, one of the waitresses was at the table with an armload of food. I looked at Holly and said, "But we didn't even ORDER!"

She just giggled at me and said,

"Don't worry about it sweetie. I ordered when I got the drinks and this is all on me. You just enjoy and let Holly have control for just this night, ok? I promise you'll never regret it."

Well, as my cousin once said, "Never gaze a gratuitous equine in the oris maximus", which is to say, never look a gift horse in the mouth. I Didn't. I just tucked into what had to be the best prime rib I had EVER eaten and a monster order of steak fries, washed down with whatever was in those drinks that seemed to keep appearing at the table.

In between mouthfuls, I listened while Holly talked. She told me how great it was working there and how much money she made and how wonderful the girls were and how the bouncers really kept a close eye on the girls. She also said a lot about how nice it was that a nice guy like me would be so pleasant and attentive to her and she seldom met guys like that.

Now you're probably asking yourself, why wasn't I just a little bit suspicious about all this? I mean, how often does stuff like this happen to ordinary guys like me, right? In my defense, all I can really say is that I was so enamoured of this woman and so flattered that this goddess wanted to spend time with ME, that I didn't even THINK about being suspicious. I was having so much fun at the club, talking with Holly and thinking about what we might be doing after this that my little warning buzzer was completely unheard.

Well, dinner was great and the conversation with Holly was nothing less than fantastic, not to mention how proud I was feeling that a great looking woman like Holly was with ME in a fancy club like that. We even danced some, including a couple of slow dances where Holly seemed to be doing her very best to push right THROUGH me. I mean I could feel every little curve and bump on her body, against my own and it felt so damn good.

There were some exotic dancers, but they were actually kind of well, tame I guess. At least they SEEMED tame to me. I'd always pictured exotic dancers as being one step above strippers, but these girls were classy. Yeah, they DID lose some clothing along the way, but it never seemed cheesy or cheap, ya know? Holly said that all the girls here started as waitresses and worked their way up to being dancers if they wanted to. They didn't HAVE to become dancers, but the pay was so much better and the tips were three or four times what they could make waiting tables that almost all the girls wanted to advance to being dancers.

Well, things went on that way for another hour or two, until Holly finally decided she wanted to leave. Naturally I said ok, and as we left, I asked her what the bill came to. She just giggled at me and said,

"Silly! I TOLD you that tonight was MY treat and I won't take a penny of your money. Tonight is my way of saying thanks for being such a nice guy and helping me so much at the store all summer. Now you just put that little old wallet of yours away and let Holly take care of you, ok?" and she gave me a little kiss on the cheek which sort of moved to my mouth and turned into, well, it turned into a HOT passionate little kiss that took me completely by surprise.

Naturally my penis reacted at it should have and I suddenly had this tent in my slacks. Holly noticed immediately and giggled at that too. She got this look in her eyes, kind of a hungry look too. All of a sudden, that "later" I had been thinking about all evening was looking ever closer and ever more probable. I had high hopes.

We left the club, escorted to her car by "Tank" and she tore out of the lot like Tony Stewart. That little Mustang could really go! In no time at all we were pulling up to a nice looking place on the beach that she said was hers! Oh, my friends, I was in heaven! A beautiful woman had treated me to a night in a nice club, had danced with me and was taking me back to her place. A teenage fantasy, right? Well I was LIVING it.

We entered the place and she gave me a quick tour that ended in the, gulp, bedroom. It didn't take any time at all before we were both naked and, "taking care of business". Matter of fact, we took care of business for several hours! I was amazed at my own performance! There was something about Holly that just seemed to bring out endurance in me that I never knew I had. I'm not going to go into details, though. They really aren't that important and it was kinda private so suffice it to say that I had the most incredible night of making love I had ever had, and yes, you read that right. We didn't just have sex, we made LOVE. Sex is too ugly a word for what we experienced that night. It was magical.

When we awoke in the morning, we did it all over again. We didn't even leave that bed until several hours after awakening. After, we shared breakfast, which Holly herself cooked. I don't know why I was surprised that she could cook, I just was.

