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Headlights Girl

by Catherine Linda Michel


'EXTREME HOLLY OFF?' I thought to myself. 'WHY?'

I turned to Eric, about to ask him that very question, but as I did, he took my hand, placed in the crook of his arm and began walking towards his, I mean Holly's, damn it, I guess I mean MY car now! Well, I had no real choice so I followed him, noticing as I did that my body moved in a completely different way than it ever had before. My hips were swinging back and forth, my other hand, the one Eric DIDN'T have control of, was holding the strap of the purse which was hung on my shoulder. My feet seemed to place themselves in a more or less straight line, one almost directly in front of the other instead of offset, like I USED to do.

Eric's actions put my question off for a little while and, as he helped me into the car on the driver's side, I became too busy to remember to ask it right then. I noticed that I slid into the seat with no problems and no undue flashes of long legs or undergarments to the rest of the world at large. I then lifted and slid my legs, heels and all, into the car, swivelling around so I was facing the front of the car, all without any feelings of unfamiliarity. I was in control, but I wasn't somehow.

Eric went around to the other side of the car and entered, like all guys normally do, one leg at a time, plopping the butt into the seat and bringing in the remaining leg after that. He turned his face towards me and asked,

"Okay. I can tell by the look on your face, that you've got questions. Fire away, Holly."

"Very well, Eric." I responded. "Question number one. Why did you use the key phrase to turn off the automatic extreme Holly? Question number two, why am I not having any problems moving this VERY different body in what seems to me to be a perfectly normal female manner? Number three, why am _I_ on the driver's side? Isn't it usually the GUY who gets to drive?"

Eric held up his hand, palm towards me, indicating that I should stop right there, which I did. He then said,

"Your first question, about turning off "Extreme Holly? I did that so you won't get yourself into any trouble I can't get you out of tonight. In "Extreme" mode, you actually become Holly in every way. I don't think you're ready for the way that Holly can flirt with men, or the possible results of that flirting, just yet. If you want, I can turn it back on and leave it on. Is that what you want me to do?"

I thought about that for a few seconds and I realized that Eric was probably right in doing what he did. I WASN'T ready to start flirting with men yet, and I SURE wasn't ready to deal with what might happen because of that flirting! I mean, okay. I WAS feeling totally at home and comfortable in my new guise and I hadn't truthfully given it a thought as we left the house. It had seemed totally natural to me to be walking in high heels and wearing a dress and makeup outside the house.

"But Eric?" I said. "If you turned off "extreme Holly" then why do I feel at ease this way? I mean shouldn't I be freaking out at the very idea of being outside in women's clothes and makeup?"

"Well Holly," Eric continued. The reason why you feel as comfortable as you do is that the suit itself imposes the 'Holly' persona on you regardless of whether the 'Extreme' function is on or off. What the "Extreme' option does, is allow the TOTAL Holly persona to, well, take over completely, would be the best way to put it. When I first became Holly, I wondered the same things you are now. All I can really tell you is that I never bothered to ask Frank the questions you are asking me. I was committed to being Holly for the three years and I guess I never thought to question whatever he did, or how he did it. I'm going to answer as many of YOUR questions as I can, but for the more technical things, you're going to have to ask the club owners or managers. I don't know much about those things and I never bothered to ask, like I said."

"Okay Eric. I responded. "I can deal with that, I guess, but what about my being so comfortable and at ease dressed the way I am?"

"Again, Holly," he said, "That is a function of the suit itself. There are two overlay personalities built into the suit. The first is a simple one which allows you to function as a normal woman does and, at the same time, it is reinforced by some of the programming on the tapes you watched. At this point, you can't HELP but act and feel like the woman you appear to be. If you tried to walk or talk the way you used to as a guy, you wouldn't be able to, simply because of the mental re-conditioning you have undergone. You're STILL you, but your personality and things like that, including the way you walk and talk and all your mannerisms are being controlled by the suit and the programming. Those tapes, the ones you are going to have to re-watch every day this week and then once a month after that, are what's responsible for all this to be possible. Without them, you'd just be a guy in a female bodysuit."

