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Headlights Girl

by Catherine Linda Michel

Pt 3


After Eric left, having explained to me the way to use the tapes and the order in which to view them, I got up from the chair and grabbed a Pepsi(TM) from the fridge and just sat and thought for a bit.

I was still in Jim mode, for the most part, at least mentally, and my thoughts were mostly about how I was feeling and the way my new body felt. I guess the most immediate thing was the way my new breasts felt and the lack of something between my legs. Surprisingly, although I FELT the loss there, it didn't feel THAT strange! I mean, yeah I missed the feeling of something there, but it didn't seem to be affecting me all that much. I knew that I SHOULD have been freaking out, but instead there was a kind of, well, acceptance I guess you could say.

Let's put it this way. When I got up from the chair to go to the fridge, I noticed the weight hanging from my chest and the way my hips and legs moved differently. I seemed to be placing one foot almost directly in front of the other, without even thinking about it. It felt.....unusual to not have anything in the way of the motion of my legs, enabling me to move that way without pinching something. It was more noticeable when I sat back down, though. When I did THAT, the first thing I noticed was that I folded BOTH legs under me and it didn't seem uncomfortable at all. In fact, it seemed VERY comfortable!

I had also noticed that my arms seemed to swing further from my sides than they usually did and when I noticed that, I picked my arms up from my sides to avoid doing that, but when I did, I found that I was only bending my arms at the elbows, and my hands seemed to just flop down so that the backs of my hands were facing forward. When I noticed THAT, I kind of got a bit flustered and I couldn't figure out WHAT to do with my arms and hands then! I kind of, well, fluttered around for a bit until I remembered that I was there to get a Pepsi(TM) and I kind of focused on THAT instead of what to do with my appendages. I was back in the chair with my legs folded under me before I even remembered that I had been worrying about my arms and hands.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was noticing the little things much more than the BIG things. I mean, I still had two arms, two legs, one head(no smart comments, please!)one torso, etc. I was only missing(as it were)three relatively small things and had gained two other, again relatively small things although they didn't LOOK small from my vantage point, staring down at them. I sat there for a few minutes, pondering these things while I drank my soda. Again, like I said, these things didn't bother me NEARLY as much as I thought they would, or should. I was more curious than anything, I guess, than I was concerned.

Well, 'no time like the present' I thought to myself. I got up and wandered back into the bathroom, shedding clothes as I went. By the time I got there I was only wearing the bra and the panties, again noticing the way I walked, but not really trying to influence my general WAY I was walking, just 'going with the flow'. I stepped in front of the large mirror mounted on the wall and just looked at my new self. I mean, I just LOOKED. What I saw, reflected in that mirror was an image designed to stop traffic. An image solely meant to titillate and fascinate MEN!

Long blonde hair that literally flowed down my back to a point somewhere between my shoulder blades and my (ahem) behind, topped a lovely face with an absolutely flawless complexion. Full slightly pink lips, high, elegant cheekbones, wide and seemingly endlessly deep blue eyes and a nose too beautiful to be insulted by being called 'cute'.

Following my neck down, led me to my breasts. What can I say about them? In my life, I had seem many breasts. Some large, some small. These that I now possessed were just perfect for the body upon which they rested, although 'rested' might be the wrong operative word. They seemed to move out of proportion with the slightest motion of my body. They jiggled, they swayed, they BOUNCED(which fact I learned by TRYING it. (Again, NO wisecracks, please.) I mean, they were right THERE, I HAD to try that, right? They were sensitive too, as I found out while ummmm, examining them. The slightest brush of a finger caused MAJOR tremors through my body and, when I accidently touched one of my nipples, I damn near came right up off the floor! I'd NEVER felt anything like THAT before!

Anyway, deciding that I didn't want to repeat THAT experience again, at least not right now I didn't, I moved further down this female body I found myself ensconced in, finding that my ribcage flowed smoothly down to a trim and flat tummy to a narrow waist and then flared suddenly outwards to a pair of wide hips. The kind of hips that are called 'child bearing', I believe. Looking behind me I found a behind that was beyond beautiful. It was round, it was smooth, it was mine! At least for the next three years, it was mine. Below that were a pair of legs that men would probably fall all over themselves just to look at, let alone touch. The feet? Well, I have always been an afficionado of women's feet. I find, or FOUND them incredibly sexy with their painted toenails and cute little toes and high arches. These feet, that I now owned, wer no exception. Rather, they were the RULE!

