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Heavy Smoke

by Andrew J.


I don't know what the attraction is, but I have been really horny to be dominated by a big and beautiful smoking woman. Someday I would love for events to transpire that would leave my vulnerable at the hands of an amazing dominant woman. In my thoughts it all plays out like this:

I saw this pretty, but very heavyset girl wearing a very tight rubber dress with stilettos at the bar, and I had made comments that insulted her to showing off for some of my friends. And now she was out for some payback. So she maneuvers me into a recliner then sits on my lap, all of the while telling me on how she is going to make me pay. Her weight pins me down where I am all but helpless to any of her advances. My arms flail as she presses her amazing breasts in my face cutting off my air supply. She smiles as she watches my light pathetic struggle. Then she backs off allowing me to inhale a little air before pressing back down against my face. This continues for a few minutes as she is looking to get me panting hard for her next stage of revenge.

When she is satisfied that I am ready, she continues to smother me and lights up a cigarette. This time when she backs off to give me air, she exhales the smoke into my face causing me to breathe it in. I start a light coughing fit just before she lowers her breasts back over my airways. This torture continues until my coughing fits are almost non-existent. She than places her glossy red lipstick clad lips over my mouth, creating an air-tight seal, and fills my virgin lungs with her smoke. I have a good coughing fit, much to her enjoyment. She continues this treatment until my body begins to accept the smoke without coughing. By now, the amount of smoke that my body has been subjected to, along with the continuous smothering, has made me into a puppet to her bidding.

Then, much to my surprise, she gets off my lap and moves me over to a bed. I struggle a bit trying to get away from my current situation, but I am no longer a match. And she moves me quite effortlessly. Laying face up, I watch as she positions her pussy right over my mouth and nose. I try to tell her no, but I am quickly immersed into a hot, wet pussy. I can't help but mumble and roll my tongue around. I feel light-headed as she rises up to give me some much needed oxygen. She coos some more humiliating remarks down at me as she lowers herself back on my face. It doesn't take long for her to orgasm, leaving my face drenched in her juices.

By now, I am quite a rag doll. So she says that her time for revenge is about to start. I wanted to complain, but had no strength left to. I could only watch as she undressed me and took out this bottle. Then started to cover my body from the neck down in its contents. I quickly determine that the contents are Nair, and she is de-hairing my body. Minutes pass before she washes me off, leaving my body as smooth as a baby's bottom. I couldn't have even imagined what she was going to do next.

I watched as she went into her closet and brought out this garment bag. I started to move, but I was still too light-headed from the smoke and smothering. She caught me trying to escape and quickly lit up another. I tried to call for help but was greeted with a deep, long smoky kiss that filled my lungs to their capacity. The kiss seemed to last forever, and I couldn't even push her away. Unlike earlier, however, this time when she released my mouth, she quickly stuffed one of her bare breasts inside. Which caused me to hold the smoke in my lungs even longer. She mocked me by saying, 'you didn't think that I was going to let you out that easily, did you?' She smiled as the smoke slowly emerged from my head in short spurts. When I finally got the smoke from my lungs, she repeated her process until I was a light-headed, weak mess again.

Then she continued to 'prepare' me to leave. I was helpless as she took the contents out of the garment bag right in front of me. The bag contained a prom looking dress, a corset, underwear, long thigh-high boots, a wig, and huge looking breast forms. I put up little struggle as she walked toward mr the undergarments on me. She stopped me in my tracks through placing her hand over my mouth and nose with a cigarette between her fingers. She then said, 'you are just bringing this on yourself now.' And forced me to ignite my own cigarette, which she held over my mouth until she was satisfied that I had taken the proper inhale.

This threw my mind into a tailspin. I was back in her control as she went back to sealing the undergarments onto me. First, the bra complete with breast forms and panties. Then the corset which forced my body into an hourglass shape. I tried to struggle as she easily placed the dress around my ankles and raised it into place. I could only mumble my objections as she zipped up the back all the way to my neck sealing me in the confines of the layers of satin. Laughing, I could feel her unzip a portion and place some kind of sticky fluid on it. It didn't take long for me to realize that she had glued me into this satin prison, and that there was no way of taking it off before I left her place.

The room was still spinning from the last smoky attack which caused me to not even notice her putting the thigh high stilettos on me or the opera length satin gloves, and repeating the gluing process. Before I really started to come to I could hear her voice taunting me. She would say, 'look how beautiful my sissy little bitch is. I think I'll name you Sarah.' and 'I bet you will never look at an over weight woman the same from now on, my little sissy Sarah.'

I could only watch through dazed eyes as she took the wig and slowly walked over to me. She placed some of the glue around the edges of the wig to ensure that I would not take it off too quickly. So there I was, dressed in full drag, sporting a wig, and reeking of cigarettes and perfume. Just then a smile came over her face. I watched as she walked over to her dresser drawer and took out a gas mask. She proceeded to seal the mask over my face saying, 'now, it is time you really black out. ' She continued to smile as she lit another one of her VS 120s up. I watched the french inhale before noticing the tube she was holding in her hand. I tried to protest as she placed the tube to her lips and filled my facial prison with her smoke. This kept up until I lost consciousness.

.......Hours Past......

I awoke finding that I was in a hotel room, and still dressed in full drag. All of my clothes were missing and I saw a purse sitting on the dresser of the room by a full length mirror. I stumbled my way over to the mirror and gasped. My face was fully done up, and I looked exactly like a full figured woman!!! I rifled through the purse to find a fake id with my drag picture on it, a pack of cigarettes, various articles of makeup, a lighter, twenty dollars, and a note. The note read:

Dearest Sarah,

I bet you are a bit confused right now. It is ok, you are going through a very troubling time. If you even want a chance at having your life back, meet me at the Home Inn tomorrow, 5pm. Room 279.

And if I were you, I wouldn't try to be late...Enjoy your first day....

Love always,

Amber Lynn

I let the note drop to on the dresser, and fell back to the bed in shock. What am I going to do now? I am going to have to go out into the world dressed as a woman!?! I didn't even notice that I had lit up a cigarette and was slowly smoking it to calm my nerves. She had better be there tomorrow was my only thoughts....To be continued.....




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