He went on to say, "Also, when the 'Extreme Holly' option is in force, it accesses ALL the programming and also a memory bank which allows you to seamlessly take over being Holly. After all, if you showed up looking and moving like Holly, but couldn't remember all her friends and regular customers, it'd be kinda suspicious, right? Additionally, the programming in the 'Extreme Holly' option is totally female. Your thoughts, your actions, your mode of response, every little gesture you make, even the way you do your new job, are contained in there. You won't need that tonight, as this is your first outing as Holly. I just want you to get used to the way men are going to look at you and try to hit on you, without you getting yourself in too deep and going home with one of them!"

I started the car while Eric paused for breath.

"Finally, you're on the driver's side of the car because it's YOUR car. It wouldn't look right for me to be driving your car and, since we're going to "HEADLIGHTS" for this first time out, you should be behind the wheel, or at least that's the way _I_ see it. Just relax and let your programming take over a little bit. You'll find that you know the best and shortest way to the club and how to drive wearing those stilts you've got on. Now let's get going and have a little fun. We have to be back here by midnight or so, so you'll be able to get a good night's sleep your first night in the suit. You'll see what I mean later on. Also, you need that sleep so your mind will be able to best absorb the programming each time you view those tapes. I found that, if you're tired or sleepy or even distracted, the programming doesn't 'take' as well, leaving some gaps which can be embarrassing."

"Okay, Eric," I said while gunning the engine of that sweet sounding little Mustang. "Let's GO!" And I hit the gas while dumping the clutch, which caused the little car to rocket out of the driveway, leaving twin black streaks of rubber on the pavement. I shifted gears like I had been doing it all my life and by the time we were entering the flow of traffic toward the freeway, we were in 5th gear and cruising at about 60 or so. The throaty rumbling of the exhaust was like a narcotic to me, as I had always loved the sound of a big V-8 engine. Apparently THAT was one part of Holly that matched my Jim side, perfectly. I found, as Holly, I knew exactly when to shift gears and keep the car moving without any problems at all, even in the 5 inch heels I was wearing, even though as Jim, I had never had the chance to drive a hot set of wheels like this little pony.

We got on the freeway and were soon at 70 miles an hour without any strain at all. Eric had his window down and was lighting a cigarette, and I asked him to light one for me too. He looked at me and said,

"That's another part of the programming. Holly smokes, even if YOU never did. You don't have to worry about diseases though. Something about that suit won't let you get sick or catch any diseases. You can't even catch a cold while you wear it. Just another one of the little 'perks' that come with it. You'll still feel the satisfaction that comes from nicotine or alcohol entering your body, but you can't get drunk and you can't get cancer. If you continued being Holly after your 'tour of duty' in the suit is up, you'd live a totally disease free life for as long as you remain Holly. You would continue to age at the reduced rate and you'd never look any less attractive than you do right now. The only thing that can slow you down is the normal aging processes of the brain itself and even that is slowed. You should never have to worry about senility or things like alzheimers either."

Well, this was a lot of information that I was being asked to take in and it was getting a bit overwhelming so I just took my cigarette from Eric and smoked while I drove. I noticed that it was all white and had a menthol bite to it that wasn't unpleasant or harsh. The brand wasn't a familiar one and when I asked Eric about that he said that it was a brand they sell at the club, specially made up for them by the same outfit that supplied the bodysuits.

Eric said, "I think these cigarettes have something in them that helps in that slowing down of your ageing I talked about. Again, if you want the whole story, you'll have to get it from management. I never bothered to ask most of the questions you're asking me. I just accepted all of it as a package deal. Oh, one other thing about the cigarettes. You won't be addicted to them if and when you decide to stop being Holly. In fact, you aren't addicted to them now. You can smoke or not smoke. It's just easier to assimilate the programming and get the benefits of them if you do smoke. There are other ways to get the same effects, but they involve drinking a 'cocktail' that the club provides and it doesn't taste very good at all. Most of the girls at the club prefer the smoking over the 'cocktails'. Besides, I think it's sexy to see a great looking woman smoking a cigarette, don't you?"