Afterward, sitting on the deck at the back of the house and looking at the ocean, we talked. Holly talked a lot about her hopes and dreams and I just let her talk. Her voice seemed almost magical to me. She said that she wanted to leave and go out west to Hollywood to become an actress. 'Well, a lot of good looking women want to do that,' I thought to myself.

She said that there was only one thing standing in the way of those dreams and that was finding a replacement for her at HEADLIGHTS.

"See," she said, "Every time a girl leaves the club, they HAVE to find a replacement to work the club and it's up to each girl to find that replacement. If they can't find one, they can't leave!"

Well, that sounded kinda weird to me, but I let her continue talking, figuring she'd get to some kind of point before too long. What she said next shocked the hell out of me, though!

"I want YOU to be that replacement, Jimmy!"

I think I developed some kind of mental vapor lock right about then. I know I heard what she said, I just didn't believe she'd said it! ME? Working at HEADLIGHTS? She HAD to be kidding me, right?

"Now let me finish, Jimmy. She continued. The work isn't hard, once you get used to it and the place is GREAT to work at and the girls are all SO friendly and helpful and the bouncers are SO protective and nice and….."

She went on like that for what seemed to be several minutes without letting me get in a word edgewise. I'm not even sure she BREATHED during any of it! When she finally wound down, she just sat there, looking at me with hope in her eyes.

'OK, Jimbo, NOW what do you do?' I thought to myself. This woman, beautiful as she is, is obviously off her rocker! How could she possibly think that I, a GUY, could take HER place in such a club? I wanted to let her down as easily as possible without screwing up a good thing, so I said,

"Holly. No offense, sweetheart, but do you have any idea what you just asked me to do? There's no WAY that _I_ could work in a place like that! To begin with, I couldn't be a bartender because I'm under age, and THAT applies to the other jobs as well! All the waitresses and dancers are girls, or hadn't you noticed that? Besides, I plan to go to college in the fall and I couldn't do THAT and still work in a club like that, right?

She just looked at me for a minute or so, then she sighed.

"Jimmy? There's something I'm gonna have to tell you now. You're not going to believe me, but I can prove everything I say. All I ask is that you listen without interrupting me, no matter how far out this is gonna sound, ok?"

"Um, Holly?" I asked. "How long is this gonna take?"

"Well", she replied, "It could take the rest of the day and into tonight. Can you be away from your work for that long? This is REALLY important to me, Jimmy!"

I took one look at that beautiful face and I could read the pleading there. I got up, walked to the phone and dialed my boss, telling him that an emergency had come up and I wouldn't be able to make it into work that day. He said,

"No problem, Jim. You've been a good worker and I can certainly spare you for one day. Call me if there's anything else I can do or if you have any problem, ok?"

I said thanks and I promised I'd call if there was any other problem, then I hung up and went back to the deck where Holly was still waiting.

"I've got the whole day and tonight to spend with you, Holly." I said. This whole deal sounds whack to me but I'm willing to listen with as open a mind as I can, and I promise I won't laugh of make fun of you, ok? That's the best I can do.

"Oh, THANK you, Jimmy." She cried. You don't know how much this could mean for me. Now, just sit down and listen, because this is gonna take some time and I know you're gonna have a LOT of questions. I promise I'll try to answer all of them, but you've got to listen from start to finish, first. Deal?"

I sighed and settled myself into a comfortable lounger.

"I'm all yours, Holly and I'm all ears. Fire away."

She settled herself and began an amazing story.

"First of all Jimmy, my real name is Eric. I'm not really a blonde, or a girl and I'm only 21 years old myself. I started at HEADLIGHTS three years ago and worked my way from waiting tables to dancing in only one year."

I jumped up from the lounger right then and started to get angry!

"What the hell do you MEAN your name is ERIC! You mean you're a…a….a GUY? How the hell do you expect me to believe THAT! More importantly, how the hell can that be? We just made love all night and most of the morning, for God's sake. You CAN'T be a guy! No WAY."

She jumped up too, and tried to calm me down, saying,

I TOLD you, Jimmy, you've got to listen to me ALL THE WAY THROUGH this or it won't make any sense and you'll only go away feeling cheated and angry. PLEASE just sit down and listen, please? I promise that all your questions will be answered when I'm finished."

