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Headlights Girl

by Catherine Linda Michel



There was a difference, this time, when Eric said those words. I could actually FEEL the changes in my thinking as they happened this time! My behavior became markedly more feminine and I actually FELT more feminine. So feminine in fact, that I was hitting on guys on the way out of the club, flirting for all I was worth! I don't know what might have happened that night if Eric hadn't been right there with me. It's likely that I would have ended up in some guy's bed and, the way I felt right then, I would have probably had a hell of a good time doing it!

By the time we got to my Mustang, I was almost ANGRY with Eric for NOT letting me flirt with guys! I threw my purse into the car and got in the seat. While I buckled up, Eric closed my door and went around to the passenger side and got in, also buckling in. I turned to him before I started the engine and started to say something about being angry with him, but he stopped me by saying,

"Extreme Holly OFF!"

Immediately I felt the anger drain out of me. Oh, I still REMEMBERED being angry, but the reason for my anger was no longer so important.

"DAMN, Eric!" I said. 'That's some scary stuff! For those few minutes between leaving the table and you saying that phrase, I actually WANTED to flirt with and BE with some of those guys! Am I going to feel like that ALL the time once I settle into this?"

He just looked at me for a minute before he said anything. I could see something in his eyes, but whether it was sympathy, pity, or exasperation, I couldn't tell. Finally he spoke.

"Holly, it IS some scary stuff. I wanted you to really FEEL what it is to BE Holly, but I think I was mistaken to activate it this late in the evening. I'd forgotten how overpowering the feelings that the programming can induce, can be at first. You remember that I told you that this "extreme Holly" thing is non-functional after the first week, right? Well, the reason for that is that, for the first week, the new neural pathways being put down in your brain are super sensitive and super aware. It's kind of like a crash course in being VERY female. Since this is your first day of being Holly, the programming had already started to slip from your conscious mind when I activated the "extreme Holly" command. As a result, it surged forward into your conscious mind like a wave and completely took over. I PROMISE you that I won't do that to you EVER again. It was MY fault, and I'm sorry."

My breathing had come back to normal and my anger had faded completely away. I was still upset at what had happened, but I understood what Eric was telling me. I didn't necessarily blame him for what had happened, but I was pleased that he took all the blame and apologized to me.

"But, Eric," I continued. "AM I going to feel that way ALL the time AFTER this first week is up? I don't know if I WANT to be THAT way all the time."

"No Holly, you WON'T feel like that all the time. After this first week is over, those neural pathways will be sufficiently established that the information on them won't be so right THERE, like it was tonight. It'll be diffused and filtered and won't be so immediately on your mind." He responded. "You WILL feel and act completely female, make no mistake about that. The difference will be that it will seem totally natural to you and you won't have second thoughts about anything you will do as regards being Holly. You won't turn into a sex hungry slut or anything like that at all, I want to stress that! You won't have regrets about it and you won't feel guilty about it later either. At least you SHOULDN'T. I never did and no one else has ever reported feeling guilty or regretful during or after their tour of duty as one of the girls, so you shouldn't be any different."

That reassured me quite a bit, since I WAS worried about that. I knew, logically, that the programming and the behaviors built into the suit were artificial and there'd be no long lasting effects from them, or at least that's what Eric TOLD me and I had no reason to doubt him. He'd been nothing but honest and up front with me since this whole thing had begun. He'd explained every step of the way and he'd stayed right with me to make sure I was okay with what was going on.

I ALSO knew that, no matter what the programming and all that other stuff was trying to tell me and get me to do, I DID still feel very strange, every time I looked down at myself or saw myself in a mirror. Well, let's face it, I had 19 years of seeing a male image in mirrors and, suddenly I was seeing a very FEMALE image in it's place. I still had a long way to go, obviously, before what I saw in a mirror, and what my male mind was telling me I SHOULD be seeing, was in sync with my body image.

I started the car and drove back to my new house, lighting a cigarette and smoking it slowly. One more thing I'd never done before this day. We didn't say much of anything as we made our way back home. Home.