Well, I had to agree with Eric on THAT point. There IS something sexy about seeing a gorgeous woman smoking a cigarette. Whether it's the elegant way they hold it and blow the smoke back out, up into the air or the graceful way they act while doing it, I don't know. I only know that I found myself holding that smoke it the tips of my long nailed fingers and inhaling and exhaling that fragrant smoke, just the way I'd seen other women do it. It even FELT a little sexy and I smiled a little smile at Eric as he watched me smoking.

"I guess I have to agree with you, Eric. It even feels sexy to ME while I'm doing this. I'm a bit amazed that I CAN do this while driving this car, considering that Jim doesn't smoke and can't drive a stick shift to save his life, but I assume that's all part of the programming and memory things you've been telling me about. What I CAN'T figure out at all is WHY? I mean, these bodysuits have GOT to be horrendously expensive and then there's those tapes and all that. So why does "HEADLIGHTS" go to all the cost of this? Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to hire real women?"

Eric thought about that one for a few minutes while I maneuvered the Mustang through some traffic. He finally said,

"Holly. That's another one of those questions that management will have to answer for you. I gotta agree that it SEEMS like it'd be easier to hire real women, but maybe it's because they want a kind of continuity in their clubs. In other words, it's probably more comfortable for the customers to see the same faces in the clubs they frequent. If they hired real women, there'd always be a 'turnover rate' and people would have to get used to new waitresses and dancers when they come in. If they're regulars, they expect to see their 'favorites' there and would be disappointed if they weren't there. I imagine that's part of it."

He got a serious look on his face then and he continued, saying,

"There's another thing I want to talk to you about, Holly. It's really important and I want you to listen carefully to me for the next few minutes, okay?"

As if anything could be more serious than what he had already been telling me?

"Okay, Eric. You've got my full attention or as much as I can spare while I'm driving." I answered.

Eric shifted a bit in his seat til he was facing me and then he said,

"What I've got to talk about is the way you WILL be treated as Holly. You need to accept that you are now, for all intents and purposes, a real live beautiful woman. Men WILL hit on you and, because of the way the suit is built and because of the programming in those tapes, you WILL respond as if you WERE a real woman. You are going to find yourself VERY attracted to men and you're going to WANT their attentions. That mean that, inevitably, you are going to sleep with men. I don't want you to worry about this or stress about it. It's a normal function of a beautiful woman and, right now and for the next three years, you ARE one. If you EVER have a problem with this, PLEASE call me or talk to the management. They and I will help you all we can. As long as you wear that suit and view the tapes, you won't even THINK about being attracted to another woman. It's all part of the total 'image' that the club expects from their employees and, believe it or not, you will enjoy every bit of the attention you'll get from men."

He paused for a few seconds and then continued.

You're going to experience every bit of what a real woman does when you flirt, or even seduce a man, and you're going to LOVE having sex with them! TRUST me! Even now that I'm out of that suit, I still remember what it felt like to make love with a man. It doesn't mean I'm gay or anything like it, because when I had sex with men, I was a woman, just like you are now. Right now, I can't imagine ever sleeping with another man and that's because I am coming out of the influence of the suit and tapes. I always was heterosexual before I donned the suit and I will be again, but that doesn't mean I can't look back at the experiences I had with men, fondly. I wanted to tell you about this part of it before it happened to you, and it WILL happen. I know you don't believe me, but after this first week when you're in full-time Holly mode, you WILL find men attractive and, if the right one comes along, you will want to sleep with him. Just go with it and don't worry, okay?"