She stood there, looking at me with that "hurt puppy" look on her face and I couldn't stay angry. I mean I was still angry, but I HAD promised to listen and I keep my promises, no matter what. I sat back down and she continued with her wild story.

"OK, I told you that my real name is Eric. I AM, or I WAS a guy when I started at HEADLIGHTS. I got the job the same way you will if you accept my offer. The Holly I took over from was a guy named Frank and HE got the job from another Holly named Bill. See, "Holly" is a bodysuit! She goes with the job. Every possible feminine habit, every bit of behavior, every thing about makeup, movement, EVERYTHING is contained in the suit and the tapes that go with it. The tapes are sleep learning tapes and you listen them while you sleep. They literally MAKE you who the suit tells the world you are. You have to listen to them once a month for the first year and then once every three months after that. If you don't, the knowledge that you get from them wears off and you become whoever you are, or were, in a female bodysuit."

She paused here and got up to get us something to drink and snack on. I just sat there in somewhat of a daze, trying to make myself believe that what she was telling me was the truth. I wanted to believe her, but at the same time, I knew that what she was saying COULDN'T be real, could it? I mean, I had READ about "bodysuits", but they were just a wild idea of some "out there" scientists types, or so I THOUGHT.

Holly returned from the kitchen with some sodas and chips and set them down on the table where we had eaten breakfast. She looked at me and asked,

"Are you ready for more?"

"Holly, I promised that I'd listen all the way through and I will. I'm not saying I believe any of this story, but I'll do what I said I'd do. You gotta admit, this whole thing sounds like some sort of science fiction thriller or something, you know?"

"Oh, Jimmy. I know how it sounds, but if you let me finish, I can prove everything I've said, so here goes. OK, I was just as weirded out by this story as YOU are right now, when I first heard it. Holly, well Frank actually, told me in much the same way that I am telling you. We had spent the night together as well and she..he..whatever told me the following morning. Now I was a straight guy at that time and I will be again after you take over for me, IF you take over for me, that is. I'd never imagined making love with another guy either, but that's just it, Jimmy. When you wear this suit, you AREN'T a guy! I mean, with all the programming in the tapes, and with the suit on, you ARE a woman. N gynecologist in the world could tell you aren't and believe me, I've checked THAT out. I've HAD to. See, every health problem a woman has, YOU can have while you wear this suit."

Holly paused again, but motioned me to remain quiet while she finished.

"You can get infections, you have periods, you even have the hormonal ups and downs that every woman has. You can even be attracted to men while you wear this suit. The only thing you CAN'T do in this suit is get pregnant, thank God! Now I don't know HOW all this is possible. I'm sure if you asked the right person, you could get the answers to those questions, but I never bothered. The deal, and the money were too good to pass up. Oh yeah, honey, the MONEY is unbelievable. On a good night I take home over 500 dollars just in TIPS! I also found out that the more "feminine" I act, the more sexy and flirtatious I act, the more tips I make. Oh it WAS difficult to get used to, don't think it wasn't. I mean I was a GUY, for God's sake, and yet there I was acting all cute and female and loving it! It was a hell of an education, I can tell you. See, the suit and the tapes take care of all that for you. All you really have to do is go along for the ride. About the only thing you CAN'T do is switch back and forth between "you" and "Holly". You have to be "Holly" all the time, otherwise it screws up the programming and THAT can be extremely disconcerting and costly to your pocketbook!"

She looked over at me and I'm sure my eyes were glazed over. This was a hell of a lot to be asked to swallow.

"Jimmy? Are you in there?" She asked in a joking tone of voice.

"Oh yeah, Holly… I still call you Holly? Or do I call you Eric? Or what? Anyway, I'm still here and I'm still listening, but I gotta tell you, this is getting more and more far fetched as you go. I mean, c'mon! This is a really good STORY you're telling, but there's no way it can be true."

Holly sighed and got a resigned look on her face.

"I can see," she said, "that you're going to need absolute proof of this, aren't you? I guess I can't blame you. I was the same way when I first heard this, but I thought I had learned enough to convince someone without going to the extreme that Frank had to, to convince me. I haven't had this suit off in over three years, and once I DO take it off, if you don't agree to take my place, it'll take me almost a week to get used to being back in it. I'll call the club and arrange for "Holly" to be off for the next seven days. I hope you appreciate what I'm gonna go through in the next few hours. It isn't gonna be pretty and I don' want you to get scared by anything that happens. I'm also gonna need your help for part of it. Are you ready for this? Do you think you can stick with me through this and not run off and leave me when I need your help the most? If you're NOT sure, tell me now, so I can avoid the pain I'm gonna go through."