Before today, home had been an efficiency apartment. Two rooms with a closet sized bathroom and those little apartment sized appliances. Now, home meant a beautiful home on the beach and real appliances with a bathroom almost as big as my old apartment had been! It meant a new car and a whole wardrobe full of expensive and gorgeous clothes that fit me as if they had been tailored for me. It meant a place where I could have friends over, have parties, bring a date back to and not feel ashamed of where I lived. Of course, any date I would be bringing home with me from now on would be a MAN, not a woman.

When we arrived back home, Eric got out and helped me from the car, then we walked into the house, still not saying much to one another. I think he was still feeling guilty a bit and I know I was feeling a bit confused. I credit my confusion to what Eric told me about the programming and all that. Anyway, we went inside and went to separate bedrooms, where I began the process of taking off my makeup and getting undressed. There certainly was a lot more to being a woman, than there was about being a man. As Jim, I just got undressed, washed my face and went to bed. As Holly I would have to get used to creaming off my makeup, then cleansing my face and applying a night creme to moisturize, put my hair up in either a bun or a ponytail or in curlers, and actually dress for bed! Then in the morning I would have to go through the whole process again, only in reverse, almost!

I was standing in the bathroom, doing a little bit of complaining about that, when Eric showed up at the door. He listened to me for a few seconds and then he said,

"It IS a pain to get used to, at first. After a few days though, it'll seem like second nature to you and you won't even think about it anymore, you'll just do it. Holly, I don't think I've really said a proper thank you to you for doing this. There ARE things I want to do and I wanted very much to get back to my real like as Eric as well. Don't get me wrong though. I already told you that I enjoyed the time I spent as Holly and I wasn't lying about that. Putting aside for the moment, the bundle of money I was able to bank, I made some wonderful friends and had a great time overall. I'd do it again in a flash. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I have things I want and need to do as Eric, I would probably have stayed as Holly for another three years or even more."

He paused to watch me and to see if I had anything to say. I didn't, so he continued.

"You'll find out, as you go, how terrific it is to live as a beautiful woman, Holly. Life is almost HANDED to you when you're gorgeous and well built. It's VERY tempting, once you find out how great you get treated and how much people WANT to be around you, to STAY as Holly, or as ANY of the girls there at the club. If you decide to go that way, and stay as Holly once your initial three years are done, you can, as I've told you. The procedure is very simple and the owners will even help you come up with a story that will satisfy any family and friends. But, enough of that for tonight. You need some serious sleep and so do I. I'll leave you alone now but I want to give you a hug to thank you for helping me this way."

He stepped toward me and held out his arms. I hesitated for a moment, but then I figured, well what the hell, and I moved to him and let him hug me. After a few seconds I began to return the hug and it felt kind of nice actually. Maybe it was the programming or maybe it was just the fact that it felt....right to me, at that time, but we stood there, hugging one another for quite a few minutes before Eric let go of me and stepped back. The look in his eyes told me everything I needed to know right then. I could see the friendship and compassion in them and I somehow knew that it was honest and true.

I looked back at him and smiled to let him know that everything was all right with me and with this strange but wonderful happening in my life. He reached out and took hold of my chin with one hand, lightly, then he leaned towards me and kissed me on the forehead. Then he let go of my chin, turned and walked out of the bathroom and into his bedroom. I heard him say,

"Goodnight Holly"

and then I heard the door to his bedroom close. I just stood there, leaning back against the counter for a few minutes, trying to put all the things that had happened today, in some kind of order, but it was useless. There was just too much information for my tired brain to even begin to compartmentalize, so I gave it up and finished with my new routine and went into my new bedroom and then finally, to bed.

It took quite awhile to fall asleep, because of all the thoughts bouncing off one another in my head. Also because I had to find a comfortable position where I wasn't squashing one or both of my new attributes. I finally found a reasonably position and, at last, I fell asleep. I remember dreaming, but I can't tell you what the dreams were all about. Not because I don't want to, but because I really don't remember them at all. There were a lot of quick flashes, mostly of faces. Eric, Tiny, some of the girls at the club, and my real face. It was very confused and very surreal.