Well now, THAT was a real bombshell to drop on me! I had never considered that part of this experience and was, as Jim, completely heterosexual. I didn't answer Eric right away, but rather I drove in silence while I digested this latest bit of information. I could understand it from an abstract point of view, though. I mean, according to all the Eric had told me so far, while I wore this suit I was real enough as a woman that I could fool a trained gynecologist, so it only made sense that, along with everything else, I would ACT like a real woman would and THAT meant, being attracted to men. I won't say that it didn't scare me though. It did! A LOT!

Thinking back though, to the night I spent with Holly, I could recall the pleasure SHE had evidenced when we were in bed together, and I realized at THAT point, that would be the way _I_ would react in bed with a man. I almost had to stop the car to catch my breath when THAT thought finally hit home.

Well, by the time I got my thoughts around those thoughts, we were arriving at the club. I wheeled the Mustang into the parking lot and pulled right up to the same back door that Holly had taken me in when we were here last. I parked the car and Eric got out, quickly coming around to the driver's side and opening the door for me. He reached in and took my left hand, assisting me in getting out of the car and then, he tucked my hand into the crook of his arm, but he allowed me to take the lead when we reached the door. He told me,

"From now on, YOU are Holly and you're gonna have to ACT the part. _I_ don't belong here anymore as an employee, so YOU are going to have to take the lead as if you were always Holly and I am just another date of yours. I'll help you all I can, but a lot of it's going to be up to you. You'll find that, if you think about things for a second or two, the knowledge you'll need is there in your brain. The more you use it, the more easily you'll be able to access it, until it becomes second nature to you. It's going to go a lot smoother and easier on you if you just let "Jim" go to sleep for the next three years or for as long as you are Holly, believe on that point. You HAVE to be Holly now and for the foreseeable future so relax and enjoy it. It won't hurt you, physically OR mentally and if you let 'Jim' go night night, it'll be better, okay?"

He patted my hand and smiled reassuringly at me. I swallowed hard a couple of times and tried to push 'Jim' to the back of my mind. I did find things in my memory that hadn't ever been there before and when I concentrated a little bit on them, I realized that they WERE the things I would need to know as Holly.

"Okay, Eric." I breathed. "Let's go do this. I'm in the mood for some fun and some dancing and I might as well enjoy this for however it lasts. You're right, though. I AM gonna have to put 'Jim' on hold while I do this. I don't think 'he' could deal with all I'm going to experience over the next three years, or whatever."

That said, I took another deep, cleansing breath and knocked on the door. It opened up to reveal 'Tiny' the bouncer. His face lit up when he saw Holly there with Eric, and he hugged me, saying,

"GOOD ta see ya, Holly! Eric, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Where ya been hiding? C'mon in, both of ya!"

We entered and Tiny closed the door behind us.

""Holly," he continued, "If you got any questions that Eric here ain't answered yet, you come ta me and I'll take ya to the boss where ya can get 'em answered, okay? I want ya ta know that I love ALL the girls that work here and I protect 'em like I would my own daughters. If you EVER have any trouble with anybody, you tell me and I'll make sure they see the error of their ways!" And he scowled fiercely. I hugged him back, on impulse and kissed him on his big cheek, and watched his scowl get replaced by a big, shy grin.

"Eric." He said. "You picked a good one here. I'll watch over her just like I done for you and all the other girls here, you never worry about dat, okay?" And he smacked Eric on the back like a pal does to another pal.

Eric damn near got knocked off his feet by that 'friendly' gesture of Tiny's, but he quickly regained his balance and said,

"Thanks, Tiny. I knew you'd like Holly and I never doubted for a second that you'd look after her like you did me. You were always so sweet to me, and I want you to know that I really appreciated it. You're a good man, Tiny."

"Aw shucks, Eric." Tiny responded. "Cut it out now. You're gonna make me cry or somethin' and I can't hug ya anymore since you're a guy again and stuff. You did a damn good job here and I'm sure the boss is gonna give ya a real good report and references for whatever your next job turns out ta be."

Tiny then turned to me with a little gleam in his eye and said,

"Now, did Eric here tell ya that _I_ get ta break in the new girls in bed?"





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