So, taken part by part, this new home of mine was amazing. Taken as a whole, it was beyond anything I could have EVER imagined myself being inside of and in control of! I just stood there, admiring myself for a few minutes before it even dawned on me that I was not being weirded out by it. Rather, I thought I was flat-out GORGEOUS and I was PROUD of the image staring back at me from that mirror. I was posing there for quite awhile, doing all those cutesey-poo, sexy poses that one sees in those men's magazines, before I remembered that I was supposed to be viewing those tapes.

I quickly got dressed again, not noticing that I had no trouble with the bra or anything else, and I scooted myself back out into the living room and inserted the first tape into the player. I put the headphones on and started the tape, relaxing back into that chair. I seemed to just kind of drift off into some kind of trance or something and, when I finally came back, I saw, to my surprise, that 45 minutes had passed and the tape was rewinding! I couldn't even remember WHAT I had watched or listened to, only that I had been almost hypnotized by the music that I had heard upon starting that tape.

I took a sip from my now warm Pepsi(TM) and just sat there. Finally I got up and took out the tape that had been playing, noticing that it was titled: MOVEMENT AND DEPORTMENT. For some reason, I suddenly felt uncomfortable in the tennis shoes I was wearing. I felt, well, unfeminine! I took them off and went back to the bedroom where I found a pair of heels that I thought might look good with what I was wearing(though I can't tell you HOW I thought they would go well)and slipped them on my feet. I took a few steps, expecting to fall on my face or my butt, but instead I seemed to be right at home in those 3 inch heels and had no difficulty walking in them. Something didn't seem quite right though, but I didn't know what it might be so I went back into the living room and inserted the next tape in the stack, into the player, noticing that it was titled: CLOTHING FOR EVERY OCCASION AND HOW TO WEAR IT.

Again, as before, I sort of 'zoned out' and came to about 45 minutes later. It was THEN that I realized that I shouldn't be wearing these heels! NOT without some HOSE! I quickly found some pantyhose and slipped them on with no trouble. Then I re-shod myself with those heels and found that it felt MUCH better! My GOODNESS, WHAT could I have been THINKING? One DOESN'T wear heels without SOME form of hose! It not only makes them easier to slip on and off, it also protects the shoes from damage from oils and perspiration. ANY young girl knows THAT!

That settled, I went BACK to the living room and found the next tape, titled: MAKEUP APPLICATION FOR EVERY OCCASION, and inserted IT into the player. About 45 minutes later, I woke from my little, now familiar, trance as the tape was rewinding. I took a sip from my soda, now TOTALLY warm and tasteless, and got up to dump the rest of it into the kitchen sink. I passed by a wall mounter mirror on the way to the sink and was SHOCKED to see that I had NO makeup on! I quickly dumped the soft drink and hurried to the bedroom where I sat down at the vanity and began to remedy this intolerable situation! WHAT could I have been thinking? NO girl goes out with less than a little foundation, some lipstick, and a bit of mascara, even in broad DAYLIGHT! I found everything I needed and, several minutes later, I looked at the woman in the mirror who looked MUCH better now that she was wearing PROPER makeup for daytime, casual living. Of course, if I were to go OUT for any reason, I'd have to 'liven' my look up with a little more mascara and perhaps some blush and eyeshadow. Nothing MAJOR, you understand, just the bare essentials for ANY woman.

PRESENT TIME INTERLUDE: I know you've noticed that I seemed to take all these changes fully in stride without the slightest bit of hesitation. That's quite true and there's no doubt about it. I never even noticed that my behavior was changing as I watched those tapes. The things I did to improve my female image came directly from those tapes and, at the time, I DIDN'T think anything about them. I only found them amazing AFTERWARDS.


I flounced back into the living room and inserted the next tape, titled: FLIRTING FOR FUN AND PROFIT. When I came out of my little 'trance' the tape was rewinding and Eric was sitting in a chair opposite me. I got up sexily and sauntered over to him, swinging my behind for all it was worth. I sashayed right up to him and knelt down in front of him, caressing his legs as I knelt. I purred at him,

"Well, HI there! It's about TIME you got back. I was getting SO lonely here all by myself. Can I get you anything, Eric dear? I know! How about a little drink? Or would you rather have some coffee? Maybe a soft drink? You just name it and I'll fetch it for you, honey. Maybe you'd rather have a drink"

Eric stood up, taking me along with him and held me at arm's length. He was SO handsome and strong!

"Not right now, Holly. Maybe later if you're good. Right now we still have a lot of work to do. You've got to finish those tapes and I've got to go make myself a bit more manly. I bought some clothes and a hairpiece, along with some paste-on eyebrows. If I'm going to go out with you tonight, I want to look as much like my old self as I can. I have the feeling that YOU are gonna look just GORGEOUS and I don't want you to be embarrassed by being seen with a Yul Brynner lookalike. Now you just sit your cute little behind down in that chair and watch the next tape while I go make myself look more like I SHOULD look, ok?"