I awoke at about 10 AM, feeling very relaxed and rested. My body seemed ready to get up and at 'em as it were, which was sort of new for me since I've never been a morning person. I usually only got up in the morning because I HAD to, either for classes or for work. If I didn't have either of those obligations, I could and would sleep til noon. THIS morning though, I was fully awake in mere seconds after opening my eyes.

Okay. I DID lift the blanket immediately after I awoke, just to check, to see if yesterday had all been a strange dream, but there they were. My two new additions, just laying there, attached to my chest. Clearing my throat, I heard the different voice and, as I brought my hand up to cover my mouth, I saw the long, painted nails and the slender graceful looking fingers. 'Nope'. I thought to myself. 'It wasn't a dream.'

I laid there for a few more minutes, but I found that I had to get up. Yes I did have to answer nature's call, but I also felt like I just HAD to get up. I knew that there were things I HAD to do today and laying in bed wouldn't get them done, so I threw the covers off my body and sat up on the edge of the bed. It took a second or so to readjust to the weight of my breasts, but they seemed almost normal, hanging there. They WERE and are nice breasts. Large, but not sloppy at all. I kinda liked them. Still do as a matter of fact!

I rose to my feet, threw on a robe that I found at the foot of the bed, and started for the bathroom. Eric's door was open, and when I looked in I noticed that his bed was empty and unmade. The bathroom door was open so I knew he wasn't in there so I entered and took care of the immediate business, that of emptying my bladder. I noticed that, when I finished that little task, I wiped as a real woman would, and attributed that to the programming. Amazing stuff, that programming.

Having finished that little job, I got up and stood in front of the mirror. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and took a quick PTA bath. You know what that is, right? You take a wet washcloth and a bit of soap and do your Pits, Tits and Ass, saving the rest for a proper shower or bath later. With that accomplished, I put the robe back on and walked from the bathroom to the kitchen area where I saw Eric, sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in front of him.

He looked up when he heard me, smiled and said,

"Morning, Holly. Damn you look good in the morning. You're really beautiful, you know that? I never really noticed that while I was Holly, but looking at you from the outside like I am now, you really are an incredibly lovely woman. Those suits never cease to amaze me. Well, enough of that. Want some coffee?"

Well, as I've said before, I don't like coffee. It's always tasted like, well, I don't know what. I only know that I never drank the stuff, yet this morning, it smelled good and I accepted a cup from Eric. He set it on the table in front of me and waited. I picked the cup up and took a cautious sip. Hey! This wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered it! It actually tasted rather good!

"Wow, Eric." I remarked. "You make a good cup of coffee! I've never been able to stand the stuff before, but this is pretty good!"

"You're going to find that there are a lot of things that have changed because of the suit and the tapes, Holly." He responded. "Your tastes in food, music and lot of other things are going to change to Holly's preferences, just like your smoking did. It's just one more thing that you don't need to worry about, just accept it and move on.. I hope you've noticed that, since you first put that suit on and became Holly, I've never called you by your other, male name. Well, there's a reason for that. Using your new name constantly kinda 'locks' it into your mind so that you'll answer to it without thinking about it. If I'd slipped and used your male name, it would have slowed and interfered with the programming. The first few days are critical in establishing the fact that you ARE now Holly, and any backsliding sets things back. Since you have only 6 days to get comfortable with being Holly, it's better to do things right, understand?"

"Well Eric, now that you mention it, I DID notice that you started calling me Holly immediately after I first put this suit on and you're right, you've never slipped. Of course it's only been 24 hours or so that I've been Holly, so I guess we'd both better watch ourselves and try very hard not to slip up, right?"

"Right you are, Holly my girl. Now," Eric said. Would you like some breakfast or will the coffee be enough? I can tell you from MY experience as Holly that, since you DO have a lot to do today, it would be better if you ate something before starting. All the changes to your mind and body in the last day do tend to take their toll and you don't want to be falling asleep while you're reviewing the tapes, trust me. It'll take about 5 hours of so to run through them all again, and after that, I'd sort of planned on taking you out for lunch and some shopping, and maybe, if you're good, a visit to a salon. That's something you need to do anyway and the sooner you do it and get the experience under your belt, the better. Trust me, you're going to LOVE getting pampered at a salon."