I looked at "Holly" and I thought to myself, 'Well Jimbo. Are you up for this? If what "she" says IS true, you're probably not gonna like what's going to happen. Pain, she said. Well, if this is for real, there WOULD be pain. To be separated from something you'd been wearing for three years HAD to be painful.'

It didn't take me long to reach a decision. I leaned toward "Holly" and took her hands in mine. Yeah it felt weird, knowing that inside that beautiful skin there could be a guy, but it seemed the thing to do at the time.

"Yes, Holly." I said quietly. "If you can prove what you're saying by doing this, then I will stay with you through it. All week if necessary. My boss will understand if I tell him it's an emergency. He might not LIKE it, but he will understand, so yes. I WILL stay."

She looked at me and I saw a tear begin to creep down her cheek.

"Somehow," she said with a quaver in her voice, "I knew you would. Thank you."

She got up from her chair and headed into the house, saying,

"I have to get the hot tub going and it has to be VERY hot. Probably too hot for you to join me. It'll likely burn me near the end of this, but it won't be any worse than a bad sunburn. Painful, but not unbearable. This will take about 8 hours and I'll need to stay in the hot water for all that time. For part of it I'll have to be completely submerged, and for that part of it, I'll need you there constantly to monitor my air intake and to make sure I don't pop up out of the water. If I DO pop out, I'll have to start the underwater part all over again. That part of it will take about two hours. Can you do this for me, or do you want to call it off now?

If you want to call it off, we can just forget the whole thing and you can go ahead and leave. I HAVE to tell you this, though. IF you leave, and if you ever tell anyone else about this and it gets back to the club that you told, well, you saw Tank, right? Tank is VERY protective of ALL the girls at the club and he doesn't like people talking about them OR what's involved. You could get hurt, VERY badly if that ever happened and I don't want that to happen to you, so IF you leave now, you can't EVER tell ANYONE about this, understood?"

Again I took "Holly's" hands in mine and looked her straight in her eyes.

"Yes, I understand, Holly. I am not leaving, and if I DID leave, you can be SURE that I would never mention any of this to anyone. Hell, who'd believe me anyhow? They'd probably stick me right into a padded room! The thing is, if you're willing to go through all you say you're gonna go through, just to prove that you're telling the truth about this, there MUST be something to it, so I'm staying. For the whole week if I must, ok? Besides, if this IS for real, well hell, it sounds like it could be a BLAST! I'd sure learn about what a woman wants and how they think, right? Also, if I DO this, I could build up one HELL of a nest egg, right? So let's get this going, Holly! The sooner we get to the truth here, the sooner I can know what, if anything, I intend to do about it."

She didn't say anything else. She just looked deep into my eyes. I don't know what she expected to find there, but whatever she DID find must have satisfied her. She walked toward the side porch where, she said, the hot tub was located. I followed her and sure enough, there was a hot tub out there. A pretty fancy one at that. She cranked it up and when she was done, she turned to me and said,

"There's one more thing I haven't told you yet. IF you take over being "Holly", this house and everything in it and the car are yours to keep until you turn "Holly" over to the next one. You can also KEEP being "Holly" if you really want to, but after three years there's a "break-point" you reach. At that time, which I am nearing now, you have to make the choice to either stay "Holly" or pass her along. IF you decide to STAY "Holly", you really BECOME "Holly", in EVERY way. What I mean by this is, you actually become a real woman. You're still obligated to the club, but you can quit after another three years. During that time, part of your pay and your tips would be kept by the club to pay for another bodysuit. If, at the end of THAT three years, you decided to stay at the club, all that money would be refunded to you in exchange for an "exclusive contract" with you. The time limits of that contract would be decided at that time between you and the club. I know of at least three others who have gone that route and they've never regretted it as far as I know. See, while you work there and wear the suit, you only age at about half the normal rate. I don't know why this is. Again, if you really WANT those kinds of answers, you'd have to get them from the club management."