I pouted prettily and swayed back and forth.

"Okay." I replied. But we could have some fun here instead of going out and having to share you with all the other girls who'll be out there hunting tonight. I can be LOADS of fun, you know?"

"Yes, I know, Holly." Eric said. "Don't forget, it's not that long ago that _I_ was you, remember?"

A light went on in my head just then. A light that told me that I wasn't acting like myself, but was acting like a little bubbleheaded blonde flirt! Holy shit! That was the first time I had ANY indication of what those tapes could do, HAD done to a person! Embarrassed? Hell YES I was embarrassed!

"ERIC!" I said. "My GOD, I'm sorry. I don't know WHAT came over me. I just saw you there in that chair and you looked so sexy and handsome and.....male, and I couldn't HELP myself, and I'm doing it again, aren't I? JESUS, Eric! HOW do I turn this shit OFF? I'm feeling things for you and about you that I shouldn't be, aren't I?'

"No Holly. You're acting and feeling pretty much what you SHOULD be right now. Those tapes are VERY powerful training tools and they work VERY well indeed. What you're feeling right now is PURE Holly. The feelings taught to you by the tapes is very strong in the first few hours. It'll grow less powerful as time passes, but it will never totally leave you. You'll be able to control it much better with the passage of a little time, and then, when you review your tapes once a month, you'll find that you won't feel things so strongly, but will rather just have your knowledge re-enforced as it were. You'll still act in a very feminine way as befits a little sexpot like Holly, but you'll have MUCH more control as time goes by. For now, I won't take advantage of you and your new feelings. I know how strong they are, as I went through them myself. Now SCOOT! Get back there in your chair and watch the next tape while I get myself maleified." And he slapped me on the behind as he said that.

"Oh POOH!" I pouted at his back. "You're no fun at ALL! You just WAIT! I'll show you."

I slouched back to my chair, stopping to insert the next tape, titled: DANCING AND SOCIAL BEHAVIOR. When I came out of my 'trance' I found Eric watching me with an amused look on his face.

"Well, Holly." He said, questioningly. 'How do you like your little training sessions?"

"Why ERIC!" I replied in a low breathy tone. 'I like them just fine! I'm learning SO much and it's kinda fun, y'know? I mean, I just take these little catnaps," and here I streeeeetched sexily, "and when I wake up, I know a whole bunch of things I didn't know before. For example," I continued, "I've learned JUST how to turn you on and I can't WAIT to try it out on you, you poor, helpless, little man you." I got up from my chair and practically STALKED over to stand in front of Eric, one hand on my hip and the other just waving around at my side, almost like a stripper would do.

I bent at the waist, towards Eric and pursed my lips at him, inviting him to kiss me, but he just SAT there, LOOKING at me with a GRIN on his face! I moved a little closer and was just inches from kissing him when he suddenly said:

"Extreme Holly, OFF."

I woke up just inches from Eric's face, my lips pursed as if I were waiting for a kiss, amazed and frightened by where I was and what I seemed to be doing. Well, I SAY I 'woke up'. In reality, I was not really 'asleep' as such. I mean, I was AWARE of what i was doing and how I was acting all the time. It was more that I wasn't concerned about acting the way I had been. I WAS a sexy looking woman, wasn't I? What was more normal than a sexy woman putting her moves on a good looking guy, right? Except............when Eric said those words, "Extreme Hollly, OFF", I suddenly became TOTALLY aware of what I was doing and how I was acting. I wasn't really embarrassed by it, but I WAS surprised and a little scared by it.

"Eric!" I said in a slightly shaky tome of voice. "Holy shit! WHAT was I just DOING? That's scary, man. Why was I acting like that? Can I control it or will I act like that all the time around men? I don't know if I can HANDLE this if I can't control how I act."

"He replied, saying,

"Holly, just relax. I already told you that, at first, the emotions and all the knowledge you're getting from the tapes is hard to control, that's why there's a 'turn-off" phrase. After you've been Holly for a couple of days and the knowledge has had a chance to 'settle in' you'll find it much easier to control your emotions and actions. Until then, I will be right here with you to make sure you don't get yourself in trouble, or get involved in anything you don't really want right now or can't HANDLE right now. I'm going to be with you right up until Tuesday when you start at HEADLIGHTS, to make certain that you get every bit of knowledge you need and to make sure you can handle yourself properly, so just chill out and watch the last tape. It's the one you'll need to be able to handle your new job the way Holly is supposed to be able to. When you're done with this one, you can go and get a bath and change to go out for the evening. Trust me, okay? I'm not going to let you get yourself in too deep, but there are still some things you have to learn the old way, by experiencing them. Extreme Holly, ON!"