"Okay Eric." I answered. "In that case I'd like some toast and an omelet if you don't mind. Maybe a ham and cheese omelet? Do I have time for a shower or a bath before you cook that up?"

"Go ahead and take a quick shower, Holly." He said. "I'll wait with the food until you're done with that. Make sure you don't get your hair wet, or it'll take forever to dry it and we don't have time for that this morning. While you're showering, I'll set up the tapes and the player for you. Now SCOOT, woman!" And he chuckled a little bit, after saying that.

Well, I scooted! I hit the bathroom at full speed and closed the door. I hung the robe and nightie I was wearing, on the back of the door and closed the shower curtain, turning on the water at the same time. It heated quickly and I tied my hair back and used a shower cap to keep it dry. I worked quickly, taking no time to fondle anything and was finished in a very short time. Oh I WAS tempted to linger in certain areas, but Eric's insistence on hurrying was uppermost in my mind just then, so I didn't. I finished quickly, shut off the water, dried myself off and wrapped the towel around my chest, taking the robe and nightie from the door as I left the bathroom. I went to my bedroom and threw on a pair of panties, a bra, some shorts and a sweatshirt I found in one of the dresser drawers. I put my hair up in a ponytail, applied just a touch of lipstick and headed back to the kitchen.

Eric was just finishing cooking my meal when I entered the kitchen area and, as I sat down at the table, he dished it up and served it to me. I thanked him and, as he freshened my coffee, he bowed low and said, smiling,

"You are welcome, madam. Will there be anything else for you this lovely morning?"

"No Jeeves." I replied, getting into the silly mood he seemed to be in. "I believe that will be all for now. I will ring if I need anything else. You are dismissed, oh and Jeeves? DO go put some decent clothing on, won't you? That robe is MOST unbecoming and unprofessional for a butler of your experience."

He gave me a look that as much as said he approved of my mood and then he left the kitchen to go to his room. I was just finishing my food when he came back with the player and the tapes. While I put my dishes in the dishwasher, he hooked it all up for me and I thanked him as I sat down in the chair opposite the television.

"You are welcome, my lady." He responded. I'll be going out for a few hours to finalize my plans while you watch the tapes. You really should watch them in as short a time as you can, but if you have to stop to use the ladies room, or get something to drink, that'll be okay as long as it doesn't take more than fifteen minutes. Any longer than that and you'll have to re-watch the tape you just finished, before starting the next one. Any questions before I leave?"

"No Eric. I think you covered everything that _I_ can think of, but I'm new to this. If you think everything is ready to roll, go ahead and take care of your business. Lock up as you leave, okay?"

"You got it, Holly." He said as he turned to leave. "It's about 11 A.M. now, so figure me to be back by no later than 3:30PM. That should put me back here just as you're finishing the last tape, barring interruptions. If there are any problems at all, you have my cell phone number and there's a phone right there by the chair. DON'T hesitate to call me if ANYTHING goes wrong, okay? I won't be far away and I'll be able to get back here in no more than ten minutes if I have to."

"Okay, Eric. In that case, go ahead and get going. I'll be fine and, don't worry. If anything DOES go wrong, I probably won't even need the phone! I'll likely SCREAM loud enough for you to hear me!" And I laughed a little bit to let him know that I appreciated what he was doing, but I'd be fine.

He returned my little laugh and, grabbed a jacket and his cap, and headed out the door, saying,

"I'm going to take the Mustang, Holly, so if you see it's gone, don't worry about it, okay?"

"Okay, Eric. See you when you get back." I replied. Now leave me to my brainwashing, okay?"

"Okay smart alec" He riposted. "Later then." And out the door he went.

I heard the locks turn after he closed the door. I sighed, put on the headphones and started the first tape. 'What a way to spend a beautiful day." I thought to myself. 'All alone, in a locked house, watching television!' Oh well. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do I guess. I settled into the chair and began watching the tape.


Watch for part 7 on your local Bat Channel soon! LOL




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