"Holly, I already told you that I'm in this for the long run, so you don't need to keep explaining if you don't want to. Let's just get this going so I can get the proof I need, ok? I'm here for ya, I'm not leaving. End of discussion, ok?"

"OK, hon." She responded. "I just had to make sure and to give you all the information I thought you might need. Now. Once this tub reaches proper temperature, which will be in about an hour, I'll be climbing in. This might sound silly, but ummm, I gotta be naked for this so if you don't wanna be here at first, I'll understand."

"OK, Holly, now who's being silly about this." I replied. "We just spent the whole night and most of the morning, naked, together. Why wouldn't I want to be there from the start to the finish of this?"

"You're a real sweetie, you know that?" She said. "Oh, by the way, it's partly the suit and partly the programming tapes that make me say things the way I do. Words like "sweetie" and "hon" and stuff like that are part and parcel of that, although you ARE a real sweetie! Hehehehe!" she giggled, and then dodged the backhanded swat I took at her behind.

Well, we got all the gear together that she would need, scuba and all that, and some food and drinks so she wouldn't get dehydrated or anything like that while she was in the hot tub, and about an hour later, she climbed in, naked as promised…who hoooo! Hey, she still LOOKED like the most gorgeous woman I had ever laid eyes on. So sue me.


Well, after I was done monitoring her while she was completely underwater, there wasn't a whole lot for me to do except sit around. We did talk a bit more, but as time went on, she seemed to get quieter and quieter. Maybe it was because a part of her life was coming to an end and she was sad about it, or maybe she wasn't sure I would take over being "Holly" for her, or maybe it was something else. She never told me and I never asked. Eventually, we both ended up watching some television and occasionally snacking or drinking.

After about 6 hours, I noticed that her skin seemed to be getting wrinkly, something you'd expect anyway from being in water for that long, but this seemed to be more than just that. It actually seemed to be getting looser on her! Could what she'd told me actually be true? Was it just my imagination?

At the 8 hour mark, Holly seemed to go into some kind of convulsions. She slipped beneath the surface of the water and I jumped from my chair and grabbed her by the hair to pull her back up above the surface. To my SHOCK, her hair came off in my hand, along with her face and part of her head!

I swallowed whatever it was that threatened to come up out of my stomach, realizing that I had to get her out of that tub or she'd drown and I jumped in, grabbing her under her arms and lifted her out of the water. That water WAS hot, almost hotter than I could stand and I was only in it for a couple of minutes. I checked her breathing, although I should probably say HIS breathing now, because it was truly a male face that I now looked upon, on top of that beautiful, albeit now badly wrinkled, woman's body. In that moment, I became a believer. Wouldn't you?

Anyway, HE was breathing okay and I got some towels to dry him off, but just then, he regained consciousness and pushed me away, muttering something about zippers or velcro or something like that. I bent down closer to his mouth and I could make out,

"Closure. Down the back of the suit. Works like velcro. Start at neck and work downward to below waist." Then he passed out again. I rolled him over and, after a bit of fumbling around, I found were there was a tab of some kind at the joining of the head and hair part. I pulled at it and it finally gave away, revealing a slit which opened as I pulled down on that tab. When I got it to his waist, it parted completely and almost fell off his hips. I stopped there, not wanting to roll him back over to do the front part. Silly, I know, but I was still a bit homophobic about touching or even being near another guy's privates.

I revived him and after a few minutes, he finished getting out of what was now, obviously a suit! His skin was beet red in places and he asked me for some lotion which I handed to him. His hair, curiously, wasn't there at all. Neither were his eyebrows or lashes! One more question I would need an answer for. I figured he'd need some privacy so I got up to leave, but he reached out and grabbed my arm, saying,

"You don't have to leave. I'm really weak right now and I could use your help getting into a regular bathtub. There are some lotions and other things that will help with this skin burn if you wouldn't mind helping me."

Doing my best to overcome the slight distaste I was feeling, I helped him to his feet and supported him into the bathroom where I filled the tub with lukewarm water at his direction and added some liquids and powders from bottles and jars he indicated. I then left him alone to do whatever it was he had to do. I had a lot of thinking to do, and I needed time alone to do it.




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