Again, I pooh poohed him and went back to my chair after putting in the last tape in the stack. This one was titled: WORK ETIQUETTE, ETHICS, AND PERFORMANCE(Co-Worker Identification and Friends((Boyfriends)) ON AND OFF DUTY BEHAVIOR.

When the final tape was completed and I was sitting there, letting all the new information percolate into my tired little brain, I began to get the idea that I needed a bath. I mean I NEEDED a bath! I got up from the chair and gathered all the tapes together, putting them into a carrying case, in order, then I carried the case back into the bedroom and stored it in the closet in a lock box. Then I hunted up a fresh bra and some matching panties and my robe. I marched into the bathroom, calling out to Eric,

"I'm going to be in the but, Honey. Do we have reservations or can we be fashionably late?"

"No problem, Holly." He called back. 'Our reservations aren't for another three hours. I wanted to make sure you had time to view and begin to process, all the information you had to get through today. Remember, tonight is going to be another little test for you as "Holly". I'll be right there with you to make sure things go right and that you don't get yourself in over your head, though, so don't worry about anything, okay?"

"Okay lover." I called back. "This should be interesting. My first bath as Holly and my first night out. Wheeeee! Don't get lonesome out there without me, ok, honey?"

"Oh, go get your bath, woman!" He replied, mock testily. "I'll be just fine out here all by myself, but don't take forever in there, okay? You've still got to choose your outfit for the night and do your hair and makeup. No more than 30 minutes in the tub, you hear me, young lady?"

"Yes, DADDY." I replied. "I hear you just fine. You know, you can't rush beauty! It'll take however long it takes, and if we're late, well then we'll be late. We can always go somewhere else if we're too late to make our reservations, but I WILL try to be on time. Kiss KISS!" And I closed the door of the bathroom.

Now I know a lot of you are gonna be expecting a load of details here about my first bath and all the preparations, but you're gonna be disappointed, sorry. I'm trying NOT to turn this into a full length novel! Sheesh! LOL

I finished my bath and sat down at my vanity to do my makeup for the evening. I knew that I needed to go a little more dramatic with it since light would be low and I wanted to look my very best. I just sat there and applied it like I'd been doing it all my life! When I was finished, I got up to choose a dress for the night. I passed up a lot of fancy looking gowns and went, instead, with what is called the "Classic LBD" Little Black Dress, that is. It was very nice, but understated. I didn't want my clothing to overshadow my 'natural' beauty. I chose jewelry that would enhance my simple, but elegant look, just little diamond earrings that dangled a little bit, a choker necklace and bracelet with a matching little feminine watch, and a couple of small rings. Nothing showy. For some reason, I wanted the attention to be on Eric, not on me. I didn't know it at the time, but that was part of the 'programming' on those tapes. They were designed to make me WANT to have my 'date' or whoever I was with, to be the one getting the attention.

When I finally glided out of the bedroom on the 4 inch black stiletto heels I'd decided to wear, (well, not ALL the attention should be on the guy, right? HE hehe) I looked like about a million dollars and it showed in Eric's eyes when he saw me. He stared for a moment and then he WHISTLED!

"WOW!" He expostulated. "I'd forgotten just how good Holly looks from the outside. You look magnificent! You forget, after wearing that suit for awhile, just how really beautiful Holly really is. Whew."

I preened under Eric's praise, glad I had done a good job and pleased that he thought I looked pretty. I did a couple of turns for him, showing off the dress and how well it fit me, not to mention how good it looked ON me. I felt very relaxed and good about how I looked and wasn't a bit concerned about going outside the apartment for the first time, fully dressed as a woman. I was only looking forward to having a nice evening with a good looking man and getting a good dinner out of the deal, besides. It's GOOD to be pretty!

Eric looked at me, proudly and I looked back at him. There were a lot of emotions chasing each other around in my head just then, not the least of which was how good I felt about going out with such a good looking guy. He seemed very nice and I knew I could look forward to a wonderful and maybe even a ROMANTIC evening. He extended his arm to me after we grabbed out coats, (mine was MINK!)and I put my hand through his arm and off we went.

He locked the door behind us and, as we started down the stairs, he said,

Extreme Holly OFF! Well shit!

More to come. Stay tuned to this very station for the next episode!




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